Panthers Broadcaster Mick Mixon: "The Panthers Had A Bad Tackling Game On Sunday"

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Wednesday, December 6th

Panthers Broadcaster Mick Mixon joins Primetime to discuss the Panthers loss to the Saints, plus much more. 


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Voice of the Panthers Mick mix in with us. The mic is that true that there's a lot of things that you can do with robots that we didn't think you could do ten years ago is that true whether a lot more things of robots now we think about that. For a robotics gosh I don't I don't know you can't go wrong south. And I liked it when there was only four TV channels or one over ghostly. And activities are what make me pay to play for me want to play just to make makes me sleep you really big moment a few weeks ago or. Who's a good time I am sorry you'll see that they remember. Hmmm I'm sickened and you know what happened and civilian attire usually I don't understand don't have that I'm sitting in this tire shop right. He makes walks in he's he walks into account our. What a start up there was a round room. Groups operate and play whoever we're restoration tell you know mix right tell the story Koran today or last name it was gone all of this Omar. It was like Louis you are you guys know mark you very you don't remember me you don't Rivera briefly. Let's say that you see. Only that's tragic mix there that's. Anything that you you know your resume to somebody give me is that you don't really know you don't really know they are you gonna pull back a little bit yeah he did that I like you bigtime movie. I just got fed up a little bit I should have recognized the OK it's OK okay yeah like thanks for autograph so I was little I was little bit in the catatonic state because I had just found out it was gonna cost me 400000. Soccer. So the rim but I always thought we want without arousal. Finally you gotta use them all about who you know many citizens and now I've been and who you had a special form Hussein. He's in big time picnics into the source of the Panthers. Mic night I was listening to you guys Monday night for brief moment as I was coming over to the arena for the hornets broadcast. On pit their talk on on WBT and you eat your words of wisdom or you know what the son I woke up this morning the sun came out things certain things are fine and we're gonna we're gonna wipe the slate clean and if it's on to Minnesota and and it's a big one but how how do we. Compete out compute and try to make sense of what happened. Happened on Sunday against the saints where that's that's now two games this year they've lost to the saints in the saints appear to be maybe in all three phases the better team so far. And the Panthers might have let the division slip away on Sunday final thought on that enforcement of Ford had at a we at a we handled it game on Sunday. I think there was a unifying. Diagnosis defect gave him that will lose what. The missed tackles. He and the Panthers are a good tackling the fact that you meet the Panthers are good tackling defense. And I think if they're correct people that their heirs of these things are really good there Rolen thought they would the vikings they're they're make an offensive football looks very easily. And and now but the Panthers. Oh I love what camps and after the game win the unity he gave credit to the plate for the very classy way of any. He'd had substantially if we do our job the rest of the way it'll be up to us to do yes we hope we PS club we can't. Mick mix a voice of the Panthers witness and of course there on the call 1 o'clock on Sunday. Big Three game home stretch fires up this month in December for the Panthers vikings and then it's the Packers and it's the Fiat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And up pregame coverage begins at army and James O'Keefe stadium show at 10 AM and then now all the guys on the call mix Eugene and Tokyo 1 o'clock on news 1110. Not united three WP TV is so we when you look at it at the saints team mix it you are are they as good as advertised is that I believe they are them believing that for about a month or so now but you've got you've now seen them twice and and once on that for a fast track in New Orleans. How how how good do you believe that saint Stephens. Well I'll think there's a great. Team but juggernaut really is the NFC if if if we were looking for one day be the conversation so would the vikings haven't won a road teams. Placate keyed of this play the way they're front gets after years. And they're good the middle of the their defense is really good drive up the middle of their seats like most good defense is our. But this thing it's it's almost it's almost not fair when you come buys what Drew Brees is capable of how he wants to pocket how he plots the throwing lanes. How he how he gets rid of the ball so accurately he did not like normal people the way could he had you combine that with the run game. And when you do that you can get some draft pick if they've hit on enough of both where I think their hands full right now how you got it. I've had picked approves and Gooden you know due to. You know phrase where it's it's as one of those things I think where there are more of a complete team than maybe. Carolina is it at all positions and and next is to show up especially late in the season and guys have banged up and so on and so forth so. I mean my mark my question going forward Zhu is. What are what are what is apparent is approach going to be going down the stretch because you don't want to get through our first 22 our depth isn't as good. As we would have liked would have been we hadn't really developed young Geist due course of the season like we have that we. We thought they should have to have developed I'm sorry. So move forward it is they're there is this going to be one of those things where maybe some guys go to practice or old few reps get a few looks at me we had Charles out so there's obviously some are open reps there. And and and you know below forty can that be a possibility. I disagree with the premise of your question though bar I think that one of the reasons that Ron Rivera is Panthers are felt the life. Fellow 35 to fifty companies have pretty good record of November December. Is that they've best. In debt earlier this season so that when you get through November and December that next man enough. Guys doesn't mean that some guy who's scared to death who had been off the field record after their likely shark's tooth I think. There are many good examples of that but I think you. Billions talent armada fullback there is want the Panthers are trying to get him more reps try to get a hold up try to get the first. Finish Phelps Dodge City before five face special teams guys. And has done a good job that and I think that I think Carolina will be. I think we'll be all right we can get in the play offs. And indeed somebody's worst nightmare I think that they've got a chance to work out. And make Nixon's with a sports the Panthers on the call on on Sunday 1 o'clock. For play by play on these 1110993. WBT Panthers and vikings three straight home games coming up. Starting on Sunday at at Bank of America Stadium and I guess the one question Mickey as you've seen him out twice you've seen Christian so far through twelve games. A lot of pain at their stance feel like media outing canary is what they thought Christian McCaffery. Could be deep what they are different players to physically but what what do you think the gap is between those two guys obviously come airs at the ground running it's been. A little up and down from McCaffery although he's been a huge part of the receiving game as far as our reset the receiving record for back in Panthers history three weeks ago the first season's earnings. Would put what do you make the difference between those two players are little different but you've seen both of them so far. Popular exactly what I take governor and I tried not to coach the team from the press box if not try not to try to broadcast the game and I'll I'll try not to tell fans what they ought to think about. But he gave his blood so I just have to there was golf I'll try. But fit what I cannot think of a bigger waves of and the Earth's oxygen. To have a discussion like this a month panther fans. Good sample sizes too small third career have to play out. They're playing in different cities for different head coaches for different quarterbacks with different alliance. It just it's not fair it's it's that hypothetical question you know issued you have gone out with TV like not definitive by recessionary conditions. What was your life how we drive to cover cut at the patter of little sleep you dream your aspirations. Mean it's there's no way to. Christian McCaffrey is held a football player and and would you trade him right now for Alvin compare but based on what you know about to verify would folder compared to great players well. Really addressing as we get ready to question Panthers and vikings coming up on Sunday 1 o'clock news 1110993. WBT's Hokies got pregame starting at ten with the stadium show. Hope for a Bank of America Stadium and a lot of people make this is even doing this long enough no surprise here a lot of people frustrated with. Runner Sarah Thomas Davis was on our airwaves yesterday saying matter of fact don't blame the coaches this is a this is on us we had a great game plan and we and execute some of that tackling. A lot of the tackling that you're you're talking about. Then the record in November December is 37 at sixteen for runner fair that you were just mentioning that that that's the record for him. I know people want him to be more animated you know him better than most as you're around them on and on a pretty good day to day basis. I'll what is the thing that fans don't see that maybe they should understand about who runner there is as a coach is they see him kind of stoic on the sidelines and I think that that's a direct correlation to losses sometimes. It just think you know he got their boards got got the pole for a bit more of what fans are saying that's me that's not a bottle Twitter FaceBook to me that you're better for him. And you think Graham Nash finished. None of sensors. Front is that I think. What they're this thing for what they baby that is coach repaired stuff if and how I mean I keep. You know mark could you know you play for coach is that. You didn't want to let them down you wanted to work. You work you want a few more what the fear faith you know walking tall hard to do that we're gonna wacky thought they had with their horrible stick. He just didn't want to disappoint if you wanted to repay debts. Through the faith of the trust they placed it uterus you can do your job. And that's the kind of feeling that territory very genders in the panther locker room thought I've heard tell our fans have been my source on this is pretty good. That he will appeal to pay off the wall. He'll talk. They're now their parents their parents parents. If he if if need be if he thinks that this team needs to get that his preference would be. Two to motivate the profit arm around her children through courage. But if he but he got a temper he'd get very very animated. Mick I I was pored over some of the numbers today and as I look at Minnesota and to me. The difference between these two teams having Adam Phelan has been incredible is probably the piece becoming more star studded but he's probably been the best receiver in the NFL the last two years and nobody's heard of Andy's. Top three and over and over every major category I love the stats for him I think he is third I wanna see in the NFL in third down receptions. 27 and he's got 21 minute gone for first down so I mean this guy is just he's electric he can do the consistent stuff the big play stuff. But more than anything I look at Minnesota and to me if they're doing the things offensively and defensively the Panthers are doing which is there relief in third down red zone conversions. On offense and defense and that's that's an area where the Panthers have had struggled at times this year. Lately they have the Panthers a couple of games ago we're. Number one of the NFL on third down efficiency offensively. Those numbers have taken a little this thing hit. I don't know forget what you're saying Chris I think that of the vikings are very very interest thing. Confidence they they have a total West Coast game. A lot they'll run half a dozen screen Wii game that they have a wide variety of screen don't screen for the tide in a fact. There's got to wrap count the nations where the tightest. And slipped out into a flat. With screen action meanwhile the fact for of the wheel route they've got the feel fit you Boyd got Phelan wrote those big I can't they have a counselor at this TV. This year and he's had a feeling catch a pass. Rudy 330. Don't want even at the frame on the TV. I don't want to go for. All right you guys did that is one of the best for 51. You know covering thirtieth yet what is it though Favre may have. Do it would have you have to do we get the respect. Our begins the respect will win when the office coordinator. Has enough talent and that have to be able to scheme you to where you can really key you know he's. Apparently route runner man and that well yes incredibly so it is guess is no you know if you. It's it's through our running can be taught but it's also something that's well it is funny too as we mentioned this mic I mean I think it 2013 he came at a Minnesota state which is a deep to school I believe. He had to. Two offers as an undrafted free agent rookie free agent Minnesota and Internet in his own state. And and the Panthers the Panthers were one of the they've looked at him back in 2013 and he turned to look like I don't it's cheaper. You know and they're wrapped their route Redick and other West Coast offense throughout the truth of the excited just there's so many times where the quarterback. In the receiver both depend on each other collecting the famed defense to death. Tonight. Mick mix in poison the Panthers you'll hear him on the call 1 o'clock on Sunday Bank of America Stadium and pregame coverage begins with a stadium showed James O'Keefe. On news 1110993. WP team that will be at 10 AM mic it's good to talk to my friend thanks to make it's a moment source. Yeah opera joint occurred thank you before the blast of a market leader in camp Butler. It was warm and when I see the growth slowed my name is on president.