Primetime: David Pollack Talks CFP

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Friday, December 8th

David Pollack of ESPN stopped by Primetime earlier this evening to discuss the Army Navy football game. Pollack shared his thoughts on the 2017 college football season as well as the process for both the CFP Committee and the fans. 


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David Pollack so this is your college football analyst get ready for army navy and I want to sing or talk like I tried just as an exercise. To name all the job changes in power five college football over the last two weeks and I don't forget yourself and it's just click the Chip Kelly higher feels like that was to have a have a sort of member Torrey Smith how crazy is that so November 20 sort of way way way back which is Ohio collect what's happened right now in here Jim bowl gets the craziest contract to college football history that this for him. Theo got a bad matchup but are you guilty negotiate an hour. That's good for a number you're put some oil failure at that absolutely we would take that our jobs summit give us that but it's it has been crazy and it's been. That makes the sport at least forty to sing with all the change of coaches especially Jim but that was the one many things for 47 years in general national TV to coach. You know leave a job and go in and I think people say our environment he kind of retired with a suffered GO whatever he had an and Telesis Houston has been pretty nuts as a share in the be think about it too like OK so Jim vote now it Eddie and them. And then I keep in the back last year again this feels like ages ago we Italy can rally now it oh you got he got done Tom permanent Texas some young blood there that whole recruiting fertile ground there are no Texas and Oklahoma don't Florida Mark Richt. Is the longest tenured coach in the state of Florida two years Butch Davis is the second longest it's been on the job for not at 400 Asia at the up and then you get in mowing gold backed it to Florida he got will attacker to tissue and his state is in his own state too little pretty about Lane Kiffin laid it SAU front about lane delayed train I mean it's just like that area so that turtles were in key recruiting grounds in key states to which wild like it it's things have really coming churned over the last little while. Yet I think wanting to pay attention to is the SEC. In the SEC east. Well the first of all I think the SEC just got better big time. You bring in Jim official day in and with those resources up what do with the recruits that are at in his backyard he makes the right hires. He should turn that around pretty quickly. And then into turn around a 38 when teams so you talk about being competitive more against his this is mentor Nick Saban pretty quickly. I think the SEC said that he got those I think Georgia Tennessee and Florida now have an opportunity become what they used to be back in the tooth out early 2000 Allen. They were relevant again and then they were there are vying for the SEC champs have been him. Three of Fortis are winners in three or Fortis for years and I think Mullen is an excellent hire for Florida. And I think Pruitt has a chance to be a really good are his staff start to come together and looks like. He's doing pretty good I just I wonder about the personality clash with him and and Fulmer but besides that I know we can coach. All I'm glad you said that because it premiered now viewed Jeremy Pruitt did tireless worker the guy recruit to stay along the recruiter a lot of guys swear by avenue and I got it. And any demands a lot of his players I had a callous I want the coaches saw you a message media and that's a big those exact same things about it. But as far as Tennessee fan base goes. And what they went through with the she Jonathan how they react and how that dictated what they did with them. And ultimately they got turned down but door to Jeff Brohm and he knows better about it virus and I looked at Tennessee writes I. Was a bit but but all the swings and misses right and although the volatility on stuff they still ended up with a good collegiate and that's all that matters are so right I think that's what. If you look at something you week we can because they got poked fun of every day every day there's a new tweet that said you know I just turned on the Tennessee job and so but in the end you you get a guy that elite recruiter obvious that ties in the SEC. Obviously mentor ships from Nick Saban inspect damage in both Fisher yup but to me it's just. He is a he had a lot of wrist when he was at the university George with culture a lot of risks and it's none of it's not a lot of its public but. It was a situation where I wonder about him and Phillip Fulmer. That that Timmy will be can they co exist together. Is that something that works I know we can coached ball is hiring held as an OC is that is that is a good start you start to put together. Some of the other guys do share from Georgia linebackers coach in will friend off the line coach from god Colorado State and so it's coming together and it's looking pretty good. Are talking to gave a pocket ESPN or here for army navy it at the playoff committee if they get a right. I think so they if you asked me to put those with a fourteen and as the four output and now. That doesn't M right and there Ohio State is still really good football team and Ohio State's resume was more worthy of Alabama's there's no doubt about that because because that's the thing to be right like we separate diseases separate arguments that we can all have here to me it's. I think they got the four teams right. I don't think Alabama would have lost the way oh I know soared to do I don't know it would have lost trust that none of you can say they would know if there was no Nick Saban doesn't lose by thirty Nick Saban doesn't lose to unranked opponents a little less by thirty a frying pain outside the head. 55 points is not get on that elevate opera so cool that right like that's what we've humans now making this decision so cool would that my beef with with the committee is and I said to some Monday on the show. Talked to was like we're people as we are people you and I are having this discussion right now but three of us are having this discussion right now guys and a couch on Saturdays are having this discussion there saying that and I don't want the room they're saying that to settle steamy this line on Tuesday night we sit looked at the gap between five and H razor thin down and then all of a sudden on Sunday afternoon it was at wide enough to factor in conference championships itself that what changed when Alabama settle the capture etc. this is the funny part of me because. We want trans. Parents write it right what information we wanna see that broke yup. The more they speak the more pissed off people are you out if I was ever have been like listen dude we start with a clean sheet every memories Davis opens his mouth how big guy. We start with a clean sheet of paper recommends a week how what was the margin. Alabama's at five this week debt that's Robert got a like Bob yell yes because because this is what happened today and here's the thing you're asking one man to speak for thirteen people up so. Each hit speak for everybody intelligently everybody has their own ideology everybody put places a premium on. Different things some people place a huge for a conference shapes just. I don't I don't hear Johnny Williams not out conferences are crede called equally not all divisions are created equally so. He does some everybody has their own criteria I don't think you could ask one person to speak for her body so. I think he did a good job but again the more you reveal the more you getting but I suffice for I do worse Bentley this might be like this is in the NFL it's not supposed to be the NFL you're not supposed to be twelve teams to get into the playoffs it's Al Gore and you better be better deserve it and I'm cool with. Good team is being left out because it's about the most deserving teams getting hit though my beast we did it for most deserving or basket that's a different art and others it's okay for those deserving is our state our best best teams get it. I guess my my thing with with this whole situation is. Is this is when when you get into. Odd that is that this situation of okay conference championship games the big twelve latter becomes extinct should be Obama can't meanwhile what that's a cadets of do you guys to do that and it did Oklahoma gain anything by by wanting TC you'll get on Saturday I would. They're motivated regardless right you're exactly like I don't I don't know what was gained from that but I I think when Timmy when you look at where things Iraq with college football right now. Pete Pete can you get some sort of uniformity across the board like let's do away with through some of the conference championship games I don't nix six what makes it has been a proponent appoint more power conference camps where he actually he made a lot of sense the other day when he when he made an argument that. You don't play anymore. Lower level schools. Which obviously hurts their budget by the way that's how they survive I get that I went to one of the schools in upstate so I got a he talked about playing all cross rival games that are pac twelve yup SEC verse pac twelve ACC Big Ten big twelve all those playing against each other. So now you have a true measuring stick of may be what conference supremacy is all about you can you can say that beyond a shadow of doubt look at this cover to really get at a conference. I trust that conference more because. You look at Alabama's resonate there is nothing to look at point two that's great Ellison. You could say SSU and you could say that those they weren't the same team they challenged themselves out of conference and it was pumped as one of the biggest showdowns ever to start a season but. FSU was still fatally fault they still offer to why it was still train wreck their defense was still not. Thought to what it should be with all those level all a level of talent so. You know I think he made a good point that BH to see if we can. Moved that direction a little bit more because it would be easier to tell well and I just like to that this playoff system it's not to say from year to year you don't watch because cultural changes from year to year like a look relatives are given out they HIV disk at this comparison look at the AFC west right now. We thought Oakland was don't for like a month ago when Nelson a six and six or fight for division so what happened that she's been right there anymore nobody really like I already college football from year to year one comforts is better than the other the illegal things change and in the NFL it's well we put one team from this conference this division and every single year it's why I respect that about college football where. Now the season's played out different and so we're gonna graded differently you say that but in the end don't we always have Alabama until we don't know that says those are vampires donated I think we just gotta say variables where does it matter Howard deer head up against the wall always heard the same result yeah like we're doing a lot of talking in circles about that all night laudable it would help both the hell out of that Alabama reveal Leisle develop well I listen what else we'll talk about I don't proto of Wisconsin more we were screwed I have a big about that our whole. And by the way. It was 7 AM to. 11:30 PM for me out of my shift answering the same question via ad nauseam if Wisconsin was ended tonight was the debate that would have been not so yeah. They got us they'd be Wisconsin nor are we gonna go so real quick two picks David Pollack for rough for him to don't it was a national army navy and army Wilfred before are OK I agree to some everything these guys ride may be up right army wanted to know if you don't Ahmad Bradshaw is the deal so I'm don't say he's if not throwing but running run that's for sure yes. Put her for under nine passes tomorrow how are you under but it is no absolutely on try to take the over appropriately. To triple options teams that are used to played each other the get more stops to get more third downs and one team gets behind in the east are throwing a good overall play always so surprised he gets corporal complacent so to me and how about a taking over okay and Geithner who just did national -- did you prefix going to be an agreement I guess it was time to study this crap but if you don't if you tell me do it right now the most unstoppable force in the twelfth is Oklahoma's offense. So let's start I think Oklahoma vs Clemson national title and we thought our data policy boy had daylight Garcia's status or should I ever have a buy this or so ago David Polycom it would about a weight ate at David Pollack 47 appreciate Emeka talk force.