Nick Wilson & Josh Parcell: Why Didn't Kelvin Benjamin Just Squash The Beef?

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Friday, August 10th
The guys open up the show discussing last nights preseason match up between the Panthers and Bills. They aslo discuss Cam Newton approaching Kelvin Benjamin, and why he didn't take the opportunity to squash the beef. 

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These these WM being seen. Here's mr. Wilson and Josh ourselves. Things Charlotte. Wilson and Josh par shall I nick Wilson he's Josh ourselves. We've got a lot to get to today radioed Tinder new bit on the show at 1146. Give us a name an idea I'd topics for instance. We should overreact. To last night's pre season opener and we will slide bluster swipe ride if you don't know what Tinder is please ask your children we've also got to Eugene Robinson former NFL safety currently of the Panthers radio network and ABC and C here in Charlotte joining us at 1230 to talk about what he saw billions to give his take on keep on Seymour not necessarily the first quarter stuff which he got owned on but feel later in the game stuff we need got owned on. On the rundown of one minute which of course is brought to you by mark Spain real estate and Brendan. Mamet. Will be joining us a Panthers and starting left guard to -- -- -- the starters last night always some of the thirteen so everything's fine with that we'll talk with him at 130. In the meantime it's over reaction Friday Josh. Yet a hot takes in there. Got a pre season. Bernard you want him to share with everybody so I'd promised you yesterday that I would watch the game and I would not overreact and and and flown all the five minutes into the game in mesa and five interception Peter men on. Goes seven for seven drives right down the field and not only does he drive right down the field on the Carolina defense. He uses Kelvin Benjamin asked to just slice right through that defense and into the scoring of the in the scoring of the touched on this very as a very early drop her latest take it to like a running of bulls won a running of the bulls shorts and countless through the Carolina defense and not overreacting but it was not good. I'm not overreacting okay bloodless for this white. It wasn't fun. That wasn't fine and for Sean McDermott who came out and said it you know. We we we can't believe these sad days we don't condone that Tibet don't loud and seemingly. Meg Kelvin Benjamin a target overall land that was no coincidence. He'll turn their by Sean McDermott cell. I I didn't like that I did feel like that weighs those bad form by the Buffalo Bills knowing what happened this week well really. Yeah yeah. The bills are so this is assigned to keep Kelvin on the sideline and how. Now we'll just we'll take PLO. And what they're not supposed to do is clearly go out of their way to shove a whole scenario I loved it of course you do it lets you love it. Mr. I don't care about the pre season it's boring there's something intrusive plug for the bills like this is a way to got a how to get to sizzle and hopefully get big guys that I feel like what Kelvin said last week and probably didn't sit well as some bills players so I think to at least give Kelvin some positive by. I was going into the rest of the season. I would McDermott doing that the whole point is the pre season doesn't matter and should the pre season doesn't matter than why does one performance in the first quarter game that nobody believed him. Amber by the time kickoff happens on September 9 then why is that gonna matter to him at all. Oh hey Calvin run early get your juices flowing is and then we'll go over and he's in the middle mistake. That's. All I'm saying is I don't think McDermott sort of put some sort of muzzle on tell the men's and their only game but he did how. Have to feature him he didn't have to go. Did you come on seem more featured and it's okay dad owned by a felony that is the. One thing that I will give view all on last night's game the one thing that I will react to on any measure is all. Completely hopeless team on Seymour looked like. And I realize you're gonna do some things in the regular season where you're going to try and schemes and things to take pressure off your here defensive secondary I also don't think she runs going to be maybe in that position. I think you're going to see him more from the reserves standpoint but what I what I did see is if team on Seymour is still starting if he's still getting 405060%. Of the ramps. If that is the plan for him going in the season and the unfair to say based off what we saw last year. Now he's got a year to go in delayed. Our number if if we see this for the next three pre season games by the time cut down happens. I'm going to be saying you should be scouring the as much as we talk about left guard right tackle in a slimy and a reserve offensive lineman on the in the open market there. I think if you're gonna have to find a cornerback. Because. I don't know I'm not saying he's playing himself off a roster spot. But if dogs away but if he's your third or fourth guy because you don't have anybody else better no excuses. Absolutely I mean there was nothing about last night's game that who was an all positive for Seymour so. Next week is going to be a critical week for him he's in New Orleans Miami and he's gonna go against. Pretty pedestrian receiving corps Miami is selling keys going up against some of their pro bowlers next week so you should it must step up he was going up against Kelvin Benjamin here so exactly otherwise I boy is like next week it's not like you know I was lining up across a little back the next week he gets burned OK maybe you don't. Hold it against them as much as you would not otherwise but for him next week against Miami I mean this is going to be a huge huge week for him with cuts coming up. I also thought show yesterday when you and I talked I set I was gonna pay about 15% of real intent interest watching the game being in being excited that football was back in 85% of oh look. There's there's a ball like my colleague just being so watching it was a little bit of ABD lose I've pretty much a filled up last night. I watched him too offensive drives I watched a little bit behind it gee whiz intent wants a little bit Garrett was intend. But once I got one or two drives in the OK I get it. I IC what we saw I I think that everything needs to be taken that context I do think we need a sounder. That I have before every show plays during the pre season I think there needs to be a pre season disclaimer. Any views you hear on any of the show is. Our our armed viewed strictly through the outlines of guys watching pre season football by the before every caller or every building senator text line tweet I think we should get to that as well. Maybe sell so what was your ratio and you you I think had. You're old and hires a girl like 3565. Yes I was out with some friends it was kind of hard for me to pay the closest attention today he's on as Israel radio no idea Ed I want I want to start to finish but. About 40% of the time was I watching closely society wants 40% of like the first forty present in the game and then stopped I watched the whole game but I was going in and out at times I did see some good tension DJ Moore noted a way you thought nick about. Cams first to drive only two drives while I know. I have seen a few people treat about the two missed passes. I I think you look like Camden to make. And I think I think there does that tell if you watch Cam Newton last night and you really like Cam Newton vineyard alike that touchdown. If you you're gonna like the end result which is six of nine with a touchdown Brett. If you know what a sorry if you don't savor Cam Newton is Macijauskas phrase it that way then you're probably gonna look at this and say well okay. That was that was a Cam Newton has performance in a negative light. Yeah I don't need to positively or negatively yeah it was it was fine you know. Happy he missed a couple throws in the first try to came back in the second drive look good to throw Jerri is right it was a nice girl on the outside bachelor dog that was by far his best or the gaming and Nestle underneath route is well. And and I thought they featured McCaffery pretty well outside of the fumble early on. That they look good and it was pre season. We can just go into that is going out there so little to say it again. There was there were ups and there are doubts the first time now you're gonna see both your. The other thing. In which it was weird that we the running game the way the running game was featured. We is that I don't think we saw a CJ told that later we didn't CC Jane Christian kind of featured together please Christine McCaffrey never jumped. Never jump going to align it a thing he did he did prove the notion white men can't jump I tweeted that last night could not none of these shots so get a river run that back because he can. I don't I could have jumped the equivalent of whatever job he did on the fumble. But. I did look at the running game and you know Vanilla. I think that's important I saw the running game what they try to do always was a little bid. Uninspiring. Or at least the offensive line side of things into the pass protection was fine. I was trying to watch C offensive line to see you know it to degrade it one way or the other death. If I had a great it'd probably be more uninspiring that I ACL. She maybe so but I think my biggest takeaways from the offensive line in the running game was the touchdown from McCaffrey to Gaza short yardage goal line situation and we've talked this week about how McCaffrey's got to move the al-Qaeda back you know. I run by the middle of the offensive line did get a good push on the bills' front and McCaffery easily scored on that sort touchdown that's something that I think could be encouraging European descent. I do you think that is a fair point to make although I also wanted to get the idea of thought if it's Chris McCaffrey's making those runs on third in short in the goal line situation. And your your driving him right up behind Ryan Cole will I don't know you're gonna have the same success rate and October. In November December especially once they hit start comment that you might have had last night against the Buffalo Bills who by the way do not have a bad front seven at all Georgia where to start there I do wanna know we want no idea what it is the pre season with a disclaimer has been said it but what did you see last night did you light what did you see last night to maybe you didn't life. There was obviously something we got Ryan shall we dad Billy the marlin we do have a hacksaw held dig back in his is cable shape we sent him this morning. You've found them I did well. I didn't wanna tell you could say is god I don't know you've been holding out all week I've never came in today was looking he was sweaty it's I just I we needed help did look a little little jaunts on Glenda that we got to that. Yes will be a geologist for the big and I think there was there was an. There's something outside of the game that happened and I don't know how you can you can go to camp and put cam. Really give him any assault on this whole thing to get to that and more nick Wilson and Josh ourself here under the infancy. Absolutely you can walk away. We want you know. Mickelson and judge Marcel that was Kelvin Benjamin. Blue. You know could've put this whole thing to bed yesterday. This whole the whole curse awful between him and the impropriety it would memo mixing up our terms for this I would say curse awful between him and cam. Which he started it could've ended it. Yesterday could've it could've gone off clean it no more issues and then Kelvin Benjamin had to go and do what he did will give them a second. My perched on common shortstop for the best Pampers tailgate experience head there to get an exclusive tailgate spot in the dog house parking bus say private cash bar private restrooms enjoy the Panthers in the anti style get my perks dot com. Show if you if you haven't seen as you are the only person in America residency misses of the top thing before any of the pre season games before baker mayfield before the Panthers and bills before sick one Barkley. What did we get. We got a video from Matt Walsh who did a great job kind of capturing this whole thing. And at. M Walsh media. It was actually just signer from the observer well Matt Walsh gets all the credit Matt and if he didn't in August 2 tweet as well. All the class the second we blow like that it was actually from the sky but now lost four million hits on his order peso congratulations Michael I enjoyed that and enjoy those kids in the meantime it's so of the them the basic thing that we see is Cam Newton approaching Kelvin Benjamin. And it. In reality cam Kim walks up to him he kind of walks up to him. Almost like a little bit tough and then we see there's the smile all and that he puts on us and the and then Kelvin Benjamin. Declines to shake the hand of Cam Newton. Then TV is obviously in the conversation the first because it started out as Kelvin Benjamin and TV having a combo. And it. Cam ass TV to step away. Dan nick camp which is. Arms behind his back starts may be going from what seemed to be a nice talked more of a serious talk KB tries to walk away cam follows him. And then finally it dies he gets the ending of the video is essentially. Cam and KB walking away from each other with cam pretty clearly frustrated about the whole thing. Yeah we honestly man Khaled Benjamin he showed himself in a big way. I never added I never had peace with Calvin management I don't leads the bust that everybody has talked about in in Carolina. Dad if he seems to be like she's had some nice seasons he's just never been that. What I think people want him to beat he is a big physical receiver who doesn't always lived up to the billing. I still think she's incredibly talented I think would always say how we is not with Nathan Peter Mann a war AJ McCarron the but I think with the right quarterback I still think he could be a really nice receiver in the NFL. Chill I came into this winter when they traded him last year. Even though I wasn't here remembers thinking well that kind of makes sense. You know KB didn't really fit would cam likes to do it just stylistically. The fit probably wasn't there may be buffalo will be induced by he had Tyrod who was a little bit different than cam maybe they'll be the best for both thanks in and by the way governor was not bad and and buffalo. Despite not knowing that also is going in there. But then you know as this situation has played out kell and Benjamin has had every single moment to be out there to step up and be a man. And instead. He's acted like a child. And we can talk about the continuance of the argument. Eight in escalating to a dog in the first place but the reality is. Cam Newton looked like a guy who is trying to approach somebody who had said crap about him. Annie looked like he was trying to play it off and have fun like I know everybody talks about the way he kind of like them a walks right up to the bumps into him. But then he immediately breaks into a smile immediate thought immediately says man let's just get over the issue see the hand go up. By tag let's hug it out things were said it doesn't matter and it instead of instead of being OK with that instead of making good what does come management do acts like a child and that we hear the post game. Where. We don't even hear anything from him. All on just moving on while you could have moved on by not being a jag instead it was a Jack. I was I was really disappointed a player who like didn't how animosity for and I didn't more mostly just annoyed with this week because of what a story and became. And how would suddenly became attack Cam Newton is on. So now is animosity now I'm just irritate about a guy. Calvin comes off looking very bad. In this entire dispute you from start to finish the way he candidate with the media last week with Tim Graham to the way he reacted to Tim Newton on the field. Yesterday now all I will say this it felt a little over the top Samie OK and I guess it felt a lit all. Can try and top shelf. There's a camera right behind don't don't think they can do not see the camera behind Kelvin as he walks up to him there cancer everywhere throughout. Back exactly added we know he knows that this is the cameras are on them it felt almost like. How how dramatic can we make this let's meet at midfield and let's let's let's do this where everybody that you brazile standing up. Now let me say this now let me say this can't handle this very well and can't cam comes off looking like the bigger man in this entire situation I was very happy like he says he extended the hand to shake Kelvin McCain Kelvin blows him off Kelvin looks like the one his irritated Calvin looks like the child in the situation which Kelvin who won his image store but let's not pretend that candidate tried I think but with his body language try to I think him this up a little bit for the theatrics of it which is something he's done. Asked again he comes off looking like the bigger better man Calvin looks like the one who quietly walked away into the night and then. If you let her Gelman does score a touchdown and time and don't think that that's not like Tim came back out that second series by the way Fiat. 'cause that Dell because Kelvin scores Indians got to that there'd theatrics of it say even though to pre season games I've got to come back out on the field and myself in this whole BI did. I think there's this weird confirmation bias no I don't disagree with you that that he came out for the second drive the guys that there was something he wanted to make a shirt into its competitor I. I blame them but this this whole thing and I saw little brought a lot this confirmation bias like if you have something I was against LeBron but if you think LeBron is is melodramatic which by the way he can be. Your anything you see of LeBron you're going to say a bronze being melodramatic. I I think they'll. Again I have been so he's been favorable towards camp. So maybe my it's my confirmation bias at play here but I didn't see anything about him Hammond and jobs. I think he might just be I Hammond general. But I really has anything to do with a guy behind him the stuff fifty yard line thing him vitamins did you think you think he went up tickets TV and says hey can you get what I really need is I need him standing at like the forty of the fifty I'm gonna have a photographer right behind it we're gonna get an OTS and over the shoulder shot from from just the perfect angle and die and then we're gonna have a producer right here you're letting you know what decides. Okay will now you're just going conspiracy theory on the hour. It was a way if it sounds like it comes just aware how can you not be aware somebody's holding up dude. You know where you hauling out my phone. It was right in the all of saying it was a right in the center of the field the center of attention there there was I think that she wanted to be seen and I. I don't blame him. Guys know he's a competitor he's proud of his work he's proud of the accomplishments and Kelvin for a under the bus to tell. And is it just. The world today is confirmation bias and were but I do wanna get I do wanna get I want to go get up and bumped into Kelvin and I do you like your things and not the way you would handle it was somebody that you don't we're friends and I was like six to sixty go ahead while we work on a bump on. That's it is that not a way you would handle wins with a friend that may be York across west I'll be honest I emotionally do that in my life all the time where I. We're right where I do things where I'm where I'm like acting like a mad and I break a Mike I'm sorry this to all this don't like him. I have to say this over already and Tim James comes out is looking ten times better than Kelvin it felt like him doing what a lot of athletes do in being a little bit of a fake tough guy likable bump you a little bit and how much try to adapt you up and Calvin didn't reciprocate and then from there on out Calvin is the one who comes off looking like a jerk but pretend the Pope aside and just am really. Really necessary I just go over there handle it like Linda don't do his old ball to whole shoulder thing that doppler bothered me that but that was the only thing that I thought came could have done better the rest of McCain handled extraordinarily well all right show paralysis by over. Her analysis as the other third term of the day as well as confirmation bias what was your reaction to Cam Newton and to Calvin Benjamin's. Pregame video and the that of everything that came with it and listen this is not actually to to question cam it is to question the idea. Won't do that nick Wilson and Josh Marcel on the SNC. They're wells and adjust our cell under the FA NC. We're talking. I've Kelvin Benjamin and camera and we are reacting to this we don't wanna get your reaction. I you call us up 70457096. Tan or you can tell us about the same number on the building senator text line seems to be kind of split right now. There are people who who agree with you why we see over there in the first place and I think that to me is the most fascinating question do we have yet to talk about should KM have approached KB at all. But I think the I would generally say no. Because you don't know which are going to be getting but I do zinc. Dead when you're talking about this wasn't like. You know divisional foe. Never really spent any time together may be just a misunderstanding. You know what you guys are never going to be on the same page to your adversaries this is an ex teammate. Not just an ex teammate. Like cam mow last year after Gaby was traded. He was upset that KB was traded not on the field but off the field because they were friends. By the way I look at it is in and a I've done this many a times of me and my friends are ever and they crossed or finish pursued a friend or a cross. Absolutely I go up to them. And I'll be honest I probably go up to them the way that that he went up to them I like fronting like I was mad and then saying dude I don't know what the hell happened. I'm a mile in my part of it you won't hear part of it lets be friends again. Like that I I didn't view did not as somebody who like scam or and or dislike scam I just muted is like dish human emotion of life. Men what do that was my friend and my friend dog like that in front of people yeah I'd switch gears to I'm about to drop you due. Yes yes it and can't had every right to go up to him on the feel older or in person I should save face to face like did this deserve to face defaced resolution. For Calvin to do this. Behind the mask of a Q inane to me behind a pay wall on another he thinks about that but just to a reporter no war. Yeah yeah I 99. To go read his tell him seriously but. This is deserved a face to face resolutions so for cancer gloves and Calvin absolutely I'm OK with that that was the right thing to do the part that. Just rub me slightly the wrong way it was him and it's a small thing was this his body language in his approach I thought it I thought it reads. I'm trying to show you up I'm trying it and you kind of bothered me again this is and I can't wait to get another us. The way you brushed aside Thomas Davis. Is kidding me I'm not I'm not trying to make this the the focal point of the story but it was like. He was totally it was almost like. I didn't realize it was Thomas Davis the first three times I watch I thought it was an undrafted rookie if you think tipped it out here but you know ultimately zero dollars LA did what he did was it was it was like to Heyman if you hold up for a second and there's no brushing. On them now. Oh yeah. Don't look down atomic they have us today you look down at him like he was eight but again I got undrafted rookie at a Georgia State and that's not at all what happened and everything kind of looked like it again the rest of the aisle one of these cleared cam was by far the more mature person situation. After the show you and I are going to have to do a FaceBook live Earnest Graham okay online at. The proper way that I wanna see your method on how camp I'll be KB. Are pretty sure Brian he's going to be. Intimidate him right now parade alienates the worst ever here and I mean you better brush up on your skills before that he didn't do that you're not renew and a hand -- right you're doing like he flicked them away like he was a fly he did he did there. Reversed though the Palmer first pointing back at him with his fingers out like hold up 12 I wanna handle that as you are so bad at this I'm I'm watching it right now you're not why so little dismissive of a guy who's trying to make peace of a situation as it captain of you do now he's not trying to do what TV is not doing anything. TV's having a separate conversation with Kelvin Benjamin so I'm sure at some point camp just wanted to be him and Kelvim. Sort of you can hear all you can't hear anything in this you can hear anything came incumbents and discuss things it was to get here actually what was being said as late as ten times that are you kidding are TDs and I'll. Under the lilt in his voice right there that's very disrespectful on top student. I'm not talking about camels talk about CB. Your TV you can hear in the entire video is when TDs as mentally or call. So DB what it was like he was talking like hey how's the family like he was talking about this situation no no that's bad. But again the point is is if you are trying to rid resolve something between a friend food and there's a third party there it is he's trying to remove the third party even if you respect and love them because amen sir. Is this can only can slate what is going. So we knew it was between Jimmy Kelvin all right Kevin welcome Michelle money. I. Yeah I was you know a lot of outward from the lift up I'm kind of impartial to it to you to both sides. You know I totally agree. That. Camp had every right to go out there and product absolutely. But we have no idea what you don't want what's say. No like. I don't know how we can make the leap that. Campbell is over they're being really nice and came and we knew we were thought we were cool what and then you know I think we're assuming a lot of pick. He I don't I don't see how we can make the jump that. Well cam look like a batter got. I mean he had every right I totally agree to cloak their. OK but wait we can only operate also sacks that we had. Our hours the perceptions we now so. Did the idea of what we can jump Denny's and we're not John McCain is rumored we're going based off the evidence we have the situation. Rye and even that last point that you made about. You got we can't even agree on what what. Thomas Davis was doing better one person you got what you we all want exact same thing we're two totally different opinions on just that visual. I you can say cam looks like the bigger they are. Well I'd because again we can go up the visual like I I think any of the things that are extrapolated. To make him look bad. I think that is his confirmation bias like none of the all the things that I've heard about cam is in the wrong in this horse are not even the wrong guy here not saying is in the wrong you're saying there were not all parts of that you didn't watch it yes you'll like it in general do you think that Cam Newton looks much better I can tell the gentlemen I am team can't looks like an idiot yes. That team came all the way I don't. Last night I says it walks like a punk talked like a blog is a punk and Kelvin Benjamin is a bulk so. I think all of that all the what you're saying is fair and I I think it's okay to question certain things. But I do think when I hear some of the criticism while wide seat it with a camera eyes and and why is this a mad a lot of the criticism that I do here. Does just sound like some of the low I don't mean you specifically. But people looking for things. 'cause I I'm approaching it wins. Once we just human behavior I'm looking at as a behaviorist. Somebody who watches a video and can extrapolate whatever we can extrapolate. From that. But when wet when we talk about while cam is known for his theatrics that has nothing to do with this. That daddy is what we know of camp in the past and trying to extrapolate to something that we are then at projecting. I'm my and my whole thing here is I'm just not trying to project. Guys the one thing I do agree with Kevin is we only have hassles the situation we don't have the audio. So I think my big thing is I'm just trying to avoid projecting anything that we know about cam on the best what I think we know is what we see. Does it bother you that cam did not speak to the media afterwards that is the only thing that bothers me in this whole damn thing cannot get Cam Newton to talk about anything. Where is Kim Newton. Does anybody know what can the on this program teams on the ground know that's great I love those sixteen seconds it makes me wanna work out. I guess we were real pumped up gunfire broke audio morning Randy great to see Cam Newton at any point say anything. I'm not. Let's. Cam didn't speak well did your players your franchise yeah. Like it's not just about this thing it is about everything I can't remember. I think that sometimes it's going to mean hasn't gone so well so I don't blame the Panthers are made of protecting him when a sensitive topic comes around well but but the problem is if you do that then this is just always a way it's going to be. Well that is ideal size of that by the way to Indonesia grown ass man. Can't Cam Newton can speak for himself on something in it he says something that inflames the situation if that is his prerogative. Why did Cam Newton is one of the top ten top 25 node has voted let's let's go on something that we can agree on that happened as voted by the players top 25 football players in the NFL. And what. I if you put him up against all the other quarterbacks guys I have heard it on a daily basis from names like Josh McCown and brand in Sweden and Colt McCoy are okay. I imagine in your head just. Exemplified. Just him just picture or a slap bass quarterback in your head and I heard dramatic slapping each every single day it camp. Can no talks and it's a gift pick guys. Pay hey we're gonna get where your monthly check in with cam here. Yeah but I mean cam has so many other ways to get his message across to people I mean this is not it can only problem. Athletes who do this I mean it's kind of the way our world works now and if cam wants to control his message. What I'm doing this is a guy ideally you're saying you have a very very good point it. You're Smart guy. We established as a journalist I agree with everything you just. My interest in some sense on the radio but I mean when you have. A history like Jim does of having some missteps of the media that call what they are that he's had missteps in the past. It's one thing when you go out to the media after regular game but. Going out to the media after something like this with a very hypersensitive topic were everywhere you say is gonna guitarist. I understand why his reluctance to do it. Why did I how do this. Why does he have a business in the of those one of the most uninteresting to lead the most popular sport in the world but imagine if we had the kind of access for the NFL dad did they have any NBA. I'm sorry I'd I came from a place where I got to see LeBron James talk. Almost every day right because LeBron James was the face of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And LeBron James talked about carried Irving he talked about Donald Trump he talked about everything. And even if you're uncomfortable even as we don't know that Kim is gonna see everything right the point is not to say something right. The point is to have your voice on record a dude punch you. And they punt to again and any punk you again. And this is not a criticism of cam ID gives a criticism. More over of the NFL and the way all we're just gonna put this aside it is not stopped. Any. Any of the heat on the story. I would've appreciated hearing a little bit from camp after the game just to put the story to bed once and for all but he didn't do that and that's okay that's his prerogative I don't blame him I would have just personally appreciated here's something from him afterwards I'm feeling better low but better now we don't what what is your reaction against carrying keys we're gonna get to you guys going forward to what is your reaction and that. On cam NK these pregame video should camp approached at all and we'll check again we have our 3-D C will check in on on not necessarily our results but the results of the three deceive from both the bus nick Wilson Josh Marcel right here on to be a frenzy. Wilson and judge for ourselves. There's some down. I get to the building Jenna text line here Simoneau force and every time camp speaks it's blown out of proportion I don't blame him for not speaking frequently. This season excuse. And I compete and it's an excuse for this reason. The things that camps say. Did get press because he is a superstar. They don't get press because camp says weird things yes cam does say things that he doesn't always articulate a point the best possible way. I've seen LeBron James saying no comment on something. And it gets front page headlines so this has a lot to do with the fact that cam is a superstar. And lies to do with the incendiary way he might approach things. To this idea of you know I'd I'm I'm at this point author I'll make it again. I don't wanna call on anybody specifically I'm not trying delay and anybody. Entirely unified wise I would have already texted them. But the reality of the situation exists. I went to two bronze practices before I laughed fur Charlotte. Eleven days ago when I had it was. I heard from Tyrod Taylor both days I heard from mega mayfield pulled base I have heard from each of those guys more. In the time that I was in Cleveland for two days. And I have heard of Cam Newton since I've been here and I've been here for two weeks. Like there is an obligation for professional last. Athletes to speak to the media on a regular basis whether it's the star quarterback or whether it's the third string wide receiver of the media wants to hear from you you're probably that it is part of the reason why you are paid to be a part of this league in Dayton to. In such spotlight as the media is a part of it and pretend to be so protective. Then that is interest thing I mean we go back to what happens is that for the last night again I would have liked to have heard from an outdoors I think. Your comments from him would have really helped put this story to an inch and she couldn't come off looking even better because not to mention what happened on the field where cam looks like the bigger man. Melvin looks like appalled. Do big game Talbot looked like even more of a park news for what he set. Why not if you're 10 am. That's like your chance to provide the knock out blow yeah well you could go out in front of the media after the game and speak on Kelvin speak very politely eloquently. With a man short tone that Tobin did not have. And you can end up being. The ultimate winner in this entire situation he he missed an opportunity and still have a. That knockout blow well and I wanna make sure I'm not is not a cam specific. Issue it's not a hand there are specific issue jazz. Both of those parties deserve a little bit of a word on this. I also think it's an NFL issue I think there's a culture in the NFL lost all war just gonna kill the storyline. Doesn't work that way. Does not work that way when you're the biggest sport in America. In the NBA doesn't even really dual likeable lot to like put these beasts arrest and that's what makes the NBA so great is these secondary dramas off the field got it feels like to hold rockets a locker room clippers that I. Last year. Didn't step in and get involved in that it let it play out and it was great fodder to get it. Added drama and intrigue and theatrics to believe that's a good thing and a thumb anymore. That's gone on to lead Carolina pulled tables plus Twitter feed twenty years of experience in Charlotte knowledge and know how local expert no tricks no gimmicks just honest answers to all your questions 4445. East and Venice boulevard though forget about location in Colombia is well I Travis Harrison saying if cam would address the media after that situation if you guys would just have more evidence that he was only doing it because the cameras were there. Dude can't win. All agree with a blast sentence and you know while I agree with that. Because I just we're just watching the national TV show here during the break and those Canadians said well should camp handled with his wife. 08 is not on cam. Cam was the peacemaker or at least what we have seen we think he has made the peace in this applied. We give Gloucester this idea of winning and losing press conferences we lost and the idea of winning and losing something it's not about that. It is about adding whatever the actual reasoning behind some good news. We're operating at 50% because we're watching a video and there's no commentary do it right it is about the importance of actually having what happened on the record. And cam is cheating himself the printers are cheating themselves the NFL chiefs themselves when we don't have that that on the record created some phone calls you know moments but don't miss our panther training camp reports weekdays at 8:30 in the morning and one and five in the afternoon as WS Lindsay gets you up to speed with the very latest from Spartanburg hit their training camp reports are delivered by Kemper Chrysler Jeep dodge and ram we go to new. Our friend. Jerry. What's up Jerry. They got tight don't buy the ticket Marco. Which Porsche. Well here's my take on what happened last night where the ball. Ten camp took record after kill children came out and said what he did last week. Cam didn't come out and do everything we said. You have any peace and security says. That it kept the money to open. It is game. On Thursday night. And out talked to in brilliant well he does that their first well. It knows where Thomas Davis conversation was with Tilden Thomas might they go on out there and playing well I don't per mark quarterback under the Burt. We won't know vet and Thomas probably won't tell. But that could have been a part of Britain could have gotten to open only. To pop out came went out there and handled it perfectly. But he handled it. Well generally. And he was trying to make peace with Kelvin in Kevin did not. Two. I think what we've got here in less time to say that your camp terms that were killed in combat what did not commit conversational wise. Then. Hopefully this study just don't blow overcame an apparently it's not we're not gonna meet popular you know until 200211. I'm sure to bring under the Bernard button. Thanks for the call Jerry and real quick he said gentlemanly there was not gentlemanly. Okay it will please define gentlemanly clean hotel on. Friends asked Tom Brady would not only does okay I think what are your quarterbacks in the NFL would handle this differ our eyes and princess Jared golf telling. Precious channel list I don't think you they would walk up to a guy and bump their shoulder and looked out of the guy and try to start some fake instigation dude that is a that is. Am playful way of doing it. That is a playful way okay so in so you had said that Al B opens a lesson in cellular southern on the air. I did not interpreted as something that was playful when it now that you set it. Do you think you'd think that Kim was kind of joking with a my head man might still out of leaving dollars on the take and I think the reason why he's. Automatic smile the breaks over his face like two seconds again. Maybe self made me sell I think. Say is it's hard to see you you you he asks you may have won me over yes. The wind that variable in this though is Eagles he told his face like a lot but what was Kelly's reaction because that would have dictated a week how can reacted this of the film we have we have this intruder Phil. Home of Kelvin Benjamin and his face in this exchange. That is what we're looking for our we do have a in the building sent her text line at this idea of mama said there. If you can't say anything nice I don't say anything at all mum always wrong. I can't say anything real don't say at all. In the era of purification. Of every single saying don't say something fake. And unfortunately that's who we get every single day Mick Wilson Josh ourself where continue on this again. What is your thought process on the Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin and the video do you think. Cam could have done anything better I don't know what he could've done better we'll continue on without end up more from last ice free season opener. Then the wheels and Josh are seldom gets NCA.