Primetime: Army Navy Football with David Pollack & Desmond Howard

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Friday, December 8th

Kroeger & Kyle Bailey close out the show talking Army Navy with David Pollack and Desmond Howard. 


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BC's primetime. Powered by ortho Carolina beats 5 o'clock and that means he is happy hour brought to you by Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride. Combining the distinct flavor rove rice and Jack Daniels distillery time mater charcoal mellowing process the result is a boy spicy rye whiskey dads have been smooth. Check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee bright today and drink responsibly Kroger. Happy Friday were coming to your from Philadelphia. USA a presenting army navy 100 an eighteenth meeting. Army from winning last year. Ending their fourteen game losing skid in the commander in chief's trophy up for grabs the first time since 2012. Army look at for back to back wins for the first time since 9596. And a rivalry it's battle while all that stuff feels like its move and it armies direction yet the biggest. The Vegas oddsmakers say like navy in this game tomorrow despite army getting three maybe six and five army the number one rushing attacks navy the number two rushing attack. And does this game's gonna be a lot of fun tomorrow were called for I think what about three to four inches of snow tomorrow here at Philadelphia under the snow Sloan and Ares of North Carolina. Maybe not so much snow or sleet and rain at Charlotte but it's going to be could be thought about four inches of snow Searle which that don't school for a week Ali yeah it depends who you're like. And we thought what Clinton wins hit play we'll play a football game on Saturday afternoon itself we're gonna try to get to gay Republican Desmond Howard if they get over here in time I guess there there transportation's a little late. Did to the convention center but at a minimum Gary Daniels since expected to join us. At 6 o'clock he's got a call tomorrow on CBS about what we'll talk to him. And dubbed as as we get ready for. This this game tomorrow how I don't talk really quickly review Kyle college football so Jeremy Pruitt gets hired as their coach yesterday at Tennessee. And I was trying to compile the list just off the top of my head and I know missing schools but I was trying to compile the list of power programs schools some higher level than others but power programs schools and college football. Got to replace their coaches and it obviously Jeremy Pruitt yesterday at Tennessee. Dan Maloney Florida Willie tag or else Florida State. Mario crease the ball now is the head coach and organizer theater to I don't know so he was the OC gets elevated to. To be the head coach I use it if I Yule. When NTY Hilton was there. And when. When it Tony Brown of Miami kid was committed to go to F file you I think it was a role that school got kicked out results some sort of stuff he whined he wants a central Michigan. So they could had Antonio Brown. And you like Gil on the same FYU squad under Mario crystal ball. That's insane crazy guy can recruit yet sold that's what organs getting now. Eight NM obviously sergeant both Fisher way for the most ridiculous contract in college football history. I'd Nebraska's got their guy and Scott frost. All of this is got Matt Luke off the interim tag former rebel when he was the guy the kind of help the the fort down this year. Chad Morse in Arkansas former Clemson. Offensive coordinator not a head coach at SMU and you got Herman Edwards at Arizona State job board at Mississippi State Chip Kelly feels like it was seven years ago. Augusta that's a delicious Kelly I don't have you like February piano it absolutely doesn't it Rick Neuheisel earlier talking about that and that's. I think it speaks going to go with the coaching priorities are enough of these guys looking for jobs you know that a Chip Kelly took do you ceiling over Florida we got a guy sitting down here is probably got a thought or two about that's all it's regiment a thought yet tell him that I got so David Pollack so busiest for a college football analyst get ready for army navy and duck. I want to sing or talk like I tried just as an exercise. To name all the job changes of power fox college football over the last two weeks and I don't forget yourself and it's just click the Chip Kelly higher feels like that was to have a have a soda member Torrey Smith how crazy is that so November 20 cents way way way back machine so why don't like what's happened right now and you know Jim boat gets the craziest contract to college football history and for him. Theo got a bad matchup but Roy utility negotiate I don't know that's good for a number you were put some oil failure it absolutely we will take that our jobs summit give us that but it's it has been crazy and it's been. That makes the sport at least forty to sing with all the change of coaches especially Jim but that was the one and many spent 47 years to generate national TV to coach. You know leave a job and go in and I think people say our environment he kind of retired with a suffered GO whatever he had to and Sosa's distant distant pretty nuts as a share in the music about it too like OK so to limbo now it edit them. And then he can keep in the back last year again this feels like ages ago yet Lincoln Riley now it oh you got the got done Tom permanent Texas some young blood there and that whole recruiting fertile ground there are no Texas Oklahoma now Florida Mark Richt. He's the longest tenured coach in the state of Florida two years Butch Davis is the second longest it's been on the job for not as a 400 Asia at the up and that you get in mowing gold backed it to Florida he got will attackers that issue and his state is in his own state to a pretty rebelling Kiffin lane it SAU front about laying delayed train I mean it's just like that area so that turtles were in key recruiting grounds in key states to which a wild like it it's things have really have a churned over the last little while. Yet I think one thing to pay attention to is the SEC. In the SEC east. Well the first well I think the SEC just got better big time. You bring in Jim official day in and with those resources up would it with the recruits that are at in his backyard he makes the right hires. He should turn that around pretty quickly. And then end it turn around its 38 when teams so you talk about being competitive more against his this is mentor Nick Saban pretty quickly. I think the SEC east I think he got those I think Georgia Tennessee and Florida now have an opportunity become what they used to be back in the tooth out early 2001. They were relevant again and then they were there are vying for the SEC champs have been him. Three of Fortis are winners in three or Fortis for years and I think Mullin is an excellent hire for Florida and I think Pruitt has a chance to be really good are his staff start to come together and looks like. He's doing pretty good I just I wonder about the personality clash with him and install more but besides that I know we can coach. All I'm glad you said that because it premiered now viewed Jeremy Pruitt is tireless workers got recruit to stay along the recruiter a lot of guys swear by avenue and I got it. And any demands a lot of us players I had a college I want the coaches saw you a message media and that's a big those exact same things about it. But as far as Tennessee fan base goes. At what they went through with the she Jonathan how they react and how that dictated what they did with them and ultimately they got turned down but door to Jeff Brohm and he knows better about it. Our president look for Tennessee writes I'm. Was but that but but all the swings and misses right and although the volatility on stuff they still ended up with a good college did and that's all that matters there's no right and I think that's what. If you look at something you week we can because they got poked fun of every day every day there's a new tweet that said you know I just turned on the Tennessee job and so but in the end you you get a guy that elite recruiter obvious that ties in the SEC. Obviously mentor ships from Nick Saban inspect damage in both Fisher yup but to me it's just. He is a he had a lot of wrist when he was at the university George with coach or a lot of risks and it's none of it's not about its public but. It was a situation where I wonder about him and Phillip Fulmer. That that to me will be can they co exist together. Is that something that works I know we can coached ball as it hiring held as an OC is that is that is a good start you start to put together. Some of the other guys do share from Georgia linebackers coach and will friend offers a line coach from god Colorado State and so it's come together and it's looking pretty good. Are talking to gave a pocket ESPN or here for army navy at the playoff committee did they get a right. I think so they if you asked me to put those for the fourteenth and as the four output in now. That doesn't mean I'm right and there Ohio State is still really good football team and Ohio State's resume was more worthy of Alabama's or you don't doubt about that because because that's the thing to be right like we separate diseases separate arguments that we can all have here to me it's. I think they got the four teams right. I don't think Alabama would have lost the way oh I know sort of do I don't know it would all sorts of none of you can say they wouldn't they would know Nick Saban doesn't lose by thirty K Nick Saban doesn't lose to unranked opponents a little less 530 a frying pain outside the head. 55 points is not get on that elevate opera so cool that right like that's what we've humans now making this decision so cool without my beef with with the committee is and I said the some Mondale the show. Talked to was like we're people is we are people you and I are having this discussion right now but three of us are having this discussion right now guys and a couch on Saturdays are having this discussion there saying that and I know the room they're saying that to settle steamy this line on Tuesday night we sit looked at the gap between five and H razor thin down and then all of a sudden on Sunday afternoon it was at wide enough to factor in conference championships consult that what change would Alabama settle the capture outset that this is the funny part of me because. We want trans. Parents write it right want information we wanna see that broke yup. The more they speak the more pissed off people are give up if I was ever have been like listen dude we start with a clean sheet every every Davis opens his mouth I'll be guy. We start with a clean sheet of paper reckon every week how what was the margin. Alabama's at five this week debt that's Robert got a like Bob yell yes because because this is what happened today and here's the thing you're asking a one man to speak for thirteen people up so. Each kit speak for everybody intelligently everybody has their own ideology everybody put places a premium on. Different things some people place a huge for a conference champions. I don't I don't care Johnny I'm William not out conferences are crede called equally not all divisions are created equally so. He does some everybody has their own criteria I don't think you could ask one person to speak for her body so. I think he did a good job but again the more you reveal the more you get a but I suffice for I do we're steadily this might be like I this is in the NFL it's not supposed to be the NFL you're not supposed to be twelve teams to get into the playoffs it's a war and you better be better deserve it and I'm cool with. Good team is being left out because it's about the most deserving teams getting it though my beast we did it for most deserving your basket that's a different art and others and it's okay for those deserving as I was their best best teams get it. I guess my my thing with two with this whole situation is is this is when when you get into. Odd that this that this situation of okay conference championship games the big twelve at a conference championship game Obama can't meanwhile what that's a pick that's of do you guys to do that and it did Oklahoma gain anything by Bob wanted TC you'll get on Saturday I would. That part of it regardless right yeah exactly like I don't I don't know what was gained from that but I I think when Timmy when you look at where things Iraq with college football right now. BP can you get some sort of uniformity across the board like let's do away with to summon the conference championship games under nick sick what makes it has been a proponent appoint more power conference camps where he actually he made a lot of sense the other day when he when he made an argument that. You don't play anymore. Lower level schools. Which obviously hurts their budget by the way that's how they survive I guess that I want to one of the schools in upstate so I got a he talked about playing all cross rival games that are pac twelve yup SEC verse pac twelve ACC Big Ten big twelve all those playing against each other. So now you have a true measuring stick of maybe what conference supremacy is all about you can you can say that beyond a shadow of doubt look at discovers that really get out of conference. I trust that conference more because. You look at Alabama's resonate there is nothing to look at point two that's great Ellison. You could say essay issue and you could say that that they weren't the same team they challenge themselves out of conference and it was posed as one of the biggest showdowns ever to start a season but. FS he was still fatally fault they still offered to why it was still train wreck their defense was still not. Thought to what it should be with all those level all the level of talent so. You know I think he made a good point at BH to see if we can. Moved that direction a little bit more because it would be easier to tell well and I just like to get this playoff system it's not to say from year to year you don't watch because cultural pull changes from year to year like look relatives are given out they say it's I've made this could this comparison look at the AFC west right now. We thought Oakland was don't for like a month ago when Nelson a six and six or fight for division so whenever that she's been right there in the lower nobody really like I already college football from year to year one comforts is better than the other evil things change and in the NFL it's well we put one team from this conference this division and every single year it's why I respect that about college football where. Now the season's played out different and so we're gonna graded differently you say that but in the end don't we always have Alabama until we don't know that says no serving liars okay did we start SA variables where does it matter Howard deer head up against the wall always heard the same result yeah like we're a little talk in circles about that all night laudable it would help both the hell out of that Alabama reveal Leslie develop well I listen what else we'll talk about I don't bro if Wisconsin more we were screwed and have a big about that our whole. And by the way. It was 7 AM to. 11:30 PM for me randomized shift answering the same question yet ad nauseam this Wisconsin was headed tonight was the debate that would have been not so yeah. They got us they'd be Wisconsin nor are we gonna go so real quick your picks David Pollack for out for them to don't it was a national creating an army Wilfred before are OK I agree to some everything these guys ride may be up right army wanted to know if you don't Ahmad Bradshaw as the deals on this offseason if not throwing but running broadcast for sure yes. Put her for under nine passes tomorrow a yarder but it is no absolutely don't try to take the over appropriately to triple options teams that are used to played each other the get more stops to get more third downs and one team gets behind in the start throwing me LeBron play always holds for us he gets corporal complacent so to me and how about a taking over okay and I can just -- national championship prefix going to be you know we there I guess it was time to study this crap but it is a public utilities do it right now the most unstoppable force in the twelfth is Oklahoma's offense. Saw a star I think Oklahoma vs Clemson and national title that he thought I did a policy Gloria Davis got secret producers are going to try to divide is there absolutely got David Pollack untoward about a weight ate at David Pollack 47 appreciate Emeka talk force. And Doug does a great job by the way game day and town a slice here Herbie Reese. Desmond gonna stop buying a little bit too we think it's so we'll talk about this were late to break it's okay we get caught up we come back army navy in Philly Desmond Howard Gary Daniels sit fourth Kyle Bailey and it's Kroger and its prime time were powered by ortho Carolina. We are happy. Plenty of stiff drink snow now. Not only me you won't do it again I know I got thirty I wanna I wanna goto 35 more minutes happy hour always brought to you by Jack Daniels. Tennessee right combining the distinct flavor variety Jack Daniels distillers time honored charcoal mellowing process. The result of both spicy rye whiskey that Simpson's new check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride today and drink responsibly. Billy doing great work back in the studio Zach today as well we appreciate them the Sante hook this up there's always decide to pizza co. Dot com and you can check about a Matthew sport up down one topping she pizza she is doing sixty bucks it's a great option on game day. As I Carolina host Minnesota on Sunday afternoon at one caucus we. Cold game as we football weather on Sunday. And I don't know which really dictated Minnesota's tight sets stuff but he wanted to point that fancy go home they don't they keep going all the time their practice outside anymore any of that stuff so it thirst are one of the I think one of like two teams in the entire NFL that do not have an indoor practice facility and it was wet and cold and rainy today. And so they were out that mosque and practiced like usual self if you put stock in stuff like devils begin a little advantage today played up the nastiness OP got nasty on Sunday is the real cold up but it that's funny delegates in Minnesota Carolina Carolina the team this may be getting more weathered by the body elements have been the vikings are would this affect Greg Olsen at all. I'd I don't know maybe maybe picked the coldness. Beetle the more stiff than a foot but again like everything with this injury to be everything I've heard and read about this injury extreme management tolerant so you can't re injure it. You can't make it analysts usually the only. It physically stepped on your foot again broke it somehow but just running around you're not gonna damage it again it's just. You deal with the pain tolerance evidence of that was part of us I think to thinking with. Get him back on the grass is opposed to the turf put. You know I I did this the question the colts. On Sunday does that make things a little bit more. I eat her steps to ease the pain kept it you know elevated a little bit I don't know yeah. I was gonna say admitted that 32 probably not so much that's 62 he might go to the housing sore rugged terrain later you know it's one of those it's older but I think right now it's probably I wouldn't I wouldn't that I was 10% wouldn't worry too much about that. What I would do. Is and I think you have money in the Richard who killed earlier on the on the picks by the light dark darker richer today he was fantastic though I'd I dealt with caution period of strange to be overly. Optimistic or overly confident about his return because Hillary tell the guy comes back like this just assume is gonna be right back to deformities and have an eight catch day with two touchdowns and in. It may be that way it may not I'd be I'd be a little bit skeptical that he's gonna break out but a night and I want us. Was so it was I was going out when Greg tucked the media on Wednesday he said he felt like he does that he was on his way toward having a complete games are easy you know made that catch he ought to I think was her first down or whatever was. I guess he just felt like he was still going to be part of the often admit that he felt comfortable and then the coaching staff has made the decision taken out at night I go back to a couple weeks ago old three weeks ago I guess maybe we had Ron on the show moos was there with a song that one day and move Sasser on about this about Greg's return. And you know he said hey how's he Phillies again you don't feel close to come back in who said. Posts and that means it's going to be another week after that right Broadcom a laughed it off the blue snow is because when you're player you always think your week ahead may be for you should be. And so you might be medically cleared to play but do you feel 100% emotion was onto something because that happened in that saints game. Our sees me that. In that jets game where he may be came back and didn't quite feel right and it might have been a a a week too soon and so because of that okay. You're not playing on the turf in New Orleans shall appoint a little bit against the jets now the sudden yes you'll fight again well well maybe she didn't cover adolescent it's right or wrong this is the way it works of times most hinted at that a few weeks ago and I think she was spot on on that. When he brought that up and down heights they're like oh OK I do understand where you think it. Our other cool things for Sunday's kind of there's no matter win or loss wise factor into the game as much as you'll see there's Thomas Davis aware eight Walter Payton man of the year. Patch on his Jersey Drew Brees wore last night. Larry FitzGerald the word as well the NFL and those guys will be able to Wear that patch on their Jersey. As a signal fire. Our four for that award. Walter Payton meteor award for Thomas Davis a few years ago Greg Olson nominated again this year just yesterday for the Panthers. So what you'll see that juicy dirt that's being the black Jersey for the Panthers twice the next cold. Patch we're on the other side of the captaincy for Thomas Davis on Sunday. That's why Torre's fault or pay me to be attached and those Jack Thompson on Sunday that matters to have us and OSHA act. It's going to be limited reps again it sounds like what Thomas Davis and David Bayliss put some reps again like last week and then. Greg Olsen and Ryan Cole we always listed as questionable line kind of wink wink nod not sit with the media this afternoon it seems like. He's encouraged worked with where rightist and it'll more than anything I give a couple things on this on this game that I find really interesting. It. I get this stuff is not rocket sites with his tea to steep if they got a clean stuff up they're going to be better on third down on both sides of the ball the going to be better in the red zone on both sides of the ball this are forcing turnovers. And take care of the football both sides the ball like that this stuff does not support for this team and what we wanna talk about you know. Can't be an MVP can order this guy playing better that stuff is true. But I think this is the stuff that's gonna carry this team to being back to being one Reid say OK I like to ride to go deep in the playoffs. Do you look at where the painter threat right now. In red zone defense 26 inning NFL. 26 grade zone defense nor the vikings rank and red zone offense red zone defense their third. It when it comes to red zone offense. Are the vikings are eight so like threat to beat the vikings exe the vikings -- all the stuff they execute on third down they execute on in the red zone on offense and they get stops on third down to get stops in the red zone on defense in the painters have struggled with those things so you clean at least if you do all those things that the formula for winning games no question about it no such sexy but like when I look at this if there's team that's what they're failing that's sort seems like the Eagles the vikings the rams are winning and executing in the saints are or winning an ex security how to end this must favorite stat about out of dealer at a steel and might be my favorite wide receiver in the NFL discuss fought to watch and he thought his fat head yeah I would not put my ball I don't do much of that I'd just like to watch his guys really fought but how about this stat. He's got 27 receptions on third down second most in the NFL. 41 have gone for first ounce. 27 perceptions on third down to watch that guy on third down. And 21 of those times they've got for first down second most in the NFL comeback route runner right no that can't really good in ping he's not DeVon fun just running one yard short of the first down again like you collect case Kean a minute text or wrote this in earlier the building center attacks like Keenan's beaten to it was a starter his numbers are pretty good overall. 98 but quarterback rating sixteen TDs five interceptions it's nothing eye popping but like she's completion number is similar to -- ups. Like to sing about he's keen of his big guys around he's getting the ball to the guys around him they're making plays they're not doing anything stupid like it's not cynical Carson once parcel which is playing great. Please point great key moments like these these statistics this year from what the completion percentage and efficiency standpoint the solid but not eye popping is that under completing 70% of his passes. He's kind of hitting an accurate quarterback he's got a huge arm he stayed install the pocket. But he went when he's been that this is what hurt him last year and he's grown from this. She used to make some suit silly mistakes holding onto the ball too long forcing balls. The B holding onto getting a sack or fall when the ball that stuffs been cleaned up so like I know again it's not sexy go to look to this game on Sunday. All the stuff the painters didn't do last week which is exe cute they got to get they get it back to their four. This week another do end and that's that the reds on stuff you're talking about is what concerns me keep the inability to finish. And the U the end of the inability to keep guys out millions are we come back to the sun oaxley you got to take us somewhere else. Yet we it does and Howard were gonna Heisman winner sets it's just a little bit of a big deals we Garrity for army navy tomorrow fifty talk a little college football and done a Heisman ceremony tomorrow where. It's it's really the baker mayfield invitational tomorrow. Kind of I don't port as you can see event I didn't think they'll do a fantastic love this that Leah you guys don't they haven't been doing great we guidelines there's little charles' journal OK does that you read did you know okay as it feels like can we get. Disrespect they forgot our masthead what do I I'm told it was lost in shipping that ours is the only one ago lost. It's just this shot live then it really tell you have a basis. Great spent the past. Whether it was beautiful out there a week we saw the highest rated game data year was from Charlotte north just I'm glad we had a that's the kind of I can't wait to go to the again as a present live that and a great team the bug the heck. Wonderful experience swelling to you know we're we're getting ready for big game on Sunday and in Carolina and a vikings and vikings and Panthers over we're trying to get him back on track and all that stuff put it. Yeah I mean it's it's written this college football. Season has been bonkers I feel like every year we keep saying this which is a good thing for college football yeah of course yeah we're just talking Pollack about all the crazy coaching carousel stuff. Over the last few weeks have been be it college football has become a true. Machinists and I've always been more pro football guy this very this seems to me over the last couple years. The casual football fan the casual sports fans really start applying to college football the way that they always have a the NFL but maybe seems like college football start to steal some eyeballs away. Yeah lactic. There's really start to grow it's a billion dollars invested B billion dollar industry. Because of the interest so legacy is this didn't bigger bigger more eyes on the game because they're more networks now showing they gave utilities to be one primetime game. Now they're probably like three primetime games so obviously is is are the growth there's no doubt about that because. You can see it now somebody different that were silly to replaces. Mean the more people start to really watch it believe appreciate the game to you have to keep peace with what the committee did selection lies not. Not not that obvious it was that these sniper the leg is there really argument between the house day in Alabama if there really legitimate argument if you want to sit there and have like mine with the base. Full hour and a half two hours that issue discussed splitting hairs but may have you just remove. If you remove the names. And that's the best thing you do tonight this blind type of test he's able what team. Lost in a very close hard fought game against the arrival on the row you know. Small margin but they lost but that's clearly lost this other team you know two losses what was at home. Not really highly competitive game they can't they get they get their bus ticket their own backyard it did they travel if they they love about the thirty point. To see that never bees anybody about thirty points. Which team do you make this a no brainer. Police are the argument though right it's what you value forty value big wins verses bad losses strike is Alabama doesn't have any of those Steve they cheer went against the top fifteen Ohio State's got a bunch but you know they opposed to what they got bad losses it's hard to excuse bad losses with that's. Let's illustrate his fourth or second gratuitously we we we talk about criteria right and it does it goes from who we want the best four teams right from the going to comparing residence right wolf those two things don't always not always compatible. So when you watched initials say Alabama eleven and what we believe they're the best team in the country BI test tells us that they got beat by good Auburn team where we know they would go to two -- stadium and Iowa did beaten by by the by thirty points or at the same time we start saying well USC's got more top forty wins in both teams combined or Ohio State did this relative to Alabama wolf for saying we know the best fourteen is what we want. Resonate is actually don't matter as much because for them to trust our eyes and say Alabama's good football team and that's good enough frost mess is what it is right we're gonna take Alabama. Yet when he's it here you have. But Desmond Howard the highs hilarious seeing game day where's where's this weekend ranking goes it goes such cool spots I love. The guy's ticket to the SES for acceleration Madonna when I was a school Appalachian State it took too long dead but you don't. 07 you know we be your poison them doubly dumb alone by that under. Battle that's not a sixty people do you Slovene defense. I as the trailer up off the they have an option you guys get to go to the loss of environments is called to see what Charlotte in in a row we're beer market uptown and odd this week is really special is my third army navy game and it's become something that's just my favorite thing to do every year so we're worried as we can write for. You let day like this before we start doing this course course odalis say listen guys. If you're serious 'cause who often like a real serious 'cause who Buffett. You have to put to army navy game Liu bucket list you got to still we do you would normally go up to New York on Friday. And we'd do like those spores there would like six deals it was a tough what I would have let the kid has but a bubble that the highest bit. You wake up Saturday morning do we Yost was they can't cut my ties to build up the high as the flip that evening. And only show in town as far as games army navy. So we never got a chance to really come up here be a part Apache but did once we get the now. Out without pay coach you know we now we get since he was to talk about being you come out Macy the midshipman their uniforms. You see the cadets and their uniforms do you that well hole. This is next level stuff like this is this deceptive. That al-Qaeda Arab bowl can't bring you the game Gabriel like this is something of a whole another level. It may you have a strong appreciation for what these men are about and then you understand behave but this is there. Iron Bowl that this is there at the gate built yet it is telling you understand or relate to their passion foil for the the rivalry saw some really really special for us so we'd love. Coming here to this day. He had no doubt in you know what we are talking to Trent steelman earlier and a nod I'll never forget in 2012 when they nearly broke the streak and and and nearly fumbled the final drive. He's just like sobbing on the field yeah your TV characters and what it means a lot but that's the that's the game like yeah I mean as much using you played in the game you don't we will watch the horrible couple weeks ago there no matter how crush those guys are you'll see that low flow of a motion in just pure energy attached to a bullet. That's that's where this rivalry is an independent voters Susie all the modern star and all that stuff. Every sin and attention the respect in the other schools in the other service academies it's just it's hard to tow that line no right of like passion competitiveness. And aggression but. Just out most respect for the other guys in the sub field with a travel or captures all of us. Off but I really does he got to keep in mind too late these. The guys who go to protect our shores you know create is somehow some level they probably have to work together down the road so is this is just a special. Dynamic this this Brooke this game brings you you like Oklahoma in a way that stick is this the interesting dynamics we talk. A playoff really quick Oklahoma the only teams outside the top four defense of these of these teams in the playoff field fear what dirt and during offense that to juggernaut and baker may feel it's gonna win the Heisman tomorrow and what they've been able to do offensively. Masks some of that stuff so be it is the fact that they're different working in their advantage sure second of is that ultimately gonna hurt him when we get to the playoffs thumb. What is is is what the owners of just the fact that this is such an offensive juggernaut kids deficient on defense that is it something you'll distracted they all you don't they know they got to go score forty if they wanna winning games that actually work in their favor or because there's so deficient on defense. Is second it is a gonna present itself at this point. I believe the defense. Defense is what wins championships I think defense is what's going a prevail in this playoff series so. You know they're going up against an SEC defense that people respect those are really good defense. And I look back to like the days like Chip Kelly was that if our began it was just like score fifty points on everybody they get this champs have game because it's SEC Auburn team bitty league is that defense. Hey you know I think maybe they scored thirteen points maybe I'm really I guess so. Deepest travels and this of these I think the best defense that origami then Oklahoma has faced all year so this state was it to. Oklahoma's defense has told bigots in big games also tells his Hugo black who I don't I don't look your points well I mean I agree with you on to say its better days ahead shuttle from dot up dot B two ports well I did it on the that they like to lead based they should have an event is because. Deep visibly they're played against probably. The most in go to Vegas the youngest quarterback give a critical playoff let me take from his entrapment you know Kelly Brad is the first year's starter but to me. You know he has is more he brings more to the table in front from a freshman he's the young kids so in my opinion Oklahoma's deep is meant they should really get after Georgia's offense. Trust that they're ready game they got a big gap that third run of expected the book does. Bring to agree to that the table but. They can do that makes from beat him make him stay back there and throw consistently consistently and accurately. I think they you know they have a chance to us Oklahoma you know they they surprise the people because of the big. Up to zero court Democrats Desmond Howard is doing game day tomorrow you want to be here Philadelphia for the 118. Edition of army and navy and the Heisman winner. Dennis good to see a man thanks for making time they'd thanks to have you guys that are doing kid he donated three days and we appreciate may have I think it time we closed out the week. Here in Philadelphia for army and navy next Kyle Bailey Chris Kroger its prime time or powered by ortho Carolina. These. Happy hour. Student flavor of O'Brien Jack Daniels distillery time honored charcoal mellowing process the result is a bold spicy rye whiskey that simply smooth. Check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride today and drink responsible. That clip ever seen Griffin the all world defensive end for the up for the vikings drove it literally goes got twelve sacks fourth in the NFL. Bleach that was sexy he was saying that. You'll what's the key to facing candidacy just it'll. Is like a running back you just keep hit them. So you just hit a so that'll be to game plan I think the game points for the Panthers is you got to start running camps getting back to running Campbell little bit more effectively a little bit more off there was it was a most most of them. The Moussa that this week. Moose moose is very he's repression to OK maybe he's got a he's gay he's he's been told is about the Olsen in jury hey it's a week too early now excellence is about cam that you know that's the game plan people you know make them feel you think is the term that he used earlier in the week. It's pretty wild week I feel like we've spanned a lot of things all the way from Monday to where we are now Kyle Bailey gracious enough to make a little extra hours and is day for us paying now lists were were actually. The plan was to go past six but Gary Daniels and apparently has for some sort of protest going on outside of north in my life I got to see this what. If you if you did you can't see from here yesterday on the stairs they're like pet owners out there with like sign yes what is truly needy team are you kidding me I don't let. I think I don't know if that's what their programs as always are they protesting big football game. I would hope not I would hope not gonna go talk to those people gonna get the best of Amanda they're gonna get a pizza we'll we'll handle it after the shootings and a 240 pound proves him I have a daughter of a bill Isaac told you earlier the muscle I've put on some weight the last six hours after that that. Religious food experience Meehan I mean Pacman had going directly to. Arsenal based on looks like strategically down. Basically load your it was strictly a -- that is until the Kellen Benjamin your effect PS I'm feeling better now I I've flushed I think that's what some of the cell with a lot of water over the last little bit so while they work we're gonna have some find it could be a great weekend army gave do we get the call actually and efficacy of our guest is able to hear it America's game 10818 edition commander in chief trophies up for grabs and I've heard conflicting reports that either Trump's gonna be here the president is going to be your flip the point or. That he's not going to be here so I don't know what the answers. I. I don't I don't think anybody is don't know until we find out talking of the USA folks they said that there was no like normally for this game and there's like the Secret Service here like today in the day before they said that there wasn't anything like that so find out I don't know decade unsweetened plays earlier added Syria all right so who knows I don't know could be could be thinks we'll find out about that I I gotta think Billy exact facts in the studio to great work. All all day and I appreciate them Rodger real great work here all the USA staff who who. Bring us all these great guests. And if you missed any of it it is posted WS NC dot com Gregg Rosenthal lieutenant general rob to our Robert L castle in junior who is the our superintendent. Of West Point the military academies awesome dude Trent Steele the former army quarterback David Pollack Desmond Howard's been fun and filly Jill or engineer still is mentally Joe's been great to be a real plus plus an absolute flattery I'm a hero for Philly to go out learn more about Philadelphia today and about seven hours that I ever possibly early tonight we won't walk about fifty minutes in the wrong direction thanks to Joseph and I made maybe we -- go back to broadcast live from the flower show yes yes we might do that down the road Tony make plants we have we have Panthers on news a lot attendant got three WBT on Sunday one -- got three of starting 111 on Sunday at the dog house I would never show okay whenever I got a -- it -- look that's falcons win last night opens up the division again I mean to me. It feel for the Panthers it's all about winning anyway boy I mean if you can't find a way to play with a little bit of murder for renewed spirit. And a sharper focus on Sunday you don't deserve to win the television and with a they were gift itself to last night of thirst and actual plot like to see him take advantage on the is gonna be real like gut punch if if this team with everything that's happened this weekend sort of things thrown their way getting back in this division race if they lose on Sunday it's just gonna it's it's going to be public piling on a matter how you lose but if this team plays another clunker of a game especially at home with with data and try to use that stakes of these two played epic game and you lose some some sore last minute score -- was -- -- I'd like Eagles game and then yeah you make you walk away with a little with a little bit of OK you know maybe we stormed a chance here yeah I think they deserve there's a big game that eventually to me. This team's gonna beat somebody at a Pall over the pecking order to get exe to feel like you've got confidence that they can go to repeat that in the playoffs so. I I think Sunday's great opportunity it's going to be pretty huge game and again. XEQ tip off the field on third town pit stops and original like the stuff is not rocket science and new slash Minnesota's really good man they are really really good and it big dome is Donna took it all the TV's version run the football really well their defense I think they've got the best defense in the NFL I to meets up between them in Jacksonville. Op overall. Front to back but I think I'd leave Minnesota Mike's I can I get a lot of respect for Mike -- what he's battle through Dallas his wife will be battled through it as high cancer all that stuff and gays are really good football coach of the process so we're not rooting them on Sunday. Don't open loses but I like him as a coat check did all right I like as a coach but I think yeah I hope he loses. Hard Billy thanks to your buddy bill tomorrow back to the studio be safe. Out of the roads with the sorry lusty Gordon at this knowing whether Edwards a daring damn overall and a guy. Luck I hope not John Carlos did he see the Yankees one of the teams he might go to the ticket they lot of kids they can at John Carlo stamp but Connie like the angels. Come all places. They're they're gonna regulars nationally televised games for once now all right hornet's coming up at 630 James Taylor has pregame call at seven they tickle the bulls lakers tomorrow night thanks to Philly Joseph or engineer. Kyle for city for a few hours drive exactly Billy back in the studio and got checkout the podcast WS Etsy dot com. We talked you back here on Monday cows got shut Sunday at the doghouse for pre game have a great weekend.