(Not So) Deep Thought With Chris Kroeger

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Saturday, May 26th

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And now owned and it's important it's who deeds signs yeah. Body creates true. You know my schedule is changed recently so this is affected some things we've talked about traffic and everyday you step to deal traffic before. Partly at least add in terms of affecting my commute and no way to deal with traffic. What are the other things is laden you know I'd like to get a workout in my mind just running at home and to get to the gym it's had to figure out to a wanna do it after work. Wardrobe wanna do before work I wanted to ignite Kazaa on hold so what's to go out and come back into all that again and so I'm a morning person. But I'm not a morning person. We're really ready to work out really like it gets recruited me some coffee some water on the set the stage I kinda like middle of the day. And if. I can do little to day anymore. Let's start working out during the show and I guess I guess we could do that if we wanna do that you push ups what's the next break so I started taking. Class like have been taken a large theory guys know that I took what I've been taken arch their class around 7 AM. And I mean some little off around five get a little food in the total work for the show. Drive then take the class come to work OK and and as we've gotten. In two bits early summer right into weather's warm is the unofficial start to summer wood memorial day's weekend. As we've gotten into summer. It's just hot right EC you're just don't always come up uncomfortable. And like today were wearing slacks and whatnot that's not a normal attire. And I'm amazed in 2018. We we still have found a better way to deal with the post workout shower so let's. Has anybody has any human on earth but it'll give out the Nobel Peace Prize for different different disciplines right Brian I would be willing to give out a little. Personally I'd nominate this person for a Nobel Peace Prize if somebody could come up with an 88 perfectly. Useful. Legitimate way to avoid the publish our sweats. After working out the site I don't think anybody's in 2018 is still figured out how to master that. It's already human being on earth that. 100%. Were put our minds to the serious problems of world here. Yeah I mean like curing cancer you mean other serious diseases. Funnies in the Middle East we get that so much our sweat yes. I mean do you have an answer for that I don't I usually just wait but then I have the benefit of working out of a home office and I don't have to immediately get dressed. Like a normal adult so. I can just hang out shorts before I go take a shower and work for awhile and then shower and avoided that what CI can't do that is like in a hurry to get to work grass there is a don't work it out straight to shower. You have done the trick and I thought this. This is supposed to work where you stand under the shower head what you're done. Just turn it really cold right like shock your body into being but actually I found that I think makes it worse again because you've been closed up all your force. Yeah and all day heat is still inside to get everything feels really warm all of a sudden now sweating more. So there's got to be some sort of answer yet why have we not founded in 2008 feet. It's one of the most inconvenient things. You can deal with us as as a guy works out like if you're saying why would work out I would actually say April showers what is that I would read reason why why would work out well that might goodness. Yet those two. You know at certain order a third street and so can somebody please. Commit all of our brain power. And knowledge in this in this great world we know more than we've ever known before. We've access to more information we've ever had before our culture and our society how we got picked Texas friends. All I ask. To not so deep thought yeah.