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Thursday, February 22nd

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We love talking to this man went right is any doubt there are many many thanks Phil savage from serious sex every since Senior Bowl director. Longtime NFL front office man as well and so we we're talking about this paper's ownership change Phil and I would wonder from your perspective is as a general manager to front office guy. How important is ownership of putting a winner on the field in what is good ownership look like had a wolf what would qualify as a good owner could become an all that different shapes and sizes but what's good ownership in your mind. Yeah it's going to be critical in terms of the Carolina Panthers. Are saying is. Contention and ultimately. Being you know regular in the playoffs because there's been no improvement use your boots off there that the complete. Never fertile and and now you're not going through groups that are thing. Eat food that they can burn through its own method though you're putting it all with the other. And and or I would say is there's no food no water covered different face aren't different background. Now but the ones that have to clear them whom we need on their football people. First and foremost but what they're coming into without much the football background pain. And then all the other side that they can come into it with the football background. As if he's willing to understand. The height he. Basically failure lying. People don't assign book coaches coach cal gal player play in home and home here and if there weren't doing. So when you're doing you have some phone finale within the organization. Rep confirmed that often wrapped up around. Phil you're uniquely qualified to talk about this CDU he spent a lot of time in all different is it different organizations in the NFL. In different roles and Marty dirty all over the course of his career I don't think anybody use who's reasonable could say that that that guy. Did a good job may not offended well it didn't end well the first time around. And now is get a second chance of fans sure. There are a lot of fans are upset saying you fired him why would you bring them back but Marty claimed to be said this for months now. He's learned during that time away that its offer him a new approach a new lease on life a new perspective on this. You've been on both sides of it so what what what does that opportunity way. Afforded to afford for Marty Ernie and and how do you think things could be different this time around when you look at him taken his job again. Well first of all it is. Fairly useful for general manager they get eight there jacket that I changed so to speak we've seen it happen with coaches all the time. But the general managers it. Fairly rare. And together and another opportunity. Especially the same organization now we're at it in their in this unique situation right now where how he wrote for. You know he was never terminated by the eagle putt in Philadelphia that secret basically act file for a couple years you're New Delhi hero. And then he would crawl back. You know Marty never really left the third Charlotte footprint so to speak. But I do think that you know doubled its delving into the media you know if you don't work together if you time zone in a felon daughter the city at the end. I think he had a chance yet to really expand its vision beyond just the Panthers in terms of looking at the way other teams operate. The way other general managers. Mark might approach that the salary cap for the allocate enough enough money towards certain positions. And on down the line but I do think also. Any tiny piece of the first time you get in a second chance that you do some things a little differently now he prepare for ten years so it's not if they're. You know the only got a couple swing that if he prepare for a decade heated and there's a reason for that because again he was he was trucked it. By the ownership it was did plate it's that time he went through a couple different coaches but for the most part the Panthers were a consistent team. For the most part during its in its first your. Phillips Cleveland Browns offered you a second chance to be the general manager which is take them up on that. You know you can't go home again I guess the third time with the charm yes that. Cleveland it twice before you don't under bill fell affected with that. The original ground there early nineties and I went back you know obviously if they. Returned as an expansion team in 2000. Five about 45 years into the net era of the football but it looked at these. They're stretcher that there could. You know the reality that thirty feet deep but there's really only about 49. Legitimate they're general managers because that single in the patriot. And nick cowboys really don't have that could this year. Within their organization structure for hope I'll locate it idiot you can ever hole for that opportunity of would be if you can't. In terms of kindred cancer and it also is an opportunity applies what you can learn it in the in the name Karen read. I know that we just talk Marty hundred but I I can definitely speak for myself for the first time I got to offer that was 39 your cool. Or you're the directive in a lot of different direction you're you're third week. I don't authored compared to when you're fifty fears over these 39 dough at the loop. Phil you mention harassment and you've got background with tally in the Eagles he talked a lot at the Super Bowl week and into the Super Bowl about. They were willing to take some chances they were willing to roll the dice on some things to be aggressive in ways that other teams aren't necessarily. Inclined to be. All. Do you think that's enough to start a trend that may be more teams will be will playing. To take big swings whether it straight enough to get a quarterback for making big moves in free agency because the Eagles have had some success and that method. Well one thing I would say that I think everyone's mentality and in terms of this leadership that if you're closely personnel department I think not why it's much did he coaching because quickly from the same period in the infantry and other not a lot of coroner in the coaching but I. In terms encrypt the general manager like their employer first round. I would say. You know tenure because you could go hand in interviews stated you know you get a plan mapped out for. For five years in it's sort of a long long term prognosis there theory you can feed secure. I'm at the way it is now believe it or not that you're and that's fair opportunity might only hire the couple years if you. Certainly three years about that the window now so they're definitely more went down the penalty. And I think you know when you get that kind of chance to make their turn to third been. Sometimes you have to people and you break it can't carry think with how we. You know he felt like look I RT I authority law. One time before I get checked out to the other side of the building. This time I'm really gonna get both hands on the Matt thank you wonder if this thing is that could be the last opportunity I yet. And though they get older the carpet with prairie I think it's really good thing it's given him a lot of comfort within your personal. Staff right now that book they'd make that move a lot of people there they're crazy for doing it. And they projected and for care aide and pets here political order back. If someone who this year became a legitimate in BP you know. Phil savage winters director of the recent Senior Bowl longtime NFL front office and in serious XM radio as well when he's on Twitter at Senior Bowl Phil. Won't let you go there's just a quick draft question you've seen some of these kids up close and personal. At the Senior Bowl and you've you've covered them with with being on Alabama's radio network who what what is something you could seat. For the Panthers a 24 doesn't have to necessarily. Be a specific name Phil but maybe a group of players you say hey I think. It was something could fall here and if you're Panthers this is a given given their needs these are some guys they should keep an eye on here. Yeah you know from afar and thank you and I got to keep it appeared before in a lot of game. I think you can Monday night aired yet so often critical of the better form that the feet and I think. In terms of the all time together. But. You know it they've picked 24. You could conceivably be in there to look at running back. Although they fit for Atlantic Christian character victim who knows it's been in the league for a long time but I would think certainly felt that on repeat that the balance. I've maybe been in the secondary they move they thought this development in the marine air them that an underclass but he. Slide under the radar right now army not well known that the spirit it's clear now crammed their character because the character. Do you know being at the start seeing the line here that. Those are very good players don't ride and I think he's probably respond with a plan that would start to open for him. The awareness in the colonial running 130. I think Arthur who they're. Senior Bowl Phil as we could follow him on Twitter recent Senior Bowl director of longtime NFL front office man. You're money Alabama radio network as well Sirius XM and his book is out to get a check out his book fourth and goal every day. And it's Alabama's relentless pursuit. Pop perfection and you know you blink it all this and Alabama just hire the best defense of my co national football away from Miami because they just keep getting better. And they're they're the defending national champs once again Phil it's always a pleasure man thanks for making time for us. OK guys don't like to do with the parent and yeah I would do it again before the draft there what do pornographic character of what they thought.