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Monday, October 16th

Sean Salisbury joined Kroeger & Moose to discuss all things NFL including current quarterback play and teams' unexposed weaknesses. 


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These peace prize. Powered by North Carolina Kroger you're gonna be three teams in the NFC south vying for this that the it is going to be the Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons will bounce back you know. Wallace thanks I think you know when you look at you as well as in what happened over the weekend he's got all of the opera maybe we could do and thumb Tampa Bay's kind of you just don't know I'm not total discretion about a picture because it's still a lot of games of play but I don't. Innocent soften the symptoms of the 83 teams vying for a couple spots and you. First hour in the bush and fast or Mondays with moos brought to you about while -- cant say its prime time we're powered by ortho Carolina hello this -- go to the technical and guess on Bergen and we'll talk some NFL week six things are so weird in the NFL because everybody looks good and yet not a rumor actually that good I think selfish we talked to Sean Salisbury who Seoul where he says hey what's the out time and wanna blow up the clock series he joins us here as we open up to 3 o'clock hour Sean on filtered on Twitter Rory solemn Sean Salisbury. Make it some time for shown you don't man. I'm doing great great deal with you get as loose and maps. All current membership in late tomorrow it would appear very well look at that effect the Arnold or love the action. Well thanks for everybody you know you guys don't there's football is thought so except that it's about the guy's a bunch of guys like me play and how it shook a bit so it that they're there to basically didn't better but it. I have I have it's so long as I've seen. We haven't had to recruit increase demand there are great it's a whole bunch of teams are bunched together moos is right about the south do its. I mean that the way I can't go in the playoffs they're not play well with the other three teams are all independent and we've got to get some consistency that no team has had just yet. Well it's crazy to those given us some of the session of Salzburg it would just from the Sean Salisbury Shelby and sports and doubly each report radio all that stuff do you check him out at Shawna filtered on on Twitter but here's a thing like we're talking about. I you know you look at the 49ers pitchers 3233. And early six but they've lost the last five by thirteen points you know it's a third 26 out of 32 B a teams. That are within a game 500 right now like the FLA shares soul I mean it's parity that called parity Shawmut I'm with you I think it's just okay football match or that there's very much good football being played right now. You know I would agree you know there's some good bits could you know I. It's certain that the parts are better than the sum on most ink stand. When most quiet what I played even then the collective bargaining agreement at all about what you want look at all that would require I don't mean that. Inaudible Japanese are bigger faster stronger collective bargaining agreement estimates of quarterly loss the new law August. Because people are so late Jimmy there they were so we don't hit the practice anymore they are back backpacks as. So have a football plate usually people get to that offense and then you know on the larger break your heart surgery and makes plays like can do terror group breeze. We have a lot of guys try to keep up so they're they a lot of average football. Can I ask you governor give me your final four we were struggled however trying to figure out the best team in the NFC investing and hit it I think we think it's Kansas City. What are you gonna tell me on some day that we saw yesterday the Pittsburgh Steelers can't hang 35 on somebody to play good defense. We hope he can't prettiest face so there's a whole lot of he has bounced in the middle it's almost like college football other than Alabama and Georgia everybody's gonna lyrics. It's pretty it's it's a pretty good watch because disparity your average football but it also could be at bat Watsco that'll make your you're gonna make your eyes bleed it. Well so let's just try to do air force that can you know our. I try to spin around in FC and say hey here's you know four or five teams that I think may I have an opportunity to the post season of good teams that are bunched in the middle knew which one do you. You're gonna emerged by the tonne season's over with. Look like they're great Melanie Hennessey and I look at it as far complete those and I look at Philadelphia but and the one thing about it is all these people are gonna talk about. There's a weakness. There's something mystery whether it's play calling whether it's. Not being done dominated the line of scrimmage whether it's. You know around running game Philadelphia obviously what blunt. Makes them ability of that formula minute drill and moose was talking about when he played very bad about what Jeff Davis was according be able to Wear teams out alive is going to be able put games away I've scapegoat though because when Saddam arrives. They know how to pressure and blitz their defense is playing out of their mind all the respect in their. We'll still give up big plays you look at your team right here in Carolina that got so many weapons it's just the consistency that they were Tampa continue to be patient. And we don't have big play guys the pacers would be willing to be able to continue to pay check down. And I have that accuracy yet for the last names that leading into this trap game when they got to this past week and then. To be able to commit to ram football which a great play actually been better at him more dangerous. Bomb you talk about Atlanta. What are they disenchanted and if you got the same spot I asked the mood I thought I'd watch it but I think. But what gratifying about receive little put away via Miami Dolphins yesterday who are average and if they couldn't do it incompetence listen I don't know. Because the cliche it's not about civil war hangover but you think about guys you're totally completely the Detroit and Chicago together. So there that there another and now the states. We definitely could be good to get bitter struggle a way to get a almost like the fourth quarter but they are better quicker breach like got a chip. And they can run the hell out of football. So I would probably say right now most of the proper mean Seattle going to be yet we know about. The NFC south is it deep division I think Philadelphia right now but there's no doubt somebody going to be go to Washington may be the next money right so. I would say those particular we got to keep right now. Well you can there's no doubt the air rogers' injury changes things Sean Mike would be stupid to think otherwise but I also. I'm not counting the Packers out why would like mine Mike McCarthy as easing is a great play caller he's gonna finally Brett Conley each people forget before there is Josh Rosenberg on the it was that duty UCLA everybody was talking about getting the save yourself and and I Lavoy said yesterday after the press conference like hi I'm Bret. I'm and number my name is Brett nice to meet you guys I think the Packers not say they're going to be good but I still with the Packers could be fine staying around and maybe Aron is able to come back later at the end of the Arnold Obama to become the Packers out either right now. What are you can't and that Brett would be not red carpet Brett Hundley guys out there but there are other backgrounds they what was. Look at any time Watson fell out of college that would be silly if this kind of work with Seminole devoted and there's he's got a great for us mere fact direct he does he can move. Now I hate me and that we don't go to out of a lot of guys that we want because we seem a little bit. So I'm willing to give them a chance to see and people thought Coke another guy wants those that so difficult to go it guide to seven weeks and those people without any yep. Learn the system you're stuck with Brett Connolly so you gotta go to another what they have assumed that once passing game. We're running it'll have to peak and then have them the big east it's gonna have to we're very hadn't played well but why would you tell had a team that's gonna that kind of experience and market but I can play this well. We can't just say even no matter how could hardly think about it that the happiest with Sean watts good you know he's got a rookie. The teams that couldn't deal with this separation between him and Rogers is so great. The question is any command the mental side of the emotional side is gonna take overcome when they're down to touchdown. Can't eat either pass or run designed like a great seat which he was grilled Mike McCarthy trust him in the passing it. No absolute. Oh common denominator so when I think about all the teams that have an opportunity to extend their season into the post season on girl quarterback driven teams right in the dirt did did tongues are. Have a leader a bit. In doing exactly what you sick it can win a game which there are more do something down the stretch to your take advantage of some type of matchup now as I look at the NFC north specifically meant step the steps on the Mumbai and as the guy who is probably at the top of the pack. Breaking down for me and what's going on all. With your biggest the only reason North Carolina. I pier Chicago they start to emerge as a little bit what do you think that your best he does he have an opportunity to emerge as the did a real quarterback in Chicago that they've never ahead. Yeah most likely be guarding you know that there about the Chicago situation they've been sickened or down like this for a long time and and that's backed out of minnesotans can't actually stepped up and played his butt off. How are really talented team in the N. Minnesota W around and that weakness we talk about Detroit nobody daddy you're never going to be 35 point Connecticut Britain Italy NASCAR crafts. They're so horrible early in the game they're the chaser but you know public service he will come up and he's a big guy I think east or more athletic than people thought. They don't quite simple you know when you think about the thirteenth start to Carolina and now. In his Chicago. And what they have is what are young quarterback he'd the most he noticed a great defense but I think great I mean I've got to control games and they've been in every game defense late. And they throw the football those guys can play the key is they don't have anybody like you wide receiver they needed to achieve that guys to step up and make plays commit a bunch of guys that. Quite frankly produce he's gonna have to make better but he got a power or. The ball comes out I think you gotta throw him more of course that I watch nick I don't want the co coordinator it into the routine of run run pass run run pass it's much he's gonna act of Poland's first down minute of 37 so. I see a lot about him while close those and I think it got them so they great player in the future that I got a glut at three guys like you know. To be good for the future what we saw mr. Carson went last year. Good defense. Bet receiving corps and he is quicker so growing pains but Abby obviously there are much better what they did not see the receivers and out of there. Got to get weapons but in the meantime I think he got some the groan he obviously it still better chance of women might go on and dust. Actually I you know I. I was one it quoted did do a bit the bears are where receivers go to die so maybe. You know they can pump some life recess is they don't get rid of guys like Assad gestures that we saw last week. And man that feels so popular vote out. Our press availability out of Bob Barker taken quite a different ball. The house but until the moment Bristol bossy Michael's door and sees lie like showing you might be on here remember the cornerback class they're you might be ready to get back out there yourself on Twitter actually worked at shown under filter to it's it's just the wildly this what they want to its I only -- on average football but they're calling it parity right now all the sixteen within a game of 500 as we get ready to close out a -- six tonight which is just why coach Sean is gonna be on the air in less than an hour serves be really gracious with his time you can watch Monday and sports. Your modesty nation radio as well and odd given that follow on social media it's always great show did you talk to admit they sure make it time for her. Owner I'm honored to be over because they appreciated outshot you again most hello brother you got belt because these types at a local talk. No doubt at all. On stereo just all very close to that do we get a break Carlos joins us on the other side and we talk college football if you don't think for weird in the NFL yesterday college football saying here hold my dear we're back in a moment Michael shoulders fifteen minutes with moos on Monday as prime time where powered by ortho Carolina. That's it cannot stop the clock victory formation again let's. He's seconds ago until. Real quick the biggest upset and New York. And a whole lot for the the role of the final score as the Jews 27. Clemson when he form. This weekend this that this is interest in moving us. I'm not a gambler. And this weekend of football proves to me why am not a gambler because how how do you bet with any on any of these gains of any levels seat I. Petty -- how do you bet would any sort of real money would any level of confidence or certainty over the weekend because you going to the NFL this weekend and you see the same speed hot I mean arguably say it's the hottest in any NFL right now you see Chicago to Baltimore sore right and get a win a behind mr. Gasquet in overtime you see did the falcons lucked a seventeen point lead at home. All in the second half over dolphins team that had a fired or offensive line coach is he was doing lines. In his office allegedly. Learned of some supplement happened at the substance is alleged con last week I mean all this crazy stuff that goes on unifil the 49ers almost one against other lions it was came back from what they were up 4510. You know it's almost came back. Up a one out biggest I wonder how do you know all the oddities and then they make money. There be a tough year for all of the like the betting web sites did you view the preview in new predictions and discuss it took your struggles. Can you going to go to college football and you go Friday night it starts two top ten teams go down inexplicable situations whisked. Clemson at Syracuse and I love how Syracuse went at constant. We're not scared throw the ball down the field going at them love to see that also went for juicy deal waivers Friday night to cal beating Washington State 37 to three to fewest points scored for Mike Leach during his time in Pullman and he gets after the game he's called his team a much front runners after the game and I guess they are can that was a bad loss redemption and then eagle on Saturday it was the first weekend. This late in the year where there were no ranked on rank matchup since 2009. And it didn't matter because true I'd. What four other teams go down and and lose in it against as top ten teams. Up against unranked teams and here's the crazy part about dissing you you know it starts at Clemson starts with cow. Washington loses inexplicably in Arizona State battle won there in forever odds you get Auburn blowing their dirt there lead against LA she'll know and they lose they've won there since 1999. You ahead. Six games this weekend were double digit road teams when George. That's right there's like red flag number one these teams are not that much better. The conference team their about the play especially some situations like Auburn where. This is the monkey got to get off when your backyard and you'll be beaten LSU in baton urged since 1990 under this is the sad that we can you ready for this got ten teams going into last weekend 45 and on the year against unranked teams. Over the last two weeks are now twelve and six. You know. They usually only happens in like rivalry games yeah right and you girl. As I don't sit. Those honest that's only apply the rivalry game million Michigan State was one that was one of those last week in Michigan barely beats what was Indiana's. And overtime. And had no business playing Michigan right. I mean you look at me I'm want to do teams you know armed because my son is looking for culpable teams but. I'll just throw. But by the UCF east Carolina game like ordered. A much despair do you mean. UCF beats east Carolina 63 to 21 probably been that much despair between those two teams I mean it's not like you see up as a powerhouse and they're ranked in the top 25 the minions like twenty it to something like that put out to beat east Carolina are definitely you gotta be QB. You know what what is going on with the Nebraska program. You know what I actually looked dead and gone crazy to think there's a noted an awful that was one of the games that went into this week in sand. I know Ohio State's plane gristle glory now but I do I do believe this could be a spot we're on the road at night. Maybe game were in Nebraska shocks everybody and instead get they got the doors blown off on Saturday night. And even he must spartans in this state you know we jumped out and resume weather delays and all kind of crazy stuff going on playing against Minnesota we jumped out and armed we beat them down in the Minnesota comes back after me we. Win by three points 3227 and we dominated the whole game so yes this is one of those gears this just because pared the unless you call live bombed. I don't throw all of the predictions out of the window and just you know. Watch the games heart is hard to say we can do. Can sell their soon to join us upon minutes of talk cultural for the thing I love about -- so -- -- -- playoff system is the these upsets still feel like upsets but they're also not. Tsunami Clemson an immediate other than Alabama and you can put. Are to be Melo put Clemson and there may be you are we take him out. This book a mother and Alabama. You know are there any real slots for the for the turtle neck for the message. I would think TCU went eagle even that is like did what talked solar rector an interesting is wide open this year for any trust TCU is Kenny hill's claim debtors are defense is one of the best in the country but were also start expose us and we bought on a big twelve seed. But just in general. Was awesome we've we see real I trust that big twelve teams that they're one of the best in the country. Elastomer do that would Oklahoma analysts Iowa State a few weeks ago and then they they've hung on to beat Texas they are bigger in Texas and Texas came back against our absolute I was a great game this week what. This is the year that you know any team can get in there in the final four million. Your hear a lot of teams they have an opportunity given to the final four given to the playoffs get hot and possibly when. And that's since Hamas is going to be like they're single year but this year particularly as it did a lot of things. I'll tell you what the selection committee. And the computer systems in and all the different you know and gimmicks and whatever they used to try to figure who makes it into the final. Or the top four. More current location only reason I get away once of what's the worst what's a better loss if you will for exactly this odd beating Clemson. Or yell close of losing to Q so the road or Ohio State losing at home. Or two in Ohio State losing at home to Oklahoma who went on to lose Iowa State select the transit of property a college football is in full gear right now and that's gonna be. That's going to be a thing once we get to select any. Scrutinizing what sorts what is it next week cry is next week's the first week of the selection show. So get the weekly rankings which everybody seems to always love a good Carlos really quick Michael Felder a few moments Carlos and he wants to talk consulate is real quick what's up Carlos. Hey guys that it'll what do you but yet I think yeah. Okay do you dad is a great thing about dabble would I agree. But I thought highly disappointing. Input it hurt player on the fields. Ticketed. Damage decade career the quarterback. Yeah Kelly Kelly Bryant was not was not one order set on on Friday night and I think that goes without now I also is a double he said after the game two he was a 100% there's no way there you just can't say there's no way watching him you could say was on your percent there's no way. I would doubt about the you can trust that Arab League and his credibility is strong enough to say you know get you know is he the type got to a school girl guy out there and you know what I don't hear myself. I agree with you are not logged about kingdom you know on the cap this thing is at stake game. It would really hurt if you got knocked out because he was hurt. And and that I pulled my dabbled shoulders but apple bite they've got. Yeah you know Carlos and that is a good point possibly true toward an ugly college football and those were back in a moment with moves we get back on track or get home and Russell five minutes we give back to cement a cell with them we're back at the moment it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Yeah. A similar. Put this on a Monday flying solo today haven't fallen are Mondays with Moussaoui virtue by a wild wing cafe get Wichita wild and any of the while doing cafes in Charlotte. Saturday October 20 that's coming up in two weeks now less than two weeks now how awaiting a costume contest with thousands of dollars in prizes and tons of spectacular specials it'll be just the wild your Halloween meets three locations in Charlotte south Charlotte in your sleep uptown in the epicenter and north Charlotte in the university area get which you wild and it's the spot on game day to moves to get 300 locations in Charlotte. Croak you dress prowling. You know what I think we had this discussion my family rest today were in well yes so we had apparently we get a big time costume contest. That's the people take very seriously here at the station I just found out about this we didn't do much stress enough for Halloween and arsenal I was mortified kids. Halloween is expensive for Georgia girl. And here's. A we would make our own costumes like hey put on I'd put on a hornets Jersey your basketball player for a Halloween like it was it was it was like Halloween as we get our house. Good as a regular basis I addressed of one year and I was a set on the port Charles like a mummy type of thing your bar code mannequin type thing you just stayed there the entire. I just tried to scare you got it again consider working on just petrified every by the pierce got Melamine and not a good. I saw. TD on UNAIDS to grammar FaceBook TD up Thomas Davis Panthers linebacker I think diesels last week. He is I think it was just so on. And finally congress to TD just went into the ring of honor Georgia over the weekend took him well deserved for Thomas Davis are but he he posted this on social media last week week before that clown movie what's that cloud movie that's out right now it's the remakes. It OK I don't watch scary movies I'm not scared of image is doesn't do what you gotta understand why wanna spend money to be start on your a keg so that's neither here or there so I guess what you saw that movie and one of his kids what is tormenting. One of his daughters. And scared the life out of them so guess what he decided have a little payback in in his room went into the closet and put the the inflatable clown in Wisconsin a great it's only going there and he screamed the last. And say you know they've actually you know like so Thomas Davis teaching his kids there I went a tree that we do is a pared back. It is going to take annual sister are gonna show you okay you think you got nothing to be scared us. That's the way you do. Strike image you got a great costume idea or anything tenth. She did our way or maybe distress Oakmont what we cafe 128 exactly when some money was surprises. It's just the witch and while he wants so how allaying at a modeling cafe October 20 thousands of dollars surprises Alston tweeting and proudly Jewish Twitter feed at prime time WS Lindsay brown leaf recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations it's proudly and Bradley jeweler stock cup are also doing in union built trick or treating at its finest first went to school what you don't. I was in C Ali Edison Matthews OK but even there yet that's what we just how we rolled an art in our fail like we did you think we have money my parents worked harder K sports five kids. And the first to get my older brother was first and then. My older sister came three years after him and I was three years after her. But I was the first of three kids in three years and my mom was just like popping out kids left and right by the time I got crazy like a lot of kids this is get this over with some expensive that is and what -- worked a deal meant regular middle class jobs so if we -- go to. You know -- whatever would be the costume store get sorely needed the year preceding -- pick any costs she lost it off the -- like we have I don't think we ever bought the store -- costume in my entire childhood growing up you get a nice one big paper bags you can be like you know what yeah Brooke got put on the writing closure -- this year carried us right -- -- go grab your pillowcase and go walk out this program to OK he's got -- you be ghost yes. Giants he put her old shields sheet. Well you woman Dublin of course how could you not completing this doesn't give delay could tell it's a way we roll and our household we are bringing better than that don't wildly cafe are also cautioned contest October. Of course what do you is go ahead Mike Gilbert great I think it was too slowly take a 47 by the way. Our thought I mean I love Joseph that segment and I had a question that. Is there a scenario where two loss team can make the playoffs this year. With all the purity and everything going on and in college football similar route NFL right but is there a scenario where a two loss team makes it into the playoffs. I. I could see it you know I could see if it's a situation like. Pool I mean what ifs me and don't try to think about this what do you see Alabama or Clemson or something forgot. I don't know boys at Auburn for example OK so it was she's Auburn is an exam much about it I would say it's a bad loss to LSU to battle Los how they lost. On ultimately lost oil shooting that's what can afford to he wrote off LSU but not as bad but as good as people thought their throw the pretty good. Know a great they're not awful to pretty good. If the weather since 99 so it's also that it blew that lead on Saturday boy's Auburn goes on to beat Alabama. And it. Then makes it to lead to the SEC champions to their loss is not conference or does have factory with friends and get the head to head they win the SEC west go to let's go to do at least the SEC championship in Atlanta would say beat and unbeaten Georgia team. Now that's two marquee wins were there close loss a Clemson. You lost some eroded LSU but you beat Georgie beat Alabama. And you went you went what eleven into and then I would put that hurt or ten until. I would put it all our team do you put them over one loss Oklahoma. Or one loss TCU. Or a one loss. NC state team that lost to South Carolina to put in over one loss Wisconsin team I would put them them over one loss washing any Tina comes out attack twelfth book the actual there's an there's a lot of good teams I don't think there's any great teams and attack twelfth that loss for Washington. That's a bad loss to go to that Arizona State team to lose on Saturday night that's an embarrassing lost fifty score what's what the score was 16 point seven points. There is mostly sucks Todd Graham knows they suck dvd sit after the it was like I've never seen our defense play like this. Not meet or top ten did that against Washington on Saturday so I think it's possible what do you think. Scarlet now you know I put my daughter is possible they did play and gets off. Followed in quick source did could would you call that a letdown would you call Washington did on Saturday night would you call that went down there. Well I'm. Illegally tried too hard is what happened there after that listening to non. I think if there's if there's any year that it can happen. That this would be the years that. They mean there's a possibility of a two loss team could possibly squeaked in to the cows play. Sex or race in building Sydor Tex line 7045796. At first always on her for some doubles Sanyo and forks up where he bench the last five years another texture ads always you could lose five and they were still put him in LO well that's actually there's some truth to that I think. From a college football playoff committee were beckoned moment Eric at home in thirty seconds or an hour away from your next chance at 1000 dollars. I figure out ways of this Panthers offensive line in the running game we talk about it with moos after this backing a quick moment on primetime powered by ortho Carolina.