Primetime: Can Marty Hurney Tactfully Handle The Hard Stuff?

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Monday, February 12th

Kroeger and Omar Gaither continue to analyze the current state of affairs for Carolina. Wingate Head Coach Joe Reich also joins the show. 


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It's primetime powered by or. As Virginia become this is traditional reasons here it is Virginia become the new team that everybody enjoy seeing lose. Then there wouldn't need to be. Stats but I think people are so entrenched on this take right here at Virginia can never win with the style of play they have that they want to eat that they were. I think people enjoy when Virginia loses because people don't like legitimately can't stay in the pac Klein. It's almost like Hamas and eat. After I told you could force a game and in I always did he gets the last lap to make as they actually leapfrogged Michigan actually from Villanova to go to number. And the senate after a loss there with some bulletin number one then need to live from the marks screen real T studio program. Verizon building centered text line 704570. NIC stand warriors are the best players and they can do a lot coaching doesn't matter there. And how do you explain the Mark Jackson thing. Our own pocket. Stop to stop it you're there were one of the best teams in the NBA owner Mark Jackson. And yet C weren't good enough adopt point were close and then drain money there journalists on a team is the baby he wanted to play in seven leaks they were still relying on god heavenly and I. I can't remember. You're talking David Lee Davis Leah see my point exactly. My point exactly largely the same team the year before it. Steve Kerr comes and when it championship his first season we're really starting to won a championship that I don't know but I also not considered say that it there's not a big coaching doesn't have anything to do with it doesn't seem like a crazy overreaction as well misleads your your point OG talking about the you don't you can you can make disillusioned and in this comparison and any sport. Coaching and talent have to go together to coincide and so that's why I'm excited about this painters offseason but it doesn't mean anything if the painters don't make legitimate upgrades on the offense. You can't go make you can't not go get upgrades for camp. Just pulled it Norv Turner and expect different results that's not gonna happen so you gotta go get him some help. I'm not single with the best players in the NFL. But you better go get him some legitimate guys they can run your sets like we're talking about Philadelphia did that this year. Tore Smith great addition to oust John Jeffery grade addition Nelson regular came along it's amazing how different are now. When he gets in different groves and us right thought it was a blast so eagle eager blunt. Great one year deal for him and plug them in and one of what a great running game they had. Compare with the quickly signed him again asked the question because we can use here. Take your argument that's a bad dude man that is the best. Power back again underrated power back yeah yeah she joked that he made this like he's been anything proof he's a bad mint. So. Given our let's go to Sandra quick sell for 57096. Hour work in some college hoops. The hornets are dumpster fire so it'll make a footnote to that is well it's gonna Kenny real quick Kenny what somebody would you wanna say. Bjorn. The job Kyra talk. Army talk about the change every day coming. Scott won a total way to college and going and what. Do you know about about this about this organization. They're just so six primitive all have been there like seven years. Why did what can give back back to the death of systemic fall from a Rhonda owner always count to what you and just remember about where you don't remember talking about Seattle he's been running well all along ever. And they did exactly what we always been and always about trying to keep everybody you know them. And start out everybody rented them contract option contracts and Albie they're common play. And it makes you aren't we used to to a because you're you're Castro out. That you can't you can't dig well it's really just you can't pay you don't start majority vote and gavel went to muddy and if you look at if you. Go to Philadelphia in one you have seen him speak of it turned into a blow to global watch. But if you fall into the trap which is what Powell well. You don't all we have only one Coke. One count which you don't sweat you know that bit at the space. Because you write a business and it you'll college. We do look at what he's done. A lot. Try to disrupt and that's why they'd want you know it you know at the you know because you know. Don't believe it or else that we do around here is like. All right. The culture that get in the winning all. You're paying but in the bill is good and terror we Roger. We treat. And that this about it though. And that one thing they'll call or China not to the the the ones that. It would cost of it he motion. All it. And Kenny can hold on Kenny didn't Kenney appreciate call anybody Kenny got to preach and Omar Omar about put his hands over the year. Almost flunked the bar started feel sometime Blake hitting a decrease in on it on you for. Yeah see the boy has a great point I mean there's a fine line right there's there's there's this. You have to. Considered as the human. At some point that's a huge and they would let him go right yet you you do it and that's the difference to me between getting gentleman at the right mindset. He didn't have the right to secure loan demeanor yeah yeah. I w.s the bedside manner terminates a fair way to put it like adding big government had the right idea I'll get credit for that I know have been arguing back and forth over get a liver had. Every everybody leave be upset which I guess there's a right way to handle that. And in actually going to get and so we've tweet me over the weekend proudly Jewish Twitter feed app prime time WNYC on the weekends until we umbrella. Asked Bradley Jewelers this Valentine's Day gonna save you a trip to the floor spent at least 199 dollars in his. Get a dozen beautiful osteoporosis for your suite. 70% on all diamond silver and gold jewelry and a three dozen long stem roses with any purchase over 199 dollars. It's proudly Jewelers and proudly jeweler come detector are pretty tweeting me over the weekend say probes. The more I think about it the more I'm all in on your LeRoy Jenkins yo lo printers offseason. Which is. You were sort of formulate this idea of hey you know Ron Rivera got a contract extension but who knows who they know water's going to be. Is Marty Purdy did the energy hammered a full time GM what has this thing look you're still kind of clothes he got some veterans and Julius Peppers is. He's he's getting shoulder surgery why would a guy is retiring and get shoulder surgeries he come back so it kind of feels like this team isn't a situation where. Ask screw it let's just go always and would you be careful about that too many chances but I do think this team isn't a spot right now where. We don't we got to think about how do we just put the best product on the field to test and I think of your Marty hurting you're not killing doctoring yourself into any buddy. Treat it like it's the good old boys club it's a Marty said he is more from his mistakes we're gonna find out because sitting for the best thing for Marty to do would be. Let me make just purely football decide he's a guy I mean that's it's against. He's more he's a guy that's given you all for now he's zero I wasn't when he comes off on paid leave how quick that happens or if he's the full time guy after that point. From the standpoint for as of today I think Marty birdies if he's gonna say if he's gonna back up if he's gonna talk the talk a walk the walk. Marty her he's got the demeanor to go to a guy like Thomas Davis and Orion to Leo and say hey can we needed to take a pay cut. We need you to take a little bit off the top business cachet with he's been whistle or Charles saint Charles and waving several times so it's been great but yet she's not gonna happen anymore so thank you for your time. You're an all time great dancer but. It's time to move on. I don't think we handled it but so that's like that's like hoping may be wrong to believe this but I'm hoping that boarding her knee. He's going to do the tough things but just massage it in a way to word doesn't come off so ugly. Well that's because you used to have that mixture deal with the new right so. When you started to and to bring Guyana and you hugged him on day one and you'll get them on day ten. And Doug someone 25 and hug him 45 and every point every day before pregnancy right you you rabbi is stretched lining up a conversation with him and about. The real friendship. It's a debacle when it comes down to negotiating contracts. So bad that that's the part where maybe maybe the GM in the in the owner and or whomever else in May be. Maybe you shouldn't get as close with these players as you think you wanna be their friend. And then when it comes down to negotiations. You don't understand why they don't look at you as a threat. I am accidental. Mistake and Anderson a unit great job cinnamon Locke who I think tanks on the soap war. But yet when your when your everyday in practice and understand that they're just pistol point to where we would learn our lines right. I'm just intrigued by the idea this team be a little bit more aggressive since they were honorary don't like if your if we're seeing here today say and I think it's probably true it's a personnel decision that he may who's a what is technically gonna make it was probably there are. So I didn't Ron knows his locker room yeah conservative down by an agent to troll but I think she no lose. You know one way or the other easy they're going to be your long term. Or he'll be somewhere else and Ron eagle wrong wants to win something a musical the global Monta was brought. I don't know about that I mean thief. Runs good feel on his locker right like Ron Paul is. I don't know anyone Kia eating so. And I still don't know I know I could say that I am not that I wrist injured you're referring I think it is the one I'm saying is Ron I don't know LeBron would. One would make it he trusts his locker room could handle it that's the but I don't know affront trust is like crew could handle that. That's a Toronto you don't mean like I'm just I'm not we're not in that locker we don't know would you want him to make this is Ahmad Ahmadinejad trustee Julia I would. I try Ron's got a great feel for that a lot from I would trust and has to know if these guys get handled it almost normally would probably say yes poacher to go get a yeah would you want them all your team is what I'm saying I would I think it's the type of risk as warm as won't sing like this whole offseason I think. He's now's the time to dieted I would soon be out of character be just act a little bit more aggressive. Go do the thing that may be becoming antsy are unwilling to do go make doubly you know why you know I see more important that window. They don't win they'll try agree that the sale is crickets cricket shot if you're gonna do it now's the time. If you wanna prove to a new ownership group coming in and local we did. Any got to look you can literally did you get paid one way or the other so you like you've got a safety net their Guinea. So you were ever going to be a little bit more over the top a little bit more aggressive PDs it was a little bit Medicare your. Now's the time to make them look bridging the we've brining gears and blah right now the only maybe all this is is this really matter. Hey yeah on somebody's gonna tailored your point though he got a cheap cigars and some resentment and even though he's gonna get lay beyond bill or you know or. Ten tiger money open you big money but OK okay bodily Steelers cleared up they restructuring who was he restructure. I get a restructure the fullback over the weekend the fullback who. The Steelers that those who. It beautiful bounce Sar into a fullback in oh god everybody. Carter was an X I 78400000. Olympic you there and know what they're doing I guess the other through reading of the T really regarded. Back of the bridge structurally be brilliant idea of course of Olivia wanted to be the height as me running back in wide receiver at the same time we're. I'm not sure that's gonna have to really be a bill trying to hold on let's talk courted and college your so we come back we got a 45 minutes to go on Monday it's Omar Gaither. Chris Kroger its front time powered by ortho Carolina to. I'm thirty minutes ago Joseph writes he's leader Jonas brother frank Reich piece first quarterbacks in Carolina Panthers history nearly led them. To a win I think that weighs in Atlanta on the road for their first ever game went to overtime if memory serves me correct. In that game back in 1995 started the first three games of Bob Kantor history and I now we see new head coach for the colts are gonna talk to his brother he's that crucial wing get. Out in we get north Caroline hey man. We get bills winning eight out out that there is doing. I think we get is the proper pronunciation. If your from the country it's windy it. All right well I may have from the right here from the hood you're from rural Wu Wu. Not allowed to see your from the moment. Actually look at his Alan alert doesn't word is though say look at some of the say say westside a case of the west from new. Yeah the hood. Can't do have books on your. Those speak of facts on that nor I get a bottle we gotta pay the bills thinks the improper pig over and costs walled I am I gonna say this I cooked he mead. You can dragons is again the stool discussion eleven know how much looking forward to this beast when I get home but. The improper. That that glad that my friend was a nice little appetizer show good check those guys out there are featured on diners drive ins and dives. The improper big duck coming to the food truck rolls around town sometimes you see in the joint Kirk and I got to say this too oh I will get the pizza peel untapped room there sister restaurant on Wednesday. The pizza peel attacked from is actually opening up a new location in Matthews which is close to two Kroger territory so that's an open. Town Matthews on Friday just fit so I finally hit that up a lot but I just gonna say that there there sister restaurant the improper pig we appreciate the so go support those guys big supporters of what we do. And we appreciate that so what is it the brain's beating yesterday and another went up ten nothing betrayal by 36 they lose 123. How 103 I ask it is so markers they're they're not ten games under 500 tried to leave. The series is the third or fourth time this is the floor for them ten games under 500. And it clawed back in what's really frustrating is to open a week. After that Phoenix wind. They were three games under 500 with thirty degree or shoot me three games back in the final playoff spot in the east with thirty games to go. And now they're sitting six and a half games back I mean this is donate your. It feels like the season I know. There's still a little bit of time last and it's just a little bit of time doing you'll seriously when did the playoff chances officially died it feels like this week on the calendar is when you point to. Honestly I mean that's a huge drop off we go through three games back you're within your within striking distance. I think they wanted to come to you they didn't want that they see. They didn't want what does that you talk and honest we've been interviewing people would would would prefer the hornets did the organization on a coaching staff and the players certainly wanted it well. And that once tried have to be on the floor every night there's a way to go about. This morning and not really want. This business it's a small difference but there's a different I've honestly I think I mean honestly to. I play games in which the team is as a as a whole. Didn't want to game. And and you used to witnesses like it's a little less effort here in there but I don't think they wanted to be opposite. I mean maybe not want to rule ten on the roster and tonight I torture we'll watch we Kemba Walker enjoyed Howard are doing right handed us little guys can only to that. Yeah Agassi who don't the blanket statement of they don't want it like what today means again they planes that means a team is holding buy into getting two to going to pull Harley accident AC. That's within maybe you may be natural. It's OK guys this is our main goal is our main focus take this test saying let's put it on T shirts we're going after the say. See well this is what's interstate right so close says after the game must say was seceding Rick Bedell for needs are asked him hey wait. And appointee start thinking about changing up some lineups in getting your guys own soul and he said he'll really the first eight to ten getting games after the all star break we'll determine that. And I I'm sitting here thinking today like what's it twice been a revelation. I think he's been through anger he's important I know I shudder to think what this team would look like that's why don't they heard their Cody Zeller troopers out their love Cody flight hours away it twice Howard's been great they're different players and different things. There are nights the words like frustrated me a voice that stuff other joint overall has been way more good combat. Kemba Walker's been incredible he all things considered. And I just wonder what are the other than that what do you take away from the season. That we still hadn't you're 56 games in 26 to go ass like what are the what is is there anything else you'd walk away from a season say you know what the playoffs didn't happen but at least. You know this was a positive discussion and I'd take. Whenever we won the BB a lottery but there's not how do you get by thinking and now we have an opportunity to see moving mall hopefully. When he made this a game gouged Jeremy I think Jeremy lamb's and a period I know it's hard to see to go to the bad I think he's been. I don't I heard let's say yesterday that I was actually surprised by this Jeremy Lamy said leads the Eastern Conference and then score. I'll have enough. Pick it was in the Dili two years ago we're not at a point now to where he's on the way out though is present contract and then he's got one more year left and okay percent or more year. And the nice that this. To a year ago we don't you know I don't mean but he was in the NBA roster to and he was okay he can't always believe you know always I -- he has every single tool and a toolbox. He has I was going to be slow start to show that yeah you know defensively still leaves a little to be desired but so let's get you got that out of the season and I guess that you gonna get a chance to see Malone moloch leak. The market and we know inform my in my you give us as a seem a lot more down the stretch and I and I know a lot. We were doing gays it's at the arena you're telling me police gonna play more minutes 1015 more minutes. I'll stay and watch. You know I really don't know and you get the brains beat Ryan and you're a fan. And you got tickets of the game anyway you know movie it's gonna play a lot more minutes down the stretch are you not staying watch I would say economists are a couple minutes like an hour. Gary speed and but that's. You know but still wanna see it. But I wouldn't you still wanna see you still on deceit and going to streak or where he puts in fourteen points and and ten minutes. We'll get back to some groups in a second let's talk some college who's reported that he hear one more time finally Virginia's descended to number one Omar Gaither desist. He's two point all reality although not think the negative Virginia's descended the number one even with the loss to Virginia Zenyatta. Elite eight and Dell we we it's intercede always we talk about paper's history all the time this team's 23 years in almost a quarter century in. And that first ever quarterback impaired their sister reported that buffalo to Carolina pipeline when Bill Polian was here. Is now the new head coach for Indianapolis Colts and set a bad few days you go from like Super Bowl champion. Big offset if you wanna call it that and the simple knocking off the patriots and now you're the head coach for the Colson sort of talked to his brother head coach for Wayne get the bulls. Center we gave Joseph right cajoling QX coach it's gonna talk dia. Does is it Smart what are were what do we whether. I knowing tell these guys know he kind of found some money recently so I you know it's always wants to spread some Downey could do that if he wants to. Act like you know I died but didn't expect all but collapsed or a terms. Your brother Kevin Curtis we all you know you went through all I don't know where they got a job. But they remember more disturbing is Easter to our citizens total total rather biased but yet. You being in a court document and I hope you're right about now I can't tell you about it. All right so we're talking to Joseph Reich and encode some Chinese sea island to Piedmont so I know a thing or two when you tell and we'll tell Omar Gaither it's we get right knees and your son tries its wing hate it we tell you it's on how to pronounce the school. Well yes but Smartphone but a billion or seventeen years ago BA he's a rich set Gregor on the north. So the first thing you do when you get up there are few better it would give an accurate yeah. And such an epidemic right now there's been a little more or slightly to try to go to Wendy university in the out of sorts. It's kind of bomb back. They gala compromise seem serotonin a good out there doesn't. An audio that is Joseph coach Wright is what is by the way from the wing get geez what does right now on the technique I'm just like that is what happened. Around here when people say it's no longer downtown Charlotte is is uptown Charlotte yet classy couple and that's what people are trying to do and the wrong that. That's exactly right good brought aboard the cement and now we get that these are. Out. It exports. And I believe that that's were they not been one master that's worked that's where they look at what they're sure some. On I saw like a joke right is what is his brother frank known enemy for the com if you were you when Minneapolis last week coach did you go to the game. I think now my shuttle so it is what it all all our growth and it was just. Architect that he had the time elect. You know I've got to sit out front of 015 then mr. ball up on October once so. Yeah they get the promise sector was murdered it really was just spectacular. Course I would start about the after party in this. And now. What are right arm was CDs you know Doug Peterson was great at notre approach at work or. Somebody that if you must respect for and and really in front of god at that look you know what he's what he's worked with great people. He's got a you know he he's really in tune with that worked in well. What are your chest or where it. Didn't really go out there really you know help our Brooke spot they're a Democrat speaks well you know it's certainly admit there's guys that. He's looked at fort Ernesto is our starters aren't they in the cup. Well it is funny too right guy Joseph Reich's witness his brother now the new head coach for the colts he's the head coach for -- get the defending southern athletic conference champions by the ways with a shred now on the so I think I'm just like your senator at all. I'm so here's what's funny coaches you know we're talking about this earlier yelled obviously Josh McDaniels thing got a little ugly but life always signs away years of working out right in. You know with with which franks you know history starting out as an intern there and an assistant with the colts back in the day. I mean they might have actually wound up making the right higher when it's also in Dunning even though they didn't plan on this this actually might end up working out for best perk for everybody when Paulson done. Did you just got interesting that there exact way it worked out you know are we going to mr. OIQ at that point. I much rather well maybe just they cycle I don't think it's not dubious bank cycle not the year you know whatever you know but he euphoric and Dick wiley all. Your first big beat you know maybe next here cycle got to cover it at all about Europe but yeah back out you know the history. With the with the call you know he's got a history there also goes in the biological saying. You know I think. Yeah you know certainly haven't built owning your corner like like we're so fortunate that I am without that mr. always gonna order or the brother. You know I'm always in it art in our great exploit yet yet. Make you make the call. Which I'm sure they're really you know you know back touch just an all I'm an optimist always set out at him. Usually in our corner just been an outstanding. I'm notices. Sparing no brainer but was that the choice of good at all for your brother I mean with everything that we know mcdaniels with maybe some people still wanting him in anchor honest you know maybe you think you know we got to second fiddle whatever is that was said that the choice. Then all digital trimmed wanna take that job. I you know what I don't watch any speech big you are some. You know he he just did not respond to respect and an app for an up your organization. And an Arctic so from that standpoint. I think there was any decision Arctic are Brothers competitive guy. He's got it what artichoke program he's you know you we look to set up and you know what because they're Beers secure ports and without that kind of background. Knowing. That that you respect the program and it in and look Livan out there the people of Indianapolis although I think your set about it. Sort app that opening PP opening and an app that offer yeah. I don't think so real as I like to talk to Joseph but it was too idle is certainly living you know leaving people but they'll be. This situation out there stop. But I think. Yeah and what are quick or two of these may in the end it in the world or to an all season. To get an opportunity to be an out of LR a coach you know others are just gonna jump so I think that's where well. This is busy all they want the we're drew visiting with the debts I mean it's the donor got a set it up there reformed you know we know pressure. Well archer. About stroke so. Should at least they can right now you know I liked set I think it's. It's been a whirlwind week for doubt about it beyond serious so that's you know he's he's coming out all minister rob but it you know it was direct and accurate and you know a week later he's been at an Indianapolis. With. Without having any real art bought that so there's a lot that goes into that now Mormon. Stuff that I haven't really had just talked about are sure at this point now we're gonna get the staff together and get all of us open line and and you know make sure he gets about step cross beeper is burst out Jimmy's approach. So you guys are of these how many years older than you where you're you're you're how many years older than him. Number I'm Italian. Justice. Whether they can make a lot more higher. And I do it in the NBA when it is development such seventies the party is so. A coach or so so my guess it just got he's got more that maybe as but other than that he is your vote. It just Thomas Colin I mean he's easy to get his it's just and. And now. Nobody had sort by you know again I'd I'd it is straight at destroy excite the white Democrat I spoke coach. I promise I spoke teacher coach and everything cheerleading. Do not be tracked whenever Obama took that. So might the might data I'd vote for awhile became Patel wrote part time at a local knowledge. It is that as an assistant so. Start my brother now be a coach and a joint Richard charter is really accurate charge one. Well I would love to know for Joseph Wright head coach for wing get the defending sacked champ tees where it is right now and it's become just like his brother shot wafers quarterback impairs your sister his brother frank Reich is now a head coach for the Indianapolis Colts you played offensive line a college he played quarterback obviously. Always an argument who's the smartest guy in the field so what is the smaller position offense a liner quarterback who knows more. Are not always opens a lot of officers shot and I'm. Certainly better MySpace sort of send a senator Bob smartest guy ever that despite that just might take I'm sure you terror to quarterbacks but. This quarterback what do you know. Well I went out of you saw his quarterback when he's being wrote about this coach and as fun assassin he was for his Monday Morning Quarterback article today and he talked to your brother he talked to Doug Peterson this was Saturday I think it Eagles offices at the time. About the play call. For the Zach urge go ahead touchdown and the bunch formation in in the pre snap motioned. And they run a play I think three different times throughout the year but three different pre snap motions. Three different reads after the snap. And it can beat the wide receivers coach Al groh son who's on staff there actually unearthed that clay during a traffic leading up to the game that week. And Doug Peterson supposedly all week all year long would ask his guys all the offensive coaches hey here's my play sheet. I dare you to find something better than this and if they found something he put it on the play she'd how normal is that because that seems like there's probably pretty rare in the NFL. I'm I you don't get a coach we have a program that area I think that probably career I think when you get a guy that's what my. Barbour grew up work computers much terms. You're Doug is not an eco yet. Not it's not about amistad about 3%. It's it's about the folk are nervous about what makes us better and not saying our brother really close up and I think our brother will be sitting on anecdotes. Somebody goat died about it's become very obvious he's been a few minutes welcome it's not about if it's about. This column you know what's become what how do we get better broker out we get better Indianapolis Colts. Peter Arnett and to talk to but he just dude you should a guy it's not about. So but he got so I don't be very similar action Mike wherever come from. It doesn't matter of account from both from the low to no good quality control got a couple bottom of the Opel. It is so should I go to doesn't matter where good ideas good idea. Is Smart and that took to note that on that topic that's. All right coach trilogy go where we appreciate you being gracious with your time before I let you go. What what is the recruiting pitch -- we will have some kids listening are now if they wanna go play football local school right Carol back your wing get the bulldogs if you wanna go play in the sack woods the recruiting pitch for coach -- Well I would tell you this the university itself itself what is your real mystery school up here. And and spent time at a blanket and don't north campus and you don't players and be back where commuter experienced the place to sell itself so. I guess it's it's this sports property is used by ever recorder will be destroyed and eight caught up for a visit that you talk percent to the president you know unanimously. Preference. Got sort wildest separate ways this were just it's been makes like these don't go out there that. I tell you like EUK he's I'm I'm still in the air him in Indian trail but Doug grown up and in that area has so I've obviously I've been throwing get more than a time or ten minutes gone through they're gone and try try to go to a 740 gets the beach has been through wing get under come see you on a Saturday okay you guys got a great statements it also is a great way to spend a college football Saturday would you guys. That's you know what and that's the thing that we and a single source just it's. You're not close and not be 80000 screaming fans there there's going to be you don't 3000 people there but it could reach setting very intimate setting than to write on the deal. Right next to the field it is a great small college atmosphere. You know well most regain that night now so you're gonna ever gonna chance during all but seven on the expect this year six summer night Lester during the day. Anybody gets chance come down on 6 o'clock on Saturday night. That would be great modelled. Are you going down to Wingate North Carolina that's I don't down and we gave they do you go could take it seriously it's a pleasure to talk to you thank you for making unforced. He got directed crucial that we get bulldogs hello we don't break funnel one of the show we come back British stuffer belies by the way with more proper pig because that. The barbecue had ties got my name all had to get to that when we return. And we we put a bowl of what was a wild ridiculous college basketball weekend. And may be supported come heels and Irish tonight we talk about it next OG croak it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime with Chris Kroger. Powered by fourth okay. Carolina. We got up by the way North Carolina Notre Dame 7 o'clock on her sister station heels networking as a broadcaster in Zanesville. Jones Angell excuse me here at Montrose and company. And her Montrose 7 o'clock. You'll fund dean don't I had a great time we use these businesses affected by that. Very. You know I you know I must say because I only someone might be listening and I'm not gonna say. When you first saw you you said and you've been doing this is last week he's across here into a Carolina duke game so no never some bucket list. And decent anyway personal Evan gaunt. And you're going to a ticket so I could got his ticket she need to let me know so OK next time. And then you ask me again during the break you said where I think you said where would you rather see it did you just happened. It would be Billy. Oh yeah wash them well would you rather see the game at Cameron nor denies that it deemed answers Cameron indoor. And then you do you just always not because I wouldn't want it I like of course that would enjoy it at desist letter now you think you can put that genie back in. Offstage it's a different type of experience its and I. Bad guys are in a bottle OK so I'm never gonna stick it to what I don't know I'll have to go to both Ellis doesn't work that way that's the that's an honest man. Really so you know which is as do those tickets. Plus a melatonin plus and down the street and told what to say don't touch the money right the happy now my bad all right I. Thanks again the improper big. They really hooked us up. 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Always the odd now getting ready to retire SID. At Clemson might actually if still we might have actually just retired and he still tweeting an awesome stats so here you go last time Clemson ranked ahead of duke and North Carolina any people. January 27. 1997. Clemson was seven to twelve. UNC. Nineteenth while I look at the eight people right now. And what do I find North Carolina fourteen. I see duke it twelfth. Clemson adolescent Clemson ranked ahead of duke and Carolina Clemson second in the ACC right now. And this is in my opinion the best coaching job in not only the ACC big lead off college basketball twentieth for their nine interactions CC. And they don't want their second best player for the rest of the year he's peace. Don't for the year when the board of the his career is over actually Donte' Grantham and their twentieth 4983. RPI I believe it is actually fourth in the country. Clemson is deep team in college basketball nobody's paying attention to and I can't figure out why maybe it's because the Clemson the are there 24 overall and they are the real deal and that's the best thing coaching job. Or would you put above that up arms are tired drone you mean like oh coaching job yeah like resume this year what's so. Are okay and I to me like jobs to be coach bill oil they were picked I think. Sure how to cedar pick like eleven to the pre season media poll in the ACC but nobody thought they were going to be any good OK well let's give this game. Remarks of love then they were picked thirteenth to agree Rick barges up their tool. I think when you talk about exec in the last in this he's talking a losing your second leading scored on a team that people thought was going to be any good the first place. It was split hairs on this I just think it's awesome Brad Brunell deserves all the credit in the world for what he's done and I tell you what man. All of a sudden you look I don't look at the ACC standings right now. I'm looking at let's see here. 1234567. 89. Seems right now in the ACC standings that are bunched together with two losses separating them in conference play. Carolina eight and five. All the way down to Boston College in Notre Dame is five and seven of course Carolina Notre Dame we're gonna quit and I sent in Notre Dame is fighting for their lives to be a player in NCAA tournament team. That's things are heating up Virginia's twelve of one finally got dealt the first comfort solace by DT go to overtime the other night. Clemson and nine in three duke great for that he got Carolina little point 85 a little hole. You kind of stymied themselves for a little bit I think they dropped five of seven but they put some wins together here in the last little bit put. This this tournament I hate that it's going to be in Brooklyn but this ACC garner. It's going to be fun man we're three weeks away from it and it's been I think it's gonna be wild. Deficits it's setting itself won't go out and realize I a lot of us consumers and other. That's that's a good shot and don't listen guys like a completely and uncle fat happy baby yeah. Sleet are you buying Carolina right now after what I saw this past few few these few games yes I tell you what to run off that three game streak internally that we're right back in the thick of things make it for a row with three he's been a fun and easy Normandy and state yet do or duke state and Notre Dame. And that's for a beam back feels like it's a big deal and I don't know they still don't have Bonzi Colson but met for what what what did the other night when that Ferrell. I as Notre Dame I came back and I am in in won that game the other play over the weekend they don't gosh who. Notre Dame and be Florida State are going for them over a week amounts for Earl and he's got 47 points over last two games since he came back from injury. So that's it you know that's so we'll watch the Tonight Show. And you know GS entire lecture North Carolina that's the one thing you were valid and is the tired legs is how invested are you guys gonna be on defense took home. Since Hungary has done any John Kerry doing so only saving grace. But it's very rare college basketball you talk about three games in five days. And again Notre Dame Tuff thanks to Dave their fight for their lives right now that if they win this one then they start thinking they get a decent chance to trying get in. The tournament's sole. Be fun and I and I can't wait and watch and find the side and I angle itemize early in the season are like this I am biased combines all right here's what really do we've got tickets. Border July 4 at PNC music pavilion at stake the fifth caller right now so little for. 570962. With a summer music country take care of now and his Valentine's gift secured an outfit color settled for. 570916. And Colin where there's when there's tickets to foreigner OG good work my main concern. Enjoy that we have so much stuff we have to get into it we'll get into the next pretty good trade for the cats this week I guess that's me. I came to a game we know that Swiss man units with his back is back on the back has had an extra. All right we gotta we gotta heals on its seven with a tip off oh. Over time zone next we're back tomorrow. Would you be decades later Louis HC NN. Stick around and enjoy tonight we'll be back in college hoops painters of hornets tomorrow CNN. This is Vince Scully wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon wherever you may be.