Nick Wilson & Josh Parcell: Tori Gurley Interview

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Thursday, August 16th
Former Gamecock Tori Gurley joined Nick & Josh Thursday afternoon to participate in the day's college football discussion. Gurley discussed the upcoming season for the SEC as well sharing his thoughts on the Jordan McNair tragedy and what football can do to make the game safer. 

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Head out to the Dick become gas line we're gonna while command is contributor now on the SEC network you also know him from his days as South Carolina where he is now a South Carolina hall of Famer he is Tori Gurley Torre welcome to nick Wilson and Josh ourself. All of that you may you got they'll sell. Well happy to have you here I would like to dead. I jokingly said that was not the South Carolina fights on there but I would like to get your thoughts on this year's game Cox and what you're expecting out of will must champs group this year. Unexpected and very well we've been out of the game cut this year especially offensively that embrace it and at our. Called Obama Clinton and now all the coordinator Jay Bentley at people and you'll. Having another you are well I expect it did very well we ultimately indeed that's what. Coach must now have a pretty good gains in its movement. Eight died in Florida is about it exit than open and they were bought out a lot beat atletico got beat up there and take away again this year. So that's the coastal Carolina game it opens the season but we all know the season really kicks off for the gamecocks in week to win the the Georgia Bulldogs come to Columbia. Lot of South Carolina fans really think in the that might be a chance for them to make a statement do you it what kind of chance do you give South Carolina in week two against the dogs. I partly outlook on had been networking gear cheap victory back. And out and yeah and it doubles all all bombshell and I'll watch a lot of terribly universe is Georgia they are there. And able a lot of and that they'll address to graduates. I don't see Jake from habit I hear it lecture because. You know you don't have to wait our country aren't that Russia I thought it was still and nick gentle so what they have Roosevelt I got out and running backs. They'll put a lot of pressure on M capital are all third Al third at all. Expect to have Burt source this year a plant out Carolina we to avoid import our ballot by are. I. Not a good matchup. Tori Gurley joining us in the tech become gas line will must champ entering his third season. In south Carolina's head coach of the gamecocks the other day though. He kind of rock kind of inserted himself into a national scandal. When talking about the situation would DJ Durkin his former assistant at Florida. And in and really what his how to end with the situation or how DJ Durkin he's been in net perceived. When you heard will must jams defensive DJ Durkin. What what what are your kind of initial reaction to that. First mile up where in bulk of the meg air and LA law which now. You know I'm not a parent out authority and outlook by age about newspaper. You know I can't imagine in an all black is Curtis who it is not an article on all. You know does opera apparently aren't there to prepare them. Up on the coat well let's share. Not lately is very familiar with a host of being out. And he's just sticking out forward. Are not paying. That all the different note that there. I'm challenging me arch but there were no local people at all. On technology they help he's still at 80 these are avid I'd are there. But he got it out and training. You know dirt training camp that are. And he told well they're trying to split and a player the pushing each other because right now about it below zero and yeah everybody thought I ought to be an attack on camp and a war that came out played on terror. I think they'll work extremely hard and we that there well so you know as the analog which you have the law with that but I just hope there hopefully. Instead you've been out balls were liberated their program I'll Belgian media. You know don't want to come out and and and come what would include a bite out straight people lot. You know I I certainly understand what you're saying and I do think dead I think than the medical part of this is hopefully something that develops the longer we go lawn but I I also look at Will Muschamp a guy who. Yeah I understand defending somebody you have a personal relationship but I think this severity of the charges against DJ dog can. I think any time you go to bat for somebody. Outside involved in the scandal I think maybe you invite some pressure on yourself I think maybe the optics of a don't look good you think this is something that maybe he put himself a little bit in the line of fire. Even though you we can understand the intentions behind protecting your friend. Are obviously you have to go bust out on man beat a bottle. I can't speak with somebody yell let it all. I felt like about our current situation. In it'll be great out and beat air the orchard no matter what and hopefully would they have Bill Belichick didn't do just due diligence. And in the investigate hopefully you know things don't work itself out let you know to out of respect for the McNair family life if they want yeah I am without Laguna. Our editorial at let's back out and talk some more football here and look in the SEC east Dan Mullen takes over at Florida. We know what he did at Mississippi State that was an incredible thing that he did making them relevant year in and year out. How quickly can he turn the program around out Florida knowing what he's done in the past. I'll have a big and a quarterback situation down there would repay ranks thank you very if they're there because borrowers. You know he's got it. In output and the situation in basic well but. I just stay in a few years about recruiting and obviously they have been our state orders bella is not that we are at the blue chips. Economy and and put it together and at all. Oh well defensively they're still plan I'll. They've got their coach must have bought a silent majority though a lot of old that are out to be great pro could be attractive. All pretty well you know obviously the damn ball a bit I'll as the guru if they get it together you know Florida beat pretty well this year. Tori Gurley joining us on the tactic come gas line. Contributor on SEC network South Carolina hall of Famer. I wanna keep it there in the SEC because we've already got the first via collection under Jeremy Pruitt. In Tennessee. It's been such a weird off season for them now heading into the regular season and what what are your thoughts on the situation in Tennessee is we may be agree were bored pretty closer to getting our first shot a Jimmy crude as a head coach shipped at Tennessee. A lot of pressure being at the University of Tennessee any state school there tennis in particular. Whether it. What part. National power Powell and you know those people want your results instantly and I'm quite sure you know when they go without night. All these things about it and I that we need to get it when he bought all pot and we need to make sure we get people went and saw. You know hopefully that you know what would have happened Eric and and have a bit that bolsters bottle may have an opportunity to go out. And can take you know take it to stop where program by. Don't offer a adopt acquire up all the shops and bill called the Tennessee. Alabama in the Georgia now a lot of anywhere. Lot of our in not a feel bad for the job not quite sure he you know into exactly what you articles or when he went out and got a lot beat it culture at Tennessee. Tori Gurley joining us in the tech and come gas line former South Carolina receive reformer. Toronto are not as well Torre excellent stop my friend thank you so much for your time. Thank you.