Panthers Insider Mike Craft discusses the Panthers recent moves

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Wednesday, March 21st

Panthers Insider Mike Craft discusses the Panthers recent moves. 


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And god it's been killed and on a pro day circuit. A bomb is Mike France a lot of reveres him from pro various pro days a constant pro day they NC State's pro day available to answer dot com my craft joins us banter Stevie. Painters died down Kansas radio network here on the Mac attack Mike it is always a pleasure you do it. And our trek. Well Lou. It's well require. I. I just I didn't want the united wanna you know judge ya and upsets and they might grandstand there was food here's. They have so much crippled all go well on our ground and airliner. Out to break into a widget you Jeanette pro day in in state. Another report and it is coach Billy Doran. I KK got the wolfpack on right trailer that they ate those guys. Look at a Internet programs movement or. And I know wolf speculated that. All all insist that there are really feel like they're on the right track when you look at. The things around a program it beautiful facility they had that. Pro being in knee deep in our war. Quality be attacked well on the board including the gap could be a number one pick. Yeah they're all there's no there's no doubt that I saw that he should do when Mike made out from down there are there rally and may not nailed it talking about all this talent and you know you can just judge you on the NFL talent what one day Dorn has done there. What do you think right now about the wide receiver situation this is the one that gets everybody going one way or the other. Panthers bring in Torrey Smith they bring in Jerry is right I think they could both be good bargains signings. But a lot of a lot of Kansas fans wanted a sexier name what. How do you feel about the Panthers receiving corps they put together here. Well I'll say about the receiver signings and the just overall free agency out like to just wait. And in Hanoi or Brett wants it's an analysis but I like the way to look at the whole body of work. Yeah we talk about free speech and the tramp somebody understood. Are you earn Robert Burton bill Brett. Aids in you brought in some parents are better leadership to. Permanently. Yours. Our respect that and there's. Current career and and into article arts bit let down I am. And when they. But in. Rock. People are outside. On in normal. Oh well here. In Utah so. Parent it's your right alike that are. We think about what terms of the charts in ball. Work. Yeah. I. You look at. And it's been a pretty well but overall. Look there are a war that. It got there. So I think one. Of yours what are. The a big. Spot. No oh no doubt mr. third round is the label they gave him in a minute Minnesota or talk when my craft. Panthers TV better stocked up dancers radio. And Mike what do you think about the secondary mean the Braylon things really unfortunate because I really like that loose. And now you're stocks feeling like you need to get. Any starting safety any starting corner do you think this is something that. The Panthers should and will try to do in free agency using day wait until the draft how do you feel about those two positions right now. Historically and actually it's. Our or. When you have all of it or not. You know treasure. Or where. That all. Oh. Well. Why are. What are. But for. What. Our and just start. This. For. Ordered wrote. In rock but you're watching. They wrote. Or rot in people with our own people. Oh really. I. Thought oh. But. You know all all. And we are. Why go through. Bill Belichick. Know about. All. Are. Up. Opel holes. You know all our. Years while the bottom line oil to our thing happened. And don't do well you know cycle. You know all holes. You know it's Vietnam. Eric did you despair. Now no doubt Mike Chris witnessing your buck and Mike I wish to say the same I am the guy that gets way too high which is all right so I have I have got a higher everything. You got a senseless acts I gotta have some spit out every day. Unfortunately is probably too high or too low sometimes. I'm lasting and ask you about and you watch some a lot of film over there you in the stuff do you guys and TD guys do on the side deals when duties as great stuff. Talk to me about the impact of Don Terry Bo because I don't think I don't think it's a strange realize how amazing and destructive he and shorter going to be together brother to be amazing. So nor smear it out here. Where tickets are all. About or don't. Are you. All. But explainable but there are. People are out. Oh it's all all out. There. Spot. And our it would all. Lead there. Well 00 well. Well. Where. You want short. No. Well. While in in yeah yeah. Yeah well. It. It. And pretty. Project and for. It in a lot. Of R&B. Pop up. Thought cannot wait to see those big cells can answer to get a great stuff great description of the impact. Apollo. Mike you're the man we will talk to down the road rather be good enjoy ghost road race. I.