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Friday, August 11th

Gaston Gazette's Richard Walker joins Primetime as him and Chris Kroeger discuss the Ezekiel Elliot situation, plus much more. 


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The. Still alive tonight. Eighth championship quail hollow club. Chris Kroger prime time power by ortho Carolina however what are the way could you celebrated Friday a major championship Friday. In the queen city on our airwaves. Other than Richard walker from the casting gazette hanging out with us as we closed the week and head into the weekend it's will be a fun weekend it's already got a phone we care in the queen city. Football game on Wednesday night Panthers pre season underway. Back at practice today one of three final practices down their offer college a before they closed down shop and I head out to our Nashville. And god get ready for their pre season scheduled to move on and then we. Head into the week it was a major championship golf Richard happy Friday man how Gloria just found you got. I'm doing great it is on the real I was out here yesterday for the first time I felt like I was saying these same words yesterday I keep saying everything's big out here just. It don't beat the buildings the hospitality tents the now the new entrants up the billion that Dave I they've created out here that's different than the Wells Fargo championship and then the I get out here today in walk the course for a little while I have to be behind that featured group moved far John rom and Rory McIlroy and in Rickie Fowler. And it's big again I mean I'm just blown away at how many people around on this course. How how big beat the entire event is and I'm just as Charlotte. I Charlotte put it on big time right now this is this is a fun thing to kind of be around it NC right now and our city. Then it's it's been a lot of years in the making in unfortunately my dad didn't qualify this week gummery DOC DJ and and Greensboro next week but. You know if you mass sense of it is. A lot of people in Charlotte weren't sure how the Wells Fargo were the then named Rocco you would work out if you go to the course way back when it's that much more. They improved to better everything about the course this time around then and you know. I'm not surprised as opt out like that they would do all they could to put element is gonna show as they possibly can. And the fact that before. The first. T. Drop was it was it was hit they wanted to come back they're talking not come back in the future should tell us how impressive this. The city has been in the facility has been you know I Percy Charlemagne in the rotation moving forward and then probably deservedly so. Well I'll get into this in the second our show we're gonna do it I think it's going to be good time to do it because as we have major championship golf full half the call by the way Saturday and Sunday. All afternoon long starting at two would have all the way to their finished. On Saturday and Sunday. On our coverage and so you'll hear live play not play Taylor's ours are doing a live play by play we're gonna talk to Taylor at three. And he's just plugged in as anybody as to what's going out the power players at quail hollow club. In terms of the actual membership not like what's going on right now but the people that are movement in shaken in this town. Because up and asking that question when you're talking about Richard all weeklong what's the future of this championship. What's the future for this golf course in terms of the golf world we don't presidents cup is coming in 20/20 one but. Good Ryder Cup become a down a road did you ever have a US open here does that mean the Wells Fargo is going away. Off from dirty yourself Taylor's gonna to what is it three Q what to talk to this guy loved this do. And guy he's gonna be on the call and so we'll get him at 3 o'clock we're gonna talk about summit this but I would like to get into this because you're good gosh this Richard just in general on the golf thinks factors in. What's the what's the future for for sports in this town in general what's the next being. For for Charlotte as a sports town is it more golf like is they Charlotte becoming one of the premier golf cities in this country. Is it. I wouldn't talk a lot of a Major League soccer Major League Baseball thing picked up some steam a couple months ago so we'll get into that. In the 3 o'clock hour we're gonna get some golf coverage in here what if you live leaderboard updates throughout the show that Adams from the golf channel's gonna drop by with us at four alive here in the media center. And so will talks in PGA championship put him. And up also billboard gonna drop by we're thinking we're gonna hear from Ed McCaffery Christians dad. And I don't know some got its a three time Super Bowl winner so we'll talk to him are coming up later on in the show Jim millers gonna drop by we'll talk quarterbacks with him. And it will also in case you missed it here from Damir bird. Men of the night on Wednesday night for receptions 98 yards two TD former South Carolina Gamecocks trying to make this Panthers roster. Per second straight year that's gonna be our prime time every want to send us into the weekend coming up around 550. The number to jump in 7045709610. You can Texas there on the buildings that are text line. You can use that for the phones as well you can email us primetime at WFANT dot com. We'll get to that in the garage or through email inbox tweet us at primetime WFAN Steve Brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed. And right now brown leaped through August 31 is. 31 is offering zero interest financing for eighteen months on any purchase it's over 1000 dollars that's diamond earrings necklaces or even a diamond ring. For as low as 56 dollars a month eight locations in Charlotte. Or online at brown lead Jewelers dot com so. Great ways to get involved tweet us text us. Call us and gobble will get you all sorts of stuff throughout the next four hours with Richard walker from the gas because that. Hang it out on a Friday but Richard this is what I wanna get into. As our question of the day and I would have some follow this on a Friday talking some football talk and some NFL. I did you watch that Stravinsky last night did you get to see his debut for the bears. I actually didn't on our side highlight all of it looked like he really did well dominant from what I saw he showed a heck of a lot more mobility than I ever Sean North Carolina and I guess. The one full season obviously last year and and he got some you know after a few. Plays here in the airman you know who knew he could be this mobile. He just looked comfortable out there and like I admit this on the front end. A lot of what he was doing last night was checked out Charlie but even that for a quarterback and I'd always going up against second Davidson third string defense is out there. But he was getting the ball ball out quick he was getting the ball out on time he was finding the open man he was reading the field and your right when something broke down okay. On gonna take off with my legs and I thought I could bedevil okay hit man of course it's blowing this thing about it is they know they are of course he's gonna comment and your point him and it it strikes me that part of Chicago's interest in him. That in North Carolina never really used a whole lot was we losing locker where's Richard walker that we lose them back in the studio what happened there they didn't want designed rollout its. Yeah no you're right I mean in and I don't know that we ever saw about a north Caroline. No I I he just looks. Comfortable last night and secure many committed the offense to get a comfortable you get guys like liner toward that also making his debut last night and him saying yeah. It felt easy however everything is going to be hard to fill these last night you not read to be bigger jump from the SEC you're the most comments I'm thinking. Hi yeah I get the benefit of the doubt last night Richard and say I don't think letter for that really meant that in the way. That heat that came across arm I think that might have been just the guy who is who really might have been genuinely surprised that. It's public isn't pre season football he's he thought wow this isn't. All that different from them what I'm used to but it's pre season football like brown business is gonna pick up letter for that to hook up. And it's not like Leonard for NASA has not been. Had a microphone placed in front of his face Knoll for last 56 years so it's it's kid it's not his first rodeos from sand and you know you can cannot. A lot of players that maybe came from small medium markets serve a little we know media markings there while he's ever had. Interest in talking animated this is a guy that's playing in the past Loveland and in LSU football. Rivals the New Orleans Saints and interest in that state so there's no chance that he has not had the media glare upon him and for him to say that. Mean he really thinks that and I secure new regret having said that move forward because I suspect a lot lot of markers and defensive backs and defensive momma gonna hold other. And remind him that it's not as easy as he thinks whenever they get a hold up. Yeah I who's funny constant try to find it now will Brentson I think earlier today had we get something out. Com about. You're ago he's this friendly reminder Cam Newton misses are how well Britain from CBS sports. Is this friendly reminder Cam Newton 2011 pre season stats. 4457. Passing 42% completion percentage 300 yards. Five point three yards per attempt with one touchdown no interceptions. He then went on to set the rookie passing record in week one and the like we got a temper our expectations with some of the stuff sure. And I think may be. Idol is and it worked almost weird the opposite way wouldn't it Stravinsky last night where. I think people were talking him so much because the bears took him when nobody thought they would take him and they traded off the spot to go get them when they probably still could've got them where they work. That people I think started the project all the stuff on the extra risky where it's like man this guy's gonna sock and he's gonna suck because you guys gave up all this stuff and traded up to go get a and last night. He was an incredible. But it was code he was good especially the guys around him like he wasn't quite the guys through the Glenn was playing well also by the way in this moment in not pre season football history I'm reading headlines from the New York Times that reads NFL pre season. Leave out tools mating in and he had a journey pre season blowout chargers 33 colts 3 August 23 1998. Well and then to import pressing you know. Does anybody really care I mean I'm always amazed that the fifteen there's 014 in the pre season and loses every other magically Allen five. But if you go on foreign won them or nobody cares that you went on for the pre season and when journalism then pre season means nothing to me what I took away and again this is watching how rides. North Carolina never used mr. Bruschi. And forced him to be mobile like the bears and I felt like with with Mike Glenn who sought NC state do a lot of the same sort of pass. Up plays. Formations that drew miscues in North Carolina I thought they use the same not Lindsay blundered by maybe Tony can win unless Mitt. You know Glenn is not a very mobile guy never has been bit too risky look rather nimble to me and we just have never seen him. Given that much of an opportunity to do that a North Carolina and maybe that's going to be. Kind of the revelation that that the bears someone their workouts. Drafted him and now they're pursuing that even more now that they have them. And it can work with them Romania. And I must say and kinda bad Joba and understand and the way they ran their offense didn't call for. Quarterback to be mobile lack death. All right let's do this Richard walker hanging out with us we're here lies PGA championship 99 PGA championship to quell hollow club on a Friday with you until six. Richard back in his studio. We got Taylor's ours are about 45 minutes Gillick to talk to our boy cheesy he's on the call right now. Four out what we're seeing out on the course here at quail hollow club get to him at three met at a from the Golf Channel is for bill both were working on time could appear to practice in the next hour sort try to fit don't vote then there's nothing really happened yesterday as we can't bring bill on to say now but is he being media what's he doing right now and he's been meeting okay so we'll figure that went out at because we and we have a special surprise form so we might have got his production done. Good okay so if he's gonna be media I'm gonna comment amenities of all right so we'll get the bill. Ed McCaffrey we're thinking around 5 o'clock era we're hopeful for that Jim Miller we'll talk to this deal thinks quarterbacks with a former NFL QB former bears quarterback hit man's like. His pants or offer announced earlier a beer bird. If you visit it is hot out here and as a little more to be a bird. Our prime tell everyone else that is into the weekend coming up around 515 he was also for the Panthers last night we had this NAFTA with our word of the day don't worry we're getting him right now listening closely. Your keyword. Pencil that is your keyword right now to texted 72881. You're number to text. Pencil win 1000 dollars right now you're keyword pencil. PE and CIL. 72881. You're number to text. And it's a national cash contest where messaging data rates apply good luck there we get a break come back. We answered this question with when we return on our question of the day Robiskie balled out last night. We saw Christian McCaffery have a nice debuted to show Watson had a nice debut couple other guys last night at some nice debuts for rookie of the pre season games. When it's all said and done let's go five years from now be best player from the 2017. NFL draft class is going to be who we answer after this primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Crack open a cold I don't think that's allowed in the media center though right. Think it's frowned it's on it's early yet it's clear that it's just keep it out of sight perhaps we get shared source Lynn. Right next door she's waving basically the right now you'll hear reports throughout the afternoon your prime time power by ortho Carolina. And WT updates on what's going on. Out there quail hollow Kevin K Isner as we get your first leaderboard update the day brought you Mikey what island golf resort prop host of the 20/20 one PGA championship. Back to back sixty sevens to open up for Kevin Kitchener he's sitting three clear of the leader. Opening up today and not word if we thought of opening up today which is going to be tore Boyle listen the kids are closed strong yesterday he grabbed the lead by a stroke in any extensive. How with another four under today sellout pretty impressive stuff for. For kids they're the Aiken South Carolina guy. And they its mother locals around their Grayson Murray was near the top of the leaderboard are earlier but Murray is tunnel for his name now buries take it a bit of or Merck gave me a little bit of a dime he's just one on the afternoon at 5% of still tied for seventy sit there are two under Brooks kept good there at three under with a host of others. Including Ricky dollar we get to watch him earlier so get used to PGA championship updates throughout the show Sharon's next door and now we're also getting here. Coming up in just a little bit from Matt Adams from the Golf Channel here before Taylor sorcery three and of course he's on the call right now you'll hear that two to seven. Saturday and Sunday right here on F and the and don't forget you get another crack a 1000 dollars coming up at 5 o'clock. With our Grand Slam giveaway. And I would do that coming up in just a couple of hours your last chance to get in on this so makes you listen in you can always get details at W offense C dot com. Garage doors it's opening topic of the day all parts of Richard walker back in the studio we're here at PGA championship the quail hollow club Damir bird Panthers wide receiver that'll be your prime time rewind coming up. At about 550 incentives into the weekend if you missed him yesterday and we will get into your a boy's Richard BZ Gil Eliot suspension coming out today six games for those who missed that number reading through right at the letter the NFL sent to Ezekiel Eliot. And this is some pretty interesting stuff so we'll get into that later on. I'm not surprising the NFL doing what day is do which is. Paid Friday afternoon news dump. We've got a big story that we don't want anybody talking about is it really bad for us though usually comes out around for the and I guess with this out with how big and monumental this is a came out earlier in the day gas soul I wanna get your thoughts on it Richard we'll get into it a little bit. And so we'll do that then we also gonna talk about the same like in straight off the Clemson fans in the area one out to root for a a new team as a relates to Sammy Watkins who's just been a severe disappointment. Especially with the other wide receivers that were in the draft and it's I don't know that many here blame them for other than his body just kind of betrayed him a little bit in the health has been such a big issue sort talk about that stuff coming up. In a little bit. This is what I wanna get into those 7045709. To extend our question of the day Robiskie played well last night if you missed it his debut for the bears and know what was it a bit clean up time Richard. But his debut for the bears last night mixture risky for for the opening drive. 44 yards passing. A two yard touchdown pass ought to Victor Cruz and then he goes five of five on a second drive leading to a TD he didn't throw the TV but it TD but it led to a TV. And he starts nine for nine on the night eighteen of 45 overall 166. Yards one passing TD. In a 103 point one quarterback rating first okay I'm going to be careful Mitchell Robiskie Mitchell Drabinsky North Carolina so pretty good debut last night. For Mitchell Drabinsky. But he's not the only one Christian McCaffery the other night we saw him seven carries 33 yards four point seven yards per carry in a lot of this stuff was just. Good old fashioned running which is what a lot of people doubted this guy could do any NFL. Did Shawn Watson we saw him on Wednesday night fifteen or 25 passing. 179. Yards he also had three carries he had the forty feet 44 yards rushing he had that what was it fifteen yard touchdown run I believe. On that touchdown scamper. I'm so we've seen some guy Hayes over the last couple days is pre season football ratchets up these young guys are having some nice debuts so far so what I wanna know is if you're picking one guy. Five years from now you're gonna walk away if they get back I was the best overall player in the NFL draft I'm not talking about steele's I'm not talking about. Value. Just talent the guy's gonna the best career biggest impact. Five years are now who's that guy could be it doesn't matter where he was draft to what round he was selected bar none none of that stuff who's going to be the best player from the NFL draft so what say you Richard walker. I've been on has shown Watson bandwagon a long time I think he was a special part clumps and I think he's gonna continue to miss pressured by another foul. I see no reason to doubt. I think it's going to be a crowded field I think you're gonna have. 45 guys in this draft class I think can be really is NFL players. I'm McCaffrey's got a chance you know it'd be really fascinating how Chicago handles Drabinsky he has all the skills I mean. Obviously it's easy sale. What do you mean it's going to be interesting to see how they handled it different than they are well when they start I'm not one of them wanted to give him the keys in the car because you don't give Glenn and that big contract and then say all. Who oops you know what we're gonna play the rookie now but. You know. Hour's drive you know again I did once again mom and I was really intrigued by the by the other highlights. And the play formations in the way they used to be a ski in the fact that he showed. And ability to scramble. That really how we just has seen amount loved here in North Carolina fans up in how much must North Carolina football games and I just don't ever remember him in the this kind of a mobile quarterback it really wasn't what his skill set of the way they play college North Carolina so you know on our own fault them for. Not putting Eminem position but it struck me that they ran more of a classic. Old school drop back you umbrella pocket Ito is deep firm the middle or to the flanks to all the talented pieces the had a North Carolina. And the fact that Chicago was his doing design and roll outs. Both for and against his arm that was fascinating to me because he just never did that mean as Osama side. Well Russell Wilson and it stayed in his and the Seattle Seahawks for several years and that's to defeat his. So as. You know disadvantaged risk he's a big tall grass I don't know why you would necessarily road map unless you really feel like. He can throw on the run and you can take advantage of some of the mobility that I get artists and we just not CNET from Hammond. They looked to me like you know one of those scrambles he may be Eddie got down to avoid getting hit any picked up his first down and then and move the chains. Well I get the I get for a lot of people who didn't watch CCC footballer did watch Carolinas through it to the state where does that come from and how on earth after one year was he good enough. The DA a number two overall pick any NFL draft. But if people knew his story and coming out of Ohio the Buckeyes wanted him so bad there Meyer wanted him so bad he was mr. football in the state of Ohio. Mr. misty probably could've gone any college he would've wanted to in the country he chose to go to North Carolina which was a bit of a surprise and then he makes it would have been. Obviously. As he had that he had to wait the wings' first few years yet it made some people think oh this guys just not as good as people thought he was but I think you watch him last night to get on with you which is the pre season game a lot of it was checked down stone but I just like the quickness and the efficiency. And the decision making him being decisive in getting the ball out quick getting it out on time. I mean use it to me you saw yet it has got the talent like it's it's not it wasn't Lockett was and happenstance that guy got drafted. There is talent there now whether that turns into anything. I'll will be interest to DC here's what's really interesting Kelly story was tweeting me this earlier at primetime WS fancy proudly Jewish Twitter feed. You know Richard how hard I beat the drum. Free pass rusher for the Panthers a number rate in this draft class like I was all in on the idea of go get that Nextel defense today and that Charles Johnson. And Julius Peppers can groom you can bring them along slowly. And then you're set for the next five to ten years when she got them. And I was a big fan of Derek Barnett and what is Derek Barnett do for the Eagles last night. All I don't know two stacks. Minus twenty yards. Two tackles for loss and two quarterback Kurt for Derek Barnett so. The UT ball who we know Omar Gaither is happening yes Omar is a big Derek Barnett fan leading up to the draft to for obvious reasons but. Derek Barnett the guy I loved leading up to the draft and I would have been ecstatic at the Panthers had selected him. I know that wasn't a popular decision. And I know last night against a pre season game but they're Barnett. Flash less I just all the people about their Barnett all the stuff about all he's only got a few moves or does that delete. Power and strength because an elite speed and you know he's not going to be. Upon Miller type I don't know man I just watch that guy break Reggie White sack record in the SEC and that doesn't happen by accident. I'm gonna say dare Barnett got a little something something that other guys don't have. Well and then the thing about it is you know you don't overreact to one game trends and that's from Santa. I don't so much care about what you risky it is just the way it is Chicago used in this so different than what he was used. What Texas there were to Shawn Watson we've seen for three years pumps. Yup may use the same god I also think. With the Panthers and I'm I don't wanna sound disrespectful remark Africa's I think he's gonna MF complex opt out send there was still a man I still set a new and we've talked about my own. On the show previously. The most underrated undervalued play in college football this year was Curtis Samuel ran about 85 yards to pick up fifteen. Yeah home third and long against Michigan to give them. Ohio State the chance to even attempt to go for a fourth down they may have gone forty UN because I had since little faith in their tickers. But Samuel made the plan to hear from our state they're not in the playoffs yeah no doubt and I and I think you know and other games I sign he jumped off the screen Timmy did. You know I think we need to get his hamstring healed up but I think he's finishing piece. And Townsend young player and then you know there's no I mean I. This draft Afro like many Johnson four time prime timer tend guys that can really begin solid long term NFL players artist. I'm just honed in on Watson and I felt that way since really late in his freshman year glimpse I just think he's got some special debt to him and you know it's hard to put your finger on it. But Clemson is good as they've always been a they've never had a guy that he took them to places they had never previously been I mean you know they want and after Jim Jim it was a different format. And they had all the expectation the target was on the back our yearlong. Yes you maybe they can lost NC state did did lose to Pittsburgh somewhat I mean he he ticked them with a changeup and I think about Watson are really I've always liked about him. Is with a rare exception when the moment is the greatest he comes up biggest and you know the NFL is ultimately how every Whittle it down it comes on a Gaza to my boys or not I'm convinced Shawn Watson as the guy who can make life I always love this that. Additional loss of 32 interceptions in his college career he had to in the entire. Fourth in any fourth quarter and an entire career the 32 and one was the only one who's this year and then any got to just couldn't tell what Alabama's. Defense in back to back national championship games and racks up almost a thousand yards of total offense combined. Yi Al ride with that guide to show a lot to do would go to the phone 704570. Nights extent still on asking is this our question of the day. Five years from now on pure reading I was selected I don't care about value any of that stuff is best player. From the 2017. NFL draft class is so far these rookies about tonight's debuts. In these pre season games who do you think's going to be the guy that is going to be the best overall player from the 2017 NFL draft what's good and Nate who want to jump then. You talk where this today what Sunday. Look at our guys are very likely that no brainer throat two as far back. I mean come on you guys are right now we're going to be getting out there as the first fan watching him last night just I'm doing the pilot hailed those arms. Actually it is going to be patient. Much different than you guys on your board mr. Gretzky. I answered questions for you wind got it quite a bit and play like a garbage cans and it's first Kirk are trapped more than a expect. All we're really talking about Mitch. And to pocket even put him in the conversation. When Nicky butt so much to move well once followed that would like. Truth first and second not fourth oddly they do of the whole kitchen sink for that care so. Like I said I think Barnett at this stage state kicked the ticket one of those protect players but. Don't forget what they do it took rescue played. I guess to man coverage and third stringer that's right they encourage you guys watch decade sir itself and other oppressed in other next subtitle work talk about all that. Element Chicago. Yeah BO OK so breakout Eagles both on and that's what they're for the next three hours and he can make calls it well actually also this all defend the bears a little bit is to this key. Actually proves to be like an upper half of the NFL quarterback which is really what you need right you need like. You need someone that's serviceable English well I think he can do they would draft him right but we look back to actually read I mean in my opinion were Richard I don't think they gave up that much they gave up. Are obviously they swapped first and then they traded. Dare first. Third and fourth picks this year and then their third round pick for next year and there. I mean 34 round guys maybe you hit a one of those of one class if you're lucky to get a good draws me. And if you trade up where he and why is it's the start of the third with a third round draft and it's also about you know how do you how well or are you financially in your shower cap structure. I mean it. Again based on the salary cap remember the years you know it was. It was considered just a horrible train by New Orleans every year's gonna friends and hold draft to get Richie Williams the look at much free agency money credit more than and they got good could not even New Orleans didn't pan out from what they wanted to meet him and. An example with Atlanta too I mean I everybody kill them and then this anything's case and wants and gets traded today. I two to Philadelphia. For those who who didn't see that story earlier today. And it's the same ease that trade where if if he was good all the stuff that dealt buffalo gave up four draft night. I'm not talking about that's like old religious comes out did you do scouting right. It's featured guy. Does it matter which you give up toward. Now that Saddam I mean. What is it I mean in Atlanta traded up to get Julio Jones do you think to have buyers' remorse for dawn and heck now I mean they're they're delighted they got Julio Jones they won't hear they got the player they wanted them no matter how much they give up again. Well here's one odd double cook a text their rights in buildings that are text like capital for 57 or nights extent. Is he sin embargo that I've messed that up on thicken the George Matthews trade with the Eagles is the goals I've made a deal there. I sending him to buffalo so buffalo actually since Sammy Watkins to the Los Angeles rancher right texture. Thanks for the correction there because that is correct to say Watkins city LA rams. It's the bills doing another deal with Brandon dean as their new GM are getting Jordan Matthews from the Eagles and sending him off to buffalo to protect the rights and Allstate Galvin cook Minnesota got Adrian Peterson are. Adrian Peterson replacement without a first round pick get you a 41 overall in the second round and he could be the a felt I think yesterday's that he thought Thomas Cook might be the number one. He said either one or two number one number one or number two running back overall in this draft class regardless of where what that's what Felder was saying yesterday. And they got a patchwork offensive line right now so his production the other night was an awesome. But I I'm a big down in cook fan I'd like to fit for him for the Panthers. In the second or third certificate got them. And EF thirteen plays 43 yards from scrimmage I in some different capacities the other night but they're offered to watch right now Minnesota's habit of mass or well. About a chris' age old draft question do you. Would you rather have a ten or twelve gear solid productive offensive linemen defensive lineman or do you want that. Flash in the pan exceptional five year offensive guy. I mean oil what are you won't I mean. Both Gaza productive for your team as long as you don't have aflame downing Francis of miles Gere plays for the browns for twelve years and is a solid. 45 time pro bowler they got to be happy with that but you know it's too risky. Goes on the beat Tom Brady or something they'll get criticized for gosh you could've drafted richer this game big miles Garrett I mean. It's always going to be a bit of a crapshoot minutes it's a really interesting debate. I I'm always fellow NFL because. If you're telling me I know you're no I'm gonna have a twelve year. Six or seven time pro ball offensive lineman or say. How risk. Injury prone running back it's gonna gimme for primary years which when you go with that I mean I think that's a great debate because. A lot of people say they want to have the skill player because I'm from attack Obama can do with profits of uneven there is a great linemen. Twelve years she's not a playmaker he's not put points on the board he's not scorn. Touchdowns he's not give Nesta super balls I mean you know I think it's an inching debate Mitt. If you have a good sign in and Minnesota govern could can be great and it won't matter murders Athens and has amassed. Yeah no I agree on that we had to be able tweeting NF primetime WFNC brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed. I'll back to back actually Jolie's is joking here may be serious and a Bobby seriously he's got a chiefs logo on his Twitter account and both of those guys saint Patrick Holmes. I don't know maybe I just I I don't believe in airy quarterbacks on the on the wheel to go there let's go to the phones Matt wants to jump in and dot talk actually matches drop off. What happened do we lose that. I think we did we lost mad and Arafat wants to call back we'll get him back at 704570. 96 tenths tie the goldfish saying I do you wanna Chris Johnson type for Jonathan Stewart type are basically. Yeah I mean that's we are talking about it in running back I differentiation. Another text reading and Daven cook. As best but sleeper future good player rep at running back Dionte Foreman. Do was a beast at Texas and showed up weather system. First the Panthers yes he might be a sleeper but we're talking sleepers were not talking value and not talk and steals mormons probably not going to be the starter for another two three years because they Lamar Miller yes and then like I don't I mean look we debated Richard leading up. The idea about Leonard for netter Christian McCaffery ultimately the jags make that decision form other letter for net last night nine carries 31 yards one TD. He had a pretty similar stat line to a Christian McCaffrey had in their debuts so that's good adapt to me is going to be the fun one to watch a play out over the next couple years. Oil a lot of it is based on how are you used to mean yeah for instance if if you are piloting that Emmy for instance if OK let's put format cook and McCaffrey in and in a group like. OK if you're telling me one of those gas gets 300 carries this year one of those guys is 200 carries this year was does his 100 carries this year. And now okay it's thirty passes was it shocked that the Dow through her carries is coming more productive. Not as many more efficiently may be the 100. Kerry got plays on team that doesn't have to have them then got other weapons and he's really effective player ins you know. Despite not getting to 200 more care is I mean. I you know that's a that's an interesting debate do because really I think truly have to look back at NFL Brasco aren't we talk about the NBA draft unique. For five years of body worked accounts are okay this is where these jazz win. And and and how did how did that play out because. If McCaffrey is a the third top running back in the Panthers go twelve and four run that division is in Bagram London that a player that they can I had maybe ahead of him. Is that a is that as the rookie the chairman AmeriCares and that the defense is that a good Peerman you're not complaining about. McCaffery being a part of one of them the one of the skilled players on a really good team I mean. You know obviously. When you Peterson comes along and if down on took turns and of that and good for Hamburg. Who knows I mean it's a lot about opportunity in the system that your team runs and does is it geared for your talents and that's the thing I think is the real question here in Charlotte because. You know Cam Newton is yet to show that he can be. A finance touch quarterback in the weather maybe Tom Brady is BS he now has a skill set and a lot of accessory parts does that leave him in that direction and we'll see if if that's when it plays out and then McCaffery clearly would play a big growth that should be successful. Could a Mac real quick before you to break Ken's gonna jump in here to Matt what's up man what do you think they guy's arm I ugly would you had a two shot Watson not. I think he's in the best situation here is for rookie quarterback you can be that's pretty much credit they playoff team around him that are. Yes talk around a back but I guy gal love to see you can't Urbina got its best status draft class. Don't forget about I don't like him but you know makes them. Our most scouts that he was the best running back in this. In the draft but you know he had it there are some other issues because they're coming back but he was even drafted you know you know that they would take it. Shot on our Camby would follow what allowed him charity is very calibrated. You know I think it's five years you can look at and say he was best player. Him and I appreciate the call yet it's that's yet to god it's gonna be interesting to watch the end. That's it that's the team out of the Kennedy had any qualms about. You don't deal with any blowback about selecting a guy like that if form for good or for bad date date you think Cincinnati was scared about taken on a player with that type he around before the draft I would I would say the answer probably. No one that tens of next week to break. And we continue this conversation our question of the day. Taylor's ours are about fifteen minutes he'll join us live here at the PGA championship D'Qwell hollow club. When it's all said and on five years or not the best player from the 2017 NFL draft class will be too and is there anybody's gonna blow him. Will appear to fans that are not gonna secrecy McCaffrey did we haven't won McCaffery vote today no one not one yet somebody actually texting and he's saying he feels like the Panthers blew it they could have so many other players better than McCaffery we Teddy pick overall. That's interesting. I think we get a break come back we continue board virtual walker after this sub prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. This is nothing personal Richards. Brian Todd Howard by ortho Carolina I don't know if there's a guy. I can't see any tire sports history Charlotte but I think from a coaching standpoint. In this town that I'm just so glad we ought to do with that anymore be fifteenth like those answers right there at net like gravelly voice from John Fox. You know every time before you ask him a question what the answer is going to be good you can go Stewart for beta word for word what his answers get a bit. Before you ask my question absolutely. That I mean that's down by read their proxy nobody saner giving mr. risky the starting job right now. Nobody's nobody's asking if you're gonna go make him your number one quarterback tomorrow because Sally played in the preceding him to get you give us something man some thin. I don't miss those days whatsoever. That boy put up I won't wartime I swear this if you're Panthers fan it is not yet dear John Fox's voice and it doesn't matter what he's saying Billy you just laugh that played as Bible more time talking about mr. this deal last night. Just up two sets to one game you know when pre season game I don't think. Over an object of football team murdered picked depth chart to you know after one precision game. It's not dear lord that guy don't miss that guy whatsoever all right 7045709610. I'll one text deriding and I've got a couple of these tax. Talking about the best rookie from the Tony seventeen NFL draft class when it's also done five years from now once since we're talking a rookie that could be the best. I have distinct Rubin Foster linebacker from Alabama went to San Francisco at the end of the first round they cleaned up pretty well for themselves with Solomon Thomas. And then getting Rubin Foster were there for 21 round picks now bad. I firfer John Lynch in his first year at the office and I he says the kid was a beast at bam all pro style type defense and it's going to be a freak of nature. In the league. Possibly a suburban Foster somebody similarly cooker he's gonna be the best player in five years dude has even seen a range. Steers the one tech hero Tim Richards did you guys feel that we could do that so many better players than CMC I feel if we threw away a rare top ten pick for this team. But your point earlier this is the thing about Christian it's like you can't doubt the talent. But there that the one variable with the way he plays that you have to constantly find a way to get him involved in your offense it's not just gonna be lineup hand him the football. In goalies not that type of player at the rams found ways to get Marshall Faulk involved right but it's got to be data all the time it's gonna be dedicated to got to be building your offense around a student I get a right now Stewart sir but still the number would back it should be. But you're Christian McCaffrey's career. He's gonna have to be based around who was offensive coordinator is who's quarterback is. And are they consistently finding ways to get on the ball like death that they had an average that that might be the tough they would McCaffery we handle. Without setting his hands full. It and think about this at McCaffrey good news but say he's had an eight year career yeah. And rushes for 5000 catches passes for 2500 is that a successful career pretty much more than that. I'd like I don't know I mean I think this guy being given the current land this land I don't think he has much more opportunities based own. The way this team is gonna constructed like prisons I don't see a 1000 yard rushing season out of him as we speak today now. If Johnson's Georgetown next year. And mr. McCaffrey is the featured running back yeah that's a possibility because he's certainly young at the opportunity to get a thousand yards rushing. But I don't think they percent now up to be that way just now. What's your point I'm not a guy like Reggie Bush who read a 5500 yards rushing and then that almost 3600 you're receiving. Throughout his NFL career like to me I think that's a safe. Typo or not that's really good production by the way for people thought with the are overrated in Chittagong where I want but I think. Christian McCaffrey can deliver that type of production and it could be even stronger than that. Like if you're going out of your way to be creative and fun ways to get on the ball which you gotta do that that's the one thing it's not a Christian McCaffrey's control. But it's not gonna be because the guys overrated or is not be good if just because he's so different you gotta be. Different often don't get him involved why. Based on what we sort of fan fast and some of training camp settings I suspect McCaffrey's gonna get some. Yards and returning punts and kicks right. I would say that text editor in about I don't know how much how little I mean obviously. You don't ever really long rumored to remember Steve Smith made his yet name only on special teams just are worth before he became. More known as a receiver from his first play is apparent there was a return kickoff return for a touchdown. Yet Tex the right cities as I personally think to Sean could be the best player in this draft by far five years that's want to go and then my boys spanky tweet sent. Spanky did you tweeting in on the rally dealers put her feet he says the Shawn Watson. Will be a franchise quarterback and then those don't come around very often he might be too shocked that a popular answer today it was good can you what do you didn't. I eat the wrong one I did you did that song that's on yet to me that's user or can my apologies how are you man. Those girls source dot com some great sound like a little homer Bloomberg data really origin term will be in there. Try out goes. He should simple there will be just simple sort of factors play an inmate cheaper defense. He pros start pouring in maybe a little cooler some say to someone back who. They want monitored. Mobility it will be the pretty good shape. Yeah that's that that's that's an interesting one that I think. Again ate it didn't seem like Panthers fans rom onboard. Throughout the draft process Richard the most or on any defects of players like eight dear part of maybe for a couple of people maybe you were Jamal item thermal leak cooker governor general to Philippine defense won an offense for the steamrolled. The whole entire draft class with sexy get an offer to players and score points. On the galaxy Baghdad well. Don't you think the perception was that. They had to get the offense straightened out to maximize whatever I mean. And again it it it does strike me is if you're gonna make Cam Newton your franchise quarterback while on earth would you not surround him with town to pieces to make him. Successful and more important why would you surround him or at least trying to protect him with conference of vomit and it does seem like. As matches I've criticized them in the past for not doing it this offseason. You know why is there any is there much complain about them not doing that fremd is nothing offensive line. Is deeper mean are they more talented I guess time will tell but there certainly deeper and more options and offensive line and as we've seen in recent years and it's gone bad. What did you guys gets hurt it's a train wreck at that position and I think there's little doubting. That whether these gas play out or not there's a heck of a lot more choice for him to play were asked and Mike Shula come up with place for. At the skill positions remain. You know you got Kelvin Benjamin you got to hear Murti showed something there precision you got Stewart McCaffrey and Samuel who were. You know runners slash receivers and I think there's little doubting that there's more toys at least at first glance now. Does the potential role as the potential fulfilled and these gas producer on the field or is it just look good for now I mean obviously time will tell on some of that meant. It is as you stated I mean clearly the real repairing a retooling a upgrading our offense was the offseason. Priority and you know as far as bodies they've done that now does that mean you need to make sure the defense is guts I think that's. One goes with the other but clearly they did not focus much of any attention on the defense than hoping that the return of players Peltier players or make them better. John impairment texting at least as sacrosanct Trish McCaffrey could be the most impact fully dynamic player in 2017 draft but a five years nobody setting mixed Robiskie. Mitchell excuse me too risky will be you will garner more attention to praise from the national media simply because he plays the quarterback position on both are going to be in her role. In their team's success so we'll get back into this a little bit we're gonna talk to a Jim Miller he did the bears game last night talk quarterbacks available talk about some of these rookies what he saw too risky. Quick Panthers nobody is built boats tied up practices going on in the next fifteen minutes for the Panthers. They're back down their Wofford College. Practicing it gives stadium today feels a little swampy. Talk Curtis Jamie earlier today met with the media during availability. And he says hamstring felt funny the first practice and then it began to feel. Quote fatigued afterwards he said this has been mostly precautionary so maybe that changes some feelings on and and Curtis same deal I him coming out today and say most of this stuff with him not practicing not running all that much I is precautionary instead of by. Absolute need. Maybe if these are regular season games against point today so maybe that changes and they Fred Ross is back today Fred Ross is back today no sign of Bernard Butler right now and also not surprising there. And again if you heard didn't hear that yesterday MRI negative. I know tears her radio ligaments. Our but it is listed as despray no timetable for his return after going down grain as its hair yeah but no complete tears I suppose is what's been reported from Jordan Rodriguez dole both. And then also. The IR he's on I orbiting Marleau are cleared waivers the other day we hit a break come back on the other side. Who we talked it we're here quell hollow ball the man the myth the legend Taylor's ours or draw flies on the call. To a radio this week out as the reason he's leaving the Booth to come to come join you very bad threat that's big time and we made it we get to a TC's next prime time powered by ortho Carolina.