Primetime: Darin Gantt Talks Super Bowl LII

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Monday, February 5th

Darim Gantt joins the show fresh off his flight home from Minneapolis to share his thoughts on the big game. 


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All in in your kissing the trophy isn't walking down the aisle. When it really sinks in is when that plane lands and I all the fans. Like that's when it's you do. He likes in the lockers when the ravens won in 2012 like we would wish she went back to the locker room after it kind of cleared out in Ponte Lisa was obviously on the team but he was grabbing. It's also meant to price of it was cold season. I didn't live from the marks being real TV studio. Kroger. Wireless auction painters here in relation to happen. Why did we get that reaction when we came back from. From Minneapolis on Friday night while I was in the era of locally party for us when we got back to shepherd a little villages like you're here. The public to make but you guys have new haircuts are sourced double on in my opinion I got a new haircut that you're here years have been raised. Man Ryan the last three years. Old you were in Minnesota last night just before that you're around like you're around a lot of important people and you know you ask you gotta look good didn't. But maybe it'll look the part and you. There was a barbershop right across the the did the walk away though at that the Mall of America migrate there at the food others barber shops in the Mall of America there's everything that they're everything there at the Mall of America it is frogs are going to if we are powered by ortho Carolina we got joy to mourn as our Super Bowl champs are quick story and wanna talk theater so that play the next. False touchdown catch. Yes you do watching you must think it falls through for three B three TDs and also caught another. If you're it would happen in this control Nichols caught he literally threw and caught his way to a Super Bowl MVP I think this is the only player to throwing catches a touchdown and a Super Bowl and Super Bowl history I think he's the third quarterback to ever do it in a playoff game if my memory serves me correct and I think feel the other two were both bears quarterbacks oddly enough so that the play yesterday they don't Tony just per couple but they called it Jim McMahon was the last one it always call silly special. And abandon. It's so silly special deep did you hear the story about display. Now where it came from how they came how did frank Reich there they're out there offensive coordinator I came up with this played alongside dud. Doug Peterson also calls placed them as their head coach yes so they were getting ready for the vikings two weeks ago in the NFC championship game so really three weeks ago now. And in their trap. I deal went all the way back to a liking this is crazy to me they went back to a vikings game from two years ago that's -- is more distant I think it is to the average fan. It was a game that they didn't play and obviously was a B was a vikings game against the bears are random vikings bears game and there was some defense coordinator or some. Position coach whatever goes on and this is how they played it was certain rights so the bearers with Matt Barkley at that time is the quarterback rating symbol of the impact not a similar the way we do I guess Matt Barkley was the quarterbacks so they they reneges US and other pac twelve player that yes turn out to be worth and they threw the game and anybody that allowed that you do. They the other USC debris not exactly they stole that play it's a hey that's a good idealist with this in our back pocket. And so they called a truly special is the same play they just they saw that happens in the NFL and probably way more often than most fans would realize. All the players say it's a copycat league correct all the please see you run into a dozen generated recycle in a cast like so that's the way it works right but then they were going through their final track of what they're gonna do an agreement they decided at. Add it's a little too recent in those two years ago I was a little too recent. Any little work weeks and we still feel comfortable right so. Hang onto it a hung onto it. And they decided to use it against the patriots in the Super Bowl with six holes and naturally went for a touchdown and it. That play yesterday in that moment. The onions to call that play. I'm addicted to dictate that play in in on that stage say yet is the right time for the not the NFC championship game or at home. I guess the Timor we literally you know and this this works against them we're doing it's another team. That team is don't relish checking the New England Patriots and what do it with all of America watching on and executed it to AT yesterday. But that's what it takes you wanted to you wanna join commons you want to do something uncommon you have to think uncommon you have to do one common things to get there. I. You act like you're not surprised I think the average fan is thinking. And that takes like Doug Peterson walked away last night. Looking like one of the balls he's dudes in the country but there is or not mean he walked away that's the Doug Peterson for the rest of existence will walk away is as a guy was massive bonus with only. He must have been wearing baggy pants as I guess that's hardest to get up. My thing is this those so let's all quote questions ago that can't speak out the most coaches go into a game especially one as higher profile as that. With three. To five please. That they have to special situations they really truly do so now. And if you heard Chris cause were with I'm not exactly and though but. He said it like. They have two point conversion plays that they run when they get to certain areas of the field. So that play it wasn't I mean it could've worked elsewhere but the fact that there they were on the two with a line. Right helped the situation why because of you is convinced. They had everybody boxed in they had their formation was tight so everybody was together Elway when he broke out he didn't you know. There are right. Two DB's. Rate and they had a goal line package and you get out run allowed back. You know outlawed in you know Gilmore who's might have been out there if they had to. Formations will be well taken in to spin this to a local level like watching this Eagles team have been saying this for months now. It appeared that the painter from two years ago everything about them is the printers from two years ago speed all over the field. In an offense that as the weeks were progressing there are building more more confidence they were balanced state great running game that was setting up an awesome play action passing game. And then a wide receiving corps. That best fits their big guys that complemented each other did a variety of things and because of that as the year went on it was like. Mean what team my washing and people forget what the Eagles looked like earlier this year wasn't a pretty the first couple months of the year. They were waiting but it wasn't pretty. And the people forget with the Panthers looked like in the opening month and a half. All of that 2015 season barely escaping Tampa they would win early in the year barely when he Holman is sorely Josh thorn had to have a cat an interception in the end zone against Josh we can only. Was it Josh McCown or Luke McCown Luke McCown McKenna mixed up on accounts we Josh on the other day the taller yes we flew it was against Luke McCown so if you saw this Eagles team. Really just snowball their way and even with all the injuries they kept doing that. Throughout the course of the year in and to mean as I walk away from the game last night and it's not just damaged if vikings. It's the Ramsey could make this argument about I need to make this argument about the Jacksonville Jaguars as well. It's amazing what happens when you got it starts up front when your offensive line is playing the way that those teams' offensive line played all year long. Especially in the playoffs especially the Eagles yesterday pitfalls could still back there and read the paper. I could cook dinner she wanted pixels get it done whatever he wanted back there. In the pocket last night the Eagles offense wonderfully outplayed the pace and they didn't Jason Peters for the last what month and a half how long it's been it's been awhile now. Since Jason Peters and on the field are there the franchise left tackle that make you who know. You're never known that Eagles were missing him then you start with the running game there it was bad enough I mean that in a good way to get a bad enough running game which just league Arabs want. And then you mic in and and Kenyan border Barley who was doing coups don't use these youth orchestra them. And then they get. The crowd dumb does that mean that the gulf well know how does it make a look at especially in hindsight when we play that audio at the time where Adam Hayes was was basically portraying JH idea that worker yes he was a working hard enough he was doing the right thanks. Now who. Obviously he went Eagles and his work ethic was bag and that's weird it's and it's amazing how there. If there's any school like produces like just known name running backs that suddenly becomes Super Bowl MVP caliber guys it's Wisconsin does James White last year and Corey Corey Clemens should bottle I saw that tweet Herzl there was a tweet Golar yesterday I think it was from Wisconsin actually was at it was Wisconsin football's official Twitter page saying. I eight didn't who says that that note that Wisconsin doesn't churn out NFL caliber running backs fronts I'm thinking literally nobody says that. Disclosure would say that guy actually probably will be a good running back after literally nobody says that anybody's coming out Roscoe and I'll get right back guessing could you just run behind huge do it SA and all they do is look what kind of weird recruiting ploy as everybody knows they're running backs come from Wisconsin go to the NFL if anything know our receivers come from guests quarterbacks lets you run the triple option. Except her joking who's who's the guy Jarrett ever dinosaurs he had any come from Wisconsin did was any there was Russell Wilson was there. I don't know what he's doing now suing Jews and lead was with the Packers I think for plus plus and notorious but they wouldn't still say and you look at what they do from an offensive line stay employed with a different running game standpoint built some receivers out there bodily anything else joins Jeffrey was staffer he was damaged goods when they went and got out Sean John I love that guy. And he sees the receiver you want your teams that he is legit the receiver that the Panthers need. I see I disagree on that I don't care ice and he's a socket Oregon. I mean Alison he is Kelvin Benjamin yeah right. These little more a little more athletic gift he's got a mix of Benjamin of function yes and I and we we have that. It was a outlook from to be close to back that this team misses at Torrey Smith senator Nelson ankle are those are the guys type two guys to me that I look at fairly from a speed angle. From a third guy that's consistent you know that that guy she's gonna get the chains moving in Torrey Smith and he did that a couple of times story tours whole game at this point is does he. He can only run run rowdy runs in a straight line and it. And even if he doesn't catch the ball he's guided his draws the the passer fears played give thirty yards downfield but that's a guy do you like to have on your team now and he runs great pick please. Yeah I don't know like oh I agree and that's the thing like when you look it and if the painters like receiving corps who would rather have Torrey Smith or Russell Shepard. That's that's those hours door Tori yeah you can but he's. Now in the league as a number or he can get the number one and has his as the years progressed. He's adopted the next responsibilities. As a true professional because he understands that he has a wife and kid and family and honestly just a wreck is because X actually don't. But he's going to he's going to take on what are those responsibilities are and he's going to do well. Vs other guys who are still holding on to the fact they think that their number one why receivers instead of taken on the number two number three. Stuff just that it's not rocket science Philly Philly went and got wide receivers Nelson had a large till this year or third year in the NFL was thought to be an under achiever. I get out of their economy their own trick yet how Shawn Jeffrey was a god that anybody could I had an if they wanted to try get on the recycled goods bandwagon and they took the risk out. You could same thing toward Smith the veterinary come here we need you to BD guys glue guy bring this group together and just make some plays we gave. From San Fran oh yes remember got to cut you know now listen San Fran was a dumpster fire so you know unless you were were truly mentally strong. Right back that black hole was also a key in as well so is probably great at or it began but that's secondary for Philadelphia. It's okay it's okay it's honestly yeah Ronald Darby is probably the highest named active you know the highest draft pick what I Ehrlich it's it's a bunch of guys that are third fourth brush with the Panthers honestly I'd say it's a wash from a from a talent stand point in the secondary more experience trail Philadelphia obviously but it's a wash I'd say from that perspective to guess what. They are so deep in their front four. They've clearly got with the Panthers don't have right now which is they're four deep at defensive end. They've got two guys at left end and write in and they just throw bodies I did you realize last night they're gonna we're really wasn't in the every down player for them like he was just got that they were bringing on third down in India the united is that hey who is saying that that would be a good idea for the Panthers back in April horrible Qaddafi. I was still like I said that did I say that you ultimately stretched its actual pull herself and Rick looked. Because that would look good with. I don't know Mario Addison and Julius Peppers who both had double digit sacks having a guy like that come off the bench as a rotational rusher is a young guy yeah that's. You don't want one of those eight only windows right it can't possibly be enough reps for every now I could never be the case all you that you're d.s about this whole thing class would dare against yes all right he joins us in fifteen minutes Dixie Euronext its prime time Gerard as it Chris Kroger were powered by ortho Carolina. He's a pretty good. Ask his or visited creating good class Jamar Nesbit at select can't wait until Dan comes on how light among. For what why did it take so long for Terrell that we you can ask him OK well that's one of the candidates and that's easy actually Logan and that's okay that's the starting off in about George Obama lied to him because. I I personally am a among Bocelli advocate we talked about this with MIT Amazon's has been. I think this is now. And it's been awhile now I think he's made it to the finalist level I think two or three years in a row now poker with and hasn't been voted in and you know the thing that. They always talk about Darren talks about there's a lot about the criteria of what makes somebody a hall of Famer and look I I've come to learn at least the thinking of inside that room throughout asking him questions over the years. And it is always a thing that people do they say oh yeah for sure first down all Famer who. Hey it's never that he's an amazing race is all special of people that are still on the list right and and Ravi moss just got debt debt to that it's an honor and that distinction but it's you know Julius Peppers I think is going to be one of those guys. I'm Daryn seems to think it that'll happen too but it's such a rich people is all we have for sure hall of Famer. And Tim Brown was number two on every major statistical category for wide receivers and just got in what two or three years ago so it's never easy easy as only a neck that was great for sure he's in because. These are rules but he yelled we I think a lot of people or aren't naive and ignorant. To what there was to be sorry inside a bedroom and it puts in one guy in over the other. And who's having debates best I mean good a lot of times whenever you go into a room you have a budget debate with a bunch of folks yep is normally the one and allow list. Who gets his point across and then there's going to be some people who cower in dark and don't express their opinions or whatever and then they go vote elsewhere which explains how. Certain people get elected to certain office do we equipment eyes okay do. Do we think can sidestep that Landmine jamarcus could very it's gonna join us in five minutes it's prime timer powered by ortho Carolina you can tweet just by the way brown leads Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time. WFANC. Brown leads Jewelers this Valentine's Day saves you a trip to the floors spent at least 199 dollars. Get a dozen beautiful long stemmed roses for your sweetheart for free enjoy discounts of up to fifty to 70% on all diamond silver and gold jewelry. And a three dozen long stem roses with any purchase over 199 bucks details right now a brown leads Jewelers. And brown leads jeweler stuck on you can text us. On the building center text line 7045 Simoneau and ice extent I don't know if this guys joking or serious but he writes in Jordan Gross got a chance no there's no chance. Nothing about Jordan Gross. Was generation really great. More than bested his position while he was playing in the NFL and certainly not for an extended period of time it's like Tony the silly he was named the all decades team so is Corey might have been short. He was essentially the best player his position every year he was in the NFL and that's the type of cry two criteria. It's not the only criteria but it's one of the types of criteria for what makes a guy hall of Famer not mellow Jordan and Jorge one of the best pitchers of all time he's probably the best hitters left tackles all time. He's not all favors or close to be hall of Famer. And that tells you by the way they go about that what do with the quite tears but he hasn't sniffed the hall of fame if he was one of the best players. I overall group of guys in his position for awhile in the jail. He's not a hall of Famer I don't know I don't know if I'll go as far as saying he does sniffed it now. I think he'll get some consideration. I really really really do I don't listen my ass and he was the most dominant. Physical specimen that was out there. He's played is behind often end and but at the same time like there are so few. Good left tackles in the league. That I think he'll get some consideration onto I think he'll get and I I don't think so really I really don't I don't think. And and part of it is not because of how well horror or poorly he played I think. Just where we are here he is his name just didn't generate enough buzz for as often alignment. To Cary. Throughout the national me I feel like you and especially in order for him to get any contract soon after he gave. Believe very very weak class and just with the with the with him would limit but the math talent it's this retiring every year flicks from five years ago oysters he's just it's just it's going to be tough for nick on number is its its numbers. Here is get a is paste already in there. Guess Orlando little taste good but here's the thing I Gallic figured it episode of his neck right and that's a thing if if facilities not in articles and web selling one day we'll get in yes. It Jordan on Sar makes you cannot I I'm innocent compared to other his other contemporaries have played a same position. You would look at those guys is being in the marquee players at that position. But that being said once all those guys did it. I cannot say that he wouldn't I'm just I don't think so yet but there are policy that. Absent a deal to me Julius Peppers is a no brainer as much as you can say that again it in as much as you could say that Steve Smith's going to be guys that I think. There'll be horse fought debates for and I think ultimately. I could see him getting in same thing it's not gonna be right away but the fingers aren't the thing you're gonna save us Smith is. First of all the quarterbacks who played with throughout his career up for a few years Joseph Flacco early on of the ball his career was under Jake DelHomme. And then eight a young Cam Newton in the numbers that he amassed. To do from a special teams standpoint early in his career to transition into what he's trick transitioned into and he makes a decide this guy is what he was how he's able to dominate to position at his size those are things that I think could put this thing of America's overall competitiveness and his just his mental fortitude I think. Resonated with. The average Joseph blow right because they looked at him and said this guy is. 59 on a generous day and rice so they identify with that. So I think just from and we spoke about his earlier write his name in generation in generating a buzz I mean granted he's in office I mean he's a wide receivers he's going to have stats and numbers muscles don't look. His name's going to generate a bus and you were going to recognize I don't open this can work scares a long way to go Miller and now. But I remember I remember to drop the grenade anyway I remember talking about this about a month ago two months ago at that time Jayson Cole was also a hall of fame go to repairing get about. The idea that what cam Newton's doing from rushing standpoint the quarterback position. He's going to ultimately put him in that conversation now wondering when Super Bowl gets back to Super Bowls or how many other NDP easy wins but the fact of the guy already. Seven years in holds every major statistical category four rushing quarterback in a way where is put it. Really every coach Wright like what we do we Dave Marino we're Dana Perino changed the way the quarterback position was played two passing. Vs what Kim's going to running I think he's gonna get much chance but he could keep it up. Like if he stopped running the ball the way he's running it but obviously it's gonna diminish a little bit but as long as he keeps running the ball with some sort of consistency. Five years from now six years now we've been seven years from now. He's gonna put himself in that category because no quarterbacks ever played the position that wait for that period of time that be something that could do what form. I think the fact and will go back to the sizes and talk about Steve Smith. His size at that position has athletic ability at that position just is game changing and it's it's unlike anything we've ever seen before. So I think back consideration now. Listen the the the theory amount appears but the the the traditional traditionalists. Are going to say well his passing numbers is that now in the third. But he's played the position differently. Then everybody on this criteria today that exactly right that's criteria may hold a real quick to take just gone door to welcome in. Daring again Pro Football Hall of Fame or pro football talk dot com it's gonna Dixie really quick picks he would suddenly what he was sick. I'm Marco so that might go ahead. An account with panic part chippy any team let. I mean they give props to the Nick Folk look terrible we fourteenth this thing when it went at speed and they ain't yes. Keep it first played. Q awful but I mean to step it just that my public that it cracked out on. At the get go down. And Brady main political treaty amendment poverty don't eat. They were left whether the legal. But I mean eagle rock entertainment so yeah no doubt but let my but it what they wanna do it. Yet no big C I agree but what you know we had a texture reading an earlier Tom Brady is the reason why the features that when the super low yesterday. Why would also they came right out that's not ever that was that that was America's takeaway yesterday came down it was on Brady Brady is the reason that it when yesterday all right let's go to the tactic contests line here. He spent hours sequestered on Saturday afternoon. Trying to Whittle down this list we got eight new members of the 2018 hall of fame class and we welcome in pro football talk dot com's and WS and he's owned. During game at DG happy Monday mommy and how you doing. I'm doing well lane Intel boomer to put it up if they operate graphics front and move on already on. Albert head toward balance I'm not and youth group or eight at no. Out everything. Our rights volunteer guide is that the same portrayed it tried to take us on the other mayors and different where I hope that's different that's a story for another day so daring can't heading back to the odds and against. Complex and get it stayed after a successful weekend how how long DG how many hours we guys in that meeting room on Saturday. You know actually shorter than it's been in the past we're in there about eight. An hour are here with the monster that would benign. Power they're when we're dealing with early you know all equity group but they are well which were. Probably 45 minute plus our discussion but he could hurt guys in the B usually. Our career don't want to get. No discussion at all that means there either rubber stamp ought to attic or temperature ought to do at the end so. I it was a long debate it was a good debate it and and I got to Ilia all yeah I don't say it's just called. I was part of that meeting we got a lot of complaints over the last couple years I am having a hard time finding them. Reason for anybody to criticize the five people we put in front problem lies in terms of the moderate candidates this year I mean I just. You know that we got criticized for TO TO can't read in my losses they have great Louis brown our locker. Brian Dawkins it's just I mean at this star studded client. Then not supported the vote be at all I ain't I act I just think that it was interest being brought away. And I think we did the right thing for all the discussion and out PO the last cup which your I have always approach it from the point. Regardless any issues you had to demand tally in Ottawa which he made rhetoric ever at a certain point we can help banks. And when you stack up but not for those things that we count to a point that it higher than anybody that. That's a come the most meaningful thing Eric when you put keep he has career. He's second and third in receiving yards and touchdown and those of the things they receivers exposed to do. And he was a hole I recognize. Three years ago -- of all I ever did it. Are we talking to during your pro football talk dot com Pro Football Hall of Fame. I select tours and he's with this right on the tech become just lined this latest hit. That was a little pat on the back he I apologize you don't know much crap Padilla. Let the years it's just you know. And it all the critics in our care select doors didn't really at didn't know what it would there and at Saturday night when they announced that Glenn. Well let me ask you just think is I'm reading this from now I don't I'm not trying to single out Gregg Rosenthal but I'm reading this story right now from and it was got a little blurbs and all these guys he writes Terrell Owens should never had to wait three tries to get his call call but that's unfortunately what happens when only five modern era candidates can make it every year what if I at a gas Cusack is you're in the media were you speaking to some of this. What does that even mean like. Sometimes you have to wait like not every guy gets to be a first ballot hall dreamer the way Randy Moss is but a lot of people say that we should have had to wait I'm glad I got him but he should've had to wiggle. What what's the other what's the other alternative like him confused as to how that works. The alternative is due date baker and Joseph court I don't ought to get it and let us conduct at me or you're clear that there. So that we can have meaningful discussion at all beat guys. The people bicker back ought to mean realistically our our PR yeah we're not bode well opera awkward when combined I had Tony Delhi on my ballot. Yeah and I think Tony the Philly when he had him Brian Urlacher and their spirit no kind of humanity. I think both of those guys will be actually getting enemy bullets and we're looking at a collapsed. Shares in next year's not have the this simple. This year he would but it. If you wore an 613 and those are the guys who were you know. Generally considered the favorite going into the following year. You got or allotment of linemen and time law and first time group with Tony Gonzales Champ Bailey had read. Well I think are reasonable mind would think every got a shot we are looking at a guy like Don lane change. And going in Serb by Abbott collection of four opt in to watch I think they're all. Alzheimer's eventually Jimmy won't get done that's Steve Hutchinson have a banner that only the belly Kevin melodic. The would have bet they're iteration they each bring different things why would the longevity guy Tony this Chile was the short burst of excellent guy and there are reasonable argument to be but it about all of them but I think ultimately they'll all end up. So now Lou. The one Beckham mistakes in my craw a little bit and as you were just beat him up off a flight that you literally your rise here or how those cultures and rolling his eyes the entire the entire time you've been speaking I'm mineral lies just so you know. But my question here is this so now Jo-Jo to Colby fifteen years leading it and speak to me on what the discussion was and how does the net. Well I think if you look at Joseph Jacobi career he would not be bright shining star at a time there was never. When he was playing he was not heed domino block grant is this issue. The way hey Walter Jones was the way and it Tony this filly was I mean he was they are good. Our time and different way that way and I and I think ultimately in the minds of voters. He's got caught well I and guys who were more dominant at their positions there and choke. You know is this our strike or is that apart bit it is medical. Move around nobody ever from left to right he did some different things I I think you would have been. I have voted for Joseph in the past I've voted or Joseph as all that they'd all to vote for joke I had a ball August opinion. And he didn't make that cut to him this year. And I supported him and honestly if you wouldn't be in net if diet this year. Instead it brought our locker room he was all worthy I mean they're the reality is. When you take all the people who played professional football and you limit this selectors to a collapse of pot die each year every year he worked gonna get left out and it and that cute or. Senior candidates is just gonna get walker walker and it all this terror inclusion do we had a long been. You know I think there're a debate about other people Jerry Kramer was diagnosed. I didn't vote it down and the senior before and got in this animated in its gist. The whole wants it to be more art than science and they wanted to be hard to get in and when you may keep that X. Exclusive on the edit like baseball we don't let anybody ever get to radiate at these and in the goal. Good people are going to be left out it's a shame I mean they're guys I mean I think Joseph Jacobi deserving. At attic fan mail is deserving of consideration. And he has been in the 25. Orbit ever but it's Cain. And so we can do this with a lot of died and I think. You know in part that's what makes all of a special place. And why it's so emotional well that's when they idiot but caused. It and they really are cloaked earning interest that there aren't and and if you want to hold a B baker in law called apple or edit. Packet data baker called not a dare there call. Right during get the gatekeeper of the Pro Football Hall of Fame one of them is what this incredible. No I didn't go to dinner kits for the pro football talk dot com is with us on the technique I'm just like our last question on this in the world will tickets of the game from last night DG I somebody you don't obviously peppers a guy did a without a doubt will get into the hall of fame and I say that Doug because. Saying Jordan Gross and maybe a white also on this but I said he won't sniff the hall in my right there like he's great he's great I love but he's not a hall of fame candidate correct. Yeah I've got a lot of respect for Jordan in his career but we were just talking about Joseph to go. And I you know Jordan also suffered from the fact he was never orbit chipped in to any yes and go decode it was part of a lot of championships being mean. Darn W Norton eligible Jordan was very good player for a beer on time. And in in certainly is the kind of person he has the character people wanna see in their all all I urged all but now. I mean I'm like you I don't you know there you know I don't say this with any disrespect Jordan I think you mean the fantastic growth and I admired him. Well I I don't I don't know that he would be all I I don't know you would sort you'd there are that he would be maybe I'm wrong but. I mean he's always been pretty realistic about where your oral. Eight so this thing with TO worry he didn't show up to the NFL honors on Saturday that's his right same thing yesterday it's a Super Bowl. We're reasonably what what can we expect from him is he's just going to be super passive aggressive and and take the honor but never actually show up for the enshrined the ceremony like what's up with TO house is gonna work for the next few months. Well probably for a little bit to get a seat belt that all of bitterness. Well in my experience. And I talked to a lot of these guys been well and I. You know or Kevin Greene a good bit when he was going through. But appears to be in a finalist and waiting and waiting and thinking it was his time and feeling you know you ought kind of promotions when you're those guys sure angry you're sad you're there's. Pointed your. Curious that people didn't see what you'd sit and you know. I think all natural human emotion but when those guys. Fit with this sculptor. When those guys fitted for dejected when those guys are surrounded by what they've now realized to be the room of their peers. Most of them are all. Most of them are humbled by all man on in the same room is geared right I'm in the same room as. Johnny Unitas I'm in the same room as Reggie White and I think. You know my hope is that we sign some of the op bitterness the anger we're COO. Will subside. And it and it will be able to appreciate this we imported the main. They talk about it at all you you when you can't step bronze but that's something that's gonna last for popped out in years. And there you know you make statues of your heroes and that's what you're now so. Hopefully he will all come to a certain peak about at a certain point and be able more human being about a thing. Your biggest take away after everything kind of settles from last night's win for the Eagles where you thought. And that was some ten and I certainly didn't see that coming leading up to the game what was that trio. If you are an aggressive approach be aggressive when you're in that situation just ignore conservative coach don't try to be something you're not. And beaters and stay true to character. He played he called the kind of game he called all year intake at well yes the way the falcons did and now it is Super Bowl champion. It's pretty remarkable and it was an exciting game it was an amazing game we'd seen a couple of them in a row now. And it was just remarkable feat to be a part out and not you know we've talked about a lot or. Now later in the week when I brought by an air but yet there are yeah it was it was good game I mean when you. Gained 613 yards don't Pollock and still lose its system and pretty special about on the other side. What do you what happens with nick falls out is everybody's gonna wanna move on to a different team and go be a starter again the maybe he's just happy with life is Super Bowl MVP shaping quarterback as a backup making good money knowing his time I come again later on what. We have Tom you know I think that it's that's fascinating I'll be honest we get. I that there won't be gates impatient and I think a lot of going to be there but what it all himself all to do you know sit bolt walks dubious starter Nick Folk want to beat the guy. Our air here to help predict that it Nick Folk can get our back into the role are he's been in this year. I say get into three or Google or keep them because it's not just an ACL it's also BL DL the other damage. Four. Carson where it's safe and I think you know within our crew that was one of my favorite store the court personally and it's something that I would never do. He showed up over they'll be and he showed us. That's anger it's sat out the I don't know what I'm to do with this I mean he will chilling out all his. These dual threat they're pro world they're watching somebody else stupid thing he was supposed to do that stop. It was definitely you know I think be in Opel where you respect cat away watching him might be gone in and out and buy. To play yelled at Bayer just it was strange from there it's something you don't see out of these guys aerial like it's going to be fascinating book called. They've got there's young parts including the quarterback quiche you know they are set out to be a contender Dexter to. Right during your pro football talk dot com he's back in here with us on Thursday April fall Pro Football Hall of Fame select tours well I DT get. Get back to the complex safely we'll see on Thursday OK art book reports nobody get out of your goofy mr. dean Hampshire mr. Beers and waiting patiently for his return we come back Jamar Nesbit Chris Kroger and now we got to get a little college hoops and hero quick as it was a bad weekend for the blue bloods and I say dad like. It's never happened before bad it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. In the studio we're gonna talk go to college hoops real quick we just sit in the studio kind of spit on what I'm a with the Panthers to do in the offseason I think to. Close the gap back in in the NFC and and the NFC south and FC south got to worry about that part I know you're writing it immediately built to win your division first and then you go from there and I think you'll like it's not crazy there's not. This team he's got cap space they also have guys that. Intra oral what are you gonna do we know it. It's funny I've kind of gone back and forth on this site I really thought. Injured Orwell was gone but I think there's ways you can. You can find money for him I think there are now are you gonna do the things you don't want to do to make it happen none of where we're gonna be seen healthful. Always seal that when Marty hurting I think right now is sit. The ground works to. Films. That is if he's going to be energy and awful well he is going to be to GM move going forward they so cordial person told us last week that's a foregone conclusion or you telling me that the people were going through these interviews. Are just to satisfy the room while that's. You should joked trying to suck Friday Friday and at radio row and he said it on the putting words and is now but yeah I and if you don't basically. Debt the other painters are going through the process. You never know maybe you know maybe you. Get surprised by candidate but the intention is right now that they did they know what they haven't Marty hurting and they're probably pretty comfortable. Making him the guy but yet also this coming they're coming in of the knee I mean you know these guys is frozen users for still in the running Roy mean you're talking met Marty may use the GM alliance. Jimmy ray used the player personnel director for the Texans I mean those are some names like those are guys if I might get GM jobs in Austin nice. I'm not saying that they're not. Going through. Like the full property village and trying. I must say and they're not making it look good oh what they're doing when I'm just asking the question and a minority sikh. The spirit of the rule. Is to actually give people a true opportunity not by positions that they wouldn't ordinarily have that opportunity did which you are mentally you already have somebody in house that you know you're going higher defect that your interviewing two people. Just to satisfy our Zoellick you are truly giving that opportunity you're doing is given an opportunity eat lunch sit down and talk of front in your face for thirty so would you just prefer they'd if this is the case should be honest don't don't have me fly in. Aunts and waste my time we purity has somebody. All right Doug go to get my perks dot com it's your best place for the best deals and you could say 50% on Callaway Jeanne BB epics fairway driver achieve maximum forgiveness faster ball speed award winning Klug get the details and more and get my perks stock comments actually staring at that right now that actually looks like a good deal. Gross my snagged that deal himself to get my perks that come also don't forget you get to fly away for 2018 spring training camp experience a cactus league game in Arizona. Too nice of a country fund in the valley's only spring training pool party. And enjoy country double header with Dustin lynch in Old Dominion you can head to WS NC dot com. And enter for your chance to win this national contest such a great deal. As well also we got your morning this bit and Dodd we're also gonna talk to Dell curry about thirty minutes of talk little hornet's Campbell broke his three point scoring record. Yesterday in a way over the suns get a tough back to back is a good elevation to put the nuggets tonight. I've got pregame coming up at 830 speaking of hoops and really what you wanna say about your duties man what happened on Saturday lost to a team in saint Johns who was 224. In their last 26 against ranked teams and both for eleven. In the big east so esque response and yes my so here you go to slower jurors what happened on Saturday. Not a great take the duties stroll in Madison Square Garden it's it happens. So he's just Charlie's chalk it up to image disease and other buildings still on their building and check the location all right so as it was this how you fell on Saturday dilly. Street has to TI. I was working Saturdays so it was disappointing and I was watching. I was surprised I was like you've got to be six solo of one of narcissus is that a coworker her DT a Friday night I was like to know. George they're ten and thirteen. Third in a de saint John's center team do not to lose Tom and then sure enough along to them so how do you feel about Thursday now you worried at all about Thursday because I've seen a lot of people start to say and I think this is. If you start to figure out what wins against other teams just I think Lucas figured out by the way duke has figured out how they need to play to win they figure that out. They get any similar to bench plays to get healthier Duke's gonna be a team that couldn't be without a doubt when a national championship on the word about the prospects of duke. Not winning a national championship or not competing for one thing. I think seeing that thing people figured out. And maybe critic Chris moaning in NBA guy for figuring out some NBA stuff correct there was a lot of screen roll there was a lot of off the dribble. Guards attacking the big man in taking the big men trying to get them out space in making them defend and in all sorts of success is going at duke. With that with that with that lineup once on on Saturday and I would wonder. If you're Roy we've been saying this about Roy Carroll on a good friend in the three game skid against Pitt the other day bullet. Mean I heavy dosage old dairy all the dribble one on and Luke may on that screen roll game you play a little pick and pop. You play a little pick and roll I think you can really get after duke and I wonder if that's gonna be a blueprint for Carolina on Thursday yeah. I'm not saying there is is not something to be worried about or be you know attitude to just you know let fly under the radar but I think did the game is way bigger implications are Carolina. I mean a year ago at this point no way is always looks as an LA and I don't know just I audio discs do so one seed Carolina they're gonna get into the tournament because her name is Carolina. Well to get in for a little more than that they get a decent resonate through yet out of me if steered suites I don't know I think there's way more implications if they lose again to see eight do sweet some. Maybe they're not you know maybe they're getting him because of their name. I don't know I do I think there's a lot more on the line for Carolina on Thursday night in duke about decisions are crazy stats are you know Kansas so Kansas Kentucky duke. Arizona all go down. Four or just textbook blue bloods in college basketball down first time ever. Those four teams as ranked teams lost in the same day it's never ever happened before they're wrapped all happened on Saturday. Kansas is not lost three games this year this is unthinkable. This speaks to what they don't by the way they lost three games already at home and Allen fieldhouse it's the first time since 9899 it was two decades. And Bill Self has now lost thirteen games at home in fifteen years. It's the same amount a conference championships they have. He's lost the same amount of home games in fifteen years as he's won big twelve championships. A gold rep you're around that man Obama had to do was it because of the sidelines and amnesty is that we're blaming it on. Like checkers are. I'm sure oh yeah. Sounds good guys out here. This data the weekend by the way 51 losses for top ten teams on here already and 51. Night but you know what it really is isn't it goes to this great there're so many young players playing early. Is really well eventually what the situation is so many teams are now embracing this quote unquote won and on and everybody's chasing these. These age you all Americans yeah I've star recruits and they're playing the Seoul early. Right the teens if you look at the way they're there and the way to constituted so many freshmen end. And and sophomores are playing whereas before. You have you very rarely had a bunch of freshman plane coming you know you go back to the fab five and they have personally for. But mostly it was sophomores juniors you may have some seniors playing but their teams were much older much more experience before they were actually playing which explains why these blue bloods. Normally had built the older. 45 star guys that were playing our you know those those things situations have changed you wanted to Marty Ernie what to do. Ashton I love doing Natalie Stewart's our favorite past time we tell others what they should do we do it next Jamar Nesbit Chris Kroger its prime timer powered by ortho Carolina.