Primetime: Damione Lewis Joins The Show; Sean Deveney Talks Hornets

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Tuesday, February 13th

NBA & Hornets talk rolls on as Sporting News NBA Writer Sean Deveney weighs in on the Hornets.


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Powered by poor old Carolina. Our best because you would never ask those questions. You are so far up Clifford bleak you're afraid of losing your job with it seems like it's funny how people like this is why do you Nancy most also plays tech guy. On his phone I don't know who used faith he'll never say that's in my face and that's fine because that's self again and that's how people work in 2018 continuously in the opposite when I go to the arena. Goody recently and are you allowed to save some of the stuff you say on here every day live from the marks being real T studio Kroger. Oh. I get in addition here okay you ready for this early stage clear clear our heroes. Elbows Bergen and here's my big guys pelicans get a warm enough pillows calisthenics goes the ball over your blades this. And Lewis like is much is one man can love another man from a friendship standpoint I'll love Damione Lewis. For coming in hot today man like your. Coming out of like. I don't lack kind of feel like I need to keep a healthy distance for muted they are you we're starting brown are you clean did you go through like that here aren't you need to go through before becoming here's a and I don't you see. You can deal with a lot of flu in your house like a lot of people and Israel are. We got a Ford asked a woman got a dog that's who we go all UK. If you're not okay and a lot of McCain if I got Muslim. Ruse of being the father owned a big red hole and I do not walk around my house would allies saw Hillary you've. I filled up putt putt on my toes loyalists. Just hundreds whose words fair. Are now so my coffee it's okay that's the price and I don't think uh oh lord Damione Lewis killing in a hot today Manuel was like oh you tried to kill me. I said you got a true we got a screw Alistair constantly. I'm talking about floors were there or somebody cost is in the can I wash my hands really jealous coming your way kids. You may you judge it is given washed I mean these are. I don't my life mostly in the house Farai I know my wife might my in laws went stay with her for a few days I was in Minneapolis. And it. They both got the flow while they were in my house what you know life happens on a matter of for that but when we issues like. Hey I'd just could just a heads up. Both of them got sick might Kenny and changing my in my in laws both of whom got on and I just saw on Saturday we went to dinner and they're still not like I mean this flu is no joke. No but see there's two versions going to outsmart here you know you got the free waste or Oklahoma we got doctor Sanjay good over here ridiculous on hey look at Mattel just flew a story in which. Is the one has been really really bad OK Andy you got the flu week. We have the slew beast story and float round and our house but guess what door won't schooled today. Mom got out when he worked out. Got out of the house so she's really good week. We we wish right. What do you add Nader be when going around your ideas corner and house OK I love the fact delight I I just picture Damione Lewis. And the image I have okay Damione Lewis say just around mound. Of love in a rebound OK in his radio studio great athlete. I mean SOU what do you do what by the way we'll take BP what is this what's going on us so show me where is he videos you take combating bragged as well muscle was taken batting oppressive practice we turn to get him you know where do not home runs on a consistent basis solves out there weren't that show you how it's. You don't have governments are your new young man who said he had daddy's got over into a case a moment used to Damione Lewis 234. Star athlete I just picture you in your house. In a Hazmat suit. We achieve with weed spray cans a lice on either hand. Your wits with him with a latex gloves on wiping surfaces down on any given moment right that's right and also a laptop or tablet opened. Streaked around your neck. In a way for you can't overturn a delicate suggests that glass you're trying to find what's what's going on WebMD with a slew strange right now all these things just you know I don't. Sleeping just on that grind right when I don't do I don't Google are called you know our doctor and I ask you. I was glad that I love that the Lewis Stanley has like Dora resident doctor like on retainer of these are guided out this from the neighborhood he does the kids and stuffing you know hey. So anything close to them it's as though we didn't in my life clean our house pretty pretty darn good couple weeks ago because we we'd tools to flu ridden folks in our house and not come out all right you Kennametal on the side. Good fun and they've I don't get sick very often do you get sick so I knew that. I can really count once or twice all year long when I get sick of had to prove once in my life. Once and I was there for three days when I hadn't had had it since you're the worst part of Tony this is setting. And I don't either because we are talking with strangers are different I I've figured you don't you might not. Immune guilt unionizing yourself from the right strain of flu. But then on top of that this little man the food thing about the flu 'cause I think I'm would you I had maybe one time in my life. The thinly Kilshaw about the flu. He's the Kiki this like your body hurts you just want it you can't get comfortable just wanna lay in bed and die you just wanna crawl if you feel like you're dying but you've wishing death over actually what's going on of. Out of three days I slipped a good 65. Hours all when I had the true well guess what I got to know I would get up I'll go take a shower or take I shower. Then switched it to called him back did a job and I don't imagine I mean you don't are rooting you don't eat nothing on your bond this anyway also guess what I don't. I don't fool with that guy that's a tough. Our ability alone and it was brutal for good measure only get it. All right shows off her ready to go Damione Lewis what does its prime timer powered by ortho Carolina we got Sean dead any from the sporting news he's gonna drop by 330. We're gonna talk -- we're gonna talk MBA with an and we got Joseph corps he's gonna drop by 430 former NFL agent he's the cap expert he's one of the best guys in the business and talking some of these numbers and he knows what it roughly what the market is turning engine Orwell in free agency. What the painter's cap situation looks like who could be restructured who could be cut how do you save money can he keep nor well and if you do. What does it mean for the whole Serena talked to Joseph about some of that stuff of 430 we'll talk theaters in afford 5 o'clock hours is well George Saddam from ESPN's gonna talk MBA whiz and talks imported as well coming up at 53 beat you strolled in the I love this is Damian Lewis is on his basketball grind right now that's rat a dealer walked in here said. And north Carolina's pretty good silicon pretty good your your distant Tony McCullough I get your disappointed by your by your canes is they blew that lead to BC the other night here. And nine point lead was short minutes left in the game ever almost how. How did you do. Well and now you get to number one team in the country you BA number one for the first 182 you got only a Nigerian. We only what you you win this game tonight in all the sudden you guys heard our tournament team right now but many also that's another team I'd thrown admit look look at the ACC right now idealist but this yesterday I think they're like seven RE teams. Within about two games of each other in the middle of the standings in North Carolina trying to climb up a little bit here. There for a game running art or duplicated at Virginia Tech you look at for a stayed you look at Miami Clemson quietly has become the number two team in the standings they're number four RPI in the country but you look at the depth to the ACC and now we kept saying I was kind of down year may be pretty ACC but. Also teams start to come along a little bit and and you Tom this conference all the sudden once again 8910 teams in the NCAA tournament looks like obese. Well you guys have for you guys are brought that's flavor well bush you got and here's it's crazy right as we thought Miami and Virginia Tech in the ACC would bring it from football's the perspective. Burgeoning best he's been basketball the last few errors surpass in June learn date not again be careful there is now he's down in Miami and South Beach he said in the till these Jim Blair and god and now. We steeler native forever and goes down to South Beach. He gets around all the all the you've got you know he's got to tell the on the NL to Canada and spit in his eye and Larry I don't know that I mean we have many agree he's done great work down there. I think boy obviously Leonard Hamilton's kind of guy you either love or hate him but to me what he's done a Florida State is something that's pretty impressive from. Remember when Marc or Jordan came to the University of Miami and picked him in the play that given to Yeltsin yup yup. I thought things would never be the same as we actually turned into a decent big. Big east basketball school with that term and then next thing you know he's off to washed and we Baghdad an adult solo but you know that they are getting to humid. I mean it's again and again it's fun watching this thing man in the ACC I noticed pick it up and listen if one tonight to watch Virginia and Miami mixer don't mix it up. And nearly watch that Notre Dame North Carolina game last night to think it was so wild about that game to me deal though. The fact it North Carolina. Again is it and it's it's just it or not they are not an elite defensive team I would be very clear about an hour but they Kindle locking in in this is to me turning the basketball. Can you give me. Five. To eight minutes at a time where I say guys we need to get some stops and if we get some stops here for the next few minutes winning this game. And it was as if Roy Williams plus thing to happen to get with like five minutes ago last nights and guys come on like we're better than this team or let him hang around. I know we're tired began in the Princeton is out I'm so I'm just blown away about what do you start to do for this North Carolina team. Yup and I mean you talk about a team missed words come Friday Minsk permanent Coles and then laugh in close and it into the gaming minority just do a great job Ribery. Come what would big shots you know stop big shots are happening I mean they're just they're just doing it the grimy way if you just gotta love it man. I like I'm always like UNC went I've been watching her clothes last couple weeks and yeah Amanda what do you make you editor we make a duke. And seat amidst as a key and I never lied to never never is Norma squad you know always backdoor. You know you're not from your honor her early and on. I guess just. This is not my squad yeah you know what I was really a Michigan train you know and everybody was flap flap they beat them and determine it's just I just really couldn't stay at that point. This and I'm I'm trying to open up since I'm in Carolina. I'm trying to open open you know the homer you know like my Carolina teens would do is just not just can't do for. Well frank showing you bandwagon he's from Arizona went to a UW's jointly you know I do bring an IMA that's the way. Google I don't know as you do get has no idea that's the way it works man. He's also North Korean camp is the only guy the might have leg restaurant and in my view it's your whole Hollywood studios we get a break Sean Devin he's gonna join us in about fifteen minutes from the sporting news where you talk delineate with a we're gonna talk some more it's as well and we got to get to this end and what talk about. Week monk. I know you got thoughts of only monk can always just talk about holy month. And when we get to some of the numbers on him in where this team is at any case it is just a precarious spot and that's fine so we do that next. And we also get to this in a season full of sad stats for the hornets. This one might take the cake and that's that's saying something it's dear Lou it's crows it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime with Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. We'll allow that just this once she Damione Lewis innocent escaping me flu ridden household with a Lewis of the Lewis is David Gergen guys brought. Man you are you're allowed to hunker down here as long as you want or which you till six we appreciate Kemba Walker drop them by earlier and I meant. Somebody tweeted an earlier Joan tweeted in earlier probably you can tweet us Bradley jeweler sweater she got primetime WS Lindsay brown lead Jewelers. Amid save your trip to the source and make it easy for you this Valentine's Day spent at least 199 dollars. A beautiful dozen long stem roses for your sweetheart for free enjoy discounts. Up to fifty to 70%. Off retail endo also on everything in the store diamond silver and gold jewelry or three dozen long stem roses with any purchase. Over 199 dollars that's roundly Jewelers and rallied Jewelers dot com John was tweeted earlier saying. Odd that. Kemba Walker she is such a humble dude. I can't tell you this and I look Quaid is results business. Wins and losses matter I get dead now I can was becoming really really really really good player tries all star for a second straight year even as a reserve and you came in your deal when your life. And housing out of also already are. Sees that caliber player beatle records it dictates some less so if I get it but he he's a two time all star now. He's about to become the all time leader in scoring in team history is now the all time three point leader. In team history. And he went from seven winds to 48 a couple years ago with this team he's turned himself into one of the best point guards in the NBA he's second in the east in scoring from point guards. And he's doing or not ought to help round of. Right in restaurants and Martina at all star already he's got those comments that singles and scored yet in the league in leeson's out of our country. Why is he not already our lives and at that makes it. Does it boy you know I also give the MBA some some credit here a little understanding and leniency. I think the thing with that is. Pelletreau Likud in the NBA right now I think is what he MB has become more more popular right the dev Patel is really good young star players in the Topper really good too so it's it's tough to crack through and so Kim is back there but I can't tell you this enough. The way you she and I thought I a lot of fun talking kemba today after practice get a smile plastered all overseas for ten minutes or what because. He's happy to talk to me. He's just he's he loves it here and I don't think you can overstate that enough he loves it here. Love Charlotte. Wants to be a part of the solution wants to get this thing to a point where not only are they a playoff team they are advancing in the playoffs and obviously that seems like it's a ways away right now but we didn't think it was possible two years ago wider. And they found a way to make you work but you've got a face of the franchise here who's gone from. So what are the people thought was a bust on asleep a three or four years ago people thought kemba Walker's Abbas not a franchise point guard certainly not all star he was shooting 30% from three. In 38% from the field. Key shooting over 37%. From the three point line he shot over almost 40% over the last couple of years from the three point line. He has become such a well rounded player to do what is his size. With what you would say again is probably not a lot of help around Jim brewer it's remarkable and so there's something to be said for that I can actually wanna talk to George tadano about this at 530. Is he was down in Miami forever. And he talked to Dwyane Wade yesterday and I actually thought about this deal and then they're not on the same level Dwyane Wade's won multiple championships again her. But relative to the market. And the time they spent with one another in what they represented it was really cool on Friday to see Dwyane Wade make his return to Miami. And the place was sold out. And there were in the Miami the Miami Vice he uniform we drive higher by the way do they are far inept placed just exploded because there is nothing but love. For Dwyane Wade for the city of Miami are in the city of Miami for Dwyane Wade. And you know idol lost heals all wounds ultimately right time time heals all wounds any kind of Beirut wade Tony and I I thought that was a really cool thing that you know all toll winning and losing matters. Also having a guy that is the face of your franchise. At least so Paul Pierce on so on Sunday afternoon where his number was retired in Boston. There's just some things you can't put a price tag on. No problem with the hornets was late in the end it will always at 2010 at that point when Gerald Wallace and they were start to blow it up. That's Jimmy's win yet this is we don't want Gerald we don't wanna see you leave. But it's the only way it's the only way. We're not there yet with Campbell. And the fact that so many people willing to give up on Kim buck or give up on this team just because they thought it was anyway or the only way you're not there yet man there's been little league for seven years. There's other ways to fix this and I believe somebody can coming your fix this and other ways. But I'm telling you there so I can I actually think you be so long and I know this is the is is very rare in today's NBA in today's sports landscape. I think there's a large part of Kemba Walker and wants to be a Charlotte hornets for life yes. If that's did some really proud of and so it's not it's not valued enough in today's in today's sports. And enough in the in dials on the fringe you know if you wanna be your true lies you got to bring a championship. And he's just as responsible as anybody else on eighteen. McCord you know upper management what are remained es just is responsible anybody. For you know do what it takes a braves team championship and blushing like he's got a disease and of the bargain and a yeah because you're speaking on his stats earlier in order wasn't a warrior is now here's that sales like the guy who's been in the gym work he had to undo a lot of things of these Morgan only shot. Blood that's my hope for a you know and I I see both sides of this I understand why to this point bleak month hasn't played I understand it. The numbers bear this out he's minus 147. In over 400 minutes he's played. That's a total plus minus a dude to score points scored for the hornets when he's on the floor vs points allowed he's a minus 147. And that happens he's nineteen he just her twice and how. Happens I his offensive rating and this is the thing that cliff Yelp has been kind of saying without saying. He's offensive rating is a 95 it's among one of the worst in the NBA at any player of any age at any position. So forgot it's supposed to be school or volume shooter type of guy. The offense actually has a been there when he's on the floor no you know what. I understood that then when you're trying to wean NB a playoff team. Ten games under 500 now. With 26 to go and your seven games back of the final playoff spot in the east. It's time Maliki needs time to and veterans like it it was injure Cindy your Kemba Walker glowing about Moly saying im in a been there like it Tate. And patience is not something we do well within society anymore whom give it time the guys got the tools he's got the skill. People when that organization absolutely believe he can be really really good I know he's not what Donovan Mitchell is right now and that's fun Donovan Mitchell's a grown man. Donovan Mitchell's 23 actually done Mitchell's a grown man. So we start thinking about a from that standpoint. Give the league amongst time in May to the time's gonna come late in the year now with the C may be out of out of the playoff picture should give them some minutes to develop a blood. I also look at the league can say if Kemba Walker could do it as you said the Lou. Time effort energy hard work you know you can become a type of player that's a difference maker for this team. Yeah but when I look at him our question that's what I question about it must question his toughness calls even though we are struggling. I don't see. Good drive. Asked to do better I don't see. The physical and mental toughness that is going to take. To a need to make a turnaround like him while credit as it early in this process yes it is but from what. What are seeing so far I just don't see that kind of drives to be better. And you know I don't see that it's killing him you know not to be performing an hour. How level right now is in to allow see that. I Galarraga would you don't want something else I mean it's just not is not going to work and added that won't competitive is sort. Let's go to dry really quick and don't get to the stack has its animal related Emily Clark and Michael Carter Williams and its mountain. It is a hornet's mandate is on brand judge Joseph core is gonna join us and our talks and painters I would talk with the cap situation within let's go to Brian really quit doing let's talk about Campbell trial was subnet and we wanna set. They got Richards taking it but not phone calls MF. Thank you you were talking to camp. Is that they should know about it's there at the indicate coding is. I'm back in 89 happily forward guarantee your idea who we are not grew archer won the state agents. Are played on state championship team and I'm telling you ascribe to look like the father of the well eleven other. Forward. It is saying some of the same term that he is about here in the talk about it shooting pocket. I hear him talk about it in petitioning. So are the same terminology group when he came back in 89 cents an hour. But I think that a lot of people don't know about groups cracked your work he was such a deep into my coach back in high school. We will do you know we we were given so many points that we got to allow each quarter and every time we gave up. Now more than what we were allowed we have to go on. Uncertainty. In the camera that can look at a benefit more than a benefit from group structure he knows the game but he can. He came to score and illustrate that shot. Beautifully beautifully he can really put it there. They emerge in group and we charted all the parks and girls are not groups are implemented all practiced so. Kemba and local benefit greatly whoever it was great trip which you so sure. No it and I think Friday it is my men appreciate Koenig if my memory serves me correct. Bruce actually I'd sure remember exactly when their careers overlapped. Bruce learned under the same month a release from a technical standpoint stars shooting. If you will for with up mark price so mark price was you know of the shooting coach the shot doctor. Early on here that he became the Charlotte 49ers coach and then. Judy rose happened in their so I'd say that that's a thing but first took over because there's that natural like progression of dating wanna bring in somebody who didn't technically believes. In fixing a guy shot the same way you know what I mean like you're the I don't golf it's kind of different work you know tiger's golf from swing coach to swing coach. But you can really over think some of that stuff and so they wanted to have the same thought process. With hey how we shot is supposed to look from the ground up in Bruce marks the under is very much alike in that regard I think it's been. But one of the best decisions they made for combined purses he works I saw earlier today after practice whose work would delete burning go less and really get a good little stroke your viewers out there to keel trying to get them operate outside the foul line earlier today. That I and you just can't you can't replace argued there's no price on. On what eight cultural believes in the fundamentals. Of the game brings in if you got to shoot coach who. Believes in from the ground up shoe attack. In you know speaks in those terms armies just amazing to see what he's starting Murray's ball Kimmel. And you know Brian is right let's see what that goes formerly are more and see how are you count them. You don't grow these stores were these coaches but at the same time I steel glass and steel question. His toughness and what's going on between the ears yeah. I meant no look I guess that's a valid valid question and concern. And this is thing too I try to sit we're not privy to what goes on a practice right no we're not we don't know Ole. How how would talk to work he puts in when it's just him all the time when he can just and I think the week month to his credit I saw allies not to be posted on like his history in seed. He was in the sports facility last night I think like 8 or 9 o'clock probably. I would guess by himself get shots up. I'm still good for him you don't like you've got to be a self starter too but yet we don't know what's going on a practice I'll repeat yields ease ease physically like that's the thing with kemba. I see is about Kim law. Six a lot of players in the NBA. We look at killing particular step curry is another good example where they were would you consider to be what slight of frame. And then you look at them what they were 567 years ago to compared to what they are now. I'm just physically they've changed their bodies and that's another thing that leaks it's gonna get he's just turned twenty. Given time on that but yet you did you get it to work you got to take that that that beating in the NBA got to go to work. And kemba did because early on he was go to the rack all the time we did have the jump shot like he was talking about it so that's what led him to try and physically. He had some at some muscle and invoke on his. That's the dollar and tell them about him he's never been afraid to go to correct. Using the league driver direct. You see it teleport don't get snow is an ideological way early and he's. And gift if you're a young guy I knew if you're in the game. It's right up to punch it up and play armada here you know and he's not dead guy he does not have that mentality so. To say. You ready for this that this is a disease he most of in a season full of bad Sadr ordered stats this. Missile might be of their old. Time ball. Had status. Do your own. And by the way this comes from the NBA ratings. Be degraded dot com slash NBA. Michael Carter Williams is chasing history. That's not good history it's. As a reduce though by no longer the man in demand that long can't get in above right now Michael Carter Williams the backup point guard were Julian stone for that matter by the way. What's what's what does that say about Julian stone is a third point guard he can't get any rider Michael Carter Williams 201718. NBA season among the worst single season campaigns in history. Let's look at his stats again this is vis Iran it NBA feet. 43 games. 31% field goal percentage 26% from three he's shooting 33%. From the two point field fur onto point attempts. And a 41% true shooting percentage it's really bad. True shooting adjust for where your shots are taken at a higher value all that stuff. The lowest single season field goal percentage belongs to a guiding what he sold scurry. Who shot 29 point 9% from the floor in 1960. No qualified players shot below 31% from the field in a single season since then. Michael Carter Williams has a 175 field goal attempts and here he needs 125. More qualified. The hornets are 27 games left in the season and to make that happen to any slightly less than five field goal attempts per game as possible. Almost 2125. Shots you need to miss around. Or get you need to mr. ninetieth him. Or shoot 27 and a half percent from the field to break the single season mark for shooting futility set by the great what he sold furry. In 1960. But your backup point guard hopes the had status. We're all. And here's the other crazy things off again the craziest part about all this is is near misses which really really unfortunate. Malik market's worst offensive rating on the floor there Michael Carter Williams in almost indicated in its by a wide margin. Like a really really wide margin soul. Why don't like what's how is Michael Carter Williams that bad offensively. And yet what an Anglican Geddes nineteen I'm not passing judgment Ahmed that's saying like you understand the code the problem the coaching staff has just what I do like at least a little while ago so this is what I ask you because I saw this yesterday Ager Loescher husky the other day I was saying Derrick Rose gets bought out. Initially the thought O Tom Thibodeau reunion in Minnesota but. Mean they're kind of a really good team and they've got. Obviously their point guard Jeff Teague is a starter ties Jones has been great for them man to do it. The duke he's gone up to Minnesota and it's turned into a really good backup point guard for them so there's not minutes for an air new. And so what are you gonna do he's gonna sit on the bench of your hair grows and then on top of that. You know there's a thought that Washington could go after McLean this kid Thomas sat Iran ski as a backup point guard is not a point guard. You know John always been you know the mystery injury issues there right this that is knee scope. But if your Washington you've had enough drama like are you trying to bring in Mo drove yes immense seems like a note to rewrite apps but. I I would've answered this question honestly and a two months ago when a different way. I would've said there's no way I would do this. But Derrick Rose or Michael Carter Williams I know Derrick Rose is broken and always hobbled another's questions whether he loves basketball. All that stuff. In we target practice earlier in my whole spiel on this day. It's a small market. You don't have the personal friends Chicago don't have the personal plan in New York you don't have the person player playing with LeBron James in Cleveland. You with a team that needs a solid point gore you with the team who has an outside chance of making any film and you need to believe in you could apply. Body like there and they meet and they need it got this experience that complaint he can play we know. Derek caught a good play coming out. Dirt. Smartly playing Derrick Rose zero and Derrick Rose can play hurt. He can get it done and you know also I would love to see him here. In Orange uniforms mean you don't have to do a lot of wanted to get him because you can often lead them and yet not going to be a bit more for a lot of people you know parlay can return to. After I don't know and that's no one really gives your Derrick Rose what are you after. If you're on like lashing unrealistic his would you agree so if you're like if you're serious about trying to maybe get one last chance and it. You're never gonna get the Max contract given no fears about getting one another contract again. Then. Okay you gotta go where the opportunity knocks numbers winds here well I would save this is a good well here's the thing about from the standpoint Suton Tbilisi Clifford. Odds are very moved they would say their best friends I don't know that communiques but they. I they've got some degree. A similar. Regards about basketball Swiss who play defense is not optional. Howard to get back where he shared the basketball we don't play team ball where police are not gonna beat ourselves so Derek always loved playing for kids. I hoard those guys I would think you know there could be that you know my connection with Steve Clifford I don't know but to major Derrick Rose. I think you would probably rather latch on to the end of the bench and on a good team but. Does a good team won you latching on the end of the bench got a. Announces or not they're good teams struggle putting the lord's. Good teams you know old guy guys think I'm gonna get a dollar a night in night out. You can dream Alina Jason rain. Why Jason weren't so. Go where you're going to be utilized go where you got a chance to rebuild your career and what better place than get opportunity here and so on. My god not us tweeting in all the Bradley Juli sort of thing that primetime WS Lindsay about Israel no actually he's a cast you're absolutely not to Derrick Rose. I agree like I agree I'm not in Ohio the roasting like you and and I got a good feeling toward the end of the row fright like if you so give you are again we give your word the you know were written in the last weird. Fortunately. Don't care who's in Europe to the left to his player development and say about about a playoffs no on the right is hey we got one last hail Mary and the only way to fix it. He's tough gray to back a point guard spotted trying to bolster the bench. And did I mean I don't it's the only option C going after a disappointing is that when he when he legal age you may then asserts I think that's the minimum yeah so. There roses and give us an opportunity early June they Dempster its goals but does he give you a better opportunity to Michael Carter Williams are playing out. We're Julian stone. I wondered all seriousness of what's up markets page originally markets page can't run a competent offense. I think more than anything that's what they're missing a backup point guard to run our offense if you're left alone can you knocked down a jumper and play defense does he do all those things like I could and it seemed like a really low bar Michael Korda Williams god bless him is a dogged defender but he does because it's the only thing he can do to stay on the dinner hour. We dirt road taken to correct. And you don't believe this in a basketball and he will. Okay this is Michael MIA for like a week at a time they it is he giggle MIA there because he knows it legally in my email to us they don't let's go to Iraq early quick. Rob it's W what do you wanna say. Hey what's up guys. Are great you started thank god one had seen news. Our what did you say ten game got in the playoffs I guess seven games back ten games under site owner games. I at this point. If player development. If not is not arm like a major concern. If their particular sharply this spirit of competition that there is pulpit if you know in the organization they're gonna make the playoffs may be surprised somebody like. How conceding literally pop market pay in can do not be the number one priority at this point look what the bachelor and beat. You know. Well I think he DEE oak cliff said Sunday and rob after the game you know he was asked about that when you start mex missile was missed mixing up some lineups. For what you're talking about and he said. You know when he's when the math to work you know obviously is that is out of the equation where your you know your your all of a sudden here sit there. 910 games back with with you know twelve to go like you start getting to a point where. Okay this date clearly this is not our favor so we said the first eight to ten games after the break. We'll determine whether they go that route or not but don't look how would you. We can sit here and say technically got a chance but you're ten games under 500. And you've got 26 games left in the year seven games back of the final playoff spot like. Realistically you're not you're not going to the playoffs like you're just not so what would you make that decision. Yet don't typically marked especially newly mown quite you know the guy was I was an offensive juggernaut at colleges into one of these guys that. There it is too confident to be crumbling he sees limited minutes he probably over thinking everything else you know you what you want this guy coming at it in the ground running next. And yet let's just. Isn't the end and it's tough to and appreciate Koenig is that's an organizational thing though to dealer because restart talk my guys you've coached. And I'm not saying this is sure mark would be very clear but I'm using this as an as a hypothetical. If he was a coaching staff feel like he has and earn the minutes for whatever you're asking him to do not amounts again which he has not historians while I don't know that I just one of only six full disclaimer my do you amassing this is absolutely true month but if that were the case and if you're Steve Clifford. Then I don't know we start giving a guy minutes. I mean that's like telling your kid hey no no no you can't Katie bar go to bed in the windy like MS Cheney before they go to bed they start thinking no I guess I actress Katie whenever I want now. Now I want to act in a lot of want to do my homework on the left go to sleep on time I was a brush my teeth like when you start rewarding people for things. For everything got earned and how much did I wanna be clear I'm not saying this about a month but in that hypothetical but that's an organizational thing they've got to come that he understood what they wanna do. And I'm speaking from a athletic point of view mostly regular vastly here look if you're not getting that they have practiced yet not give no court period. Theory appoint what I mean go to put him in the last let the girls you know games out of reach up so you know those regardless of indices did what at the end. Dave you're not getting into have you not working to get better and breakfast what I look like put your court to play. Damien Lewis is what is we have fifteen minutes until Sean Denny we talked Panthers in 45 minutes we joke Horry will talk about what this free agency period could look like in a danger nor well legitimately could be re signed for the Panthers we do all that. That's up next and does speak at a rehab these other careers with Derrick Rose. Johnny Mann Zell wants to fall in line to its next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Louis with a Shawn DeVon in about ten minutes. From the sporting news talk a little hornets get a sought George Saddam it was 530 from ESPN. Utterly uninteresting sued Dell would Dwyane Wade really honest sit down we join wade were Dwyane Wade said he had that was not a championship caliber group of guys from a chemistry standpoint. That's not what NBA championship basketball. Looks and feels like and it's pretty rarely get a guy come out on the record even after being traded and talk about it like Debbie alien LeBron. Are so tight and have such a level respect for one another. It's probably just slightly the truth and learning is that about it try to made all the. Then we all knew it and there's not like he's done some deep dark secret help everybody and I didn't know the good thing about basketball mobile big Cleveland. Is typically just let out this. And one of those guys Derrick Rose got got traded as part of a three way deal he went to Utah Utah. Odd bought a mouth so he's out there he cleared waiver wire so now you just have wherever you want offer them in terms of what you have to offer from either an exemption Singapore or cap space standpoint. You can go into it I just think it's really interesting thing given all the baggage he has. I'll whatever you think he's got left in the tank. For the great T normally the buyout market is this are you a championship caliber team or playoff team. Go to the highest bidder with a best place for you when Derrick Rose just doesn't seem like that's gonna this is can neither one of the rare instances which is. Any the only some help like all all I'll complain if you need and they think two guys I gave you this stat. I think this is still true hornets scoring differential for the starting five is plus 68. That's really good it's actually second best in the east for oil for all five million lineups in the starting five is good enough to be a playoff team go to the bench and don't get enough. And soul hornets. Need something off the bench and I think they think they need is just that guy who can make a few shots at point guard can organize the second unit. I can defend well enough Michael Korda Williams doesn't do it of four and for whatever reason I think it's bodies failed him. He had hit the issues the issues that I think this is what's left of a broken Michael Carter Williams. And I almost take a chance on a broken Derrick Rose because I don't know what that looks like here compared to a broken Michael Carter Williams Daniel was tweet me and on the burly Jewish Twitter feed app prime time WS NC Bradley Jewelers say George trip to the florist spent 199 dollars or more you get a dozen beautiful long stemmed roses for your sweetheart. Fifty to 70%. On diamond silver and gold jewelry to with a dozen free long stemmed roses. Any purchase over 199 dollars proudly Jewelers and brownie Jewelers dot com. Dana was saying growth slowed the idea he's better than what we have in Indian a situation like Dwight Howard with revitalizing itself can be done what out of the could be done. But like I do like a would you like Brett what probably senior airport we're ten games under 526. Games to go seven games back. Maybe this is a bad way to look at a bit what do you. What do you have to lose snowstorms and me wanna. Why are bringing the open competition until into the locker room as well you don't dissent dismisses ghost willful. We is still a more players that we are dedicated. To you bettering gas and we wanna give you guys every opportunity we king and within our budget to go out and we end in the future doesn't. It also tells you younger guys pay. You guys and I couldn't it so we got to go out and market in front somebody to fill a gap. Well in any other thing I think it does seem as miss for awhile now it's just not workable Michael Carter Williams and they played minutes stretches this way. They got to find that point guard that backup point guard that can also run with kemba now Derrick got the frame to do it like I mean I don't know what she. Again I admittedly I can only which gets. Romans that is issues over the last few years risk you know a lot of that in some might be between years after the injury you know MIA a few weeks he's done that soul. Let's see if we know we can do more destitute you know he has the ability to get a dark. Will this situation here in solid get around you know leaders like Cameron haven't you all these different god you don't like now we're having this type leadership perera got started brazen will this be what he easy up and overall did you speak at a rehab projects GC judgments on good morning and their lives out there running yet. Hey I heard about his history he's our. His home terror does not fall for money grow bounce around a toddler. And yes he's comes from you know very well to do trimming. Bush this fortune has been an all star power since he's been a Kia soul I could totally see. You know we don't have a mom pull him being diagnosed with that and I can totally see your charm and do something gives life back on track you're just gonna have a duke football. All this mystery book calls you know to be quite honest with you. He was never greatest football player in the world to begin so I don't know often leaves one of the answer may be armed Canadian Lorena. You know and in May be in terms of already get a shot right off the bat I'm glad that he's getting help that he needs. But you don't speak your total football airport he's never been in what I would consider you know Ali rank highly touted you don't quarterback. You know my first reaction was honestly so I take him at face value for this that this is what's been going on he said he's been self medicating with alcohol and drugs outsourcing most people don't write and that that was part of the explanation for his behavior over the years. Again as you said he'd be admitted being bipolar mom and he wants like you said he wants to get back to football Damien. The thing that in this is such an indictment I feel like on the NFL I think if I'm taking him and I am taking matters worse for that but first reaction is. Actually don't think like usual better chance of getting back to Italy or anything. You know I thought that might be wrong for thinking this but I I thought you know what and then a team is gonna look at that and say you know what. We might have could've just explained it away as you were knucklehead. Sadly this is an I mean this is a sad this is a sad indictment I feel like on the lead but I feel like teams are gonna look this is a menu gets from real baggage now. We don't want any of that beyond the football I don't mean maybe a wrong to think that a mic maybe that's the wrong analysis here. I disagree I think I'll get only to lose since I've been in the league you know we've always had 23 rooms already diagnosed. With a are you know bipolar disorder so this is nothing you can assume our soul. I just feel like our arm and sleeve from a league standpoint is that we had the drama. So that is an arc and they're going to hold that against him in you didn't get help because I guarantee you. That somewhere along enrolled somebody asked him to go see somebody and talk about score and only turned it down. So that's sonar. In number two lives. Honestly you are really not what we're looking for you not the type of player that you know we thought you could be all that Cleveland thought you could be so. Is just known for the skills it skills it is not clear. Let's go to Matt really quick top of the hour show on Devin he's gonna join us on the other side met in Greensboro Matt would somebody when he was sick. I got you know look toward it up I get. The so frustrated and mock our our way we've been so bad. At least you play mark. Typically just been so bad that. That's why a lot of but Japan's impression among not out there or not each you don't got that quick read them let me get it deep ball you know deep ball to the got it quite a bit. You know that's why you know in case he's still our and it quite deep pit then I mean. And it you know or leave it I guess that's what quick witted but. Dictated got frustrated at times but I like the idea of bringing eroded then maybe a little bit too big dummy if he'd dirt in my. You know are calculated predicted a playoff but. Can't quip we're gonna do you know re haven't got quick career you know look what we have an. And Barbara Williams and you know out. The white you know they don't blow it open got it back to we begin you know piece of players. Yet no no doubt and it can't join it if you're asking me to deal we get a break here against the top the hour gonna talk some Panthers serious talk. Are some more wrap up supported suck you were Sean DeVon in a second but if you're asking me. You know I get a close under ought to criticism I said yesterday I ultimately this all sorts of stuff so many. We told frank Kile died yesterday bullet. The thing that's been true back cliff is he's got the most steady guys honestly and the a lot of Al Jefferson Courtney Lee Jeremy went in Jimmie Lee and Jeremy lamb is come along. Johnny O'Brien went from a NBA player that I was on the end of the bench trade agreement from undrafted being rotational player. So secure this kind of this thing right like that's his seat to be rehab guy he's a player whisper he knows how to reach cast he knows how to get the best again that's. Noddle projects to be saved off or our muscle our way and sold on 4 o'clock our starts now we get to Sean Dennehy at least we get to this conversation which is. This danger Orwell thing keeping him might not be as crazy as it once thought OK we do that Dana Lewis Chris grow urged prime time powered by ortho Carolina.