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Thursday, June 14th

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Legal under the deck and come gas line while command you know I'm from the SEC ESPN network you ocean on. From the Sirius XM channel 813 to 7 PM eastern it is ball find bomb Paul on the shelf. Thank you to pleasure yeah yeah you're right it is Teddy told it that the NCAA actually does something or couple linked intelligent. In this case they have out is it athletic may bicker they that a bit too. Most. Bitter rivals when it comes to the world stage and get together maybe they can actually make sense out of some rules and by doing this this is all. In the richer they have made. Student athletes able to make their own decisions for the first time in in my lifetime. Which is an extraordinarily long time. Imagine. And what's interesting about always is there's always that moment of people saying well what's next do you think that this is. There's this has been a hot button issue whether it was nick Sabin and and what he allow Jimmy was transfer should do or there have been some other instances obviously this offseason. There is this is is as a way to kind of and the debate or. Not necessarily the debate about eligibility and and and you know that the greater debate you'll have but at least as it relates to players transferring is this kind of that that first salvo horse the final salvo. I think is that it's close to the final in their in every league has different rules being the FCC just. Went back on on a roll that was really arcane. And the role. You couldn't even if you're gradual transfer of the go to go to understand. That being UP were you when your classes graduate mr. Gregory you can leave at the end whatever year there's some place or year or two more years. In the EST date you would you'd then had to sit out you go to school. Like Maurice Smith did an Alabama couple years ago you get your degree and then head coach you know what you can't go to Georgia. Which is where. Your former coordinator. Yeah with this position coach. So bad that that was a that was I think the start of it I think what what the NCAA committee. Makes all more easier. They're determining the most interesting part of that is is the is the richer or an avid fan have you seen. A coach in a moment of panic or richer mobile player 1112 games in this season. He goes out there played a couple of plays in India the other the other quarterback Mbeki and so he burns the year now they've they've they've really liberal this you can you can play in four games. It's not like or do eradicate that issue that you're now going to see coaches whether Clemson, South Carolina Alabama. Florida. Really start experimenting in the garbage games at the beginning of the biggest in the find out what they're just players can't Ginn deal not only with practice which they obviously Marat. Or real competition it's a fascinating change. Paul find bomb on the tech become gas line I do like the the the the eligibility there that you talked about fur for the red sure rule. My only thing is are we gonna see coaches may be abused this a little bit like of a player doesn't meet their expectations early. Could you see them try to better basically rigged the system for them which is. While our I'd the number one recruit the country is in ready Georgia's going to be given the redshirt the rest of the year to try and maximize our own benefit there. Absolutely go to market characters are wonderful people yeah right they have serial killers. So they don't care in out of all of the garbage they they are national signing day. They are mostly there to win and to waited any any cause within the rules or at least not getting caught. Yeah I mean you know what that guy you know. Very few shows some promise in that you put him at a game indicating handle it and then they look or urgent look around this guy he's not gonna make it. Which happens quite all. Yeah. And a growing cycle player from two years ago. Leave Clemson integrated north western I mean not clear trajectory but then again I don't think you expect probably a better player than him. Become in and and and probably take his spot. So that's happened and it is what about this it is all free agency. Within college football. I'm I'm going to be surprised Monday if you get like we ought to trading down on October 15 that there are on and can't. Schiavo left tackle. Over to Mississippi State at all like human return for future play they want I mean we're getting. I. I think we're going is actually pretty good mood is so it's less restrictive and it's not my problem if coaches have appetite more angle at night. Bad as the voice hello the legendary Paul bomb bomb on the SEC network used PM also on Sirius XM joining us humid days on derby after losing their new rules announced enormously. New bowl games and I can't believe we have the conversation Virginia ball. And the agency now leave all intrigued to weigh conferences. With you. Lebanon. Used to bowl games including some that could be emerald beach and or Chicago. All you Wear with a whole bowl games scenario and his new information. Then. I've I've never lived in Chicago board of our visit to Europe I am I just used over there are so this year. The idea of going to Wrigley Field on what they December 20. You know old it. I mean it's close to that you know the dumbest thing I've Pittsburgh. Years ago that in your balance spoken at ponder the drop in Florida to beat the bowl association. Said that. Never leave a better group of people in my life occurred after that after the power six games and that is and then the second tier games. I mean you got guys that there that they don't know what ended up I mean they don't know whether they didn't buy the seventeen. 626 teams. You know those who allegedly cap tie in to the ACC Big Ten and the at the daily brag about it earlier they don't know whether they'll get it because. Of the of the of the of the college football out and then if you it's like total joke and I are I have friends city at the end that. LP we don't know me it's such a great experience. It's a great experience. Arafat in seventeen to go to the ball probable I guess yeah. The play Miami of Ohio or so I don't know who's in the guest. And I I don't think they're really worth watching now gains after Christmas. Are are are fairly interesting forget there at the betting aspect remain at Millwood watch these game there was in the betting we know. Most of us are all that we were sitting around the TDs on. Gravity yet these you can move closer to its good if it's a close game. And if you put on YouTube it's 417. But you know I'm not concerned about it that I don't leave it there hater here a lot sport. It is in her college football player and you can't do any better that Ivan Eleanor Dixon six. Why should you be watching you beat rewarded for that why your approach. Yeah it would act like you've accomplished something are sitting at work bowl eligible. Trying to win a championship there instead of going to the Myrtle Beach bowl or big news we feel that we freeze well. Yeah Paul I I don't actually think anybody who gets sick a bowl games being hater all but I I just engaged it's about supply and demand in and I think. The public. Supply and demand page is kind of been sure passed. In terms of how many bowl games around there. I just I look at it practically. From a practical sign of things which is the NCAA just continues to feast off money. And that's the reason for every decision they make at some point they're they're going to eat themselves to death what what is going to cause the NCAA to understand. The day and subways are it is you know that's a self inflicted womb with all these bull bull's. Oh well me too cute you understand that major their conscience and on the NCAA clearly though I'm societal. Look destroyed they gave the elbow to. It has done some good things over the years but well here. You had it was Texas say you know what that was a coach article buyer. That's not a problem not in even more complicated from from the original. Question that you you get. You get go becoming here. We're we're really do voters patients and that that only one of my issues where it was the Specter in bowl games I'm eco shoes. Or with the team and maybe your coaches. Elite players don't want to play in an incurable it's just a classic case. Is all about money at it and you know I don't want to act like a urgent here. Was which is one of the most successful start up network and in in history of being in our rip I have talked about. Every team. Every Bolivia these feet. You're paying out something along the lines of forty to 45 million dollars a year. Because of that network in other television. Money in the age he's saying a year from today. The network where the money will go well I don't know what thirty to forty I don't know that they've been numbers are normal all. At a time when there's so. Don't get a stop the they have you do you go beyond ever being in college. The first time and you know it was for almost able to go to a vote by about a mother stopping me and I gained thirty pounds. Of the test it. It the door and pepper when you go back and get another coworker and I wanna I wanna get three burgers. Because they're worried. And that's where the ambiance of it they don't put a I've read that they'll put a ball game with North Korea that they think can make money. By the way upon nobody nobody here has said anything about you being a virgin so I just likelier that out there we would say it's that day to make sure we we we have not discussed that on are all fair. Ankle in the third panels are not affordable older and younger guys they're asleep at a very Armani as man and a seat moment televisions during. Let's go to a record with the widget on your man I think the consensus is that say did you go to re load I think most of us including yourself from that mistake you're probably pretty season while. I was ranked Alabama. And number one in the west I think the story is over and east I'm concerned. About the Georgia Bulldogs expressly on defense and broke awesome at the rental car and everybody that they lost from a year ago I think to me of South Carolina is Niko on the dogs speak to hide you do. Be aware of the EC MX thirty seconds. I'd say the biggest game for for bird for Georgia or not it it's suspect early in the season to get out a lot. Game. I think I think the only thing to help sort all of that game is now at 330 on television now I would. For the South Carolina and you'd like you made ought ignite a little more frenzied atmosphere. And 99 degrees in Colombia but but that is winnable game for Georgia. And there but they don't know what it's like you to whip they have ever been consistent all I think back at all. You know that are battling expectations. Paul excellent stub is always share really do appreciate your time and not. Lay pay. The NCAA may have got a probable games but at least they got something right with a transfer rules they give that they take it the way I guess we should just get used to this bush and bull. Person you're actually buy them the pleasure but I hope he got what they backed.