Primetime: Can The Hornets Rebuild Without "Tanking?"

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Tuesday, March 20th

Kroeger opens up the show talking Hornets and discusses the difference between tanking and blowing it up. Charlotte 49er's Athletic Director Mike Hill stops by.


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Powered by toward the Carolinas. That's why March Madness is what it is it's not the games it's not the buzzer beaters and it's all the other stuff in the periphery of March Madness. That makes that this thing that we can wrap up and packaging say. Here you go America feature hearts out alive from the marks being real T studio Kroger. We're joking yesterday about having withdrawals. You go through Saturday and Sunday after the old. Any weekend of the NCAA tournament and the games you go from sixteen games on Thursday Friday down took eight. On Saturday Sunday it just doesn't feel the same reaction still good. We have taken it where's the wall to wall college basketball and then last night. God help us last night and how Leo how many other people did this last night your flip it around you think in. What do I watch what's on the TV tonight there's got to be something right and your flip it around there some sort of flimsy college basketball game on the NIT that's going on. You've taken Saddam watch Saint Mary's in Washington will back you need to fix I need know the answer is no on that by the way. Maybe you're watching some NBA basketball. Maybe you're watching Kevin love's returned to chads knocking off the box yesterday may be watching warriors and spurs last night as well. Ought to close it out but I'm watching the hornets last night OK and and were at that point everybody's been clamoring for it. It's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina everybody's been clamoring for the young guys get a minutes. All I wanna seem to leak out on the floor all I wanna see Dwyane bacon out on the floor wanna see Billy turning Gomez a wanna see your little trade deadline move. I don't see what young Billie Jean duel for the hornets and you're watching that game last night and god bless them they fought hard. One early 94 they go down to the sixers last night can you watch this you look at the score you think. I think it was pretty nondescript it was I mean it was pretty nondescript you for being honest with ourselves. But the hornets fought hard in the opening quarter odd Dayton you know they took the lead in the second quarter. Third quarter got a little sideways got away from in the fourth they're fighting back it's a two point game wood about five minutes ago. And then things kind of get out of hand they steamrolled sixers used a thirteen oh run and that's that's largely yet but the hornets are now two and eight in their last ten and it doesn't matter. It's completely irrelevant I I had somebody tweeting me last week saying probes we need the hornets to lose every game they need to lose more and that ship has sailed my friend. I I need to tell ante if you look at the the standings right now not a playoff standings although I know the hornets. I'd as it stands or seven and a half games back with eleven to slider still technically alive if you wanna say that but if you look. At the standings that people are now paying attention to which is. Your race towards your draft pick the hornets are four and a half games up if you will. On the next worst team beneath them which is the New York Knicks about a way the next game to game Bonham but beating a month Saturday night and embarrassing the hornet's. The hornets are four games up on the next you can you could lose out the rest of the way. You're not gonna gain positioning in this lottery. In his dad it's a lottery so you do your odds it gaining a better pick what you're playing for right now we are you're not playing for. And so that that ship has sailed but here we are we're trying to watch these guys on the leak month we show me something and I remember talking a couple weeks ago. I know it wasn't alone on this was a general or. Buys about watching my league get meaningful minutes. Michael Carter Williams is don't for the year he's got to shoulder injury he had season ending surgery is time is a warning it is all but certainly over. And so we was going to be fun for a lot of people seem a leak markets the backup point guard first two games above Waleed showed some growth. Since the since deeply meaningful minutes last which have been about two months and had banned since since December. And then I've watched him the last few games and he's been up and down and I guess that's what you'd expect for a guy that's trying to learn the point guard position in the NBA has not after not playing for months at a time. When they can spin out there he's been up and down Billy turning Gomez has been up and down. But I'm watching this team right now and I wonder is anybody else with me on this the Chinese war at all. Like the luster of all I can wait to watch the young guys had a they look gimme a glimmer of hope for next year it's already worn off and it's been about two weeks. It's a swiftly on this third two when he the last ten games. In the shine in the veneer in the last during the the buzz of no pun intended of mean actually to see with these guys provide can you show me some didn't can give me a glimmer of hope. And I can hang my hat on all I can't wait to see would this guy's going to be. In the future for my team and that's not to say Billy earning Gomez couldn't be rotational player for the hornets are doing bacon normal week can develop into being made a major contributor for the steam blew it. I love the MBA I love the MBA you guys know I love the NBA but this is painful. And it's my job to watch and I watch and I'm watching on the couch last night after I got done doing the pregame and I got home and I'm thinking and how do you sign up for this 382 games. If this is what you want to our fans that say. And Robby and morals and what's the don't efforts for three years gone into his radio show blow it up. Do it Phillies don't trust the process. Embrace the tank whatever it might be. How do you sign I'm genuinely asking this question today how are you signed as a fan. As somebody that day if you're still did not make not somebody who all of the boards were better I'd care about and that's not who I'm talking about today. That's a different type of casual. Observer that exists in the sports landscape. I'm talking about people. That true relief in their core love the NBA. Love the hornets even if they're disappointed by the hornets in recent years. Would say you know what I care about this team I want this team to be better I root for this team I live and die with this team they might not be your being number one maybe prefer the Panthers over the hornets but the hornets are still your team in this city. And I would wonder if that's somebody were you say yep that's me gross that's why am. You genuinely want to sign up for that for the next two years two to three years if that's we're asking for not hey have a bad year blowing up retooled roster that's a whole another thing to me I'm cool with that. We could all be honest. I think it did take having a couple of bad years. We're maybe your you're thirty or 35 win team you flirt with being a 500 team because it this is what it takes to rebuild the roster I think most people. Would put our hands in the Aronson you know what if that's what I have to endure. I get it all lived through that. For those that are genuinely wanting to do what Philadelphia is gone in recent years and it looks like they might be at the end of the tunnel by the way the light is finally there it looks like they've crept out they haven't had in a season wrap your head around this. Philadelphia. Has not had a winning season had a 500 season not just the playoff season a winning season in thirteen years. 2005 was the last time the sixers finished with a winning record in the regular season and not all that's June 2. What's in Inky did in blowing it up in the process of acquiring assets and acquiring picks and slipping those picks in flipping other players. But I'm genuinely asking this today because my answer is no definitively. I'm not doing that I don't want it I don't wanna be anywhere around that I don't know how you win during that. But how do you sign up for two to three years of a team. Who legitimately probably wouldn't win more than twenty games or more over that stretch each year. How do you sign up for that where I say hey over the next three years your team collectively. Might wind sixty to seventy games. In totality over the next three years because I just endured the last two weeks and it's awful. And I know there'd be some playoff development. So more person player development somewhere along the lining you say that guy looks like he's coming a longer Dario sarge is a great example. I want sarge over the last year or so before this year didn't see it with Philadelphia I didn't. I thought what that guy looks like he could be good player just didn't see it and you watch Dario sarge now do what is a lethal wing player lethal. And you watch Dan Simmons and it your way what might have done for him that dude is a freak. To be 66 and have that skill set at his size is unreal and then Joseph well indeed. What can say about impede bad guys it is easy generational. Type of player. If you're a hornet's and I genuinely wondering this today she watched this team languish the playoff hopes are over they are not gonna get. Based off the lottery odds anything more than what should be at a top ten pick the probably take ten or eleven again in this NBA draft. All would you really genuinely say you know what I'm gonna sign up for two to three years are just terrible bottom of the barrel basketball in the NBA. And what do you do do you not we do you check out. Do you not watch the games for three years what do you want junior look II that's my thing I can't comprehend I feel so sick to my stomach. Watching it team play right now. And sure there's some player development sure you're trying to see this team come together you try to see some roles develop. But may I I'm trying to wrap my head around how CNBC's say you know what that's a good idea I'd I'd like to take that for a few years. And it is interesting because only get into this GM surged today as it relates to the hornets because. During names that are out there that are tied to same Mickey. Mark ever sleep who's the player development. I hit a player development for the sixers was in that regime he was also a durable guy and used him before I went to Philadelphia curse on rose's. Is it Daryl Morey guy in Houston he's thought to be according to Marc Stein somebody who could be emerging as a front runner alongside Mitch Kupchak. And then get Adam Simon out of Simon maybe is an extra both a player development guy with the Miami Heat. But a lesser known guys and and many get of course the the traditional candidate Mitch Kupchak Hoosier. Trademark old school NBA GM. Hey here's how you do it right I like that guy I'm gonna draft him assets tanking. All that sort of stuff those are those are not known words in the in the lexicon of Mitch Kupchak. NBA GM and so I wanna get into this today but I'm just asking you is a fan can you put yourself there. One way or the other you put yourself in the situation pretty CEO for the next two to three years. I'm willing to write off this team can be irrelevant. He might argue the relevant now that's all well and good that's fine they would truly be irrelevant. Can you would have no reason to want to show it to the arena. I don't think you never reason wanna watch games even if you thought about trying to watch some of these players develop it's just it would be terrible basketball. And I don't know if this community could sustain it I genuinely don't insulin wonder what are you looking for. If you're authorities say in your next GM. And what are you would they got to retool this team. Bottom line that goes without saying they've got to retool this team who's gone who stays what does that look like a wanna take on all of that we're gonna do wood over the course of the next few hours we got. Our men Damione Lewis joining us at three. We got Alan herds we still freeagent what are now let her stay on her got released by the jags. Around 11 o'clock this morning. And the guy and a Mercedes Lewis who apparently has been there for like twenty years past so I'm gonna talk added we're gonna talk to Alan heard by the way he joins us afford one we'll talk about what happened hopefully from him. He's got a guy for the Panthers wanna talk about the theaters and what they've surrounded Cam Newton with their people. I I've seen people saying look man this is despicable what the Panthers have or haven't done around Kim Newton solid get into some of that today we have Jerry is right now well I wanted to Jerious and Jerious officially signing with the Panthers officially the last what thirty minutes or so so we're gonna take on all that. And in about fifteen minutes the new head coach for the Charlotte 49ers. Ron Sanchez associate head coach from the UBA cavs over the last few years the AG might kill was gonna join us to talk about why the hire there with Ron Sanchez. And his plans for Charlotte 49ers basketball football the athletics department as a whole we get into all that we don't next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Don't forget PGA tour spec we got my killed by the way ten minutes new HD at Charlotte. He's already made his first major hire. Ron Sanchez going to be the new head coach for the Charlotte forty niners and try to get them back into the NCAA tourney contention get him more Qaeda an NCAA tournament win as well that's going to be the goal. Big consistent tournament team I don't think those are unrealistic expectations others who have talked to Mike coming up in ten minutes don't forget PGA tours back Wells Fargo championship could return to quail hollow club. April 30 through May sixth. Brian Harman is gonna be back he won it when the when the tournament was in Wilmington. Up last spring it's now back to quit Apollo eleven and a top 28 players in the world already committed with Justin Thomas tricky salary decade Nazi Ahmad Francesco Molinari and maybe even Tiger Woods you can get tickets by simply going to Wells Fargo championship dot com right now or any of the eleven Dick's Sporting Goods locations right here in the Charlotte metro area all the way up until Friday April 27. Exporting goods the official ticket retail outlets of the Wells Fargo championship. George good roof opening topic of the day I'll. I also don't forget we get to a 24 hours a booty coming up that's gonna be here before know Exide July 26 and 27 Myers park. And you need details on signing up for that. And also funny and had a volunteers willing get a W weapons he dot com under events I text eroding his pitcher cliff on the building senator techs like 704. 570916. You could squeak into gramley Jewelers Twitter feed. At primetime WS then see if you're driving her crazy. Would all the basketball score some make up points during brown leave Jewelers spring mania sale savings of fifty to 70%. On all diamond schori and specially eighteen month no interest financing to that's eight locations here in the Charlotte area. And roundly Jewelers and Bradley Jewelers dot com. I'm unhappy at the closest. Crow zealot too and the first few minutes at a time at this point to be honest they can watch this team anymore speak of a hornet's. And die he said knowing is bad is it is now. I can't imagine I can eat dirt three or four years. Taking this is my thing like what I'm a genuinely asking that for like people were pro taking what do you do do you literally check out for 34 years you sell comeback when the teams better. I don't know like I can't imagine subjecting myself to watching it I'm all for. Making major moves overhaul this roster but that can tanking are two different things to me that in sustain rebuild sustained. Process if you wanna call it what Philadelphia did those are different things to make you could look all around the NBA Minnesota into a sustained. Rebuild to slip where they are now know it took time for to grow they still amend the playoffs. I think it's thirteen years and counting or fourteen years in Cali from Minnesota it's the longest playoff drought active in the NBA. And they're teetering on whether that might happen or not the Western Conference playoff race is crazy right now. And so you'll look at what Minnesota did OK day at a star and in Kevin Love. And they moved him. And they moved him to get a top asset backed and return and injure waiting cinecast they were bad so they got a number one overall pick the following year and got Carl Anthony towns. They and they built that thing. Over time but it wasn't like hey we're just gonna be really bad intentionally the worst we could possibly be for two to three years that's not what they were trying to do. So that's to me is why can't I can't wrap my mind around that is a fan and as a competitor. It just seems wrong to me. Like just sports everything sports is about that seems wrong to me like we since cheer for a team to lose because they think they're gonna get a better better draft pick. Released a better chance at a draft pick is its lottery system that seems wrong to make. And maybe other may be other people disagree and say hey I'm so over this mediocrity over the last few years really it's been. But almost fifteen years of mediocrity I guess that I completely get debt you wanna see something different. I just keep my brain in a place right say you know what I could root. Or in her tutor three years of sustained tanking Matt Greensboro wants to Japanese hanging on that would sub they'll rethink. Idea create some. Error. Will be you're out earlier what you want to the next GM. Column. One at least believed it but I gonna do want actually collar and shot yeah. As a product Horry and many believe it Michael Jordan always behind the curtain. You know always stirring special when it comes to wrap there. I guess socket and tour. 23 years thank you if I really believe that they were gonna make the right. By. Other we already went there and only great player very good player cannot with the kemba and he would not the type they you know you keep him really. Build a franchise around eight market wire now lately franchise changing player. And that's not a question if that is by the trade giveaway coming you get a get it. Graham because anybody that took on the right hand they're not a bad eight. Well you rightly tibia foundation and it came it's going to be you know better team that can add in the the work trading him really you know get it. It post world war. Yeah eagle and and that's the boy imagine somebody wrote this in on the building center text on a second ago one saying Anthony Davis should be a hornet mean gas. In the sense that it's only gets that thing hornets did this they got unlucky at a time where some of the guys that were coming out it's because it's bigger deeper in the NBA draft in recent years it has been deeper. It feels like there are more legitimate. Star players or guys that will develop into rotational players at the top of the NBA draft wasn't that way for awhile but the one year we won seven games. You didn't get to know more overall pick. So you bend down that path before it didn't work out but somebody was writing in. The hornets need to follow all the bowls plant not not the sixers plan follow the bulls rebuild path and I actually agree with that you look at what they got for Jimmy Butler and I think the hornets would be. Hard pressed to get that kind of returning it in exchange for for Kemba Walker. But the bulls got Zack Levine. And Chris Jenkins. Up from. From. From Minnesota. And they did that a return for Jimmy Butler and a draft pick to like Datsyuk that's included. It's a good hold back to return. Two words you can kind of stay competitive with some legitimate players now who can still get better and you've got the assets to either make multiple first round picks are packaged those two go get a higher pick. Like to me that's the plane if you're gonna do let's go to CJ. Who wants to jump it with a CJ it would sell male what do you take. Good oh are they that we're we're trying I was doing on the regulation basically. Oh really the worst team in playoff history that our our record don't spark like Turkey. Wanted to target picked up into the pellet in all. Probably since expansion again that's probably I don't know that for a fact but I actually would say that's probably true since the expansion era when the bobcats came around. Took a look Darrell broke by Grupo they've been at least around these in the playoffs are and I'm like man you Guerrero were. Oh boy closed courier now. Over thirty you're out there. Yeah I mean you have to go with the words seem when you go back to you originally years I appreciate calling you back to your original years they were consistent team that would go five games or seven games in the opening round. And been and it wasn't an uncommon to see them in the second round of the playoffs last year they were here no true. They made it to the second round. And are like 8000 people in the building for playoff games because they're really knew the team was moving so nobody showed up which is a really weird dynamic on me and will tweeting it are texting and Chris Dunn I sit Christian against. I'm sticking March Madness Chris Dunn thank you will euros put me in the right direction let's do this quick timeout. Philly Nate is hanging out I'm sure wants to tell us what the way to go is on the rebuild plan that will get to him later on we talk Charlotte 49ers. And we're gonna talk to their new AD he just made its first major hire replacing. Houston treacherous Sierra head coach for the basketball program which Ron Sanchez associate head coach for Virginia we talk about the higher and the direction for the 49ers next its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Do. I. Sheriff in town Tom until accounts because we get a new AD for the Charlotte 49ers and he's replacing a legend he knows that he's awesome in his first big hire Ron Sanchez. Could be the next head coach for the Charlotte forty niners basketball program I'm sitting here reading a tweeted to Charlotte 49ers. Sent out earlier today all these quotes from media members across the country who covered college basketball as well as anybody guys like Jeff Goodman saying Ron Sanchez. Has done a tremendous job over the years. He's an outstanding young coach great energy and knowledge is integrity and character beyond reproach CN Chaz is a home run for Charlotte that's JB illicit ESPN. So we've got DJD might kill who I would like to welcome to Charlotte officially end. And just how does that make you feel Mike when you make your first major hire new get that kind of phrase from hiring grant broad Sanchez to be the new basketball coach. And able first of all the thanks for having on her show are really appreciate the opportunity at. This is so incredibly excited about Ron Sanchez joining our program here. But you know it it's there there's no doubt that it reputation nationally. It's optional you talked to Gerri Willis caught too. Are your Pete Campbell you know other Jeff Goodman are in the business they'll tell you. That the specific Geiger and hackable reputation that the man of high integrity character. Which honestly that was my number one priority there aren't about coat off all tragically give a landscape that we find this sport that we love so much yet. You know and and also just a tremendous coach and recruiter guy has a reputation or. Really have an eye for talent he can recruit in a five star player but also. I have the ability to define the diamond rocks so just incredibly excited and happy is to seat that tremendous response nationally to this addition. Now we're talking to Mike Jones who AG for the Charlotte 49ers and Ron Sanchez associate head coach from Virginia he's going to be the new head basketball coach. A for the Charlotte 49ers men's basketball program you don't know me from Adam which is entirely fine but I I was saying this the other day Mike I thought of the first big take away from you on the job. Odd that really stood out to me is when I saw some reports that. You hired Ron can not only did you hire Ron you didn't uses search firm you can use some sort of third party did to navigate this deal you just said you know what. This is my guy and on the go get them and that's kind of rare in college athletics or why did you go that route why do you say no I wanna be the one handles this long gonna make sure I get my guy my way. Well he. You know a bit there are a lot of different way to go about hiring coaches there and as I don't mean I'm not trying to to say my way is the that's where right way but just the way that I order. Now working for a long time for one of that state these ever Jeremy Foley first give Florida and what Scott Strickland has come on board the last two years or denigrate out reporters well and related philosophy is that you know we are we wanna control assert we wanna direct the search results. I what you know all by myself and in this search giant ball that a few key staff members insert certainly involve the chancellor. You know is well in the process but I felt like it was in or to keep the small circle and to you to really have some laser focus taking a lot of input from people like trucks in the business. If I had some names in mind I knew we wanted to consider. And I also wanted to sort of cross checked that with other. People do there were experts in college basketball and the Hancock bank just surfaced at the top and he became our immediate direct focus we targeted women and thankfully we're able to get it so. It's sound it's not an easy thing to do so to quote unquote land a plane you know the guy you want you also want the job. And now we're fortunate it got that we want it also wanted to be here and so perfect match. Well and and on that note I suppose I would ask you this every it's as you know in in your job in your field. You always have to have a shortlist and it's always about being prepared for what might come up to what might happen if for you is unique because. You just took these jobs are surely you knew at some point you might Pia NED on your own and you might have to make a hire like this I'm sure you always had to. Some names and some guys that you always thought well I we're making a higher and I certainly look into these folks how how long had. Had Ron been on your radar personally and before you took the Charlotte job. Well it's it's funny because Ron as a guy who actually had it no well at all hey coming into this search but I had met Ron. And a basketball our convention or conference coaches conference out at ninety about six or seven years ago. When I was still Florida and now Ron was you know into an aunt Virginia. And and up and coming out assistant coach at the time that. I had that opportunity to visit with them and meet with a bunch of other up and coming coaches. And I've I've found mine now I remember being really struck by aircraft by this man and in his. Presence is character knowledge. Not just his way about it and I found my notes are ordered out cleaning up my office last week come to Charlotte. I've found a note from that conference and his name within their I'd start is name a circle that. So it's kind of interesting that if he played out the way that it did because. I was impressed by and the years ago and here we are they gonna we're going to be working together so oxide. Ardidi for Charlotte might chili's with this right now on the technique on gas line coach it might can you give us a story you just gave us that story can give is sore maybe during the interview process where BC's thought to be a great recruiter everybody keeps saying he's such a great people person. All the names even though back to Washington State he's been credited with with getting clay Thompson to go to Washington State getting tied Jerome. To lead New York to come to Virginia can you give us a story of where. He really he really turned it on he turned on the recruiter knob he really dialed it up to unite Israel like OK he had viewed this guy's got it he's got the X-Factor Diaz suffered forming. He outlaw outside of that is actually there's actually post are you OK but I think it's found it it it it is gonna illustrate what you talked about personal interview proper golf. And it looked at about ten minutes back could feel that this sense that this is this is to act OK and then eat you've got to be it's got to feel natural out of you like that. And I and I can tell almost instantly that he I would were really really well together you eat great fit here but. And it he was also demanded everybody was saying what but. Beyond that piece beat out justice speaking with them. The other day about you know are out. And our Chinese you know we have we have our society is coming in this year obviously that they committed back in November and I wanted to talk to look out they haven't before I even get the word out about he told me that you already have their cart record predation. And you know had plans to it to reach out to them so is the guy who is incredibly out and you're recruiting and two maintaining. You know ties to to talent not that they just in this state but regionally nationally and internationally. And that's iron out an eye opener for me as well talk with our ballots connections that are bash so big guys extremely low connected. He is a genuine authentic person who connects well to people. You know he's not one of these guy is gonna come in the room. And just you know. Turned you know like the place a blaze a case by our circus ringleader. He is of a man of substance. Delivered big time coach of big time mind. In you'll see daddy can interact with them it's it's gonna be exciting. As you know it's been thirteen years since we've been able to tie Charlotte 49ers basketball to the NCAA tournament what what. What are your expectations I grew up around your Mike just remember it and I went to Appalachian State the grown up he could not be Charlotte forty niner shale with what Bobby did with the program in conference USA at that time. Were on national TV on a pretty regular basis as you know so. What what are your expectations now it's not gonna happen overnight I think fans are or where that so what our expectations. Which UN Ron for the basketball program ago. Sure well you know and you referenced that there's there's really the glory years and our great. Court great job Bobby it was stated here you know he is he's he's alleged as far as where concern at this this basketball program and making the 49ers. Basketball brand you know soccer and at that people recognized nationally so. You know they're they're a lot of great history here which was a great attraction for me to come to it to Charlotte not actually come into place. There wasn't really invested in basketball so but but with product think you know we have here's a guy is a builder. Italy had to do was look at his track record this is a guy who. You know we've been with Tony Bennett one of the best coaches in the country Tony that's been national coach beer. I think to go to the last war years right and so he was Washington State where it was Tony where they took over a program that's maybe one of the most difficult and all the power five weeks and took them from the basement that that at that time the pac ten. To that would sixteen. They left Washington State and came to Virginia and for per people who have short memories Virginia was at the basement of the eight DC they were not what they are. They were hired for read and comment and and build and repair program. And here they are now having 129 games. For the last five years they want school record 31 games this year what twentieth one. In the most difficult league in the country this year I mean that's spectacular. Upset not was standing in the first round if they turn out we all get that huge disappointment history at all like that. The track record of this guy and the staff is absolutely spectacular. So he's older he's been a part of 22. Programs that were in the ditch basically and took them to pop. And yet this has to rebuild job and so that it there's no I'm not I'm not set a timetable we're on I told them. That we're gonna Entrust pander to rebuild this thing to do it the right way and be about the right thing which is two years and what he has. And that will get there you know the right way and they'll stop and it blasts state. And that we want Urquhart this program to be competing for conference titles. On a regular basis and be competing obedient state term on a regular basis we're nowhere close to that right now there's a lot of work to be done and he's got a comment with his staff. Roll up their sleeves and figure all that out what we are going to get there under this man leadership. Mike butcher valuation of the football program and you're you're still kind of finding your way you're still probably going through some of that process for what true valuation and and it's in its infancy still below what sure valuation. Yes so having your reference is infancy stage and this is the fact you know are so that the the few times now here or is quite vocal for under twelve years at the we go play football for our years here. Only three at the FPF level so. I think you know it it and make out like an excuse for people who don't like one win season or none other cities in the coaches and student athletes. But it's not an excuse it's it's reality right in so I think you know we all coaches players staff everyone expected or see progress the ball. But you know it's way earlier I've not had a chance to really dig into what the football program is yet. I do not spent some time with Brad Lambert Lampard Arabs super impressed by around and I tell you that in college football coaching circles have been incredibly good reputation. And so are at stake you know we we are we are respect camp and our respective staff and and as cheap. And I can't wait to see how this all unfold because we've got some great opportunities here between our home opener against Fordham. And then the following week we have app state and town here at. That's that this being a regularly out continue to beat this drum that we've got to squeeze out the app state fans in this stadium filled up with green. In our stadium after that big game that you don't get a conference place so you know there are opportunities here we expected it to make progress that's fallen and can't wait its start. Well as an asked Natal are mostly good luck on that okay I'm just gonna tell ya just good lie and I can't I'm not gonna help I promise you I'll I'll support you guys every other day I'm not gonna support you guys on that afternoon I'm just telling you guys are right now might kill AD for the Charlotte 49ers with this on the tech become just like we're gonna for a few more moments. Still a few other things to hit on I I know this is one of the fun parts of the job because. You don't use this example I remember when Charlie Cobb became the AD any CAD at Georgia State now but he became mediate an app after being an associated North Carolina State and I remember one of the one things he was he was just blown away by his every fan bases. Fanatical and they've all got there things that they're just soul. Crazy about even the most ridiculous inane things and as actually ends the fact that we we could have cups in the stadium anymore we stepped cops would ice. When you go to the concession stand in the first few years they went away and he brought those back it was like he delivered manna from heaven something as silly as that so I would wonder for you you're still in the early phase of the job Michael what's the thing we elect. I can police fans cared this much about this little thing it seems like it should matter but this resonates what our fan base for some reason. Yeah out like that spirit there are a lot of things that I've that I've seen and heard just you know. You know it's streets throughout does conversation that I haven't chirping but it much is any thing I would say our spam or just down. They're hungry appetite for success would get that piece you know especially the book on a basketball haven't struck all but they also are hungry to be actively engaged and so. Yeah we're gonna work really extra heart to her sister. Our our young that'll allow our our donors our students we've got to negate our students in a way that. Creates future ought not basic care about our athletic program I really really important. Now and in the future for the success of 49ers athletics so jamiat that that's probably the biggest take what their parallel little bank if people have opinions about. You know about branding in uniforms then yeah game day experience doesn't what will get all of that for sure overall work issues such. I think the biggest take away from me is that they wanna be engaged. Can I offer one not that it matters but can I offer one suggestion you can take this in stride U would didn't do with it what you wish OK can I offer one. Sure I want the old Kelly green dirt turn and I would love to see the old bright Kelly green and really that yellow sheet of gold. To return for the 49ers I'm sure I'm not the first person to say that I do you feel about that. Yeah out so you know I know there are a lot of opinions about that this shade of green that we Wear the color the likes of I'm a big rain being person that's why wouldn't that the big piece of my background it's so I promise you that all those banks. Will be assessed and evaluated we look at the program. And I know this is above your pay grade but can we just make it to university of Charlotte you know Memphis went through this would mental state now they're just met this. It needs to be the university of Charlotte to find a way to make this happen I feel like this is important. So are you are what that would give some credit where credit is due here so that the 49ers here athletics has been referring to sell Charlotte. As Charlotte for almost eighteen years now so I've 49ers. And you know what you see there aren't uniform are athletic uniforms so there's no issues there that that that conversation that he. He should. It's is not one that all of my Bailiwick and I are gonna completely passed the buck back our. I keep push set up the pipeline if you don't mind my card Mike might kill. India that at Charlotte and you can you just got on the job he just made her first big tire everybody seems to be praising at and which we can't wait to watch for this new -- Charlotte forty niner basketball's gonna look like under Ron Sanchez Mike I appreciate you being gracious with your time and firfer chat with us for a little bit -- good to talk do you. I are great talking material reported earlier we're in the future stood out there and our RC sooner eagle might kill newly deferred for Charlotte and let's do this relate to break we react to some of that on the other side Damian Lewis in ten minutes it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening tub primetime with Chris Krueger. Powered by ortho Carolina. I got 49 rigs tweeting and proudly jeweler put your feet Damione Lewis gonna join us five minutes thanks to Mike kill for dropping by you guys seem to like Mike jail. He's good he's good to see everything that's part of the job when you're good it. Being in front of the camera microphone or just one on one situations it's a big I would say it's the number one part of the job number one they had to do it he had to do something unit Rhonda come here. Yeah I'm sure Iran probably was giving other offers and it's all about salesmanship. Yes but I also think I mean what big jobs are open if you're Ron Sanchez the pitch job open is that really what you want the UConn job was opened. Is that really what you we talk to us and that is our. No that's good or bad jobs either Kevin Ollie had run over under in twenty games and won a national JP bright red but it's UConn Pitt. OK nobody's arguing that Kevin Ollie just got fired for winning national championship so expectations are reading we've just had this conversation yesterday we just had this conversation. You could look at this Golisano that looks like a great job. Is it until you talked to the AD he talked to the fan base and talk about expectations. You look at a guy like Kevin Ollie how did Kevin Ollie get blamed for infractions. And yet Jim Calhoun nothing ever happened with Jim Calhoun record Jim Calhoun I'm. Explain that to me so you're Kevin Ollie tubby Smith's a great example. What's a better job Memphis or Charlotte Memphis is the answer Memphis except Tubby Smith just got fired even though we led Memphis to over twenty wins in his second year. Except you're not Penny Hardaway who can deliver the number one recruit in the country so college basketball's a weird one that way. I I think the thing with Mike is you got to AD. Do have to be a people person you have to sell your program you have to sell all. Everything US do it did become the landscape competitively. From an athletic department same point cut in college athletics anymore is crazy young basketball football specifically. What you have to do to find a niche for your program. Is so hard he I think my alma mater selfishly he's done a good job at being upstate still. We're still upstate and we bumped up a level but people still recognize our let's upstate little blue North Carolina but you know what they got a good football program. That read you have that brand recognition. In boot we always do when you win football games the moment stopping football games but he goes away getting issuing your hands and I think that's been the thing we Charlotte forty niners athletics has always been known. As a basketball school men's and women's baseball's been good over the years who knows what happens with football I think football can be good it's a basketball school. Mike knows that he got to get back to your bread and butter had a we start marketing ourselves again as deep Charlotte 49ers. Awesome mid major basketball program in a state that eats sleeps Leon's breeds college basketball. When it's good. And that's the task in so Ron says Sanchez is the guy that's been tasked with debt but I mean Rick was tweeting and on the Bradley jeweler sweater she says no on the Kelly green those are martial colors. But yes to the university of Charlotte but as Mike said that's about this taker. Like you to the athletics departments in on un out in front of that for awhile now the school at a certain point has got to go to the UNC system and say guys here's who we want a big. People don't know about UNC Charlotte it's confusing the UN CC thing where UN CC for this we're Charlotte forty niners for athletics you gotta we gotta brand ourselves is this. That's gonna happen from the school president that's gonna happen for the board of trustees. That's gonna happen for people born fall from the academic side of things. Are we Charlotte but Rick say no on the Kelly green I'd love to Kelly green. But it's funny how fan bases when you get a chance to kind of press the reset button with an AG the things that are important fan bases and any school in this country you can talk about this a little bit with Miami. That was thirsting for awhile. Brand got lost beyond trail all the you got lost in translation at some point in the last fifteen years and it finally feels like its back I think to Miami fan so. I vividly remember that Charlie Cobb took the AD job an apt. And one of the first things people wanted him to do was a Charlie can you bring back cups in the stadium. We used to love death cups in the stadium we can have cups and you know we just have the bottles isn't stupid when it mattered to Afghans insured up he did it end like. What good will that one overly nasty stance affect idiot cuts were nice of the concession stand again why were they originally. I don't know why that's the point we know why why would you take away cuffs were nice that's a good question Billy. I wanna be able to pour my Pepsi or Coke into way into and cop would ice. Or whatever your beverage choices. We that was it I think maybe they were afraid of people mixing. You know you get a little adult beverage can you talk takes into a bottle. I don't know on your mind of just trying to figure out what's going on the little things I have but this text or reading it Charlie needs to be the next Wichita State. I don't know they could be the next Wichita State but they should be there's nothing stopping them from being that I might say it that's easier said than done but I don't think there's anything stopping them from getting to that level and here's the thing that sticks sticks and across Charlotte forty understands. Gregg Marshall probably could have built something pretty. Pretty sustainable it would take with the Charlotte forty niners but that's all water under the bridge now so it's up to. It's up to Ron Sanchez and company and I I will say this for the for the fans who are worried about style of play I heard Jason Capel. On with Mac on the Mac attack this morning saying no I don't know if you go look at some of the assistants that have played worked under Tony Bennett over the years. They don't just run the same offense you know they don't bring that defensive intensity. But Ron Sanchez is gonna want to import his style and his fingerprints on the offense so if you're thinking you're gonna go watch forty to 32 games at home arena you'll have to worry about that I think things will be a little bit more wide open. Let's start the 3 o'clock hour with Damian Lewis right now it's tribe time powered by ortho Carolina. Our extreme. Real estate studio. 5610. No it didn't need.