Primetime: Billy Price

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Friday, February 16th

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It's Brian now infer Kroger Damione Lewis along as well prime time brought you by ortho Carolina. We wanna shift gears welcome in Billy price from. We welcome first off but how I've been trying I've been trying to get Damione Lewis to embrace heavy metal a little bit more. Andy is reluctant to do and I'm hoping I'm hoping you're one of the people. NFL draft prospect that embraces heavy metal and can somehow. Showed Damione Lewis the light or use that guy Billy price. Related. Or their daughter use it for every ball flight. And both our target doubt at all yet the way out weigh the I don't while sir metallic remote for a. NC we're talking Andre Smith earlier and I chaired it you know when you get to our guys are locked when you have share caring to share. So we have to share the radio so. Sometimes it's you know heavy metal sometimes flat out rocks from terms as the apart. And typically when a rocket role in the yard haven't got a comes on is using our oceans are Mormon run and a turntable. I. They've been. We want a big game but why and what well. Rock music front. The yeah they appreciate it. Out of wild so that's not the first thing I would expect. From you know the Ohio State where it's like hey man we just took down. Penn State or whatever and blue dogs and chicken fried I wouldn't expect that elderly. OK Edmund A worker or may be able. It there are a bit of Le dot. But I am a worker league coach and we have a double BRR. The word then these are guys shower out. It go all. That's interesting man look as we look forward to the dot com buying that you're gonna be asked this a million times yet have a preference between playing center. Or guard. Not absolutely. Because I buy a boat and I applied that are going to be great that you're they. And you're playing guard like art management at that lead by by junior China that are outlined. You know start that are like right now. Well you're you're white neck or back left tackle them monitor these future client. It did a great opportunity to buy a boat and boy you hurt that they. And I know you've done great you know do our college no especially being 00 parliament a year reaching imam. What are you feel like your is your best attribute as a dolphins worm an adult court answer. I think the Buick Buick went off the lives but they are going to be that that are going to be a vote for got you reader. I'd be the biggest thing with that it got to bring people we've got to you each guys you know the trick. On the field and off the field that will make it or not but why it happened people around you make or break offer. I'd are really attribute a lot of that that that I think at this year's Butler final line. You know mark both are about what stock market account to another Europe Opel but the upcoming spring. You know we thought the guys going to be. Preparation but it networks bit the build but in the tent at the at a different picnic eat eat that can pick that up pauper. You know Parker looked that you reap a lot more we came back and be that they are not birdied the what the upper hand in Europe is pro ration. In the leadership you know we bring it off the wire there. Again I'm in a game like that way but be that that's one of the bigger thing beat you gotta be eager show people how to play. He's Ohio State offensive lineman Billy price joins us here on prime time. How much interaction did you have with your former teammates that are in the NFL during the season. A little bit on mute them that there there are did you go to Europe or aren't as they're preparing bigger opportunities go out. You know prepare that you expect to hear you regained their mental recovery go well. I popped out more than yours personally because in Spain the same property if you like started there. Three years and new doors better over the air or. Or get it in sight you know what was our earth and say you know Merkel better. Don't expect that art communications don't poke the Oprah. There what was your favorite thing about playing at Allstate. I think debate that the network. Expand the radio it's rapid higher than your. All of this shut down one bit you know Barca well what did it it's incredible everywhere ago. You know people are they pay and they do oracle but thought that you know deviant art to what it's like what. Though it certainly applaud these are yet they think that they get for granite because yeah. They're so great little boy. But before they were lucky to be one uttered all would be. You know Billy there's this funny story where. In Arizona cheerleader was kicked out of the game last night college basketball for heckling in Arizona State free throw shooter. And so Damien and I were talking about he's played in the NFL I played at Miami for a long time and of course it gets pretty colorful. What's the the funniest thing that you heard said. To either yourself or a teammate throughout your years at Ohio State. Funny at day. I mean I think it's pretty problem book that. It's YouTube wider these repeat these heroic bone back for about it you know those guys how to get there which set a better over the years. I offered the people outlined beat we talk but it I think that brought the funny thing. Powered up the street view the body by Bryant Allen missed it they had you know that a couple but for the quiet person and you that the wind that we aren't they apple Jarrett. The over the quality moment older person in the purse that are like the the ball would like that that. It proper for underwater outside with that you'll as a. Corey gov get after pretty darn good that I know when your offense the defense of why and and you know little game you too tired to be hit with one dollar and a day and listen. Or throw it 85 late Dave you're go pick about it at all. Yet your outlook into you know you got there were picked up at all. The truth is is there any thing that. That you missed. Playing center come but compared to guard Billy where I don't know it's like pulling orbit certain things that you just it's a different dynamic when you're a senator compared to a guard. But they don't want pick things but the point guard but it offered that our they've kind of changed a little bit a bit but what would be at your vote. I played better I do a lot of board mr. they are or cape bird. Initiated in Iraq. You know beat you you know brought the what I around the back side and back the united I was on a part. There at the paper thing but again yoga aptly you know our product they'll be offered one aptly. Not just the oval that this should be good bigger boat missing adult and acute that day and people keep the body on doctor run forty yards down the popular mystery. Rather than it be athletic. It's missing Arctic offer being able and you all. They're going to truly make sure one of things you think you gonna have to work on to improve your game patience or footwork. Or is there any are things like that need to work or. Update to duplicate that the B respect me again you get a court order 885 played in. And your bit Derek don't get the guy that veto it the first. But I think the pay the bickering art that that it be you know I got excited I got it got about legal or the like give me a caribou but we keep being patient and that they're worried they embracing the different speed. I think within a if the parents freaked out with a of the matter to be in all respect me be more patient. It's really great everything worked through it you know the guys grounds crew and understand that that's so. He's Billy price from the Ohio State you know as you get ready for the come by the interviews are big big portion of it as you well know Billy but. If you're asked the question are are you not gonna be like the PC guy if anything it might not reflect well on you feel like gat that Pedro is kinda stupid would you say that oh would you try to sugarcoat it if they asked you point blank. I mean he traffic were I think every through every you know hats that they were gonna do pop out or are they need. Aubrey in worry about it at that point point but again apparent just what you do during that they Europe do it. But probably are. And now I know you've had a chance account look at the teams are looking to different needs of the teams in NFL. What do you think Q what system you think your tree and was when you think if you and this is Karen Kevin Wilson and think about. And whose ability. Manilow Austin. Yeah. Great man. And visited it was funny of all times for the phone to cut out of it's it's Carolina Panthers went zero for. You know like Cam Newton will live civilian effort. At. Drugs drugs signal. Yeah yeah idea. Those great catching up with him know if we have time wolf will reconnect with them. You can tell man he has got the chops. When it comes to the interviews with the coaches and everything like that all right Billy's back got it go ahead and reset what you grass convenient. Is below or you back. Noise I don't know OK I thought he once my dad I think it was back I know from. Outside of I'd write down I was like the point guard Damien and I threw a pass like you know ten feet over your head and really did close. Good brother what did you make of Friedman and yes yes. Man he's gonna kill the interviews he can just tell me now. Well spoken well adults and even when you readable Moscow reports and stuff like that. He's a leader of the first they understood now he's aggressive he's got a mean streak. Yeah they feel like he will be a perennial pro bowler on as his career progresses they really have our marks. Only genres you know football you know at both gore and serve so that's this team. Yeah you know what's funny is gone back to your story about your Miami teammate that rip it's a defensive line instead face mask off. Like Billy price has that mean streak on the field to know you know it and you would never picked that up in an interview I love the both worlds where you can be completely. Civil off and just a crazy person ready to rip someone's head off on the field I love that. You're young and how to turn on turn off you know it's this is barbaric elements feel boom you Kamal you've got to be civil north and memories so yes there. Well he's back we got a little bit more time with with Billy price so Damien you're asking him a question I believe this is more like a chess pass right between the number. Bill Allen that's been sort of flowed throughout. I know you've been looking in and study in the different teams that on May be of positions draft few. Is the character is on your list of teams that you like from two. Yeah up to secure there are opportunities Arctic you know thirty BP and there are a architect Pete what about that as a. You know Billy you think about being at. The Ohio State and click pretty much every one of the defensive linemen it's a three trapped there they're going to be I picks at all. How much of an advantage is it for use stepping into the NFL going up against the teammates that you're going up against an Ohio State. Because you don't think that they're huge event is considered played out in upbeat that the widened. You know we you know we doubt it's best buy it in the pick that topic go to practice. In the prior practice the open door to get there are on the go to get guys like. You know are you enjoy both the. And a switch of a little bit. Believe it or not I played forward you guys defense or meters on the great Shia on how do you like him as a coach. Luck in other terms that break great spot that gitmo we have the guys who wrote the open road. So I've out of the court they have that by coaches. Again that the Bible to be done on game day I'd really take advantage and understand you know we're going on you constantly for for to protect schemes. I mean Billy how old. Height where your practices. When you have just end up the hits just in the trenches when you have that type of talent on both sides of the ball. They had they get pretty. It you know I outbreak in we're. Again but be that makes you you know occurred occurred well well where. You gotta be out that it's got to be able but he or operated. Here are high or hear somebody like you approach a bit older than that that the other. On to court they. I don't think that we really were. And then how does urban mark on them Hornish all of this and I know you got a lot of alpha males out Ngo. Rational five days into training camp things good little test the office conditions of Laver. We always the first one distort the right so how does he count of porno solace in his when he gets out of handled. Well I think the bigger problem that there were a moment but not really they'll be wired. Like pop up by the year or bank. And Eli apple and forty BP. And Dave you know it will be ago while one out there are you view that. They girls are Smart aspect let it be better gonna be a is that they are well there are more about it. But for the most part I think you know if a Brokeback you do not being productive in that the other day. You gotta Gilbert wanted eager to doubt be productive and others in which her job is on Opel appeared to focus and are better cheaper and upon. By Billy now you're going to be selling yourself at the NFL combine some a minute take that and do 180 here. I need you to sell. Being in Lewis on heavy metal detect that you your favorite metal band and why he should give him a chance. Are it up for our corporate rebuttal band that. Arctic especially beautiful pulpit news you can watch. You know Virginia Tech intro to you know they're they're. They're their whole team coming out into the stadium and watch I understand there. If you don't get chew the Opel brand and understand what music should do it how you can group people. And are you got a beach ball checked it. Again but I had to battle that battle you'd report that it looked long little bit before we gotta gotta they're the acute. Did you move pitcher ready to go epic public. I think I'd just I'd just felt. Damien Lewis lake put enter sandman on his smut Spotify playlist I think he totally sold them on that. And their lives on the in this thing and now. Traffic comes out and it doesn't matter what I did a great sales fits though you do is another job that men. Agree or all about though it's brought production we all love so yeah I played Billy we really appreciate your time man best luck with the NFL draft in the come by leading up to. Richard that on here.