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On the Clemson fans feel free to come after him I think he did you talk a little slack last week on in the ACC title games and you know we got to get to truce on all the things that went wrong for the Panthers against New Orleans what's his outlook moving slower. For the Panthers when Minnesota attendants who up next. On the right now let's focus on some Internet as you know I think it's been awesome it's from my perspective and I'm sure our next guest has engine you know certainly is different perspective on it. But I think the passion that niner fans have shown. You know has been and has been very impressive they haven't just set on the heck with it we don't care anymore they've shown passion. And they resented nation on the frustration I think that is a good sign. On the our next guest joins us we'll see what he thinks about kind of the sands voicing their displeasure with the athletic department and with Judy rose and her performance as the AD. We're talking to her boss essentially chancellor chancellor Phil DuBois. Stroke Charlotte he joins us here on the Mac attack on SNC a chance or take so much for coming back all of this are you doing. Good morning I'd be all right I think let's start first with the way the fans have been voicing their opinion you know whether it's. Airplanes you know banners on airplanes flying over tail gates before a football game. Or whether it is you know chance at a football game where the signs on college game day. You know to say fire Judy Judy rose you get a chance now I know a lot of niner fans are listening here would you say. Your steering their voice you can't not hear their voice what what do you want to say to them about their displeasure when it comes to Judy you just the athletic department's performance in general. Well I think that it that we have seventeen sports and two of them are very very important to us and our fans. At at that. Like in the NCAA in state college sports but if you look at the big picture our our athletic program and Judy is built. Over 27 years. We have 29 dollar million dollar budget we have hundreds of students going through a quality experience in getting excellent training and academics court. We've built over a hundred million dollars or that the so these. We we are governed very well but in terms of compliance for example we've never had a hint of a major violation. And look at Portland 93%. Of the student athlete to have completed their eligibility. Have gradually gotten a college great. I've contrary to the narratives that are out there cheating. Our fundraising is actually very well. And we have have an eleven million dollar and outmanned and practically raised over five million dollars last year. Out Judy and I are both in addition the national leadership in the NCAA on the division one or cheat on the national council. And so overall I would say we're very very do we hear the concerns about the two sports that are struggling yet we do. And we want those to get better and we'll take steps appropriate times to try to make them better but every turn that. Utley app app we we try to make the best judgment we cut it and when I look at package Judy and her record of hiring coach. Cheap tape them up and she doesn't get credit for picking. Bobbie Lou. Or am now open. He. But she get even though they were the impact candidate. In soccer chief German gun you're on damper chief Kevin Lang and we had a nationally competitive program. As she kept Robbie church or women's soccer you attend Vanderbilt chew that John and upset he went to Kentucky. She now has gone Colin and again I'm very content Whitman soccer program. And and like it bad I just think. As you kind of appeared very solid job outstanding actually if you look or devote large arc of the prep. We're talk which cancer still DuBois of of Charlotte he has stood discussing it. You know the you know the Utley unrest in the irony short comes to Judy rose and an adverse remaining of the AD now argue. We're working. So sore you completely backing early dessert are you doing any sort of a valuation off her aunt or is this 1% you've got her back and there's no need to evaluate she's already. I always try to make everyone in my by chapters of the level Judy Serbs and I cabinet reports directly to meet and I always evaluate where we're at it. I'd look back on this to sport the people are concerned about. And I rebuke for example our decision been ten basketball. You know poppy lute is an outstanding coach for many many years and then things started to go in the wrong direction. We made a decision we talked with Bobby we said well we're gonna give him an extended amount of time to try to beat except successful again. And keep there barely broke even in the Atlantic ten and what I found so interesting about BA analyst Dan said that. You know that was the cause of our downfall that we weren't very competitive in the Atlantic ten and the problem there of course was we thought our historic rivalries. But when we made the decision to change Bobby. We thought we hired a very very solid coach and Alan major and and actually talent at 121. We can seasonings in there but obviously everybody knows what happened with the help and he lost the ability to get to lead that program and now we're whip. Mark price and I I I'm very hopeful notwithstanding last night so I'm. Performance. Yeah do you like he shares your slow things I hear from experience personal students say. And our seas are now up to over 800 dollars a student fees or go to athletics. But yet they don't get a chance to date these are the products they don't watch when they don't watch the football on the basketball games that makes them extremely angry what are my being charged former not get any better. And then the alarm say to me a lot of the guys that donates saying it. Why should I keep donating to this Mac and they are today are just begging me not to donate so. I've heard Judy say that she she said the observer last week we don't I that she doesn't base. Keeping a coach on wins and losses. And I heard you mention all these other things that are going well look to scold but you got to understand the students for their 824 bucks they're spending they want more wins. And for the alarms that donates the money they're spending they want a better product ride should have to answer to that. Well I certainly have to take this thing into consideration. He's the fear is high of course because students wanted football. We in imposed a 200 dollar operating pay over four years and a 120 dollar debt service state. So that he would be much left and we didn't happen football. And the and helping him in in the case of football honestly. It it was a very tough call no question about it at coach Lambert isn't very fine person. He joined at at considerable professional risk for two years they have no program at all meant start up. That build the facilities help that didn't build that and based its so upset right now. And you know we went two years SPF. We must Ivan Dixon both ears and frankly I thought we over performed not based on where we were as a start up a program. And there's no question that we saw right away they're going to have yet would be a tough haul but in the long run. That's going to be a good decision because. We're in one that you know the major conferences. Not one of the power but to be sure but certainly as high as we we were able to get as a start up program. Yeah I know although I will point out there's still there's multiple schools have started up recently there have been two ball games you know within this period. Right and the other other schools have shown that you can do it. And others schools have shown you can throw up so I mean I don't think that the issue I think with Brad. We have depth at ourselves the question. That you want to lead the team yet of course he does. Do we believe he can make the changes that need to step and strategy yet we think he he can't. And will seek compromise. His values. Our our institutional integrity under the pressure to win he will not. It would if we made the change I sweeping out all ten coaches this year. What would that mean for the next year and and how long would it take mr. rebuild from their gas and ice we we think just a little. You know I'm not patient that patient is in the right where I. Trying to get everyone that you don't support our team and let me go back to where you started I I hear that I hear that but I either I'm back here at the camp. But people flying airplanes over the stadium in an attempt publicly shamed or embarrassed our athletic director. I think that. That's it that's tragic and it is change shameful it. Isn't it just passionate fans they care about the programs just voicing their opinion is an American based also see people being able to voice their opinion their displeasure in sometimes. Yet but I mean you're capping out yet and would you rather that she wants to win as much as any of those hands in she's dedicated her entire adult life to this program. And you know just in the last ten years we've had a number of things you know go so well exactly and think like man soccer and golf. So. We're gonna get these programs been going in the right direction but it is it is difficult right now I think and I I welcome their participation I you know there 49ers that they are supposed to be out action. Yeah because here's here's the thing we're widgets or do blah blah like I have to get credit series kinda to come on here and answer these questions I want Charlotte fans sit. To know that I mean does not have to come on here and and can do this so I think he's got to get credit for that. You know here here's one of things to them look like because they can go and you know bomb NIC has been in this business to grow the business of stand reaction right. And I see it wanted to waste one program's struggle or teens struggle. Sands will get angry in a voice their displeasure to meet that's actually a good sense like. When the Panthers lose and we want law calls and emails like that's a good thing people care about the Panthers that hurts them when they lose. But if you have HUS team's stance can also go this way chancellor and not care anymore. And I just think you guys have to do I continue to ask my advice I'll try to get us to go to a question necessary if you don't give you advice. But I just stinks or you are not worried about apathy like is that the next step where if you guys don't listen to a home. If there might be an apathetic fan base you've already seen it. A 5000 dollar drop our 5000 fans drop in attendance for the first year of football star football team now basketball attendance is nowhere what it was. In the glory days under lose ross' first came here. Why do you or you'll strayed apathy is setting and if you don't do anything. Well I'm always concerned that the ten days you know is there and the donor base as well but I am and interpret attendant has been good example of what can happen. Now in this year for example not only were we leave things that we scheduled to gain we had a game schedule at home I'm on spring break and Thanksgiving weekend. So I don't I don't want to minimize a lot in the band but you got to take all things in there and that in the context. I I don't know what to say about that you're you're question quite directly I think we're we're making the best judgments we can't. I'm like right there in the case of football we've got an entire. Coaching staff. What would the same reaction beat that in the next two to three years as they try to build that program. And that we get that we've we want and we have built something and it's not yet very good. But we have built something and it had. A person at the Helm that that we think can be. Here's a last. Lesson don't ask you about Junichi answers while what is in Charlotte. Is this I didn't and I don't I don't take any alien sitting here saying someone should lose their job raising like data meanwhile. It as a great heart. But just curious business athletic director and that division one athletics. Like to show slice for a job 27 years is a long long time these robs rotate people bring in. New people those positions all the time. These are not a ceiling and all you know from you or anybody else in the administration border anybody like. It may be continued it's not Merrill fired Judy maybe Judy does something else and overcapacity she's been adds that he wished you guys for forty years at the school man she'd look she is a niner thrown through. But maybe someone with fresh ideas that comes from an athletic department where they've had a lot of success. Maybe so what can import some fresh ideas that work. Well Beckett that I value wiggle my advice she answers every year and when I look at just even the past ten years. And Judy tenure which included starting up football. And the success we've had in men's and women's soccer when you went to number one school in the conference in terms of attendance at its soccer now I know a lot people don't care about just us. To donate money so fast you know mile test that's a reason they're donate. That that. Are we at the hands across the spectrum and those majors sports there's no question and you know knowledge football there's been a struggle. I think I get you know I am and don't like me here that maybe your expectation had been too high. But I do believe that and I think again what it will look and he would rather be able to turn that around but. And yes sir Judea and look at sort of what did that athletic program looked like before she got here what does that look like I now there's no resemble I mean it's just. She's built a major program she added sports see at a soccer she had a track and field she had a football she hadn't women golf. And still had women's swimming and taking another sport happen that so it's been non trivial. In terms of what an athletic. Director have to do and that is true athletic very director and doesn't recruit the students at but he doesn't critical to. And I liked it that in many many it is chic chic so she got two great coaches based think about women's basketball an example I. She hired Kate Katie Meier she went out to Miami chief hired Amanda Butler she went off the Florida and Karen how in human opted taxes. And Eric and quick repair and now we're starting to be. And that and shares and those are those about boisterous and those are things that listen that you know Judy is doing things and I think she's not getting credit for much the whole thing I would come back to is just knowing it. The rabbit Charlotte's four Stanley to got to listen to this station. The horse he does not chaired the Judy's hiring those people in those sports. He wants football and basketball to be better you know and that it that's what it comes down to so I think for our audiences. All these other sports you say it it sounds maybe like Charlie Brown's teacher goes like look that's great. But really you've got to be good in the revenue sports like most division one athletic directors are judged I think you know more on their on the revenues so they perform thing. Well let's be clear about that term revenue sports community it's true that. Football. Bring that it in television contracts and indicate but. No large mass of Barack brought. Largest portion of our budget doesn't come from. A ticket receipt or even donations obviously the student fees are important task and then that the content threat and so. Yeah I get it that people are concerned about is sports but like is that when your. Operating an athletic program you've got to be concerned about all seventeen sports and all the student athletes to want in the two. Rangers sports and yet I think in military she's done a very good job and he's certainly feel the pain around those two sports. As hard as anybody. But I don't know expect that this is. That's going on right now. I hope the band full well that step back and I'm in to you know. Janet on those things after. The decision turns out I had it I just don't think it is that the time to make a change in the eighty. Encouraging as a blob trichet may your standup guy there's no doubt about it and I appreciate you coming on here. Thanks so much OK here are your chances of loss from Charlotte OK we allowed sacks and a lot of text to read you guys. A slight opinions it's like the opinions coming in from niner nation don't blame you one bit. You're not understand and you listen a chance or two while what initial reaction if you wanna react on the air. I wanna give you both humans airtime next Damione Lewis top of the hour 704 or 5709. So extent what to say about the chancellor is awards next.