(Not So) Deep Thoughts By Chris Kroeger

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Thursday, April 26th

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And now on we each time for not assume deeds dogs. By Chris Krueger. Don't academics gosh this recently do you feel like a massage right now right. Did you did you you don't like massages are you for my Ukraine denies this context don't sorry no I'm trying I'm I'm trying to willfully suspend disbelief resigned all right that was should listen. And I just managers are too bad things stood to beside one another hard. Don't yesterday we we shared a not so deep dogs and her Barbie Q okay. Proper barbecue. OK you agree announcing vinegar based sauce what we gonna talk about something for second. Because obviously we're on a few hours earlier now and I schedules been thrown off a little bit. And I'm still learning I'm still learning my new routine and I'm trying to get into day by day I can use only. Rule to talk about traffic percent to talk about traffic heads. So. First of all it sucks we can all agree on that traffic is all not good. Likes traffic is there a single person that enjoys traffic Pat McCrory unknowns are what's bloomers it's the area. This job. Yeah I big storm employed. We're launching any count so okay so I boom boom is one of the few people. Bob like. I wanna talk about traffic for a second because our first of all. I either need some sort of Fraser financial offsets for the time I'm losing stuck in traffic every day likens it to our bosses are listening right now I need some sort of IDs this new time change. I need a financial offset because of that OK so that's first you can always turning your mileage it's into the community that second at all. How why is it. In this city that there is no good way to get to or from uptown Charlotte we go to center what direction you're going there's no good way in this city to get to or from. Center City Charlotte. In 2018. No good way there's no good possible pathway or road and you think you've found a new direction and guess what it's just as congested as the other way you're going. And here's another thing all right. This happened to me yesterday I was talking arrived on the phone and coming into work and try to get here like 830 S and Ryan I'm only a few minutes away. And then I look on Google Maps and think of why is there's so much traffic on on independence boulevard right now famous last word famous last words. I had to go older from sharing in order to John delicate took me 25 minutes them. How what on earth was possibly could be going on to what is taken me 25 minutes to go that far. And it turns out there was nothing. I thought I'll surely come upon Iraq surely there's a lane closure surely there must have been some sort of rubber necking that got on no everybody just launch slugged their way through. Five miles of traffic for no good reason and many got to be any news on oh OK we could we've just gone faster all of us. Got to go in thirty could we've gone sixty could we made that work policed and on that note to our user. For anybody that's listening right now maybe you're stuck in traffic. I don't want your single person that's complaining. About all we should go to LA old when you really should live in Atlanta girl you should live in Chicago or we should look a New York you should live in Washington DC YouTube right shut up okay. All I know traffic is relative and in this city traffic should be as bad as it is pretty amount of people that live in the city. So. Their point okay this new schedule change. Divide any complaint it's traffic. Traffic sucks. It's overrated. And lesser name is boomer punching in and it keeps you employed because you're really good doing traffic updates. Or get a chance to continue to listen to us lawyer in her car that's trusts to which traffic might actually be good for us our better be careful what I'm asking for. It took forty years and this city can't get up to kick to get it out a bill completed by the time it's completed its already outdated now. There's nothing more charlatan that meanwhile the roads in Raleigh. Our allies including an. With many many blame my is that part of that comes from him it's it's almost as if state money who stays close to the capital and they can coaching thinking traffic why the roots in Kingston it's sucks in the Accenture and its deep into deep thought big traffic what's the worst.