Primetime: Are The Panthers Failing Cam?

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Wednesday, March 21st

In the final hour Omar and Kroeger weigh in on if the Panthers are failing at putting talent around Cam Newton...


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It's. Powered by toward the Carolinas dot com I was doing internship was semantics of that year. And we all went on the we do live from the marks being real deep studio Kroger. I also think that what whatever it felt like buffalo sound effect could be the sound of victory could be elected trial like a trial big trouble. We're trombone or to book. So the victory. Yeah LA with his victory over Omar Gaither. Still the idea sound there sounds a little little slot guy you know how I felt last couple weeks ago when I said when I sit do you write we'll put our foot or malice and done. No you are as it was a personal insult. The difference OK can't take these. Theo big difference if you played a dried Billy outside of the open can you cure that kind of forced dryly you're now one more time. Of Omar Gaither is cool while you use it is surely isn't it may god this is completely sides you know try to just avoid Hulu and only got two. Sue listen attitude and your ex and we all know now. Whatever you know whatever yadda yadda. Neighbors inside Phillip you Yoni out and you got the other over the best far. Don't try to do is I talked about the disk are seeing signed your son tells me it's not easy subtle and now have a white people thing I think you know. I was. I don't want people Omar Gaither is what is it is either. We're all time. Were powered by ortho Carolina. We've got Omar gave the witness former panther former eagle you boys the try to Charlotte Billy the marlin back on the board producer Ryan witnesses well. And now we get into a college does not seen before get out here because there's an interesting stat I saw. About what's left in this field of sixteen as we get ready for games tomorrow night's was sneak in that. We're real quick let's wrap up on this this American football lion story. Is there a market for something else other than he had a felony offseason now beyond because I think being a competitor nobody's ever gonna be a competitors the NFL. But is there a market for the void of football in the spring that's the question to me now. And I heard Mike Florio said this morning I'm on Mac showed that. You know he thinks that do we do he agrees with you because he said if it was if there was the NFL would have profited off off our hands and doing it our way of doing it already. The market is to draft ended in the come mine and I'll let me they've they've filled boy are are the most people in my opinion and I'm you know. The lust to come by and then the people in. That's actually there's some truth to that because week this is why we love this time a year we live and I would these teams the hope that you get offered free agent signing or trade or to somebody watching these guys that's why the NFL's a nonstop league anymore because you'll be with big traffic and hope you listen he's going to polarize. No matter how about George Brown stains look where there are today where I stand out. I didn't the united I don't I don't disagree if I got a guy kind of feel like they do have reasons for optimism and then guess what we'll probably watch him play don't be really bad and that's what we're we think it right because that's France football but nonetheless. Yes the circle of may have hoped the circle of I don't even a way you call one of two optimism a hell for the browns yeah but of optimism in the NFL. And they traffic in that stuff in a way that's good for the league because. Every team presses the reset button even though they really don't need to feel like they do in every every fan base thinks obvious could be our year we make the right signing we make the right trade. We get the right guy in the grass quarterback you'll get a right quarterback. And sued to your point and if you bring in an alternate football league. I don't think people wanna pay as much attention to that as they wanna pay attention to what's gonna happen with their TNT. And it's just. As long worked I'm. And I and it's just resist waited in emphasis to stronghold Indian and so has owned football I agree with this from the building senator checks line is our guy Chad here's Chad writes in guaranteed contracts concussion safety. Lifetime medical coverage no ban on legalize marijuana would make a lot of players players take notice it would. What amount on these guaranteed contract climbed at some point I don't mean. How you came up I guarantee me a hundred grand I agree with that. The theory of that making network and practicality is going to be very hard I heard frank say this earlier I think he nailed it the problem by labor so expensive it's not the labor. It's the insurance. So when you talk about. All that stuff and guaranteeing contracts and injuries. What makes labor joins expensive it is all the things all around the labor stuff hanging your waged here it's the other stuff he got to pay for it to have the labor work where you yet. It's all this the upkeep you need to do what's on the insurance stuff the all the cost that are tied to maintaining labor and so from that point you could offer great benefits to these players and I do think that's the market inefficiency. But how do you afford where you've got to make money you're running behind the process yet. So down to that the idol could have insider I here's this OK I saw this list floating around I love the Internet guy. Gonna launcher missed and on the Internet Omar I know animus in this line there there's some there's some fun stuff that makes the rounds every once in awhile and so this tweet was going around. Yesterday I think assert two days ago. From from somebody you put this out there's a somebody on Twitter. With DeDe Twitter handle underscore fire and ice so we just don't. Jim everybody. Body somebody's candlelight as our credit and get a sighting this is credited given us was solid handled by the way it is a solid handle. That's credit as well I'm doing okay kids steeler content you idiot yet as this is journalism. 2018 and you cite somebody who had never heard of besides her Twitter handle it okay tonight I was checked. If you go there you'll see they're my way today and assess. So they posted campus wide receivers through the years. And it said 33 year old Steve Smith. Press my debt to put that in. They don't get because it Mattis is over taste nice yes obviously it didn't matter so Steve Smith Brandel fell our money Edwards Joseph Adams Louis Murphy. Jason a month. Jericho Cotchery tae Kwon Underwood Kelvin Benjamin Stephen Hill Philly brown Ted Ginn. DeVon launches Kevin Norway Britain Burson mere bird. Key here is Garrett. Kaelin clay Russell Shepard Curtis Samuel and then here's the best part of these aren't just getting started that's the kicker on this that's the starting point here's the kicker. Somebody said that's actually not the full list. And they compiled a full list and you've got other guys in there as well. You got guys like. I like to you or your lower Belarus via Domenik Hixon. Say a million sigh he urged a jury 22. Never hit our. Rumored to sue sue when sandy had a few months it can picture. He's everything returned for touchdown to know I think he does not like some bombs and some on them we can go leg due and NA member like you do Aaron. The good news in the Andrei Presley at stake great young love the under is a good kid but still it's. It's excellent book via ID hundred Presley I'd carbon atoms. And most Frazier. David Dennis this isn't counting the tight ends let's see your own to make sure you don't he said he was going to call shall there. Denny was a former track star from Baylor this color for Nicholas Larry I Kevin Norwood and then Joseph Webb who was also you're nurturing quarterback. It was a burner and you are five take off Yemeni was the fifth wide receiver one year two he was that you is that guy but military five wide receivers. The fifth of Kimberly I'd like for our users are and a fifth was his third string quarterback. Oh man who does what do genuine good. Thirsting quarterback that's necessary in all I could suffer second 'cause it's great to put that on paper and that's alarming we can all look back and say wow most of those guys were not very good. But is that act is that a fair we will evaluate what they've done around camp is saying hey here's the group of guys over seven years. You've failed them. My house you don't look at the group and see how it turned. In the hole and tell me. Wanted him to and is that the third one that's you pick the guy in the network and that's called trailing. So yes I feel and I'm and I say this time and time again that they do is aggressive on cams greatness. And he can carry us and he can do more than and in most quarterbacks can ever do and unifil and so on so forth. And we don't need based that it were receiver we don't need to hate it true stood at I don't know. Left tackle or whatever it may be in I think they just rested on. My question is this and I don't want the answer to this you got beat this would take exhaustive work. If you took a seven your sample. From most NFL teams of the wide receivers that play for them in seven years or so that's why soft by the way seven years in the NFL you're going to have a lot of guys that come ago. If you took a random and I would actually ask Baltimore because I think Baltimore probably pretty similar. And why you should know look not at the seven years. A Baltimore Ravens football it into at some point in recent history in Chile all the name one of those guys is on that list Rusty Smith yeah I brought him minute because essentially they admitted to letting Antoine boldly go for a sixth round pick after the Super Bowl year in year record like six of Joseph Flacco is eleven touchdowns during that Super Bowl run they they admitted that they made a mistake in letting and Quan goes they brought in Steve Smith there essentially thrown in plug and play guys and he was the best player yes you became the best wide receiver yes so. Mike I'm look I'm not defending it that's bad that's a boy got we do that and other. Franchises then that means and that's OK any excuses it but I think what people like I take issue with people say what the organization has failed KM by doing this that's a strong term to be by the way it's a really strong term. I would actually argue where they failed camp more than anything I look at the left tackles he's had throughout his career man look at the last tackles part of I'd I'd take more issue with the overall the tackles he's played with the and the wide receivers he's thrown two. The best tackle he's ever had here was Jordan Gross before I retired and Michael oracle are so sort of no one here bounce back year where he was he really just in here from a always say was Grady just wasn't liability and news. It was too became the jags are two saying he was fine he existent. I he was he was out there he wasn't what people are calling is human turnstile and act passed which I don't agree with that I do it's and stuff. Like Arizona saying can you go do seven years a big Ben's career. You big banks are gonna want to sheep I guess but I think that's the outlining his title brown. Let's say I think that's the ally are on the far extreme of that but there's also luck factor and also attacked again like we talked about earlier in the show they got lucky because invade Antonio Brown developed in and you know if you have that guy didn't not do in the musical chairs that we are bringing in guys you just got to hear employ employ thing. Killing Greg's strike this is probably shorter because you have more solid wide receivers that are either Martin is Brian. Out front this that I have an attractive climate and our. Well I can get this from Greg could say it's no wonder sees that he's from Ohio always imagined he says no wide receivers imagine not having a quarterback for eighteen you. Fast. There's so many rights and other buildings that are tell audiences says we don't need a stud wide receiver there there's one reason they didn't succeed by its number one. I just met on Casey's going to and there's another person saying no bug could you go which should go global oil and look up on the Internet superstar wide receivers because if you do that. Most of those guys aren't on teams that win Super Bowls. And I agree with that I'd I get we mentioned this last week adding we're daring get. Generally speaking there's not a core relation between stud watt delete number one wide receiver and media we're gonna go when it shaping ship but having a complimentary wide receiver corps. Is extremely important. The downside there. Guys. In not the way he. Consistently in a league wide receiver I mean I mean this in the second super hornets who mobile person fall and they didn't they did okay. It's. OK I think. Win it. I don't think is a direct correlation was not winning a Super Bowl in not having a prisoners are correlation between a man I didn't go get my quarterback and number one study will win a supervisor did. Seems I agree I agree. The other thing is it's hard to find this Calvin Johnson's and holier Jones the world because you get those guys in the top five of the draft and you know since this team doesn't come drastic cam they've always been competitive enough. Well they've never been that dumpster fire team where they're getting that top five today it's two point. Which can still can either. Develop guys. Or. You want to fund a study in the first dress stunts and around the around he's got a look. Hold on let's take a break Kenny wants to jump and we work him in on the other side Omar Gaither Chris Kroger may be it's good for you maybe say yeah I see that list I hear that list. Guess I listen to damning that is that is gaming on the Panthers are what they've put around Kim Newton a wide receiver for seven years. I take issue and other stuff is there something I would point to and say in the seven years under Cam Newton this is the number one beef I have what's that for you we get into that next it's for. Time powered by ortho Carolina. Fargo championship coming back to quail hollow club after a year away as people point out in Wilmington Brian Harman is gonna defend this title is gonna win it for the first time to quell this time. Can have Rory there Justin's gonna be they're number two golfer in the world Rickie Fowler Hideki Nazi Alan maybe tiger you can get a ticket info. At Wells Fargo championship dot com. Or you can go to any one of the eleven Dick's sporting dislocations in the Charlotte metro area now until April 27. Dix is the official ticket retail outlet of the Wells Fargo championship our great producer Evan. I stumbled in here to say crow shoot killed off Dick Ebersol. So I can't keep my Dick straight because I stick Denver instead of Dick ever so. I just couldn't keep them in line together a mix them up so sorry Dick a Dick Ebersol is still alive and I mean to kill off Dick ever he say to look into the you heard I. The the morning show has issues with their chops so you have issues with your decks. Would go that far 70. 70. 916 and say never for the phones in the building senator text like Charlize and you really go to the preakness we were talking about our all time starting fives that we've seen in college basketball it's the tenure anniversary today by the way a step curry going off in the NCAA tourney drops forty you can scan Zagat it would go on to induct two other games following they're forced to Kansas in the elite eight. A but he scored a 118 points in the four games in the tournament. And so on that anniversary having some fun talking about. A what was going on earlier it in the show with the all time starting five beat you've seen in college basketball. And then we're throwing this out there too if you could add. Either. The red pill which is. Representative David sand instead Currie Stefan has tried for ten years Cyril hornets uniform or Cam Newton which we've seen for seven years thus far. I am painters uniform which one do you take we take it's a funny answers on that earlier using camp yeah can't audit. I made in my mind you know due to ask you to put a pull up and 66% of people say Cam Newton in them there's a 146 there. I don't know the entire text on which is flooded with stats stats staff no question steps that stuff or no oral or hornets and people don't think it's tonight or holiness the a man that's about it I'll bring it back to that you're gonna get your all time fog before that you'll do that coming up. I in the final segment when talking about about the Panthers okay and this idea this list were read this list. I can't read it again because it's a laundry list of all the guys that have played wide receiver. For him over the last seven years but you know this is another example somebody wrote in bold what about Greg Olsen does that count of course a counselor doesn't count. Always really doesn't Els and in our receivers lined these celebrities appease the past catching target is the number one option in the sauce is not. Our receiver. Can you tell that on my two cents a single I can't count rock for for new England's offense take Roger out what is I was wondering is that office is that our receivers. But the point is to be okay I've maybe I should semantics wise I shouldn't say just why is C Davis cements its option you're talking options and weapons for came to throw to. So a tar a tight getting in today's NFL's a wider seats and now. Split out wide he's a wide receiver. I came back ships occasionally he blocks he's a wide receivers are. But even that okay Greg Olsen and that's it was not that it's not just that hit three Greg Olsen turns jockeys. Now that doesn't count there was one year. Greg Olsen. DeVon fund shares issued in three years since this and then and then you got a couple years and Steve Smith in the early years when you sneeze. A two years or it was eleven and twelve and thirteen is when he was ago now actually no excuse me three years with as many 111213. Fourteen is when he was let go in the theaters wood 781. So we three years with Steve Smith one year they went twelve to four made the playoffs. They were divisional winners at the buy and of course they lost the 49ers India in the divisional round here in Carolina just so I mean I agree I think he could do better but. Have they really failed him when you've given him the only tight end in NFL history to have three straight 1000 yard receiving seasons you've given a couple he's always had at least. Two guys. Now they're not always great. I would take more issue with the left tackle situation man he's had he added and paid the best tackle he's ever had which Jordan Gross before he retired. At the end of a neighbor Jordan did want to retire by the way Gelman comes in and basically forces. And their hand Jordan personally take it take and he says not to say OK I'm going on out. Ten year old out there were Byron bell Michael or. And medical we will now it's become on hand to talk about issues oddities you expect your franchise quarterback who takes more hits than any player in the NFL you're protecting him with what bush your franchise let's talk. Anyone Dora bought and fill Budget Committee but that's a thrill that's all a total oral failed. And in the mean is this this is the question have they failed him at wide receiver or have they failed him on Austin's. Because I mean I can be two different two different grasses although I think is a saying. It could be two differences. On offense overall they felt in my I think so. We just relied on cams ability to make plays himself. To. Our quarterbacks in the run and our goal is this. Well I think you should that your quarterback guiding you got to that's his skill set you can take it to use a running back which we don't have an. And we can we were talk about it earlier we get some holes to fill the ice the other some issues he's so when you take more issue with them but the tackles or the wide receivers the weapons this Casey's right near the same basis point is selling weapons to scam have his wit no weapon. He's cowboys sent yes PS AC you're right witness a weapon Greg Olson's a weapon for camp. DeVon bunches it's been a good weapon for not a great one but a good weapon for camp Steve Smith early on was a very good weapon for media. Ted Ginn was a very good weapon for cam I think Torrey Smith is gonna wind up being very good weapon for cam. Hopefully fingers crossed but I I think it's going to be go. As the Eagles took a gun fight have organized in your opinion in your whole served only a leg is a weapon. You might you don't whenever. It's eleven. So you have a big gun. So there's between having a weapon and having a big gun if you normally. But do you I guess the question is what are you and you want just better complimentary wide receivers you're not asking for stud like in Taiwanese. Yes I don't actually I would like to have I'd I would like to have 123 all be all good players and nine distinct. I died I love Britain is a great guy whenever I see in my game adapt and hug. Around his neck is French and be sitting atop did he shouldn't be playing for you know Super Bowl isn't passes or else sorry. This happened and in most treasured in dozens of well. I don't know if I would count him. In my view and whether it's not a salesman tweets or is it that list a wide receivers is pathetic to prove that the paper's still can't resist it try to Byron lefty Dell and meat for can Chandler enters oh tackles in the NFL I agree on that the what they've done from an offensive line standpoint we considered as always the highest paid well one of the highest paid it's one of the best interiors that's willing good jurors measure tackles are the Internet. As his tackles over the course of his seven years. And I experienced body that's our assets margaritas to me because of the fact that you have you finally find a franchise quarterback and without a left tackle that which is you know the thing that kind of takes out a way to pass rush on the other side of the ball which is the defense is in defense of sides must put me the most important player they're essentially just living your quarterback to kill every time we snappy and into Texas now to tell you. Let's go to Lou I Kenny who's been in on wants to jump in Kenny would somebody would you wanna say. And and almost just they're just going edited video apparently trying to beat Kim do you truly can ruin her career. Always wanted to ban are around them. They're always. We have been receivers and he's already been asked the department to bring the camera in your go to guy got adults and go about how you feel Cam Newton noted. In opponent mayor Padgett so don't kill what just situation if you always judge about what to do well. What you have in the partnership. That's put everybody including Kenya you know speaks no. Our biggest problem we can come through with the weapons at all all of the week. I asked him to do it it'll all talent much annoyed him Michael Beckel look in his apartment and well but it was a mediocre passing. Just what Tom Brady took clay evidently global age of forty. They can't no we don't an epic pat. Jenny he had 400 yards rig passing back to back to his first two starts and if so could get out here that. And tell. There before come on now I don't say that nobody's ever done it before he did get out here that. Let us try and it can boost okay to open it up for a moment that they about camera. He's considered only inconsistent and when you have got to the quarterback and can consistent offense. Did. Does not probable or that they do get fixed camera you've probably wide receiver you have to do a better. But because of the politician daddy didn't he didn't know if that's not up. Any how many quarterbacks how many quarterbacks in some way shape or form or inconsistent at times somebody quarterback you trot out every game they do exactly we think they're gonna do. How many know I mile. Expert but that during the trial there's not inconsistent fix it. Obviously they'll want to and he can be bought plane the next day between about cam no. I put every quarterback's gotta dedicate any every cornerbacks got Dana has employed. Outside a Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers with quarterbacks are doing that on a weekly basis in the NFL. Tom Brady and all of which sort all need. To. Thank. Clearly don't have a certain. I get out of here Kenny has an off a run again yeah. No Sammy do you think of course he does that's what makes the greatest of all time is stable Jackson 5 Super Bowl champion I think this is this bingo we can't. Yes great that he can be at times it's the best when you have good people around. Well you know you'll only we can we go basin Mimi and I'm doing is really Tom Brady mean he's got maybe the greatest had a never play the game in the same draft the draft and another tied him and Aaron Hernandez they used a fourth round pick Peter Randy Moss in the center and also there's a second round pick to get Wes Welker on the dolphins like. Yes they've they've built on their quarterback I think is really SOK but my thing is what with what it comes to I'm always amazing stop yelling I'm just kidding man. Yeah really angry Kenny right now sir you've got you figured out and now I'm I'm terribly embarrassed. Yelling something that's associated with prime time yeah. Greens so much here's the thing with Kim I would say from a weapon standpoint I don't think they put the right people wide receivers around Tim Kenny says he can't throw the ball. But couldn't be further from the truth K Kim is one of the best if not deemed as deep ball thrower in the NFL games deep balls try better than his stumpel is why would you put more weapons around him that you just get down on feeling. Just guys taking getting to meet deep in the middle deep middle to deep third intermediate routes down the field get. I don't know anybody can run that route put may have put guys out there that can get opened that AT&T and overthrow enemy overthrow in terms of it sixty yards down the field guys it is can flat out wrong that's why like Jerry's right jurors right with a speed in the work on dislodge Ers right you don't watch Jeff Cooper and how issue. And guess what if you try to you try to hunker down on him underneath okay to pass to make a movie he's got an outsourced you know make you miss he averaged almost fifteen yards perception in his career on third down. That is a crazy stats and I was over quarterback so like that's my point is you're giving Kim third down options and is third down options. Second round pick who might not be a wide receiver in the NFL and Curtis Samuel. I did come on that's the failure I would say to fill out all my needs just a few I just say I have not yet steady I. Who's up next Cory what's up there what do you think. No I mean did that they're that they are taking jamaat yet think somebody they really dove into it did. In a lot of click on an article but I kind of audit camps that you know they've had a colossal failure. Around and they get more about it and organizations are the an old guard organization decrypt her power well ball ended up and not let what you have in your quarterback. And you know college that well all I would you guys back we moved in frank. And lose it I'm out there a point it out about where is our guide apartment where are they finding these you know important bit cramped in there or not. I mean you look at the past rep but this like they're they're they're not they're they're not finding anybody but I bet you first is that erupted there he is still the seat. And you know I just I don't know where our department is in terms of receiver I don't know why there's this it's like they did that border have you know I think they've. Thought they're defense has been better than it really was in the past but this year and it is like well we had a great defense. We can do what am you know it paid off period and will be good enough to get. What elegant sit at that point court is so we appreciate caught it simply brought just put up about the Eagles saying you're taught Beatles as Al Sean as the one woman be on their team is a one but they did have a single receiver have over 900 George seeding they were the epitome of a complimentary receiving corps last year. Lot of very good guys that worked together fit together and affect their offense. I never thought affiliates and lead defense last year are very good and I don't necessarily thought of Billie as the lead author insider but they were very good and that's. I mean that's football right it's a Simeon a relationship you will be I'll help you yeah and Philly was the I mean that was a team that was just will balance the times the offense would win games at times. The defense would win games and I think that's the thing the painters. Maybe if struggled to find that perfect balance at times it but we all agree defense is a quarterback's best friend our running game is quarterback's best friend. You know it's so it's dynamic playmakers that can take the ball that house in any given moment he that was accorded access to kill him. Investors didn't go to some. Those you know you don't us is court mex restaurant. They often coordinator or quarterback coach along whatever you call it I don't make him. Nail down the fundamentals of the position yep the fundamentals of taking the drop step. I know it'll play and you trust your conflict and they get the ball out would anchor seat that's another failure. That's another way you can tell that by not coaching him up the way in which you should beat. Guess he's he's he's addressing talent he'd he does things he looks away and ignore the court American units over the remote but at the end they. Adore the football a certain way. From my from a foundation standpoint. That's has series. From the beginning and at times as far as the best way to do it and they had they had made doughnuts and he's been here and S affiliate market. Well and again here's the here's the other side of this when you're when you're looking at some of these guys like it text or rights and on the building center text slide 70457. Nights extent guys Syrian mr. rule two years ago it's not actually through the grounds of the papers easy it's not it's not the list re read off of browns quarterbacks in deals quarterbacks for twenty years or so. That row I mean it's just always be worse you could always goes a talent that's the sale like I I generally wondered this is interesting to read. When you talk about what's going on with with a wide receivers in camp seven years here. But overall good when any team on good series I think I think you probably find some pretty similar suffer like holy crap who's that guy is due to high ground you wouldn't. Why would you do when I can name to a three stow blow our receivers browser says. Just to dump my. And don't have a French judge court case and the point of trying to make is based they have right receivers OK but how many other teams like I couldn't name you. Outside of the past years were to Marius Thomas and and Hillary anyway Emanuel Sanders in Denver furlong time. Didn't Denver just out publisher random do now they had. Or they're wide receivers forever eighty woes is always saying yes or how far wreck we don't hear on well I don't know him real memorable that guy eighty these things go. All of her rod Smith does this yeah prosper that McCaffery days. And it's a long time ago us talking on any seven year period where you'd say read recent memory Joost Tennessee's another example. Tennessee I argued Tennessee's undersea and course probably been worsened the Panthers. But over the last seven detect any five to ten year span take a seven year cross section of that for the titans but I am an analyst and uncommon it's what I say that. Where the team that like every year they were taking up a wide receiver in the first round work. That's just some owners are just aren't it was like a sec practical duo legitimate taking first round wide receivers every year because the guy and beer before wasn't panning out and here is that what you want to Panthers to do until it finally find one then maybe that's what you do and I thought that about tackling my before the Panthers it's actually go fight takes about who turns out he's deceased to say well you know. The argument was always and I never heard this directly from Iran or anybody but he you know people covering the team you always hear well they just don't. They don't pick China to get one of those guys that they're just not gonna reach. Well you don't have to reach but how about we you draft one in the second third fourth round in your development nobody singing Needham now but you can't work on the project left tackle. To bring along a two or three years like that's the thing it always hope. Really worked on that guy closely that's tailor mode going up there to take a more subtle left tackle. And it was a plus. Our central Michigan central mission is high so I'm in college CA he had left tackle the otherwise you draft a guy you needed insurance for Gerald Williams who you torture was a right tackle going into this year. So like again. That's to me that's where I have some real beef with some of the stuff let's go to rob really quickly is up next what's up rob. Hey guys all of if you have a lot of doubt we are wide receiver other than Benjamin. Very bitter were your. So maybe would have been I think it may I don't think he ran together well I don't have to go back and look I'm not sure right off the top of my head. They look beat it beat it definitely did not just. I don't with he's got out of are to be ordered with the end goal kind of hitting. Could gather what you're never out that yeah we're running dock either yeah I mean you guys started earlier Pete is big destroying. It is not what is terrorism and gone they've never given him got one guy who could take Koppel walk and touched the ball also didn't go to Carol. Well I agree with you opted to Teddy I think I think they are they better start than competent. The the next two or three years. All right well I appreciate gonna you know again are we telling Greg Olsen does DiNardo who knows an animal army he is only counties a weapon he county had a he has houses were trying to students. By the way all my voice salty on Twitter. Tweeted this thing to Z he was asking east and about the likely pass for the Broncos he gave the Broncos they've had twenty guys in the last seven years. So it's like half the amount of painters are trotted out CEMEX is different and some of these names are you there the quality names actually so I'm I'm I stand corrected if you if you and if you dump on Brandon Stokley eminent ominously just don't like trend in holiday was like good receiver was a good but he could take it to the house he had some skiers and speed to lose like title god virtual and clearly this is tight end. You know brain devoid. Then I mean. Have Eddie Royal shall give Brandon Marshall is here is Decker Andre Caldwell they had yes yeah. Yeah. I stand correct that's a big let's go to MC really quick guy he's get the last word before you to break puts up and see. Yeah truck commented they'd like yep you know our our scouting department that they could be hit the market like a split Steelers but the other game. And maybe get a wider Steelers but there really bad at other. The bishop so you know we're really get that invite. Trapping linebacker. You know what it's called a lot of men you could argue that the could be that the climate but when it comes to corroborate that wiped tears from. There are an option other than many should. And and go by you about talk we need to stand out of me any doubt. But but that's about it you know all. It down and see appreciate Conan techsters dreading and of the buildings that are tacked on as we get ready to go to break he says can I call call in like that last guy. And ask you question that I don't really it's it's. I'm sorry do you know the northern most capital of the US. You know Alaska thanks for taking Michael. I would powered by ortho Carolina saw. Money LeBron he's tweeting and in our producer Evan did the same he came inner cynic. Not us actually had to 1000 yard god pass your receiving seasons with Cam Newton has is quarterbacks know SS sex Ed big facts facts only around here I'd who whoever called in earlier in claimed to ask there's a question your he knew the answer to his own answer was wrong. I have spoken delights me and presumably our own world techsters writing a building sinner techs like 704570. NIC senses you guys can tell. We have to slow sport stay debating it came as failed or not he's been sheltered in the offense was molded around him the benefit history. That's one caller said we've done behind on talent on everywhere in this roster at other positions but in truth we are. We're a defense a priority teamed up first her recent. We're like it had team a lot of three more good news he doesn't have bought this game you'll be tired whether it's. Are retired weather has all pro receivers are not signed truth thank you text her for bringing the truth are so uncomfortable we can hardly stand it thanks for bringing it to us so a sewing convenient now these placed right in front of us yes cable be retired in three years on the truth it's been presented to us right at 555. Wednesday by the text there market and markets a Billy he will be retired in three years we learn by this this random text or on the building leaders are much. My word. Omar Gaither is what is I get reported pre game coming up to seven by the way this long strange road trip finally had to come to an end thinks the lord man. Gosh they've played 730 to get the nets back on tomorrow night take on the grizzlies and where the home stretch boys eleven games and saw. That's better than there is like yeah hello. Have you figured out have you. Have you figured out a a a player that your your trying get for the hornets and got to that point getters who are taking the draft he had you doing less than that I'm kind of hoping Michael Porter junior this whole crap with the fact that people think he is. He under achieved it would happily knee injury in I don't know what he is some kind of hoping that he's he falls to little more than their like. General and loan based on an forty junior partner based on what went everyone saying what to do the rock to doing a Sauna so for the despite a shooter screw it we don't anymore. Make this as far as the mighty welcome to the ball in the basket from on the three point line. Well I mean I it's just it's first it's frustrating watches because again it now like the season's over but. Mean it's hard to watch the league can Dwayne and those guys and see any sort of glimmer of hope on what you really hoping for obviously. Feel like when I don't think he really see anything in the next letting games you're like accidentally at this point like you've only got daylight come between baker was tossing it on the floor Michael be kill Chris was negative forty on the so you don't. Those are not playing groupings that are normal. You can assume that yeah that's them saying you can't look at those and say goalless draw information just trying to get out without being heard it's just it's nothing you're doing a regular season game where you're you're you're trying to win your actively trying to win this Zoellick. You can look at plus plus minus SA RC would this guy did knock is that you never played those guys together and that's just a reality. As one numbers can lie because agreed to these these averages a roll into the next season Horry offseason I'll say hey look. He averages then they're in the last twenty games it was an even religious so this is a who's who are we did clinics we were talking about step curry David and today it's. Near me and it's the ten year anniversary. A pin drop in forty. In the NCAA tournament admitted to the elite eight. And came just shot a final four and so we're asking folks for their all time starting five that they've seen in college basketball fund. The most fun and in great players that they see what I easier on TV here in person not allow my dad told me about this and how. That's your five Omar gay man I guess seven but I give you five I must say going to drive us socialized comes amid lawsuits. They don't close a person become and what our butts up in Boone yeah I don't know I want to have major deals and who has you don't reform basketball player. It going dark days take go to. They call those fire aren't on why you can. Have all stars Vanessa my wants this to moan don't score ninety seconds or we get. Good move this along they go to Steve Francis with the franchise Tim Duncan's talent has Borough. This car. Went on on here now you went too fast Tim Duncan tendons in Yahoo! has grown this quarter. Steve Francis. What okay you do this out of position so coda fragrances. You don't call. Are transitory. To thirteen minutes of four or whatever. And in new cycle to the five and maybe higher if Brian Elliott has sort of a Duncan at the for the yeah we have more skills and yeah. That's a good that's a good Bosnia. That's a pretty good five franchises of spin Stevie franchise and kind of fall from grace though nobody knows he's. I don't know he just got arrested late yesterday when did not happen when you start uterus and it doesn't matter tomorrow have you learned anything. There in China they love you over the head. Did he write that down the stars' hottest. You're asking about earlier so we just merely about a player is accusing China lifted up he was in China forget it we're talking about in the city tomorrow. I could do index around here. Come again this says that is the largest. We saw a show thanks to defeats appeal having great work behind the scenes Billy the marlin producer Ryan we're back tomorrow. Daring again where is Greg regularly scheduled appearance on Thursday we'll catch you guys then not more Panthers tomorrow we'll get into some of the draft stuff with him tomorrow. Talks in months more colleges to get you ready for the sweet sixteen would see guys then overtimes coming up next in an hour holding back with orders pregame doctor than an offensive. This is this Galley which he laid very pleasure and good afternoon where ever you may be.