Preppy Panther Quiz

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Friday, June 8th
Mac tests Preppy on his Panther knowledge. Check out how many he gets right.

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Here it is OK we did the same thing with Osborne because we really crappy is Osborne to point out when it comes Japan's I don't know where we keep ordering these guys from. But somehow we can get the same sort of cat here daddy comes on wants to argue with us about how good Panthers are but it was a play this little game he's a fan and I'm just keeping it real. Well Osborne got three out of ten right it was shown to be to complete fraud. And we Saudi laws as a cancer sand trap you claim to after your bills you claim to like the panthers' second. Even though you're in your actions and words on the show would would would actually make you think otherwise so here's a test will you go the way of Osborne and sailed us. Will you pass this and advance to around zoo we mess around around to its flat out on their polygraphs and we're gonna ask how we. On air all eras you flat out do you like to Panthers hopefully somebody if somebody did help us when that we need a polygraph machine and here's another. The ironic that the Hillary big in Iraq I don't. There's an investigator out there are PI or something and I don't know you don't know they're investigating era crimes isn't. It's there's some white cells Syrians are so why is it doesn't every sound guy gets comfortable are not her husband out. I don't know I should explain Joe's employer. But as a polygraph we need one for a second base globalstar. With a simple trivia contest press are you ready to show your fans or knowledge or lack Marat is far writing Andy well agents and now here's a system we use the same system as schools. A 60%. Is passing. I'm very low standard for our children but that's the way. I guess it is so if you get sick senator and you pass this you move on to the next AC polygraphs are here ago. What was Thomas davis' first Jersey number he wore when he came here to Charlotte for the panthers' first Jersey number was at number cystic. That is incorrect young crowd into. Thomas Davis wore 47 'cause he came in as a safety they used eminent Joker role to kind of combat Michael Vick were never part safety part climax while you let us. And what's gonna happen no I don't tied for pat on the as the I guess. I realized how does anyone just failed to set ablaze are tied for techno Euro somewhat that the it's tough but you know little remember that. Big dancer fans will actually remember watching Thomas Davis play stars in fourth grade when that happened. On here come the excuses and no excuse you have expenses are going to be excuses that I here we go let's do this on right here number two. The two it seems the Panthers have beaten multiple times. In play Allstate. It's. Bomb tests. All right I gotta think how the the don't usually do the jeopardy I say cardinals are definitely want to see him as having kids are first when it's right. And the cowboys know. That is correct I got down on Freddy got that one all right so crappy is one and one he needs to get six. Out of ten to survive the Panthers stand examination I'm trying to bust a full for being a fraud you all a fraud cancer as a trying to do here. I'm let's see here what do we have let's go. Which have a just one which statement of these three is not true about Cam Newton get Charles Sawyer. Which now know is a multiple choice almighty which statement is not true that Cam Newton. Number one is he's second all time behind Peyton Manning in total yards for a player in their first seven years and a league. Number Suez he holds the record for the longest touchdown run ever bite you big. And number three years he holds the all time career record for rushing yards by quarterback. Which one is an intrinsic to those are true and. So you said number it was it's number two because I know throw Pryor had a 93 yard touchdown run back in the day against the Steelers going cabernet Canon nine is something yard run. As the quarterbacks and though he doesn't have a long shot so that you did not base it off any cancer knowledge at all I just know that people have longer runs than him so I know that that's not true. That question sucked abounded that I totally is suddenly getting a question do you know you can't animal toys what are yards and as soon as the first play the game the only reason he got that is because he knows what Terrelle Pryor did not easier path what is cam Newton's longest run. Got to think it's that one against the falcons is eighty. Yes 72 yard run haven't we are running as the falcons wasn't an option domicile line was against the sounded Minnesota's and as a secular think they're gonna guess Taylor and vigilant and Indians and if ornery and act applies more season and good luck downfield preppy. I would see this is the first time that's got this question is destroyed just I was on the. Friendly bone predators off to a decent start all right also a DC OEU I never get a multiple choice on the from bow or don't you know make excuses obviously. Other fans are gonna rip me if he passes this quiz is going to be because my questions were maybe you sought our eyes how about this one right here. The Panthers playing when Jake DelHomme took over for Rodney Peete and rally them to victory. And held on the job for the whole Super Bowl season common knowledge playing in that game. But I always got the tax audits of O'Donnell almost the credit doesn't. So low low low low so excited and didn't tell me you know it didn't help me at all you are scroll to text while you're right here out of wit Jeter ran. So most of attacks are just doesn't get fan club did right now he's sitting. Well. I gotta say. Was it the saints. That is incorrect it was a season over rosary is jaguars -- trying to be struggling to loan comes in bing bang boom next senior note cardiac cats are born. So Trevor is not a good bone I just gave him a bad question he's not that usually are. Now these are I. Add pitching whatever the point 2% is not going to do it should just political wings and so I think six mortar I don't see what we have six more to go here and see what we have six more to go through this. The Panthers leader in passing yards for a single season. A steamroller. That is correct Tony got down one's 1999. 4400. Yards hot dog and what's and asked the question why why why why you did tie odds already. The reality I do see a problem here though as he recalled Osborne you've onsite and our form we'll tell you tell when questions come you think you stumble or inaugurate that we do you know you. I notice all week you told us yes Al the way I'm gonna go home and study. Now that's not sure it and study you guys have mentioned that on there before about steamer on leading in a solid low. Only event why do we have to inform people watch alias dvds they suffered sexual romantic idea I needed you hungry bunnies a minute I'm in the market Sony beat the Phillies a Villanova right now your love. Your group Parker yeah do you aren't how close this one was the cancer offensive lineman. Who now has become an actor Hollywood by the way fairly successful on mount who got a false start penalty. Against the Denver Broncos. Key situation in the fourth quarter we're lineup for field goal he flipped his lid and salute the flag. Got a personal foul penalty annexing you know we're out of field goal range and don't win the game. Was that why we're stir up off the slimy he is infamous in cancer history. Oh man from. Sager Al this interview he's going to do it's. I don't. Take. It'll also help do that question is Matt Willie theory go Matt Williams to give me a hundred and it's an island and never that's why I saw I saw that fighter and that was a game were kept returned an interception a 101 yards but ran out of gas applied to two or something like that. Crazy man hitting you would not you would your host of the Thai city got to do a flag tossing continuity of flags all people came out and a flag dogs I don't know. One of our best ideals and that was we're rated on a mat Willie. All right let's see here that these three just three and you know who knows that answer perhaps. You real pain as a saint OK real benefit as a cellular altered real sales. I let's see what we have here coming winning seasons to John Fox hats and Carolina all. And ever and I mean I know he never went back to back RC. Ever has. Obama he's not it was did you know. Including your trip is trying to help myself out of cans they also don't have heat on all day your attempt to merited a model says five. And is incorrect rate three winning seasons three playoffs. Nine years for foxy. Aren't known adamantly illiterate you feel better about don't I don't feel better now and Rivera's don't miles four times already. Like him greatly right daddy got better as the game went all generals say let's see your so it's three. Right ones for wrong once printing needs to get to six to pass his stand Quezon prove he's not lying to us all right all right here we go let's do this let's see what we got what player has the most receiving yards for a tight end in Panthers history. Greg Olsen. That is correct passed last call us and last year well the question for. You could be out of the country for the last four years ago that let's go to the west bulls Miami it was a good it was Greg let's be O Greg. Our guy is fourteen hours before you don't keep don't got to play deep ball this isn't it's just ridiculous laws don't ever compare because again Marty past season and oh yeah you did pass us this is ridiculous phone so there's a villain either let. It bones mind he's gonna promote either prepping Isabel and does he or you don't know Orion because I didn't answer the questions are hard enough. And in panther fan Sean May quit the bare butt on the bullpen. I'm let's see what else we have here policy will we've got. The Panthers playing in 1996. When he served her jump on a live ball in the middle of the game. Well I remember this is in the end zone I. Still much to ever play at all this does is still an amazing moment enter lore. Gosh I'm Chris Berman highlights. Can't answer the falcons. That is being correct incorrect and proud people must actually. This isn't good isn't it Matt is that a matter of fact that battle that was the Steelers has built cal was laughed about it. The guy I guess you're you know he was laughing no this definitely write ups Tom okay sue now your four right five wrong you one more question deceiving because here's the deal don't we will do an average of discourse here and it's more in the panther polygraphs. Has anybody ever given a Tampa saint polygraph more. Is is going to be huge moment now we just he sold a dorm polygraph machine. But here you go trap one last question for you. One player to John Fox have throw the ball across the field on a punt return in one of the worst plays expert in cancer history. But I'm gonna go with our money Edwards I have no idea that is incorrect Chris Gamble Chris Gamble zero RL. Return for the riveted it's almost any little wise place in history that is why the worst coaching decision is his franchise they were leading game and afford school repress. And base threw the ball across the field on a punt return and it was a turn over the vikings got it went down scored one against. Yet again who knows that both true panther fancy sky. I experienced it he's got fed up lawyer and even though angry about the trying to study and as I can you had to study all of that play in a book for summaries and. I do think I think you're overestimating the knowledge of panther fans I don't think that they would tell the guys my age were not know the guy they got kicked out and whatever ninety that was. Or 96 clearly did this is no matter will exact her now. Ali who's the current coach of the tent and I'll be sure you know that's Ron Rivera as the nation. I think he's got that right this dude says prepping your panther car has been revoked do you all think the questions are too hard at. I got an email to the questions are two largest got ten. Says this is not a real pain they're saying whereas he says he's a die hard fan and you know half of them to him what are the bridge standing up for him disguise the enemy is dudes trying to spread negative propaganda about our panther shalom backed up this guy. There was some thomas' backup running that noticeable years. Towards the end of the IDC nobody had a want you don't know in the nineties I because I don't think our own. So long more bills than Panthers yeah he's a dozen real bill singer not a repentance and just admitting you hate the Panthers based actually it's the answers you're not only they stepped down to a man hard anyway what I don't think about trapeze performance.