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Wednesday, December 6th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Omar Gaither talk with former NFL GM Bill Polian. 


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BC's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. It's 5 o'clock and that means he is happy hour brought to you by Jack de. Daniel's Tennessee ride come. Combining the distinct flavor of rice and Jack Daniels distillery timeout or charcoal mellowing process the result is a boy spicy rye whiskey dads have been smooth. Check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee bright today and drink responsibly Kroger. I always say there's less so those things he's not I'm not saying the match play. He is this not only the world it's always there and that it I don't lakers yeah. We're here this is why people Ali as the chief marketing officer for the Charlotte hornets. So it's going to be fun for for bubble midnight on Saturday warriors and hornets tonight. I heat just alerted me that if you come to the game first 7500 fans on Saturday Star Wars type presented by Nissan. That one lucky fans gonna get a chance to win with a halftime shot a half court halftime shot a Nissan Titan truck. So. There you go so you need any extra reason to come in big and awesome slack. In the paint shop and it's gonna it's gonna be fun weekend and it starts tonight ordered to warriors on ESPN. And I won't will get PO will win a truck. Better grainy shot it. You better I didn't know millionaires yourself whatever you gotta do to. I did to get that thing through Q do you man. You're there are a lot of people and you gotta do to give me you can do to get it exactly like we get the other conference championship weekends of the bowl games you know they do that doctor pepper gas is out of ours is playing now like you never see anybody do the quarterback over Gillick over hand to then you'll hear gives the chest pass doesn't it is I don't know if that should be illegal but look at they're gonna allow it. Do you yet do you that's what it takes to get it in that's we YouTube. One of the best tweets from over the weekend was I think this was from bar stools force there was the guy it was like good dislike shoot like kind of pushing the ball forward into the into the little the old channel whenever they said it and that it might have been the first time and they guys ever use his arms. Well he got a little idea what I brought everybody Karbala IDS six balls shoes get after you they practiced for like for seriously for like months for that which they know he impressed the yeah. Amazon Amazon women whom I think maybe you want you actually get him more balls and he did he eat it put in the work all right now we got to Margate third primetime or power by ortho Carolina you're gonna hear Kemba Walker are coming up in about 45 minutes and we're gonna get ready for hornets and warriors Bill Polian joins us. In 25 minutes and Omar I wanna get your thoughts nine. The idea that that is on I'm getting a lot of this on the text line we view it feels like this always happens especially after a tough loss of money trading losses. Where. You get Panthers fans the first thing they do obviously the coaching but they don't like the way that runner spirit doesn't seem as angry as they owner can outright for Roger stoic. He is not yell or to screamer on the sidelines very often undock from account on one or two into many times I've seen yellow for seven years here. Bomb you or make Nixon say. He those guys in that building UCL when the door shut. Robert peel the paint off the wall. Yeah and whoever doesn't matter and so I think that's the one disconnected stands wanna I wanna see and this is just about. Coaches about it's tough players in general they wanna feel like the people that are making the decisions and making the plays or is invested as they are emotionally it's a when they don't. They think it means it's not happening right. Bomb but would you you played for Ron for a year and obviously he was probably a little bit different that is he is now a cynic goats six years later I this season but some big. Beyond Bluetooth OK and from everything here what do you what do you make orbit as the numbers your a gag again getting you out some of the numbers on this 37 and fifteen in November December and his career third best in the NFL over that span. They've got 61 wins since he had to the NFL. Six the most in the NF oil center right and you know what a mini book I think runs a very good coach I don't think he's the Pallet Jack I don't think he's Pete Carroll. But I think rotary air is every bit as good as Mike McCarthy. I think he's every bit as good news shortly national PayPal which is better he plays coach usually go and that's it the hard but I considered for coaches don't you don't when he won a Super Bowl bright but I think Sean Payton rod got there I mean. OK I want political killings and they're like okay it's my point is this I think Sean Payton for one off game as we've seen this year. They're game playing coach music game plan that but I think loans that are taking I think you do have to give a little bit more credit to Johnson to coach who can put you can call plays like line. You want to call line if that's what you want my point is this dirt you also have to give credit to Ron Rivera to. Come back from 13 start where he's job basically it seem like he was dead to rights. And then they go win what eleven out of twelve. To finish the year and become NFC south champs and he was back to back to back divisional champ she's a two time coach of the year he's won a conference championship. Ron Rivera because to me he is so steady and even keel that allows for that stuff to I don't know how many coaches could have come back the role they put their different strokes for different full yeah. I didn't think about the thing about running and if you think about a most of the coaches who played. At a high level whether it would have become two of the unifil or those more stoic even two guys Osama might Tommy comes to mind he's this he's essential way to play so. Rivera Rivera played he knows what is likely be a player and to be on the on the on the field and in screw up. It could have gone to the silent and do what he's yelling Devery head coach. Who's who's yelling and screaming and and is not accomplishing anything from a did. You rotated to get it right standpoint so I think he knows us who like to be a player to be embarrassed by your coach in. On national TV and and so on and so forth taking. Yelling work delegate your player during your mistakes and guys yelling yeah it doesn't work and chewing you out on the sidelines does that work overall you view. Peewee league coaches out there high school coach is yelling doesn't work it just goes in one ear and comes out the other. You wanna get your point across to you want him creek crypt mistake is but it could be the committee guy. Leo sensibly write it so. But behind closed doors yes he will you William we will we will screen but it's it's fuel form to a dozen that speaks to wise record is what it is Sistani here that even keel major blow to great effect of the leader I think it's more than just that but that is a factor. We get it fast coaching style as a factor in in in the it and think about nineteen to write to Lowe's. Players can reach you when you're when you may be thinking all right this could be okay I'll get. I'll give you good to bad right because I think it's because again it's not to say Ron came to criticize or is above reproach because of course he has tonight I think a text the rights in here. And this is true saying that that you know like that coaching or I speak about the game plan and adjustments at half that sometimes they don't think that's good enough. And I don't offer both of those sinks in time when you get the well great. That gets those coordinators right there OK and but the other side of it is I've heard Jeff Schwartz don't sit multiple times. He thinks the idea to adjustments. Is it's kind of a bit that that's not relieve. There's not but if so much. Stock to be put into some of that stuff in the NFL but you do make it just it was a good this group he thinks okay what I don't know like on say an archetype obviously never rid of that situation. But my point is this so with Ron. For example. We could all see on Sunday Thomas Davis wasn't right he was not physically healthy or 100% or anywhere near him because of it was a liability at times on the field. He was getting it he was getting targeted and run out on defense eat in a way to you don't often see with Thomas Davis he. Runner up I would like to see him say you know what David Mayo you've been in this league for a few years now I trust you. I do not TD you'll never be TV but 100% a David male might be better than 6070%. And Thomas Davis we know what. Once a player's coach like we're talking about and I would venture to guess that Thomas Davis. Made it a point to say I want to play this game I can play this game and runner bears get a trusted. Now that probably it's not the reason they lost on Sunday. But it's part of the reason they lost Thomas Davis was on nobody voiced two of the bigger broader writing you at the same time the next time Ron trust TD you're TD trust run their relationship because they're too technical like. You're not always gonna get the good like I respect that decision that runs gonna trust his guys to say you know what. I've been here before TD did I trust you know you can go beyond that believe in you and it's gonna hurt you some games it's not gonna hurt you and others who might win you would gain some time. We'd also like you've got to take the good with the bad and that's on sale about Ron is I don't think Ron's an elite head coach in this week but I think he's a pretty good head coach I think he's a coach you could win with. And quite on. Actually we don't throw off in the western proven in the end is not about him Justin TV to go out there but it's about him having. Seeing that is not working though. Right so is so the point that this isn't that he trusted his players in in Toms is saying go okay I'm ready to go the issues that once he got out there. He continued to let him not be. Effective as he should be because he's really not great but it TDs saying coach some steadiness in any case eaten. No you can't you can't do that. He came as a coach you have to be you have to be able to say hey Thomas you're hurting the team right now we have the pool Yahoo!'s competition because. They get there's this is not just about US. Point that's a lot of loyalty programme on cnet's of advancing its good and bad it's the same loyalty leasing what's wrong with came over the years I think that's good and bad to. Front's gotta gotta throw came Newt under the bus and you we we talked about it over the years of would that be better if somebody was more strict and stringent with camp. But if I also think it's why it's worked tear. This runs like campy camp and there's good bad that comes from them and let's say like it's not perfect nobody could make it perfect but I I think Ron does more good than he does that there's growing up the highest hardest set. But I think his loyalty to this fifty foot forty guys get open at his loyalty it over the years I think is abused his paid some dividends of let's burn him at times when I think it's patent it. And within win and then we coordinate better relating team it's different writers about the same and that's to you this was not a young team not going to do well she's always you know when you're going there and at the same things that go better with younger team they want it just won't have a would have veteran team too they've they've been there they've done that they know you know they. FM and then lastly speaking over the Rivera and his demeanor in what it is you have to be yourself players know you being phony. I say the story on Tom McDermott tried to beat. Be someone he was it. When he first got in the and in Philadelphia to be deep it's coordinator then we literally lifted him in laughter at a U not this guy you were you we've been around for a long time you're not Iran Iraq a united screen neo. Hersey Hersey down kind of guy he tried to be that it purchased it but it didn't work out because we knew that wasn't it. So you know we're very he has to do he has still I think you know the way he leads is is this is what he thinks best and I don't have a problem would Arab issue I think it'll make your day upgrade if you're the papers its own saying for all these fans who think like. Ron's part of he's standing in the way this team taking a big step for like I just I always say would you go if you only get rid of a guy who do you think they're loaded on Sunday because coaching his I don't. I think the tough skin because how can come quickly enough greed and life and then you know it and didn't in this whole deal about the they they missed tackles they need to play that they need to tackle better route to attack bush and whenever whenever a team go with the press conference after playing the lines were very centers run of. Off so they look like but we need him has really kind of that we know that was okay well it's it's doubled those of the office that make you miss those donated dealers say that yesterday damion to Damian said yesterday witness that you eat you know you go back and watch the tape it's a direct correlation to how the world into the I'm delighted scrimmage because of that guys over pursued. Try to utilize out of position his is a prime example if if my old line is you knock the ball. I'm sorry Dolan is in the off the ball. And I only I'm my I'm only able to contact the running back to who used to two yards down the lounge pass line of scrimmage we already has a full head of steam. And armaments highways because I can't come downhill because I'm all my people Salina being blown up a ball and put a mix of other those locals hold on we're back we continue guys are fired up on the building setter text like 70457096. Senate Bill Polian. Discusses this with us too in fifteen minutes it primetime Omar Gaither Kroger and more power by ortho Carolina. We were talking Charlotte sports when Jack Nicholson first uttered the famous phrase you. And we are in stopping what those 2.5 six pin W. Whistler or some things out. We go didn't like them old Jeep but an old like CJ five more. I'll go via a solid got a buddy restores of broncos' perfect then he'll do. I you can launch today the resource to let him by their cyber Internet sorry this cyber Internet. Okay Graham Bob are you go logon to that inter web. To see pictures of your grandchildren on books. Based. RCA and Bailey tomorrow morning at ten. 1025610. WFANZ. Carolina. Hornets and warriors dating clock we got ESPN in town know. No staff curry looks like the dream on greens the hornets get a bit of a break get a shot. Got a shot I would actually say you know this team it national TV game to go it is Omar Sunday night game Monday night games in the NFL. Either Thursday night game if you don't you love that the that everybody's why are you right. And so for disorders seen it doesn't get a lot of national games I think you'll you've seen over the years you all they always show up with a great effort locked in they don't obviously always win those games. I remember here. Last year the wanna Friday night early in the season 42 raptors. Eight tumbling DeRozan put on show in Tampa showed out. And I would say tonight chemist at another great chance to do that they're gonna need that Dwight got to be great Nick's got to be great I think Jeremy limit frank commits you gotta be two big guys that have to produce off the bench put. I think more than anything. With this hornets squad and I think we need would you perceive maybe I don't know what it's I haven't heard anything about dream on until today that sort of your domain. And I'm not saying he's taken a night off. Who clearly doesn't feel the need to play tonight with his shoulder saying what I'm saying let's disrespect saying man you take it that you got a little doggie that's a little disaffected or you think you can take off tonight yet you come to our building any history and you just. We unity unity to go down so I wanna see this sort of thing fight back tonight I think is a big chance to get a marquee game marquee win under their belt. Text or writing in building setter Tex one fact tweeters riding into. Timothy tweeting it on the ground league to lose Twitter feed app prime time WFAN see everyone if we're only wishes you happy holidays for three generations. Rallied Jewelers. As I had Carolina families making them part of their holiday gift giving fifty to 70% off employees retail value one diamond rings earrings pennants and more building trust for three generations that friendly coolers dot com he tweets and I love Omar takes. I'm like get a kick out enough for the takes a ballpark if there today. But it texture also are writing in and like I kind of agree this outside of the pats Steelers are the epitome of consistency yet because they've had. 300 introduces rapper Chuck Noll. Tied down to. Okay hour hour and right now my time when there and I don't know I would if I don't mean to secure making all time great head coaching list none of those guys are on it. But big get the job done like it as an organization. You're gonna at all solid not a very good head coaches summit but you're not saying oh yes I need one coach for one game. I don't know if any of those guys cracked like a top three or five women Jews who was. Still I right now look totally game we take votes don't check to me and I don't know about that I would even say you know Bill Walsh is on the short list there I'd say. Obviously. If you're gonna talk about submitted via the all time greats we go back to the early days of the NFL I mean the game's different now started at what point is like those are guys who immediately gravitate to and say all time great coaches I think our it's it's a good. Good student he's an a list somewhere right. Sure enough money what is this so I I agree with him on this he says coordinator shall come and go find consistency in your head coach immunity good so we'll be bad but we can your head coach and every consistency within your team. This is a well Serena get he's shown he's capable of being a successful coach let him grow continue to learn. And but that's not sexy like he can fabulously gusting at that hey we like win there I think yeah coaches good event heavy grave we think he's getting better and again I think it's really honestly can't find anybody else so the hours but it yeah and the text directions loses its catch 22 crooks I agree with you probably could get a better replacement. Also think Bronson could have got a wood is Super Bowl not a guy writes an offensive minded I've coached may be the work may not be the worst thing. And fans always want that to peace and the ports are foreign scoring is fine. You know people want a shot patent type of coaches who can like Grimes talked about schemed up game plans he would likely be like poetry right. Chad writes in the building Cineplex on nobody wants to admit this but TVs no liability since last year. And all market Omar please explain what Shaq why Shaq as a replace TV instead of may oh I'm tired of seeing Shaq come out in snow could still see TV your mail it woke. For thought geo TV hasn't been alive that he wasn't a liability ability last year and this year let's face it. He's he's been banged up policies. What loosen the grip on whatever may be good banged up all year any in the spring chicken anymore so when you get banged up and you not a spring chicken. It takes a little more time to recover you that you just don't bounce back quite like he did but as far as the Mayo exacting. The reason washed the reason why. TV is even still in the Carolina spent his uniform. Is because Shaq Thompson hasn't done. What the clintons feel like he needs to do he was the guy who was brought in to replace TV on all downs all three downs. For the defense wouldn't are you so. You usually that's about Shaq that's the reason or another reason is he's he's he has an sewn up really well in the running game. So you bring in a bigger stronger guy like Mayo who's who's and less afraid to put his nose in the in the ring I'll run down the brings check in on the on the third and third down situations because. Because. This in this in this goes to show you how great of a player tedious and and it has been you can you know the only one TV where would we check in new you try to get two guys to be as good as that one guy. DiMicco put that one guy that's a good tedious thin Estes you know. You can't find those guys on every roster and NFL not not even. It's not a fun of kind of got a question. Received the text Eriksson looks like gentleman was right about TD I mean night I would rather well what was right about that he's I mean. I I don't know I don't know I don't know what that means a nightly if you're insinuating that TV shouldn't be on this roster right now. I think that's that's sorely mistaken too so this I don't know what this guy out you know he's my guy with. Politically non biased guy he's still playing well he's a play well and he didn't play that thing go right we've played once under the Donald knew it wasn't healthy on Sunday where. That's that's this is fact of the matter all right we we go to the tech become guess line here as so we roll on 5 o'clock hour. We welcome meta man on the call now who's gonna be. In the broadcast Booth on Sunday Bank of America Stadium huge game for the vikings they're trying to get to a once either Panthers try to be a stuffed avoid being a succeed. It would be on the wrong side of the playoff cut line Panthers and vikings at 1 o'clock in dot. Gonna be on ESPN radio with former Panthers general manager and a hall of Famer Bill Polian built good to talk to you how you doing. I'm verified that effectively with you right so publicly what do we make go where the Panthers are at right now because it kind of felt like maybe they were turning the corner they have one. Ford rolled over the winning streak comes to an end with the thought against the saints where really every phase played ugly football had a hand in that loss execution was poor. And really might have just given the saints the the division on Sunday with that loss down 02. Off but now others I mean there's no rest to get a turn around and take on the vikings team on Sunday put. Realistically once you take the emotion out of it where where is this pain thirstein that right now and 84. Well I think here I think they're looking then the next. A little while it was simply playoff game and her. That he has faith in the falcons are gonna play twice. It's tough fourteenth this week but it's always possible source. So. You would think that. In order to get in. And that's really all they're looking at that point you gotta win then. So. They need to win two out of an explorer. Who assure themselves of the spot in the playoffs. Not that it's entirely plot to treat people get in themselves. But I think at this point you don't worry about feeding his say hey we gotta keep winning every week to play out in front yard out. And and there's no market for. Bill Polian to lose the hall of Famer former Panthers general manager former bills GM former colts QB so I could be on a call for ESPN radio. It's going to be Panthers and vikings on Sunday 1 o'clock vikings think they could be once he gets within their grasp at a point grateful for right now. Hot overall bill wing when you when you take a look at this Panthers team. Defense is plate statistically great it feels like situationally they've they've got to make some big mistakes in key moments in. Haven't finished plays and finish drives and they've been bad in the red zone which is not a trade market this team over the years under runner Vera. Up but I've heard a lot of people say this team can't compete for super boy again. It took Cam Newton turns into his MVP form from 2015. News is that a fair statement or no. Well I had to be at an incomplete statement I think that. You know it's the typical media statements include sound bite. The if you look at the points per game. And compare that we've seen the vikings. Are generally regarded as one of the top. Two defenses in the national football. They're giving up seventeen points per game. The Panthers they're giving up nineteen point 8% to 10%. Excuse me nineteen. Point eight points per game offensively. That good enough to win under twenty you give up on that when he got a chance to go a long long way. So. You know I I don't point fingers at that that's the panthers' defense at all I think they've played pretty well. Now it Johnson gone for time that's another issue entirely. But. But the fact. The fact don't mean the minute he effective. Sacks. The vikings would decorate the fence at 47. To bet there's 34. He though that this that this that that the defense that the envy of many around the national football. Which brings it back. To the main issue. Cam Newton. At this point in time. It's. An average quarterback in this so hopefully. His passer rating his fourteenth. Slightly above that. You know we beat you wouldn't want him to be in the top ten. And and you know what the issue the issue basically. It is interception. Mean that that that's basically it if you get past that. You know you're you're pretty good shape. But he hadn't taken care of all the way purity that games where he's been very good IE New England be that games where he's been really poor. So he's been often now which would indicate that that you know right now. We have. And up as statistical information. To make a valid judgment. And so sort per you know to beat fourteenth in passer rating at this point in time it is right in the middle of the pack that's probably not good enough. Is the defense to Super Bowl defense I would straight so the. Typically in every other way now at this site johnsons laws there's another issue entire. But. You know offensively. At bay as they've been as good today they possibly could be I'm not so sure. As Christian McCaffery. Produced the way you thought he would feel. Absolutely. Christian McCaffrey has done. 64 receptions. Which is six in the NFL. Now I'm sorry it in the NFC while opening up well. That for production for repeat. You know did it. Is that that beat that six at that exceeds expectations. By a by a pretty wide margin so you know I don't know what people expected. But but what they're getting his top like performance. I think there're a lot of fans who who think may be from running the pure rushing standpoint they they haven't seen the impact with him in the running game. From a from a York's precariously pointer and those numbers have actually gotten better over the last. A couple of weeks but there are I think a lot of fans and maybe. You could speak to that maybe maybe that was never going to be his game in the first place of chewing off 567810. Yards secured the way out of Camaro has at times but I think that's worth that's the crux of some criticism from panther spent so far McCaffery. Well I would say it's if byword general manager and and the threat is wanted to get rid of them might get an atom line. And be happy to have a in the I don't know where there's criticism comes from it's beyond me got a good player. Who's who exceeding expectations. Because he hasn't been as quite as explosive. As Alvin Tamara. What what difference does that make paredes quarterback anybody think that Cam Newton is that it Drew Brees. He'd be here if you have you might have a tough argument around you with no no death would you would you. That's right there of people to thank camps better interpret. Yeah I mean can't arms today at two different kinds of guys you know this empty the camp does that drew can't do vice Versa but a mile. As such as the running the running aspect of canned game the physical but that's LB Barrett. That the Braves who have but you know like essays Charlotte especially YouTube did you get some push back on that on that question. Well. They're welcome to it. What's on it yet experiment many other like it is Cam Newton a first ballot hall of Famer right now affect ticket but it looked at it that way they are going to be. Easily play seven seasons so you gotta give what I do think its interest in Billick we I was talking that they'll pull into this again he knows the finger to his hall of Famer self Rendell former Panthers GM he's on a call for vikings and Panthers on ESPN radio. And played 1 o'clock on Sunday on the national broadcast. We are talking to Charles Robinson -- can't he's cohost with me from targets under both Pro Football Hall of Fame voters. And Kim has pushed the rushing numbers out in a way that is ridiculous and he's broken every major rushing category from a quarterback's standpoint. But he has a quarterback right and he has been the guy that jump started this running game for the Panthers this year what its struggling. But you're right the passing numbers are different so how do you weigh that when you when you evaluate him what he does in the running game compared to the inconsistencies in the passing game. Well I I woke quote. Jon Gruden. On Metallica at the other night when he said your quarterback and not be your leading rusher. If he is. You're you're you're you're not an efficient football to. Michael polenta and by the way if it could end up getting her. And opportunities. You know if it no doubt our. The appointments Panthers GM and on the coffer for vikings appear as of 1 o'clock and ESPN radio today really fast in this can be yes you know we. Hit him would you trade Comerica McCaffery right now if for some reason the saints went to do that. Probably pick the one at that doesn't have enough to. Yeah I mean you could probably based on what you've seen thus far which is which is incomplete you don't know anything about their ability over time and think that nature. It's it's probably a push. Feel we were talking to learn a little bit better runner I think that McCaffery probably in the long run a little bit better in the passing game but it support. It built we were talkative to the voice of the Panthers make makes an earlier he he says he's a group of the police there is no great team. The in the NFC this year I tend to disagree I do think Philly. I saw them up close and personal of that team is the real deal they remind me to painter for two years ago. Playing forcing turnovers playing with confidence on offense the quarterbacks getting better. With that confidence every week and a dominant very running game I I think New Orleans has as a pretty good formula work it is well. Do you believe it's it's wide open in the NFC or do you think there're some teams that are kind of up Minnesota might be one of those on Sunday. Well they're always teams that are cut above. Minnesota is one. New Orleans is another. Philadelphia is another. I think after that you're you're you're kind of everybody kind of in the same boat. Except for the teams that are on the bottom and it that's it in some cases student. Injury or in the eighth or Chicago plant a rookie quarterback. Things of that nature but I think those three. And doubt in my mind and I've seen all three up close and personal so I would donate those three stand out. But he took those three are are essentially. One or two key injuries away from coming back of the pack. There is no quality yet. It in the NFC this year not that there may have ever been but. This year it's it's really I think it's really tenth. And it's the hall of Famer Bill Polian and on the broadcast for ESPN radio on Sunday 1 o'clock Panthers and vikings. Huge games and they're all going to be that we don't restrict the painters were trying to make sure the remote that the dance when the season comes to would have bill it's a pleasure to talk do you think your McIntyre for us. Thank you my pleasure. They go Napoleon the hall of Famer hold on we're back when we come back on the other side. Kemba Walker hornets point guard next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Powered by Mort don't care. A lot of strong reactions of the buildings that are taxed like we're only jeweler put their feet to go polian I would agree with this by the way this Tweeter writes in this is Jesse's says. Excuse me market tweets he says bill tells you what he thinks which is actually refreshing because it's sparks conversation I'd I don't think bill hates Cam Newton I just think bill. Doesn't think camps that type of quarterback that he would wanna win with. As a former GM the government all claimed sole. That's bad I mean I don't think there's any serious I don't think there's any ill feelings towards Cam Newton phils just entrenched on what he believes a quarterback's supposed to looked like. And Cam Newton stuff that got for him so while a lot of strong reactions there if you miss the interview you came in late. I you can check it back at WS NT dot com. I'm going to be back on the air coming up at 730 here on offense the hornets and warriors. Steve Clifford on indefinite health leave and sees guy he's gonna be away from the team for a little while no update on him. Off from a hornets are sustain it Silas is going to be VIP interim head coach no stiff greet sounds like no trade on green tonight for the warriors either show. Port it's my catcher break we'll see if they can still win I've got pregame at 730. Tip off at eight and as we get ready for the game tonight it closed down the show. We talked to the point guard Kemba Walker the captain who drop by yesterday. Art we're gonna go to the tech become guess Lionel hornets got a big win on Monday night and I needed it in a bad way for game homestand opens up and eight the next ten or at home. Including Wednesday night's gonna be nationally televised game warriors and hornets and we welcome in the captain from the sure aboard a C had a great game against the magic 29 points fourteen of them at the free throw line Kemba Walker windows kemba you doing man. Are undone well so that's that's a heck of a game back Aminu Kano literally last night just put your head down I got to the basket and and that's a good it's a good way to kind of shake off the rust I suppose last night. Yeah you know been. Our chance to watch him I would do not see immediate and you know last night it was one of those com where. Not gonna have to notre go to gave him no bid to the page and you make clay not so they wouldn't do. Like kemba Walker's of those captains for the hornets end up by the way a hornet's continued this homestand and it's it's a big one for a row one already in the books win over the magic come on tonight warriors on ESPN. At 8 o'clock and does some very limited tickets I believe still available for that and then fell Friday night. And I it's gonna be the bulls Saturday it's going to be the lakers and it's our worst night for frank Kaminsky used at a store worked Bobble head which is really excited about so let's let's just hope let's talk about to. About that game against the magic first second and in in terms of just kind of ending that that streaky Hewitt lost four row and it really felt like him two weeks ago we kind of came home and it was the same thing where hey you had to start stacking some wins against did it against good teams and then. You know you lose a tough back to back to Cleveland and San Antonio and win on the road in just couldn't get going against so. This this stretch getting a win on Monday and being at home so much over the next couple weeks a menu you can't overstate how how big this these couple weeks are for you guys. My question is really important moment. No we don't put ourselves in look a little bit of all full. No especially not going alone the world so. No big ceremony we played well got chart take care of business on. There are only spent a great job I would I would bet you every night so no we got a really good team coming to town but we got to figure out they're good player already. I could I gave it our great hope that you'll give towards night in night out so we know what you are you ready to come let you know that that's really low lives. What you've mentioned that a lot of talk to that this kemba about how do you know UP you're always out there in front saying hey don't. Don't put this on closed you know a lot of fans can buy here all the time now especially you know during this rough stretch of the saying you know. Coaches gotta go he's not the answer reader duke coach to get things fixed in euros after saying Marvin is one of the guys to say it. Don't pin this on our coaching staff they give us great game plans were we're not out there executing so far through the first quarter of the season. And Aaron members are Clinton. Really good coach Randy. It doesn't they've mastered but when that book and he's not one out there play in the great quote. Nowhere tomorrow bet. Nor has the body or not what he's got a few just. Most liberal about Mick and wait no he does a great job and I doubt he works straight ought. No articulate the bad news plant pot on the eighth nowhere to Wanda they're playing we have execute that we had to get things right so really upon we're but he always pick the morning. When this. A lot of did not know usually his ball so you're not like such a great coach you know I'll be an up close look. Military agreements not to the Atlanta and that's not really also all nor have turned to restart or. So big are mad at him at work. Well I think is addressing Campbell walker who assorted captain I get ready for the warriors on Wednesday night and it's going to be Chicago Friday back to back with the lakers on Saturday for an commits these Bobble head on Saturday for the lakers game. I think you you could speak to the strike him by thinking you in particular kind of why I think coach Clifford is such a great coach in this league where he comes in here. You're few years and Little League you've elevated your game over the last few years underneath him and it's you know he speaks to you guys stand so get this he speaks to you guys. Very frankly and very flatly he's honest with you guys and it's good and bad. But when he when he speaks to you would say here's where I think you can do. Do these things and here's what's gonna become a bit and he rewards you guys in the back and for that and that's what makes great coaches in the NBA and that that's Clifford style with all you guys. No question no no. He's probably on big market boom boom under read I am the player and weird because the coach know he gave me great confidence well. When he came here. Change the culture around here know from day one and you don't pay their lot different than it was so. Not a lot of them because and but I think more about that it will. A lot of our friends know it's one of those meat you know have a huge burden because. The legal militant the kind of person is all quarters were also you divert your. Can you give this to last thing on this can you give us two quick stories one good one bad it probably was in the same meeting where he comes in the first thing he meets with you guys he does his one on one meetings. What do you what do you remember about that first meeting with him where he recognized okay this guys he's a he's a little different here. Arm actually it wasn't really a pump where all those it was really good motives and actually because we only. What he brought you certainly don't doubt that you competitor that we'd like Obama got most people would back will be all star and at least armed. I was really important amino cricket here because I know of course last year I was. No name by NBA all star. That's one of the things he tried it on day one from the beta medal noted some not to be cost also. I mean. Can truce and a whole lot more that you believe in all. Sort of statement he taught me a lot know what the years you've been here. My my a lot of plant further left. Tim what would you believe that about yourself like look beyond anybody just telling you that like when you came at a UConn now almost seven years ago would you move believed. Did you expect that about your game of hey I can be an all star caliber or point guard back then or no. Would you believe there are that they're. I'm a. Believe because you are yeah I do think of you is a competitor like that but I just wonder what what what were you Rex Billick if you could take us back seven years ago realistically what we're long term expectations of what you were going to be in the sleek. I mean really you know but. Not definitely. You know. Had trained so you know being an all star motel clear oh. And Nortel jima or anywhere click there and.