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Tuesday, July 17th

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Now we go to our tech a come gas line and joined by gentlemen. When I say Sunni for don't you know he's one of the few people who knows where it is Spiegel LE chuck Howard will Kennedy will be how aria. I do you know where it is but I like to go there are certain times a year well I know when that is but I've got a sneaky feeling Rockport. In for don't you were probably very comparable an amount of that alcohol consumed by its students. You gotta keep warm summer out you know no doubt about it and what these days PU and I gonna get out and find it Jenny screaming Allentown I think about skis has some I'd love to do a period a lot of talk about. No doubt about a great to have you with us this afternoon. Pete Willie hornet's chief operating officer wind they sent. You know I did before we get talking about some of the training camp stuff and other initiatives with the hornets. When you read this story. Like we also on the athletic Wear Campbell walker very adamant about staying it really gives you a good insight into the type of guy he is doesn't it. Oh yeah I think we all know kemba as the guy he's due on the court every day that the guy you see off the court as well I mean he's just equality equality individual it's amazing how W stories just seemed to take on the life of its own when not in a week certainly haven't talked about him going anywhere you talked about him going anywhere but somehow it becomes you know the topic of the day it seemed like every single day of the off season. Pete how does how does that ripples as you just out of there as a ripple through organization which you know even during last year during this season those kind of stories are propping up but it it does become the discussion. You know it maybe it does with other organizations and other players but you know kemba is just such an incredible human being he's just such a great guy so committed to Charlotte to the organization. If that even a discussion point really internally I mean he's here there'll probably score is the heartbeat of our team and you know I think we know we just wanna see that continue. Pig Welling with us chief operating officer for the Charlotte hornets are taking some time on on our tactic on guests lined big announcement yesterday Pete dug by you folks hornets go to Chapel Hill. For training camp and I can't imagine that. Hi how there were any connections up their Chapel Hill to make it happen there's nobody in that say that over the spectrum senator any ties over Eric. No I mean we even though we're appalled if that's the question. But no you know it's been an exciting offseason for us clearly got a lot going on you guys are being talked about Mitch come in his or Jimmy doing a great job GB. Is her head coaching you know we're getting ready to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary got all star game coming up so we're just. Was said it's a mix but I think everybody here just felt like. It will be a great place. To get away you know respect it's the cradle basketball I think it's important and when you think is important for the team nets to go out bond unit got a few new faces you get some young guys. I don't think there's a better place to prepare our team in there and you don't notice special it all the connections back to the organization. Maybe this is they are not a knock onerous chore Steve preferred her or anybody else but today you you mentioned bonding and we talked to j.'s Greg OJ be last week a little bit about. Team Bonnie talked about going to dinner with the each of the players got to get the feel for them. What's what's the transition been like to make peeled a different style. Within the organization has lived on the basketball side on the business side as well Mitch Kupchak command as the GM. Yes a type resisting the change of pace and it's been fun watching Mitch. Go to work you know guys got you know ten championship ring and and and a ton of experience and connections all over the MBA and they like to say one thing and in our fans to be excited this year that he because each committed he's a tireless worker. He just attacked the job every day and I think you've seen some of the Moody's may do already improved the team and put as much better position in the future. And then Jeep he's been amazing he just didn't do as you noted crate with the players he's he's a big tech cultured guy he comes from an organization that's been incredibly successful. Get a real idea for what he want to do. With this team any guard to put his imprint on the I think we saw some of that summer league but yet it's it's a whole new world over here it's exciting for us in the should be exciting for our fans as well. Well you mentioned the two magic words summer league PD you know I've been here for a hundred years and I don't remember a summer when this summer league got as much attention as it did this year I I. I think maybe a lot of it has to do with the we can actually see the games on some and the networks now but also I think. There's a lot of excitement because a number of the those young men that we saw on the summer league you're gonna play in herbal parts on this year's roster. You know we we made the decision to go to Vegas this year and it I think it was a good one I mean every team in the league is out there and now it's just it's great exposure. Disbanded just incredible contents for our team of the Creighton input into the marketplace but yeah we we we brought went out there with some great young players I think. Players that are can't get excited about and seeing. What about they did out there and miles and billion and obviously you know we had I expectations for. For bacon and I was he mocked him he couldn't get off to a better start that he got off to you showed us exactly what we thought he was gonna do. When he got in there which supports they got cut short with a great to see off fired those guys play together a little bit more consistently. But I I don't know are you can't be pleased coming out seeing what Kelly guess it is totally in Vegas. Few more minutes of big Willey chief operating officer of the Charlotte hornets and joining us on the tech become guest slide people imagine that you guys are all going up to Chapel Hill. And his hobby silly you know did everything yelled at do we everything we all do is marketing in one way or the other trying to reach out to those folks downstate. Public to the focus I is is South Carolina for the hornets I know there have been gains in Colombia before in with the paint there's we know it's a concerted effort. You know obviously you're South Carolina fan base it is is very important you guys as well. Yeah I mean you have to have a regional footprint especially in into modern day sports. You know you guys now have to come from the bill there was a big. Mom my agenda item for us trying to regional as a franchise because it was such a small market. But the same thing here you know you've got to be able to give this summer's other areas and reaching out to Chapel Hill one opportunity and you know we've we've played games. East we've been on the west we've gone down South Carolina that took a look that we continue to do we would love this extension and Chapel Hill I think I think a few years ago we went to China. It was a great opportunity for the team to kind of bond and we had a great season coming up for that trip they were hoping it's going to be the same thing but you know the taking another step that is really realization effort. Playing in Chapel Hill with an ending the camp with a game. You know bringing the Celtics to town employment there on September 28 is going to be amazing force we have been down but he came in their couldn't quite some time. And bringing out you know franchise like that it's on the up trying as well a couple of guys played down the triangle we think it's the perfect place to bring the team that only get better but also a regional as the brand. You guys are doing a lot of great Brady Pete especially social media and strong presence hornet's Twitter is is fantastic the NBA in general I think you know between the league and the players. They're kind of like cutting edge to move them for one thing I notice it like to do is they like to talk about your golf game how is that. You know what it going in the other direction in too much and that their conversations. About it on the golf course more but yet we know we like to have fun and social media to great way up I personally loved it. Interact with the fans and they are they have to say and we're we're not hiding you know we know we've done the last couple years we know we need to get better. That's where we made changes that we made over here so any input is just good input might. Let you know in my opinion it's just been funded and they kind of interaction but yeah I wish I could tell you my golf game was it at its peak but it's trending the other way I'm trying to find a way to turn that around. Another Phyllis from there. Big well anyway this and our technique come gas line team yesterday we had a discussion and I actually brought up my Kiko Alonso Jersey that the sky high school buddies gave me like a couple years ago that outlawed do you do you want it. Now you know epic I'll hold off on that I'm hoping that I'm gonna wanna purchase suggestion Alastair is the point time. Others are going what I do in my Moscow's Jersey. Yeah I don't think you were able to get what I actually thought I open question if you can forgive me some physical evidence Ellis street legal zealots disasters that out of the happy to try to. They'd be good a good catching up with the and I look forward didn't up leading to imagine he cremate a very soon yet thank trim jacket I speak.