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Tuesday, March 13th

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Slightly above average right so you're not needing to go feed you don't eat hungry and create yet it and I honestly wonder sometimes in this happens every march. And I wonder if it reflects on our current political climate sometimes but some people just did on the chaos some people just wanna see stuff happening whether it's good stuff for bad stuff. They just are into the stuff. So if you keep throwing stuff at them they forget. That it might be bad. You know entertain Myanmar today and it disappeared team that didn't go the playoffs are when bear interest in being entertained in March as a board. Yeah no doubt and I just think they're you look at the teams that have historically spent money in free agency any and a felony look at the teams that are spending money in free agency. This year. There's always a correlation man can you continue draw the line with what the correlation is. Eight in NFL free agency which is if you either don't have a quality quarterback or you got one it's cheap and unproven. And that's why you have cap space to go at a bunch of dudes around them and that's just that's just the way it works. And so we're gonna go to the technique I'm guessing on where to switch gears a little bit. And we're gonna get ready for the NCAA tournament which technically starts tonight we get these first four games starting at 640 Ella you broke Kelly brook going gonna take on Radford. 216 seeds saint Bonaventure and UCLA to eleven seeds and of course we'll see sixteen seed here in Charlotte. Ryan owed them head coach for you NBC. He's got the retriever in the dance taken on a top overall seed in Virginia and organ while committee is proud pop up first we do this is. Like a kid play in one on one in the driveway with his stand like when he gets to high school and hits a physical point where you can take is to add to the hole. When was the point when you can I had to say I'd and I got this. Well there are law yes he's been there he knows. He knows rip up everything that we Iran in particular yeah. Yeah he you NAFTA cinema and angry text on Saturday afternoon coach you get to cinema congratulatory text on Saturday is trying got the retreat voters in the dance. You know a lot of people retriever. This particular eight feet made it very well. How proud are you on Saturday afternoon on sitting on my couch and you're the first person I thought of SS three point shot goes through the basket with what point seven seconds left. How proud were you O'Brien and that team and just all that on Saturday afternoon as they punched their ticket coach. Well his light my life like for our family. Is quickly went problem not state the old saying that it happened to get that airport. And then I quickly. If he might hear back home they were there when none left amid. It is at this gate area. Well. But emotions flowed through my Spain that they border really game yeah. You know he has done so well and all our payment all locked for an area and we get transit we do we're so. You know the number of and that you know reached out the Texaco all caller. Stopping back how could that be quite on a secret ballot out at a heat game. Why I was in Indianapolis. I'm on the ninety election campaign in we will hearted work your net game and act finally today. Yet chairman of the committee could not stop the meeting and let me watch the alliance in minutes of the game which I did see. They were great but. Are yet she. So yeah it was an incredible. Period of that committee and now why did more beat ourselves and she invited her orbit frontier and what this side of over and they had a tournament victory party. On the history. That is very intent who always crime who cried who stopped the crying first I guess I should ask you Orlando which which team which person why. Finished up the water works first on Saturday coach. Well I. Cheered it was the I had not. Achieved. What I hear that you know my guess is all for those women with her yeah they'd pale. All you know spill and fears that suspect there you know there's tears in their joyful tears net but we. Com am proud Papa we got G David Odom a great Wake Forest in South Carolina head coach with this right now. On the technique on gas line and his sunrise is not going to be coaching you NBC into the NCAA tournament there. I'm lucky to get the number one overall seed as the 61 match at the get Virginia right here in Charlotte. Odd this weekend. Coach how nervous were you on Saturday is that game got ready upn upn Vermont when were you more nervous about that thing you've ever been coaching the game yourself how nervous were you. Kabul like yet to beat Tammy coach. And he said it's amazing court that when. Probably was accentuated even more. But it'd Thabeet go app can also help. You know I think don't want they to won the one making it to him it's better at all. Along the backdrop that the I ever. Yeah. He hand and number that are used via. Newspaper this week up in Virginia. Chris you don't spit it in years at university and you know we. But it incident that saw in the city animal. It. Happened. Being where I want. You know to see his name go up there underneath. Or Virginia. To note that we spent seven years there. I'll light. You know we still got. The warm up the brand in the stated they're in they were there and I and Charles Taylor the town and University of Virginia as the universe. Meter there's so many great moments in. The friends that we editor. The court date is Jia you. You know I don't want sort of one of the been very there. And it it it when you're in Iraq and start talking about spot that you know it really all that much that'd teach them much that everyday when we got out of school. He comes home he get balanced by. Right now all wrote that it means all of more throws against all take to write that the call by epic rat down into the well. You know were all. Park is spike over par and that it is. The player being accused. It walks down the court in its stamp that champ. Joan. Yes got a ball and he dribbled the ball underneath these lyrics grants is then. Terrible ball underneath mitnick and yet teaches them bat involved. Watching these universe you Virginia. Practice it happened every day. If we. Yet still is responsible. For India as anybody. He kept his mother may cause we get to implement from asthma to ability to make really great decisions from our. This is one of my top five human beings on the basic here if we're talking to right now Dave autumn's with a former credits that your do stories aren't you tell stories better than anybody coats its pilot talking DI a so I do what you're telling me is. Ryan's gonna be really good about his nerves on on Friday it eat this does is like a homecoming we utilities gonna be great about his nerves on Friday as he gets ready for this game well me. It will be here a couple things about Ryan that people don't that's a point not for. Not a right weird. That a regular. Got you got responsibilities. That come about the second thing out bill and the great date field writer would. Yesterday it will it be a lot like you're. Olbermann you know. I said you know he gets his interest in basketball. From me. He gets his no well from his mother. David just made explained it well are you guys who go back to that final play. Or attack called timeout coach rippling. No time and time now if it didn't see it in me out article in time the want when he got that property keel on the other hand on when he got there at port at a crawl my way or both. It both interval both of what the withdrawal. And Ryan and that gear while ago a court yeah. Randolph Childress is in 1990 bat. And she shot that he wanted. Which he did. And he'd made the shot at that differences bit. I would try and erupting maybe orchestrate yet Ryan was quietly in control. Weighed in Malone. No time now. Just did his mother would and given him the right that make the right decision at the right the mother always make. Right decision to write that that's where Ryan is its ability to. This guy direct. That bet that the play its delegate in Bryant all need it in my pocket my. I love that they've the guy he knew the player was strip and forgive me for not knowing his name he dribbles the ball cross the timeline Kara why don't Gerris Lyles excuse me coach that thank you and dusty dregs of the growth that I want to notice. And Andy looks over to rye and it was just now were run in this to run in the set let's run this thing out and maniacs acute that thing. I to perfection and UN DC he's going to the NCAA turner we're talking to the gray Dave Odom he's with this right now. On the technical and guess I of course coach you couldn't have. An NCAA tournament without some sort of consternation in her people wringing their hands of who got in who got out. From you know did he get any issue with over all the way to the steel broke a 68 would you put somebody else in undertaken somebody out how did you feel about the job they did. Well in part of these aircraft because you know ammonium. Yeah yeah I had nothing to do. With the NCAA committee that having gone through that experience that hearted did you know I act act indeed it. You know I feel badly. Promoter saying. Is because of the injuries that they had and I was hopeful that the NCAA committee it's fine time to. By the way it's in the and they weren't able to do it. I felt badly for Oklahoma State. Michael or be it coach of all they played three years for me it's South Carolina. On you know and you know I think if you sit at the beginning here Michael your team's going to be and that's why they're going to be Oklahoma apply. They're going to be West Virginia in more than that you're going to be Texas Tech. Adequately. You're well aware that Michael I think you need it yet. Because he probably thought that but not to do it again it didn't turn out to be I told him that day at that look. And and I see it's a tournament is war. Playing it's worth winning and go to work and went in and hopefully he'll. Who have been. You know you feel YouTube battery Earl. Southern cal. I think secondly. You've got a little state is finished by. And you know that that kind of hard to. Swallow like yeah. But. They're having all through the weekend group that beat these people that didn't get it these are professional at the that have people who. Understand computers and numbers and statistics in. Be. I just how to do it and wearing those things came up. It the term to get those things and in turn in favor. And I guess that's my issue coach like I understand the conspiracy theories that go on but I got a huge issue with a guy like Dan Dockett who knows better. Getting on ESPN on Sunday night and accusing that committee of putting Oklahoma in because Trey young's on their team I mean that's it that that's. I mean that there's there's no place for an analyst saying something like that on on a network like ESPN because whatever you think about whether the field is right or wrong who should've gotten in Hershey should have gotten out. There's no way any these guys are are flatly putting Oklahoma in because Trey young plays for the sooners today that dike I can't get into that. I agree with pat the people on the war. Act of these guys after the game in the fairway the team the Horry. I think they take many liberties. And I really think some things they say they don't necessarily believe in and day say it just to spur conversation. There to beat. And probably ignited you know in Libya in the back to recover. Abuse in this chair right Euro area Cutler area because you're good in both the and now you rate for and that thing now and again. We don't. You see that that's why we bring this guy around our I'd stick kamikaze disk created the next open British show the great. T David Odom head coach at wake and South Carolina and his boy is going dancing he's earned their right Friday it's gonna be right here in Charlotte. And duck coach thank you know you are slam I love talking to you you're the best and what more secure in studio space for you on Thursday Friday OK so nature taking care of down here okay. So my boy's neck maybe crawl yeah we're gonna do we we're taking care coach you know we're gonna roll out the red carpet forward. You do that you do that now they care you guys thank you for Colin I think you can add it all opportunity. All the great coaches rant in Latin entertainment. It's not all the analyst David stores so what can you join their eyes.