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Monday, November 20th

Kroeger & Luis Moreno close out the show talking college football with Barrett Sallee. 


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BC's primetime. Powered by ortho Carolina. It's 5 o'clock and that means he is happy hour brought to you by Jack Daniel's Tennessee right. The distinct flavor of rice and Jack Daniels distillery time honored charcoal mellowing process the result is a boy spicy rye whiskey dads have been smooth. Check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee bright today and drink responsibly Kroger. One team I would say that I don't trust the most are public trust the least is what is the vikings but I think they might have the best defense of the ball well. Thank you know looking at the six games remaining for the Panthers. How he via W maybe against Tampa Bay and against Green Bay in weeks fifteen. Laredo junior high and Chris pro varied as. Prime time where powered by we're doing Carolina brown lead Jewelers it is Black Friday week. Not just des Browne leak and to celebrate 81 years in business they're discounting 81% of all schori by half were more nearly the whole store will be on sale. For the whole week it's convenient locations. Get details at brown lead Jewelers dot com Robbie tweeting and he says groves don't be solved Diaw might Eagles you better than that I'm not salting. How fun Chile I think it's also. What a team is playing the way Philly is because it looks like what was going on here two years ago can't stay here I think we get that out last night he says. Mahan to beat the Eagles look like the 2015 Panthers and they can hope. I mean this is what happens when you're the the falcons were doing it last year falcons there's a few others revisionist history with the falcons did last year. Tuck pins were OK until about. A week ten week eleven week twelve than they caught fire kind of steamrolled their way into the playoffs started winning big. Yeah it's fun when a team plays that way so I'm not mad at the Eagles. How fun this is a game it's not life or death. You're winning big against arrival you should enjoy that especially in their building if you wanna take a picture on the sideline take a picture on the sidelines my whole point in this is. It's really arbitrary when people pick and choose when they're outraged by something or what they're not outraged myself or whether offended by something or other not offended by something. Just beat you don't. Treat everything the same Uighur dislike when guys do this overall. We like it. Put it to choosing which team makes you angry when they do it as that's that's all pointing out that this is an arbitrary thing that people got. Has ended up to two together do you made that comment who. Maybe Ryan or Billy can go back and lasts almost co host it would be somebody told. Sit that you were in Philly homer oh yeah that's right right at us at two weeks later you can William the other side of the spectrum so that. Emma comes with the territory. August of doing my job I don't know I can and I would see who somebody else tweeting in sync. Did just that did the saints take pictures too I've Ivins seemed to say to that but I multiple people tweet yesterday saying the saints have been doing this I don't care who look here's what's funny too is. Seoul guilt beat the celebration. Have come has come back in the NFL right there and I think it's been great for the NFL yes things are great super fun to watch. We're cool we're all this stuff now works like all hobby isn't a funny you'll put that guy did where wind. Cano boys or not just ten you know it was other guys in the end zone Jason do all these guys in their day it's Il I've ever Jonathan Stewart doing a joint hand jive and in the and then my yells they're doing he had the Carlton. Yeah I mean all that stuff was hilarious but. There seem to be a lot of people saying. Just get me insulin and get out hit the ball the official and now and I guess maybe it's because there's suddenly been a rule that makes this all the stuff okay. Now it's also may actually to see what fun do end zone celebration people come up with sell all of pointing out is. People pick and choose when they wanna be mad about something or when they're offended by something it. They don't but that is the Cam Newton effect I think during Guinness trademark this and if he has and he showed. Kim Newton makes people stupid and Cam Newton is probably number one reason why in the 2050 Panthers and that. Little and sit in against in this Simon's you're so good for the league like all the stuff personality. So on I think as we found out this is true for the MBAs we're here for hornets tonight. He'll getting to see more of these players is always a good thing for something that you can identify with with these players something that showcases their personality. Something they beat you because in the NFL it's so hard with these helmets on right you it's hard to. You don't you know the name of the back of their Jersey. Which you rarely see the person for who they are facing when they get to show the personalities for stuff like there's a lot of I think it's great for football about medics Philly at all all putting that is. I just don't see people coming out of the woodwork today it took to point fingers and say shame on them what are they doing. I whether you liked it or not in 2015 that team and that type of celebration that they had a size hole or just cam by subprime self. To me it's a huge factor of why this is now legal in the NFL that's where they have approved the celebrations but to your point I do believe it. When you're where when and where you're doing some of this funny hops as they are doing or this different when he taken. When he thirty seconds to do to meets too much yet and it's not because I already doing that just because it's too much too long 510 seconds at the most. And that's it did you see John always comments that they're kind of leaked out over the weekend of what he said it at a at a Broncos function on Friday night did you see these I don't know I didn't so John LA this is pretty remarkable to think we've talked a lot about this broncos' team about how is pretty jarring. Dickey if you could ever say don't I don't use the term quick as I don't think they quit. Put this defense the Broncos defense. We set up in actually two years ago was one of the historically great all time defense by the numbers in NFL history. And they still played at a really high level of the last couple years but you would know it because they've got craft quarterback play gets write the correct correct it got really do undersea versatility how the NFL it's pretty good tight ends. Good running back playing team yet and. A look decent offensive line input the quarterback placement trash it's been abysmal and sold it seems like they've wasted the core of a pretty good talent base. Over the last few years they won one championship but it makes you wonder. Mean what else could they have done how much could they have sustained and so John Elway over the weekend. Made made comments that caught the Broncos were a little bit soft during his losing streak. And after the game they lost again yesterday twenty to seventeen against the bagels. Chris durst you know their corners to court everybody in this organization is accountable for how we're playing right now ain't nothing soft in my boat parade Marshal the linebacker. It's absolute if whose mother quote absolutely absolutely. Because some out there on the field on out here on the field I don't like guys are out here on the field none of us are soft. We go out there and bust our pleats every week. Play good technique we work hard we're not just getting pushed over pushed around. For him to call us off just rubbed us the wrong way but he can say what he wants to say and it. It seems to me Luis that this broncos' defense is almost sick you know what. We're sick carrying you guys every week but it's just hard to do this is a formula for success it's hard to win this way consistently. And it. To hear those comments from your president of football operations who's number one failure on this team very clearly has been. Lacking get accused of failing to get a quality quarterback in that can compete. In win games to go along with a decent running game just be good enough on offense and ride is a great defense. I mean this is this is pretty remarkable to see. The whole if. Act after paying men retired U member who their starting the beginning that season last year who was a starting quarterback Mark Sanchez yeah correct him and Paxton lynch yeah. And trend and that could receive and are eager to back up. That to me was no clear plan for the future. When you still if they'll hold the hold negotiations with the loss while if they were okay yeah we won and we don't want him fifteen million maybe he's not worth the fifty feet you're not a 100% sure. You should not be. Pain in the money but furthermore they didn't have a clear plan of what they wanted to do after payment to retire. And this is. The fact. It's the defense say you know what we're not gonna go out there impossible to know that we're not gonna have a chance to win because we don't have a quarterback. Look at buffalo with with the with the the quarterback situation there and then have a really good defense and look at how the defense has been exposed the last three weeks it again this is a quarterback we keep you don't probably ate the franchise quarterback. You're not going to be competitive. Well and on that point she's do you still have what buffalo yesterday core commercial McDermott. I just the mind boggling only just defying logic decided to. Hitch his wagon as a first year coach to meet him Peter but yeah. Nick computer may not up Pitt who I like I didn't donate to be I thought they compete it was fine if Pitt. I did not know he was in the lead until a few weeks ago there and he hitched his wagon first play yesterday pick. Pick six. Threw five interceptions in the first half had six completions five interceptions on the game three completions. Fourteen to six out of fourteen with five interceptions and six from comes on a man. And you see this stuff though you look it's like this league it's I don't we make it so much either have a quarterback you don't. But there is a middle ground and I think teams are. Losing sight of you can have. Looked at the political showdown with Peyton Manning it 2015 he was a shell of himself and Joseph Flacco it's the final couple good years that you can win with a guy okay. Just managed his game plan to call me game in a dirty thing that's occurred and we'll find I don't care though right like if if you can manage your game. And just be good enough not make mistakes yet put a ceiling now we're living in this extreme where you either give a great quarterback or you don't have anything and if we need to. Bottom up to go get the great quarterback that's what we'll do but it I don't think it has to be that hard in the NFL well especially it. The book the bills whether they were playing with tired teller or Peerman. I don't know if they're really going to be that type of team to be in the playoffs I think that McDermott has done a phenomenal job but I think that team is still a couple of years away you see other teams in that conference at two media are going to be sure anger towards the end of the year. With that being said tyra teller was not the reason why they lost. Big time against the jets and Thursday night full well it was a defense has been exposed in the last two or three games including the last one even though they often did and how. Yes as you mentioned it to meet cartel was a better option and it wasn't like they were going to lose the rest of the games because of your rebuilding understand but they still could rebuild. And simply retire tell you could still do both right now. I don't like the ideals like he's saying happy being like a one game referendum hate you lost the locker room. But Mahan Sean McDermott probably lost a lot of credibility of a CK get a back with you had who have lost a lot of credibility of that locker room. Making that call and it for to play out the way it did admit after the game saying you know what. Unhappy with the decision I'm not happy with the outcome there's a guy can't see that then yeah. Can't say that no you nobody with a straight face can look at how walker Vincent as they kind of got cut here who was her thirst quarterback who has. Play in the playoffs for Minnesota and is still like I guess old Joanna yeah right there right by you have. We'll put to put the what do you give him a chance I took on any computer remand thinks that's the guy. Hit hit hit six completions five interceptions week and on and on until we get more sad stat of the day when we return Chip Kelly rumors heating up. And you regulate regulate MAV ticker mayfield did a thing too so we talk about all that dirt Celine fifteen minutes with Luis Moreno junior it's Kroger and its prime time where powered by ortho Carolina. By ortho Carolina. To the parents of their sorry he's done. Your kids launchers several miles I really do cause us in the bottom our son who I am not. Kind of played this week you'll be in a bad kid does not that's not who I am I'm not some was gonna get in trouble that one instance of the field right. Kind of mistakes good on the field and there's a lot of trash talk to goes on but today I just figured you farms and a total. All. Baker braves field. I'm the only guy that does the does not outraged by what happened on Saturday it's ninety singing this since 2017 Lisa this is a good to talk radio. What baker mayfield did was qualified I think it starts with that evidence with a knee. I think it's so what's the were ready say mistake yes that's a Wii is a recall that he made a mistake mistake and life to move on. He rule hopefully learn from this. I use now since been benched for the start of the West Virginia game anyway I don't know and once series yeah probably right by Lincoln Riley and so off he EE eight at the the idea oh my god also West Virginia team does not longer anymore right well at least yet he might come back for the ball game but he you know weird jacked up middle finger the other days we have Syria that surgically repaired but. Yeah I'd like you don't look here's the thing baker mayfield. Made a mistake he's a really good player he plays we'll really hiding behind motor and runs hot that's what makes him Louise is a competitor. And because nothing says Brian Holland playing Kansas. Yes I mean look that's a think if it. This is that it Motorola's it's police say that though is that that showcases. What a competitor he is that even a game like that. Had his like he took issue with the fact that they wouldn't shake his pain went right Iraq and it's like baker. Brawl I get it you're trying to work up a lather it and you don't need to get that fired up but that's just how he's wired he's a little unhinged. He's a super huge competitor and that doesn't excuse the behavior but he made a mistake hopes will be better for it. But the idea that he should be in the high he's been running anymore Africa like what you do it people would not everything is a national controversy he made a mistake he's a college kid. He's on TV he probably shouldn't do that anymore and what what we'll talk prepare Salinas humanness that I did to earn a big deal. When I agree with the heat and punch anybody. He did an assault they female he didn't kill anybody I mean there's so many other things that go on you know we've seen this before. And again it's not something that you shoot. Say you know what this is good. You should sensing this assign the fact that this. This was a bad mistake by a bit by him but to say that this is going to cost him the Heisman he had nothing to do. Went on the from the field play the same argument that a lot of times people have with canyon. You know you beat you you share some stats about his first six years in the league comparing. With the with Favre and and Manning and so on the peoples of I don't like the way he dresses will be one has nothing to do with the other OK or don't like the way he walked off the press by the press conference from those it's should teach. Rectify that perhaps. But that doesn't tell you that he wasn't the MVP that you're you should take away the MVP because he walked away. From that press conference so one does not have to do anything with the other and that's what people are losing notion of what's going on right now. The attacks deriding it and I do think this is this is interesting like if Newton gets labeled worst for last and that there's some truth to that but I look at maker may feeling came Newt very similarly I think they're they're two guys that may they've got a different. Way about him on the field his ultimate competitors so a money and I can only to that point out I don't wanna compare and contrast them as much as. Like this is at a young kid making a mistake and of for sexual assault yeah. I'm sorry bicker mayfield grabbing his crotch even though that again like we know very not a good look. The maker of that in private or public probably a bad idea. But but I guess that if if Jay was one that it Johnnie Mae itself. Woods was involved in all sorts of stuff like this to win. Get on and off again Zoellick if if if those guys won the Heisman. Samir certainly not in a denied baker mayfield of that of that opportunity about a way baker mayfield the numbers are just silly right now when you look at what he's done on the year overall. I mean I don't know how anybody else wins the Heisman at this point we mix in how good Oklahoma is back there a playoff contention through 34 TDs by pix five rushing touchdowns. He's completing just shy 71% of his passes so. I'm sorry grabbing your crotch and screaming at US fuel a couple of times and there's. I want to reduce tax authorities say well you know we've both camps to this type of sender and does what I was trying to still unsure even even knew we hold them to death senator let's say that wealth in those are great numbers but our my what he does of the few okay great. And I hope you have time on charity and I'm sure you're not because she does a lot of with charity you Tom odd the way he looks after a press conference but that doesn't take away the fact that he is the best. Player Indians in the NCAA right now. If you have to vote right now none of those guys are going to votes are going to walk he grabbed his crotch and therefore he's not the best player that doesn't again. Yeah yeah he has a bad as it right now best signal with what he did but that doesn't take away the fact that he's the best quarterback if there's a local player caught on I think items on ES he would care results Saturday making a gesture with his tenure p.s. Criteria host cells from exciting and CE 88 it was much worsened by the way what baker kilometer I didn't see anybody having an actual cup national and leverage it may fill those part of it and look. Tim you know. The bigger the players the bigger the inch and the issue Lotta times I get that comes with the territory. But a text alerts and I agree on this point the building sinner text like 70457096. Dead. If a court. If the quarterbacks like not like Manning Brees are three people get offended people are fed about people worn out robot like I would say people are offended by just about anything anymore. And I'm not one to ought to play the you know. We're too PC card anymore but I mean this does feel like an area where we are too PC it just in general as a society because. What baker mayfield did it again he crossed the line gap probably shoot it did it. A lot of what she is low the cause of football player played with a lot of achieves bow to be happy to get caught on camera slap on the wrist which is what. Lincoln Riley is Sony's gonna not start on Saturday and you move on from there aren't we go to the tech become gas line but talking college football this got very easily make it some time for CBS sports CBS sports dot com and here all the Thomas Sirius XM radio as well there were what are you solve it I'm just not that. I can't get that outraged about this from from baker may feel probably a knucklehead decision but I feel like it's just that it's a knuckle decision on Saturday. So well on video of that decision and he got he let emotions get the best the that it started with and we just. Bullet you know it was wrong as well and I don't think it started off being with not chicken and I'm. The look and you were were yet not to get really descriptive but if we're getting mad about that kind of yet here. And then we're not getting mad about what goes on the bully in the middle of piled with her the fumble that will lead to do here Michele. Yeah knowing there's a little extra I don't know what player I saw appeal this over the weekend period. There is a local player who is caught making a gesture. Near his area to what it was my it was my worst Philip baker may feel fit in yet like the they get it it's baker mayfield Heisman candidate at Oklahoma he's a quarterback the rules are little different but still. Yeah I'd I don't know I just this is hard for me to get outraged about it's a mistake it's a college kid making a mistake but like the idea build that jumping off point that some people brought up about. Then this needs to factor into his Heisman candidacy like get back out a year what do we been talking about could fit there's no way that so connected that could keep them from going Heisman in my mind. Well I mean and then you're you're having people dig up like here are these bloody career and it's like I don't want. That pat him wearing a traitor certainly played Texas Tech that's what I'm sort of funny. Thanks mark. You know that that you lie his putter did it get that but. It hit it he's he's he's a college kid doing dumb college thing now that that did that. Mean that he deserves the same sort of criticism. He served at the height and would come to declare record. As he didn't do you know we can we could talk all along what they're eager to do what you eat duck not a matter is a new vote vote were back. Thirty incitement campaign to weeded out and and that's important being that it won't eat it aren't we will baker. We're talking apparent silly on Twitter at Barrett silly on CBS sports dot com ESP and you want Sirius XM radio as well. With this right now on the technique come guess like so. UCLA actually showed some fight against USC on Saturday but they they still go down that's three straight losses to the crosstown rival and you'll laughter. Some pretty good years under Jim Mora junior they they decide to fire on Sunday after after six years on the job. And did this just reeks Barrett of hey we heard Chip Kelly not to get hired to we need to fire our coaching getting all the sweepstakes or is there something else other. Other to that it in terms of him get ready Jim Moore junior with some games still left. Well yeah the other thing is that Jim Mora is not a very jumper again. He does though. The other thing not and that's how I honestly that's that's more port beach it's. Jim Moret and you know basically I encourage you got a call it that she it'll be under achieving yet always he under chief cook. You know that that's that's the bigger issue but I'd be hiding a bit. Yeah it absolutely athletes get deli meat says. You know you we you know beat the reports we know that that Florida loose somewhere Scott's circle detonator went up LO late night climb back from somewhere late last night. That's the we're probably New Hampshire where he worked at Kelly probably quite. Yeah I need you I think you yell erect I'd say you know work awkward fit here we've put our thumb and ordered out getting it jumped. On a guy you wanna talk Q who. Got to go and do it and an RP pewter report that it really we were to go to probably to. Good guys directly related to that. You know it it does that mean he's going to one or the other I I don't know I mean I I think it's just a matter of going to be their number one choice I don't think he voted number one so it but he's the only guy that that ordered it off the feeling great today. Now we got to go we got to go eat but the Thorpe at the right. Well it is your chip and you could make arguments and other side in this which interest in but if if all things recalling you could have either job. I think people. People acting like Chip Kelly won't be really good getting college football I think are just sorely mistaken they don't they they don't wanna police that but he always. I mean they won the no less than twelve games all but one of that one of the season he was it an organ a one year they did they won ten games like this guy the pac twelve to me. It's a no brainer. But it isn't Lou I mean if I don't I look at it both ways America's a real winner Dorgan you recruited organ. I feel like you should be able to recruit UCLA and when he UCLA but you are dealing with USC the USC's not. Still quite the US seals of fifteen years ago. And Florida ultimately still is the SEC you walk out of bed to get a five star recruit so feel a slow things prequel what's the better job between the two right now. Particularly keep the LA and I did a great forty if you don't want got to let it by star recruit at quarter because tobacco he didn't. Like your not going to critique but it's not a good that the re imported not deficient that talent gap is not it is it active right now Florida soon. Fugitive Kelly you're the guy who. Is flat out today he did not like to recruit. Don't eat you reported that it beats you regret quite scared. That's where what why you are where you war and people can look back a little organs quicker caught that it looks a bit of it. Penalty kill cause that also got though that that was because of the holy while being partnered. You know ray it's one of those issues we're OK I need you really do want to note that throw your hat arena with a not at all that the blue route who's very good at a potato. Who doesn't like to recruit him who depend on coaching cleared up. And it might want to leave because of recruiting that it apple helped up which is baffling. And it didn't work out now Chip Kelly good to go about it different way offensively which is good because we need to run the spread because that's book or article it beer. My I think the better move for chip if you VOA I think the better do record it it somebody audit that Chip Kelly. Because there are a lot of got. You know we Chip Kelly didn't think it Oregon it was somewhat unique and you know authority picked up with a Mike Bellotti. Were my bloody left off. And that's great you worked their whole life I think in the exact same thing from you that you point. But there are a lot better recruiters out there once specifically to his coaching at work right now. Well what's he what's the list personally with a CBS sports dot com ESP and you want serious XM radio if you're if you're giving me a group wickets off to work his way fairly key set of media have a top target but. There's a group of guys you think you could be comfortable with. I depending on who you ultimately Lance it would what is the group which the circle of coaches for Florida right now that they're trying to hone in on. Are some available yet some not that they think would be a good citizen next head coach what's the group. I think there are four or five any more articulate and obviously. We didn't dot. Not brought up that little wait until after yeah hey you keep to. But it might it and I speak to look at the end Mullen because of familiarity with such frequent over their relationship it's. A little different times. I think you're looking. At Mac people at Iowa State and you get the even though it beat he's probably keep them recruit and happy you're looking at Willie -- Dorgan. It at it goes out of the that the group that that Florida had honed in on the back you know sort of TV. But that did that that group this sort of fallback option or go last year doctors do not deny that it. Pretty much signed off on by everybody within regret that think they're pretty much comparable. With all of that and that's what you get a great compliment to how Scott Strickland has approached this whole thing they're. He'd orchestrated this in a way where they've they've kind of core group that every quarter of Beirut that the yet they're the other way into the spectrum. They want younger and indeed gotten judge threw that you've mattered at that point I think yeah hundred. What is that I don't understand like I've been following this for years spirit but like I Syria I still cannot wrap my head around what the fascination is with our guns hurting Thomas in Tennessee like that it. What's the fascination what's the hang up on this guy for Paul Smith's. Well the only way to severely that is my theory got to start coaching is not three but every the last decade. And you realize that's. I thought I thought I. But yeah I mean look at I think the biggest thing is is what day. They caught doing quite they have not 1% to quit and collect the basically gone for the double. And I think that he's the the big east the fact that you know eat eat obviously interests bitter we keep main interest. And haven't moved with the current. What John Curry did a great for the record the and I eat dinner they know. I think the question is this John. Byrd and make him they know now because the last thing. You needn't be some along a bit pat junker Rio with the network or they can build up because they journal world of art book. I think that's what's going on. I think it you have him on their back pocket I think you're re gorgeous there and they ought to do feel like they can perhaps you've met you know bowler Geoff from somebody like that beat him. But. All I could get one because of the way you can handle it. Very does lose and learn from campus penetrator or are you doing. Yet are you doing well aides who were talking about earlier about this fourteen playoff picture and looking at the last two weeks. Auburn against Alabama and then Alabama having to play in the SEC championship. Do you think that after this year we're going to have to look at an 88 team playoff and just because you're not gonna be able to be satisfied with having just four teams. When when one of them might be left out with 11 loss on the and maybe somebody's going to be included with a two loss record what what do you think. No I don't think god I'm they got communicate at all you can relatively clean you know yeah I may have. A one off Alabama left out her golf career took off like aspect. I think that occur are not okay. Situation because. The playoff committee I think you did they're the right place here you preach about re action. Yen that you the national beauty is that something that is. Is. You know. Very very perky is more prestigious billions and the other side I don't need it appeared bored because. It'd be content based on the landscape of every specific year determined by thumping arbitrary like conference affiliation ordered Betancourt. Geographical division it's determined by. Only add. But I thought the landscape like what your eat it eat it didn't would have gone received it yet but hadn't thoroughly present they like Ohio State did it then other other time. You may be a situation where you cannot let it keep it pretty darn good it left out quiet. But Latvian it would if you were created and give you that don't deserve a shot it would get a shot at something that they didn't art and that's what would happen and expanded playoff because of the credit playoff. Would he means. It would require that the only way it signed off on in that situation. Would be at the now hour by conquered it their upkeep and which may not even be a good speed at all heighten up the opportunity. Gigi did the best group fighting in the north that are thought that I got. They need to be here but you don't as well that you are great with dark. Equally importantly it equally northern Illinois all would've gotten shot. And the number overheat or he would have been left out at Notre Dame would. We're talking a pair silly one last thing there were a lot of off the hook us CBS sports dot com EST and you want serious XM radio as well with this right now on the technique come guess like we were discussing this earlier to Barrett you know the game because you talk about this on Saturday morning we had this dialogue in college football for years now what. It seems like because of the playoff hero and college football every week is just must watch TV. Really outside this past Saturday to see if these cupcake games you get you know I'll be in every teams do when it's not a single out any programmer at a conference put. Feel I was remarking earlier what's the likelihood and everybody's gotta agree on this obviously for the power five side of things what's the likelihood. There's some sort of agreement though feel what if you wanna play an NF CS school we don't want. If you wanna play an unknown conference game with a group of five school you get winded and any got to go step out of at a at a conference to play one power five conference Steve. And at play nine conference games across the border are we ever gonna get to that sort of you know uniformity across the board and scheduling their college footballers that could be hard to come by. Nobody could get different landscape every conference that's really hard to come by at each com. You know had a few power but the power five and 888 that he would play copper in there real late night. I think what you're more likely gonna be is that the gentleman's agreement that does it look. You you can't to have the second last weekend of the regular you can be anything other then conference. Because you know you have the gate and yet you eat you up three of them wrap up copper plated mid November that that's not really don't wait this out. You know I think eat under different. We don't rule that at play I doubt you'll want to. Quite a bit doubt you'll want to have to clean up yet school every year by that law other people have that bill. Yeah I. All of that is it dole or water don't they let it there at the easiest thing to do with the Connecticut will be gutter Beckett looked. Deliberate great art sport at its second and on. But you have to Wear a copper game that Beckett collapsed into the regular do you concur or just the month of November the general because. Our other because there's no reason that basically hand over a week yet in a sport where every week doesn't matter. It was it's a bad feeling like his like I have I have I'm I admittedly answered this for awhile now a more liberal guy but I'm in love with college football right now to where there's I mean Saturdays or my weekend and I still watched on Saturday but at the urgency we've had over the last month or so every single Saturday. I mean it it it just came to a screeching halt this past week that's not good for the sport is what work were so busy about talking about it all the implications each and every weekend. PDF finally keep them moving indicate that that just quietly did happen on Saturday. Night it is frustrating half but it yet you didn't mandating Egypt scheduling in terms of that at this stuff yet. It's really hard to do that you know I did it the dome it's actually it is impossible that you. Two did you know I think it's gonna be at the school that it looked. You look at our schedule would that are scheduled a lot to whatever but the conferences are gonna get together at peak at some point say okay. We we cannot we can't just let that they let you write a bit ago that that's just that bad pit. Are barely let you go out quick thirty seconds or less I like your falcons to dynamite and a full point on the road I like the rods two on how you feel about your birds. Well in general or this could not be delivered the most Catholic I don't. Ideally denying. I only quality and felt I know it's gentle not really patriot. Although the hot they're not being there that Draper that a global the day. Well you look you're the best man nobody works harder than news so. I know you're you're gonna spent some time with family enjoy enjoy the rest and I enjoy the Thanksgiving and it's good to talk dia. Now I gotta appreciate it because they go virtually CBS sports dot com and he has the and you want serious sex every day he's he's down Elaine Susie he's a big topics that well and nobody's perfect but it is that he will run it yeah we list like ice I just don't seek. Keep telling it was with the with the with the gators are only hold up or back at the moment we get some final thoughts illegally get a thought on that it will give other set stat of the day port Nathan Pieter van with Luis it's crow it is prime time more power by ortho Carolina. I. Always burns a junior to be hanging out with a solo show or get off the air a few minutes of overtime at sixty flip over the BC news a lot attendant to the three WT TP after talk at six Alex arm I joined so cute Gina Mick. And our money here back here in effigy at 630 hornets enter roles for pregame coverage and end up myself Steve Martin Matt Carroll Jason one will bring you the call. Starting at seven so a lot of action coming your way North Carolina played tonight at seven as well I think that's on BT so while we got you covered anyway you wanna go to night she and at the exit to Zack and billion right back in the studio doing great work and did you see today Luis by the way. Socket way to avoided a football Georgia Dome was demolished and gone use it exploded and if there's no way very viral video that's gone around. The weather channel based out of Atlanta and having a shot looking a few blocks away at the Georgia Dome. As it moves it was getting ready to be imploded. And right his days as they get ready we'll put eight Marta bus the the transportation out there Marta a plus drives right in front of the shot blocked the entire thing. And ruin the shot of ideally when chance that this thing really the shot. But not only that the bus number you can't make this up the bus number there's an eight was zero to eight dash three. But after a half at a punch not kidding you made your kid if you can't make this stuff up. Once again only do semi 5% of their work cobalt and land Hawkins how great is that perfect solve it I'm glad of one job Leonard. It was a demo one just within Washington. You know the word that is very deputy is gone viral sure you'll see that they can around us. And on social media. And we'll get you back here thirty minutes ago hornets that I got previous commitment they've been just a little bit I've yet to say chip Kelly's gonna because she we can know that already sick and I UCLA yeah and then the whole thing he won't try it will have any trouble recruiting in California he's been their report to meet down moments. It is therefore good authority that the jump on us he doesn't -- happy Thanksgiving yes sir grandson and Luis especially Sebastien thank you and my wife is a hero in fifteen hours without drugs and that gets some sleep Monday as our television stronger than I would ever oh yes oh yes they aren't happy Thanksgiving with the newest addition to family and he's he had exe in the NFC south of little work on that they were back tomorrow how real way to butchers did socialism are more college football talking baby talk a little board it's win tonight we'll find out. See guys then I'm back in thirty minutes imported brigade stick around this and. Vince Scully wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon. Wherever you may be.