Primetime: Damione Lewis Weighs In On The Panthers Free Agency Moves

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Tuesday, March 20th

Kroeger shifts gears to Panthers talk; Damione Lewis joins the show at co-host. 


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Powered by toward the Carolinas. That's why March Madness is what it is it's not a game it's not the buzzer beaters it's all the other stuff in the periphery of March Madness. That makes it this thing that we can wrap up and package and say here you go America keeps your hearts out alive from the marks being real T studio. Kroger. Inspires you the official soundtrack Damione Lewis I don't know Stevie got. Like surf wind and fire its personality. He style I feel like earth wind and fire should be official soundtrack Damione Lewis his life and it's great music. My guess in my right arm and is that a fairer this year are writing any artist to be the soundtrack for your life would be. Hats off big about it you have to give me answer now but think about that I was there when you are dead in my private smoke go to Columbia. I just feel like big like how can you not move. When you earth wind and fire right now. Oh yeah a little fiery guy and this is that phone Greg isn't it it ride you put your vulnerability on the I am doing several. This is everybody listening on the radio right. But my goodness they rolled the windows down and it's not raining yet and that's that's. That's as good news goes man I feel like this is Damian Lewis who is with this ball. Hurricane first round draft pick any NFL former Tampa with a lot of painters to talk about today we might talk to. To a touch the money on SA a potential pay a third forts Wayne pretty could be Allen Ernst cut today about the jags are he's gonna join us at fort when he and so we'll talk to him about. What the bleep happened today always reach out US at the Panthers reached out do you. So gets all that with him at 420 we got a lot to talk about with this offseason which we can go Damian for being honest a week ago. We we just caught wind of the shot Greenland deal. We knew about Torrey Smith we saw the money given out elsewhere in the NFL all for free agent deals. And painter stands also were start to come around a bar her dog. Agents are. You get some work done I liked the business you join and then you roll into Friday and even after the Don Terry post sunny which I'm a huge hit a by the way through these two. You get the news that the shot Braylon lied about any injury and tried to sneak it past a physical. Well I think we've what do I what do we gathered from this I think we gathered based off what Darin gantt said yesterday his reporting wise. He had been run over by golf cart or been struck by golf cart. It in in some sort of tropical locale. And he needs his skin graft he will not be able to physically clearly any physical beyond football field for for two months. And soul. I would think TV I mean it seemed like hey David Darren tried did it for you know try to explain yesterday as have you ever bought a lemon. That's what he tried to explain yesterday as the shot Barry Lind was essentially trying to sneak one over on the Carolina Panthers in free agency so. Okay nothing to see here what's wrong with your foot surf. On second thought that 24 million dollar contract not we were nowhere not no we're not good right now. You really give you 2.4. Abstinence when that's a major no no right from a player's perspective so tell how does that work you do you have you ever been in a situation like that no. Mean while. Lie you know you got hurt you got her. Hurt you know you're out on vacation and someone accidentally or are we should go to golf cart and you know you gotta infection. Are believed their death was beyond story on it. That's just come clean with the girls at the end of the day there are also trying anyway you've got to put entrenched there's not gonna. You know you're gonna wait everything clears avoid these back towards the senate. Before a US commit in Guinea deal and that's just not the characters that's the other thirty teams only instance on his way. Or you could is if you were being honest with a new tell on the front end obviously they probably wouldn't wanna do with three year 24 million dollar deal with the lowly guarantee but hey you know what if if you're telling us things will be okay and our doctors check you're on say this is not serious. Mean do we do a one year deal the money is different we can we'll see how this thing plays out on. It out and say yeah I know. I don't what he knew he had no matter what he say it when they did that when they did DR check off were they when did your arms. The whole principle and he felt that physical everything changed at that point when I wouldn't say. But you would agree that tenor changed right on this free agent class this one I feel like this one deal this might not be fair but I Selig does one deal is completely flipped things from me and I feel pretty good about that the business the Panthers did to. And as teamster about a lot of big question marks at some keys. I got a piece by cancer you don't need this this I don't know what is clear of some static on a lot of stuff you know special Ed banking and what you own this property and we still don't. All holes and things is gonna need to be field to a draft and this is also probably took worry shakes you know for just figured they were polishing about evil heavenly throne in the draft. Sort of using a spot early to give you nor safety or course on to my dad sold nor are they are now reverend moon that's because. Are a couple of draft picks are there would be anticipated. Well it's just it's stinks because what he I mean there's there's a no idea I feel like I feel SARS form what is that look like Mae and Betsy you just upgraded in a pretty big way your your two corners will James Fred turned your Worley. To the shot three Lennie James spread very you did you were gonna they probably would have targeted Don Terry poll anyway there seem to have been thought talking about a front for a defense of Julius Peppers. You want short Don Teri polo. Mario Addison. Your your linebackers for TV show acting chiefly. And your corners would have been the shot reeling James Bradbury odds and then Mike Adams and then go finest safety in the draft lose. And that sounds like on paper and everything's on paper but that sounds like on paper that's of you guys on the offense and decimal. It's you know posed on the outstanding Enron notice guys the big tree dropped. Are very athletic move great you know bush you know this doubt he's very stout inside and these were supposed to be you nor are playing you know the difference between him and star. Is that he's gonna be in the gaps more times more. More disruptive yet more disruptive what is our soul. Morse from the Miller Lisa. Ourselves no he's where he's supposed to be lot of terms of a lot of Rose Bowl rose this year you know stars out of place you know yet there are too old to edit the double had about Obama Goran in the senate and things right get. When you are sir Terry bullies more consistent in being in his get out there what's all was so I think is actually an upgraded deposition. Well aid they are running out of time if we're being honest this aid just based off of where we're at work. We're gosh what almost forty days less than forty days now from from the NFL draft we're in the second wave of free agency now even that's standing out so. You talk about a second quarter. You talk about a starting safety I still think they need more debt the defensive end. And that's a problem to think about this Steve Lucas hosting about this the other day right I wanted any courier really badly. I think Vinny curry is the type of guy debt is like Mario Addison VCU did just trust him he's very good at everything he's not being degraded being. In elite edge rusher. But that that's a three down player defensive end. And the money he got from from Tampa Bay. Was very and it wasn't crazy actually got out of those good bit of business for Tampa Bay to get them. On a three year deal when I think about nine million dollars average for years what they got Vinny curry had after he didn't agree to a pay cut from the Eagles. I was thinking from the standpoint you actually don't need another three down defensive end. What you need is somebody that's going to play fifty to 60% of the snaps. To keep Julius trash yes so who is that guy in August Robert Ayers is still on the market maybe it's Robert Ayers he's a little older. I think Robert's 32 my memory serves me correct and he's missed some games over the last couple years but I that's also we're thinking as you say. Okay they actually don't need a legit. Top tier defensive end to start. But who is that guy who's the roll guy O of sling a veteran player. Can be a two down player for me and can spell relief for Julius Peppers is that guy on the market I don't know I have to sniff around some more but that's their that's a mixed stain they need to find right now Darryl position and if. Go to Charlotte off the market and you know did you go to dressed in a position as well. You know you're right you need to got its gonna take you know forty trustee to senator snaps you've got a boost internal would you these servers which are solely the guy was going to be disruptive he just can't be a guy. This just come old enough point. To a Julius nor has water tells a Washington comes back battlefield will cause Julius is no only in that role he's ago comes it'll third day it. You know sporadically plays first and second that nobody is his main focus here is going to be you know being disruptive and press and it also remembered wrong. All right so you've got to Charlotte got his durable and easy out there he could still be you know some guys get into these 43 systems in and or. Our play's called and and how you don't blitzes and things like got to design yet they step up and go a lot better and are still like the Panthers have Carla showcase that for defense of Letterman is a place where you can Karl. You can get out of gavel and get out of placement on its armed and still be effective because your American court. Well let's do this sort of take a first time I Jerod is already hanging on you guys what do jumped in to talk papers you can do it 704. By 7096. Dancing numbers for the phones and on the building center text line 704570960. Deacons we'd just. On the rally Jewish Twitter feed app prime time WS then see if you're driving her crazy with all the basketball score some makeup when stern proudly jeweler spring mania sale savings of fifty to 70%. And all diamond jewelry plus special eighteen month no interest financing eight locations. An online Bradley Jewelers and Bradley Jewelers dot com Texas dreading and there be another wave of free agents available after the draft and I think that's true too yeah but you're also playing the waiting game. And see there's a little little hoping going on their sail well. If you can't predict that you don't know exactly who that will be what team that'll come from a position of will be snow also Trace normal. On own two gas industry exists can start those are avenues in slow wanna talk about some of the since specifically as it relates to the wide receiver position because I think the painters I saw people kind of who pulling this movie yesterday. But Jerry is right the wide receiver who is now officially signed he did pass is physically officials signed the success today announced. Sleep known as well I think I think they're sleeping on the smooth but we're. I'll tell you why Winamp when we come back Damione Lewis Chris Kroger and your calls next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. And and this. Sarah. Center attacks like 704570. 968 Damione Lewis what does former panther NFL first round pick out on her is expected to join us and an hour. In my view panther there's a free agent I'm not I'm I'm not reporting up by the way only make that very clear Obama he could theoretically there's nothing stopping it. If they wanted to make it happen he got released by the Jack's today they released well Mercedes Lewis who is only. Thirty you wanna I wanna say or 32 he feels like Mercedes Lewis like the NFL for twenty years he goes right here. It's my you please drive here's the reason migs there are no grounds for a long time Alan Hirsch former hurricane by the way and so while we'll talk more. He was undrafted correct yes and so he really emerged on the scene in. Italy had that thousand yard season. Two years ago two years ago and you know that was kind of his break out. Other than that statistically been very solid dull and you know you and I were just having this discussion Elena talk wide receivers year deal little. The thing to me about the wide receiver hole on this roster right now. I don't feel comfortable going into the draft saying okay we're gonna go fill that need. In the draft and a single draft a wide receiver I think it's probably the right thing to do we gotta get gotta get some young kept a young talent in here Aqib brought in Torrey Smith he's a veteran. Are you brought in Jerry is right he's a veteran. Armed if you were signing now on her she's not old but he's he's a veteran who has got to find that next crop. A guy see you're gonna develop and bodily now would be the time because you're good for him along slowly here you would expect much doubled and I'm not sinks finished. A first or second round pick com. Maybe it's a fourth round pick maybe it's a fifth round pick that you could say hey look we're not expecting much from you right now take your time learn it learn the ropes and everything's gonna be fine we got great guys in this locker room to set that set the table for you. There and I mean everybody wants to grow every coach every step closer grow thirteen organically but it comes a point firmware. You need some right now we opened at receiver position for cam knew we. That help is being needing to be right now I think is one of those things that you know since our Rusty Smith is left. Really hadn't been a place where they've necessarily. A lot of focus or hit a lot of home runs off. Producer Ryan juiced a Saber here if you don't mind your our you our residents our researcher our crack research staff of one are around here on primetime. Look up the wide receiver class in this draft. When you start talking about rounds 234. And beyond because I B here's my issue with saying I'm if you are Tellme ultimately I'm not saying this is realistic and ultimately if you were seen what the pitchers made a small trade they've got the extra third round tick. Who's to say that they don't move up a few spots in the first had to go get a Calvin Ridley. Messiness realistic but if you told me they walked away with Calvin Ridley and a first round. Or DJ Moore. I'm listening okay I'm listening now announcing that might make sense to address the wide receiver role where but beyond that. I don't understand how you could an eight a look at Chris similar this year I think Curtis is gonna be a good player eventually why wouldn't be where he would have beat strutting million injuries usually find the ball. But that was a second round pick. They didn't produce anywhere near the level is second round pick and I don't want any expectations for this year for what he should do in this offense either I think he can be good but I'm not saying hey you gonna go to 500 yards and eight touchdowns from courtesy and you this year who knows but that's my point is like in lecture drafting that wide receiver to be a difference maker in the first round. I don't think you could you could feel confident you'd find that debt contributor in the second third fourth rounder beyond I just don't know who that guy would be in his draft class. And I mean you just got a New York reading young affirming a terrestrial. The pharma Yahoo! looks like he's going to be the couple to make this transition in the planned on Sundays but for younger guys you know due to print the terminal locker room. You know old polls say they don't need veteran leadership bring in their rule right now. You know this is Polly wanna youngest is not DOD is receiving cores in the league and you go to bring in you know he's different cars and not look at well. Alan Ernst and you know leadership that he will bring that home. And that. To go to the mix I think it's a good thing I think is going to increase competition. You know because as a coach you bring you guys in the necessarily mean he's got a great team but at the end of the day the competition is there. In more than anything guys need to get out and compete you don't you're hurt you know. Back you'll read during the season we are some comets come out about the level of competition as examples Norman receiver room end to right now. Us here are consummate trolls don't understand the importance of playing into the little guy I don't feel for these younger guys that's why you have a production. They're Portland causing Israel serious when you come to work in as a guy. I lose in the league for five years standing in the using your position cause he's got to earn the job he's not got a clear. So I got to change the dynamics of world. No we saw that it offensive tackle I think this year we sought kickers well I mean whatever Joseph sure wanna make a weather should. Oscar or no big grin you know the best your true why I wonder why that is so I don't know maybe they drafted his replacement. You know we do so all of a sudden wonder we wondered is here Williams a legitimate right tackle in this league Jersey just kind of a career backup. And no one I'm not only my tackle I'm really good tackle this year as far as that will show guy Taylor modes thought to be what people were saying a plug and play player. Obama he not only that morning not. As well you know a growing list gave way to must bottom of the cellular over tomorrow. Since the great thing man Greg so I. I'm with you on that brings the best thing you'd seen and that's what worries me about the wide receiver hallways if if you leave it and I don't think it's a gaping hole but if you just leave it still in your saying well we'll find it in the draft to meet you better find 124 is I don't I don't have conviction you're gonna find me great right now. What a great thing about dressed in is having an established rules mean dean going to get her off first round our receiver you have an established receiver Roy. You have when. Did you say there's going to be you know one guy in these hormone is what thirty years. Well good to receiver room now he walked in obviously. The leader in the locker room day one and that roommate is is Torrey Smith and he was out of his arrived. Are and what you got fortune there's an old this is not only. Sold in the level of competition has to go up front is gonna talk all around here for just has a great work ethic everybody says out of that camp that they love the way this guy award but now we need more holes. But the first person I got to pull themselves so before you is up any room is going to be fortunes. You don't anymore souls go to guy getting in his soul here that we weren't we get better now you guys you can forget it you fitting it. Because as traders rolled it it is only the states with the without. And that's writing its a great thing no we've talked about Damir Bert I love Jameer bird. Damir bird on mode lets be real for second wanna be real let's be real. I'm really quality offensive football teams any NFL Damir bird would struggle to make a 53 man roster he struggled. He probably would miss out on some on good teams he wouldn't he would make the fifth victory. It's not disease not a quality NFL player but that's the thing I think is awesome to see demure get better. C to meet her net roster spot I wanna see most Frasier. Essentially be gifted a roster spot because of injuries or lack of depth and what was happening I don't see Britain mercenary Britney still around what are you doing. Can you come play football again that's stuff needs to and needs to stop. And I think that's the stub your talk labor and veterans. You push those guys off the roster and I don't we Kevin why at least to come in here all the time what does it in his Brothers are both scouts he's back in the scouting gain any NFL that was Brothers. Work and Eagles front office we used to have this conversation all the time the strength of Ross during the NFL deal I will stand by just. Is the bottom of it not the top that's right what your fiftieth 51 52 53 man on your Ross. Because you almost always the weakest link tells itself. Every guy that shoots a three man roster numbers going to be called. In your younger does it sure does not give a lot of players are when that decor just about ready to go you just got exposing your football team. Would not get the opportunity to rest because they're not ready to perform. Let's go to these calls really quick to Matt Greene throws writing something in which I agree about and I wanna talk about as a relates to these wide receivers as well let's go to dry out who's been hanging body was in talks in painters what this was a joy ride up. Not much that we think. I have a few poised to make and the overall. Receive records are Jarrett. One being I think a lot of people overlooking. Christian Kirk drought there about why. I mean YouTube videos well why Christian Kurt there ought to play a few times. And he has you know at the top and start potential maybe it'd Torre is as good about it won't do it outwardly are you so it is sport. Is just a good starting what you're about the lakers Curt Schilling Brett it is. Really thought maybe I'd do that much like it has some similarities to I don't back specify that this is. And then. Number do it and just do and question is. When you are all think you're gonna be happy helicopter. OJ. Hill. If juror if you if you do me a favor singing email so I had your email but it's primetime WS NC dot com am I get that intro from the boss manner all sheet when email back okay. Our buddy appreciate gonna end 70457096. To customer service or cats or anyone. A man on answers but I get a foreign cars email us that's the garage door drew email inbox by the way primetime and WFANZ dot com you know that's another name I was trying to limit Christian Kirk but. That's what I'm talking about like if you said he were walking away with Kirk or DJ Moore or Calvin Reid league at wide receiver with that first round pick. Like I'd be more cool would that I just think it's harder to find. The yield immediate. Impact players at wide receiver once you really start going. Deeper in the draft not to seat on the road they couldn't be but I think we're talking right away hey I need you place a meaningful snaps warming be really productive. I think that that's a hard position right to make that transition to the NFL. Yes it is arming and our guards are rare and you know Greg regulatory. Or like our sister or you know. And Dole's guys are hard to far. And what you know those guys instantaneously. From watching him in college and they're going to be at that level I don't know many guys going to be like that right now. You know when you look at how you see you know arm you don't. You see guys is this orange flashes but not. Just put out of the screen waited Dole's does the it in college football so. You know what a Panthers have what they need to do drink your beer Carl's. Building. Through free agency and building marble arch its arm and he's different are just so you can create and develop which eleven year old Indian you know chizik got there at third rail. Fourth whereas George respect you feel like he's got a huge upside in drafted. Noble cause naral you're adding another piece of the puzzle in stolen you'll face you almost these guys to get you didn't get out. Donald for these jobs you know but you don't. You really won't address different issues in the draft if you can't. Especially if you confirmed guys that are durable any guys that weren't great routes beyond the stale school. Hold all of us out of ball seat in their receiver you'll. They can't deal in the locker me. Out there and help those old or younger guys develop in that worst comes to worst push of our. Former panther Damione Lewis witness its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina 7045709610. What would you we we you have to wide receivers Ryan did you you'd look up some some teeter around guys I mean in terms of mid round guys there's a lot of guys we talked to remain the did you cheat he could teach you could TD THR does a guy that we talked seriously Miller from mom from Memphis I mean there's there's got the good thing about this draft is a lot of this quarterback turner go to you know in the top five or top ten or whatever which pushes the skill position players down. So I mean I think the Kansas if they wanted to fire me I know BP took her Samuel last year and it obviously didn't work out but that doesn't. They can't scare you from taking on a wide receiver in the second round expecting that big east is not gonna perform. But I think there's a difference between perform like if you're at it to me that seems again unless I'm maybe I'm often this microbe my approach is. If you're gonna take a guy and a sec around to just be a contributor. Do you now would you like to timely does that Jonas and explain to me like I'd rather spend I don't know running back or be sure defense abandon euros or eight and offensive guard or eight a safety or corner like to me if I'm gonna look for more book. Project or longer term. Contributor on the fun that can afford through the fifth round US is similar skill set. And I'll turn it over to Jericho Cotchery is a catch Kukoc a lot bring this dialogue we don't need them now millenium anybody into the year he could be contributor maybe next year we'll have a bigger role. I think it's to me were I just look at and say in the second round. Woody getting squeezed to me it's about value right that was our value and inning. They're unique situation you have a veteran quarterback you just drafted. Running back you notice won't be stored in the sleeve last year. Do you have an opportunity here to really. Feel a lot of sponsor you defense student draft remember it's a lot easier go out in get a guy teach him the defense you don't knows how to run around and a lot of he would. If he's going out there and even full out effort understands where his lord and how to get there Katrina dishes around real quick in the draft. That's not the case also its offense is okay what's so do you only term. The only difference is that I know your job and everybody else and I don't want. Also works in from when your your. You can't sort out what it is doing when you're losing you. Art I don't know what to do you know what do you want it still sore the defense rolls your job changes and got to know her job is you can't work OW. I Sinai taken hold frantic. When you have. As that around third in a pool and that would help this organization right away kit is Horta walkways from net. Our let's go to Syracuse TJ's been hanging on DJ would somebody when you wanna say. Also meant does little though and the middle on this so stupid that they. I'm not really in. And got the panic motor release I'm actually more serious factor with the receivers right now because. Splashed everywhere what we can't stay in the office and repent repent repent. And actually more revamp. And our offense this year and if you look at receivers. The other type guys that are are all under six foot. And Wal-Mart. You know quote unquote this beaten deep threat receiver. Our own and then we got a lot of unknown encourage and really been repaired because people only have a small sample size. But these guys. Due to injury also armchair to see what our offense is with these receivers that were blown away from the big. I too couldn't get us you know maybe not we're just looking for these small quicker guys that indicate separation in particular are down it's not and that most tender. Well do you think about this I'm glad you brought that up Kazaa wanted to talk about Jerious right okay so the painters officially signed Jerious right to a two year contract today it was two million dollar signing bonus so that's. You don't give a guy that kind of money if you're not planning for him to be on the roster Nora so he's going to be a look at the roster coming into training camp barring some sort of catastrophe. Our throughout camp and you have to throw a two million dollars you don't wanna do that so that's a vote of confidence and for Jerry is right here's what's interesting if you haven't followed him. He's going into his seventh season in the NFL first six were in Minnesota. He plays first few years under Norv Turner when nor was there is DOC. The last two years his numbers have dipped a little bit to receptions have been about the same. On average over the last two years as the previous two years but. He's yards or down well maybe that's got something to do with the emergence of guys like Adam Phelan Stephane DX. They they've been a team that really has gotten back to a a true traditional running game as well. I assume you if you look at what it. These numbers are you try to read into that but here's appears on a badger is right he plays the slot and you runs a 44. So we've been talking to Syracuse team this point we've been talking about. You know getting team reliable target cherica country with that let's be honest jerk a Contra was that key third down guy in 2015. Jericho Cotchery wasn't wasn't running a 44 out of the slot no I music H yeah they are less healthy and younger. To speak or all the guys that we have that are yarn and quick early seeing they're not clicking. They can get they they can't give them are not so. Doesn't matter which run and forty if you don't soulful Sunday. Didn't matter what joining us for residential and artistry. Jerious writes a guy who's proven. And his best years. It Minnesota warmer north turner is his big cheers are catching in Didier joins us the gist was on the north turner. In those numbers doubling lost or left. So there's got to be a correlation between two there as well. We'll think about this okay to your point 31 receptions 444 yards on average his first four years in the NFL there's in the numbers George Rodrigue by the way from the observer had a great write up on this and she put out some of these numbers. And I think when you look at these numbers you think OK this guy you might not have heard of and that's finite you don't. Third harassing media and I didn't know who Albert Wilson was last week either OK so what happens sometimes. Ask you about a trip to clear yet exactly so yes I don't this this is a good number man 41% of Jerious Wright's career receptions have come on third down because he's the third there was no reason chain mover 46%. Of his career yards. On intersections to say that have come on third down is that right so everything you want to know what is average. Per reception is on third down average yards perception on third down just six and fourteen point seven. So it means you leave do you wanna tell you don't know. You know Al it's a first down and go get under the pitcher another ten yard stands ready to kiss the ball. It's sort of fun and it's as an intern to get to the sticks so this is a guy like I don't people were kind of laughed and it is. Roma and this is what you're giving candy giving cast are she's given us are so that we don't get and the big thing about this is one not only see a third down move third down chain mover. Nor the number one thing ignore clearly sees something in this guide it says you know what we don't have this on our roster. I know you can do have done it with you become doing here tossed and you know what else you party Darfur before I remember you. I remember when I had to Minnesota when it was third airlock called journey over sporty golf 50% of our. A cauldron are you convert 41% of its. I'd like this signing I like it for what it is which I think is that's reliable slot receiver and think about this too. What does it assorted. It brought to supplement courtesy on attacks on 70457. I was saying six 704 by seven and ice extent saying what is courtesy Angelo. And that's a good question and I think this move. I don't think it's an indictment on Kurdish Samuel but if you still confident that your second round pick which is going to be your plug and play slot receiver. You would make a move like this Snyder not guaranteeing two million dollars on a signing bonus. Given a two year contract so this move to me says is not that they don't trust Curtis Samuel I actually think maybe. It signals to something else which is courtesy and you might be a bit of a bit player on this team. You do a little bit this maybe there's times or is back in the back literally was an Ohio State. Found some form recently spent money spent money on the Mets but also you got to get tough. You got to find a way to stay on the field now so and children where your return you to a bit player you'll look. It is a little bit of it. It till you show us that you all can hold down a slot as you know man at the slot we'll have you do a little bit it is in a little bit and it into your last one of the joint field. I think the one thing that was a little concerning to me about Kurdish same that we had Curtis side and it was after the Monday night game is that right that was after the Monday night game against the dolphins because he played well. Actually know what he's that's when he got injured. I forget what game it was it was one of the games Rihanna pretty. Pretty solid game he never really had a breakout game as a rookie. Abu we had a line moves was in here would mean Damien and moos asked him a question about. You know when I was planned idol I used to love to study otherwise undersea yours. In the offseason especially still love to see what those guys did what made him so great how can I imitate some of that stuff academic part of my game and he asked. Curtis is some variation of that question what he does in his free time march and he did not an answer and his response was why I like to play video games. And how much sing you can have a life after outside of football of course she can come on now let's be clearer. But that's the sort of stuff of like the great ones in any sport. You eat sleep Brees loves your your craft in your hobby and even you can have time to go do the other stuff time outside a full of course you do. I need to be telling you don't know there's nobody else that you're watching. There's nobody else the aides say may not that I want imitate that guy all mean I love how that guy plays the position. So. I think that's we will go to guy like Kurdistan is like curry is are you football player or you are you have to. Clearly was falcons game by the oil is the falcons game so usual Bob are you just win football him this question. Is not a fair thing to wonder correct before you study your graft you know in the Australian argenbright original. Took so he has to his defense that's young Blair's answer a lot of as a. You ask you don't you can't you leave the facility used you get into the ER you get into you video games because his or. Today that you just won't give away when you all and understand this is how morally. We just got don't drive as I've got to get home you don't have to what so what can Israel quick in our got a little boy holds Augusta. I gotta get on the sale of arms sales totaled that's when you become pro right now skid you know I don't believe but I think diligent. W and I'm not trying to make an indictment on who courtesy goes but that's how you get your game to the next level at all. It's not just one really good on faster and everybody else know you've got a steal the study seated fear or makes other guys draped you know what our guys doing more with less talent than I have. That's the next level for courtesy in all I I trust still Jericho Cotchery the great perfect type guy in that locker room. To take his game to the next on other cricketer courtesy meals can have a fire in his belly with this injury and he knows he even say he had a disappointing rookie year. And I guarantee argun here are Turco got to say right now they. And I'm only that's not the problem is when I'm not talking to you when you need to worry as coach oil on 0210. Of course is not talk to you no good he's got to go to minimum always on the into the bench the muscles. Around here. Talking to showtime you guys are next that's Damione Lewis former panther Chris Kroger and maybe this guy could be a help. At wide receiver Alan burns is gonna join us at fort twenties a free agent now we talk more Panthers next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Thirty minutes. Would you say gaming you wanted to be pander to the Panthers were to sign Allen are you sign off on that is a fancy elect and uses as a football analyst would you say you don't that's a good move like that move there so I was. Well then if you do that correct me if I'm wrong you're starting wide receiver corps on paper. We look like this Devin conscious. Allen turns opposite him. Jerry is right in the slot and then your fourth wide receiver. Would be a would be Torrey Smith home runs in your home run hitter. And then all of a sudden you you talk everything he does this team care the six wide receivers maybe seven or seven. I would say me to carry six. Okay now all of a sudden you've got Russell Shepard distilling and around other the one dude say don't give up on this guy yet I think it's silly to just YE a bad year that's fine. He's proven he can stake in the NFL he placed teams that's more than laws some of these other guys steal the palm. And he was open all the time now catching him being opener two different things with two point earlier a lot of guys lectured couldn't get open. On this team now and this sort of struggle for a few years now being ghetto but you know the case of the dropped nearly during the had a case of the drugs for the hands of Kerry can give but he can get open and he can do some stuff what the end around game we see him get a boss of the ball screen stuff. It inducing kick returning punt return you can do a lot Nam so I would say give up on him yet and then I think from that perspective you start talking about Kurdish Samuel. Kaman playing a year I'd like I can just give up on him began sure he'll do carry him to can't Kaelin clay and demure burden then it starts to look like. Okay now you've got four or five guys signed for two spots and I think you almost even say and I hate to say this about our guys cause because we like Fuzzy around here. You'll find he's at that time where you terrifies you to camp. This probably could be one last hurrah for Fuzzy as well in a thought seizure change of pace really scat back type of player mark. Make Christa that in college could he be that as is kind of a quasi watt receiver. Extra back as well if you wanted to fudged the numbers on the roster that's still a long ways away with it ought to draft plays output. I think you're starting to see the wide receiver depth chart take shape with this Jerry is right signing and if they go after another guy like an Alan heard during the draft work. Yet courtesy you're really the back up slot receiver. Maybe you're more just a bit player which is fine that's not I don't mean that in a negative way now for a find creative ways to get you involved in the offense is not just line up and play which were not. Be a bad idea I mean this is what he's used to this is what he's accustomed to put a candidate. You know. He's got to prove that he can carry its harshness in you go to middle. Attitude to get better not think that's where this is our it is gone our company is gonna meet their rogue on me to rolled her with the competition and get. And I still believe in Damir berg and I wanna see him step it up again you bring in those types of guys to hear you've got to step it up every year to go yeah. Even more reason to bring guys in you've got to step it up every year you know nothing has given this is this is not a birthright to play in the lead you got a letter to earn it. Every single year and attend this year's no different than any other in a textures writing if you're not making an indictment occurred same you'll tell talking about why he he couldn't name a wide receiver wide making a comment because it's not an indictment on who we is. It's a testament to what it takes to get to the next level and he's a bad dude. Not saying he's a bust. When I say he's lazy. Were you wanna go ideally how do you get there what do you need to do that we do it's it's it's so much about internal work more than anything external look. The last in this league you have to master your craft every person out there this bid and this game beyond three years. Has started to master what they do they understand that I have to have a Ph.D. At playing the position I'll play. Do you remember when that. Was there light bulb moment for you when you were in the NFL was that a guy you were rounder who showed you mentally ours John Randle are used to words arm. Warren Sapp are used to words blue McFall. And I used to watch all totals was like sixty. Are constantly in our season. Missing things in the season are losses mean that you don't not to mention you go to careless I was a game trailed so I did a film junkie you know yeah. Hatch who are undersized. Reaching the guy way to cool ninety. Good day begins saying who is your long career that you know what I'll work my. I saw you know are putting in extra hours I didn't go out a missile global. My body right idea are most of the things. And also we all put determined it was a door. In our ground in my ass off every day to get better. When you to get Damione Lewis went along with some of these young bucks out there let's. I don't who's been hanging on Kyle at some really wanna say. That's what's going on out pinkish and living in this great state of Colorado. We wanted to let you guys you know a sleeper pick and I think it. Honestly be a low risk take a truck mistakes and then to round. Not Philip when Deanna see you went to. The pro Bel Air at the end to get really really shined up. Rent rent a 4394030. And vertical. And the cool thing about it guy if he plays with a chip on shoulder you know he's got the that competition mindset I think. Do you bring to make an attitude into the locker room. You know he he played that chip on a shorter in the Israeli give any day. He's an all time rusher in CU history now right in my right on that. I know he's all term are all purpose yards leader I don't know about the Russian okay. It's so that it can catch you know Munich attic can get out of backed Hillary in place slot and get invited to the Columbine. Yeah right yeah David and it is that all about that does he have like that showed out and product. That's injure ceiling in nets and they are like did Kyle appreciate Conan thanks for listening on Colorado by the way. I love watching the actual football there a lot of good players out there man is mentally running back wide receiver as an offensive oriented system period in and that they voted for this country you're. So yes filled Lindsey's a really interesting name I kind of like Odyssey got to play but I do like the idea of a guy who says. You know. Even sleeping on the U would you didn't invite media to come on as they don't ask all the numbers I put out of its seven. And that's does that big this spectrum and dancing guy I think he's a senior if my memory serves me correct he's been through the worst of things all the way into the turn around Colorado he went from taking Colorado he was there and Paul Richardson was there when Colorado was in the basement of the big twelve into the pac twelve yeah. And in the last few years they turned it up I got to the pac twelve championship game two years ago so with this guy leave north. Yeah I'd like players like cannot put me forever stock you put in for stuff like that I noting grow. Yep I'm a grounder as they've been gurus they know what it takes to be good. They know the work that it takes to get a program they give themselves dragged to be good players let's go to our showtime wants to jump in showed some what's up buddy we wanna sex. What one comment I assume you've been compliment now what that about the guy in the season. So magic about the head up some hope but you know. A good young wide receivers grow I just let them about your run out of god has earned its. But air dirty black data because I don't practice squad. You know you hate being cut in fees get earned a spot on the practice squad. We kinda got to be a lot I think that was going to be different its feet and under got up the rates not well explode if it. I've talked a bit being that you. As. I screwed up there at extra got it has been in the system a couple of unit spots thought they automatic but it is they'll do what they not think the pet that's how the Boca boat without it. I mean it's great being befits a bit and another called America and open a lawyer mark allegedly provided that we need but. I think bode well at a position that Whitney. That's gonna be quote Bible makes here but I like what we do what would it be receivers out oh yeah I we think a squat to the guys that. A lot of people say oh we've got to keep. About real do a lot of people talk about doubt because bad what about receiver but they're big goal a lot of people picked up here with a terrible August it would the company ran a sports debit. Not not I can't even but it got you know quote we have to be careful about though number because god. I bet they don't skilled profession. But I'd like crap BA they know how to get open. And it's voted number now. We can't become all Opel whale spotted number that console I think more so we got to become consumed by the clear that a console by their crap not predict outcome. I think to bike you ride on that showtime and you might be sore right Serena talked to wants those guys do is pay actor Jerry is right he's gonna join us right now it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina.