Panthers Interim GM Marty Hurney: "Letting Shula Go Was Ron's Decision"

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Wednesday, January 10th

Panthers Interim GM Marty Hurney joins Garcia & Bailey to discuss the Panthers letting go of OC Mike Shula.


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Are you -- we got him on the line will bring him in now the second job just slide the Panthers general GM Moriarty kind enough to join us on the tech become just like Marty let me first say you you've already done one hit on the station this week in effect you're doing another new -- continue to be so accessible by trying to butter you appear I really appreciate that personally I think it's there's a lot of vouchers and we appreciate that. No prominent. And well also first start off with the obvious here you know reports out there you are interviewing OC candidates as early as today and it Norv Turner is among them is that something that's you know we'll talk about Rudolph. Not only get in and individuals but obviously you know we've worked work on treatment process and Ron and I. A lot over the let's. Couple base 24 artisans and you know feel like we have absolute direction but you just got to go through the crowd certainty outplayed doubt. You know Mario I talked you know about your relationship was wrong. And you know kind of has to prayer. Arts and you know you sometimes may not agree and you don't argue in front of the children you go in your room he you come to a conclusion you walked out of the roomy and unified. You know I'm not sure you know whose decision it was to to let Shula and you know. Dorsey go but it was a decision that you guys most into the same conclusion and you know the direction of this team is going to be interest in to see how you adapt with camp. You know you're so right about that prank tech go all the way back. Debates and the Redskins days when Joseph Gibbs and Bobby adapter works gather and and they were donor room and you know sometimes you could hear them disagreeing about people when it came out they agreed to war while came out on the same page and I think they're they're not oh it only in that nick is you have. They're not around this green and if you do it it's green and working thank god when you come out. The earlier on the same page of bank. In this case you know that's what was learned that tensions are at. His coaching staff really not that he he he did not. Reach it easily mean if anybody who knows where he'd take these things very seriously extremely loyal at the end of the day. Became a decision and we came into the Decision Day in no we see Lee we just needed that front. Different set not one thing to try to take that next step so. That's where we are right now by that. You know the relationship that I have with Ron you to scrap the park where yet and you have to. You have to be able to trust each other not to be honest with each other sometimes you don't only a great spoke when he got back room. Marty might shall do you know some really good things here you know has an MVP candidate with Swiss side you know Cam Newton near the number one offense a couple years ago. But sometimes you just need change and sometimes you need to freshen things up a little bit and sometimes in order to grow you need to take a step back before you take two steps forward is that kind of the you know perception with what you guys are going to look for the next coordinator. The you guys are talking about right now is you know maybe we just open things up a little bit or maybe we tried a little differently but that new Cortes also have to understand. You know the personnel and all the things that he has to deal with this organization. It was some his players as as you know them they stand. There's no question frank do what my actual intent or you're both very good football. Ten. You know I just think it indicates a cup having somebody come meaning given. A new outlook on it. You know. Thank dirtier and excellent coaching you know that part of coaching is unique so we need turn a nightly the personnel. And intense kind of that's ways to maximize sky express and in what bet that let them. We note that personnel like we we have to improve certain areas. Well both sides of the ball by that but you know one offense specifically we do have to improve some there. They're looking to portray it and you know we traded Kevin management to. You know our number one receiver at that time. At about float so you know I understand we need we need it's all. It all work together everybody always wants to take this upon Portland went they wanna. I'm playing by. Everything comes together so it is personnel or coaching it. It's all back in they are have to come together and I think that when you're looking at. Coordinator like we are you know part of it's going to be raptor in OK these are strengths and this is what we wanna do and how how are we indicate that. Mario for him for not mention this earlier we Dray Bly and studio here with us Andres got a question for his organized as far as how you know on our sorry you don't. The I want to ask you are sixteen years ago that you drafted a guy Julius Peppers one of my fellow tar heroes and I just wonder as you were you surprised. At all this year will he was able to contribute to this team in our you know in. And right now he's smiling his decisions on you know if you want if you wanna come back and play next year but don't nationalize. And if 37 years old. He did a lot of great agency were you surprised in and we US I did you know you drafting him years ago they would be able to do what he's doing it 37 years now. Pat let it I mean you know a lot differently but ought to not think with the second pick in the draft. But has stated that if anybody would say they knew that it really peppered with. You know they they offing player in that. You Beck has name and I just start my own on I'll eat. He's one remote incredible athlete football player but I've I've ever been around and he's just he's a leader and a lack grow. He talked about the numbers back. Look at it when they come up to give them in their all and critical situation. He says he's one of those neat he's a special player special person. And as tightly as we bottom. I think anybody it would be Orion has stated that it she would reach that that the level that he's done because it's just it's it's almost impossible that. Marty I got a question is I think right now just a lot of folks are ardent looking from the outside and inside are OK right now this team is. Is up for sale you know and there's no offense according to curly Dominica obviously change and minutes ago you get a defensive coordinators obviously hot commodity out there interview in French coaching vacancies. Understands and had a president in a while and you know you urge your try to do your job your contractors runs through the draft to mean is it seems from the outside looking in like there's some instability there and I'm sure you see it differently but in -- what's it like going to work every day and as you look around the building in our are you didn't. Do you get the sense that this this organization's going to be okay. Must step we end and there really is I mean it'll and I can see where their perception it but just from a football outside in in all the things that you mention. You know it's an accurate get this out there you you know that thing came everyday maybe sometimes multiple times that they've by the hour. In you have to have. Plan B implants seat there in order to adjust and be flexible in that and worked on that and I think there. Yeah I mean we've we went looking for an offense coordinator quarterback coach art defense coordinator it. It's nice interviewing way quit several teams. But we have we have plan in place to to answer those questions do not think there. I think that this is dug up very good organization not in there is stability. In an entire organ debates and I can just speak for the football side. I think Ryder bear Ian Ian here in in happen not to actually you're on a contract. Depth when he adds to that in areas that direction I mean area. We we do have a planet where were going so I can see where people would have that perfection but it really. Isn't the case. Who made the decision to extend Ron Rivera two years. That was that was that or innovate so that would that in a backer I mean any time you Benedict coach. It's it comes from the organization. You know Marty you know another thing I mean when you guys you start to connect the offseason on this team is gonna look. A completely different next year than it did this year and and that's not necessarily a bad thing sometimes is not a good thing. It was just tough decisions and you know you get paid big bucks to go out there and make those tough decisions of where things we just cut this guy will let him go move him every play PlayStation all we'll take this guy those are you know he won't human we realize we're changing people's lives are you realize you're changing people's lives. It was what those guide the decisions but when you have to prioritize. This offseason. Where do you start with that because d'or walls he got star you got some decisions you have to make some older players. It's gonna look differently Kim alluded to that you don't want these guys sort of thing the most disappointed with our could be your next year what are you prioritize. You know that those situations. I think you and I would agree number one to our nose in it in the NFL. You have to stay strong and you're out and compete and try and so. You know you mentioned not not deprive it to got you mention what it off the market peaked at tackle. We had to have a blueprint for how we're gonna cut back and Ian. What we do. If we keep on what we do hope we can't keep. An and I think we have to really address. That skill positions on both sides offering in an address where it. Increase staff let it this term speed experience. Those traits but I think we have to to. Get better. It's still part positions on both sides of the ball. While maintaining. Our our level performance when the defense on an offense a lot. I mark before we let you go on and you got your busy man this team is up for sale do you have any sense of when we'll know more about so that that progress and and who's gonna buy this team and not only that do you get the sense that's a new ownership in the NFL are going to absolutely demands a new stadium from Charlotte. I don't know anything about anything you can. Guys got a figure that might be the taste it's got to ask. Quarterback coach and now I'd just stick to our spam Marlene and you look a ball up that's right do I get up every day in and Julie Dolan and I really don't I I can't get. Ferran Austin you know I'll go you gotta ask the question last night and android as far as you're concerned I think generally cool position and our unique position because there's there's a lot of uncertainty out there but they do you got a chance to really do something cool and build this team the way you kind of wanna build it may have the freedom to do that does that excite you. Every day. That's what you get up then and you know. So fortunate and blessed and I I don't aren't up and now me not accurate in retrospect I'm not that napkin and I just by I get up every day on the court to come and work up the people out work with. And I love the challenge and you just do it every day we can't do it. Money will make mistakes you know you made semi may simply make him every day how we're not perfect. Weight Smart people learn from the mistakes and get better was the biggest thing you learn from the last time this time and where you stand right now. Prospective frank just not the not act. Quickly and emotionally. To really analyze it and in BI agent and go true. Go through your decisions. Which your brain not your apartment and I think it just my total perspective from being an out come back. Has really helped me do that so. But you know that's the biggest thing everything else to about working together communication is now no one person is. It is that gets credit or the blame for anything in this business you know it's the ultimate team game and it goes all the way up there or not. But it really capping the biggest thing I've learned is just you know you don't have to act right away they get true. Think what's your brain make decisions would your brain not there yet. Marty ever got to speak for everybody here WS NC when I say we appreciate your time very much and your willingness to let's answer some of these questions early so you don't know the answer some of these questions and cool idea back and it's Johnnie got its envoy thank you thanks are. Thank you.