Primetime: Andre Smith

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Friday, February 16th

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It. And we're cool. I know it primaries Damione Lewis had to do with the here on primetime brought to by ortho Carolina 6:10 AM. 1025 FM WF and C. Very pleased to welcome in Andre Smith linebacker out of North Carolina preparing for the NFL draft gets all the football questions that. I just got to askew on a personal level Andre Smith. Any love for heavy metal music which would not even what Damione Lewis is about right now. Well it been beyond so that they appreciate spirit have. And oh what would that if you medal. On we went apparent than we've completed. On the court of The Who it is planning my headphones well that they. But it happened or that was either slipped down their. Job or Georgia. He did he did let me down gently but if it's in the way it reminds rate you can you can go along with it OK just not a personal choice years. Yet people are going forward we will weather hurt no paired phone order. I'm their parent you're. That's. Just burn your rooms and a four team in the locker room catering to share absolutely share of the radio and be you know although of I'll be on heavy metals. Make it yes. Yeah you gotta give fair and balanced time to the crazy people that when he hears some crazy metal music criminologist from with a Google. What up what would be in your personal headphone. Playlist Andrei Aaron did you go to the Rolodex but some of the main artists that you love. It's cynical and wonder okay who were there in the Iran musical. I like you know record like codec work. Home. I like don't throw beat you up there. Is it more. Yeah. We were just play and some Kodak black what's your favorite codecs on. The main problem long. Ten record. Right now young from the state of mobile units and those who upon which it's which would you gladly donate. Although would have the most those who. Are now my old market paper door. So a moderate right there are. Who's been okay that's a word that. Obama's. 01 of their own that and that oh rule or wrote that where I've been out by. There. Are. Report Miami prepared to court. Back in a well thought about it that they. Men out doom and good news. Is good it makes me feel old man was talking about. Trick daddy back in that day you don't feel as though I am ambassador. Other odds of death. Dogged Andre Smith linebacker out of North Carolina football wise on Drake. Just can you tell us how tough this last season was where you get out of the gate real strong play a couple of really good games and then you suffered the knee injury in missed ten games. Oh what was that like for you go into that whole thing. All it would route. When it it would or Amare went through you know being whoa whoa whoa. So are our partners that are you know are with the if the apartment where it. You know really really really you know what marking go through you know be denied and and I have is that they're expect that we plant. Who aren't the belt now are they art or is. Constantly being in the room you know have there is now you are occurred at the they don't go to that broke out on these artists or. Big race into a military yours planned. Mr. oh yeah. I'll. Oh. I've got so you go to an injury and everything was. Was the biggest thing that you took from that you know or know the storm and it was hard you know whole scene difference in your friends and teammates are VO. But what is the biggest thing you took from that and will be able to take with fuel to the next level. Home I think you know you always hear your spirit that the cover purple or it became well let her. You know at some point you wooten your body you know you just won't go to where I don't know. And you know that is you know I was hurt in property people it is probably he. Where you know I had knee surgery or programs Mercury. Better. At that point out by a while you know my partner of the relative so could no part we've not come through through everything because you know. Now back correctly. You know so by our gratitude would experience a little experience. They're really wit who overload you know how I would never say they're hopeful fault for granted. Now be you know there's. Go whoop what are out here. Their room though they did because I'd note that you know in the U employee. Our could be right back out on. But did and I just can't have there have been in not knowing that I think you're malls are out there through. You know Andre where yes is a site to catch up let. When you get ready for that the scouting com buying you know that these teams are gonna be asking you about the need the need to knee and I just think. It found in that position. It would be hostage. Tonight get frustrated with that you know are you mentally prepared but these teams to ask you about the need 97. Times that day now. If there are there are you out of Rudy political lead you know. You know our our current boo boo boom you know when answered that there have been better for everybody. Bush you don't really well wouldn't that there is now or more sport there were proof that the you do it. Know aren't right and it movement movement who have everything all through our our oh. Vertical drop down. Part everything that is that. A compartment you know that my act and be more voters were not as Marco on one on the coat you know greatly reduced. And for the ducks are concerned have you been cleared to go when you are 100% ridden drug. If there are critical moment the pareto have put balanced book you have nothing but it. A greater right. It's like it like he's Andre Smith from North Carolina linebacker to be in the NFL. You know Andre how. How long have you been preparing specifically. For the drills that you're going to be doing at the scouting combine. Are well as well it's burned down here it would goes. And a program who form the food in Florida are downward but it there right after new years. Came down here so everything is banned now thru are in my unit can work. No they would modify it and thought that participate in it through web that bit that they were expecting. I think you know currently working on on the through the park and the that this in through their day so I feel will hear greater role. There what are you feel like your biggest trip fourteen is it being carver linebacker or you know run stuffer. What is it that you feel you do taveras. Our own. What what does that do that or do that it is. No no come on how the might. Vote in the quote that the that spoke no thought that Arctic priority unit amount up with the that. No gratitude. Beat orchestrator of the vote he that they either by Martha you know city. But I think that the values that went by that I have put you know at that event and bill Byrne who or at tradition and to apparently. They they knew the covered you know he's back in prided. Whether the government of back out the back through there are people out in the now BP Arco but he noted beat it there. People. Covert known where to go to a patriot pseudo rock. To. But they. My strong to be covered but it you know art that we don't have and have an issue comes up that part on anybody so. You don't think contrary I'm just as. Think about all the things a linebacker has to do in today's NFL where you're talking about like. Covering appearance polls out of the back field or taken on a go hard hits and a leg black. Think about. That dollar range do you think that the range of linebackers what they have to deal between the nests in physics cal and he is the biggest range in the NFL potentially. Absolutely rob Specter is one part is that the group. Now only you know. Now they have to have the the physical ability which saw part of the nets who approved the burqa that are. You have to view quarterback but that the that the you have to you know the spirit parent you have you know you gotta have they ate there got to have that though. Could you open that you are used he and noble hearted about it they are stupid. So what we mean the mark. The fact that there are. You'll both got to find out. Yep you're right away so we'll be back equate to cover Friday and went out you're on a bird in your book are the strong it's firm could go to it would. You opened the armed and Garrett the unit is got a department but Robert is that this is that the Google Earth burn fuel the their parents for a proper. Are you keeping up with some of the guys you got that are coming out into the draft wish you'd like Olson pro. There were. Could we possibly get pan terra into your plea list on. Our. I don't know that's tough guy. At a lecture at at at at at at your honest man like that you know like outlook starter. Pop Metallica you know like something from injustice for all you know something like that it's more mainstream it's that too would not thrown into the deep end to the metal pulled just yet you know. Yeah notre weight room. Exit in the weight room may be likes on the the girl Elizabeth or that plan does and who. I tried I dread just trying to invent a. Yeah our program without who or. Right now Q when weight room. I have yet. Odds are we appreciate your time today wish you the best of luck man. Thank you so much I appreciate your gut you know.