Primetime: Darin Gantt Weighs In On Panthers Owner Candidate David Tepper

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Thursday, February 22nd

Chris Kroeger and Darin Gantt talk about Panthers Owner candidate David Tepper. Plus former Browns GM Phil Savage talks about Marty Hurney getting a second chance.


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And roundly Jewelers dot com breaking news by the way I've my eyes not entirely sure I'm confident on this I think replicated in the building tonight. Now to be fair I trashed red panda. The last couple months because I think why you are on the record saying Brad Pitt has watched I've seen other people pray. Am report on this as well saying there's a lot of drops recently she's had an issue where she lost her you know cycle. What kind of performer losing there you recycle even when Willie say this with that thing even when Willie Mays played for the Mets. It was still Willy for May know he was broken man it was a watched bloodied when you have ever seen Willie Mays. Then you can say man remember that normally sell oil remains she was in Tennessee for the year I mean red pandas reach second on legendary status that. Even if the performance in what used to be you're still in the presence of greatness in you should appreciate I could sense a disturbance in the atmosphere here at spectrum sense my daughter was say ripple gas so she's here hopefully try to redeem herself she was here earlier the a lot of dropped from red panda man who's at the Tennessee. Florida game last night in Knoxville so they says Santa I heard about it do for red panda and I can't wait to see I didn't see it come back from replicated tonight though so she's in the building I got pregame for the hornets and that's tonight. 630 tip offs coming up at seven. Right here on FNC so two quick things here we're we're gonna get into one that's funny you know get a divorce serious aspect of it but did you see this report. That was an actually report I'll Wear your prayers and apparently. A self. Some very young enterprising Mon may be that young might have been a real person but some enterprising mind could have been the Russians could have been the Chinese could have been a forehand a hundred pound personally and in their bare could've been anybody some enterprising individual decided to. Think about this I don't know how this may slip one past the goalkeeper given these facts but somehow it did probably Gmail account. Mass emailing. Other media members not to BCC like this markedly BCC people say don't don't setting in the zone they'll Massey delegates everybody. I stating from a late eight. A fake accounting firm not even a real accounting firm a fake accounting firm. That somebody was interested in making a bid to purchase the Carolina Panthers eyes saying that signature accounting. That's the drill official the sixers are aliens like a real thing premier accounting firm signature accounting is excited to announce the submission. And acceptance of the official letter of interest to purchase the Carolina Panthers huddle with Dirk Bentley who we did six. Derek we today so the witness Berg's and the trust's primary is a longtime football enthusiast and has strong ties to Walter Payton. He's strong ties are the sole reason for wanting to purchase the Panthers Eddie continues to be inspired by Walter Payton legacy on and off the field. Beat the accounting firm went on to say that the wheat bags. Have been in contact with the offices of governor Roy Cooper and Charlotte verify Lyles will it turns out that is not a real accounting firm lone. Uh huh that's not a real person com. They don't actually have that type of money com and often eat dead hold Gmail account they sent it to everybody and WS AC down more SOB's decided to publish that other what's. I don't let's unfortunate so there's been scrubbed but you know what. Hash tag fake news got some body. The wall mix yeah that's unfortunate kind of like what happened Ron Borges up in Boston the other week with somebody pretending to be. An agent and texting. Reporter of guy's been in the business for a long time. I don't understand the motivation. I don't understand what moved some body to try to do that. I mean I would rather go out and had satisfying human relationships. In my spare time. Or go see a work of art a good movie perhaps. Go enjoy an athletic contest friends around in my basement and I just told reporters should be Gmail account to peel off delay and I get it's probably some Mike and eating producer content producers edit gasket Cuba right but come on the recently we Gmail account when we don't. Ask more of our media. When you don't value the media we don't have higher standards and made media response filed laying off people and taking away their safety nets that we used to enjoy you get things like this. Com but we also live and setting. Where it frankly the largest media legacy media outlet in our city has taken the bait on NASCAR driver might buy. NFL team for the last three months the fact without a shot I gotta be careful about that focus on everybody but some people at that at that establishment. There's actual decent reporting going on there is there it's naturally there's no point did you invite. Short everything Katie brought to be doing some good legitimate journalism on that front in the last on easier I mean. Ultimately. The thing you've got to do as a journalist did you got to say OK what happened at why and who and all those questions that we learned on day one in. But you've also got to apply some common sense to it if they come through Gmail account it's probably no legitimate. If you've never heard this worsening can't find them on Google it's probably not real. If someone doesn't have enough money to buy a thing because it large amount of money throwing not gonna happen was so. You've got to apply a filter to a lot of these things do they and I think anymore because we live we used to say 124 hour news cycle now it's a 62 news cycle mean. It if you tweet got a transaction it's old news in five minutes so. I think getting more so many people are. Just in a rush to be first with information they don't bother seeing it it's actually correct so this published in the last couple hours this is good work legitimate work from Katie brought to Jordan rhetoric will be observer. Where they're talking about how these people we've talked about this there's a bidding war that's that's under way in it's been kind of behind the scenes. Now is we get guys were inching closer towards the finish line on this it's starting to bubble up to the surface here accustomed to seeing things unfold like free agent pursuits. And know that OK so and so is visiting with the ramseys visit with the Panthers teases him with the titans and there's a mystery team. The problem with an ownership is we don't know who the player herself. And in in that vacuum of information that's why a Felix about us always comes up thing it's much traction as it does simply because there's nobody else talking the people. Listen I can tell you there. There are many other people. Beyond what's listed in this story and it is very good you're right the people of the observer got a good job. Collecting this stuff and adding some perspective to it but there are that's the story. About David tepper. For instance or the story about bin Navarro. Could you written about probably fifteen to twenty other billionaires in the world. And they would be just as valid and they would be just as correct. Because yes brief many rich people have lined up wanting to by the Carolina Panthers this is a true statement. Not just one not just to not just race car drivers not just people who live here many people around the world so. If that case and it's around the world yes they keep it well you look at a guy likes dot com that's all your your first hit of the heat the only he was from Illinois. But a guy with an open hand Fredricka. Now they'll have a platform. That you don't you look around. We're we're things are at right on the names that are stomach starting to come out and on topic gives you said the names that are out. And he started tying the valuations of these guys. To. Only asking price of what we thought it was worth a look we talk results topped Forbes could sit here put him a number what date they think at a valuation is it's a gas it's also an up market. The market dictates what feels obviously what that price is going to be so. You don't think Katy Jordan were writing saying that the Panthers itself between 2.3 B two point eight billion dollars according to experts. And if you start talking about names like David tapper right. Who ran so high in Frankfurt teed up the critique of Brothers who who bought the UFC. Dana White was the president they just sold in the last united WNBA I imagine he's worth being skeptical on that report because it came from the same person who told us the Panthers we're gonna hire an external candidates for general inherit up the came from Jason why I think it's important that we keep score on our sources if we want to cheese being considered trustworthy we got ombudsman daring you know I mean I just demand a higher standard from people. But. He's racing here raising your you have to raise your nose physically right now is you raise a couple of illustrating how it's gonna unite again. Well I'm passionate about thing I'd do capital on internal capital. Armed and as I do I just think it's important for the people who practice and I think it's important for the people who consume it. To be discerning consumer Kandahar that you Therese confirm the interest of then Navarro. And Felix about his and Felix about it since. Confirm the interest of Felix about it so anyway. I think they talk about your Forbes is estimated worth tougher for David tepper is about eleven billion for T does combined is like four point 4000002 point two billion each. We're not really sure about then Navarro because he's a guy that is not quite as public. With his wealth and how it's been accumulated a long story short you start what throwing these names out there this why it's not simply going to be. Ally like this guy. On any given the time when I'm selling it to hit it this is an outright beating warfare and I honestly I would not be shocked if this thing creeps torched three billion dollars look at the rocket sold for two point one in the NBA. What do you think it NFL franchise is about to sell for the open market given aid to what appears to be very deep. Fatality pull billionaires who already get ready to sign on the dotted line out it's gonna push closer to three then too that's for sure. And the last NFL team to sell war the bills in 2000 and what was it fourteen. And the bill sold for one point four. But. They still I would today so the idea that the Carolina Panthers are twice as valuable as the Buffalo Bills seems reasonable because it's a stadium that's all paid for. It's a good stadium in the renovation deal got life and it doesn't need to be replaced apparently. Sorry mom. And it's in a much better market. I mean that the market in and of itself is the big difference between buffalo and Charlotte because there's not money coming into buffalo there's money coming in Charlotte there's young money here. Not clear the weather's great here or not they're. The stadiums paid for inning in good shape here or not they are so. Is it worth twice as much knew it may be we'll see and it. Certainly is pushing that Phil savage it's forty minutes do you wanna talk about David tepper brass balls next juror one Daryn get as much as I wanna talk about anybody's its prime time or power by ortho Carolina. Get to join us coming up Big Ten minutes of talk some pitchers who look at his thoughts on Marty journey back is full time GM we'll talk NFL draft Reese a Senior Bowl director former browns GM. Don't forget get my perks dot com great place for the best deals right now you could save a 150 bucks it's 50% off on a tailor made spider putter. Achieve increased stability and consistency would distort testicle up great for there again I would like to achieve greater stability and consistency. On the links or elsewhere is still life in literal I don't think that's what I'm seeking I don't think we sell that I get my first such company get that great deal of that great club. I'd go right now get my perks. Doc console with bodily case you missed in the opening hours really interest a conversation with Jessica Pressler who decide to be entirely random for her and I Wear like David tapper. Reportedly a front runner to by the Panthers he's worth eleven billion dollars he operates a multi billion dollar hedge fund and it. It's a minority owner for the Steelers about 5% minority stake and you know these they came out Ian told us that on on Tuesday and I felt accomplish reporting it not that evening and if people start on Earth Day what can I find out about this guy he she did lengthy profile and him want to go just as a purely crazy billionaire. The 2010 in New York magazine so we talked earth you're gonna hear that coming up. At 550. Bob you know we're governor call hey can we talk deal. I'm at that thing he wrote eight years ago held his disguised kind of back in the news again and the thing that everybody kept his expect weeded out this part of it is really funny. If the part about the literally depressed set of balls he's got affixed to his wall and tosses around oppressive plane and take him. In his office yes sure why not every day it's typical with cheese ball like right now whatever it is I don't look at that is. All that's a harassment thing waiting to happen I just look at that is that an eye roll all that's billionaire hedge funds. Well Wall Street it is interesting in the current context I mean when it Charlotte and when the teams being sold for the reason it's being sold. I think it's reasonable for that to give you Paulus. It may be I mean I don't. I don't know David tepper beyond what we've called Google about it though won't we bred in like Jessica's story. There we've all read you know you've got about onions bomb. And you know it's it's a peculiar. Story and that's what happens a lot of times the one interesting anecdote it's repeated over and over and over. Com remember when Jordan Gross was drafted one of the things in his bio was he was a black belt in karate and so Jordan it's strictly as Jordan about so you're really into karate needs like Tom and I got my black belt around like eight as long time ago. David tepper probably maybe. Does it still play with brass testicles on his stance maybe that's just a colorful anecdote that I can reach you a section from her piece stir OK so this says. Tempered doesn't. Didn't we see here. Picture at this were correct he says I think what it comes to decisions I try not to be emotional to drown out the noise and look at the important facts. He said that's why he got a house somebody was asking about this. And he went on to say especially the miss the panic like 2009 when it needed to rumors ran a fever pitch people worried about whether they had enough canned goods to survive. And economic siege even others who did the same as stepped were afraid afraid of going it is deeply quote that's why he's got a house and Hamptons and I don't since one colleague. He shrugged I was never afraid to go to Pittsburgh and work at a steel mills he sets. And he went on later to say. He he doesn't get up he doesn't get caught up in in failing he says I'm Heath he went on to talk about. He's not worried about losing money. He said. Gosh from a mix of myself a few but he says. I you he talked about used to be worse of people handle him IE cities to be a bully pulpit he he he talked about how. He tries not to get emotional about stuff but over time he says I always I will always do a better job. Then the others it's the only way he and others like him can succeed he says if you succeed for twenty years it's hard to believe it's going to end he says I don't use to get upset when I had a death I used to get upset when addict out here. Now that I've been doing it for so long I've much easier time what matters ultimately is the track record I have over time I'd like that I mean that's another anecdote but I like the idea that. You know what mean you'll get to be where you his Hitler went from like 55 million to now or well over ten million you don't get to grow that kind of money without taking on big gains and huge losses. And if the first army took on a huge loss he said you know what who I'm not gonna do that again Brian you're probably not gonna see the huge gain down the road. And how I'm not saying if this is unique to him. What we heard people talk about this which you're richer cities too conservative lie you'll went down this path it did work on ever make that mistake again but sometimes you can't be afraid to fail and got to recognize the process. He outweighs the results sometimes also got there if you're. Going down that route and I understand the appeal quote unquote aggressive owner we don't know. At this point today we don't know if he's got about a team B we don't know what kind of philosophy he's gonna apply to it. You know when Jimmy has one was a minority owner in the Pittsburgh Steelers people thought. All this guy's been around one that legacy franchises he knows how to do business the right way to me has its worst owner in the NFL he runs a train wreck up there. And it's. We don't know that tempers. Personalities can equate his management style of football team agreed so that being said. The idea of aggressive everybody wants to go for fourth down everybody wants to go through long all the time. I get that off. The flip side is he can always get worse. If you are aggressive. You can take JaMarcus Russell with the first pick in the draft and it's a phenomenal failure. If you're aggressive. You can trade 21 round picks and give 46 and a half million dollars Sean Gilbert how'd that work out we fan I mean. People's personalities are different and I think CN mentality zoos are always going to be Iraq out for a gag RS Iraq. But the reality is those don't don't always work out no. But here's another interesting tidbit where talks about in this piece from New York magazine Jessica Pressler if you miss that you're gonna hear coming up at 550 we got. We got til sept coming up but a few moments here. Click here there's a peace and they're talking about how in Jessica talked about this with us the one thing she took away about. How okay how is he made so much money how's he accumulated so much wealth. Why is he so successful. Eddie usage is comets cents. And I do and aiming to simply was that sounds that's a lost on and a lot of people it his whole thing where he meets or to bulk of his money was during the downturn. It during that major recession. He was buying stuff off. Basically pennies on the dollar thinking well this is gonna rebound. If you're looking at this saying it's gone forever and want to however it's not able to trust me the government because the government not to let these oil companies fail. The government's abilities Clark companies fail the government's not gonna let these banks fail it's all five by this now. We're making the long term play but I'm telling you this won't replace it worked got to prove to be right. He's been wrong and other things with double illustration to be is. For example use it for missing a point say he buys the team becomes in here and the Panthers have a another double that you would season him and they go to the playoffs. He strikes me is not the type I gotta say I don't look at ways everybody your fire get out he strikes me as well but gotta say. Oh you guys are having success in my success though. I think they really Smart to not mess with something that's anybody to men and I think. You know while. Opinions may differ on Marty courteous GMA I think this stability. And the chance to continue what has been a successful operation you've been in playoffs for the last five years. Com this is a reasonable opportunity to continue. That run of success. That's the job security for these people who are coming under new ownership so. Com you'll make decisions based on the football product that the team's winning and I think that's not just tapper that's probably anybody who buys the team. Why would you be inclined to change things. If a team's coming off playoff run at the team got the Super Bowl unless. It's a group pain in whatever it I don't know. I'm not pretending to have inside information that I don't possess no your reporting this interleague Eddie DeBartolo is name came up early. It Eddie DeBartolo is in the hall of fame for the way ran the 49ers they had tremendous success he's connected in the NFL everyone knows him. People more comfortable with him. And he probably has some ideas out if I bought a team here's who I would want around it. Now if you bought the team immediately what he fudged the place. I don't know like I said because. I knew owner is gonna take the keys to this place in May. And the season starts training camp starts in July I don't know that anybody. Would command a new situation department people that's just. Reasonable so fall this year is kind of a proving here for a lot of people wanting I'm curious about is whether it will reflect in the freeagent approach. And the draft approached this year. I mean are the Carolina Panthers in all in mode are you more aggressive in free agency that may be would have been otherwise no wing. This is your once shot did press the new boss John appear mail was dreading it out of buildings that are takes place is he he also she also said he doesn't throw money for a vote for Melissa it is true any talked about in this piece out. He drove rusted through minivan for a long time there but he also there at the hedge funds driving. I drove a Porsche he sees that this is speaks to you during the Iran and 01 K memory with a buy it back on the backs of sincere yeah I suppose that's the thing to like. It's so that could mean is he is he tight would he not wanna spend a lot of money you know is he looking this as a business venture where. Hey I'm just trying to make money we don't know any of those things are to your point right you can yeah I think it's easy to look at things and ascertain what you want to ascertain from it sure. You don't know until the guy if he if this is him or anybody that by the team and you start to develop a track record over time O'Brien of what ownership to look like yet. There's no doubt and will say it's all coming together over. It's moving fast it's moving behind the scenes a lot faster than we see out here on the serve well let's ask this guy is he's an expert expert in a lot of things OK we love talking to this man when we write is any doubt there are many many thanks Phil savage from serious accident recent Senior Bowl director longtime NFL front office man as well. And so we were talking about his paper's ownership change Phil and I would wonder from your perspective is as a general managers a front office guy. How important is ownership of putting a winner on the field in what is good ownership look like had a wolf what would qualify as a good owner could take a little bit different shapes and sizes but what's good ownership in your mind. Yeah it's going to be political and current the Carolina Panthers. Are saying is. Contention and ultimately. At being you know regular in the playoffs because this woman refused to boot off an apt to complete. Never fertile and and now you're not going through group that are thing. Eat food that they can burn through its own method outfit for the middle with the other. And what I would say is there's no food no water that was different they are different background. But the ones that have to clear them to leave on their football people first and foremost but what they're coming into without what the football background and it. And then all the other side that they would come into it with the football background. Or is he willing to understand. The height he. So basically failure lying. People they don't I'm book coaches coach scout out player flying him home and home here and if there weren't doing so thing. How would you have some personality within order. They can. Rep confirmed that often graphic around. I'm Phil you're uniquely qualified to talk about this CDU he spent a lot of time in all different is it different organizations in the NFL. In different roles and Marty dirty all over the course of his career I don't think anybody who's who's reasonable could say that that that guy. Did a good job may not offended well it didn't end well the first time around. And now is get a second chance of fans sure. There are a lot of fans are upset saying you fired a why would you bring them back but Marty claimed to be said this for months now. He's learned during that time away that its offer many new approach a new lease on life into perspective on this. You've been on both sides of it so what what what does that opportunity way. Afforded to afford for Marty hernia and how do you think things could be different this time around when you look at it taken his job again. Well first of all it is. Fairly useful for general manager Dick here they are second chain so to speak we've seen it happen with coaches all the time. That the general manager it. Terribly rare. And together and another opportunity. Especially at the same organization now we're at it in their. In this unique situation right now where how he wrote for. If he was never terminated by the Eagles left in Philadelphia that secret basically X file for a couple years through New Delhi era. And then he would crawl back. You know Marty. Never really left the third Charlotte footprint so to speak. But I do think that you know doubled his delving into the media Peter G network together if you time zone in a felon daughter the city at the end. I think he had achieved it to really expand its vision beyond just the Panthers in terms of looking at the way other teams operate. The way other general managers. Mark might approach this the salary cap for the allocate enough money towards certain positions. And on down the line but I do think also. Any time you do so from the first time he added a second chance that you do two things a little differently now he prepare for ten years so it's not it there. You know we only got a couple swing that it immediately there for a decade needed and there's a reason for that because again he was he was trucked it. By the ownership it was the plate at that time he went through a couple different coaches but for the most part the Panthers were a consistent team. For the most part during its its first you're. Phillips Cleveland Browns offered you a second chance to be the general manager which is take them up on it. You know you can't go home again I guess the third time this year charm yes it. Cleveland did it twice before you know under bill fell effective with that the original ground there early nineties and I went back you know obviously if they. Returned as an expansion team in 2000. Five about 45 years Internet. An era of a football foot. Looked out either stretcher that there could you know the reality that thirty feet deep but there's really only about 29. Legitimate they're general managers because that thing goes the patriot. And McAvoy really don't have that could this year within their organization structure grow. I don't locate it idiot. Ever hole for that officers you would be if you can't. In terms of kindred cancer and also there's an opportunity applies what you learned it in the in the mid term read. I know they're we just talk your Marty hundred but I I can definitely speak for myself for the first time I got an opportune I was 39 your cool. Or your perspective in a lot of different direction you're you're third week. And authored compared to when you're 52 years so we're being 39 so absolutely. Still you mention harassment and you get background with tally. The Eagles he talked a lot at the Super Bowl week and into the Super Bowl about. They were willing to take some chances they were willing to roll the dice on some things to be aggressive in ways that other teams aren't necessarily. Inclined to be. Com. Do you think that's enough to start a trend that may be more teams will be will playing. To take big swings whether it's straighten up to get a quarterback for making big moves in free agency because the Eagles have had some success and that method. Well one thing I would say that I think everyone's mentality and in terms that this leadership that is true freshman personnel department I think not why it's what did he coaching because quickly from the same period in the infantry though they're not a lot of perimeter since the coaching but I. In terms of the general manager quite fair player first round. I would say. You know it came here because you could go hand in interviews stated you know you can have a plan mapped out. For five years in it sort of a long long term prognosis there theory you can feel insecure. The way it is now believe it or not that you're and that's fair opportunity might only hire the couple years if it. Certainly three years about this the window now so they're definitely more went down to penalty and I think. You know when you get that kind of chance to make them turn it is fair and sometimes you have to people and you're great it's been pretty think we're Alley. You know he felt like look at a party I party law. One time before I got checked out the other side of the building. Their fan I'm really gonna get both hands on the back and take it one bit to think that this could be the last opportunity I yet. And though they get older cars that weren't great I think it's really Katrina and given them a lot of comfort within your personal. Staff right now that book they'd make that move a lot of people there they're crazy for doing it. And they projected and for care aid and senate here political order back. If someone who's been here repeat that I legitimate in BP can't. Phil savage winters director of the recent Senior Bowl longtime NFL front office man Sirius XM radio as well he's on Twitter at Senior Bowl Phil. Well wolf we'll let you go this just a quick draft question and you've seen some of these kids up close and personal. At the senior ball and you've you've covered them with Whoopi on Alabama's radio network who who what what is something you could see. For the Panthers a 24 doesn't have to necessarily. Be a specific name Phil but maybe a group of players he'd say hey I think. It was something could fall here and if you're Panthers this is a given given their needs these are some guys they should keep an eye on here. Here you know from afar and think you know I got to keep it appeared before you know a lot of games apiece to the Monday night Erica we often. It was better form is that the economic thing. And in terms of the all time together. But. You know that they're picked 24. You could conceivably be in there who look at her of running back. Although they fit or more accurate Christians can't predict don't. Who knows it's been in the league for a long time but I would think certainly felt the on the decrypt the balance and maybe been in the secondary they were they thought maternal family marine air them. There's an underclass but he. Blind anger radar right now army not well known that the spirit if you're Donald Brown over there and I refer you to after. Through you know being at the start seeing the running here that. Thank you very few players don't ride and I think he's probably respond with the Oakland I would start to open for him. But awareness in this one you're running 130. I think our group who have. Who. Senior Bowl Phil as we could follow him on Twitter recent Senior Bowl director of longtime NFL front office man. You're money Alabama radio network is well Sirius XM and his book is out to get a check out his book fourth and goal every day. And it's Alabama's relentless pursuit. A perfection and you know you blink and all this and Alabama just hire the best defense of my coach at all football away from Miami because they just keep getting better. And they're they're the defending national champs once again Phil it's always a pleasure man thanks for making time for us. OK guys always do with the current and now you have the weekend before the craft that would delete pornographic character and what they thought. Tonight is the best they're go for a Senior Bowl bill is where you can follow him on Twitter prop Phil savage other recent Senior Bowl we go to break we come back we're gonna hear from Jessica Kepler. On this David tepper character that's next its prime time powered by ortho Carolina to. We're gonna go to the checking account yes like now Jessica Pressler. With New York magazine where this and we start with the most important question here is we talk about potential theater's owner David tepper. Jessica what was going through your mind or somebody reaches out you're like hey I wanna talk to you about that story you wrote eight years ago about some guy named David tepper is that had to be entirely random yesterday. Yeah I would it was Fred and I didn't. Ever actually one of my favorite rich guys like he's he's won it all this assess risk as to their serves as a unified way every personality black. It's a huge he's kind of like just old school profanity throughout the middle class and regular fan thank yourself. Actually you know he doesn't going by a bunch of stand he's he's been he's out of his friend through high school and they are quite in the thoughts on tries. You like egg diet diet you. Regular he says he's flashy things every now and again. That gets people's attentions of this but I today's series of Pampers makes total offense apparently character for him not to play. Rights were talking to Jessica Pressler a steal back the layers a little bit and may. It bull what would you still like the last eight years of ABC he's people who worked like which this is what happens right just a Pressler is what is your magazine it was her profile that we are we talking a little bit. About ready to be rich David tepper whose hedge funds whose hedge fund made him make killing during the crash but betting the government would let the big banks fail. It's coming out of the billionaire closet in his name's been thrown out there is a truck runner to by the Panthers. For for some of these recent you're talking about could feel we're reading some of these details and he'll by my reaction I read your whole police outside a fascinating like this is an interstate due to make any kind of fits into the NFL's feel fraternity. Based off of what I could read about a mobile. What was the first thing where you can you sat down and could not even talk to him just going to be talked to somebody else in your life. Okay this is going to be a good story this guy's this guy's a little different and he's he's got some personality to a. I am it's definitely started fresh grass. A pair of flat false if you ask tough and I'm confident he can I say yeah you can't you just did leave you can't hit a snag that I can't. Yeah I started with that I was like that's kind of like find me and and crazy and and it totally get into his personality. He likes making these kind of like a big get. Why hills and afflicted person is. You can only it's like to thank god flake. I'd go eat slowly turn it something that's these deals and good with the pants and they definitely do think this is a situation for him where it's kind of a crisis. He's he's like kind of a bargain. Blake I have a way to get people talking. There are people like flirt on that. He's like a side if you. That does that sort of thing has just misleading if streets here I. You know famous flames shot the houses that guy in the Hamptons pick fired him from golden fat. For 59 dollars and raised its aground just kind of I guess. You're right she's standard stats like Hewitt to kind of make a few days if purchases so he doesn't normally live like to have a super rich guys like he listed sex crimes of Florida still avoid cash. Thank you kind of got just like a regular guy I tell you that and he. They flashed that on the is that definitely. Yeah because he called himself figure in your frequent or actually and he got to correct me at a site like your river there was hammer somebody close to him one of his associates or friends called him. Quote the billionaire next door right like keeping he talked about how he drove a rusted through minivan to work while people are driving porsches to concede of what people look. He's trying to hide his money so people would change the way they acted around him correct like he wants to be. And I guess maybe he still lives that way he wanted to be the billionaire next door. Motoring accident he's not like Warren topic because he does keeping things that are innovative and and kind of crazy everywhere. And it's it's a little funny like I. We'll try to get and how fighting let's see Steve. He's got cancer can be unscientific guy yeah the that's the art and then he doesn't actually left Sunday night your confess I chat Saddam. You know yes this is fascinating character for him then and I think Hubert probably you know you enjoyable present. We're talking to Jessica Pressler from New York magazine and she's with this right now the technique come guess slide eight years old is featured still great Dell and so does the Internet like we were and we your name what's do some digging let's find this this is nothing in depth profile. For 2010 and in the port you're talking about and read this this is your writing here. Temper as a pair of brass testicles. Cartoon actually huge and grotesquely JD they are affixed to a plaque. Inscribed with the words beat most valuable set of all times editor not at all out of place an apple looses offices is that his hedge funds offices. Which resemble a high end sports far fall polished mahogany flat screen TVs. And black eagle steer steeler paraphernalia. For wealthy frat house we had this client they make breast implants a former employee says he left to keep them on his desk he'd love to throw them around. Apple Lucent is staffed almost entirely by then what's funny is I tweeted out and that's a funny little that I treated it is that Jessica like I thought that was saw any kind of ridiculous as you said a short somebody's personality. But also we have people who said he seat we can't have bad that's the type of thing that got Jerry Richardson had trouble I didn't have that first that response to it right like can you explain that because I didn't interpret that is. Mean this guy's a sexist pig but some people rhetoric of cut that little tidbit I thought here we go again this year Richardson 2.0. That's really interesting and in that sat. Makes sense yes of course guess just guys in trouble for sexual harassment you have to try to. And I remember that these players that employees say you know he's kind of a massage Netflix just as part of an athlete so flash policy. That is not a usual on Wall Street by the way I. Yeah it does help but beyond that and is a key hits like such size guy and not very I kind of old fashioned way. I'm sorry that he had fled to let her fade idea that when men. I. I'm sure that. There's days it. You know he says that things have come out of his smash it set us. You would think twice about staying in the current environment I have nothing that I've had conversations. With female reporter somewhat cheated you know when your woman's reports on Wall Street. You deal with a lot of these guys and you tossing them. You talk about him much LA and I do remember a friend of my things like this he's actually affects far. Let's just can't thank is former gentlemen please send a lot of guys on Wall Street. Which I mean that's a very low bar but you can put a face in LA you know he's he's he's not a terrible person I. There could come back on me bad but yet he's more of a dive dive bomb. A straight up. Let's I thought well and you know I was reading some of the details to get Jessica Pressler is with us from New York magazine it was her she tried David tepper potential owner of the Panthers he's thought to be a front runner he's worth a lot of money and he's a minority owner currently. For the Pittsburgh Steelers are recently other details about like the beginning in place he'd worked dynamics that are office dynamics. How about how you know some people are saying that he could be real jerk he's call people names sometimes but again like same thing because we can talk about the dynamics on Wall Street. Like that's just big money hedge funds right like I don't. He force and we see that he can you don't want that as an owner he's going to be a jerk he's gonna micromanage. What is the actual dynamics of what type a bosses see would you talk to people that would that worked under him. Yeah I definitely think I definitely heard that kind of a lot of yelling I mean that is again not me. Law firms. Who sponsored especially when you're making Bard sat on things that large sums of money and you know it's it's very anxiety safety net delighted the audience kind of or format land and it's very much. You know how that culture operated for a long time thank you think now a lot of people are much more on guard about that kind of behavior especially not. A few months. I'm saying yeah I definitely have lakes okay. At his old offices are known for being intimidated actually it's kind of projects on eye catcher like ACC get. It's a very difficult things to keep adding these gigantic sums of money and it's stressful and I think. That's likening him. It's kicker gets very pork. Do we talk about things that first tactic is correct me if I'm wrong in my number I'm approximating some of these numbers when he left Goldman Sachs and started his hedge fund. It started with what about fifty million dollars what did it start at. And now gosh that's a very good question I cannot remember. If they keep it that that's my that's my favorite. So it adds I don't yeah I think it was a bad break it what I'm saying get. And I think you know he just kind of grew it that he would have you to Lawson is in between. Having these huge western and Arabic always plays. Here is huge when one year. Huge loss of bombings like I'm bestseller status comeback kid he's a special ones that give work out work out so well that if I had made after the laughter. In his scene and that didn't fund is not for the seat of our and the fact. It's been in Utah there a couple of details also that word you keep that dovetailed where I think one in particular are so uninteresting we're as he talked about and people around him his employees. Talked about how he's he's the he'll take me to take a micro situation. And did it take a pill 68 different macro view from an entirely different situation. And then reinterpret that back down to that micro situation to make a decision. How different is that mindset on Wall Street you're around a lot of these guys is he just his thought process how different is the way he thinks about situations compared to other guys in his situation. I don't think it's such different and I can get everything you decide it's so funny it was confusing and I sat side to side or my daughters he has been inside it. I felt like his strategy was a common side. That was lucky kids and it feels like. You know what I think it maybe the government Nancy and I let all of the bank they'll flaky and I just I think it's common sense I think the government is not a lot of stuff that you flat line. Place yeah I think it was kind of mistake in keeping it feels like common sense things. Let out a few more exciting than ten components GM. Well and that's what's interstate Jessica Pressler so this New York magazine really are going a moment he was it was her profile I'm David tepper ready to be rich. And this is for 2010 in New York magazine it's a great great article and you can from what we've got the link you guys can check it out. But if this thing that I found interesting like. Particular okay how do we spin this to the NFL the Panthers you're talking about him using common sense of him seeing an opportunity to buy low sell high. Everybody's talking about what's wrong with the NFL in the NFL stale playing and it's on the downtrend. And yet it's making record revenue and their ratings. Are actually not suffering the same percentage losses is other ratings and other TVs serious soul. It to me I look at this and I think David tepper saying you know what. Everybody else thinks the NFL's going down the toilet and he sees it going the other direction still maybe that's another reason why he wants to get in on this. I also would just say I think he laid the love football and I think even. Talking of Angela thanks again Mike got totals classic guys guys like slow would love to say he's on the field they with his friend who played. It again I diluted fourteen nights you sat kind of guy so I think it is. You know I failed him calculus he would says he thinks the differences. Trying to work out but I also think it's just like cameras kind of shook off some of the diet. That would be that's what you get that kind of money like we do right like that's. I receivers earlier like what you run out of options of things to spend money on correct like cars homes. Votes. Eileen is like we'll see gonna buy at this point if you're worth tens of billions of dollars like a football team the next step here. Leading tackler is that great yet I think he's he's kind of made forays 2004. And and that they should get opportunity. At a much fitter he's the best. All right Jessica Pressler for New York magazine size she's on Twitter at. It's from 2010 but if if David tepper the dire one of the guys he reportedly is. It's pretty good in depth feature on him ready to be rich and Jessica it's it's big this is good work and it takes for randomly coming policy years later to talk about it. Thank says five. All right that's gonna wrap it up for assorted ready for more its pregame get overtime coming up next to that'll be six to 630. And then come back on here we have hornets game for the first time in the weekend 125 games to go five and a half games back to the final playoff spot in the east in. They're gonna play two teams seven times in the final 25 games haven't even opened up season series against the nets supported 76ers. Of course and that's one of the worst teams in the NBA record wise improved from last year but I've got to got to sweep that series. And realistically probably need to take three out of four against the 76ers. If they wanna cut into that. That playoff deficit right now support it's a fired up we got pre game against the nets tonight years died at 630 back here on a fancy. Thanks to our Ryan does Billy the marlin for chip and and is loved hearing their first morality is all show long you guys interacting with us. As well we have special treat for tomorrow is when we come on here tomorrow I'll be on a 2 at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. We got the great Bobby Lou to go to cohost Lewis Temares Serena have some fun supported basketball coming up at 630 we'll talk to college troops tomorrow. And a whole lot more get back into some cancers conversation as well who would do it right here is we always do from two to six its prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. This is ms. Scully wishing you a very pleasant and good afternoon. Where ever you made me.