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Monday, February 12th

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Odd this team should have been a playoff team even if only estimates eagle on 500 they should have been a playoff team may ultimately get there but it seems like it's going to be hard to believe at this point no cost us what this. From Syria X Sirius XM NBA radio no what do you make this team intercept your frustration around here right now. Bring about Patrick admit that they can attack on the means to us now he needs its next year. But don't expect it to get prepared statement that. I thought coming and that may be the they'd be yeah it underdog in the Dugard and Ben. I don't even know who this team. Or what they've seen their losses of that player. That you're in trouble at the product that's the problem either. There's no there's no I didn't and when they were when they're on the brink of doing something at least they're going to be that there is do you I didn't irritate me. And that's such a weird thing to say about a Steve cook for team is it not. But again you can only do and you got it spot about it a coach can only do so much and a utility guys think that. You know most of the guys you know it is take the majority of guys that. There's that your leader you know and and similar like that but it is regarded I think you know what this guy is leading us in the right direction but it it is very easy. Do all in there or not we've got a shot and that what they're doing you know giving. Epic and game that they are there like that and I think being games left it and then you're gonna decide what to believe Mike is an excellent game that they. It's just up there. Impact I kind of grief doesn't know Jessica as we did this. Often is it that I am in a tour you want rookie who comes in as all right worst I think heat he gets afternoon practice and so on and so forth but how. How often especially in his new day and age would would would these young guys coming and 181920. Year old guys. That that worked at stake in this and that that want to win that know how and everything else has to be the developed as opposed to a code saying you know we're not gonna play him because he doesn't work when one Norton breakfast. But that it is that it do different way to think about that I go back and think about Tyreke. So wouldn't I read got in Cleveland other that you greatly talented and they did they did not. And Kyra read. Credit LeBron and hardware. I thought I don't work I showed me a pot and that would that would after four years. Think I'd be with the number one but it took LeBron if either Brooke I read and understand. Just gonna have to do it my body if I'm out here that I need it but what. So unless and and let there are guys around. Molly mark around all the other got guys that are. Want to show you get that one Britney got of one of the lead by apple it it'd. You would think that it needed it today I mean you mean they're baffled by what a bit of bad yup yup. Bust your butt and ordered to do it you know I think guys you've got example don't let you have the right guys around him. Put out about those young players and you're not gonna get there have been thought that they. It it'd nodded in an idiot and I think the basics death. A bunch of these young kids early. Kinda hurt. W mark that the world but it is being used in the league and you think. Well look at what they've stated you notably in Alabama with Galen brown they have lacked here in the but he you know in the end according to. And in Europe but just physically different right like that's that's the thing to me that I think fans aids you don't. You if you're if you're leak in this is the problem actually people talk about defense he doesn't and scoring an so he's been on the sport is if you're going to be that size and that's frame may not be dressing and every drop of fifteen points off the bench every night to discuss her physically belonging in the NBA with their frames right now. And about probably play in high school I call one of the critical game that coordinate in Missouri and any played against you know they'll be played against long though ba. And Molly got picked up on the ball so I'm logged out. Automatic quadruple double with it yet caught on average in the game out there are still underway and an open when he won three metadata on the idea. That we have anybody out there that anybody else around in my head I was thinking. You can't be incompatible or you know I'll make MBA but yeah you we go well. And then he got that he got a college and cal Perry hit them if they don't do very often and that. Very good actors go they take the ball. Pick up in front that yes got by committee everyday and the bought on the bleak month Turkey into we've been used that. And now. It's a completely different mind. If you'd like in the NBA I'm not not going to write him off and if you want but he have to get the opportunity and you have to put the work. One this is the interesting thing to know Casillas who is here X series sex and NBA radio he's on Twitter. At no cost lobbies with us on the technique I'm just like sued talking about minutes and and things of that nature development and things of that nature. That's also what an organizational philosophy correctional the hornets are also old I mean the way their record is is a pretty good indicator of where they are is an organization where there's kind of got 141 foot out the door one foot in the door. Are they a veteran team that doesn't care about young players. Are there a team that doesn't use draft picks do they wanna develop players so when you've got that type a roster it's hard to justify just turning a guy like Malik month lose because that's not waive the way the rosters really built up at this point. But you have to understand that they are all about there was you know. We get up to the playoffs. Which I don't go well yeah agreed I don't know plateau. That particular order that they did and don't live in denial you actually they actually understand where they are at a typical pretty. Went organization wit. You know rich don't want you to contact all they're just they're so much uncertainty. Within the organization that it is a proper. No do you think we've read this is it seems like it right like to meet my reaction to the Willie hurting Gomez deal the other day was more than anything like that was the only deal which Joseph was allowed to make like without checking what do. It seems like he's on borrowed time at the end of this contract we what do you make of that what you hear it on that. Yeah I don't know I don't know what bridge that gap mean I can't speak. Through sorted out what. Mr. future is. But they need they need the ability and whether it quit rich show or are. Comedy out they need they need some sort of organizational ability to go to our best. What would you do what would you do 'cause it's been interesting don't cost plus what does against serious XM NBA radio. He's with us on the technique I'm just like Chris manage should say there are people talking that it if they make a move Mitch Kupchak the guy David Griffin's kinda hanging out there. I don't love the Mitch Kupchak fit from a market standpoint but obviously he's got the bonafide what do you make of of the idea Mitch Kupchak being that being a GM here in Charlotte if if that would happen. But what you were. In an avid edit and then I'd wanna get back in the lead didn't add an avid avid dot because there are solidarity haven't been. In every got it they'd quote unquote good duck they're they're done better get much better than others. Again and Cambodia if kemba is your best player. Then let's hear you're hitting home runs in the draft which have not. Figured that it cannot you not left with any so that the problem so I didn't I thought that. I've thought about if it Kevin Love had a dot. You know they put a big ice tea. I've been loud. And maybe maybe this aspect. Maybe they'll want it. Try to do something where they where they step Oakland ticket then kemba addicted to back. Equipment I'm not going to mix it up in order to get in order to get more money and do believe that a little bit. If it got to get bigger bite that apple and and that's a foreign address if they get. Every about where you're. So. It. So you see did you miss gut check your whomever this thing you would this organization this franchise's all over the place. What is the day one and and what's the first season you may two. Would this morning esteem and his organization to to getting going in the right direction and into some susceptibility. Children had a two Lugar which peaked yet they yet so many out there yeah. Think that you can't you can't do that you actually here. But also speaks to what you're talking about because again when is Michael Jordan had his pick once in a blue moon rich Cho haven't used it once a blue moon. You can you always keep missing because there's no consistency in the idea how you're building a roster through the draft that's a big reason why they keep missing. No team. Doubt this thing about where they were on that night where and a number of what was thought about that that. They've got rumored split between Monique Martin Donovan met yet we haven't we been adamant that the conversation there up. Man we're frustrated we're just. Frustrated actually wanting more frustrated that we start were no 'cause loss serious accident thanks to be radio was with us on the technical I guess like I instant analysis. Greatest trade great trade or great history in NBA history for the cast of the deadline off after yesterday. Ever greater greatest there. That it live live and about that yeah yeah all. All the time and it's like yeah I get Robert Parish and if culprit for the law about that then yeah I mean. I think anything it may well when you when you feel a bronze smiling. This scanners that. Well I will leave you this you know we saw raptors up here in in person twice now and I've I've long been a fan of what about the ways we can our roster building what beside you juries on their last year's spending as I credit there. And he's he's one of the best in the NBA what he does so that's no coincidence but I. I you know they quietly snuck to the top of the Eastern Conference standings and they are alone with Golden State. As the only two teams to be top five in offense and defense in the NBA. And I can bet against LeBron eagle with all these moves could. But in Toronto I mean would you be shocked if we wake up and it's an NBA finals a Golden State Toronto because I don't think I'd be surprised by that. Yeah added I'd be pretty surprised really. Yet I'd be pretty the right. Because of the way that the racket to the corner about the past then and what it. I don't even think that laid it out there because AA even though they're playing that is different island that brought it here but until until you improve in the playoff that. LeBron is not here at. They've yet at the idea but I've practiced about credit not a matter that it about it about what they would that it hadn't shown up in the buy out yet and LeBron. We nearly indirect. I know a couple of series sex and NBA radio is on Twitter at Noah Kozlov how can people checking out a series examines the wanna listen Inoa. Yet they got the weekend. Up in front and the one wonder boy and followed where. Bad knockout but you ability advocate. Are no good to talk to buddies. They don't thanks Richard Todd north.