Panthers Lineman Andrew Norwell: "Not Worried About Contract, Focused On Football"

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Wednesday, September 13th

Panthers Lineman Andrew Norwell joins Primetime to discuss this Panthers Offensvie Line, as well as the upcoming week 2 game against Buffalo. 


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We're gonna go to attack because guess lineup for the spot o'clock hour. Brian was hustling over in the locker room earlier today any chase down this campaign there's also a sublime and injured nor will make in time force injury are you doing man. I'm going to tell you guys don't. We're doing well how's it feel weird talk in nine yesterday on the show when you can explain this treasury in the locker room just the five week one off to win compared to a loss like a year ago how much how much different is getting ready for weeks to come off a win when you guys didn't get to experience that last year. They're no better feeling there's no better feeling and you can't get good very delicate not do it now broke. That's the way I look at. We're talking injured nor well panthers' offensive lineman and I would love to know for you when you guys got in in broke down the tape and graded out the tape with. I with your position groups and for you guys in the offensive line with a coach that's going Coach Brown got out and everything great out how did you gray and out and how to deal they grade out as a whole. The hold up pretty well and you know. I greatest pretty good in the united you know trade turner got. Game ball or do we throw very happy for ten and you know after that how big Boston. For me to drive than a minute we. So about the clock you're no better feeling than mattered little lines and he knows is great feeling. Didn't have victory. I heard by the way you drive heard I Kevin Donnelly you know Kevin Kevin was saying and inform former all those deployments for the Panthers and obviously works on the TV and radio network is Welsh Kevin was saying the other day on on our station that. I think him I'm not putting words in his mouth these are his horse was also it's a line porn laws so watch what you guys did that you have that lasting NASA has those are his words a can't just let you know that. Yes that's a. Senator Howell sank Kevin Donnelly in that situation that's gonna be a great feeling very sweet it would to finish with ten straight one runs yeah what does it mean to offer it's a line knowing that's. Mike Shula and Ron Rivera how about most anything you guys is continually run the ball for administrate. Yeah this circle down so global and the we took advantage over the guys on the other side we're getting tired and we didn't it that's our opportunity. And you know there's no better feeling the map and great way. Be wanna know comes in the next day. How tough physical game plan for week one knowing that you're facing a team with a new staff on the pre season film was very limited T this is going to be game not knowing. And other side might do how long it take you to adjust to that and just preparing for game no not nor would you expect. Our coaches are great you know they look at the other coaches. From their past what they do up front. And what their tendencies are and you know coach fitness goes to bask in the business. And I you guys are prepared we had a couple extra days to prepare for these guys in our preparation no one of the game. Or talking and George Orwell panthers' offensive linemen up and it's just get a win 233 week one then day it's on to buffalo for week two I was saying this to a Wes Horton. A the other day injury it's always funny because. Felt like frost killing him didn't you guys maybe don't focus on this so much being in a locker and all us of the media guys you know we like storyline source talk about stuff and it was. Well you know Kyle Shanahan really knows this painters seem real well from his two years in Atlanta and watch out he's so familiar with a much. You know the opposite strode to you guys know their tendencies and I feel like we're doing that again this week where watch out Sean McDermott really knows what the Panthers wanna run by. I feel like that's true for you guys to you went up against that defense for are firm for four years when he was here five years here's a defensive coordinator cell. It what do you what do you think there is always says I don't people go to the other side but that that cuts both ways right I don't know how much of innovators they're actually isn't a situation like this. Yeah you know you'd be your coach here and now. We need to get his defense talked at least I did for three years. You know what he's of course sir let us. And now we're to go prepare like we do are normally can. You know this prepared to land and come out and be physical up front and toward in. Get this victory. Injured could you explain on us forget the exact place or excuse me on this but there is a look where there is an off off off balance sat on the offensive line where I think it was Ed Dickson in and Greg Olsen. Are lined up on the left side I think that would the next two UN anyways it was not Mac O Leo going all the way to the right side next to Gerald Williams who can you explain that play what's that design what does that do like when you see that this I think you guys ran that at least once I don't know if you read it any other times on Sunday what's that we see intention of that play designed when that happens. I'm just sort of go off the defense give them. In the lineup differently and we used to go straight atom would broke right back there when Mac Lil mind Obama right side and go straight atom on the right side or regain brave actor left in the you know assistant at different looks having having them guys but just on the defense line and you know display bar after that. Do you feel like you guys have the best city Schwartz says this all the time do you feel like you guys have the best interior offensive line in the NFL or one of the best. Are you you know we gotta be humble every damn guy coming and worked in the you know we're striving towards that and and we just gonna get better each and every week. Talk manager Noel panthers' offensive lineman he's with this right now. On the technique come guess line and I get ready for buffalo 1 o'clock kickoff by the way will have at our sister station news 1110993. Delhi BT pre game fire up. I'm at 10 o'clock all right so you you signed other franchise tender this year Andrew which was a you know to me a sign that the painters really think highly of view. I knew it would it was the it was the restricted tender yet not a not a true franchise tag leave the restricted tender which to me is assigned to theaters. I think highly of you so what have you talked to Marty hurried all about it a contractor or your future here or you kind of waiting until after half of that stuff. No I haven't you know I'm just focus on right now and you know I'm. Did it by today and I'm just and the nominee endorse everything and you know just bogus simple ball. But you know our depth clarinet. Contract this year in you know I'm I'm happy we're there and in. You know on this focus on right now. Aren't we are talking about this before you join us wind on a real serious note the toy hall of fame announced the finalists for this year OK so hold on in the region these. We see magic eight ball a clue. Matchbox cars my little pony that doesn't seem like your thing paper airplane pan is. Risk of the game Briscoe transformers who know with the ball in love with the ball doesn't push the ball and then saying and how do you feel that same end. As a nominee for the twelve and one this is not a toy right do you feel about that was your take on that. I don't know if you put in a plateau boxing you can maybe call it port yeah. It's true or not that's true what shall we we went dark. We write to our top five earlier you have like eight. A ranking like top three are like number one toy of all time because I don't super soaker number one let them a big super soaker guy what's your best toy of all time. That is saying you know the kid and been there done. Who knows what goes on the lessons are a lot of things I was fortunate to. In my last. And I'll never. He never had kids together and playing not curtain air war. These kids these days injury they don't know nothing about that now there inside the video games on their computers I don't know we have an arsenal home. Algerian prime eleven year old who doesn't have guns on that's that's that's not the norm I'm telling you right now are injured Orwell had there's offensive lineman. I'm good to talk demonization Macon Simon dubbed us the look on Sunday okay. You're pretty sure.