Primetime: Brady Quinn

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Tuesday, March 13th

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Are those talk about some of his does this thing this guy knows a thing or two about point eight quarterback position where to go to the technique on guests line here we're gonna welcome in. Brady Quinn a former NFL QB former Notre Dame QB as well he's with this right now on the technical gas line Brady how you doing man thanks to make in time. Don't weld got back. I can't particularly go to bat out of a quarterback did give us. It was him it's the right that you want it all right like it and oh right below. When the top of whatever or drive. We pay for repeal it when it looked at the right but the fact quarterback. Well what now just out of curiosity Brady what's a better piece of business today Josh McCown one year ten million or Sam Bradford when you're twenty. I think there's not a lot of at the end of the day camp rapper if help. It help if he'd probably better players yet but the problem is. Mike never thought about it probably about a month ago you're gonna chronic if you would be and whatever beside them which figures on McCardell just. Especially right real real pocket bottle like a done deal not official yet. And the U that if the court will probably about the trap the quarterback well. Because it got to have some sort of insurance ball B and rapper can go if you can't remain held up or even mean heck we saw the last minute but like so. Unfortunately. That they had a bit but you know look he just told that we could bring guys which showcase the ability to be good stores that don't wait in their career. Our girl yeah I'd respect. Brady we weren't we're not not used to Washington kind of botching things over the course of the other history especially in free agency in contracts given out. But when it's all send on do you do you think they're gonna look back and and see you know what three or four years ago we should just held our noses she said the markets the market. Are bigger look back in just regret they never just actually did a deal with Kirk cousins straight up. If you win Super Bowl probably. And they went on without net maybe not on you know it act that between twenty. I think ultimately. They probably wish they what do they expect it and see it better offer. A couple of years ago actually kind of ball in play and replace them. Or keep Hillary and they were a respectful but it. At that point you cut it writing on the wall or you appear to be back to everything and Kirk cousins had the upside on this sort of off the board that. Mr. Locke and some sort where your body your fuel wrapped the first two years that figured he might not. It is useful contrast unfortunately beating Uga and the wreck that back on you put it well. And then you realize if you just political but Albert Belle. He would give them a lot of money but now we're talking about what. 44 million over two years we hear people play it and you get a what about ninety million around that ballpark figure. Fully yet you know three year deal I look at it it's not only great. Were all of Europe that this in and another football players apple all figured he'd catch back to the fact that he had a couple of the battle well with that pop up. We're talking to Brady Quinn right now he's with a summit technique on guess not speaking of contracts. And guy having is having a pair to walk up to the negotiating table. How did you feel about Richard Sherman who was one of just the sharpest dudes not only in football it just in general and he negotiated his own contract. Without an agent would what do you think of Richard Sherman walking up to it to San Francisco and into any deal by himself with no agent and no commission feed a tale. Well let me start by saying that none of our opinion matter the only thing that matters is this picture right. If you don't who did the deal he chose to go about an agent and unity cookies that we've been harsher draw on not a day. Our big one point but he took her to be negotiations as well you what the score in Africa Al op though the book that area. It seems like he really wanted to be in there is go I think we all know what the deal okay in the bottom line is. If you would have had an agent can recoup those speeds in in propping him or make a point seven or maybe just in the overall arc of the because they're huge root out there if you know. It but who would set as far as you know how they'd they'd be manipulated contract and put him in a position where I don't this yet the or adequately high level. But he also act that they help you throughout the entire course of the off these aggregate training camp. And then playing 90% of the NAFTA of course but he's been for a thirty year old quarterback who's coming up at Buick a new injury. That kind of puppet through an especially good news to hit particularly been out that right but all but it all bite on. Up a quarter. You that or maybe you're getting blown out. And it support you being in the wanna get younger got the rap again. No no point being in the air but I got people from contractual standpoint. I think it comes out of there if you all morning betting on cell. Noticed that they had bought into what your deal. Can you won your beauty care you know whatever you want an all group you know mobile cal player on the written or in this year I think you'll then. You know that's why I didn't expect the year deal an applicant expect that but I'll be back in there where if you make the whole bowl wrote it that part of the but it also want the been booked eerie eerie cheaper economic contract. The next few years that Al I didn't like about it I think in order a project. What respect as if bank one year you'll got all that bad on your cell partner partner he when he is awful lot there actually you that your. And then you'll afterwards the sport I approach it all of you when you play well. Brady there's obviously some meego in some personality you know wants to get to the Seahawks involved in that deal which you hear a lot of people talk this time a year they are like. Wall would sell and so take a little list to win in your experience as a player being around players being in locker rooms. What percentage of the NFL players will take one dollar lists the naked yet. So they can win. Well I don't know many besides robberies that the one example I think. There's other quarterback it may concession I think Payton made it when it went to the doubles rocket but it also coming up the neck injury the most recent example is. Drew Brees. We ought not you left money on the table in the two year contract he just is about going to sign. With an oral and saying he probably could've gotten paid more I negotiated the problem with that is. I is you know you're you're kind of trying to save room of the bring another got the ability it and look what happened that inning Jimmy Graham all but Seagram go to Green Bay Packers. And now we went barren rock out of one with a team that could potentially beat them at the NFC championship game good or purple so. Don't that the problem is that the test we wanted to help your team. But candidate you're trusting organization to get those players and do well bout on its patent competent organization either got you all grew. Or they just roll out on or in the cap next year that the big audible BP today is be adjusted kaput don't talk about. Brady Quinn you can follow him by the way in his foundation. On Twitter at third underscore goal went what's up with a foundation Brady what are we doing what amount of people checking out if they wanna get more info one. You have to go to Korea NG dot com to find out about how to donate or to its stores are projects that that we make hole in app if apple would be better. We actually started you all support with the other organizations. That help prop up for educational programs for active. Our duty or member men and women are coming back from this service you don't read integrate and back in between life either between education and energy efficient. Sometimes just get started we've got a program up and Notre Dame we're doing. Bet you dollars it you know open outweigh. Opera better they are at it and and were kind of segue into an educational platform as well help a lot of that we need help with all. Brady it's also worked Manny check him out on Twitter at at third it's the number three feet three RD underscored goal. And as he said he its online it the number three NG. I dock number it's good to talk to mayor thanks for making time for us. Be good there you go Brady Quinn.