Primetime: Christian Kirk And Steve Kyler

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Thursday, February 22nd

Chris Kroeger and Darin Gantt talk with NFL draft hopeful Christian Kirk. Plus Steve Kyler stops by to talk about possible GM's for the Hornets.


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He's only. Q freed knows there's also a snow but no no self respecting human being that. Portends himself to be eight H Connors or is eating anything that with the name lays on. You're just not doing that. Think if you're putting a top fives next to list out there blazer anything with the Brea blaze on it has no no business being in at least you could be more discerning than that. This taste buds I don't trust of he must have sponsorship deals or something I suspect an agenda is a big grocery he's got a big sacks. I'd be a pawn of big cable television screamer for big snack live from the march screen real to studio. The port here we go to detective Scott does slow we're gonna talk a little football we're gonna talk little NFL and talk a little NFL draft with crushing Kirk. Wide receiver coming at a Texas seeing them. He was here played as full game against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons he had a great game that was an offensives just thriller in that game. Where every time you turn around so we scored a touchdown. And we're gonna we're gonna bring them on in his second year on the technique come guess want to go for the federal we have is his line OK he's Christian with us right now. Okay we'll we'll get his phone figured out the second to get Christie Kerr come on talk little Panthers. He's a guy everybody is talking about he was still trying to figure out the stats from the belt roll out how many points combined I think every time you turned around and all we need them it was just. Touchdown touchdown touchdown touchdown there were put to respond like. Each team had nearly forty points or hat right around forty points at halftime in decades the magic of the Belk bowl they could and there are about I don't know. Eight to 101000 people attend it's like I don't know what the attendance was it was a great. Like you were gives if you were watching at home and they'll both bowl games have become that's right they become these made for TV event three sit back you're like god this is fun. You guys are all just. Defense is optional you guys are just throw the ball over the RT I'll sit down for about two hours and watch some of us have. This entertains me I'm good with this well we're really Christian nonaligned we'll talk about him what what what talks have NFL draft. I think the thing for the good the Panthers what are you talking about. What is there needs. I think the interesting conversation if people gonna say a wide receiver whatever. To me it's it's not necessarily one thing as much as it's. Jimmy weapons Mahan and you always given punches or one or two I don't know. I think that's less important DG and finding complement their complementary pieces to actually build out a true wide receiver corps for Cam Newton. Which she hasn't had in quite some time here again and acting is important now I mean I stint civilly and in a perfect world. You're starting wide receiver would be a free agent. But it's a great this isn't a great class of free agents. This year in the NFL which could being. You know the draft is more a possibility all right so we're gonna go to detect become guess slide here. And we're we're gonna talk some important stuff with Christian Kirk wide receiver coming out of Texas San and we start but the most important thing. Which is what you heard any open there are stalking about this top fives necklace which is absolute trash from Colin Cowherd. And snacks Harrison where he says his top five snacks list is rice crispy treats ladies dill pickle chips Chester top Fries. Dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups in and divisions jumble iced honey bonds. At number one Christian Kirk a putting on the spot which your top five sack list in order by after one your top five snacks what is it. Top five Mac O steps would he fit the number one. And I've though it what do you go to number two who. Through a tourist through vetoes the ball we. Good 45. That cup while Favre before. Proxies to fix the out here owners don't know a year ago. And then. The mood here when my favorite in the courtroom open to order he had a number one there if you weren't there. That's preparedness Christine is right off at all and if I could come with five snacks read books right on the I don't they have like hey. If you can answer these questions are gonna refine it to come by next week many are going to be fun. And pack pack. How much have you prepared for those combat interviews because every year you know guys get in there and team strata move guys off their spot make him think on their feet a little bit how much are you prepared for that part of the come by and as opposed to. You know train infra forty and that sort of thing. Yet another you know you get a couple hours that we feel that prepare both men are used to another from a they're pretty people in that puts you through mock interviews in this country who now. You know pretty simple question does and what nodded. Couple accused in the same situation that you're going to be enough to calm bond. But it's not that that quote not think. If you if you go in there and keep you fears though that. Try to act out of character because for guys from the folks there and my statement then you know that maybe pick in the wrong way I think he's going their fears though fans. On at the end of the day you're talking football and no we we offer football. That's what we love love love though on the feet before we talk about that both are confident in on the field because there. If you tequila. We're talking to Christian Kirk wide receiver coming out at a Texas say at any point is bowl game right here at Charlotte it at Bank of America Stadium and you guys were on the wrong side that would put. How fun was that game defense was optional and that game but how how fun just in terms of like it was the biggest environment the biggest crowd. Obviously the stakes may not have been what you guys want for a ball game for the belt bull put all things considered in terms of just fine. And get out there just played football and get up and down the field how fun was that game for you pointing its way to the belt pool. You know with any time you hear that the corporate that there are no the schoolyard dispute that that's pretty fun. Paul that he threw the book is off I was often you know just the whole week. That we are you with them through February with this then there in you know with the plan and I think you know it was thought the comment on the dispute because there. If you think the fuel enough time with my teammates who were not as. The Galileo a lot you get this did not do well fulfillment he acquired that I'll become a father back in the Walton fire but he had to come out and you know we wanted to show up you know that we not to show off and let down over and put it all on the line and they thought there's someone quoted. He you know we Q onshore flow dispute through this is one that you know out that we remember. You know my life you know plea became an. I love you thing and then you know that we have not made about that one. Let it says it was to a chemical and whether it was ethnic unity on the you know. An accurate. Christian as you go through this pre draft process one of the things you probably already found out there it's not you will soon. There's nothing people like more than comparing college prospects to guys already in the league what's it like for you as a player. Do believe your own name in CN comps bill back. You know you know I was that if you are art school my name for it he was both should be viewed on a heart that people want to it you know the taxes. See what not but. I mean luck you know that this leave you know if you compare to ballot photos and there's the third that you and I would have. You know what this first years in the NFL. With the continued success that he's gonna happen. Song we wrote the great player like that you know it's just an honor to its appeal with the type your name mentioned the defense did well. You know that it's it's no good on the because. You know we have whom think the quality I've been playing phone or whatnot so. I know it's pretty deep that it not try to emulate the feat that he doesn't game but you know you have found a way that Putin's that the pre filter and our commitment. The meat. You mentioned social media have you I've gone through. Your high school years of tweets are gone through the college years in major there's nothing embarrassing in there the name by wants to say. I was with who worried about that and I opposed the morals what we'll meet you. You know never really has been you know well oh world McCready. You know stuff that shouldn't be on there and I use that Martha she media platforms. Armed notes for a cure him as a as a you know heart character guy. You know keep it off on time so he's not I think we've from open anything controversial honor. On home soon to be a mama you're the Broderick now. But a Christian Kirk's with a seaside joining us right now in the tech become guess on what it. What's the thing that you heard from in this is probably even during the year and now especially as you go through the draft process we've heard from. Scalps and NFL people saying hey we know you're really good at this we wanna see you work on. This though we need to see we need to see makes improvement in this part of your game so we should go through your individual workout stuff and try to get ready for the draft will what's the part of your craft right now the year trying to step up your game that. Well you know what a parent and you know the question mark is you know part to play. Our thirst you've reviewed true number one are you heard noted up front cover to a lot of you know the first part of my him that I worked in non throughout the season. No thief you know few within its feet. Nuclear practice promote figure riff. One on one you want our first speaker not during practice but played off our receiver. It's just you know whatever Q you've matched up against the other thought that you know much applies. Is that community and roughly I would do it your mama to do it. You know I never really had too much trouble enough with her foot. Didn't really feel that much up to being thought of it as though it's you know an area of my game and I think at first few very general they can always work on. To be through security get off Preston because from the effect. For those who don't see not that we work non is a few which dot com Mathieu can run every route. Through your. Well you working out it with Texas right like how I would wonder. How old when you make those decisions of what you're gonna do it out of your who you're gonna work out with and the people we're choosing to put around you. How tough was that that decision how important is it why why why make a decision for a place like Mexico still. They opt out this is wrong and expendable my time over the next few months is I lead up to my professional career. Do not think at the really important there's an just because you know ready for the compound. Know that they can contribute your own thought a lot though you go to for the people around you that and who the Q no conflict that you're going to be go to that the heated. Are you not had no talk to a a bunch of different people about that vote and then head up the poker thing to say and think you know half of most about them at their feet insurance program and before the great and I know everything that they've done you know each week we've been getting better and a lot like the work you know they they did you have not a formal one on that you need unity not but it you have. When the other top talent talented guys. That are here to view the first few thought think that the good thing you know you're not just isolated not just on the one turning. You know your round of the guys that will push you in the field the few yet. You know everything is closed up we may be better and you know when the team around me to make sure though that's what we call wanted. And after that knocked me a fairly good job of perfect match. Eric Christian Kirk wide receiver from 8 AM we're gonna let him go it is the most important question what's your forty time next week what are you gonna for what's the goal. The gun for fourth through right now no but you know put at all it just you know I thought since then. You know which took just follow that from our attorneys did not know and I'll work they're not the on the line. You know is at the end of the day just got to pull back U turn and enough. For an offense defense for the phone function for right now. If I could effort just experienced what running a 4340 would be like Baghdad be it just one time what's it what six feeling like we like I know. I'm just faster than that dude like you line up what the other side elect I'm going to. I'm just going to run past you if you're not going to be able to stop me because of that much faster than you that's got to be a great feeling on the football field. So it's been really good feeling on any time do you think he would then decide ten yards through personal human rights the. Christian current wide receiver from NM Christian best to look at Indy next week it's too talkative man thanks for dropping by herself. Yet they confirm. Big Joker should Kirk wide receiver from Texas data we got Steve Tyler. Backing them up a few minutes he's gonna join us at 430. And doubt I lit it Darrent thoughts on this we're gonna get back disappeared there's talk a little bit of its Ali your thoughts on this whole. Chris Paul situation with the hornets in the god that guy who can supposedly tell all. Michael Jordan Knoll and how he factors in. To what's gonna happen with this front office shake up we get to it to parents' thoughts on that it Steve Keillor talks about. The potential of Mitch Kupchak to be the next year for the hornets we do it it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Need your arms around me I need to send your touch. I. Seventy Skinner dropped by a series except sat. We'll grounds DM one time NFL front office man and Otis also Marty dirty. Back on the job for the Panthers and his thoughts on what this team to do with the NFL draft to get the 24 pick coming up. In the NFL draft thanks to Christian Kirk for dropping by and it about five minutes we're gonna talk a little bored it's your reaction though would you take a rich show. Getting beat for close quote you reported it gosh what was it Tuesday around 11 AM saying. Points choosing to not extend the contractor rich show and then he got a press release about thirty minutes later saying. Yeah that's right and so he's not here anymore and almost fell like a rich himself wanted to pull the band aid office when I think it was pretty obvious that there is no exchanging coming. And if your general manager you're always working on next year there are only so many dale after a trade deadline there when the so much business you were gonna do and so I think it's reasonable for rich to go in say hey are you gonna extend me yes or no and if the answers now why am I still hear taken up spell he had so what what what. I'm Susan Rich is already updated the Twitter page by the way former NBA GM a big time bites I mean. By the way I know that's a cute little thing like I get it's his hobby. And Obama making a mountain out of a mole hill here but how many other NBA GMs. Have a food block. Yeah. I mean eco laundry and instinct I like people who live in the world. I mean I I need. Think it's good for people to be well rounded human beings we gotta be your primary job enjoy food and also be good at basketball. Those kids are not mutually exclusive or you can be put our U and that's an obviously. Now that's a different question yeah and you know that's obviously what's up for debate I don't honestly and this whole thing has pointed me toward. If it's not going to be rich Joseph rich Joseph would supposedly be outside reach Joseph was supposedly been on anti whale. Around here are some by Michael didn't have any background with some hiding go to Chapel Hill somebody who was an analytics based guy rather than an old school. Quote unquote basketball guy. That didn't work. Now I'm not saying we should never. Consider somebody with a match analytics background any math small rich Joseph didn't work. Times and so on I'm skeptical let's not blame Mandel your math is still valid thing science is still good math is still good contrary to popular belief. Bomb. But I just I wonder at this point. We've now done at the out of the box coach in Mike Dunlop weakness and Mike Dunlap we've now done. Different in my can rod Higgins we've now done outside the box GM enriched you know none of it's worked. What's the common denominator and that's a fair question well and I I would say this I know from I would I'd. Stated Richard you said. Went went to Micah Curtis had sent a tonight we're we're reality is we hearing me yeah I would get a status update on moving forward where Brad idiots here. Obviously was who we're gonna go to different direction and so the hornets were gonna. Let that news out actually in the coming days and up in about the next of the red go to Tuesday that was gonna happen in the next 48 hours because. What are you gonna do anyway you wanna get beat you wanna get security get a tip you guys are going to be either you wanna get a jump start on the on the GM search of course. Yeah whoa chief by the guess what it's probably got that from riches agent of the day we got word this ain't happening now and so you know. If that that is what it is what from from the standpoint of what this team does now moving forward Steve Connors gonna tortoise and a couple minutes. Yeah I mean I think if you could Curtis pulled quotes to Rick but now we're really curious to me because he talked about hey. Rich he did a lot of good work from an analytic standpoint from an infrastructure standpoint Clifford talked about it the other day the organizational standpoint. And out of abuse and all this data on obtaining all this data. They spent a lot of money on that millions of dollars on that organizationally. On the infrastructure that rich Joseph built some of his scouting around you know to get rid of that. Bryant Mike is that going to be the fundamental piece of what you're doing with forty you keeping that keeping his people. Who gets to stay who gets to go at Curtis Wolfe was talking about how where the NBA's going from a development standpoint of from an analytic standpoint. To your point you do without again. At which point. We get the other guy curse on Rosales of Houston. Appears to be a guy who's rich. But better like he appears to be guy would no longer trail record it was good. Like did we I don't think we knew I think there's a lot of that we hoped he was good I think there are a lot of unknowns I don't think that's the thing that helped rich was honestly. Being linked. To San prestige around in the Seattle. Slash OKC front office chair he I think he got lumped in with a lot of credit for Russ west Russell Westbrook. James Harden Kevin Durant I mean as I don't think that was thereof be the same way Matt Patricia got a head coaching job in the NFL this offseason if you work for good organizations. You're gonna get opportunities and jobs where the use specifically deserve them or not I just think that's fair I do think it's curious what if a guy like Curtis Polk in my understanding by the way the relationship of rich joined Curtis Polk was. They they had a good relationship because. Richard understood the dynamic that Curtis both Serbs. For Michael Jordan which is on protecting your assets right. And assets is normally what write your bottom line. I don't want what is it tears Lisa what's the common denominator I don't look I understand every business needs to make money that goes without saying. There's also wait a performance standard you have an aspect of a single to Mike what's. What's the thing that's motivating you was it just being well competent enough to where you can keep making money is it being a really consistent competitive basketball team. What are you trying to be with you organization. Wed there it is David tepper play with a stress testicles. Or whether it's Michael Jordan run at a basketball team or any other fantastically successful rich and wealthy man. To affect change in them to make those guys do business differently. It's got to be economically disadvantageous. For them they've got to feel it before they change I mean and it you know I'm we're talking about tip earlier in the show. When things don't work you know you respond to it a certain way. Michael's always been successful whether it played basketball sell sneakers or whatever and now his basketball team is not very good but it's still making money I assume. Nobody is dead and as long as it's doing master revenue share about a way in Israel long as that's the case. What's Michael's incentive to do things differently. I mean he's. Yeah I mean seriously he's tried it this way straight it that way he's gone every different direction and it keeps not working well that's why also say what we're does Curtis both added that there is Curtis I was business associates don't seek your help your business of basketball like. How much time does Curtis actually spin in Charlotte not much does he have. In sight to the roster that the rest of us do not enjoy what and who cares if he does he's not a basketball guy well I mean hey I gotta have casual for people to come from the agent background to become basketball executives drop link is another example a mean guy. Who was agent forever and is now a personnel. Type so I mean that's not uncharted territory and it's not like if you're involved in the business of an MBA they'll be MBA from an agent standpoint. You're and that. World. Are we move this guy around a lot over the last 24 hours of sort grateful but he still puts up with our companies with this right now on the technique come gets like he's gonna answer some of the stuff Steve Connors with us. For basketball insider stock up Steve good to talk to abandon you Dylan. You'd aren't there are double the appropriate here from apparently. This is the last time I promise that we got Steve with the summit technique come guess like. I I found some of the stuff so fascinating the other day go back and reading Curtis pokes and I don't know if you got to see this from Rick Bedell put reading some of Curtis pokes. Quotes about where this team is what they need to be thinking about where they're going in I guess my skepticism. And number around the seem to be said about Steve by my skepticism is. I see Curtis Polk every bit is the reason at the same if not less than Michael Jordan and he's built is the guy they could tell Michael Null and all this business venture so. I I love the idea the gatekeeper. But that assumes the gatekeeper has a vision and understanding knows what he wants to do. And what's best for the organization and so that's just to be it's just another wrinkle we've throwing to this mix sills. Mean what are the hornets were they going and how to they get there. Well I think there you know why is here at twenty here that theory that you think what oracle. Where were the car to go out to make it fair I think that's what they wanna be the best here holding a picture. You know air in the kind of within the world that I was you're having gone through a couple of the uniform off they're here. And talking you guys this you know you know talk someone recently human if you could you know walk but has Coker are far off the job at. You know we got talking about what it's like you weren't there a lot of there are. Accompanied. With the thought can point and then tell me that you understand our last park after bickered truly beat Utah. The best fit for talking about our coaching staff are you about our scouting department truly worker who can't. What problems are it's something our ball. You can get that record and and in your particular art as you know I've mapped out plans for the ball out novice they're. You know and that was walking away and we're here in town not that they're eating get kicked out there. Your phone or over the form of either. So why are car you're going through this process look at this day. You know. Market itself like a proposal because or younger if you need to about a particular people characterize this as. Eric get and now or other that is then he went his way perk up your. Working which argued he played a ticket or if you don't when he didn't know current term I think that the thing I like the boat about. Whole province corrected a benefit. Are you betcha he says he's not the fact we want to talk to you but it is. Cheer Mitch Kupchak and everybody else I think it's got that verdict that they feel you open your eyes you're talking for more candidate. And he walked out there with in different viewpoint that maybe you don't hire problems but maybe help. Who is correct that your team we could talk to a lot more people may come up with a really good right. Steve I think coming after the Bob Johnson administration in Charlotte which ended that are which began so orally and in it even worse. Michael Jordan was gonna perceived early on as a breath of fresh air in NBA circles is working for Michael Jordan. Perceived as a positive or negative. We've gotten that I I think there was no court. Early in my whole career and you get this thought all the way back the walked in here. But it was too conspicuous stance friends Jordan they were ordering and then there's Michael victory here nobody was it that they know. You'd get better your commute player on clay you are back to fall I think Michael was Urquhart that it. They're they're a lot of things that did you know this integrated fewer than the foyer changed. He seems a lot more open in new ideas he was one of those guys. It didn't you a lot of doubt analytic and a lot of doubt Hewitt. In some of the things that are kind of corner stone that the people they're walking into an interview or impeachment. Yeah I always you know all those things are varied interest in taking thank you can't work it girl. Because he want that the war is not like he's just check out play ball. You're prepared for it want this to work it is very big way. You don't lock or open going through his art are the people specifically get out. You know ordered that we can hear more increase in working here. You know only is mediate caliber could be that it's that they're their fifteenth at a number of years. They think more importantly what he or don't you Markowitz and make it anymore and if you didn't see huge positive and it's a great recruiting tool. Well and on that note he collars were this basketball insiders sack Connie can always follow him on Twitter great Twitter follow always interacting there at Steve Tyler. NBA you know we can make the argument we Campbell the door right now with some of these candidates of who should be who should an upbeat. I'm skeptical Steve we've talked about issue and I had this conversation to Mitch Kupchak from the obvious macro picture standpoint of hey Charlotte's not LA. You don't have a Kobe Bryant here. I you've got a you've got to have some sort of interest in the draft I think you'd be free agencies not going to be a major tool for you to build your roster at least and adding top tier players. What I would say what you just talked about in terms of OK if the guy again and Shockey still out there Ken Michael Jordan produce a consistent winner as an executive. If I'm Mitch Kupchak or any candidate for that matter. All these guys heavy dose Mitch Kupchak if you come here and weighed in Charlotte not LA at Charlotte. With Michael Jordan as your owner I mean that's a career walk off right if you could deliver a winner here with that owner. That changes your whatever doubts people had about you of all we will we said Jack you always had Kobe you always had the elite level players and coaches. Mitch Kupchak could end his career with a walk off home what if he delivers a winner here. Yeah but I I think that all week so far this. Really tough to clear out of the buying a winner when you championship nearly is because they're gonna be able. Out last couple of feet for your rock for him as they're going to be here for 45 or hear foot. Compared to the point where your upper a lot to offer every year that you're talking about conference final appearances are hopeful that inferior. No food or your feelings right now that the home run. They're out there who are make the league championship then I think you're friends what are you put the baseball analogy. Arms but I think for mr. isn't your cup what they say they are often as we walk with Fitch. You're the practical people would be where is the perfect affect what you would allocate you know. Two by the rules wouldn't call free agent before 12010. Well. Walk that back channel. You know to buy the book he's in his heart that. Not a week creative looking under a little Laker organization. They were the last ones on the analysts train they were the last ones that work for their ticket to the swung and analytics conference then off it. Me one thing people Laker Borg checkbook or less have been warming even read it. You know financial because that was doctor Richard watch that somebody say that was about to sample you know how doctor about what this thing done or is that he needs Q. But they've walked Omar or didn't see it and I think when you're trying to build the competitor Ford it featured in the Martin yeah I mean that the right guy. Maybe that's the right guy if it is between he would Michael to work for you would incur poll in May bring some guys are certainly fit. It's all about the truck further fall off that I think there's this romantic side ya want diet full of all four leper. In the front office and the reality is it's generally weaker side they're really happy that you're you're. They're generally anger behind the curtain no bias and that you are only the vets now are or what people. It's our office in some capacity. So much as Water Cube guy anymore the small he's got a. Steve Connors who this basketball insiders not comment on that note it a completely different candidate he's the opt be you know he's the antithesis of what you just said Mitch Kupchak. What could you tell us about her sobre Sus we know about him. You don't Kirk are. It's been very unifil more frightening at the end you've been there were all it you know you're left actually for a minute and what did Dallas after they're for like six feet in the for the you can rocket. Arm you know yes despite what looked at this this to really understand the martyred very. We will use that no maker like you've ever have a copper they all listened to a proper state just was you know more yelled out which maybe at a cocktail. I'm luckily he has got it off like it all her fare her contract. He's the guy that you believe they're basically since he's usually the guys that it. It's you know more well rounded off the ground if you will it. You know each you have been built every day at the end he is everywhere here that felt we. I heard executives this player he didn't he offered plea for what he's referring to you or you out without the work himself that earth stop the war. How he got all the event. You're bad. You're the showcase every day you became GM during draft he did you not somebody that you thanked them on the job he's basically doing what I like it. It's a free he'll definitely and consolidating going to be like if he'd kill him. Well and then here's another name that opt for obvious reasons. Has been lobbied as log out they're the last few months is. He's David Griffin who we've spoken to Dave a little bit I think he makes sense for a variety of reasons as well what we think about David Griffin what would he bring to the table authenticated at their look at death. Look on his ticket he beat her campaign if you're gonna Ali you know he's warning here in the that if it went well apple. You know coach if we going to make the harder for her situation. Not only want but deliver you championship. Picture regarding our replicate kicker certainly is that he's going to want to lower your own show. You can wanna be key personally eat them wanna have authority in Albany. And I'm basically thinking if that's what you'll really feel like they're backed away. And that's really hard for help organizations to view it but when they haven't had a lot. Thoughtful way it did do this with Jeff welt but which is less fit than the money that that's important and rebuild give our partner beautiful office. And didn't complete the calm MacBook. If you Gergen Hariri. Probably in everybody's company B company Philip show. You've got to make it it didn't you'd done enough to justify that. You look around belief you apply equally as well got that team in Philadelphia. He winning record and what they'll do it. You know that kind of a call current main you've got a novel and you will find Jack that little house. Oh it is there a massage it may it may be it's her sober assessment is there any. It beside you jury out there Steve is there a guy that the average train would know where Maine if he's doing good work behind the scenes he's earned his he's earned his due. And if he could get a chance he would do a heck of a Japanese like Toronto as the team like keep using them as an example they were kind of thought to be stopped the same way the hornets were five or six years ago. And they've built one of the perennial consistent teams in contenders like you're talking about they might not ever win anything. We you know that's a 51 basketball team was star players every night when they show up. Is there is there a massage huge Syria out there raptors GM who's gonna underneath the radar who could do a great job if you got his name call. All their three guys that I'll tell us that he got a call that. All the first thing out of our minute by easy when you look at all the great he is buying it may most of them from throughout in front whether find it. The diamond in the rough guys you guys got to stop or leave it just fine. He came up through the length video guys this column that guy that thought that guy. He's the number three guy in Marley and me and he's gonna take its on the pole and now would you like that your force guy everybody thought you. Big chain upon each effort in Washington. Aren't these the guys that make the trains run for the Washington quicker. You know there's an impossible decision to Washington but I think it will really important speeches and he's the guy from a fall down your careful that you would do great job. Because two lesser candidates what will profit that was you went off. He would rather be Atlanta Hawks fall off the spur of the bike but bowl Perry and Matt Lloyd who is probably the quiet even purple boats. Maybe one of the more respected another guy because incredible work part borrowing capacity or his picture he was there in Iraq. All through the draft process. You will not find any thought eating it circle couldn't say anything that very thing without fat always so you're looking for god in their bluff dive. Adam Scott for the Miami for shore up within whack we'll talk about Lloyd's problems that it. Steve Tyler basketball insiders dot com warn it's gonna play tonight 7 o'clock 25 games to go. Fourteen or on the road and they've they've got a lot of work to do funding for half games back of the final playoff spot. In the Eastern Conference Steve always a pleasure my man thanks for real patient witness and and thanks for dropping by. For you guys it. And stuff through the vessel and anybody knows he can't appreciate him basketball insider stock car. Although we got to get a break while we only get to this painters ownership story. When we come back because it's just too funny. To to just I've we can't not talk about this we could get to this again and seen this I there was a name that was kind of tossed out here for potential bid for the Carolina Panthers. Was it exactly accurate so we get to that event appearance thoughts on this David tepper character to its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Your question. Stories you just saw the story you are part of the story throughout the Jewish Twitter through bodily tweet us at primetime WS fancy. Phil savage is gonna dollars and 35 minutes former. NFL GM works for Sirius XM recent Senior Bowl director is well. The joys of 500 like bill Wii like feel so good Mabel talked with a 530 talks of NFL draft that the Panthers. Brown Lee recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country about national jeweler magazine. Building trust for three generations it's brown lead Jewelers. And brown leave Jewelers. Doc context is so the buildings that are text might as well 70457. No nights extent so. We were just talking actually we're sit here on set where your perspectives that are more deflated guided seven. And I've got three gave it 630 got a fancy an icy live every time I come in this building whether it's for practice or shoot around. I see live because I come through the media entrance. And she's there get all the uniforms ready for all the great customer service spoke folks that are in here. And she came it she said I'd seen in awhile as the Valentine's day sushi just unloaded all these valentines day. You know Cain these goodies on us and live is just awesome. And there are. Hundreds of lives the thing is building it's a that's what really is frustrating. And in this is why you were like 111000 season ticket holders here from Villa tested as I talked a season ticket holders. All the Thomas said man we love comet it's frustrating the team's bad. But they we love coming could receive the same people all the time the same you know ticket takers all the time the same concessions. Folks it's just equality a consistent time you know you're gonna show up and have a good time you know pick the team doesn't win enough. Obviously. We UC people and if there's a camaraderie aspect of of the deficit to reward anything which really frustrating is. They got good people in this building. Like they're good people we year and it's like beat you just wish they win more like you wished that they've picked because there are people we're big year for. Eight to ten years twelve years they've seen all the crap it's gone on here I on the court off the court. And but it's not about that a top performers sometimes but they like they're completely from a hole from a okay for me. A charity standpoint with the hornets doing this city is on real sure what Michael Jordan stood to give a million dollars to distort it create low income. Medical care with two hospitals he's already. Apart from award it's this is his own due weight. I eat here in Charlotte over the next couple of years what you can't say enough about that. Put it also is a job we gotta win its performance space too so it just sucks because I have gotten this big thing Greece cheated themselves very well this community they care about Charlotte put. Made you also wanna see would football games still react and that's what you think she's in I've become more curious about it over the last couple years is big deals we make with ourselves about our sports teams in what is actually important to us. And is winning the most important thing to us act I've been. Miami soccer for the Olympics I love him I can't get enough problem that they lasted for four weeks every four years I would watch for weeks about all of them for a lot of reasons above them because it keeps me from watching daytime cable television news. Which is good for my sanity I love seeing athletes and sports I don't know anything about. But I love the process I loved the idea of I have committed four years in my life to do this thing that not all that many people are ever gonna understand or even see. But that process is so important in the am willing to put everything into it I think and I've come to the conclusion over the years that. If you're a citizen of a place. Is winning titles the most important thing for you as a sports consumer or do you want your teams to reflect your values do you want him to be good citizens or your community. Do you want them to ID and it do you wanna be able to identify with your team in a somewhat oath they an all purpose. It would be nice to have that but if the New England Patriots reflected the values of the most vocal and most visible patriots fans everybody would hate them even more than they already do because they're kind of obnoxious about it. I think it's getting good. To have the balance in life to go through the process of struggling to enjoy the winning. Not everybody gets to win every year that's not how life works. For instance I don't know last night to United States hockey team women's hockey team went to go. Dole was a fantastic after Canada Ed won four straight golds. In women's hockey one of the Canadian players takes the silver medal off with disgust as soon as the official hangs around her neck get this thing off me. Are you kidding me you're not entitled to win every time. Losing is part of life winning can be part of life fun and that. Balances. Important so Canada is America's hat what are Charlotte. Charlotte is America's khakis. I wanna be appear Katherine. He's tough break that's what you are wanna be a pair 23 years your football teams one NET one many do and water at home are we gonna talk about this T teach from state farm thank you I wanna talk about his duty might bother painters whose worth a lot of money. And as a giant set of brass balls we do it with a quick idea the 5 o'clock our starts right now it's prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina.