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Friday, February 23rd

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Get people writing in building setter text line 70457096. And saying we need coach looks to be the GM for the hornets finally easily. He might be looking to get back into basketball I don't know if that's the opportunity he's looking for we got the great Bobby Lou since studio. Its prime time we're powered by ortho Carolina Jon Wertheim from Sports Illustrated it'll join us at 445. Seth Greenberg's you know join us at 530 former Hokies said man and of course does great work on ESPN. As a college troops sailors in studio with ad nine in died. 530 and then if you miss Braxton Darius he's Raleigh Kidd played his college ball Miami. Coming out the NFL draft and dom a big fan of this guy's a wider she really hear him at 545. That'll be a prime time rewind. To send us into the weekend so you we wake up today Ortega now we are coach leads in here we'll just talk about many ACCs come along north north Carolina's make him progress and duke is making progress states make him progress. I actually wanna talk about Virginia because Virginia is remarkable what they've done under Tony Bennett and get to some of that stuff coach but then you get the stories from Yahoo!. Where their bridge there just detailing. You know what's been. Kind of rumored for awhile but hey there are a lot of schools and a lot of names a lot of coaches a lot of players that you heard of name brand coaches players in programs. That you don't have violated perhaps NCAA rules and maybe even federal crimes as well in terms of payments to players in loans and things of that nature. And you're talking about duke Carolina Texas Kentucky. Michigan State I USC Southern California South Carolina is named in a different way in this. Armed AB talk about guys like Colin sexton window corder miles bridges in Michigan State these are I mean these are big names. And they grabs everybody's attention and then you start to read through some of his stuff and okay it's paying for a meal here. You know maybe for a player like Dennis Smith junior is supposedly a payment of like 73500. Dollars but it was alone it wasn't just hey here's cash it was. In law but that's not right either I mean. What's wrong is wrong I suppose but this whole situation is just dumb. It's it's a lot to wade through and I guess site I would ask you. How surprising is it being not even just this but just over the last six months we started to hear about this and then. When went all the guys got arrested when there was the staying at least six months ago or so how surprising is this vent from you for somebody Smith who's been a lifer and a in the group's industry. Yeah it was a it was I'm I was not shocked that I was surprised you know the dead and then now we'll find out that the level of of a scrutiny this mingle one dollar and out the FBI he had obviously had no idea that he knew that was coming. You know it that you did in the business when you've been in business along talent coach college for 36 years. A 32 years I'm sorry 32 years you know he you've seen is advancing in so many ways it's changed a lot away so you know things happen I still think the vast majority of detour. Are good people wait a U coaches in MI they give them the Ben and I think the bad. Vast majority are are good people and they're not they're not doing illegal things are against the rules on Montel not I quit all school sawed inept at. At and certain legal quest had a contract and I'm owners say what's a crime right I have no idea. But you know. You know in your new business are fashion scene you suspect. That things are going well. But you know it's. It's is suspecting something or even make an accusation and actually proving those are two different things are totally game is just like you know and Nagin the rule and an enforced and roll while making the accusation and then actually proving that. You know what happened it is either against the rules or even more now a crime is is is is or isn't going to be a tough situation. Like I would use this example and I'm meg this is a I'm not trying to implicate anybody here okay this is just I'm we're talking conversational year. I use the example of bomb enjoy your talk about I think is actually right we've done this is there's fans through this I think coaches do this. Op people it's just something you say were a school maybe thought you're gonna get a player and go somewhere else he's Allah something must happen there. But what does that mean Greg we say that is it is just a thing it's it's just turn a phrase what does that actually mean and like I would use the example. Can somebody in the nitty gritty of the recruiting some fans obviously eat sleep breathe that stuff in college football college basketball. But Brandon Ingraham right when for an inning or was coming out of Kingston. In Kingston is always been a pipeline. To North Carolina to UNC and when draining it is it is his parents are North Carolina ties he had grown up North Carolina fan and north Carolina's missed out on a lot of these big one and done players over the last few years it felt like okay brand inning or the one guy they can really hang our hat on and get many went to duke. And that was a bit of a surprise a mean that duke isn't running but I think most people thought yeah hills. He's sticking to its core that he's given them a chance he's probably still going Tar Heels and went to went to duke and I think people remember back then even stands would say it was something must happen. But OK two point prove it. I don't seem brain any nerves name brought up anywhere near Imus and his family name or Duke's brought name brought up anywhere in relation to that in so it's tough for how how often the stuff done. On the up and up and how many other times are things done where there's a core local bag man or a runner any of those things it's just it's always been very hard to proof. No doubt there'll be no wait we actually well we first got DNC state when I joined mark and we heard about Brennan angry men Nassau and this summer under is they use that laid in his eighth grade year. And he was even skin near him was he's gone down still yet but yes so we won't we recruited as well watch semen you know that. I don't know that I don't think anything went down and at that particular situation I'm not surprising his name's not there no one Jimenez got exactly yet it that we saw all you know. Everybody's got there there there Colin Carter when when your when your duke and Carolina they're obviously they both can recruited the highest highest level goes without saying you know but being a coach k's involved with the Olympic team. You know. It's it's it's it's a little bit of an advantage sometimes a lot of an event you know area. Oh you know he's getting great players before that too but you know that and hurt the best starting illegals that there's nothing against the rules. Yeah there's nothing wrong with Kobe Bryant get on the phone and saying hey it's Kobe bean Bryant how are you yet so you know it's it's it's so is it's hard to say in the you know in every case is different every situation every young man is different so it yet it's going to be fascinating to watch and see what they actually home. Have own own these. Coaches and play so. Quit the biggest CO ops are going to go ahead Oakley is you know if they can prove that the shoe companies. Have gotten. Actively involved in her directing players. And helping coordinate. With agents. The you know then at some point I mean that's that's something out. If they may not be a federal. But that's an NCAA violation goes your direct complaints for example moral code yet who's named any was that a date is I have no idea what he did indeed it's. I'm no it ninety. He wasn't in to my knowledge he wasn't helping one school but he was the dad that was sending all the free not just just all the great players everybody knew that. He's Cendant because it wasn't a rule against he's not helping a single school but he's trying to get those kids to warn them where ninety. Is that when they're pros so they'll continue to want. So yes I talk about that first second because I was saying this earlier like each unit do you know Sonny the Karl. Oh I know this okay so it is sunny I guess I've ever met sunny all knows everything you read about Sonny Sonny is a good dude have what are you know public details of a sudden call I think he's he's a mover and shaker. Always has banned it I don't claim to know him well he's always been nice to me you noting relational a yes or work Stewart who wore a sex so sunny to Karl I I was I was saying this earlier just. We we all try to figure okay what do we blame here where's the start how do you fix it. I don't know this silly answers that although we're gonna try to talk about that a talk about over the next few hours I do know that to me if you're gonna draw some sort of pivotal moment in in the in the inward the line shifted in college sports it's sunny the Carling Phil Knight. Getting apparel companies in Boston College sports and Phil Knight do you worry Nike logo are born to jump in logo Jordan brand logo. That those logos aren't they were synonymous with anything people in no doubt what what what people ask him what is that logo. And so for him to build a brand he knew we had to get it on prominent people athletes he said he recognized on the car recognize the value in coaches. And they started going to coaches and saying. Hey how'd you like to Wear our Carol people who are you I'm worn Nike I've never heard you we were dear I Dieter surround your Wii ware converse all pay you money. Well and and by the way we'd ask that you encouraged strongly your players to Wear that geared to enact that was the starting point on this whole dynamic and then it became. It's a new normal now that you think of a school tiger whenever there. Company guess he had no doubt then end it this business and they've done a great job of brand marketing those things and you know when I was young you know converse I think did some of that. Yup you know Whitney I know coach Smith say Carolina was that was a converse guy and you know ninety took it to a different level and so again I must say I don't claim to have all the answers but I don't think you're wrong saying that sunny with a Carl with what he did he elevated. Nike and the way he did that was many blazing cowboys would that was certainly one of them was getting the programs and now. Would say even on that steam boiler commented saying that's right or wrong I mean I think by the letter to like you said to the literally all there was nothing wrong with that as our point absolutes that was you don't like any business. Oh here's an opportunity let's seize this here's here's a marketing efficiency nobody's taking advantage of let's do it but I think that's where you started to see. Okay now you've opened the door a little bit for other people that she said to push it further down the road of hey we wanna give you free apparel. Initially said that's not wrong but if you Wear free apparel now you're more likely to choose any Nike school. And Nike winds in that situation regardless of what school you pick an. And then there's so many other things going only noted coaches. It didn't make that much money hand hasn't been that long ago that coaches college coaches didn't make that much money alas it not not long ago and 25 years ago whatever that. That has escalated amount of money that the TV contract at the seat the other big things is CBS contract it all the money it stars. Now there's even more incentive for schools and even college presidents in noted that they wanna be a good academic school but. Even college presidents or turn their head a little bit to win because they like that money coming in us beyond senators and hypocrisy they're two from town attack. I'm an insane we won't we wanna keep their academic model. As it is but yet you still take all the money in an all those things ago with college athletics today and I get I. Don't have the answer of what them what should look like but I think it has to be some restructuring at some point you know in in a major way. So it's a way let's think about it from the standpoint. Recruiting how different is recruiting today and and you recruit obviously the way you communicate with kids is different and how how different she do you think today recruiting is today vs ten years ago vs twenty years ago well along in our years ago he. In that they don't really care what she you'll you know when I first started in I mean that they didn't you know it wasn't a big deal white uniforms in that. That is a huge change in and a deed is sin under armor is NATO DX. Nike would eat them they dominated their fur for a good while. And kids wanted to Wear the shoes I mean they did the you lose it it was part of what they were they alike say they loved it didn't mean they wouldn't go to a a non Nike school but but it did it B deftly. Changed from from when I first started in the other thing that. That change was was the cult the big money in in the pro game as well is is. When I started coaching college has been a long time ago but you know parents would at least ass you are Yankee and an education. I'm telling about am I think in not I'm not tell about lowering come on token middle class upper middle class. Today it doesn't matter almost every town as to how W going and one of the if not the first question a a quick one after years can you make him a pro. Show me how how do you know making the pro you know they become so much more. Asked focused on that and there are also intelligent about you know what show me who alls who would you may trust what what your record get gas in the pro level. Not total not only at the highest slasher bases but it. It's a huge difference from when I was UNC Charlotte nanny found then you know we edit. They wanted to be a probe it. To not really can't string going to be in the pros but so the payers and and honestly I had a young man who went early eat UNC Charlotte and and he wanted to go but his mother warned him to go more than he wanted to go. Quite quite honestly some you know Overtown Maya is deftly changed in the. In in that regard to what that's a scary proposition to look the one and done thing well we get into that. But that's a scary proposition more silly NBA Denny NFL no more underclassmen come out and today any NFL draft than ever before there's been doors are finite amount of positions there. So a ticket sale wanna go pro bush and might even be talented and all four put. There's only so much you can control was gonna draft UN team that what are the other kids coming out too so that's a that's a scary proposition or did you think it I just want a pipeline to the NBA because. There was so many other jobs to go round to the next level. No no doubt an end. You know there's always been people involved in the recruitment process but usually it was parents admit is that again I'm old enough whose parents and high school coaches I say you coaches are deathly more involved in some cases. In a lot of cases and again I. I don't think this is necessarily bad. And in some cases it might need that you know there's always there there are more people either have to identify. Eight years interest in because I feel like it's such a polarizing topic so many of our listeners are either their kids play you where they coach Jay you when they've been around the sport and we have people won't on our tax lime bottle you can Texas people are doing right now 7045709610. On the building senator tech slide people say. You it's a bad rap it's not as you know if people blame us for everything it's not that bad and then we we talked to people like you coaches and people been around sport forever saying Didier use sometimes the bad outweighs the good. I don't know what the truth is on the age and I'm sure there are exceptions to everything blood. Odds I think the eighth all if you look at all aid programs at the vast majority are our positive. But. In those those high. I level players they know that there there's some abuse they are where they're not really looking out the best interest of the student athlete there there are looking for real whatever it is fashion Natalie Nagy is not a violation maybe they're just looking for him to tell it to give back. Actor that coach Sherri it took to do something to reciprocate all the hard work they put into it but. Yeah I think the vast majority are good people but there are. You know just like anything I mean sending in an all or politics or business banking coming you know we we always had scandals is just it. We we care so much about sports and American I'm glad we did the exit and we end up topping even more about that. I think can we do another rare. And and so now it'll be interesting because like you said how much of this is an NCAA violation how much of this isn't isn't federal crime. You know you've got to be clear this is one agent I mean this is Amy Miller is one sporty agency. That they've got data on new information and stuff they claim they can prove. So does that mean all there for sure others or or is this feeling I mean I'm actually amazed by this coach were seeing some of these documents. Keep in addition running a business is how you have to keep the numbers but. A ledger with names and payments. How could you be so careless like if this stuff was wrong. And against the rules how could you be so careless to have this information. And who knows how they obtained it obviously. Other than a war and the whereas this information that you had failure putting an excel spreadsheet didn't like it seems crazy to me right like it that would I I guess I just assume if there's Haiti and we're gonna give you X amount of money for you to sign with us down the road after you get out at a college. But that's some sort of briefcase sir you know cashing in on an icon just come confused by this it seems careless. I don't have a great answer whether I don't know this arrogance is thank you the year untouchable or just didn't think you'd ever be investigated yet. I don't that's that's a great questions well and now I just think it it turns into this right if you're the NCAA. The golden goose let's be honest all this basketball that's that's played unfortunately from a business standpoint unfortunately. 90% of the season. Is irrelevant. It's March Madness that makes up a large chunk of money for for all these schools and at the college basketball level. So we've got players that are implicated in coaches that are implicated. I can't imagine it any point the next two weeks they're gonna name people ineligible and if you're the NCAA I know you you quite market Markieff came out today and said it clearly the system's broken. Shocker. So what are you gonna do about it. But is it in the NCAA is best interest when your tear you how how we gonna keep Kentucky North Carolina and Michigan State out of the terminal before we go about that. Now say that everybody suffers via a sink in Ali it. I don't want to comment personally I think they should have waited you know I think they they did let the teams play out and again 'cause you don't know you know you don't know does it need a violation are not a at least I. I had an anti under read it today but from what I've heard it's you know there's not a definite violation much less a cry me and it's all yet to be determined and there's there's a lot of smoke there's so maybe there is fire but you know I think it's premature to do that in in an over Tom. It it'll come out but you know it's too bad the calls. For the student athletes for the for the war put them again vast majority TDs and the vast majority of student athletes are going to be in the NCAA tournament. Are clean and they're they're for the spears in their lifetime and nail this hangs over a little bit and it shouldn't be dolls that those kids have done nothing wrong. And yeah and how. I will tell but it and unfortunately we're going to be talking a lot about. From now till the first Monday in April. Well let me ask you this and you if you wanna claim you're plead the fifth you can do that 'cause I don't know what she'd what you do or don't know now. But I brought this name up a lot of people in this area have over the years but people forget Michael Beasley was committed to Charlotte. And he went to Kansas State who did something happen rarely put effort though. Secure again. There's always as I said earlier there's always a story here you know it doesn't mean that there's cheating DO. You know that there he was committed to us. 06 or whatever passing down 06. And it really changed our fortunes if you know Michael Beasley comes I think he had forty by three times is a freshman. You know we might have been pretty good you know might have been a better coached him in those years. Our next year but they owed. Huggins came in and hard Delonte hill who is my sister who had the relationship because he's from from the DC area so in that now. That's that's not against the rules he he hiring assistant. You know I'll never forget the team knocks on Michael's mom. Call me and said this doesn't change anything. He's still coming to Charlotte SA Entertainment Tonight candy cheapest and riding a said the cause you have no idea. Of the pressures that are going to be put upon you in the coming days weeks and months. And how she honestly it anti morning becomes shock we've developed that type of relationship. And not you know and an end in you know obviously didn't work out that way isn't going to can't set so after her and Delonte was hired. She still thought. You know this is just deploy its not gonna work. That's that's what she told me on the sun that she may deny it then I'll take a polygraph as she said I want him to come in and play freely Charlotte but and I told rested buckle up the tells you yeah no I what did you think at a time honestly when Dante went went went to Kansas State you thought hey did I thought he was probably gone you know but then when the mom tells geely in I. I'm like and a half full glass guy gas so am I know maybe we can steal this you know and and keep it where you mandate still would you you have feelings towards the lunch hour here now wasn't. And it is it's part of the business CDC anything you don't look like hey coach I don't like. I don't wanna do this obviously I've now on the you know I hear it the situation clearly got a raise to go to a big grey yeah huge race huge Danielle he says it's marked as being in the way and yet and and you know Curtis Malone who was ahead DC assault was his say you guys DeMar Johnson to play first Huggins because Todd insisted sensing there is no heed that no one is is our long standing relationship so I don't think anything illegal happened. I really don't you know just because of the relationship that AU coach. You know that I could have been like you said zealous you know they cheated when I don't I don't think they did or didn't. That happened with an and again I'm not I'm putting a little ignorance here because I don't follow the recruiting stuff that in depth. Michael Porter junior committed to cal originally correct is that we use committee and he flipped him his due. And his Aggies who is it is is is dad or somebody somebody close to him look that hard to get got a and so that slip in and get your point is that wrong that. Now it's no it's not exactly not well Larry Brown did it would Danny now Henning in any charities and Manning you know right out of Greensboro mean. You know who's supposedly is going to North Carolina until. No Larry Brown hired him and you know and Danny go home you know won the Nash championship for coach Massa you know again I don't think he's apparently happened. So I debt to Selig I'm trying to put myself in your shoes from a recruiting standpoint. How on earth and that's one player and I get he's transformational player elegy said the changes. The trajectory of your program that goes from and we're not talking about a turn that we're talking about a deep run in the Motorola citrus Phyllis. Michael blazes and then that we hadn't Cameron Tatum who started Tennessee had also committed from Georgia. The check this one out of them not to we just got named. Guess who came on a visit. During that time who is that Robbie humble on. I'm just say we're gonna getting but I mean it it changed the could've never had him come visit you if if a guy like Michael was in no way nodded and even we. Really good but coming easy and they end up Torre is gonna end up the Purdue or Indiana but I mean just it just it shows you what can. Happened with the player too and in how how fragile it can be as well so you pay if they're nice she also laid the net and I just on the key in Austin for you right. I am sick for no dog in a fight six free right now but I did the best part of the fun and and that sounds and and that's why so did a call. You know for the non that this top schools it still uneasy day in the AC CM it is hard. You know but that in the next level is so difficult to attend really sustained. It in and go one follower overtime I would love to hear from so our listeners because what do jumping the phones are open Bobby Lou choosing here will take some call 70457096. Sensing number for the building setter text line as well text deriding and Bobby Lewis is uninteresting dude yes he has seized it says the pride Hickory Bobby Lou it's okay and so we're gonna do this I want to talk about this one and done thing. And there is no. Magic elixir there's no panacea and it's gonna fix college basketball and college sports. But something needs to change and you mentioned one and done I wanna get into that and I don't wanna actually another recruiting. Question Stewart ask you we do that next Bobby eludes Chris crow birds primetime powered by ortho Carolina.