Primetime: Allen Hurns

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Tuesday, March 20th

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Guys to kaine as well he's. He's now a free agent and an outlook that we could talk about wide receivers of the Panthers understand pick of the fall make a call here. We're gonna talk to a veteran NFL wide receiver Allen turns and it at a Carol city Damien was informing him for informing me of where Carol city is. In relation to the city of Miami right across the street from. From the stadium if you will where he played his college ball at the EU we got Alan herds with this and the technique I guess light Alan how you doing man. Not know brought Carol city and educate me about Carol city for secondly should know about Carol city. There. There have been or people don't though it isn't because market are oh. All of them blew away and be an NC park are. Written crow. Deputies in Rome. Well about I'd move there will be a group of commitment that might be part these are the commitment. Without pat and it bit. He guarantee what article or. These are neighborhood. Lot of these these on the threat. To develop local back. Importantly though. That's awesome Allen herds with this right now on the technique on guess like what was what was your experience growing up Fallon where you were you you say year year blessed it to make it make it out work. Were you one were you felt like Manny was he was up in the air you do know second half the what was what was your experience growing up when your coming at a Carol city. Are we going to do him a lot of things. Part of Beirut they're there those immigrant neighborhood paper that book or be. Our government so big you global. You know look yet at the right people around argument grown up clinically spoke on Merkel and French right victory. Nor I got out of school our corporate credit paper that north market that it is. As I do that Oklahoma it's. We're talking Allen turns Miami hurricane former jag he he got released they would talk about that in a second so he's now out of the market. And we're we're gonna talk about that coming up in just a moment he's with this right now. On the technique on guests on the correct me from you're you're three star recruit coming out of high school right is that correct. Correct so you were you you were three star and then you go undrafted Tibet's. Like we you're talking a flight data Carol city that's kind of in your your career in football right like you always been that guy that may be people aren't. Talking about an offer given enough credit Q you always find a way to to make a name for yourself. I'm about you know no matter what happened what are they even got by me no part of a four. What I do the they don't repeat it but it is written books are going to Politico. This coup people wrote it down. When when did you know. Man on to play any NFL and I'm good enough to know there's no more the more may your hope this can happen when did you have that moment they knew it make you still high school maybe it was at the year when did you have a moment of okay yeah I'm I'm really good like I can make it in the NFL. Our present a public view it you opportunity view. But it can ultimately what we're on our corporate there by the current period. Well when you please applies. When I broke up a bit but it there's been. Improve need to review. There are where you are opportunities there there are who spoke to a group. And your first gain you had what 44 grabs a 110 yards and two scores your first game ever any NFL that was your debut. Indonesia or current state to. Would you how how I don't know you laughing like take me what's that locker room like where you get back in the locker menial did you think yourself. Oh this is gonna come easy Demirel a book we like I can believe that just happened what you thinking after that debut you finally step out on the field. And you do you just go out there and you ball out of your in your first game. There won't be good corporate moment or for a Wednesday. Part of our. Probably would be marketed new widget is currently look notebook paper between the 02 we'll. Now when it happened. Well like what we're gonna have. Right corporate who got to review a touch. Her credit. Period. Your only there's only one other guy in NFL history to do that you know that right it's it's an all time great there's only one other dude. To attend his first two career receptions go for touchdowns there's only one other guy are you aware that. Burrow general Charlie Charles Rogers is the only other got a great Charles Ryder some lines it's the only other got to do you did your. Its debut might have my first you grab jungle of the house only one other dudes predominant. Are in pretty wildlife Alan Garcia it's great to me and Eleanor would this right now on the technique on guess like you can follow him on Twitter by the way it is at 81. Ernst and you got released they take what happened a day or was this a surprise you take us through this what happened Allan. Yeah well it. My outcome of the part that they've been trader like they're pretty use oh are important trait. Hello Rocco artwork is it a bit in that. Regard pro Bono work. We keep it polluted farm. And based that it would turn there would be an incorporated. It can't be true then he. Did you feel like it weighs. Done properly like like you said you were if they were you were asking last week hey this is gonna arrow in recent weeks of this are gonna happen let me Carolina first wave we do. Were you upset about that that they've been released Q after the fact after that initial wave went out. Yet it is kind of problem. Competitive are. Very great repute where. A blow by. But it. Top rated B do not. Pretty heated you're. Yeah I was just about askew there was TGI chairman apart. This saw on the director gonna make a move. Orca. You're very is correct it in a prepared. Boom. Paper there and do it. Readers current. Aren't coolant in or a week. After that. 4 o'clock in that area if you believe you thought that your more painful. Beat this thing like that. Can you walk us through this manager for a Allen for for those who don't know Sony stated that's a lot of teams and you got to work your way through ninetieth on money and it was my role going to be all that stuff right so that's really important so when you say obviously austere Charlotte were wondering. You say Panthers. What are those are doing your thing doesn't that are unionized us right stuff that's that's our. Obviously we want our games in Carolina since there is still what you -- and I what's the conversation like early on can you walk us through that is it just really explored toward what those conversations in the early hours like this were team reaches out would have put the talks. Our apartment we got to do. It offers for no we have got there yet or developers who are. Foreign court expected to. And a report that you know part of our group up and a true authority are you on the pavement we've played with a quarterback or commander of the Dubai a few well. Forward. Who you know operable on a visit but it. He's been called the group report that throw it there won't like. When you know the Panthers could use an outside cool outsell wide receiver opposite Dem punches him without a doubt we are Tillman is certainly like it could really use somebody opposite DeVon onto easterly. Bolster that wide receiver room to talk about role come across this is this growing process thought right now it's as though I'm just laid out for Allen so you think about this like Kim who is your quarterback ride in any guy Greg Olsen tied and former detainees well I got DeVon Futch is on the other side he's emerging. And then it'll Kurdistan in the Decker she McCaffery they brought in Torrey Smith. Jerry is right we just talked to Gerri is twenty minutes ago to convert in the slot. And then you don't you don't you on the opposites I'd like it to go that's a good offense right there we talk centered over her route. Just put it out there I thought this is the flags this older people at a awkward just we're just put it out there on the table to have the discussion is wrong thing. Very adamant that it will mean. Got Alan herds with this right now on the on the technique come just like this is new YouTube though could she get drafted and you were productive and Jack where you get you were on track to be you go to Jacksonville but now you really. Want it you just a third of the NFL's after you right now see you get to really. Pick your spots I know you it's never fun to get cut but. You also get to really pick your destiny over the next two years as the unique opportunity for you. I don't credit around well like there's spill right. A coup when you're equipped and part of it crew could agree Monaco. Further or it. Of course there would be put a newspaper in Britain or did he where he would go. From credit for. Alan how much is mommy a sounding board for you wish he always one where she's always telling you hey. Here's what I'm saying now do with it what you wish or you want to read go to Ernie say mom I'm thinking about XY and Z what do you think I need some advice what's your relationship like with your mom. I don't but these these aren't the erupting or people or go yeah so what about our offense through. Quarterback Dave Wright that go to the clinic at a work Lou returned drew. Problem what so. Article in the right direction. So we didn't configure an hour or Obama gonna Wear out BC a report about it or. How quickly you looking to make a decision on this. Probably from opt did it. Thrown a couple of days. So are part because it is a privately. Who have appeared out. You know if you need to agree if you need a spot in Charlotte. Deal was actually got a great and it's a little bit of a hole in the wall right Pope voice is a little bit vulnerable and the rest of fractures yeah I don't know if that's your thing album if you come into town just and we can all will go grab some lunch we'll show you the ropes in Charlotte exclusively here on this and OK so just FYI this adds up. Alan hey man it is it's a pleasure to talk to you and I know your busy and you got a lot going on right now but you know best of luck as you make a big decision for you wind humorous question what's that. Yeah you know who into the service well I don't know it certainly that certainly it. We gonna do now right yeah McCain has to do deserve a cat Allan so this is. Around here we just asked the same question it's a bit alike litmus test to figure out you know who somebody is what they're about the way they're wired Casey ready for this. OK so if you were eating you like buffalo wings. Okay me too so he really buffalo wings like a really hot wing you needed to dip it in something take a little bit of the edge off what would you do it but it ranger blue cheese. I ever joke. I'm on an island over here on my usual amount library. With materials in his second and a but I lapping up on the shores of its. But I don't think you throw hey Alan seriously thanks for coming on in in messing around with us for a little bit catching up and down hopefully this isn't the last time thanks for joining us. Receive a man or bigotry go Allen turns.