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Wednesday, March 21st

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Or go to the tactic I guess like here this Maine is uniquely uniquely qualified to talk about all this stuff former NFL general manager. And you can see them on the NFL network NFL network analyst IE it seemed throughout the week on NFL opted a minute at 5 o'clock eastern and path through the draft an hour later. At 6 o'clock eastern we welcome in the great Charley casserly on the NFL network Charlie how you deal and thinks you're making time for us. Can we can you take us inside the mindset of a GM and specifically a front office. In these few weeks now leading up to the draft because we're just talk about the theaters and it seemed like Marty hurting you done some pretty good business. You know on the cheap relatively speaking through free agency in the debris lifting happens tonight got a whole corner. And it's starting safety probably need to find another running back may be need more wide receiver O. May be another defensive bench rotation guy. May be back uptight and so I sure a lot of holes you can fill all of them and they've got four picks in the top 88 and in free agencies winding down so what's the mindset of a general manager over the next month and half. While the one thing you want is on these to create. And you have to wait. Indeed with the value of the player financially so. No I I I agree the morning nice job on the trade at Torrey Mitt because that he has the speed guy. Who also has the ability not that the guys they'll be yet. I think that's like it's not very well by. Because you know he died it is the right now that generally going to be at that structure. And I was a top rate you know on the real outside I don't know. You know sometimes on those things. Double what he still hasn't signed anybody correct were right correct right so maybe maybe this story is an overeat. It's so sometimes you might be able to get that guy. And if we don't know the extent of the inspection that the app they're so. But the mindset is that it is free agencies need the draft that player available so which are doing now. Is on the trip part of it go Mac you retracting its top hundred players. They entry got all the boxes checked not a vote on the field and off the field. To come back in April finish the draft brought the future have a very border reset up value while like that Brett what. You'd monitoring free agency deceit. Who may still be available that. It possibly can help you. Financially and although it's actually help you out of field with Iraq at this spent a lot of money war. So that's the thing that you wanna look at it free agency at this point time is up is that part of the so you can only make the players that are there. Don't overreach. We're talking to Charlie casserly longtime NFL front office man he's on the NFL network NFL network analyst. You seem at 5 o'clock NFL network's up to the minute and path to the draft an hour later at 6 o'clock he's with this right now. On the technique come guess like in your eyes Charlie what are the holes and in the priorities as sick as that's the most important part. But what are the things that need the Panthers need to do whether it is still left in free agency or in the drafting and how do you prioritize those things. Well I think I don't know that it's by the by our side. I think he is split them up there and let the board prior eyes which it prepaid for pocono one appropriate is the air you can prior. The rate is the because that the money is it in half you can either spend more money on certain players and other top. But I think I'm at right in the I thought wide receiver he's wide receivers. Open up the defense. That that was the number one the what you know what that all that we were all probability. Office obviously. They've law Orwell. No you know who played go on the back. It knows it's there they have a market rate step but not this thing well but step it I think running back. You know running back in the air I think McCaffrey is radio. A third our country could pay back. Battle for the second respect you know grind. America is the medium but are great they're running back in the ramp for route back. Think that somewhere in the air they can pick up the back if it's exactly. Oh what they wanted you and I don't think it's early app debate in the first rap beat their civic or you mentioned and even at the city the I had those positions now. So. Obviously it's right that the court didn't quite work. You know he's great he's is out there and uncle it's their system. Or quarterback goes. I think you know what he is the he's more of a bird or. Story. He's not as good is that. Real world and vehicle right player. So again he's probably on this because there have been too much money. You said there are 66 running backs you have first round grades and can you name those Charlie if you don't mind who would or six backs the you have first round grade zone. Yeah our obviously for leap in the class by itself. I that would areas nights the ballad you. Our next. Ronald Jones is very impressive on tape did not have an approach to come by it's the life. So probably what happened is Sony Michelle jumps at a now. Sony the shell and B is is interest in in this case so what if the other make Africa. I've mentioned don't like that makes other Georgia to start penny. They Diego state like avid. Lleyton one to two. Grade but you know it's technically a first round great now the thing about Michelle I think is that there's been there it is Camara. Okay. What if we look at Camara in college in Tennessee. Michelle a better felt the better I'd rather not the power the the little better at the sidecar. In college neither one of these guys are used in the passing game it would be used pros. But I think we show could do everything. That Camara to do with the pets indeed Republican ticket college state obviously lease income RB it's sporadic. But he can run outside. It will more physical is siding as the ball so my question why not you know you have to work about to see why not but. Those guys. I think all the guys that sort. Can you I was talking about Ronald Jones the third earlier Charlie Charley casserly as witnessed by the way NFL network NFL up to the minute life 5 o'clock eastern on NFL network in the path of the draft at 6 o'clock could be on both cica watch him. I I even got I watch a lot of actual football on the rarity probably missed part of the country Ronald Jones has this ability. To cut and go in a way were eight if feels like the moment you see his foot plant he's already five yards of the few what do you see Ronald Jones because he seems to be the type the god they might. Excel in what north likes to do offensively but which are scouting report on on Ronald Jones. ER I think it's it's the same thing. On the guy you don't eat kind of blossomed this year with a new position coach. And I think when you think about that. Maybe at that they would vote but I like yeah. You know when I see them about sports than ever about my report from the got to go out the belly and thought about what to make it but those straight ahead. I think he is he's always very instinctive is that the speed to get outside and I thought was that a physical running back. The people disagree with that I I'd put that guy at the brutality tool so law or protect them Diana it. That would that would use right now it and get better. I don't know will not find out about that. So vote hell I see it. As well as a bid for rent Allen wise guy but he did yet but what if the guy's only that it went you'd be sure why don't four. Charlie could you who do you see it tight end and how deep is that class that that's a spot the Panthers might have to lean specifically through the draft it's not a bad idea may be with where Greg Olsen sat in. The AD might maybe wanna go do TV before too long and where he's at his career so. I've Gil I know there are some other guys out there dissect yet Penn stayed Hayden Hearst to South Carolina well what what is this tidy and class look like TO. All right it's about to commit the role. Do not quit. But all the new elements. Are you at your blindness that. At what they say it elevates what they've they've looked for you know not by might myself on a book about me up about what they're gonna say yeah. Okay and what he's made it now. So what let's just makes should he get that that there right. Andy still good at football current Charlie still really good at playing football so that's a whole other issue altogether. Let them is pretty yeah. Buy our I think I don't see. We were tied it but I think that it though I think we will call it and it's about a block anymore. If guys is that you know. They ran that the Bible wouldn't watch them between bill they don't look that I am for when no one I'd. It's out there. We widget. We're we're spores are great for Hamels Roy you think second second round for for our head in the second round I like that yeah. The cut pitcher. And but it got to get I think he ended up for round becomes the second round because of its it was going to be tribute that went bill take them they are dropped back. And you may see some you know run outside and at that point actually want to see one go I think it's the. Charlie I want to circle back to one last thing before I let you go and that's a big a guy was already on the roster you talked about Kershaw McCaffery they took a may overall when he had an incredible statistical year. In terms of the passing game and being net safety valve when the check down and I don't know if they ever really found a way to. Figure out what he was to their offense all year but. You don't you've been in this business it's hard to do that the do you think the Panthers if they could do it all over again they take McCaffrey an eighth overall if they if they were presented with that opportunity again. You know like I care about an aunt I will be feted and what the time before that ramp. I that I did not see him being a prop and at that if you gotta make it without that they then you have a specific role warm that your ability you. In May and in your happy with that that you're happy with that. I did these guys in a readout back now when I read the clips they were protecting them. Or campaigning Foreman used you can use that word when he used if you heard this like that that he went out yeah. I didn't see the body built were read out back on the musicality port. And that that was the only thing that concerned they are sort of mismatch or an outside all the multiple uses GPUs of that if that's what you want the eight pick if that's great and I fear that sarcastically. Operative at that somebody every vote. And no doubt about that Charley casserly longtime NFL front office men you'll see him. The wrap the week NFL network's NFL up to the minutes 5 o'clock eastern and then path through the draft right after that it's 6 o'clock. 88. I bet they should get a pretty good hole from that. Right Charlie for the topping 88 picks in this draft they should be able to fill a lot of holes and get some impact would with the selections here. Well well well money later. I did regret that a hate in your study can probability of players that have ordered the NFL Brett. The second round is only 50% who the third round is only 30%. So we just gotta we just got to you know I it's when you run it means you're expecting everything. The plate for those in the percentages so if it doesn't work out more about it is that the besides it. Charlie it's a pleasure to talk to you love watching you on TV thanks to make it a few moments force it was good to talk. Great way to.