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Wednesday, February 14th

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We go to the technical gas line here though I got courted pregame tonight coming up. In four hours 630 airtime tonight we got tip off at seven down in Orlando at the Amway Center hornets and actually I've fare pretty well against the magic the last few years your ninth straight wins committed to tonight but to spend that money here that magic VP. We'll talk and his duties one of the great motivational speakers out there. The great NBA legend himself Pat Williams pat you do admit it's gonna talk to you again out. Chris thank you so much it's nice to catch up with you went. Yes we have not been able to figure out. How to beat these toward it I mean it's unbelievable. Over the last few years we're. Where we're shooting blanks so. We're eager to see we can get one tonight down here. Well let me tell you this pat okay so that's fair that is the that is valid the hornets about a magic number I'll tell you this. All 29 other teams in the NBA seem to have a hornet's number right now themselves because they're they bit their 23 and 33. And I remember talking do you. I gosh it was what the date of the NBA draft we we knew Dwight Howard was on the hornets squad this point going into the offseason week we're kinda haven't hope renewed going into the year thinking man hornets might have. Found a way to to to really lift themselves to another level even though look like they were there were kind of capped out and yet it really hasn't hasn't worked out but it hasn't been biggest Dwight Howard hasn't played well what do you make or the hornets are now because I would have guessed that Dwight would be this Gooding Campbell would be this good. And yet the team would be ten games under 500 at the all star break. Well. But there and it secret that degree wake. But I I think what we've blurred and you gotta have metered players. Who were good every night. And and deliver. That's like where it's called consistency. And the best NBA teams have the most consistent players. You can count aren't delivering. To their maximum every night. And I haven't seen all that much toward its. In a lot of RT. And again tonight. I think it's consistency so that would be might. My hunch and this. But it following light is kind of interesting you know we having a nice year in numbers are good. He seems to media. Playing you know he's not the weight of ten or twelve years ago but he could still it'd and numbers are very restive. We're talking to Pat Williams of the Orlando magic's long time NBA front office man. And long time magic VP as well he's on Twitter you wanted him to follow at Orlando Magic had him by the way. I always love saying this wherever books are sold his latest book is out I coach wooden is forgotten team stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camp to talk about that. In a moment but he's with this right now on the technique I'm guess when you've been in the NBA for decades pat and you've been around great players and great teams and teams that have won. And teams that had high expectations. And teams that they didn't meet those expectations. I take it back to your days with the sixers pat with with Barkley in particular because. I'm not gonna say it's on the same plane here but man there is a lot of frustration as you can imagine from port its fans of we just thought more than anything this team at a minimum was a playoff team could they be a top four seed well that was up for debate. But this team had too much talent to not be a playoff team. What what do you remember about those days were same sort of thing where people thought you guys should be better than you or maybe it didn't work out the way you wanted that. What what's that like from from the front office perspective and inside the organization in dealing with those expectations. Well Chris. It's called. You've got to play the tapes yeah you've got to play 82 games if the NBA which is made up book of perhaps. Free agency. Trade it's going to be a wonderful action. If you add it you don't have to play the game. What nobody which expired. Everybody would be Euro would be wonderful however. You've got to play 82 games and that's where everything comes out and watch. And I've convinced there at the end of the 82 games if you are what you are. You had enough basketball team is determined it that this is reality. And so at this point what you're seeing with the order it is is who they are. Oh I guess we got what twenty some games slap at. But. And they're capable you know that eastern playoff races still bunched up quite quite a bit. And they do it we get hot here and it makes some progress but. They I I've got to say. From my vantage point two what you see is what you get. We're talking a Pat Williams former magic a long time NBA front office man magic VP is while his latest book is out coach wooden is forgotten team stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps. And dates written with Jim Denny is well we got patched with this right now. On the technique come guess like you know there's always a lot of talk pat about roster construction in the warriors. You know this is what the generation we great teams do right they make you think about how are we building. Our team I would say is a credit to to you guys when Dwight was they are in the early days. You guys coach Clifford talked a lot about this you guys were the precursor to what today's NBA has become with. One in and four out world with a lot of shooters out on the perimeter nobody was doing that back when you guys stated. In the league always kind of comes and goes right it always changes in in the game goes at one direction or push back in another direction. Truly at its core the way you build the roster and when you build a team like you're talking about because depth matters. Is it any different in 2018 that it was say in 1988. Well not really great because at the end of the day. Basketball it's about putting the ball and who. And you've got to have shooters. Noted let me rephrase that you've got to have maker. A lot of shooters in the fifth but it's important to have makers. And now back in the day we. Turkoglu and Rashard lewis'. Jameer Nelson and JJ Redick you know we get we have a lot of shooters and makers and and that took pressure off of Kuwait. And the way it was able to. Worked download nobody could handle one on one. The end result is a real good book club that got to the finals. Against the lakers and had a chance against them. And that was collider is bury. It and seen it that was related is very top apple. He's. Still very good back in that time. You would spectacular. What do what do you remember about that pat back in those days where where that started to come out with withstanding and a coach cliff was on a staff obviously but. This idea of hey here's here's how we're gonna build. Our team around Dwight is that was unprecedented that at the time nobody who's playing basketball that we want your first impressions when he started to see. Odd what that was gonna look like on the floor because nobody was doing that extent. Well that's because nobody edit Dwight Howard yeah. I think that was fatigue and you know he was so top down low that he never did develop and not been the game. For many any rain at all in and I guess he didn't happen to. You know because beacon score that there are around who you know will most. But. And nobody had a Dwight Howard. He would he was. The elite center in the league and there was nobody even close to perennial all star. All defensive. Player every year. He did things through a period there. That were phenomenal I remember Mac democracies that are at medic who has been around and be cheaper ever. I was doing our broadcast back in that area he said one time city of better if Edgar. That Bill Russell. And Matt and Matty played against Bill Russell for years. And he made that statement that Dwight Howard better defender than Bill Russell. So. What an interesting player Kuwait and people I I still board site to see you well. Pat when when you see where the border threat right now you know the person talking. Out he getting rid of Kemba Walker is a way to maybe. Attaching a medic in a deal to unload bad contractor getting young asset are back to return or maybe all those things ultimately they didn't do that at the deadline there's no serious talks about that good. It's a meat that seems like a hail Mary may be I'm oversimplifying things but when I see teams and fans love to talk about this anymore about blowing it up or tanking. Timmy that that idea of tanking or blowing it up it seems like a coward's way out correctly much wrong and be doing it that way that that's the only way to fix a franchise is that I don't. May be along in ignorant to believe that but I don't think that's the only way to get out of the mire you arena is an NBA team is to just blow it all up trade away the good players. And just hope you're gonna be good again in five years that doesn't seem like the only way out to me what do you make of all that. Chris you better be very very careful. Because it's awfully hard to find good pointer. Awfully hard to find all star caliber player. And if you have one or two of them. You better hold it. That's what bipolar you know and and and then keep bitty pieces around down. Because finding elite players. Is art is it's a it's a rare breed that you've got a few problem. Hold onto them and figure out other ways to keep betting your arsenal. And it is speaking of temple walker. He. He lights up just walking into work building. You know I'm sure you think it should they get forty later this ha ha. Maybe I settled for 35 yen. Me is eyes light up for some reason whatever fees that Orlando yours city. Like Kemba Walker just goes ballistic. We've we've never been able to figure out a way to slow him down. Well it's going to be fun tonight we got a 7 o'clock tip off down at the Amway Center in Orlando to be the final game for the hornets for forty at the all star break I got a 630 pregame tonight here at Lindsay Pat Williams magic president. Long time NBA front office and in his new book is out. It's coach would in forgotten teams stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps before we talk about that it is Valentine's Day. I have a feeling maybe my read is off on this that Pat Williams knows how to do Valentine's Day properly give us some advice your sage man Pat Williams how's your guys approach Valentine's Day this evening. Well I'll tell you what I did last night Chris OK idea I invited mrs. Williams. Not to go with me to Ruth chris' steak house. Here in Orlando. Why I say I saved up for about six months weeks. And it and off we went to root Crist last night. Mrs. Williams was very pleased. Very very pleased. And I also had a nice Valentine's card awaiting her. And I think she's happy Tuesday. I tell you what pat I did I if I can interject for second because IE don't (%expletive) him a pat myself on the back via here for a moment the one thing I think I do well. Is I love. Cards I love to give a card I like to being a thoughtful with the car and I like to pick the right car it's got to be degree of the perfect card. And then here's the key correct he got to leave a hand written note he can't just sign your name there's got to be a message heartfelt message inside the card when you give apart. And Chris not a ideal if you wanna take it to another level. Little piece of amateur poetry we. Don't little piece of amateur poetry. Yeah. Roses are rated violent Serb blue. You were my sweetheart. Through and through you at what it delicate to bet that was off the costume that yeah yeah at home in. Little bit of amateur poetry always goes well. I'm we're given out advice here and die if if you're like maybe maybe your wife's or your girlfriend's are big basketball fan here's the ball coach would forgotten teams. Stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps what what where did this come from pat ward the idea for this book come from. Well this is support book got written coach with Chris. He let me and it was like yours back. To do the first one. And that they have been so many different angle here aspects of his life and career. I've just continued with it this one and is coach wooden and his summer camps which nobody really has examined. But for many years. He ran these these marvelous summer camps that in Southern California. Thousands of kids detected. Maybe you know many many counselors and and I would determine. Deployed out. What happened there what was it like. Well what I discovered was coach wouldn't. Handled those summer camps just like he did he UCLA team. He was there every day he oversaw its. He made sure everything was done just right. Eat he spent time with the key youngsters every every day. At the end of though it at the time we spoke to the old rupiah pictures with them. And he keep respected him mail it and you know it just have a name attached. And everything he taught. The Padilla UCLA players he was doing the same with these 101112 girls. It's a beautiful story really it captured John Wooden in that static. I think we were able to do that. The book is out now it's called coach wooden forgotten teams. His daughter odd man. Wrote the forward for its. And and that was pretty. Interesting indeed to see Nan reflecting order by other you know Internet sites that we never would've gotten otherwise. So what the book it's just out now it's just it into bookstores and I think people enjoyed it's far beyond about people. Am well John Wooden just one of one of the great leaders of all time and I use a motivational speaker you know it as well as anybody Pat Williams senior VP for the Orlando Magic magic and hornets tonight at seven at the Amway Center. I got pregame at 630 and die if you wanna feel. Less accomplished in life just recognize that Pat Williams I he's written over 100 books the guy just does it all pat it's always a pleasure my man thank you for making time force let's talk soon. I call any time Chris. Very very nice to cap which.