Panthers Broadcaster Kevin Donnalley discusses the Panthers off-season moves

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Wednesday, March 14th

Panthers Broadcaster Kevin Donnalley discusses the Panthers off-season moves. 


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We call on Kevin Donnelly he has more Panthers enthusiasm. It is pinky finger than most mere mortal skate hey how you feel a man. What up that's right man we're talk compare answer what a great tablet here for eight to store stuff. Who's already been made it on the BO talk to Tampa or hear more. It's fun and we got crazy style slow we'll talk about later like Kirk cousins getting 884 million dollars all guaranteed deal. That dad I don't see the deal I decades since your last deal in the NFL you know I think. It's crazy. There's precedent for trivial beer cheap contract out of one's been done like that it. You know other positions on radio also Gulfport. Yes I wanna ask Renee and Mike Florio on 930 from pro football talk as a first question I want ask is do you see this. As kind of a road paver it's a trend setter precedent setter or not that that's that's gone the interest saying. As far as the Panthers moved so let's start first with the most recent to move for Braylon Marty clearly. Targeted him Winamp trump knows is second day of the nursing a third day illegal to Cigna illegal tampering before the official freeing seek. And commits a million dollars a year or so for three years what do you think about debris when signing and if you look at this lane just compare. Upgrading from worldly some freelance I mean I think we got better at that position substantially what do you think. Yeah I agree completely and I think that you know you're bringing in a player that. You know as little feisty he's got some some energy to a woman is gonna bring energy to that back into the defense and really you look at. You know the NFL and you know sometimes it doesn't matter what kind of pass rush you have just a lot of quick passing game going on. Q what got you can you know some based Jambo mullah disrupt routes things like that the timing. Things and you know we're all kind of works to the other on defense and I know will we we talk and defense took banned here in the second and the defense to outline we're gonna get that pass rush from but. Logic I have some guys that can cover it and being got spaces at disrupting those quick passing game that got so many teams are starting to use in the air well. Let's go to Torrey Smith move also because you gave up orally but we kind of see now why they did that. I'm sure Marty had this in mind and then go out there and upgrade that position anyway so let's get something. You know in exchange for Darryl Worley rather than just keeping them and move him back keynotes at the corner and you know on second team unit or whatever. So they did so they they they get Torrey Smith. Two more years last five million tar. They they could I mean he can now they want to but it won't think economy after one year no cat no dead money or any saying. What do you think about Torrey Smith it seems like this is one that stands are not are having a hard time gets a lot of faith and I just remember what we did for Ted against career. And I also remember the way Torrey Smith played in Baltimore and I feel like there's a chance we can be the spot of reclamation for him although honestly. Pelosi needs that he had an amazing playoffs thirteen catches and three playoff games but I still it we might appeal to bring out the best in Torrey Smith 46. You know I I think this is a brilliant move by aborted Ernie and I'll say this ship all the fans out there. Yes I've just got to look at the composition of the entire world. And the mutual experience in there and the guys bringing a well look back to that room he has championships he had. Yeah protection in the biggest change in your bringing that into a room that got some young receivers. Doesn't function is continuing. To grow as a player than of course court Samuel and some of those Joker got rid patrolling the McCluster what do better way to have a coach on the field. That a guy that brings instant respect to that don't want receiver room and you know if you look back further. You know to me it is to remove the somewhat like although a little bit different player but somewhat similar we've brought in Ricky Proehl. And that 2003 super bull run that we have because. You know I haven't had a diverse group wide receivers in that room and we added this experience in this guy are we really count on. Arm hat does Super Bowl rings you know with the rams so this is the guy that I think somewhere in that respect that. You know you look at the totality of the room where it's gonna be like oh overall beauty doubt experience and they are seen a lot of different systems going out there produced a couple of different scenes and now. You know north Turner's that a weapon but I think champs and really. I think Joseph where there's been some time together are like this move but I think I trash beat brink Kirch by that it certainly. Not done their observers it's more weapons for the offense but. Are like this move a lot I was pleased to see not sure. Now we're talk with Kevin Donnelly your talk a little bit Panthers cans what OK let's look moving forward. Julius Peppers mad love for next shoe to drop appear soon in our bomber. And and safety I think it would be nice and the cap money really get restricted I would guess not not knowing the structural debris and deal. Are around what 1112 million somewhere in the neighborhood right now mom it's getting a safety. And getting peppers. Those are two things I think are important what do you think's important to have happen next. Yeah I think that the interesting thing is to really think about it fact that. You repair person and peppers have had discussions they wanted to decisions sooner rather than later I think the coach. Rivera has. The respected Julius Peppers and vice Versa that the state talks were kind of not in the know right now free agency is. You know is this guy kind of locked and they just haven't made public yet or. Armistice still working our press I think it's probably the aforementioned but I think that's something they both have a good idea what's gonna happen next year or so. Battles terminal next moves but I do likes safety to you know I got or Washington taken over the defense a unit. Com and certainly you know he wants circle you know to be able to play well and wanna got back there are some. You know what consider the passing game has such a big order the defense now. Our opponent offense for teens or early NFL. You know you gotta have that pass rush which you gotta have some got on the factor and went. Sometimes those guys are gonna get home and dom. Europe that's secondary I think you know after playing last year were some injuries and movements in different parts around they realize that. You know they need to upgrade that fact they're so. No closer to our positions are or the very. The problem is with peace and Japan you know there's there's no one really I'll probably have to look to the draft of their response you know Blake's maybe could make an impact and you know may be smaller. Situations in terms of how many reps he gets in the game but. You know we'll have to see you know you've got to talk about the what you think those two key areas of the secret speech or call. I can't you're the man I can always count on you coming here are some positive. Answer energy bomb by the way here's the most important question I need you be the weather guy. That where you're at right now is it's snowing at all. Yes we just finished I think with the storm looking out the window right now we got by dusting on. Jerry Richardson stadium field here at UNC Charlie's but dishonest about the amount of interest or a little dusting and out some good about our well god. But so what it I didn't expect outlaw it and pepper flakes hit me as a war. That's a and has bent our brother be good we'll talk to down the road we close the draft to stuff like that will start tag team and we appreciate. Still what our program.