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Monday, March 19th

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I'm yeah I. So. It's really turned into a karaoke. Finger here anymore Omar Gaither its prime time really be. The hot tracks him how's it to primetime powered by ortho Carolina we're gonna go to the checking account guess I would talk a little Panthers here. Over the course of the last ourself and we need answers and I think this man's equipped for the job we talked a daring can he'll be back. And is regularly scheduled time on Thursday right here on primetime starting at 3 o'clock right here on FNC. There again a pro football talk dot com DG happy Monday give us quickly your bracket analysis from the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament when he got. My bracket is in that are in the care and respect your path. Is it up for a might not make it that I ought to do a disappointment that he and it's a low bar and the low bar. Can you take us through this can't Weaver we were talking earlier and I think they're just some very obviously. Simple questions people would ask oh like how do you agree with a who needs a skin graft to who like who how did you not know about that how would you find out about that so. Can you walk us through just the particulars of how on earth did this whole thing with the shot really and come about and then unraveled over the course of the last few days. At your sold a used car with the oil leak. Actually actually have. I mean they I mean short answer is. Just bad luck eight Eaton note. That for which opryland getting it getting wrapped with could yet action could get hit by golf cart that the Vatican or oh yeah me. Obviously it they know that that. Actor in the agent and in some. Not that is that you'd you'd guy in here to come down the contract he takes its corner or. Respect and need to act like for a month. And it changes the calculus on Alba. You know negotiate and everything that we handle and it did you know the unfortunate our beat here on a pampered the market moved on now. And a bunch of other guys in the inner is that they might targeted. You know their early they talk in Q prior to Marie and what. They're attic they've been interest in Indian Durham it beta app that the in app that knowledge came in here at the dock and you know a lot of it is you know what can you really I guess someone asked this must follow of these. Who is the. Onus on here was that on the shot and his agent say hey guys. Can and if for. You know. I don't know help him at the next few monster and Max are market. Yeah I understand that but I guess up from from that standpoint. We did the shot think was gonna happen that they were just gonna bring you minute everything's just good looks and sailor. A hundred if you were real desperate you might say where. Wouldn't the moment we haven't thought we feel like you're at where you know but. Obviously it tricky situation in what you're you know he. Elena kind of money they were talking about the life that you'll for you know so. I think it's reasonable for in the past you know back in all an art in all it's neat did not disclose. This injury in the outcome op while you're changing what I think it's greet them think I'm not a bit. I mean that easy. If you're selling used cart we can oil in the driveway. But around for so it is not the black top and they don't even absolutely quit your other comment about your car I had to think that. You know kind of a wait and you are down it'd be unfortunate part it and it is everything from bill without an. They don't opportunity to really upgrade that position right now the wait a gated that he would have known it all Clinton went. Or any of us shocked the daring idea of pro football talk dot com seems to be an expert in selling landings Garcia. Are shocked and. And driving a car a senior. U do you. And battle. That's been able to keep up. And Yahoo! have more information you need to have on this topic but aren't aren't so. You can. Suzanne. We're so so you said that you know the world around and do you moved on especially from a secondary standpoint so I mean what snacks I mean you're right you got a draft. Well it there are ill you know like what are beard the draft. There are still important state could push it to the end zone. You know how much you wanna get into certain market but it looked in their there quarterback out they're available pool would be better thing about it I don't rot. I don't think are very loud and up front pack meant to. Yeah. Out here but tell me why why not. Did you go you know you left but I mean specially especially recently I think that man's been pretty but enough. Well. But pac man Stanford in. Public and basically you know buttoned up by at and old and it may not that there would be fame but by. You know he has clearly that there at corner but they global you know beyond that you're looking at you know guys like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Old will the weight. A couple weeks that market that allow people are going to be moderate that in and money take gain out there it their all the other day. Maybe somebody you looked and Nat. You know guys were all mean I'd like you know I'm for and at a pretty level bank east reject that they play. You know the trainers couldn't figure out what was wrong with that and they ended up our doctors so everybody out here is. Point you know raw cock roll the bit earlier you know we all its Bergen you know some guys may know and but it's. Yeah I mean that's kind of what you are looking at at this. Under the thumb lies you ought you don't have your future at its clone when you're looking for to write gig like you're not just signing somebody to sign and you're looking for true number. Had been but sharper and their son while yet he you know now looking for a two war really in the NC which makes rap. Billy the other thing I would caution you me and happen sometime here mate there. People tend is the only place we're up half Green Bay Packers traded the air travel have signed no one. And that's reckon they're going good again so you know they're out there he looks main problem right now and you know will be out well next a. Or are daring cancel this pro football talk dot com all these great takes back on Thursday starting at three right here in WS fancy. The B with a sub prime time back it is regularly scheduled times OK so we move on from the Greenland thing. I Don Terry poll. This seems to be a nice little bit of business where essentially you get a a wash may be even a slight upgraded defensive tackle for less money for starlet to lay would we make it a swap of essentially what turns out to be. Star or or Don Terry Forestar straight up for a little bit less money based based off the years we make them. Yeah I use the built their pay in for you'd. The bills to pay hamper a point girl or Earl. I think yeah I understand our brand of the route is but what beyond. He will look at it. The left of yours work that they're all on here a code don't know what more be easy being viewed it a little bit more of in a straighter than stormy start the classic. Now I mean he takes up blocker he's not. Not yet they have no history and are now but that competition you put in and it's the guy who's been able. You know into penetration disrupting in the past in an act that he bit of is net independent of any thing with which star so. Now be. We'll see how that goes but I mean is it by hand that's the spit the bit late bill. Well and then this raises this question game and this is kind of off the football field this happened while we are off on Friday and ranging from Defcon 12 paid nothing to see here move along. What what is the what do we know about this Greg Olsen interviewing for the Monday Night Football job what what what is this what do we know about this and I'll what are we missing yeah what do you look what's happening here what's the story. Before it used to be at the local media again. Let me that this by day and when Greg is keeping last year that one game during that week for our. Job he never or at or informative articulate. A good looking guy ever like east you. But after doing one getting. Ought to earn a bye week while weeping wreck in its money not for. Because Tony Romo did I mean. It's got that far stretch. Until it. Cash day be in the quarterback that out now to open a tight end from the start or they're. Mean not try to demean the guys. Broadcasting career at its going to be bright I don't think it's still a lot to think he was gonna get that job than me. Low will. By the interviewed in like they only started I don't have time to interview somebody just for the recipient donor. Not that it could grow to work in keeping at some point after that he could and and I think within it the New York Times called me. Go interview with the New York Times not probably not gonna army. I don't sell yourself should. It's the reality. So I I don't know I think a lot of people got wound up about that we're not in Greco played a lot of answers next year and you know may be after that the economic comes back this year after mr. What eight or nine games Q how he goes back to being read all made money in it for that next year the. Or at least some ammo in in in steed for what's gonna come Thursday but give us this quickly here give us some sort of name more nugget I know it's into the second wave of free agency Panthers Dawson needs. It's not going to be super sexy but give us. Throw some doors something gay and give us some then person beat into the water of a name that they could fill a hole that may be fans would say oh I've heard him maybe that wouldn't. I would be mad about that any name well. I I think because it happened over the weekend day it sort of got off the shuffle that but Eric Halperin is that in Chile at east and speak a bit. Dependent on what the money look like in Edmonton offered to him in and wanna be what they decide to accept that all for by. The guy you know hearing a guy like that mean Detroit hated him not because the ban a book all the people and now they'll that could be what. Air and Donald anemic they pat on the take it he. Add it to be easy to be down on him for that but it died and value and think about OK go to. I hand out there is thought about why deeper then. In Greco. Think cup and Newton Newton there that pop. I don't wanna turn the guy into all Famer or anything like that but it think different guys at. It they can come to some kind of agreement on price would be in the interest BP oil. Added mr. being celebrate you NBC's went on Friday would Judy do. Audiences all fired up I mean I think people. Out there with team retriever yet Chesapeake treatment by the way tennis is retriever. Yet you know okay sure our our marker ink all three are now I can't answer. Do I need to go back to my dog you ought takes imports Golden Retriever but the waitress all what's the hooters it. We got to go on that I'll toxic clean and it's and after the no we gotta go I let them bring you appear. Aren't doing axes are. Lew all right I'll talk to you Thursday again thanks for dropped the words of of their grand a night and and you associated with that show you the other Coho tape command what it take for there again quickly here Scott inning and on I think wants to talk their way through college I mean I think he wants to talk Panthers with a.