Primetime: Brandon Beane & Wes Durham

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Wednesday, September 13th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroger, Geoff Schwartz and Mich Pacheo talk with Bills GM Brandon Beane, as well as ACC Network's Wes Durham. 


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Harley Kroger sandwich on Wednesday before what's. The G go in this text or indecent what was that we're sexy noise Kroger may deny making weird sexy noise. It was that would Darius or was that with Pete I don't know what happened I had no idea elect him in on Justin I'm in the zone right now we're just talking sports is you can eat. And then people with a you know what what's the hornets do just it's another second sponsored by the Georgia and it's the second Jon Mann on merit not have to worry about pat I suppose it didn't have to get a patch but who says no to free money right because as I was twenty million dollars a worst kind of saying I had through the salad of some NFL teams are doing this right now painter seven on their practice jerseys figure thome at some point the NFL's doctors say. If you're Tony teams are right just like a check for like 5100 million dollars to put a patch on our Jersey now yes she's our son and I think. Some teams. Won't do won't be a leader of the team by team decision like the giants will never put anything on their jerseys but their hometown there's always an asking price I don't know of 100 shooters all right let's do this we go to the technique come just fun we're trying to come up with a name for what we're calling this game on Sunday yeah other than week two because that's what it is 22 teams by the way tied atop their division says the Buffalo Bills rolling that one and though. Off the way and all over the New York Jets to open up and up enters off their win over the San Francisco 49ers and we welcome back long time panther. Front office man now he's the GM for the Buffalo Bills and the try to Stanley county Brandon being taken some time forced Brennan how are you man. Brewer well arbitrary what we call this get a name for this game is it reunion bowl one homecoming bowler we colonists we need a -- need to name this game what we're gonna see on Sunday. Pretty Vanilla got your back door he said earlier we do. There's literally there aren't a fan so I ask any release for you guys within the organization I know you take it week to week but just a you know kind of he hit get. Get the ground running and then you hit off with a with a win for free you'll for your first game and also for coach McDermott that's got to make things a little bit easier get ready for today for for this week. Yeah I mean as we all know how hard it is to win in this league so home you know game to be no home opener to Beijing Games. It was nice for the inner city of buffalo in the in the organization goes through Kuwait start. And we got a long way to go but two it was a good start for. How quick of these four months gone Brandon when you go all the way back to the beginning of may to where we are now it's it's almost informants in the days since this there's a little bit that people Danny little bit longer than that but how how quick of these four months gone by for you. It didn't test imperious. You know although job demanded strong staff all the collagen the pro side and and then obviously move in my and we appear that ended most of and the vacation time and it early July but also then give you're in school now finally so. We were talking moon sees his star turn trying to get retaining yes yeah. We get raid like I shelter up for the winner right like the first snowfall starts and a few weeks I think up in buffalo. It's seven united Dario what. I'm not worried well. Okay we don't you get a break right now actually compared us you avoided that you you didn't miss Wofford I I don't think when he came to earth in the late July early August heat and have to worry about that are some bread and beans lettuce. Our Forte if there's front office man started as an intern in the Kantor's organization and I worked his way up to assistant GM now is get his first job as the Buffalo Bills GM okay ready for up Panthers and bills Sunday 1 o'clock we got to kick off on our sister station at one. A news 1110993. WBT I would be interested to know Brent because you don't you've been in every facet of an organization here in Carolina for so long. You knew kinda sordid mostly what to expect but there's always a sings a crop up re like man I'd I didn't know that was going to be a job responsibility here this thing was gonna pull me elsewhere. Did you have one of those moments early on in the Joba maybe it's still day today were you realize. And I wasn't expecting that idea realize there was gonna take a B five to ten minutes in my in my day in this in this job with that job responsibility. You know honestly not than there's always surprises there are always be every year there's things. You come in with things you know when you check with those big G gotta get down that they've been happier day. In the front office is the things that come up from you know players staff stopped just. There's some you don't 53 players what sixties through get to practice squad so there's always things going on and that part of you gotta be able to react. An area in the right manner to bring in is it hasn't been as beneficial as an remember talking about this back in May with you but is it Ben is beneficial she thought it would be having. God you're so you know familiar with the new trust has such a good relationship with the coach McDermott does that make this whole process easier. Yes most definitely I mean that was Leno along with the glue that was a big selling point because. We've all seen the relationships between head coach and GM. When there's friction there generally doesn't work out and so to know I was going to with a guy who has spent six years with the Carolina and Dino did known for that but how. The guy you know how already works how the culture on his and just you know the mania is an in this type of person. He's the tanning guy these that was attractive to work with. Were you caught off guard like all of us when we saw that you know the Panthers made that decision to shake up the front office about. A week before training camp what it what what did you receive that news when that when it finally major made it your way. He had you know it was interesting obviously be. Not since a part doesn't shock you anymore surprise was probably the word. The timing you know threatened to do that but. You know he's definitely in the seats. Hey coach Sheehan rolled that. It the day to day job and you never know when your time's gonna come and your own you know you your fate is out there you're on the front line in the hands sometimes change what happened and you know it is what it is. Have you talked to date since then Brenda did you reach out right away or I know sometimes you kind of want to just let that you don't settle for a little bit before you talked already or did you reach out to women speak to him at all or no. He had you know I cinema texts. You know later that night just almost thinking about a camera you know felt form basically by. I let it cool down and just told him look catch up in a week or two and I waited till I was about a week in the camp and then I called him and we hadn't made a nice long conversation I've talked to him several times since just see how he's doing that. He had made a good man. Learn a lot permanent appreciated my time working with the men. I wish him nothing but the best as he knows full well. And last thing on this too I know we talked about this in neighboring Indian witnessed by the way Buffalo Bills GM is up bills and Panthers get ready to match up in weeks to Sunday 1 o'clock kick off a Bank of America Stadium. We talked that is a neighbor anywhere. You know it is so rare forgot to come in here and not you don't clean house with us with the with the scouting staff and not bring in his own guys and he did he trusted. You guys did to to do the work and in for him to work with you mean I had to a meant a lot when you go. You don't regardless of how everything ended but for referred to go back in time and realized Gelman came in and trust did you guys and you guys built their relationship that's that's pretty rare right that doesn't happen and a lot of front offices in the NFL. Yeah I think we're right word and I give them a lot of credit he came and then and don't ever single one of us to a man are you know took to a woman that. You're gonna have a shot to prove yourself. And you know you're all here for this year and you know people that were on the contract he gave. You know everybody an extension just show only you know I backed him though we had to do our our jobs then you know if everybody did their Indonesian they've made no changes. Brand housing and the transition being from somebody was offering an opinion to a non nearly got it as one of the the big voices and in making decisions let's set just him and like. Well you know it is different here that you need you're in this seat where you have to make the final call. I was fortunate to have a couple opportunities seeing Carolina could do that hey if the airman be in the draft the year that Dave left her first son's graduation that. It be you know it is different and you know that that's part of you know days of pressure that media excitement you know on the job and and I've enjoyed it. Well what what would you say in in that room that is just the is the thing that's so hard to do is I mean obviously compromise you never you always gotta compromise we never have 100% agreement but. Up for Ewing in that position that he had he managed those situations and try to listen to everybody but also feel like man I gotta trust my gut in this moment. And can make the best call for for what I think is best for the organization. Well I think he says the right word listen listen to everybody. Take it all and and trying to makes you know rushed so you know rush decisions are rushed judgments. You know sometimes you do have to trust your gut you know people can be on both sides of the fence and certainly great argument both weights and sometimes you got to trust your article that'll all what feels right and and that's gonna happen when it sounds as we move forward but you try and pick your battles this is not offer medio and Sean and try to win on the battle and he's not trying to do it here in personnel dapper coaching so. We've got all got a good relationship world we're gonna have disagreements we've put we've already had a few things that we don't always. Everybody sees it across the board this but we work through which ultimately come to the best decision for the Buffalo Bills and and that's the way we'll continue to operate. Did you have a pinch me moment and all we're here fielding phone calls from your former Boston Mardi Ernie making a trade is he's now the GM again year GM in another place in your you're both trying to help each other out and do what's best your organization how to that add to that a little bit surreal few weeks ago. But funny I told him right it can't starter and said listen and they eurozone portrayed it says yes only it's we got him we got to make a move if we built up for free who works for me so he got to the very and we actually mayor you were making our roster cuts since it didn't look like in his consult but this jostled the and that there we you know we came up with something that they they need some corner depth than we needed. Some seems extra speed at receiver so I thought as a win win for process for those. What what's the SK I airport on on keep on Seymour what did you what did you guys think him is obviously you youth obviously had some some other debt the deposition where wasn't necessarily need as much anymore. To make that trip to would you take him as a player. Can keep on the very first targeted young man hours for talk about what we know what kind of person they are either very young man he'll fit in that culture in the petrol locker room. As a player easily along smooth mover idea ball skills you know he does a lot of good things. It is it. Two and if you wanna knock him at all the other side cited limitations a little bit. That he's a good player he's got a chance he's still young player and and again we get one and actually give up on but to. To give us you know some I was speeding Taylor and they're nice job and appreciated. You know we had to give up something. Our brand in the angels' GM get ready for Sunday Panthers and bills weeks to anatomy 1 o'clock kick off Bank of America Stadium. I will let you go desperate and what's that what's the thing you got to do when you get in town Rihanna go. You know stop playing mr. Richardson wants to be in a back corner Booth and arts barbecues so what's that thing for you where you got to the end of make your way around town to stop the displays are gonna get a meal here what's the thing for you this. Too many places and allied. Let's stop and goes so. Actually my parents are gonna come over and stay at the hotel with the team the night before the games Olympic amount to dinner and then then try afterwards to see if you trans. I don't know the spot yet there's so many good spot I don't I hate to call one out there and not give a lot of their you know almost twenty years so develop a love for a lot of places. Number and it's always a pleasure to talk to you work or everybody's always excited for your success and got it started as an intern the Panthers organization. Now we'll be going up against that pay after Steve is the GM on Sunday as the bills and answers you're ready to play week to recalls are not reunion bowler homecoming bowl we'll call we to that simple enough for any good to talk to you thanks for the time. You guys thank you may go be good there you go Bernadine Panthers. In our intern literally backing one and it was 99. Is when he started if I remember correctly. I at UNC Wilmington he played some high school ball just on a second may blew out his knee and that was allows the only yards and if you don't need a much in a way of prospects and it came to college football and he's he's done he did everything snappy answers Bill Clinton I mean everything and he worked his way off and that's it that's a great story so. Well see him lock him up Panthers and bills Sunday are coming up. At 1 o'clock we do this to break come back on the other side when we do Wes Durham he's gonna join us south west hates it when I do this. The mayor of the ACC he gets an icon of the that's what he is he's gonna join us we'll talk ACC we'll talk some falcons and NFC south with a Mitt 330. I wanna get does Schwartz's into Chico's thoughts on this game does either side actually have an advantage when it comes to two teams. And two coaches that are pretty familiar with one another in the way they wanna play we talk about this primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Now the head coach for the Buffalo Bills Sean McDermott Brandon dean says weeks till it's called weak to. One thing we didn't get to ask Brandon about Ryan was letting us know this by the way prime time powered by ortho Carolina he's actually panthers' locker room. And so would your Somalia from Kim Newton press conference a little bit we'll also hear from Wes Durham and five minutes of talk EC CN FC south falcons with him as well voice of the falcons and of the ACC network is well. And don't talk to Wes coming up in a few moments injure laurels gonna join us right tracked down intra Orwell talked to him coming up at 5 o'clock. And so we continue on we're rolling today Jeff Schwartz might be Chico alongside. Intel on this Wednesday. Bob Ryan was saying that brand and been on conference call this morning supposedly said he supposedly said that he would have been the GM had anything happened to data that explicitly or Diddy Diddy Diddy do like thirty dome I'm saying it without saying you think a little bit of that the quote who tweeted that our guys showed two person. Actually beans and here's a quote yes I felt like it would have been next in line if I stayed. But I really felt like this opportunity was neck it was was the next right step for me. Some say in anything we know Greg we said that when when Gelman got you know let's go shockingly. How weak we all said if if bring Amy was here he would have been the next guy up in. You also have your brain I mean you never knew when that when that she was gonna drop you can't wait around for job just because you think it's the right job and sometimes you do have to leave the comeback yep but sometimes have to go somewhere else get that title. And maybe it's more for like internal specs and mailing a branded as an you know we just heard him out for the last ten minutes he kind of backtracked off that to -- I'm here buffalo signed a long term deals and deal here and it looks excited about what's going on here so and I also think you know we get we get to a place where we saw this would baker may feel the other day by the way and to get to this nugget of god this is good I'll sell baker mayfield. I think most of us didn't like the fact that he had to apologize and most people don't like what you would would you do to would you agree with him play owners like you own phone it. It's like somebody doesn't see your saying baker of course somebody's got hurt or else I miss out doesn't look so kindly on this so want you back off when you say you're sorry even though you're not a big win on the road right on the motion carried boy did they know they were showing it up a little bit maybe your building last two and got a big win. And so really we're just in this place we're like. You know sort of caught ultra sensitive hyper PC world relive and I don't know if I go that far but we aren't place anymore in our society where. The people just speaks the truth it's like somebody's always offended. Newest joint on May be a better maybe in their heads when I just said it does I don't want people. Speak the truth and be honest and aren't in the canceled the truth this morning but then when you do that you get criticized for him. I know we showed that in a bill stand. You can't even be mad about that they got started as an intern Tom soared since we did in about a we love Tommy around here Charlotte Observer. Soared since we did and you know people like McDermott started off are so low that you know you're you're driving. You know other people to to the building your drive in like you know coaches and players in the building. Dean started out solo he restarting the media into the building up my. And he relations intern that's what he did here and I'm so it's true so you can't be mad about that as a GM. Is playing against his former team where he spent seventeen years cutting his teeth any NFL starting as an intern and doing well enough to get him a job. As if fulltime GM in the NFL you can be mad about him speaking the truth about that single EF five it don't. If the timing was different I was stuck around here probably would have been the guy. Instead Marty hurting you know what life takes a Stearns you know there's always things that you thought was gonna go this way goes another way and it is amazing. Things always work out in the end I'm a believer in this things always work out in the end one way or the other and who's to say to bring in dean. Might ultimately not becoming GM hearing Carolina at some point in time and you could figure that stuff out honestly can't and announcing an inside info on and on just speculating out loud on this. But if you if the Panthers decided. They wanted to have Branden being leader GM. There's ways to work that out do you find ways to work with the other organization. Compensate them. To you know to get him out of there and get him here where you want him to be or whatever EU funds for Zell leaving after one year know what I'm saying down the road that's assuming that both sides want to and who knows we don't know we don't you don't know. Let me just seems like Brandon has ordered starters for the rebuild process Arnold seemed to say after one year even over the Panthers always used his dream job. I'll see them saying after one year like I'm gonna go do Panthers. Nobody could be a situation where Mena maybe I don't know maybe Mardy are easier to place holder first few years not just first few months and and you try to do something down the road I don't know of a snow. We don't know Marty dirty scene or GM right now. I'm but that's that's were with that I'd I think it's interesting Schwartz. Or to talk to Wes Durham we'll talk up. ACC we'll talk and I are. The mayor of the ACC hasten to say that always talked him coming up a few moments but that sound byte of Sean McDermott saying I don't really think I've gotten advantage. I funded interest in because we did this last week with the 48 under so Kyle Shanahan the big bogey Danny you know if you and I talked about I don't think he was gonna be a little tighter and scored that it was obviously. I Sunday. But I think what you saw was the Panthers were ready for what Kyle Sheehan was going to do as well and then you mix in the gap in talent. That idea that oh he's familiar with your team in your scheme and what you wanna do the opposite is true too so. Does either side actually have an advantage getting ready for Sunday between the bills in the theaters. To me it's McDermott. I feel like seeking. Huge teams gives wrinkles that. Ron Rivera won't know and you'll know what they're gonna do. And he knows that would do the one's I I grew Schwartz is because he'll heal better no weaknesses. Of of his own plan of players he used to coach us and end the offense that he civilians. But don't could you say in I don't know if that that's a good point is that gonna come up team guys making plays and could you say that you like is now doing some things really get into this a little bit the Schwartz wants to tell us we saw we watched the film on the panthers' offense the other day. Could you say that till about hey man we're gonna do some things that you're not expecting coach that you were joined by a little better for Christa McCaffery yeah he won doesn't mean inside info on that. So it's an interesting chess game I think the you'll ultimately get to you boil it down to this. Who do you trust more in terms of their creative genius that the pursuit of their particular job. Do you trust Sean McDermott or do you trust Mike Shula and I don't a lot of fans around here gonna say honestly. A lot of fans around here gonna say it's management's current and I don't know whether that's fair enough the Mike Shula is the whipping boy around here to says there again. God is nothing too highly of a Mike Hsu is offensive prowess but. We're gonna get the film breakdown from Jeff Schwartz coming up that's in the 4 o'clock hour you're gonna you're gonna tell us with the Panthers did you since some creative stuff. It was also Muslim launched so we'll do that coming up and did what a tease that is are we go to the technique come guess slug bottom it is 3 o'clock hour. And we're gonna welcome in voice of the Atlanta Falcons voice of the ACC network he hates it when I say this I'd love to do it anyway to get under his skin. The mayor of the ACC west Durham with us on the tech to come gets on Wes are you doing man. Are you kidding me Kroger early or you buddy it's good to talk just gonna talk. I know or it could be reviewed and again it had a doubt about oral law book value of a bottom up about all of our. I know and for those who were unaware your dad who's just the best story to talk about him coming up before we let you go can you guys are doing some awesome stuff right now with the Asian awareness but if your dad I and Bob Harris who just you know finished his his career duke. I you're dad art in Bob dropped its bright on the street from one another Albemarle North Carolina the voice the Blue Devils and the voice of the Tar Heels. Who would've sunk that they had they would go on to what they achieved when they were there are kids growing up. Didn't didn't Bob was you about my dad. And Albemarle high school Bob all the student editors. All the Altria the mud have played on Ed. I think Margaret target the story right here but mark Graham Boller sold Bob dead. Car is first called Bob's first car. Was from my gram ball or below this I mean it's it's it's a weird deal loose ball somewhere and they were both ordered the this on this in barely outdated and has had so much pride is flexible all it. The great period now it's hard to believe because well did our Herbert. You know beer and 3040 minutes from out of Charlotte out double oral are rare bird flu have been out almost like a bedroom attributed Charlotte it's. And it's amazing product Albert growth slowed. The Charlotte terriers just increased so much spelled it Albemarle like Oreo that's part of what about oral drug and every bit. We're talking westar voice of the Atlanta Falcons send out voice of the ACC network as well as with this right now on the tech become gets and so I say don't we quests with when he came to the Panthers game on Sunday. You know. I kind of expected them to do what they did now score was I was actually a little surprised that they won by Tony only help the 49ers to three points but. I really thought they'd work out the kinks on offense to be a little slow out of the gates the defense would carry the day and that's really what we saw hurt us for you had a deadline of two what you thought about the falcons on Sunday as they become a hung on to win 23 to seventeen in the final moments. Yeah it was a Tuesday because Chicago it retooled their defense and slow. You really got to know what they're based slowed quote but you torture works out of the product they're packed. In the big friend you have game plan on fox but I will say there's that big but one thing bit. Atlanta also had good just Atlanta had not had once they have the pre season but there are starting to level the field. It goes about their perimeter play in the first David didn't let the rest of the way it will we Ochoa bullet or staff to alert day. So the reality of it was the mutter how much you. You know like about how much you talk about it how much you get a rabbit or whatever days they pretty. There's still going to be that game not my place that are what every wanna call back operations. So the starting eleven below I think they were fine how will say there is set off the Atlanta as experience a year ago probably helpful. They did block probable ball well made yeah absolutely. It'll blast but it all beat the courtyard from barker a lot of it yet great that you're out ought and I'm not I'm not at Chicago's. Complex every very but I would save it it was more directed it toward our. Makes Chicago so got off but a lot of things to work out. But on the whole out of Atlanta played well up all our big big it was important for them to where it hurts a bit IV outbreak. If you can't come off off season occurred about 483 every day. And then lead back and in the fourth pollutes it normally you'd just can't. If you do that it's just gonna it also Michael walk along with a at a gas and ordered the bar so. I thought it was a nice win for Atlanta and now the dynamic big entirely but it goes. The crowd that you I'll in the NFC title game governor here orient. In a number twelve was still number twelve or the yellow had a good regular book everybody in the league so a bit ago. But that's the take away go west right is he going to soak it you know this Super Bowl talk is not gonna go away you know it's first a mile to two or three game losing streak it's gonna fire up as well are you couldn't go win it all in one maybe staring owing to in the face. As you'll open up the new stadium on Sunday at the. I'll I didn't look so let's go back implies yeah yeah. Unrated puts everything back deploy it puts. Or debris back simple way of what's the pop those starts years ago bark if I have made. Because the better on the peppers often often just series closer than most and so you you can still buy out bid you all those playing it bit the media or I'd Bubba gonna IR bit. If you go into and so I've that's about all alone but it was important that would. Less so much pressure has been on Matt Ryan you obviously don't do what they want to in the super ball these seemingly is handled that. To the offseason free while what have you seen from him. But don't blame you saying coming he told curry coming up at ease. Deep and very transparent about walked in the game and learning from it what you would any game. There's still coursing guys that are major goal that would. Our summer a little bit longer than others I think I handle it would ardor than players. And our big players processed it and it awaited plans duke. Amid a radio announcer processes and different players but it too okay I have ran past me all the calm about it. And I have developed quite frankly what cargo plane whose beer bottle body to go do about or gave Miami. Outcome I'd done would it. And people look at you like what you're an idiot and I'm like well let's just Bordal processors and you know you stay in this business blog about your respect or below. If you gotta gotta. Process of the way you do but Matt is it is handled it beautifully and I think what he's done it. He's also shown younger guys that are on this day in the what you ample. And I didn't in any respects about under order not backed out film. Because of the way he does processed stuff like this that move along from a but also moon called promise. How learning of the province brokers are covered now we're not that far removed from our by Brady is the worst quarterback in the league in 2008. And those you know when he would go to all bad it's it's really changed his dynamic especially with a walk or. You mentioned how important it was to win night team obviously Daytona and the Super Bowl hangover talk GT that's finally over now and the team won't have to worry about that kind of stigma of being Super Bowl hangover type of team. I don't think they have to worry about it when it's just the seat. I think the only time anybody ever bring it up as ordered not to eat when they're doing media or they're doing. I've dealt with guys individually or collectively about the start of the Aussie. Not one that are come up those conversations. So I mean well that was a good thing. Because. That to me was like OK great you know they cut understood what are what are they beat you ought to do it there. Whenever unique dynamic everybody bank to go speaker. Total at great Dugard things like that. I mean he's how to got a real good deal longer the real good example. What you do you know remove all of promise because he was right there and they remember his last game in Seattle. Was big Malcolm Boller interception in the end of the year after they want it peacefully get relief from trigger away. And I think they're welcome to beat Petrova and I think it did have a unique perspective with what the deal would do doubt the seventy goes. We don't know god. Made a year ago Mike Tolbert played in Charlotte pat DiMarco played in Atlanta and other play at a buffalo though I made it. The processing. Deal that goes on here that everybody's got to get comfortable where topic Atlanta that a good place but it broke order earlier. If they lose two or three in a row all that stuff gonna come back Al. And we're talking Wes Durham voice the falcons voice of the ACCs with us on the tech become guess line. Are right now lasting and or attended to some college football Wetzel talks and ACC. I pay your first reaction is really early in you can do it you know get a full picture of it yet but your first reaction in this division I felt like going in it was going to be Carolina Atlanta I I in week one kind of confirm that to me obviously we haven't seen Tampa but they don't play sixteen straight weeks in. New Orleans said they're gonna run the ball there and play defense we all know how that goes so that's what does. The supply you disorders and right now. I didn't say anything else alive by the way that would none of that was a Lyles that was true you know extra. You know and and and look beyond it and then we get all agreed to it like to fight so we can witness. I'll. Pressures slowed a bit of a good result I got to look at it go to Villa I mean that was why it. Are they debate here guy right. I don't understand they got Adrian Peterson and thereby get on Atlanta they're all look like the carmaker. We will not go all the Boe thirty probably game they're not that many plays in the game are. Our main and the other night McDonough and Burton are part of about or democratic or talk about our great album Camara was like until the the game. Our main. Just what this citizen yet they still don't play deep threat but all the nick fairly injury are you got Bob the next barely a woman could have you know. But one injury and from our governor they're normal like six years ordered up by a cab I'd. Blow I don't know I think the Tampa playing. The B I'll also be god is harder than people leaving crying. I agree I agree. Green straight weeks god just or I just don't know. Socialize or things were all Soledad finally called assault you don't call me soft colored eggs I said that. That I like having a buyer we too mentally you know from the game he sees Coleman saw he never had a bye week Schwartz that's why you are softer never had when I just thought I. The mental grind of sixteen weeks it's more about about just getting a week away from football. Our group that but also our remember the site you are so so so but the two don't salt. Yeah I thought for a while fellow peer the other stat I'm giving you can put us under lord west just throw this in their get this ready for the Tampa game since 1990. Six of the seven teams that have had to play sixteen straight games in the NFL have missed the playoffs so since 1990. Six of the seven teams that had to do with the boxer about to do. And the dolphins for that matter to if that's gone on to miss the playoffs that's a it's a death knell honestly before a game a few bats are those guys. Well and look campus built not part of Miami might get a little capital yeah I handle on the it's through the streets dug up on top banner I'm going to now that London bill wouldn't Obama back and all his brutal. Temperature what our team their for the NFL let's sounds like a good idea. Well I mean look let logic aside here I do believe Terrell lot and it had a bit about the division Ambac has elements of it. But not now I mean not not where you have this we didn't know by how we didn't. If you think about it now all put a bruise Tora. I've taken a claim it's true weeks there and oh well they comply you know we get him another two weeks before the bar. I expect doesn't exist anymore except that trouble from the problematic or. Perjury and then for Kirk Carter who I think you know are liberal lies got better ebitda provide jobs bill would bet Beatty foot. All the burden that the dynamic on and they are I think changed drastically because this and god bless the people I mean is claiming you can do about it I mean it has ordered isn't. I still think at some boy did it softly off with the go well those are dug. Are less Oscar the million dollar question I got kind of last their last week because I said dukes today to answer this question and I think I might still believe this but in your mind it's early. Best college football team right now in the state of North Carolina who is an I I think I go with coach got Daniel Jones that Duke Team right now we got. Well let me after 4117. To have 4117 left over the scene that was supposed to when the brick and worse there army. I'll borrow mobbed there because they do it first so called zone as the Taliban army. Just being around get a couple different times. So impressed with just embassy young man. And I'll watch and the table to northwestern game. Really impressed that he broke their search on the opening drive and it comes back in just. You know goes 30100. I'll remember I think is that let us citizen gets vastly underrated here. And how to get the built to carry the ball. Is huge for how effective do today. Also give goat cart credit and there echoed program closely as well because they've gone in around the ballot the run game. We're with both will also been the first from Britain are now. And that Actel like where they are defensively. Always liked Al Harris and numbers of a lot of backing Xbox fields as an acceptable core. In this league. But they got a lot of firepower here this is going to be at staying the Saber goes. I think they go to Korea coast Saturday and then they got Carolina in Chapel Hill and all the sudden they get badgers beat goes. Though I was told somebody earlier today fellows could you know work out two weeks ahead in the coastal already showing chaotic and the yields. And and that's a good thank create C say. Because the Atlantic is is gonna come down to a couple of prize fight. And what problems Saturday night and and that's that's good create these states those. You know those two schools over there Florida's stated at Clemson and their global it have been staked its back. To where they're capable of being epic debt Paula good bank BAC. All art wrestle real quick thirty seconds give us the the prediction for unlawful Clemson on Saturday in a Lamar is better than he was at this point last year and constant defense. Is is well they eked out the winless show I think they might have the best defense in college football on this sequencing gets it done on the road what do you think real quick. Dare I concentrated on the road I think once and handled that moment better than lol look yeah but I do believe there is it's it's all those games where you've talked so much courts would be below the locker. Oftentimes little cup come down reports and offered dual speaker. All right get out of here the mayor of the ACC Obama. Would do this is important to get this and I'm really sorry I meant to get this and I cannot forget west. These shirts. DDD go or you go shirts for your dad are awesome and their incredible art and and this is so awesome to raise money for us Asia awareness so how can people I just haven't got one already how can people do not pick these up now in it and at a minimum that the people just make a donation and help out what can people do here. Well leave anyway to get this surge is supple logon to trouble built sport or dot com. And the peace or are available at Carolina blue and as my mother so for non believers and great to solve. And if you wanna make a donation. The woody Durham a wager on for a major researcher programs. The UNC medical foundation it's pretty easy you'd go to go to dot UNC dot edu slash woody. And Chris thanks we have been just overwhelmed which sold about 2000 shirts and a month but I have. Every other only fifteen dollars a piece so there aren't good at any price they side. But every dollar goes to boot to the abundance. Japanese definitely put double sports where have been tremendous tremendous partners. And help us do this send. You know we're we're going to be good faith in people or are very kind of got a lot of people not a lot of folks are good but great what. Because but it could also look to my dad and that's been fathered you're gonna be submerged and people would be assured here in the next few weeks and my god it's gonna it's gonna confusion which are gonna go really that got Gold Coast boom so but it but also for you. Yeah of course Chapel Hill sportswear doc are you wanna do real simply your on Twitter. Just a plug in the hash tag hey woody and I promise you you're gonna find out or talk about you see the pictures you'll find a link to go by those. Go we go do what you do and that's an incredible shirt and god love you brother thanks to make it time and Della Torre's. Outgrowth they're calling it I'm happy to do a great to be with you. You got a buddy mango Wes Durham of that and we comeback kid a break in on the other side we're gonna get in I could get to the store because it is so good. Tony Romo I don't know what I expected from Tony Romo is broadcasting debut. It wasn't what we saw on Sunday that guy deserves some credit I think we talk about it is after this front time powered by ortho Carolina. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my gosh I in the I'm I'm actually going to an instant food coma and is a possible but is it ever is like science proves that it's possible yet or not I don't know planet where do we stand on that until June. Some come I'm used to mean college I was. Forty pounds having earned by the Stanley can you just like run through your veins like instantly like you're shooting stuff in your veins like upsets I feel like what just happened like would you then had to slice have to dislikes town council report though is what it is like it's it's like guys get a feeling of Ecstasy poring over me right now what I from eating that pizza for the pizza peel on tap room which I is so here's fantastic it's incredible and here's the thing so I got tired of them the we didn't try the one and shifted. The military and we know we had I think is unbelievable to read the top everything under -- really you know which is now was circulating in your Gator Alley somewhere here you don't know about the note Friday on top. And that would put together with a but that was fantastic tied it holds tremendous the Bavarian pizza peel and temperament also don't forget. It got you'll Tolbert that's coming up this Saturday 48 to get a bratwurst eating contest there you go shorty 5 o'clock stylus sausages at 530 and meets man metro Atlanta Braves when I knew but I'm just gonna meet destroy your bit on the meets DJ is giveaways games. And other painter named a special by a large specialty pizza again and keep a large g.'s free pizza free that's a great bogus special large specialty get a cheese free back in return. 10% off wings as well that always starts an hour before the Carolina game. And aims at the whistle to location cops hauled. And paused midway until Tolbert best ease in central avenue location at the plaza middle location but here here's what was on the Bavarian which we just state. Light olive oil. Mozzarella moon swirl of Sierra Nevada dear mustered little witch that hit the spontaneity of it and it was a great accent grilled bratwurst a red onions. Green peppers shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese red pepper flakes and top with a pan fried. Andy in this month's 10% of the sales of the pizza peel on tapper was gonna be donated to the Ronald McDonald house or in a dig in next is the meatball extravaganza. Marinara sauce shredded mozzarella Curome watt thermal wised onions roasted red peppers green peppers goat cheese and meat that was that you have that Jews. Very good you know my feelings about special pizza so you want something real soon got in definitely college to old fashioned New York Hewlett is like slowly like a PI. A handgun that was delicious though. Very are you excited when I went up when I text you before command every day because I I don't know Tuesdays we know food. That's waited also and it and so yeah. Outside context prosumer Ottawa every show every sort of you know short more than what I say I say grows we're we offer if you do. I was Sosa received its appeal. It's it's just don't buy now and this is the other thing on to say you know we've we've got some really great partners around here now and the guys have been Sante are awesome. Although they're kind of debt do us this week as the buffalo guys sort of act like we know them this week. Of the day there was guys are awesome will is such an awesome dude over the pizza peel. And we forgive him for being a cubs fan. But he is just easing he cares about this area now city is always to an awesome stops in in every month. They're always doing stuff like there's already feeling crappy year already out there and he's incredible we logo on the food is just super fresh ingredients are fresh. In like this week for for this month for 10% of their sales to go to the Ronald McDonald house to do that each every month were there just pick and charities and things that. They wanna give back to so you know they support us they allow us to do we do MB on the air every day and screw around. I show them some love we really appreciate them and tell how much are you appreciate them back to return and you know there there. Painters guys because when they appeared to score to get the you know they get to TV on on game day. And make it sound on the Panthers games not other games and please stand and cheer for the Panthers nobody sings that when the Panthers Corsica or support those guys captain teal dot com. And again until October fest is going to be this weekend. At the closeted with location I wanna do this we had to hit a top of the hour ID on the other side Schwartz is gonna break double Kantor's film. What we saw on offense what he saw on offense he says Mike Shula was it was a pretty interesting stuff with Christian McCaffery what it means moving forward would version of Kim Newton we need to see moving forward we got audio from cam Newton's press conference early itself he threw some barbs out they are the bills. And we'll get to that coming up in a little bit as well in George Orwell joins us at five but Tony Romo. We actually got to give Tony Romo some credit review of the broadcast Booth we talk about a primetime powered by ortho Carolina.