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Thursday, April 19th

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Phil savage. Director of the recent Senior Bowl Alabama Crimson Tide radio network and of course for more NFL GM as well Phil are you doing man it's good to talk do you. I'm good career don't feel well yeah we're at their final countdown it's our hope we won in our program. Can you tell me what it's like I was asking this earlier I wonder what it's like still to be at GM this last week I'm sure it's unnerving to a certain regard. Is they hate in the barn what what type the work are you doing a week out from the NFL draft as a GM right now. I would say is it. Your. Vote does it it. Of the major meeting. They're my cat you know what light work out the court that bit that you're not yet today. They're probably bring and that last little better it could make it their data. To the table. And I know what I would be berated their their their their view over the brow next week. Almonte they include they've read my new water bottle or so or about or work. But also during that week you're really putting your your draft strategy together but that first round another art like the the pants there. OK what what they say and who would need to be available for up to walk to Luke well. Who would we take in order. Up crap for it and I are going like and then you know what we consider what we need to happen for up to move back in those they're all. That they're you know really decree with the weights and that you have to prepare for a pick a little easier now crypt they're you know. Not dramatic but perhaps it is your first round it can't operate in the dark at all but it started and the court Beckett third round and another break. And temperature auto plants together that a third day of the draft. We're talkative. Phil savage recent Senior Bowl director on Twitter is that Senior Bowl Phil serious sex them. NFL radio SEC radio network Alabama Crimson Tide radio network is really does it all and he's with this right now. On the technique con guess like you guys do mocks correct as as teams probably not the same way fans and media members do we you guys mock. Selections and away aboard might fall for you guys stood to play some of those examples out in case that happens in in the real life situation correct you guys do mock drafts like that. You know I think they'll do it. All they can't in my experience we can't really worry about what the other team we're going to do with their toy police want to make sure that. Regardless of Alex. Fell well that we were Koppel with the players that we were going to get out we typically would break. You know one of our gathering is that there are one of the guys and go off the better hey. You know take in career for pop perhaps would have beat the other what if there were a consent name. So it would their pain itself if you it was. May be somewhat of a guideline as to who might be going ahead happy but. The truth they have a beer and there we were open at trying to figure out what do we were recorded by about. Whatever everybody else would go to court validate. Cryptic you know they're a hot spot perhaps out there and you know period a year ago you know it really had that happen that. And they need to be able more accurate. Maybe that what we have out there now. If somebody came up do you. A week out still at that time at Citi Field you know what Rick if something came in from the league office the draft starts now. You're on the clock which you've been able to make your pick which if you confident about it. I would say most news we would have been able dispute that. You know. There would have been no prayer faith in other words there are eight individual work out. Or some sort of information came bear. From the column by you know all of drew or the medical week check repealed not that it. But it change our opinion are where by. By and large job I would say about two weeks out from the drought in reality. He he got it. I have an idea what you at least hope what happened and I would say what the brow. You know their pick and number one and not our. John Dorsey had at prep copper that belief that day. Pre draft that they and you know I would say bad that currently currently he would be sitting. On its hands knowing exactly what their plans or predict there. Or talkative Phil savage longtime NFL GM recent Senior Bowl director as well serious XM radio he's with this right now on the technique I'm guess cloudy could follow him on Twitter. At Senior Bowl Phil last thing on just what it's like inside the war room Phil and we'll move on to distract last. But how many people who were those people that had actual say. Once you guys were in that room people that actually could speak up and it didn't necessarily mean that their voice was the end mobile what you would listen to that and you would take it in stride. Before you made a final decision how many people how many people had that type Passaic who were those people. Yet grip I think it depends on the organization that they're not quote your you know what I would. At the ground it although you're the rape and we have we didn't have everybody. In the draft rebel we had most every water that it colluded ownership. Members of far off that you really they have echoed vote coordinator they expect the code. Admitted that perhaps it I am in that you know date through and then. You know now what are they well could that happen. You know what orbit opened. Groom an open format where you know all of a Gallup poll what coat it or can't go. It basically confirmed that you know try to that who would really be available and they were. That that well but there are certain clubs though they're very tight lipped about it they're very small or group of people. You know may be sick people or lack. In the draft room whether they're better other. Wait and their brother or probably they might have twenty or 36 people in the road but they get really if the parent on the copper apple. And it brought a level that they had code in the general man perhaps. With their rank and file back there for. Still ahead you remembered your time being around the NFL in the game a college football he remembered at time remixed in the quantity but we think the quality. Hi as well with with the quarterback class. Hated being so unpredictable and so volatile the way that it is this year do you have any comparisons more rat because that night. I haven't in my time grown up beat around the NFL be around the NFL draft but if he does this remind you of any other draft class there's this pretty unprecedented. Well the last on our quarterback or point in the first round of 1999. And I think Clinton you know camped out there. Clearly they're adopting Culpepper court not a conflict that we are that they're they're they're great account for UCLA. And you had to claw back some of them were not for the top of the sport they ultimately. It's not all there. A trip I would say that are up what I liked the Manning academy at all and not repeat our program for an event. You know had a bit of a backdrop and background on evidence Arctic getting ready for our debt out of both bill. With the recent finger bowl I thought oh well that is the quarterback class it has GAAP. But in all awe at what that bit over hype a bit overrated and I don't think that they're very clear cut away but the ground. I don't think you have that incubates and now. It current that it you don't quarterback ready because Tyrod Taylor on the April 20 feet deep so it all about bad. I'd feel compelled a very it got talent but I don't think you're going to beat Detroit for the brown. And where they I mean that they can year. He won't be Eric Holder of direct that the quarterback clap but. It's a big group there at least in my head debate there. That it probably thought they operated but if you're seeing that eat the quarterback could stop the Arctic apple or apple begun. On a play you you can don't want album they started dual player I gonna be out the door productive while they may have located their pay cut. The other side I would wonder Phil if you think there's a guy that's actually underrated outside of those top five there are other quarterbacks in this draft class do you feel like. Hey maybe is not going to be a sure fire franchise quarterback they want to hand him the keys that you like with this guy can do is their guy you actually think is getting enough attention. The other turner that I like evident to our grief this being your poll and I feel like they have you know hero. April but not very fanatic. Kyle Love letter reflects. And Mike why don't want to not be now I picked up or more or the latter I expect he'll be a solid back up or somebody that there are people that think he's going to that. You know second or third round at the the miracle daughter and an under he can you know make your current it's been that they're spirited. But Mike why. It really been on the football keep it pure path there the only play one here high school football. Before it went the US in Tampa. Transfer from their way out there edit them they're great year under two different head coach is in Utica or later. Beat group or don't break out the dark and only that the intercept that compared to 61 cut down so I like my why for the future. And I would but I out here who allowed or not their barely recovered beat that but I thought we want a and I mean are going wanting I would be surprised that they want if not vote. Or split it baby daughter could very. Talkative Phil savage recent Senior Bowl director longtime NFL GF Sirius XM radio as well Alabama Crimson Tide. Radio network as well and I will will will excuse you on Calvin reed lake is actually think he's a good answer to this question but Philip I said I guided. Again same thing announcing he's gonna be the best player taken in this draft class but if you had a stake your reputation. Off the confidence that this guy's gonna play for very long time and be very productive in the NFL regardless of position and where he's drafted. Who who's that guy for you to come front of money say you know what I just a believer in this guy I can't see him not succeeding in the NFL who's that guy. I'll give you three name number one thing if it factored. Who were a lot of people then they beat their faith he had you know in the football a little bit and perhaps they could not fill the top five or six the people beat Mort Mac. You know eight report being arraigned but I have. The ultimate confidence that make it sit back and like Warner in the NFL it will be a good tremendous medical or walk or stand there. Like I thought he might favor Alabama player stuff through there the last nine years. I'd neck broke Clark let them go work I think if another player clueless I. On the field and apparently in hearing the pack for the game the ability to run sideline to sideline backward it at a guy your back the art. Yet people say don't wait for I don't okay that's really doing the first round but I think if the second round so like I think he's a football player. That is going to do quite well in the NFL. Yeah we talked to Jesse was probably about a month ago and I you know fill its weight so obviously everything's on a sliding scale of expectations put. Their defense. All things considered to be is that one of the best in in college football the last couple years he's been such a big part of that too and they've. You're big really shifted they've done great work there all over the last few years but just he's been a god it's kind of built the backbone of what they've become all over this last little run. Yeah not fail if he stayed in school and go back work ethic here. I don't think there's any doubt that he if first rounder next year he got in me. It got tight or he's willing. You know I really like Salt Lake that practice and I meant to you know to be court Hebert what rebel all of our our game well built but. He would come item on the fanatics here and then you know a few months later he decides to come out the draft but I think he's got to be really gathered up so well here. Hired Phil it is always a pleasure by the way what's your book people can check it out with which your book if if people want to find out how they can re dead over the next few months. Yeah. What's it until every day Alabama went there for student prospective and if you keep Jordanian this copper based developer the ballots out it really get the tent site and sort of backed Horry. On how and why Alabama they're so that all undertakes statement. Over the last spectator though but it yet go to Park noble book Sebelius. They all happen available. They feel it's always a pleasure I know you're busy so thanks to make it's not force it's good to talk do you. Okay Chris Baker panel kept up here later card.