Primetime: Buckeye & NFL Prospect Billy Price Joins The Show

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Friday, February 16th

Brian Noe fills in for Kroeger with co-host Damione Lewis. NFL prospect Andre Smith joins the show. 


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Live from the marks seemed real to studio. Peace he's primetime powered by ortho Carolina any heavy metal in the. And it's definitely a. He's doing and showed some leg old school hand tarot. It's a limo guy until we get fed into the mix nab show. That was an even. Even the door open for. Gaza and similar. Right now he's not Fiona so yeah. Fears were. Yeah yeah. He's Damione Lewis primetime bred to buy it ortho Carolina at 6:10 AM to 1025 FM the US and Z. Summaries I just think she dancing around Damien. Somebody give an answer yeah. Are you have a big gap that's good man's. Keep it prevents you don't say yeah we're talking Andre Smith from North Carolina. Can be drafted here in the NFL pretty soon. And you're asking him about his old school jams break. Some a year old school jams. So any dialing down when had to be big well you're playing a Miami right yet nets aren't came out in 97. A once in early seven early eight. I'm not that I don't want which you write down your arms and you limit the term here and our worsening mid just did the bad boys and yeah and are you a Miami you're actually got a little pickup in two hours. Of the assault came out welcome to Miami yet. Ahead Sarah. But see that they are we'll consider that that's almost like new school art when you were announced earlier yeah luckily guys are Brothers or later right mark you know hands on there yeah. So here's who you know. Even our cool or Kool Moe Dee who do you okay. A very dear rocky you know. Old school right there you know absolutely. Absolutely dark red deer mix in you know armagh. How how call it what categorical weekly DMX since I agree with you can't put him in old school if you and old school is defined as like Marvin Gaye and yet. That's a funny thing your viewers teenager. Went particular artists came out or you're early toward these. Dan Dickau Verizon which you. All the way to life is die this is the deal does is it right here you know when did everything else is new school and they don't necessarily military door there a got a lot of old school. Yeah I hear it's a say in there and you just vibe with music differently as a teenager. But it is yeah. Odds with humidity would you do life in that yet. You think about it right god thirty years ago plus is almost the ninety's I know man how crazy is that I know. An audio video. A battle of the young get. These are proposed New York anyway I he had absolutely may have. And it's what music is timeless it's funny to me because in a lot of NFL games also at Virginia Tech you know Virginia Tech football they've got this tradition where they come out. Of the tunnel and they play inner sandman from Metallica. Or you'll hear this at NFL games of butt to kick the ball off the B plane inner sandman debts from 91 yeah. 91 man that's like 27 years ago yeah. It's insane. But we. We got three decades ago this we got the best pregame coming out a total game and all the football field cart community here at all that's great absolutely it's I about a mood setter raise. Follow this. Yeah funkadelic had a quiet. Anger. In terms of football right now. Yeah no helmet when that storm was brewing over the ocean and I'm really hit career. Yeah it is I think it's in in the Bruins staged it really explode the brewing stay I guess the storm brewing out there. Did you ever see. An old school. Speaking old school late old school YouTube video member John Henderson defensive tackle for the jaguars yeah. Big John Anderson our our dads are got drafted out of Tennessee yeah he was fantastic with Marcus Stroud next to him or great same here yeah. Yes great defensive tackle tandem they're put John Henderson used to have this ritual. Where somebody on staff would slap on more us. Remember that yes this show that early as we have yet they other videos of it is like Powell. Hit some anyways like I hit you harder the next. He's got a big blue tree until. I'm in if I want to see an ebony I think crazy like you get ready overnight and Slavic neighbor that we had. How about a teammate the craziest teammate ritual that you saw. You know I don't see a lot of craziness man. Listen to a music and govern our form sort different ways you know when you look at dolphins and gowns run receivers like to listen slow muse against the guard unit rule. You know our defense or were. A little bit more you'll park you don't Paramount you don't give them dumping you ready to go Olson's Merman definitely bring in Metallica and on the funds. Kickers read the book. Doing their taxes good good good very good football and go where I can finish us. They go to typically your Bhutto playbook in just gonna diversity of each other dolphins corners in the regularly and able. A little corner of my regular those got cubicles are newly similarly to regular to go to work yeah. This is far. You know so it's just different guy different groups different personalities when none of foolishness. Yeah I was singing never seen anything like someone gets slapped no. I remember. It's nice thing crazy by just unique member I Deion Sanders he would always lay out his uniform. On the ground here are laid out on the floor like is his Jersey to his pants. To let the wrist bands his gloves everything would be laid out is if he was just like panic dead jumped into it. Yeah those funny like arm there's like talk outlined guys that know Lou. Good feel good price you absolutely in the one crazy they are we'll take that I had one. In all of football we have a center about a name or Casey Jones and the University of Miami. He used to literally terror of the pictures out of BR about our game brochure. I go any pull all the pitchers out of a defense of garment if he would beat them one by one. This is true Stewart. They would need the pictures of the DUI min of my. That's great man dead. On them as nuts number that was Jason. That you know it and again going back in academic kicker do that you know. It's got to be alignment but also the same got a dusting snatched another defense of Roman in practice messed his face mask off like Little League grab him about a straits last. Pushed it twisted his wrist top schools ordered it throughout the middle of your never seen that in life. All of them are missing and it has only come ever ever seen anybody do that ever. As a hostile as well as he can literally pop for xmas. Goodness man I was so that shortly what cigar eroded since double would know okay. If I just flat out a letter that's. I. Error lies video of this is a horrible reference but. The 85 bears Jim McMahon. He had a helmet with no face mask one time it was is hidden around in practice with. Like runner around all goofy and things like that but big to that picture someone trying to run around seriously you don't know face mask yeah CNET senior would murmur some steady is. Grown man's strength right there yes it is now. Two ripple face mask off your Poppins scrolls. Dolores Cruz minimal this death is heat a little lead just with it is uses her who you like Jesus for the. Got a demonstration as a week. Darn it we heard this and win a little brawl would dolphins who were. And you know it's part about the form their training care. Wearing college goes my first year there are so we're getting renewal we are had this whole thing planned you know were sickened Todd and our oceans of lemon older and in this one guy got to Charlotte lovable Casey so he lovable occasionally and you know while gas came off in the brawl started in Sunni. Ear tickling the brawl stopped immediately air. Look commander go very low every. Fights over men's only very little else that day we don't. I'm back from the that is a face mask or pop off dude that they would just. Well yes yeah yeah. Yeah and you mail is a realistic it's a legitimate L if it did like beat the losing side is saying it's a now you know I mean they're the farm report. About it is that did you see him or trainers come over and over Gaza and equipment room he's the old street. You run eagle Trace the stories rarely go a million studio he runs a little guy takes is a human being he runs virtually equipped enrollment to about five minute later you go back out. Knew the material. I really a part does does not stop. Got it done boys from the award. I love I love the chin strap guys. Do they always run they've got every tool known to man yes they do. And everything set for any situations he's running they probably ran on the feeling braver settlers who chin straps do is a pretty easily and I remember this is where is this the first commercial equipment guy go back to the locker room. FK already over there layered yellow veterinarians. Karine and he wants to check in on Brian known for Kroger he's Damione Lewis primetime brought you by ortho Carolina careens got something for us what's going on Korean. Have gone around that by doing that they great. Eight billion yuan or you don't and then it is man like growing up and it was met on Baghdad are you don't get cute that the carpal. Do not that like that movie that broke break it. I any any good stroke rare upgrade I bet on under that aspect that there are you really black light every bank. Well we had a free eight feet. Hey Yoko one about a lag it it it it bad in Spain where they beat each other now. You can't let me I'll beat me you wouldn't David in my mayor Matt bit late. They guard Eddie played between the battle of the gated who. So don't get it now and god why can't they let you won't name. Okay let me do you. The they'll we will would be I at the end of the Marriott back it's employed by. Would blow hole made their little regard the boot camp guard the little boy you're. There wrote today. Don't remember clearly does the Lehrer news that's good stuff so we are you ready yet to suggest this La you don't want to be forgotten. If you don't wanna be first no. And that little exchange on thing and you know for. But it would burden of the relay and there. That's their lucky. Did that's a ball waist hype yourself up I thought it was gonna talk about man I had flashbacks of the program remember the crazy guy I think he played linebacker week he head butted the day. Start a new record has not yet started even that he head butted lake. A window right like you are window yeah yeah yeah yeah he lemon roared through it. Yeah accounted it's starting bids bravery. Are negative ads she did at the fifth do you remember the humorous there was a scene from the program there is spitting. Yeah we has not yet Libby needs Obama's notably as the mideast in these nose and. Yeah that yeah. I do not remember that. I read decent amount from that movie how might an effort instead of out. They don't know if I remember zoom in there and start a day that's your that's great well man I had coming up next. We got to get to this where. It is going to be naming a GM officially pretty soon but in the meantime. What is our GM Damione Lewis. Think would be good moves for the Panthers to make full dive into that I'm Brian Nolan for Kroger he's Damione Lewis its primetime brought to by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com. I'm Brian Moehler for Kroger he's Damione Lewis prime time brushing by ortho Carolina. 6:10 AM 1025 FM WF. And see. Some pan territory deal Lou. Any love just like will and bombarded. We got out Billy price from Ohio State. Offensive lineman he's gonna join us here about ten minutes. He might have some love for Pentair and heavy metal and you've probably goes you. And I'm gonna establish that and OK I I'm gonna ask him you know me I got asked got to get out there. How about this system a couple of minutes ago. Billy the marlin was talking to me about curling in the Olympics. It is like hey man you seen these Polk a dot pants. From Norway's men's team and I'm like no amendments and Polk dot pants in the Olympics deal live your thoughts fairly. Good what did you say it's curling anything goes listen. We even want to Oman or curling over the last two days then yeah. I've seen nothing short of weird. That split it and addressing. One guy has issued a tape together about followed part of biggies for Italy. I has his one story after another these go hazard it better special room. Nerves he's got his character difference that a guy as there his stuff his stuff is hanging together via duct tape. He's got some wide souvenir there there holder known for dear life. Wow yeah. Now your son apparently. New look curler by name yes he did he drop the knowledge in the studio over this he's been to modify our. That's awesome man. That's next level stuff when you don't names of curlers in the Olympics. Andre Huckabee is not a committed to sports he's already committed. If you know at the name of someone who competes in curling you are dedicated there were. A new guy with the weird must there Dario was right at the top of his head and I'm talking here on talking to Brian in the talkback and many just goes well Matt Hamels and for a break there. Don't need to do really nothing death yeah I did straight man that's I'm surprised he didn't say who live up today. Yet fed up I'm sure there's been a time Damian or your son Manny has said something in your late I didn't even know that yes. There has announced the color has to be one of the that was definitely one yeah. Has there ever been something warrior like I should've known that. Yes he knows all the phases of the moon. Well that's yeah absolutely I do yeah. I know that you do we had the blood moon here apart about three weeks ago the other way early karma big move. Lou whatever these he's just sort of name and on a different phrase the moon's. Let the I'll never bring you get the public school that's great man I'll never forget I had. My sixth grade science teacher mr. Thomas we are doing the phases of the moon which I don't remember all of them. But my mom I'll never forget we're drive and a school and she was like you know what I bet he has on the test what the mood is today as early in the morning. And it was it was the extra credit. That question and we got it right 'cause I'm never looking up and whatever was like a waning crescent Earl Clark what Sarah what's that was. I get two extra bonus points because my mom had the foresight Damien. Demi naked couple extra bonus points when you hit it again saying she was ahead of the game ends ago. Apps thanks mom. Thank you there should credit. So bill Barnwell. From He's got a new column posted. So what it is with all the NFC teams he has five moves that every team should make in his opinion. So I was gonna go through these five. Of the Carolina Panthers these suggestions that he has for the Panthers with you Damian and I would you kind of like old school Roman coliseum. Thumbs up thumbs down. And if you think he's on to something good or on to something bad here. So the first thing Barnwell has is right the ship figure out who the owner in the GM will be I don't know how you can go thumbs down on that you know are you care. Well you gotta get that perhaps. Yet. Number two he's got convinced Julius Peppers to come back in re sign him I agree with that drew that's okay. Number three let Andrew Nora well and starlet to lay leave. And receive draft pick compensation. Yeah that's part of what's gonna happen. Yeah it's. Mean and your door closed and be very expensive man. Yes CEOs extremely well yeah you do you notice value and a player using drugs drastic. And bush you don't have you don't have the cap space yeah really it's discern any of those gassed were better deal than what they're gonna give normal market. Yeah. Your ham strung at any fear of competing against other teams that can offer a ton more cash. You're chances are that good you know he's got to look young look at the draft. Number four he's got work on extension for DeVon fund just gives that. Yes I am good with that cause you can get him locked up long term edit an early age like that's one of the things that you know talking before that. Our wish they probably would've Doan was nowhere you know last year year before last you could discern Helm. You know to an extension and had him through twenty Torre. Instead of you know him going to be in the clear Davey we that they knew we would be. And RB in this situation here now word you're gonna have to leave him out and armament blood pressure in the open market. Yeah the last one Barlow has this pick up Shaq Thompson's fifth year option. Which do you feel about that dealer and I think our. Probably. Because if you're looking for. Ed Nixon guys. The score stepped in for you know short terms Davis you know Thomas announcer this one does lesser player yeah. And if you're not going to go this is your options then. You know what are you gonna do movement forward or you or is he no argument being here shortly you know after June. And you know how are you gonna help a bit so yet they were I was a youngster that was who's your option. Outside of barn wells column because he makes some good points. You are the how should we say this. The make believe just sounds wrong. That's the interim sounds. Two official voice that's what Marty hernia actually is right now we're caught the makeshift. Okay the makeshift GM at this particular stage. You're making the decisions right your shake the roster is you see fit. What's the number one thing you would want to see happen with this roster if you were in control of it. We have to get reliable. He played through its fourth quarter yeah. First and for a morals and eat right after dad had a very close number two. It is we have to give Garros or to rush hour days you don't need what rules does we have with armored bring Julia strippers back. You don't get americorps roster we have Mario Addison. But we need to improve you know in our pass rush and we need to have your certain go inside and out we got a firm some more diversity on a defense weren't forced. Russian loon loon. I'm just looking through some of the possible selections that seemed Christian Kirk from Texas say in them associated with. The Carolina Panthers of course you think about edge rushers. Hey you know if you look at Sam Hubbard over their heads at Ohio State's. You know tight one Lewis at Ohio State anybody in terms of receivers or defensive ends. That day you you would target as the makeshift GM if you will Damione Lewis. That's a good question I haven't. Really sit down and decipher what guys from college that I would think would be a good fit our main looking free agency. You know for certain models answers. But definitely look at the draft yarder to receiver position. I would love to know who Cam Newton if he was is completely off the record you know you like cam. Who would you want them to draft I would love to know the answer to that question. From Cam Newton there. But I don't know I don't know who he would have his eye on. We got some good receivers coming out in this draft Cortland suddenly drew Sutton from SMU put up monster numbers over there. I'm curious what Calvin Ridley does out of Alabama. Has a lot of talent but. It would Jalen her season throw the ball very much you know he wasn't this this phenom college passer so I would really right easily get out of Ridley. You like really but Carlos. The repair surgery you know look court programs summer. Allah Barrymore. Has there are kids or other players come out already knew and that's you know that's gonna give him the nod and you know you look at and SMU. Whose money is immune to last in fifteen years is rated played they want. Not have to hound you know more word during and you got her kids from a lot of mix havens for rare. You know they understand art the past entry terms of arms their morale archery. They understand ulcers or understand what you Shara mutual defense. Well cause those things he's teaching from day one the first thing he walked on campus so that gets garrison ready. To go and play on the next level Lohse yeah the same thing out of all player out of her senior. Yes initially thought that the first thing I think it was obviously go with Julio Jones Julio Jones is phenomenal in the NFL but yeah. The next guy think of is Antonio Brown you know from central Michigan so it's the crapshoot you just never opens older Americans put. On the armed nearly put our players know there's a kid who are you know just above and beyond what he calls a terrorist torn Burma freak of nature I'll he's phenomenal yeah. He's fantastic. Down on SMU is what I'm gathering you. Listen I. I guess when you talk about the quality of work we put enough clearly sister rarely assists. When you come and out of college in New York Q is from our college for worms what is their program produce and mostly it's an NFL while they produce a pro really got past yeah. Net debt mess is that's not necessarily judge our full bowlers. That they have from literature on this Joe's bar Gaza coming into are they ready to play can they help your team right away can they come in NBA solid player of forceful multi. Right away you know so when you look at Alabama and they have repeated history of doing. Oh yeah absolutely they do. You could go the other way with some of the bus you know. Out of Alabama they've had a few guys that. Analysts now term a term for most port Seattle to worry threw out there regards urged the drama premiering in normal rushed and harassed sparks. It's Brian no infer Kroger Damione Lewis along as well primetime brought you by ortho Carolina. We want to shift gears welcome in Billy price from. That we welcome first off but I. I've been trying I've been trying to get Damione Lewis to embrace heavy metal a little bit more. And he's reluctant to do and I'm hoping I'm hoping you're one of the people. NFL draft prospect that in braces heavy metal and can somehow showed Damione Lewis the light are you that guy Billy price. We have an edit their their job early and use it for every moment of life. And both are just gonna get doubt the little metal on it the way back out way. I don't know role model sir metallic remote for a there are. NC we're talking Andre Smith earlier. And I shared it you know when you get to our guys are locked when you have your chair caring to share. So we have to share the radio so sometimes is. You know every little sometimes flat out rocks from terms as the apart and typically when a rocket role in the ER heavy metal comes off is using our oceans are Mormon run and a turntable. Yeah look at a contribute back to our state that we did after one of the we want a big game off but why aren't quite what looked from where I was brought coach musical chicken products out he's. Are this domestic equity got to appreciate it. A little while so that's not the first thing I would expect. From you know the Ohio State where it's like hey man we just sit down. Penn State or whatever include the Bronson chicken fried I wouldn't expect that Billy. Okay Edmund worker community able operatives are built a bit of luck not. But I out there currently in the church and we have our little meeting our our the word then out these are guys chart out the polar punch bowl. That's it just thing man looks as we look forward to the dot com buying but you're gonna be asked this a million times yet have a preference between playing center or guard. Not absolutely not picked up by both our global appliance that are going to be great year that our state. And it about three years playing guard up like Gardner the tremendous athlete. Five by junior China that are outlined. You know start better the vikings right now Papa spears at left guard flight back they're back left tackle them and they're out these future reliant. It did a great opportunity to buy a boat and I'm employed do whatever that superior. And I know you've done great you know do our college no especially being narrow old parliament a year preteen in. I think a very big plan offered Avaya especially are going to be that that are going to be a vote for your view reader. I think the biggest thing with that is you gotta bring people with you got to the other teach guys you know that trait. On the field and off the field that'll make her current tropical climate it happened people around you make your break off a lot. I had are really attribute a lot of it that that are they at this year's special while often aren't. You know mark both are among left tackle marker on to another ultra hopefully that the upcoming great. You know we topic guys take got to be. Put in preparation for a network or respect the built but in the tent and be a different paper he beat bad in debate and perhaps offer. You know barker took this you agree or why we bought we can't back it be that they are our thirty did what the upper hand and you know his pro ration. And the leadership you know we break off the acquirer to earth. Again similar gain micro way but be that that's one of the bigger bank beat you gotta be Peter show people how to player. He's Ohio State offensive lineman Billy price joins us here on prime time how much interaction did you have with your former teammates that are in the NFL during the season. A little bit on mute the Specter and Eric did you vote drug they are are scheduled they're preparing their obligations going out. You know prepare Becker you know my packed in here you prepared statement of you know recovery go well. Our our app more than cheers specially because they can't be saying the same property in technically started very apple Q3 years then he knew they were better. That there are. Well or did it in sight you know what was our earth and military you know what we were not better. Don't expect that our communication notebook built throughout. There what was your favorite thing about playing your own state. I think the big thing at the network I expand the radio rates that it higher here aren't. All of this shut down one bit you know bought couple what did it matter if it's incredible everywhere you bureau. You know people are artistic base and they just oracle but it bought in dispute are deviant art to what a sport but art but it though. It's true grip what are you kit they think that they differ radically duke get. There are so very little boy out a lot of local or are they were pure luck to be one of the utter all the PR. You know Billy there's this funny story where. In Arizona cheerleader was kicked out of the game last night college basketball for heckling in Arizona State free throw shooter. And so Damien and I were talking about he's played in the NFL played at Miami for a long time and of course he gets pretty colorful. What's the funniest thing that you heard said. To either yourself or a teammate throughout your years at Ohio State. Marat funniest day. I mean I think it pretty problem book it is you you don't Watters the DP heroic go back or a bad and they you know they are gonna try to get to know each other better years. I know all the people outlined maybe we talk but I think there are a funny thing. Powered up to treat people are well body by Bryant Allen missed it they had yet that a couple but for the quiet pressure and not Deep Purple line that we are they. Apple gear. Over the body moment old urged me to play in a purse rhetoric like they're so well with flight bats that. Copper predict underwater outside with the with the dual mission. That's just cores. Does get after pretty darn good I don't know what when your offense and defense a wide and you know Miller gave you too tired to be hit with one another. Day and listen. Throw at eighty public danger got sick about it at all. You know your outlook into you know didn't that there are looking like there at all. That's Booth is is there any saying that. You miss. Playing center come but compared to guard Billy where I don't know it's like pulling orbit certain things that you just it's a different dynamic when you're a senator compared to a guard. I don't want pick things that point guard but offered but are they trying to change a little bit to it but what would be that would give us. I played better had it all or mr. they are or keep the word. That shape who you are. You know would be cute you know our the white rabbit back but I had to act the united I was on a part. So that there are things but it did yoga actually you know our our product bubble be offered one aptly. Not just this so this should be good at your total vision cattle limits you to very respectful and I kick somebody out to run for yours there don't feel of the screen. Rather than their speed and athletic. It's been hard they offer being able panic you all. They're going to truly make sure one of things you think you have to work on to improve your game patience or footwork or as are any things like that need to work or. It looked update depicted that would be respect me again you didn't the court order 8085 played in. And your it Eric go to get the guys at a veto it the first. I think the page in the big big arts and how it's going to be you know I got excited and I got it got. About legal or. You know I got like give me a caribou. But think you'd be patient and that they're worried they embracing the different speed I think within a so if the parents forgot that the just a matter of opinion polish respect me be more patient. It's really great everything worked through it but you know the guys grounds crew and understand we're about to. He's Billy price from the Ohio State you know as he kicked ready for the come by the interviews are big big portion of it as you well know Billy back. If you're asked the question. Are are you not gonna be linked to PC guy if anything it might not reflect well on you feel like yeah I thought that journalists kind of stupid would you say that. Oh would you try to sugarcoat it if they asked you point blank. I mean he traffic what what I think every grew at every you know. Pets that bit where we're gonna do pop out or perhaps they need it for some brief. You know you might not understand that point blank but again but ours just got such a do think that they Europe do it. But probably a better. Now I know you've got a chance account look at the teams are you look at the different needs of the teams in NFL. What do you think Q what system you think your tree and was when you think you should end this is Caroline. Our pets Wilson and think about. You lose ability. Amanda lost them. Yet. Great men have been visited it was funny of all times for the phone to cut out roots in Carolina bad there. Notre it you know like Cam Newton will live civilian half of them. At bats. Drugs is drug signal. Yeah yeah yeah those great catching up with him know if we have time wolf or reconnect with them but. You can tell man he is got the chops. When it comes to the interviews with the coaches and everything like that all right Billy's back got it go ahead and reset we US convenient. Is below you back. Noise dollar oh OK I thought he was my bad I thought he was back aren't the prompt. But decided. I write down I was like to point guard Damien and I threw a pass like you know ten feet over your head generally a really good close we'll have. The what did you make your free admitted yes yes they may and he's gonna kill the interviews he can just tell me you know. Well spoken cattle and even when arm you readable the scout reports and stuff like get. He's a leader that's the first and so now he's aggressive he's got a mean streak. Yeah they feel like she will be a perennial pro bowler arm as his career progresses they really are. Marks only shown where's the off for Walter nor a ball Goran insurer so that's that's huge. Yes you know what's funny is gone back to your story about your Miami teammate that rips a defensive linemen still face mask off. Like. Billy price has that mean streak on the field to nothing else can you would never picked that up in an interview I love. Both worlds where you can be completely. Civil off and just a crazy person ready to rip someone's head off on the field I love that you're young and ought to turn on turn off you know it's this is barbaric elementary Obama you Kamal you've got to be civil and normally normally self. Yeah there. Well he's back we got a little bit more time was with Billy prize so Damien you're asking him a question I believe this is more like a chess pass right between the number that's excellent. Salmonella that's been sort of shown throughout. I know you've been looking men studying in addition Tuesday at army beat positions draft Q. Is a Carolina trip is on your list of teams that you like to come to. Yeah outlook feature article opportunities I think get a birdie team unity in there tropical on black desperately. What about potential. Hillbilly music about being at the Ohio State and click pretty much every one of the defensive linemen. Three trapped there they're going to be I'd Dixon all with how much of an advantage is that for you stepping into the NFL going up against the teammates that you're going up against an Ohio State. Because if you look at that they're usually better at great pretender players pop in pop deeper belie and then. You know we get a week out it's special point in the epic and it's open exhorted practice. In a practice. It felt good going to get guys like Michael Moore's go to get guys like Jerry all of the top rap we've you know Britain you enjoy both. This was a little bit bully and not a slave for you guys defense or later college. Great she on how do you like him as a coach. Luckily my other terms I think you know break great father that you get them all the other guys. Grow the open road so I haven't recovered or are they have a bit by churches. Candidate and are able to see that on game they were I really could you take advantage and understand you know what's going on deep constantly for further apart spears. I mean Billy. How Ole height where your practices. When you have just in the pits just in the trenches when you have that type of talent on both sides of the ball. But yet they get pretty I will say that you know there are an outbreak in after it after each other agent but beat out and makes you you know great are great football player. You gotta be an app that it's got to be able but you know what operate at. We are here are high you are care you know somebody like you are mature a bit older nevertheless that the other. Our to our board they often are Charlotte north of the bigger we really great. And that's how does urban march on them are Hornish all of this and I know you gotta allow. How else from ozone shield nationals are days and it's really care of things good little test the oceans and Asians eleven we always assures one distort the slide so how does he kind of pour themselves into you when it gets out of our. Handled it. Well I think the bigger I want them they're great moment that I really ability George bar it you know bike setup Whitewater theater or to vote thank. And Eli apple this inventory it Pete. And Dave you know Carlos scrappy they're girl while want out there requires speakers do you view that. They go grab a coach mark aspect let it happen being better going to be best approach just got very very well both are more about it. But it was one of those moments are not tape they got it can't buy it much broke back into repeat not being productive in the the end of that. You got the other go to do your job be productive and understand what her job is a football field and appear to focus them and part of their Energy Department there. By Billy now you're gonna be selling yourself at the NFL com by some a minute take that and do 180 here. I need you to sell. Damione Lewis on heavy metal how to fix that if your favorite metal band and why he should give them a chance. As I've stated our first up are bigger battle bandits mortality are there I think especially beautiful ball bear suit you can't watch yep urgent it text. Intro to you know they're they're. They are their whole team coming out into the stadium and watch understand marriage. Digital kitchen multiple both print and understand of what music can do it how you secure boot people. And are you got a beach ball checked it. But it. But I had to battle without tell you to like that it's booked on a little bit pitiful part but you gotta gotta hear about open markets Bob up. Did you move addition rhetoric epic public. I think I just I just felt. Damione Lewis lake could enter sandman on his so much Spotify playlist I think he totally sold them on that really nervous on the and Australia have now. That's a good job and actually don't really great sales threads though you do is another job good job men. Europe bit degree are all about they'll get back just get the brought production though. We are well on so yeah. Point eight billion we really appreciate your time ma'am best of luck with the NFL draft in the come by leading up to. I appreciate that ordered up on here evidently. That's awesome man yeah well we appreciate the time that's Billy price Ohio State offensive lineman Walid Libya a sinner or guard. Maybe you went to Carolina Panthers who knows Damian who knows I noticed. Are with the moves there are part is gonna happen in the next couple of days. He'd definitely be a counselor your the F. Yeah capsule how about that men are not not even a hey you know I might give that'll Elisa and you know it now. Now. I can Missouri today I getting I got a new nickname for you well okay. Mean to tell you after the break. At the millionaire there fills you up to you yes you don't read that so it's coming up new nickname for Damian Lewis just came to me I'm Brian knowing for Kroger he's be Lou it's primetime brought you by ortho Carolina.