Primetime: College Basketball Talk With Dave Odom; Darin Gantt Joins The Show

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Tuesday, March 13th

Kroeger and Darin Gantt continue to talk Panthers; Dave Odom stops by. 


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Powered by toward the Carolinas. That seems to be gearing gets all season domination plan which is your lol yeah so what is this playing US for the Carolina Jimmy if you go into the season with. On and we just. James Fred Barry I think he's that. No I think that would be a good enough. Group that you can consistently wins you want to rest of the plan down you know continue us currency trashing people when you get Blake. He had to trade something right it's rampant okay if that's the Michael billboards I'm just gonna write this down Josh Norman that there was no. Around our performance churches Erica Diaz seemed to restructure you just take all the money hey if you want if you will if you play for less always give guys an opportunity to do and he basically said at the end of the year the Washington pro receiving care about money he cared about winning live from the marks being wheeled to studio. Kroger. Technically it's. Daring guess the old playing for Panthers world domination. Is still in play sit still could happen. I don't understand your disappointed today Tampa employs illegal tapering windows underway were we're now. Deep in fifteen hours into the legal tampering window and ran out 45 hours away from deals officially being able to be signed. Tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock it is prime time. We're powered by ortho Carolina so what people work. Spending money Willy Nilly just rolling caution and cash into the wind today it around the NFL I teams aren't messing around there just diving right into the deep into the pool the Panthers have been more. Cautionary and a more cautious they've been more methodical about what they're gonna do and Derek against plan for world domination that he gave out last Friday on the show. It's still on clay it's still out there Josh Norman Dez Bryant's. Was there something else what else was there there were probably many things have probably forgotten now it's all that it's still out there is still a possibility today it did not involve spending stupid amounts of money that it would have taken to have required the Sammy Watkins is are the Alan Robinson of the world let's update as we've seen so far today. That's not a good idea look I just checked both for. You know as we. Let's keep in mind free agency doesn't actually start for 25 that course. These are just agreements during the negotiating window of the artist formally known as legal tampering. PST did a list of the top 100 free agents of the top fifty of those free agents the best of the best. 21 of the fifty are already accounted for. My main bad attempt free agency starts it'll be over. So many do the math on that that's more than one per hour it is were fifteen hours and right now there's little more every Aaliyah a little bit more than one per hour right now now some of those were tags some of those guys are franchise tag some of those guys. Were accounted for before free agency radar before this stuff. Happened so now if Tom yeah. It's gonna get real land and the Nextel the reason I'm here today is because tomorrow at 4 o'clock. The rest of those guys are gonna come off two or no hurry with what we've already seen happen so far I mean tomorrow afternoon is going to be a whirlwind. So let's get a general update here we want to all of these on all the 21 of the top fifty on the PS TR. Freeagent -- by the way your home for all the great contents you need thank you Fairmont is a pro football talk dot com Jerry gets when they -- on Twitter at daring yet there's two TV's and car but we do for the people you can tweet us for early Jewish Twitter feed at prime time WS Lindsay if you're driving her crazy with all the basketball score -- make -- point stirring -- Jewelers march radius or excuse me spring mania sale savings of fifty to 70%. On all diamond jewelry plus special eighteen month. No interest financing and online at Bradley Jewelers dot com you can check out any one of their eight locations. Right here in the Charlotte area as well you could Texas to building senator text line 704. By 70 nights extent email us if you prefer that in the garage door guru email inbox it's primetime. And WS NC. Dot com so hey a general update here okay Sammy Watkins in the wee hours of the morning three years 48 million dollars thirty million dollars guaranteed. For the former fourth cultural picked. Who's been passed around like a bad cold over the last few years in the NFL but come right up money and three years 48000030. Million guarantee our guys never call mourn 65 passes and had a dozer and don't the only that I don't -- giveaway of any of these I don't seem to great kid claims some product but what's he ever done it justifies draft position and because of his draft position he keeps contents of the other guys would not so jags inking the white buffalo to a very lucrative deal now the highest paid guard in NFL history c.s go home 66 and a half million dollars thundering away as the white buffalo thirty million dollars guaranteed. Is that a buffalo sound. I'll go with it par five years on that contract 66 and a half million Alan Robinson. Three years 42000025. Million guaranteed he goes to the bears. We you instead of one season over 900 yards receiving and he's coming off an ACL tear animals leave god bless America man you get this Paul Richardson. That's the accurate powerful as the ball low I'm going to be working on that all day. Thought it was and how means and Chile or something and if we're powerful and all that's a buffalo move may not always about you actually see this this is great you just to believe in it pulls up a bunch of animal sound effects and you just play them all these other winning composer lies just move the mouse around and play another one randomly here. Present a fly on will be bumblebee is there a total is Eric goat salmon there. Sheer business unit and a great place meanwhile its system it's just the passion for knowledge and information would be more enlightened because of the Internet we got you don't. Hannah didn't go to is agent Tom Condon who just got twenty million dollars per year of Sam Bradford in Arizona so he got the idea you and I talked about this guy thought he was a possibility here realistically least. Until I saw this contract five years forty million dollars twenty million guaranteed for Paul we're all prisons and gas was coming off his best season be the map is like. 44 catches heroes still OK and then you get Kirk cousins three years 86 million fully guaranteed this kind of different because it's a quarterback and that's all things. But you're looking at all these guys out here and you know I know you would kind of said it Billick bill bloated reported it as well I saying the Panthers are interested in some of these guys when you Richard stayed until you see. Oh that's what the market is no I don't know I'm good I'm just that's not where interstate into and onto a point toward interstate until we see a price tag. And the reality is this correct. The Panthers don't have crazy money to spend in free agency won because they blew 96 million last year in free agency. Remember that for people say don't spend money away they did last year so that's a big reason. And more so in line when they were bad team when they were six and ten team yes and more in large part in because they let Josh Norman walking in nineteen million dollars in cap space. The year off the Super Bowl when they went six intent. But more so because you've got to generational talents and either side of the ball and looked equally in Cam Newton he mixing K want shorten those three players. Accounts for 61 million dollars you're 180 million dollars in salary cap this year three guys account for 51. Out of 180 and eighty million dollars in your salary cap OK so you've got generational talent that middle linebacker and cornerback you've got your quarterback the offense. And you've got your quarterback of the defense you've go both sides of the ball around those guys okay. So you you play it accordingly with the starting point of every football season being. All we've got blue key clean Cam Newton now we're good to know which. Teams with good players and have tight salary caps. Which should I mean. I always get tickled because. The and it's a paper for 1415 years going through this you know and I'm in I'm very micro standpoint you guys used to a certain way of doing business. When you see it from a broader perspective. Mean three years ago the Miami Dolphins won free agency by sun and Ndamukong suits his six year modern two million dollar contract. They just cut him and 822 million dollars in dead money this year teams who win and march very seldom win in February. I mean it's it is free agency is desperation quite it's a really bad way to build a good roster. I wanna talk about that because there were if this is an updated out all always my hand on this this is not as of last year but there is there is there some. Data that's always seems to circulate this time a year sank backing up what you're saying get that good teams don't spend money in free agency or at least not street anything other than strategically. Good teams don't generally go out. And dropped 507500. Million dollars routinely. Year after year in free agency so we'd talk about that next. And Darren can't is getting is some logic and common sense it's what we do to talk about this Panthers offseason it's next its prime time power bar or dope Carolina. Listening to primetime which risk program. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com. I'm gonna join us in ten minutes what happened if coach yesterday did he fall asleep on us during the show he fell asleep and missed his appointment what happens that he was traveling and I think and I can't confirm this but I think he's he's taking a lot of calls about Ryan. Yeah he's the point person he's the one person he's supposed to be in talent. And that we just had to go talk to our our. Our intrepid boss Tony to hit man about lining up some studio space for for coach Odom for a for college sports now tuning in show. Did he goes from ten to noon every day so I he's going to be in town you NBC they had the unfortunate task of being. Odd that doesn't land to the slaughter if you will. Other retriever to the slaughter if you will for the Virginia Cavaliers. And the number one defense and all college just woman number one overall seed in the NCAA tournament right here Charlotte so we'll talk to coach coming up about ten minutes. And I wonder what he thinks about the idea I don't know if this is realistic I've kind of just thrown it out their blood. You know Ryan noted that we talked to Ryan on Friday when Darren was in here. Brides coaching at a low major. Now I don't know I am obviously good luck charm so make sure you're in the building on Friday I deceived they can be the first ever sixteen seed one seed upset. But feel right now UMBC is a low major. They are true low major not even a mid major there low major and you know Ryan notable. I don't know how much longer you can stick around you NBC when he went 43 games over the course of two years he's just got I'm getting NCAA tournament they're winning seven games eight games nine games. He's gonna be god they can get a get a bump what's a ball we come back to Charlotte where he was an assistant a little bit as a mineral. Pot is is it somewhere in between. If we're being not a solar cells in Charlotte forty now understands what understating this to the manager and attractive job right now yeah they're not know I think idiotic trying to do better. Oh I'm a lot of little I'd say that actually. You don't see very many coaches make a jump from you NBC to where do you think is better what kind of I don't know. I don't know I don't know what's open but it. I think that's from I should talk to someone close to him over the weekend that you NBC and as he's got I think he's gotten the Charlotte calls at least ten of them have people are linking him Merrill whenever there for return. And I think he's looking elsewhere. We could look at so I don't know if you could say better you could see different I give it to be hard to make a jump from a low major the better bench then a school the Alka of the once Charlotte right now that good as Charlotte Charlotte so confident. The season determine Charlotte is not David's. Tigers came. I saw him bring. That's not the ultimate barometer of what's a better job again UMPC before this year before the last two years. Hadn't won more than double digit games and one point single digit gains overeat years' sole. Nobody was jumping into UMPC job two years what's why Bryant took it was his first head coaching job it's a low major job. Charlotte it is atop Torrey market top 25 market it's in conference USA they've got a football program over 30000 students there. In a very attractive city. Look I understand the purse in the image of Charlotte right now is damage somebody's got to coming your fix that that's the ultimate problem but Charlotte's a good job it's just not the job it was. From a brand standpoint a decade ago when Bobby Lewis left the program wide and they give him the chance when he was the interim coach bill. Rhino what they did but they wanted different directions bright day when the different directions or rhino who's gonna go to different I'm Democrat and different direction had at putter under a untrue and at that time Ryan hadn't been a head coach you got to cut your tee somewhere you most coaches don't get her started a mid major program like Charlotte. In a conference like that in for being odd that it just doesn't happen very often so there's a process that's the way this whole thing works. I just think be very rare to see it a go uncle and I love Ryan Ludlum. I think he's clearly progressed and improved as a head coach you just don't see a coach very often leave a lone major to go to what what exactly would be better than Charlotte. You could see different vessel that's all other conversations there are different jobs that are probably on the same plane. But better I mean I don't know that sundry that don't happen very often a factor seeing coach is now more than ever make lateral moves into the power level. Or don't go from Brad Underwood did it he was from Oklahoma State to Illinois. Who would say that that's enough great. I mean if anything that's and you step in sideways into Billy's like chicken is set right now to remove very odd mood I'm mark got traded as another job. He's a point of what I'll state Northridge what's and they don't have any. Well OK but they're out here before you throw rocks at. Every before you say something you'll regret in a few hour fund with coach I did a final four show with him last year from from Glendale right outside run right outside the other stadium as we got ready for championship shot Saturday night I thought we coach got that he's getting the whole for the campus that sit there and he's didn't you know kind of paraded around so he might not long does it take to see cal state Northridge five minutes a guy known commodities and build their other concepts the other SATA camp it's got to be a little bit bigger than that I'd techsters reading and building senator tax line Derrick camp for pro football talk dot com with a summit -- everybody. I'm not a Thursday don't adjust your radios Phil hi what day is at it it's crazy ride out text or I'd say good teams they'll also Lester young talent walk away 34 years. Are either out later either we live being mediocre speaking of the Panthers and mean it's good news bit. The place else for the last five years in the Natick on the whole it could. You know it could be a lot worse and again and granted I'm you know my pit stat is in the 23 years of Jerry Richardson there one NET one honey two and one. Dan on 500 over the course of 23 years soak. Cut mediocre gab but the one thing about the NFL is it's really hard. To not suck at some point did you avoid disaster. Is hard because most teams go through. A 2010. Or 2001. And their dinner a couple of those but by and large. They've generally been. Competitive and that's what the NFL's built for and that's where they've managed to keep well owing to ditch this this a little graphic this little. XY a graphic that always makes the rounds around NFL free agency haven't seen it up data for this year this is going into last year. Odd they always do the XY access where. Axis where you have cumulative wins over three year period on the earth and on the bottom and then. Riding north and south you've got your job you live free agent spending. In millions of dollars and so generally speaking you wanna. In the far right OK regardless of how. Hi you're low you more on this Charlie courts and you talk math you wanna be on the far right is a terror frank Garcia talk for exactly say football words frank I told you man I only took a math class in college that was called logic and I think amid see it. And I created new math class for me to get out of issue as I troop death. Was it an individual course now there was so it the old Rowan woods the old requirement was math team twenty. They actually circled back after I started school in May or may not have successfully completed Mets in twenty timer to. Are being created math team TN. And had to walk it back down he'd asked I had an Emmy shame I was really get out there get a dog man so. Generally speaking here obviously is that 1010 telling him he fingers and toes you have down again ten of them and Tim about it is say your good. I so you wanna obviously you wanna stacked the most cumulative points possible and this is of going into this past year patriots were wrapped there was no way in the far right. Teams like the Packers the Steelers of the Seahawks at cardinals the chiefs the cowboys to dangle some Panthers a little bit further behind. And what's funny about this all the teams that are to the far right. You're talking about all but about literally one or the bottom right portion quadrant. Q1 which is below average spending above average wins a Q1 Q1 more to protect. Go back to our NCAA tournament talk but no you've got to Q what I needed you to explain it to me later on they'll say you've got Q1 which is below average spending an above average wins and you get Q2 which is below average spending below average winds. And you've got Q4. In the upper left which is above average spending below average when I'm guessing the dolphins live in that quadrant I jags were actually up there are jets titans box Redskins giants raiders. Dolphins are right in the middle bank of the other right in the middle I've figured. I mean then there are always the champions march and then you've got the one team and this is what you would call in math correct him when he talked about data. The out liar or the one that doesn't fit the norm around on the extreme. Q3 which is above average spending above average wins the Broncos are the only team in that larger. By themselves above average spending above average were actually a little surprising considering how cheap John oasis I did notice is going into last year OK just before last year's offseason so everybody else you talk about what you would consider quality teams in the NFL franchises. The patriots the Packers the Steelers. The Seahawks the chiefs the stable does this include ones the Panthers as your below average spending your does that include retaining their own guys. Let's overall spending so I'm sure Don Miller would be in there. I guess he had this isn't signing outside guys is just free agencies in your guys are going to hit free agency. Now sometimes your son your own guy before he ever gets free agency. Which is what happily trade turner. Well you make a point and again we talked about his months ago when people were still talking about all came they keep nor well no you lost nor well last August when you signed trade turner. To the extension when you signed your own guys it's certain positions you can't double up one night signed K want shorts of the extension it was pretty much. Agreed upon that Starr was gonna go well. And he found. In Carolina north. But I I guess this this thing is like when you see that is a fan do you just look at sentenced and think it doesn't matter 42 like a clue I look at that and I think. Yeah that's not a surprise to me to teams that are really good and consistent as I said stable. They don't they don't spend a lot of money and free to seek others are reason why behind that right you're generally you've probably got a good consistent quarterback play them you've locked him up. And you've probably got good consisting coaching as well. And you're probably drafting a slightly above average right so you're not needing to go feet you don't eat hungry and create yet I had and I honestly wonder sometimes in this happens every march. And I wonder if it reflects on our current political climate sometimes but some people just did on the chaos some people just wanna see stuff happening whether it's good stuff for bad stuff. They just are into the stuff so if you keep throwing stuff at them they forget. That it might be bad. You know entertain me in March and it disappeared team that didn't go the plan also wasn't very interesting being entertained in March is important yet no doubt. And I just think there you look at the teams that have historically spent money in free agency any NFL and you look at the teams that are spending money in free agency. This year. There's always a correlation man Khannouchi can you draw the line with what the correlation is. Eight in NFL free agency which is if you either don't have a quality quarterback or you got when it's cheap and unproven. And that's why you have cap space to go at a bunch of dudes around them and that's just that's just the way it works. And so we're gonna go to the tegra come guests on British switch gears a little bit. And Murray get ready for the NCAA tournament which technically starts tonight we get these first four games starting at 640 LI EU broke LU Brooke going gonna take on Radford. 216 seeds saint Bonaventure and UCLA to eleven seeds and of course we'll see is sixteen seed here in Charlotte. Ryan owed on the head coach for you NBC he's got the retriever in the dance taken on a top overall seed in Virginia and organ while committee is proud pop up first we do this is that. Like a kid play in one on one in the driveway with his stand like when he gets to high school and hits a physical point where he can take is to add to the hole which was the point when you count I had to say I'd and I got this. Well there are lost my call yes well he's been there he knows. He knows rip up our everything that we did Robert have the bigger yeah. He didn't have to simulate an angry text on Saturday afternoon coach you get to cinema congratulatory text on Saturday is trying got to retrieve voters in the dance. A lot of people another retriever could there but this particular space city. They can't very well. How proud are you on Saturday afternoon on sitting on my couch and you're the first person I thought of as that three point shot goes through the basket with what point seven seconds left. How proud were you of Ryan and that team and just all that on Saturday afternoon as they punched their ticket coach. Well his life my life like for our family. Just quickly went from about face all saying that it happened to get to that point. And then act quickly. It did might hear bank home is where there are none left amid. It is I just can't say here how. Much emotions flowed through saying that the order really can't you know out. In thirty years done so well. And all our family all our friends everyday and and we're friends everywhere we do we're so. But you know what the number of and let you know reached out dust these text or telephone call our. Aren't stopping back how I've been quite on a ticket that ballot out in a heated game. Why I was in Indianapolis. I'm only in ninety selection committee and we won't harder work during that game and I finally big. Yet chairman dedicated to it but stop the meeting and let me watch the last ten minutes to regain what tendency. They were great. I thought out not out Arquette yet yet. So it was it was an incredible. Period of staff to make and how why did more beat ourselves and she invited her for best friend feared what the site of over and they had a tournament victory party. Author history. That is great intent who always crime who who cried who stopped the crying first I guess I should ask you Orlando which which team which person white finished up the water works first on Saturday coach. Well I I am sure it was me code I had none have achieved. I wasn't here but you know my guess is that all four of those women whip Eric yeah they'd pay all. They help me those skills and fears about suspects. You know there's two years and there's joyful tears and that's what we. Com am proud Papa we got G David Odom a great Wake Forest in South Carolina head coach with this right now. And the technique on gas line and I just sunrise is that going to be coaching you NBC into the NCAA tournament they're how lucky to get the number one overall seed as the 61 matchup against Virginia right here in Charlotte odd this weekend coach how nervous were you on Saturday is that game got ready opened up in Vermont we could bring you more nervous about that thing you've ever been coaching the game yourself how nervous were you. Like that every county coaches. Competed and it's made in court this one probably was accentuated even more. But. It can be coaches I feel so helpless. You know I think don't want to say to him want to want to take it to rain it's better at don't. Upset how long is the better offensive coach I ever want us. He had. He has an app on a number of interviews via. These stickers this week up in Virginia Kurdish. Chris you don't spent seven years there at the university and you know we. But it that incident that saw UMBC IR and a little in debt noted that happened. In we're allies. He you know to see his name will go up there underneath the University of Virginia. To know that we spent seven years there. Like he you know I we still got. Normal amount of France in the state of Virginia they were very nice to us and show a bill out of town and University of Virginia has a university. I mean here just so many great moments in. That the friends that we had to carry all the clip little drape is Jeff Jones. You know I don't want stored at one of the big spec was up there. And if it. When human error rats start talking about spot that. You know we had heard talk that much did teach how much are they at every day when we got out of school he comes home he gets on his bike. You right now all of a road to a yes I mean are more stroke early installment takes a right but the cost spot that. Drive down into the well the universe get all parked his bike over behind the ditches the player bitches. In walks down court and sit down the side chipped. Joan yeah yes got a ball in his hands he dribbled the ball underneath his legs grants is standing durable ball underneath that direct. And chip peaches CM basketball. Watching the University of Virginia practice it happened every day. Everyday yep still is responsible. For India is anybody. Except his mother may be causing get his temperament from his mother his ability to make really great decisions. From our. This is one of my top five human beings on the face either we're talking to right now Dave Odom is whether or a this is that your do. Stories aren't you tell stories better than anybody coach since I love talking DI a so I do what you're telling me is. Ryan's gonna be really good about his nerves on on Friday if he did he does is like a homecoming we are telling me he's gonna be great about his nerves on Friday as he gets ready for this game well. Eight it will be the air it is a couple things about Ryan that people don't touch pro choice not a freight. Not a freight do we aired data regularly. Don't you get responsibilities. That come about the second thing out Stellent. The great David Field right or business. Expert. Yesterday it will it feel like you're the owner of I don't know. I think that you know he'd get his interest in basketball. From me. Egypt is no I'll from his mother. In David just made explained it well all you gotta do is go back to that final play. The scores tacky calls timeout coach rippling yet. No time outside now if it had been me that there may have a call to time yeah. Want when he got that property keel on the other hand on when he got half court a call they play on both. It both intervals. Both of would've been wrong. And Ryan and Netgear files were brought up court yeah at Randolph Childress did in 1990 fast. Jump up and shoot the shot that he wanted. Which heeded. And it made that shot at that differences there. How would attract an erupting maybe orchestrate debt Ryan was quietly and control. Wade being mown. No timeout. Just did his mother would have. And given him the right to make the right decision at the right track this mother always makes. The right decision the direct act that's where Ryan gave his ability. To all of this sat directly. That bet that the play it to delegate in Bryant like me are as my target market. I love that they've the guy he knew the player restrict forgive me for not knowing his navy dribbles the ball cross the timeline care why Gerris Lyles excuse me coach stayed thank you and dusty dregs of the growth the time when he noticed. And Andy looks over a wry and it was just. Not were run in this that we're running the set let's run this thing out and maniacs acute that thing to perfection and UN DC going to the NCAA turner we're talking to the gray Dave vote on these with this right now undetected Condit side of course coach you couldn't have. An NCAA tournament without some sort of consternation in her people wringing their hands of who got in who got out. From you know did he get any issue with over all the way to the steel broken 68 would you put somebody else in undertaken somebody out how did you feel about the job they did. Well it's part of NATO aircraft because you know moaning and speak Teddy up. I had nothing to do what DN CAA committee bet having gone through that experience that not hearted it. You know I can't say you didn't. You know I I feel badly. Promoter saying. It's because of injuries that they had had an Alice hopeful that the NCAA committee could find time to. By the way he did get and they weren't able to do it. I've felt badly for Oklahoma State. Michael Boynton made coach of all the they played three years immediate South Carolina. You know and it can you know I think if you just sit at the beginning here Michael you're team's got a big tent just why they're gonna be Oklahoma why. They're going to be there West Virginia and Morgantown and you're going to be Texas Tech at a purely. You're all aware that Michael I think initiated yet. Because he probably would've thought that investigated and it didn't turn out to date told him that they have that look. You're in and I see it's determined that is what. Playing it's worth wading neck go to work and right and and hopefully he'll. Killed in that. And you know you feel you feel battery for up. Southern cal. They finished second bullying. You've got to Arizona State they finished I. And you know that's that kind of hard to. Swallow like here. But they're having gone through the weekend Chris. That beat these people that didn't get it these are professional people that have people who. Understand computers and numbers and logistics and the aided that they just how to do it. And the way those things came up. It the term to get those things that I made the turn in favor of. And I guess that's my issue coach like I understand the conspiracy theories that go on but I got a huge issue with a guy like Dan Dockett who knows better. Getting on ESPN on Sunday night and accusing that committee of putting Oklahoma in because Trey young's on their team I mean that's bad debts. I mean there's there's no place for an analyst saying something like dead on on a network like ESPN because. Whatever you think about whether the field is right or wrong who should've gotten in Hershey should have gotten out there's no way any these guys are are flatly putting Oklahoma in because Trey young plays for the sooners today that I'd like I can't get into that. Now I agree with it to be quite honest it you don't have the more. Access some of these guys have to pick game to the airwaves via TV or radio. I think they take too many liberties. And I really think some of the things they say they don't necessarily believe in and day they say it just to spur conversation. There are believed that way to do that yeah you bet that the I'd probably not a joke get it and that it didn't they know that's a little like you know that we would never. Now that it publicity you in the shark Greg Charlotte area of work area because you're good lick in bulk up yet. And now you got great brand the name now and again we know that. You see that that's why we bring this guy around all right instead kamikaze just created the next open tradition over great team David Odom head coach at wake. And South Carolina and his boy is going dancing he's earned their right Friday it's gonna be right here in Charlotte and duck coach thank you know you are slam I love talk radio you're the best and what more secure and studio space for you on Thursday Friday OK so nature taking care of down here okay. So my boy Jack make a crawl rpm we're good about we were taking care of you coach geno we're gonna roll out the red carpet for his. You do that you do that now they care you've got thank you for caller I don't you guys that got all that opportunity. All the they're great coaches or an interest Latvian for ten minutes it's not. Well it's the least always Dave enjoys it this way can I do enjoy terrorized. Hey. Let's go to treat her. Coach Odom they can downforce on the technique I'm just lined we will we will see him this weekend he'll be here in Charlotte eyes they get ready for that 61 match up this is sunrise former. Assistant at Charlotte interim head coach there for a little while it's his first head job in the in the college basketball world. And he's done a great job did you NBC to the NCAA tournament they won the America east anti dating if you didn't see it. I shot clock was off 45 seconds left to go and they just played out that this set no time outs and took it all the way down to less than a second remaining knocked down a huge story at the top of the teeth and they got the win over Vermont. Are they were always two against Vermont who is far away deep esteem and a conference socially and tell you that. Politics is once and they want on their home for a shock that crowd up to Burlington Saturn Outlook tournament time and if you're not cheer and for the retriever right now after listening to that Dave Odom interview you hate America. Oh you have no soul. Yeah that's a retriever. Yeah I get after the cavs on south Friday afternoon of Friday evening let's take a timeout we come back on the other side we get back on track during camp pro football talk dot com and while we're at it. His brackets better than yours we explain next its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Still joke that seriously one of my favorite human beings ever G David Odom and text it was riding in on the building center text line 704. 5709. To extend or get your hands. You're somewhere on medalist Michael reveal whether your Glover. Or below coach when you're honest and everybody's below coach this week how could you not man okay you can read as buildings that are text line 7045709610. Friendly plug your okay big is the text are treading in. I saying that. That that was so one of the all time interviews for you guys actually we always talked to coach like Demi coaches just did guy did you just talk to deal. And I'd I was fortunate enough to do a radio show with him. Five days a week for the martyr forties a week last year odd you know in the morning on on tuning in. And I graduated he's still doing the show with our with our voice Stephen heart soul but it's free to listen to its tender notes of your college hoops junkie. Or college football junkie date they do that every day is free to listen to on two and intend to do with the west where Thomas coach needs some studio space because he's coming down to Charlotte to set up the Odom came up. For the next few days is they get ready for UN DC Virginia and so we recently working here from the studio what you guys if you like that he's like that for two hours on the air every day. Unadulterated undock dirt just. The musings and what's inside the brain of David Odom and so you should listen to that. And died you you can hear that he'll be on Thursday Friday as they get ready for Al what's gonna come. It in the NCAA tournament so we we out we always love having coach around Ali gets it SOK. Army and Brian. SPN stats and info always got one of the great Twitter handles out there. At all way need to worthy. It's always a Carolina kid OK I know too wordy and this is on the burly Jewelers Twitter feed at primetime WS then see brownie Jewelers. If you're driving her crazy would all the basketball source and make up points during brown les. Spring mania sale savings of fifty to 70%. And Bob Diamond jewelry plus specially eighteen month no interest financing eight locations and Bradley Jewelers stock company. As steering gear and get trader to bring us his bracket analysis now. Brian says the NCAA tournament field has lost an average of nine point two games this season the most ever. Entering the NCAA tournament and he says couple that was a record 134. Losses by eight. And we could see some chaos this year so. On that note daring yet. What do you say about why your bracket is better than everybody else's bracket Kazan until one out yet. Susan it's not full mistakes like yours and that's. That's all you got I have a pristine bracket at the moment are you planning you know Tony Tony send me something about joining the club here you know and in playing on an MA do that wins do I have to do it tonight before these horrible games and they I don't think these count most contests do not have these first four games all the signing as like with this particular beside our energy conscious you can actually change your take on all four minutes left in the game is a great idea. The great idea I would why not a great idea well so the people who were manic about gaming the system you know when your bracket. Well he's a may not just opened for divine Providence and good luck because I saw approximately. 75 minutes of basketball before this now before the duke Carolina and what you should do any the end of the regular season we should do a control in a controlled experiment here okay. Because you say why is that a good idea I think to natural inclination for people is to say hey if you could change your picks that means you're more likely be right unless you're not. Because I think you should do any spirit we should all do an experiment we should go to Michelle. What we still are two brackets and I'm generally a one bracket guy I believe in you fill out a bracket. Stick to it to man whatever your reasoning is okay to pick by uniforms or. Geographical locations or mascots I don't care you can be serious you cannot be serious you take a bracket you stick to it. But we should do an experiment on the show where fill up one bracket. Fill out another but on the second bracket syntex. You can change your picks up 20 whatever time's left. And I would love to see at the end of the tournament in which bracket actually did you do more did you were you more successful with because actually think. If you just trust your gut the first time around the law of averages might be your favorite this feeling it out Lisa I have my taper bracket the front of me like this is what I did last night and I'm not changing it. And this is I'm sticking to push a death. But I think by gritty stand behind your dealings so much is in Oreo fight fill out a bracket and I shared this day going in the other day asking about bracket knowledge. And I sublime always got a point and I I like. Making x.s on my brackets are always big Xavier to win two or three games at least the journalists and I was like where you're in luck because they're probably going to be a one seed there and I was like and they are so. Yeah. Musketeers again really what you gonna say. I do I used to be a multiple bracket guy he and you just know it's not worth it if you're injured you're you're shorting your one record going why didn't you can hear not here but I'm telling you by opening up your opportunity. To change your picks you would think on giving myself more of a chance to be successful. I think what you're doing is you're getting you're actually yourself a chance more chance to be wrong. Because you're you're gonna it's gonna see a game late in it in. In the last few minutes and take all of Mae and this one's not going the right way and be normal to link its talents gonna win out we might you might just be wrong about asking is why there is why he being in like five -- a police because like numbering forgot a camera the Aussie guy go off a number like oh my gosh series on my team or whatever and I think I'm so happy and then realize another league like she you know my opponent has some and then I'm like I'm rooting sorts for him to not do well like. Just kind of you're damned if you do and damned if you do damned if you don't say we should do it controlled in experiment around here refill our two brackets there both the same but in the second bracket we allow ourselves to change our picks and when the tournament's over. I think this is my guess my hypothesis is like any good experiment certain would be that the bracket you do not touched other than the first time you fill that will be the one that's more right. I believe that so you are I'm on board the sounds great but how do we know always somebody changed their pick before that that. Threshold we use the bracket we use the five hour energy bracket challenge we can jays can change it and that's were saying OK so we should fill out one people one. That we just leave alone will lock it in a in a safe some wire. And when that we didn't touch it will pull play. We had controversies on your chances brackets we need the way and that would do the five hour energy bracket challenge it was totally up to the end and figure out which fractal is more right. I my hypothesis is I think to be the one you said it and forget it once feeling both of them will be equally crap people don't just you which one is less and less wrong does a better way to well and I think it's probably also you you stand a better chance of making changes and adjusting things deeper in the tournament yes because I am beyond Missouri boys Thursday and Friday M kind of covered up I'm going to be a little busy with day jobs so thin on north of fantasy. You know pull challenge bracket and Watson scored. Probably not really in the cards for me polo let's do this top three RD mark king novel work UN here daring guess what does the rest of the shell coming up in the 5 o'clock hour we got Jeb Brady Quinn is gonna drop by and we'll talk some NFL free agency with him and Chris says the tax to read on the air now or not aren't we do that extend out. This latest hit there's ownership group. Is getting really interesting we explain that to its I'll tell powered by ortho Carolina.