Primetime: David Griffen Replay and Hornets Assistant Coach Mike Batiste

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Monday, January 22nd

Chris Kroeger and Omar Gaither talk about this past weekends NFL championship games and Kroeger sits with assistant coach Mike Batiste. Plus a replay of the former Cavs GM David Griffin talking about the Kemba trade.


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BC's primetime powered by ortho Carolina do. It's 5 o'clock and that means he is happy hour brought to you by Jack did. Daniel's Tennessee ride come. Combining the distinct flavor rove rice and Jack Daniels distillery time honored charcoal mellowing process the result is a boy spicy rye whiskey dads have been smooth. Check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee bright today and drink respond. So if you'd like to intimidate come you would say I'm I don't know if I'm going to be here I don't know won't mistake you think you should you should offer up that same respect to Tim you know he had the barrier would allow. Applause when he was introduced on Saturday because the fans here know they know that it timberwolves who wasn't on this team we've beat Pete I. Are you picking one or two next year there they know that there 181000 people in the building on on Saturday and it's never mind your mind is not the type of team that draws an interest anymore I use a lot of that I think people say the man. CWJ Garcia lives from the mark's been real TV studio at Kroger. And accounting department pentagon and pentagon pentagon can't and don't think it's. Caps GM and longtime NBA front office and any semen Indian TV series sex and India radio you hearings Dickerson what does David you don't take stricken time. You. This is a crummy conversation and as you can imagine you've been in these situations before and you know I showed up to hornets practiced today and it's just one of those days you've been in those situations for the media shows up you know it's gonna be on on the agenda the questions that are gonna come up and UC Clifford said today had heard about the reports from motion around ski and could envision a scenario where it happens Kim answered all the questions the right way to enjoyed what do you what do you make this report from blows that the hornets are at least listening to offers on Kemba Walker right now. Knowing very much what these conversations satellite. I can't I can tell you that they're not shopping Kemba Walker certainly am two way the way it's story if there's a quote chin and he's the best there is that it's doing this by the way up we need that they you know there's been conversation sure. But what happened there they will have been having trade conversation. So here's sitting introductory show you talk to achieve and you'll have a conversation. And build that team the last few. Yeah that's fine but what about kemba yup. And if you're rich. You say. What I don't haven't spoke to. Oh. I have it was that. That doesn't mean he's shopping Jumbo agreed. So I think what happens is people here that children available in trade talks and they think Charlie. Actively putting together deals to move him and it I don't think that at all what happens I think they were probably having conversations. Around other names. Someone brought him up and ridge probably did what I I think it's quite frankly which was saying I don't believe in the concept of untouchables so tell me what you think it. Well I and that's what's interest in David Griffin's of those forecasts GM longtime NBA front office an MD TV series sex and India radio which is on the technique compass and I was making an exact point over the show today because I think it's maybe it seems like splitting hairs or semantics but I'm with you that is an important designation to make here and to that end. I mean you managed one of these guys I mean I'm counting to meet David and you might even say skewered in this. I think they're what five guys in the NBA were you say truly is somebody asks you say thanks so thank you hang up I mean it's what LeBron TD staffs. Parred in and then what's what's the latest on this may be today is what what's the list is a Felix is a really short list of truly untouchables and India. Well and I think what untouchable really needs there's. There's no scenario at all in which you trade that player protecting the only reason that this. If if you got a player under contract that is. Really the whole screw up your team and you know they want to be there but some of the names you mentioned. If they quietly went to their front offices and said look just so you know in my seat next field I don't wanna be. Here. You. You'd be surprised that people do it with two discussed entry conversations. He's. They did it not because they're asking me shopping and it's because it's really our fiduciary responsibility to know the value of all of the they're on our rushed. What what do you think David right now in your estimation seeing this hornets team we're just discussing before you joined us David Griffin with us again by the way former cast GM serious sex MMD radio NB ATV bit distorted seeing Michael Jordan said on the record about seven years ago I don't wanna be where I'm stuck in that that was. A team with a cord Gerald Wallace in and in its Steven Jackson and Boris. All like third period I think it actually got more flexibility and apple what do you make or deported stand in today's NBA because we duets so many fans around here it's safe blowing up blowing up blowing up and that's just a thing you say but it's much harder to implement what do you think we're the mourners are right now. It's a real romantic notion that things that you just blow it team not built back up then and everything's gonna be good eventually did if you start from zero you can always get back up and let's say 83. What you can always go from zero to 83. So I I think what people think is they're gonna blow it up and go spiritual hunger and the reality is that tear down these. People always give you tricks are great. Players. But the buildup the typical green so when people get so caught up in the east and your lap callers use the phrase that map but will we going to feel when they get something you guys used often but the fact masochistic we all of mediocrity. It's just an unbelievable. Turn of phrase. That mediocrity. Charlie Strong starting from zero and getting to a point where you can't go any further quite often and it's not like they shot from mediocre. So I think people need to understand. It's not just all or nothing there are other ways to fill the winners of Dallas won a championship from the little they were able to spend into the pat and Mark Cuban spent considerably more money that gear and other people but you shouldn't do it if that's what you want to do so. It's not that up by Mary system is not all one thing or another you need to have a little bit of all of so and I figure looking at its Charlotte. They had these second hardest schedule in the lead today. Over the next two weeks they're going to have the second keeping it. Schedule. And after that once the trade deadline passes. Bill apt to thirty the schedule seems. If you are shortly. You're probably going to take the next couple weeks and see what happens you've won three out of four. And you're starting to look in the terribly better and you've actually beaten some things that went against Washington was not a fluke so you're starting to be in this situation where you might not be just mediocre. At the bottom of the east isn't so good that you shouldn't have expectation that with your schedule if you've got healthy and started playing really well I think you should look at your team is being better than just the eight seed. Ten I'm not sure that if you're anything other than eighty utes can't feel pretty good about your. Yet no doubt and it and it's you know I've made that point that you're talking about about deeds it dead it's not a binary system it's not eat you flip a light switch this is the way you compete for championship in today's NBA in your your cats team it's a good example that about. How you re told that staying on the sly odd team to get back to competing for championships you know I point out what are the Minnesota are actually David in in in recent weeks about how obviously they had a franchise player in Kevin Love and Al Jefferson earlier before him wasn't working they got some draft picks still or losing and then we're able slips that fur into weekends a first round pick it was a great year to be the number one pick got Carl Anthony towns maintain some flexibility because that will add veterans around those guys and do it could deal in the tracer for Jimmy Butler next thing you know they appear to be a young force. It gained in the west into what you people the single state so amazingly David because the only big you can convince me they knew exactly what they were getting with scattered seven clay eleven and dream on a 32 and lest we forget dream on wasn't playing in front of David Lee until David Lee got her so some of the stuff any MBA and you guys as GMs know you're dealing with some of it's just. Time and place right summit this is a little a little luck involved some sometimes in this whole situation. I've always believed that it did it better to be lucky than good and if you can people you have a chance to be really gets and I think. What happened certainly indicate the Golden State they they you don't fix it various places but they also grew that organically over a long period are. Perfect storm of the cap going up and having the kind of team that Kevin wanted to play on having guys be willing to take less money which is what's going to happen moving forward for them to keep that together and away and they and they're all willing to do that I think. In Cleveland what we did what we were able to win a championship. Tearing it down and starting over again but we were only able to do that because we had a donor that we've played all games he was willing to pare it down in the bill organically over a period of time but when it can't and that's what that's what you was willing to spend whatever so do that and so it's very typical that he bit scared out and get to the point where they're ready to be good unless you're willing to just pour whatever they sting Stewart and fortunately we reflect the best player of his generation certainly was from Akron. It's not for that we've which side and three other free agent. And we would have been making an incremental steps forward and hope towards genetically ball and to dangle you stay. And just that they did you know that can walk in the playoffs that get that game one it's eating off Spinner in the second round. And and then they added. Do it. Our time and I actually. That's what people have to be partners and there's the core of that group didn't just get. Get thrown together at one draft and then we we're off to the races if it doesn't work like that. David Griffin former cavs GM and you can follow it much shorter runways at DG underscore wrists out people Lebanese on. On the tax on all the analysis Zimbabwe tomorrow series examine NBA radio deals and dogs Jo Myers who's got the greatest set of myself radio by the way Brodie Joseph Myers from intelligence I -- surely apple on gar Foreman for the bulls GM is going to be on the show hey David it is a pleasure to talk to you I love the inside and let's let's try and do this again soon thanks for making time for us thank you so much and good. Good David Gergen former cavs GM. And think guys are upset. You know it's not what they would expect. That's in our southern. Contrary to popular belief. You know that that that room fully expected to win this game. In you know I think everybody's shocked disappointed upset and wouldn't call it other than. Don't follow authority. That's what that is what I would tell it that's what people like the thing I really love this guy because that's obnoxious it's not. Not just the love you guys can we were just talking that we talk about all this it's all related Tony Romo why secret of the broadcast Booth. Lot of people dislike the patriots I'd argue it's the fans more than the team Ottawa rough with the patriots for the most part. They're good they're great united on the cheek then waking up. But they cheated I know a lot of paparazzi I just don't find out about it on my favorite illusory used this year was was the last console I'd. Oh lord the ultimate. And I view. He loves the guys who money directly into his pocket and are very has he had served gallery as like directly so you gotta love the guy. I call up here cement unease cheating rumors maybe maybe not I guess so we maybe your maybe Gaza illegal and I exceeded I was gonna quote unquote. Dynasty when I was playing a U basketball right now grace credited the same level. None other than an ABBA doesn't make that in this you don't think you're going to admit that no I don't know if you miss that I don't think you can use the words I was on a dynasty at eight youth basketball Hussein sent both systems brave basketball there was. Was really a U basketball they're like three teams in the city and the team that I played on we didn't lose the game in the stadium of Carolina. 54 years in a row maybe five because he cheated no we didn't see but everybody thought we exceeded. We do is beat everybody thinks that we we had the better player but there's proof that the patriots cheated we build up to you we don't have to despite being. Everybody came everybody today. Everybody every team did that one that's why not all that bent out of shape about it a bit they'll love Mike and act like it did after the close of us and I'm not a I thought his fan I'm not a pages defender are you up yeah you gotta respect where Jabbar. Where's your bar hash tag where Jabbar. John's already killing you want to put her rent for only do this tutoring and onto their phone and kill anywhere he said he's sick pay your basketball IQB Zoellick it's an all caps failures basketball a big deal I thought you were gonna say I was on a dynasty and ultimately the Eagles which I kinda wouldn't sort of like OK you can remember how. In the dynasty you know within the game in this thing the look Carolina before you run and that's an I had. AU basketball. I thought alone isn't talking but the dynasty in his kindergarten and elementary school basketball to. Ours is going riled up today but I so can you make that statement no not right now I cannot. No Billy can you make that statement note IRS you can hang onto their own them all right Omar Gaither Chris growers prime time power by ortho Carolina. I wanna talk about portals and the second is a weird thing apple would portals and I don't I don't what I what I what needs to be said that. I don't it was a weird thing going on around Blake portals the analysis around Blake portals in the last 44 hours seems odd to be so we'll talk about that in a moment to thinks. Steve Wilkes is now the new head coach for the Arizona Cardinals. Going with it. Right what's what's Ray Brown Ray Brown is going with the views of analogies blocked enforcement CBS sports dot com reported that it then earlier today and every browns and me going with him there is out to the audience co offensive line coach for the theater ticket to offensive line coach John Mets go to Ray Brown. I think Ray Brown might be like one game coordinator as well they've gotten it. He's eight he's building a a strong staff was the first of the most important thing you need to do when you when you when you become a coach of football team. Good a strong step forward we have learned that from them we do thinking of OG I don't know maybe they had coached here on earlier in the real generous. To areas there was a war. There real interesting thing was there was a report that he was going to be grabbing John. LT Eagles out of the playoffs you're wondering if that's maybe a bigger possibility this week. I'm blame I don't blame Ray Brown is a look. Between me and you in all of them of the thousands of people listening 40000 live around the within it promoted and people opt or pay more. By the organization won't come what Dickie Conn wars are few years ago Ron bumped a lot of these guys up a pay great because the NFL rule. And a full rules work that's why Steve Wilkes was witnesses associate head coach tiller assistant head coach the last few years because. You if you can't take the same job and another. Team gave for these contracts it generally that's not allowed so hopefully Candace is that he can block it. Right so it. Point is not gonna happen so that the from that the remote in the minds yet so and you can't get promoted if we keep pumping you up there. Regularly so it's your it's the way do you insulate your staff to vote yes is makes a run stuff that a lot with these guys over the years a ST Wilkes is gone. Al Holcomb reportedly. The linebackers coach is gonna go with them as well around the use Islam and so that that's that air Washington. Defensive line coach now going to be painters of announced this going to be elevated. To defense according to here's this Josh Norman tweeted out earlier to Patrick Peterson it's like 130 this afternoon he said. I do do you think your game is a high level now you're about to go hash tags supersonic. Sega Genesis and mind blown him OG. He also did the I'd like to cry like that not crying but like I'm in pain sort of OG and that was confusing but let me beginning yes if it hurts there's it's good hurts so good yeah so that's just Norman tweeting that out. Fog early this afternoon to Patrick Peterson and so. Gone is Steve Wilkes and that'll be interesting to watch I got a look I I did run America deserves a ton of credit for I think slowly building up a good putting together coaching tree. Tiger Sean McDermott and the streak of afloat during the playoffs for the first time since 99. Steve Wilkes has been would give them out there. We know full well you're giving credit Hewitt in today's show just listen I think in every gets the McDermott ran. He was there for you lamented referred to includes years OK so on doesn't get any credit for that. Ron was under any reach tree. McDermott was an unmanned every street retain all of these all these trees are really great to listen look look you could tell me he's a guy Anderson bielsa street to some girl breaches has taken a closer look you you look you have to not they the birth that hand. I'm I'm gold you're sticking them but today the street maps you'll get a bird's eye view it's okay you are still but today Omar gave there's no anyway in front of a good job and I also think it's yeah I don't feel that it keeps promoting these guys trusting them to you than they're gonna learn on the job just the way Enron did and so it's I think it's cool little thing Iran's fronts and a good job and empower these guys. I to keep happen. Great careers where they are they going do other stuff here's the other thing. I Jason Kidd fired today did that happen the last two hours south from. From Milwaukee Bucks I think. I think today was his birth name maybe where I can you check come out I think today was his birthday for Jason Kidd. That's horrible for you what do you lack of evidence that fixes the U guys experience so number. There's birth is march. Hey Omar my son was on the about us being move the school football field and David Ludwick did you starts up a should I go to go selfless middleware. That's the players. The buildings senator Larry about people with a big field in 570 that's extent OR one other thing that I we had to get to. I come and appear to secondly find this quote first I say this the improper pick they always beat us on Mondays awesome barbecue. In costs all there on Food Network on diners drive ins and dives and they get everything over there by the way there. They're sweet potato Fries I will put them against any sweet potato Fries in a McConnell so we're sweet potato Friday it's a waffle sleep sit upright which makes me heavily and OK so go check about the improper pick dot com great drink menu over their cocktails. I. So I just. I was having a immunity to solve the air this is not this Lotta pictures when you gotta go so they thought I wish you lose your body to the bottom one over there was another angle pointing me ovals alright alright not that vitamin. Campbell all right I. Got him up out of your first thing I said where is Omar just kicked us off the air really a better result aren't particularly you know I got to ask is all talk about dynasties that's when it was after the last drug showed architect arts or you're high boys are back at the studio hallmark broke it again takes the improper big check about a lot the proper pig dot com. So before you the board else lasting on this were expensive Tom I think over the next few days getting into some of this north turner finally spoke on a record something. He talked to the Panthers shocker panther stuck come with the exclusive but here you go I here's a quote from our boys don't look at Panthers bill on Twitter. Norv Turner on your boy. Yeah boy Christian McCaffery quote he had an unbelievable rookie year did a lot more than people would be asked to do and him the ball well he's got such talent. You're just gonna keep finding ways to get on the ball and try to create more space form that I. That hard nosed running between the tackles he could certainly do. But I don't know that's what you want to you you want to leave with him. And I like it would cost of north drunk off Norfolk colleagues saying look what I've been trying to save for a post season make the guy a receiver screw it. Well that's where. I think it's gonna be really interesting. To see what he does because that put him in space. I think he everything we've heard Tolbert said this was a few weeks ago week and a half ago he gets the most out of his guys is gonna put him in a position to succeed and I think that's great coaching guilt or that's what coaches do is you minimize the bad but how do you accidentally take advantage of the good. That a guy can do it I you know. I think that's one him. More underrated storyline so why should those go on is sure we can talk about cam and all that. By his development was a media what it needed to be over these years. They never knew what they want it with Christian McCaffrey thanks so he got a lot of touches but he was never consisted of what they thought he was within a within their often tell. Got a lot of touches croak but at. But some at some point oh you have to put all solo put on the back right at me he had enough touches to do some things with. From a yards after catch yards up the context of what that's like get to me asking Tom Brady his age right now is every every player's got strengths and weaknesses. To start throwing thirty yard outs or reply drop back a thirty yard outside keeping Tom Brady would look at the drop back at 330 yard outs all the time. Nobody with a group ticket that'll Carruth fabricate this month saying listen you could totally got touches all the time but this is on to me words this isn't much in line that I shall again. I don't know I you couldn't tell I'm of this year's and just like I don't know another offensive player that was given. The workload the expectations. Of changing an entire offense almost singlehandedly going Chris McCaffrey was is a rookie Carter and soul. I'm not saying he's off the hook for some of that stuff will it make you better hold you know what you think you'll be here is because the pitchers you seem to like. It was likes pro war candidate we just had a brain and stuff right there analysts tried this let's try that is the decoy easier running back you see a wide receiver. Kenny do both running inside outside zone. Should be running more stretch should be running more tosses. Do you do you need him involved in the screen game easier punt returner is he not report a punt returner. I don't think they ever really for figured out the toy they had last year already have who wouldn't or based on the fact that he says right in between the tackles and and that that was stupid you like hey I don't like to say it is but it sure looked out Chris in the Cat Power game by 11205. Power game probably not not not a Smart move so that's interest and we'll get into some of that more detail I. I found this. To be really odd yesterday Omar because of sit here watching. Jacksonville. Dominate the patriots mostly honestly I don't scored maybe to witness indicated that domination but they controlled the tempo at all. They look at PF path but they controlled the tempo they controlled the pace they controlled style of play come they were doing all the things you sit by and you look at the numbers by the way. For Jackson village you would think they won him. They got three sacks seven quarterback hit six tackles for loss 350 wait to 2452 went on the possession also wanted turnover margin they get ten extra plays Randy then then the patriots. How keen of 374 to 344. And limited the patriots to three of twelve on third down. You tell you all those things going to set a Sunday or say they wouldn't I think the jags went one thinks that too because what's that. Score no. It inflated tag game candidate on sixty minutes yet they. Distribute five minutes putting was good but if you are if you look at those. Those stats you say man that's Jacksonville doing what we thought they were capable of and it probably won that game Africa and in Blake I did too I thought they were gonna win. And I. Even going into the fourth I thought they were actually gonna pull it off well but boy portals though his numbers. Really good. And and Blake went 2336. To 931 TD. You'll letter Fredette really got stifled a lot in the second half. But overall I thought he did a good game. You don't get a good job controlling the clock and they point keep hard nosed football if you look at the they're different that was the best thing for the jaguars and it came the defendants numbers sure yet and I agree that. And you look at the time of possession I think it speaks to that the ladies ran I think it speaks at total drives with the patriots have seven drives may be where I would you do that that's the recipe to formula. To beating a Brady less team and yet after the game it during the game console sold to people sit at break of the portals is portals is out playing Brady and I think early on I guess you could say that this. Brady just wasn't having a lot of chances to make a point he's right right. And afterwards he may have that was the best plea portals is ever played and I don't think that's. A false statement I think it's probably accurate. What wrap your head around this. That the boy portals on that stage had the best game of his career and this is true he's the best game of his career. And yet with the game on the line in the fourth quarter. Numerous times needed to make eight play eighty Cingular a single play. With his arm or his legs I don't know why they were running like totals at all of those that normally an option don't know why they were running didn't know reduction put. Couldn't may eighth did it I don't know what I say is its citizens they couldn't. Repeated may be single play when it mattered and it. That's kind of will probably portals of may end. You may need still ballgame longer you hit him all game long. And when you needed your quarterback who you're gonna have to decide easier franchise quarterback or not to make a play when you have that lead in their game against that team that nobody could do with. And look beyond the Stephon Gilmore played a fourth down hackable play impeccable play beyond that. Dude there's one play and I think I was on a crossing route on third and eat or something like that didn't even see a guy running free. Coming right across right across to even look at it had no wide open it to be easy first down big needed at some point enough fourth quarter 11 down. Pacific got one the many creepy to move back at a field goal positioning or they extended the tribe made New England Burks and timeouts could. Couldn't do anything in so I'm not trashing Blake portals the portals was fine but that's the problem he's just fine you couldn't. If your quarterback can't make a play a single play and at home to a new dvd you can roll back quarterback anymore. Kim do especially at the tomb 25000020. Plus million. To raise the would you agree like it's weird phrase that guy if we could make eight played with a game for a win that it is in the heat did he played. In the and that's a prom he played the best possible game you can play in it wasn't enough because that's that's all he gave you everything he had. No fault of his own Estes who Blake bulldozers. I put it that you don't get a delay game on third and short if you're if you're if your star quarterback you don't do those sorted dating yes you have to get the playing from the summer. Yes you know people got you line up and so on and so forth which you don't get delayed game. That's something I don't think a franchise quarterback got a twenty plus million dollar a year guy does in these sort of things a separate the Blake portals. From the elite quarterbacks in the in the well Chris Simms has been doing this thing where he says it that portals is the seventieth quarterback seventieth best quarterback any NFL. And up I thought okay are. Yeah I don't agree as a dissenting a Mike. That seems like you're being moved up you know addition record and he's gone digital avatar show every game count it down the next quarterback and I think he's at forty. The last counties have 43 it was meant more violent. And his whole point is it any of these quarterbacks above him to do everything at least mortal enjoy if you know more yet and that's the thing I mean but honestly if you have a company at a quarterbacks would be the NFL wins one with. That team that defensive performance that supporting cast on offense on Sunday. A lot of in my I think I. I think every one of mobile plus links photos I had the EU great play calling from office coordinator who did he kind of got away from it but that's another story. And he had a he had a a really good running game. Really good running game that can pound you hit in the mouth was that it doesn't look sexy when we look for that blast of the last four yards but that's a huge deal down and and down out in the NFL he took a month third and manageable every single time. Most quarterbacks can get that done any and then beat nick vols. Well I mean you saw what Nicole's look like he's so wonderful was able to do Nicole's. What I mean if you compare the Blake borderless. I think maybe even knots and knots above it. If not the same kind of guy. I don't think there's a big difference between. Kim morals so he's capable of making the throw aside any door you say give them a B viewsonic to throw your patriots among a lot of the trick or throw that was. Amazing for what that's what's crazy to me about. A couple does when you watch him but he won throw I don't think a week in week out right quick release static performances and even people the more I watch film like him this guy is literally incapable of making no that throws some credit he made some roads proceeded. He if he wasn't personally was an ax to do. A tremendous team I don't think he can put. Especially that we can be more heavily guarded our teammates and for duty trucks one yard out. Especially the far sideline I've I've been to the city historically your yes how many times in a row now that's the thing. Right if you look at what it did complete that one out of three games but you can have their from from your your quote unquote when he put mean dollar franchise quarterback. So this is the reason why you know now. Now if you Jacksonville you don't just come on say well we're looking for corporate real if you find something better yet you replace him but do you arrive with this guy into youth into you find that gray matter it's crazy it's a text eroded and buildings that are set to excellence is not a lot of cute QBs would want a New England c'mon guys only to have. That had to explain what happened yes yes I'm sick like the defense but he. And that running game any offensive line deep divot. People that twenty to ten lead and we'll just quarterback to make you meter field one play to give you 11 down when the games alike do something to extend a drive one time and time. Once I saw it I don't care but all the other numbers we've made some. Some plays that were built into the office because of the way the game was to be one play when McCain with that's winning time one to give me one mayonnaise plays in the first happened and there was dead done this in the first quarter of yeah I know it. This the fourth quarter it. That same play doesn't count the same in the fourth quarter as it doesn't the first. That's crazy I just seems like we're praises Elliott the best in his career and he could make a play when the game was on the Obama made a full uniform over it is these rocket Kemba Walker gear like it there and held until we we come back and it. We we talk a little hornet to add assistant coach Mike Batiste. Talk about the gut punch on Saturday against making him. They what can you do returners are we doing next Omar croak so it's tribe time powered by ortho Carolina. On prime time where. We're powered by ortho Carolina get ready for the hornets and kings on Monday night. You're at spectrum cigarette every game coming up at 630 and DePaul hit seven they're gonna come back here Wednesday play the other pelicans and and the pacers on Friday. Tied to close up despite game homestand and help make gut wrenching loss. Today heat where they were outscored fifteen to four in the final four minutes of that game on Saturday night in no need to check in with. Hornets assistant coach Mike. TCU is on the Sacramento and you know there's a game we know we shall we and we just have to go out there and put forth the complete 48 meaning. We do then then I won't have any service like you. We know we play hard for 47 minutes and twenty seconds and the last 37 seconds is got out of I am from us so we know we're well I guess we know we have to do we win our preparation this morning is hopefully what we did this morning carried over tonight. I was little I don't know line. Just talking about Miami from a second for for second from their perspective it's just amazing to me. They don't take plays off coach Shannon like a weird some of the some broadcast Saturday people preach calls for all the time. It's a matter who's on that team they I mean that's a culture right there where they got going that summits a testament to Riley I think the related coaxed always filter over the last ten years. On no doubt you've got to give them a lot of credit for coming in they're never out in any game ten points up ten points down I mean they're gonna run their sets. Costly grand mansion until they finally crack in in your system where they can take advantage doesn't. And tenacity did to us I mean they they got us in the position where we was five. They score room equated in you know we try to embody the bar really fast and let everything get organized a sit. And we have paid every price for a but you know you live and learn from those games and you move on from him that's why Sacramento was is here in and we got to take care was that it was now. Well under the bright fun nick GS fourteen in the third quarter right out to have some and you guys were down nine he. Propelled you guys you've really put put the on him I think was what 35 sixteenths Korean ministry the thirtieth fourteen of those and you're two games in order you guys run were early action for nick and it seems to pay big dividends through the course of the game how important those sets early on for him to us. Get involved get moving but also sees a basket going to. Com in ammunition used as you for a guy. Cool you know we need him to be aggressive truth to score. And just give us and as I mentioned you know an offense you know we know combat the luxury of give these points and ambulances eighty point eight game but for a guy like me. You know he needs to screen phone from the wind to get a mobile into the C a basket then and once you do that he didn't feel diggreel. Looks and take rhythm jump shots and and I'm down assassin he's capable of making. Armed you know night in night out. And you know hopefully we'll get back there today and get him going. Early and then also helped me go or methane and defend as well so give him going early is has been now. Most people the last couple games and we'll probably go to a again today. We're gonna horses is to Mike Batiste ready for the kings tonight. Coaches talked about your screen roll into what are we seeing different now in this pick and roll game which is the staple of this team room more so maybe then. Maybe any other team in the NBA with what you guys wanna do offensively what what's changed maybe just in the last three weeks or so you desert corridor from Sri neural stem point. Well I think number one we're just in the matter which helps us you know get out in transition but also we don't have the transition. We're also flowing into our secondary you know and an early offense. Com and number two does. The ball is moving in a lot faster phone from one side to another bodies are moved from one side to another. And that makes it easier for the pick and roll and office 22 we've gone. Com we know we have these fellows of who's in the lead screams at her and once we she says they're screaming he opens up the our kids and and everything you know we we have a lot I. You can roll screen game so there's really been working well for actually since. Ease the West Coast trip is worth it kind of started and then ask carry you over him always a one. Back into this homestand against so hopefully we can keep you know he continued to two. Execute him and he's just not. Pick and roll Damon and make it tough for teams do to to readers every night. But that's a new launch thing I guess people won't think about his future rights why it is such a good screen setter but it's I think it's to me watching him Cody really good there's some coat he's been one of the top screen sisters in the NBA the last few years. Cody says that screen rolls are to the basket. Childress Garcia from Droid two because now he's learning what what's gonna happen with the ball high and learn the situation so he's been set hard screens all year I don't tax cuts start to come a little quicker with him two and a screen rural Kansas. Right and you know breaking down video for the why do you know how many concede though the bigger picture even though. Comes to him. He's also. Creating shots for his teammates because when he sets the screen and you roles he collapses the defense. And we have guys might like Campbell to see that we side corner that we size sly guy we have a I like make a cool succeed. You can see over the defense and make those pass when that defense collapse. And now getting these fellas seem to be you know done the pick and roll game how involved when he's. With the ball without the ball. And it's paying off some good dividends for so. Do you say mass screening is going hard. Can kind of keep offense. You know movement. And I think that's what we struggle with early he won't give to a certain point and pick and roll anything. And we won't move off the ball in an office has stagnated these things get stronger they won't get into their payroll taxes easier. Who wants removed from the ball from one side and others hard for a defense to get into their protection. And that's always find you know those easy baskets so hopefully got to keep going. Well when you talk with the Sacramento team one of the youngest teams in the NB AM and they've really turned his roster they got some veterans foot. I mean they're most coaches on the floor and on the bench with these guys so what can you guys took it to a woman in Sacramento bled. I'm in this team is capable put up a bunch of points and and they got they got some offense going as you guys to sort what what's the challenge of a young team like this with Sacramento where you really. Not necessarily sure what's gonna happen with him from game against. It was tough because like you said there and airplane in their younger guys now so they're they're fresher. Look different title Molder and then they're playing a lot faster so that's that's going to be tough. Wanna force the pace a tempo that we're gonna have to adjust to. Buttered and and you know we have to. Understand you know we had offensive game kind of Sacramento. When she came to strengthen our offensive game com. As we've played teams don't you know different times Sunday Times out here. Every game don't go the same price so they can be different personality rise so the day we might not score and 33 points. From my score hundred fine but we still have to do CNN and make it tough for those guys we know that. If we let them out play at a certain peso tumbles on the long night for us so we have to commit to the transition defense give back in May complain a high profile settings. Well you guys who seemed to level out only owe this to me you guys is really seem to find the levels of good basketball coach talk about the Saturday off a loss of if you wanna be grace a certain point you can't just keep winning to losing one right so this is were in that go time now where this team's really got to start. Knowing streak together and they're trying to view stolen distance on his crazies it seems you're still within shooting range and it's it's got to start right now I think in the next few weeks. And it does and I think you know clippers has done a good job of teaching and preaching consistency. I think that's a reason why he said we came plan to lose wanna win one lose to a three. We have the fellow some kind of consistency. Consistency here. And I just say there were right there knocking on the door you know if you can see even though the way the playoff picture is this unfolding. We're right here and we know we can you know win a few 345 games and overall that would put us right in the thick of things and right were we need to be. And hopefully that's next start tonight ninety so we had to sleep until Saturday. By the media about the NBA you know you get another game comes so you can rely really just you know wash the bad taste out tomorrow and look forward to a new game. Fight at Fortis assistant Mike Batiste talking a little hornets in Kingston where this morning Steve Stanton still crazy after that. All four loss on Saturday night to support a half games back of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and so. Tipping off at seven and I got the king's I have a smokestack at Windsor road together here. And I've got pre game coming up at 630 overtime coming up next so we'll get you out the best of everything that's gone on all afternoon long stick around for that. Six the blue sheet GMAC for engineering with us here in the hot tonight Brian Billick back in the studio big stadium crowd. The big trophy misses they always do that is the portal to the barbecue explores the world also barbecue and their feature on John diners drive in guys. Not all that long ago so we'll check him out online. Journeyman right during the comparable period we're back tomorrow. There's tomorrow we'll get back to some football talk severe usual react to this team looks news what it means for the fifth. I did to us to appear at his website about. We think this office is gonna look like we'll talk about that tomorrow. Powered by four. This is ms. Scully wishing you a very pleasure and good afternoon. Where ever you made me.