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Thursday, May 17th

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She's a sports broadcasting and WFANC legend. All as a newspaper described dividend is just DDoS. Any course of this series as John shut the hell up and get its size could save your priorities are pretty close he's up. These two guys are Newbold plus an up my drive. And Gary woods both I'm curious as peace and silver bullets. Third like I. James teen spirit we've Ted Stevens art cinema Tuesday. If you can't really good grip did she had rescinded his Super Bowl table. And it is sister it's cool look exactly like him sorry he's an icon and entertainer and as. Jokes hurting. I know you know the cause you Lloyd Bridges and drive chooses this season perhaps 1080. Warner our great American they want to help you minimize. This morning radio and knowing you actually won't need to wake up. Normally go to sleep he's also currently cracking open a nice cold silver bullet to solve I'm probably. Maybe having a folder to silver bullet to share important cold one will. Coors Light negotiations going that are great for his segment we like to call and 800 phone calls we've gyms so Lanny yes I. My first thing you. Is that too much build up foreign Jimmy. Yeah sure no doubt. Sure anybody can live up to that but if anyone KN UK and this remember when we Mitt. A long long time ago the good old days. They do is bring good results. And we've heard you were hit the built in bulb goes to the bucket of balls in that position at during the practice range. That have been that in bear sing god celebrity golf classic where I was actually one of the celebrities. They're probably hoping they were gonna drawl tinsel whiny and they got daring camps in the rock Jill Carroll that day and are terribly disappointed. Yea side this news story victories hill I think you probably wouldn't go that don't and I dad is serious that's too bad but it did. Most people don't believe that this would. I guess I was measured in Denver I did a little big man just. I thought shortest person in every market that don't. And the members that are very important here but we've we've we've got a guy in its feet as they did provide for. VoIP voice rockets is it stupid. So it any measure admit 59 point 78 spinach well. I would go with but just okay. So I'm told I'm nowhere near that any more natural. But. I could don't go in addition friend trader particulates. That serve record freshmen so here's what's gonna get it right we don't want listening you know. I think don't devote all and didn't act almost conduct a tennis ball but only if only golf ball. So Jason I think you would have dumped you. I was close I was gone and a basketball was. Elegance cost I was getting close I can grab the rim with two hands I could -- it as well I have done to tennis ball before so that I can check that off. I couldn't grip there I can bracket hang onto the river with one hand but I'm I'd maybe choose and you have over the rim that's a ticket to the golf ball. The other thing was. Also go to intent bad here. Indian trail. And so it took a hole let the seat. That whole war and I'm looking at the damn car Britain have a whole war was a peacock get golf quote. In the October 22 1983. Given the word rant about life Russia 49 an affront shut 38 on the back. But I had a whole war on thirteen. As sorry seven you're Butler. There. I remember playing with bill mine too important I mean nobody at this car at all pick up and present moment there right now. And until I was station manager that does kgo. And I'm not I doubt in my head kick but both of those there in Boca. And I hit it in your visibility cheap. And it feels insulate it. They get that big hit the pin whitbeck that you would bet you better bring your spot would. And also to go to that this spears was Torre will. Some modest when this fire fire here but it damn bit like a baseball bat in the pro cup. Straight in. A typical Russian. Over his stand ditch. But Carl loose screw it up all the way to the green associate ball in the cup. I'm proud to done the same thing. Yet now how many free drinks did you have to dive for that hole in ones M. The Japanese it is but of course bought. It is like. Sport gate round sake. Old. Serious get serious. And yes so anyway but does engage you go to our planes and that was. In what I'm gonna look in particular bat the whole war and all that. So I'm up both are going to. Tumbled in the rebel 300 that the first week in Poland discretion to get that I had like a 189 average debt or 187. 195 now the second team won 95 out clean. Which means no mrs. Opens don't visit notes. So there game. I'd never put step the first seven or eight and the first frame won't. Yeah pushed out number nine. Nine and then went through this strike and attend. All the so that. Everybody. Can get emotional talk about this. There was. An issue. Everybody sat down. Just sit down this couple. Bought it here with a machines. And up Berry won for the eleventh strikes. So I'm up there. But twelfth strike in a row. Sorry now that's okay Jim weigh it at that moment. Could you tell I mean was there a murmur of people behind you could you tell you had the support of all the people around you while this is happening. The holy stop blow everybody. All Joe's special ways that he took the boat so it looks all I can hear what machines. So I regret but like angle football. And stood up there and I remember. I remember exactly we're gonna let her step which you. Now. In Cairo might pop shots they hit it came off the side rail so that wrecked whatever you want call. And to get this but this has still backwards. And the police were freely. And I'm old and actually in especially yesterday and they're all watching they're all watching news. Biddle an average bowler troll perfect being. Told jokes and it. It's insulating you so so sprayed. You've got to bow when he's still backwards. You know so there was a look at him that in fact right now. Or one more than 83. This so perfect game at park lane who has. Incredible life here sort of emotional bit. You're deserves to get emotional Tim they're very few opportunities anybody has in life to do this thing they're choosing to do whether it's athletics or whatever and to do it perfectly. And I especially do it and. On a little bit about one night 7310. I've never ever in my life dreamed about bullet 300 game. Let an important that it did. So. Did you buy Zaki for everybody afterwards Jim. Oh they don't even hand saw it's our claims today it's it's. I hit the ball in the next league discretion these guys with with Bruce politics don't feel better. So that it has since passed away in an unbelievable way and they were both better posed to me so everybody's watching it all you could hear. You know this city here. A pin drop Bittermann and other drop. While. Lyle how did how did the next series scared to him in the congratulate. Call. We all up against the wall then the last two lanes that that 300 came record middle house. George Pappas our audience bit. So that it would have a book of the last two lanes up against the law which is where nobody wants to bowl. But. That's still low so it didn't matter. I'll of course not no I'd it would every Blake knew all the rest your frame you've all the rest your life that matter ration that him. Now let's hear you you're never gonna top that doesn't credible source does is the kind of things I mean. Movies and stories can be made out of that that's incredible. I'm I appreciate it's on the story Jim we we got to go to break Randall we really appreciate Colin and how.