Nick Wilson & Josh Parcell: Show Rundown & SEC Football With Tori Gurley

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Thursday, August 16th
Nick & Josh closed out the show with their daily Rundown. Tori Gurley also stopped by to share his thoughts on the SEC going into football season. 

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The world of sports never stops to catch you look with the latest here's the rundown. On WFAN seen. Mick Wilson Josh Parcells will run down as broad do you buy marks Spain real estate expert in real estate now with a guaranteed offer. You more homes sold guaranteed to mark Spain dot com and getting started former NFL defensive end Kevin Carter joined us at noon today newly minted CBS analyst can grandstand again one of the questions we ask Kevin was if there was any college football teams outside of the top Janet that could contend for a playoff spot. I think right now what you're looking effort cooperative book fish relief. A quarterback let the environment but I think from top to bottom they're still put the best team loaded with now five starts out the bottom. Immediate few Beers and they have any clue. I think thirteen to watch also I'm intrigued by detective Baylor. You know the whole gym both Fisher and boot them realistically. With the pro quarterback play and how Ukraine the person who ever football every query graphically but it cooking we believe it would seem when they're. You know he really Q for fame thing pretty well off who don't mind. Take their welfare work you know they put it together they find the quarterback being QB and I think America can work. On. Going to beat the drum for Florida State for quite awhile here leading up to the start of the season because this is the team that a year ago was pre season number three. And they still have so much talent coming back to return eight starters on offense on defense he'll return to read a lot of the new faces are delete fives are blue chip recruits they've recruited in the top five net. Each of the last four years those guys are now the veterans on this team they have national championship level talent that Willie Taggart is gonna be one has to rally. OK show all great points talent lies they deserve to be spoken about is one of the the great teams I think the problem is he said without regard to. The quarterback position you can do in college football. And the other friend sly I think should probably be the god gets the nod anyway because I think DeAndre showed two years ago there could be a very special person very special talent. But the reality is he hasn't played a year we don't know how he's rehab is gone. If he doesn't get that we don't know what the second option is going to. And I also think it's fair to question what Willie Taggart is in his career. He's got. Walt bell now is a new offensive coordinator didn't carry over the offensive coordinator from offensive from or again we have not seen him in a major college football setting. At a major program and a powerful high school for more than a year it was one year or get. So I think there are a lot of questions here about Willie Taggart that we don't quite know he had. I just think we need to see Willie Taggart do it with this level of talent and be able to win here and win big before we go ahead and get to it did put out there at the cart before the horse. Far from a lock the Florida State makes a run but if you're looking for a dark cores they certainly fit the bill number two at 1030 earlier get a great interview. With Wake Forest head coach Dave Claussen he gave his input on the constable playoff and whether or not expansion to eighteen is necessary. If you're gonna do that and add to that there's got to be other fundamental changes. To the college football model in terms of number of scholarships are linked to this season. You know do you crate to by week's end and how long are we gonna do this I just think at a certain point. It becomes the NFL. And sixteen games is an NFL season it's been great for college football. It's driven interest. You know I think it's been good for the popularity of our game. I just think if you're gonna keep adding games she got to do something else to change the model little bit. I agree completely with coach Claussen is phenomenal stuff code to at least lighten screaming demon deacons. Head coaching and win ten games this year but getting to this thought process I agree with them I do think that you're going to how. House to all of ball is your regular season to make the post season and the expand a little bit but I think most college fans would be OK with it. And you and I talked about the difference between the power five conference in that you know the non power five schools and how that might affect you for power five guys you're gonna have to drop probably a game. I'm OK with that because I know what that game is going to be I don't need to see Clemson vs loss hurt. I don't need to see and I and I know this occasionally leads to app state beating Michigan. But that is an occasional thing. I think they need to cut out the middle part of those games the non conference games the bio large means absolutely nothing. And lies a rare title contender wins again I'm a 100% on. Board will ditch. It's more complicated than that because if there is if you take away please go to to deal that complications are saying well yes so you basically saying you're willing to base eliminate football on a lot of schools because some of those games there the wofford's of the world and even Arab states in FBS school now but the smaller schools they stay afloat they paved their entire athletic budget by playing those. Basically you know tech games paycheck games that's what they are so so you risk taking away that that's a danger that that starts to turn comfortable in a more professional environment. I'm okay I'm. Any wrong but guys that have that as a consequence of that is the if the end result is a six or eight team playoffs where we're getting a lead levels schools on a lead levels. Yes it's it makes college football more top heavy. I don't know that it that that's not a very socialistic approach not everybody gets to play right. I'm what I'm OK with that I'm not saying and I would you also don't forget as the playoff goes hey we're talking about fourteen is playing an extra game that's it absolutely Washington. Huskies head football coach Chris Peterson went on the rich guys in show yesterday in share at college football playoff expansion talks on the contrary to coach Claussen. I think everybody would like more teams in the playoffs through no question about it I've read. Maybe you're gonna always have that debate. You know you put a handle them how what did this what did nine detainees to. But still it just if you would be just so intriguing yeah I think everybody would love that that's golf that's being shed. That's easier said that done with school year which finals what how many games these kids are playing good any ways. You know you're taking a game where the regular season that you probably could do that would all the bloody it would go away you know older TV all the statistics. From the playoff system reduced. So did others the power to do you have to figure that out. I just wanna point out did Dave Claussen who probably has literally zero chance of reaching the playoffs this year. I don't think it's where is that the guy who has a chance who might be the team is on the outside looking and who could conceivably want to be one of eight teams not likely be one of Ford teams Chris Peterson's like I think we should add sixteen teams I think that's the only way to go how are unavailable that doesn't want 48 teams in the points. If there are five power conferences. Why they're not at least five playoff spots you can. Not separate these five conferences and say that these teams and these conferences are cut above everybody else but rolling did it take for into the playoffs and sometimes we mightily to conference champions out that is. Patently absurd you how. Asked to go to eight it makes all the sense in the world I understand the repercussions that may come from this in terms of academics and finances and all those things. Figure it out get to eighteen figure the rest out it is by far the most fair way to settle a national championship. Meanwhile Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey was went on the Dan Patrick show on NBC yesterday the sound is courtesy of NBC sports and shared some high praise. For king LeBron. It's hard to tell LeBron out and and I think. If he's there a magic in grappling. It's a little higher does that put them together their words right away and the first year and that that someone here in Miami before. Where they got a raw and then then so. I would expect that hoped that you know we're ahead of and I would expect though and it's been had a long bus. I would never counted auto LeBron James didn't mean he is if the greatest ever in my mind that. And be very hard that's fair to count him out. Now I am an absolute LeBron stands. I will I admit that I have lost after watching LeBron James up close for eleven of his fifteen years in the NBA after covering LeBron James for four years in seeing the true impact of LeBron James. I can tell you right now. I've never seen it. Anything close and an all due respect to Kevin Durant and what they've done that what did the culture they built and Golden State is phenomenal. You're talking about a singular entity being able to affect things the way that LeBron James does all eyes flat out admit. My perspective on this is wildly skewed. But I do think the idea of analytics. Giving LeBron the leg golf I think that should be the kicker because all I test is flawed. Even bigger the ghost of Michael Jordan is far greater than the actual reality of Michael Jordan by the way. Was previously the greatest player in NBA history. Previously is correct because LeBron James is the best basketball player who's ever walked the earth and the fact that and now we can say that without even having to use analytics. And then you add on top of the fact that there analytics dealt from that back up that case I see aggregate still wish Josh and I think it's got a discussion until you get to analytic and that's where the numbers take oh yeah what do I guess I phrased that poorly in the sense that. You can make a case without even having to use analytics you can make a case just by watching the games you can say LeBron looks like the greatest player of all time and now you have these stats that back up the fact that LeBron and by any measure. By most measures. It's a better basketball player. The Michael Dorn a Michael Jordan was better and some clutch moments and had spent some nose of his own but don't forget LeBron has more game winners in the playoffs and Jordan or anybody else who's ever lived. There's a lot that a lot of numbers here that prove that LeBron James. Is better than Michael Jordan if I had to sort of basketball team from scratch to fight the aliens LeBron is my pick number one before and yet. NIC just getting back to this line like. I I'm not besmirching the greatness of Michael Jordan by saying you know you are you win its second best player in NB a commissioner on how this works OK if you say LeBron is the best Michael Jordan is automatically awarded I don't get letters NL and Avery Johnson and Michael Jordan was Obama I could feel Michael Jordan in his best day my best day my worst day I could be Michael Jordan Lamar Wilson in the house because of that as there rundown big thanks to the assist from Billy producer Ryan and had some great stuff out of those guys. Tori Gurley former South Carolina wide receiver going to be joining us next we'll get his thoughts on on really what he's been up to lately in his thoughts around some of the ACC and SEC action and all that more than Wilson Josh partial to be a frenzy. This is in the Wake Forest is theme song. Theme song. Fight song great job on the main Dick Wilson needs and the needs of the buildings in a text line. 70457096. Jan Mickelson giants Parcells. Enough with frank Garcia in Kyle Bailey coming up at 146 we sell a lot to get into. All getting a lot of heat for our LeBron vs NJ takes. On the buildings they're text line Josh you straight shoulder guy about a deal yeah. Asked unabashed I just completely. Irrelevant in sincerely went after him. Yes so the guy comes in insinuate to him personal not true and he says you disrespect to Michael Jordan in Charlotte no less you are dead to me Parcells death. And I said after the most overrated player and mystery. That is where we are we're just strolling people not only did respond for like four minutes side I kind of sort of getting worried about his health insider replies and like that was a joke please don't throw your thought of the wall. Orchestra trends are you with the wall. We will we will stop our LeBron MJ antics for a moment and hand out to the Dick become gas line we're gonna welcome and he's contributor now. Now on the SEC network you also know him from his days and South Carolina where he is now a South Carolina hall of Famer he is Torii early to worry welcome to nick Wilson and Josh ourself. I'll bet that you say you got there are several. Well happy to have you here I. I would like to get I jokingly said that was not the South Carolina fight song there but I would like to get your thoughts on this year's game Cox and what you're expecting out of will must champs group this year. Unexpected and very well they've been out they can cut this year especially offensively but embrace it and Eric warrant our ops. Cody Obama Clinton and it's now all the coordinator Jay Bentley people annual. Having another you got well I expect it is very explode from the offensively and be patently. Coach must have had a pretty good gains in its crewmen. In light diner Florida is not effective than not open air robot or without a lot deeper tornados are beat up there and take away again this year. So this the coastal Carolina game it opens the season but we all know the season really kicks off for the gamecocks in wheat to win the the Georgia Bulldogs come to Columbia. Lot of South Carolina fans really think and that might be a chance for them to make a statement do you it what kind of chance do you give South Carolina in week two against the dogs. Partly out what I had it been networking guaranteed victory back. Out there now yeah and it doubles all filed bombshell and I'll watch a lot of film universe is Georgia they are there now. They all a lot of not they'll address the graduations stop. I don't see our Jake brown appetite theory give a lecture because. You know you don't have to wait our country aren't that question but I have been thought it was still. In general so whatever Roosevelt I forgot that every running backs it up put a lot of pressure on him Capcom are all very Al that bird at all. Expect to have occurred social this year and plant South Carolina we knew it William Gray and our ballot by are. I. Not a good matchup for. Tori Gurley joining us in the tech become guest line Will Muschamp entering his third season. In south Carolina's head coach the gamecocks the other day though. He kind of edit rot and kind of inserted himself into a national scandal. When talking about the situation when DJ Durkin his former assistant at Florida. And in. And really what she is happy and with the situation how DJ Durkin he's been in their perceived. When you heard will must jams defensive DJ Durkin. What what what were your kind of initial reaction to that. First mile up where they can dole is that a mid air and LA law which now. You know I'm not a parent or guardian putt well by eight and nephews then. You know I just can't imagine that and I'm off to practice go to school it they not you know it'll come home so. You're not a proper about the barrel and are better prepared spam. Operable coach we'll watch share. You know obviously it is very familiar would coast to be out of bed and Asia sticking out forward got out something. That all the different noted there. I'm challenging the arch but there were people local people to go out on new technology and help these student athlete but he's pro athletes are. Ever any type are there Barack. But it got it out pat about it. And training you know hey you know there are trying to camp this. And he told a crowd here they're trying to split and a player the pushing each other because right everybody is below zero and if you everybody's sort got a shot at international champion and a war that changed outplayed on an apparent. I think they'll work extremely hard and we got there except will stop you know what that is that they analog which you have the wall with that but I just hope there hopefully. Instead you golf balls for Abu Ghraib in air to grab our Belgian media net you know don't want to come out and and and come out with a new device in upstate people lots. You know I I certainly understand what you're saying and I do think dead I think didn't the medical part of this is hopefully something that develops the longer we go lawn but I I also look at Will Muschamp a guy who eight I understand defending somebody you have a personal relationship but I think the severity of the charges against DJ dog can. I think any time you go to bat for somebody. Outside involved in the scandal I think maybe you invite some pressure on yourself I think maybe the optics of it don't look good do you think this is something that maybe he put himself a little bit in the line of fire. Even though you we can understand the intentions behind protecting your friend. Are obviously you're out because Muster out on tactical battle. I can't speak was somebody yell let you know how. I felt like about our current situation. You know I it will be great to have a branded beat Eric support you no matter what and hopefully would have don't Reggie you don't do just due diligence. And I have no investigation hopefully you know what they do work so well but it you know to out of respect for the McNair family if they want yes I am without a doubt. Our editorial at let's back out and talk some more football here and look in the SEC east Dan Mullen takes over at Florida. We know what he did at Mississippi State that was an incredible thing he did making them relevant year in and year out how quickly can he turn the program around. Florida knowing what he's done in the past. Our ought to be expand their quarterback situation now and airlift fleet bank francs in thank you very delicate spirit that the coach Mullen you know he's a guy decade. You know put a better situation to be successful but. I just staying in take a few years ago recruiting him obviously they have the entire state of Florida so it's not that we are at the blue chips. They're coming in and put it keeps you together but at all oh. Well defensively they're still plant all they've got their coach must have brought it silent majority though a lot of old are out to be great pro video attracted. All pretty hot so you know obviously the damn ball a bit I'll the guru it didn't get it together you know Florida will be pretty well this year. Tori Gurley joining us on the tech become a gas line. Contributor on SEC network South Carolina hall of Famer I wanna keep it there in the SEC because we've already got the first -- collection and under Jeremy Pruitt in Tennessee. Is essential weird offseason for them now heading into the regular season and what what are your thoughts on the situation in Tennessee is we may be agree were bored pretty closer to getting our first shot a Jimmy crude as a head coach should Tennessee. That's a lot of pressure there than universe it's going to see any ethnic state school they tennis we have particular. Whether it. The walk apart there are national powerhouse and you know those people want your results instantly and I'm quite sure you know when he goes without night. Always saying about it and I that we needed to do when he start all pot and we need to make sure we get people went and saw. You know hopefully that you know what would have happened top merit and and to have a bit that boast a bottle may have an opportunity to go out. And can take you know they can do stop there for a program but it. Don't offer a adopt acquire other alternate shot that they're called the Tennessee. Alabama in the Georgia South Carolina is anywhere. A lot of part. Got a bill Baffert got but not quite sure he you know he knew exactly what he fondled or when he when he I don't know about a lot to be to coach at Tennessee. Tori Gurley a joining us and the tactic come gas line former South Carolina receive reformer. Toronto are not as well Torre excellent stop my friend thank you so much for your time. A Tori Gurley there again on the tech become gas line we'll get that up on the website as well really cool stuff kind of given us a little bit of feedback on what must she and demand situation and also giving you some SEC talk of Florida and Tennessee. We have we've gone to a lot of of college right here but we wanted to get back to the Josh Norman stuff. Just torrential at a good sauce in the peace in the ringer about. If he were commissioner for day what I would do this one is that bleed insane which is probably why I love the most nick Wilson Josh Marcel on the BS Wednesday. I'm. So. Wilson Josh Parcells. About fifteen minutes up from the garage door guru handoff. Put our guys Kyle Bailey and frank Garcia. Try to catch up with them on the on the latest in what I don't even know where their lives are I just wanna hear how things are going in the Kyle still around Los Angeles god knows what what how what top web. What life's terms he's faced out in the and that the City of Angels would really it's the city of double sites that said he's just. Easy I spent a year and a half out there aren't that explains not. Now. Here's the only thing there are very few cities that I ever. I actually have had bad experiences and I just found Los Angeles to be little cold at all. Temperaturewise though I'm. No not literally. I mean it gets so angry I mean because kids that was obvious I'm talking about emotionally but a lot of emotion there's not a lot of hard to the midwest like the first thing I'd gotten Charlotte. For moving down here there's I held my heart and passion in this town yeah yeah passion for the Panthers got passion well. Guy could care less about sports yeah while nobody. Barbecue men like there's a whole thing like you gotta you better know your your vinegar from your tomato based if you wanna get some pulled pork you better know it's our. Yeah I I that passion I get that passion. Makes me feel all like to Charlotte TN. There's nothing you can grab onto out there in Los Angeles others then. Maybe some some fake body parts of some nature as you know you organic Cahill base through the so yeah again where's she do they have a barbecue one they have a cook otherwise smooth they bought you know what that's a hell lot more appetizing than hey here's a detailed banana grapefruit smoothly. If you sir are a liar. I'm go I'm gonna bring you in a nice little kill smoothie one day you took place in your gonna try and poison me on there is no you're gonna like it. Stacey you hit the nutri I hate vegetables but like I. I'll let people think they go skinny I must eat a lot of buddies they've veggies but I'll put him in a smoothie you can't taste the texture L it was good to me. OK and I got to go I got to eat some great healthy food a lot of macondo well. Not of course the millennial in the room would love him some of so it doesn't think people. Associate of millennial lot of cotta like we invented dude did you are millennial and you just exulted the virtues of Bob macondo well. Anybody have an avocado like what why is that have to be testimonials. What does that what do I. To cry invented them I'm potato toast we took it too far. Current hosts pace and I'm debating NASA gonna just I didn't. You're welcome America got avocados on sleek I'd get an edge but. What was the last generation do for us fight a war. OK but otherwise Q let's send that I had just fires Al hunt to editor all our I just just. But religious care market to just force on. You're the W offensive record really hope somebody text and I I just wouldn't I'd like to get out of the way the drive before somebody lobs that that ship but done and in the meantime we we talked about Josh Norman and his is the story on him on the ringer. And I thought I guess you really salient points now he had he had said he had commented on the eve. He crossed by your the NFL being kind of hurt in caught in the crossfire between player urged protest staying in the present a United States I Saudia the most in she knew this thing of all of this which is ignore it. I'm sorry I think that is the most sensible thing I've heard in this if somebody it or whether on either side if somebody's being divisive about something. The best thing the NFL could have done is ignored it. And his people are going to be pissed whether there is validity to this or not it is a divisive topic. If you try and go one side or the other. Which is exactly what the end NFL has done at first all look at Jerry Jones he's kneeling before the end them with players they've locked arms two weeks later we realized it was hurting his bottom line sorry when he fought it was hurting his bottom line what happened. He suddenly becomes well we got to respect the anthem even though he damn well knows that's not he had heard the players out he had two weeks previously said it wasn't about the anthem once his pocketbook gotten away it suddenly became about the anthem ignoring this whole thing we've got a lot farther to the NFL. Yeah hey it would have been very difficult for them to do that though once president trump started tool. Every directly addressed the NFL. Right I mean I mean how can you in a Miller ghost did somebody who's just thrown shaded June from big business my friend and dismisses this is so dear friend and I. I think the NFL how to respond latest responded orally. Mean. The the owners that does the thing about the NFL the owners for the most part. Skewed towards the Republican base right you have you have people have also been donors you add a more NFL owner who is now are. Just owners are Woody Johnson who was apart of Donald Trump's executive group as the ambassador nom I'm pre in the contribute a little cover politics road America we are doing wonderful I think Owen but. I did exist in the NFL it would have been easy it's easy to say that they could have avoided this altogether but I don't think that that's. I'm realistic. Mean you know they had they had to respond to this in a way because since they don't that is these new person in this is this is the outrage culture doing our talking forest the idea that. Maybe because we're allowing a situation to pay monarch. Everybody's outraged come get some outrage yeah I liked it there. But he called the players SOB's. I. I you have just been appears over there's a difference between the players doing some thing and the NFL as a whole doing it and that's how I don't get the players are gonna do what the players you know do but the NFL legal office is getting in on this is what his turn this into the absolute bleed show that is. I guess so. I mean what causes you to think the F got to understand like what it was ignoring you're gonna deal here's what the players completely don't let it burn. How to Amanda like the more that they tried to take control of the situation and handle it the more it through. Almost bastard and grew it grew into India and by the way even bigger controversy three months after the season through much after the symbol was anybody talking about the anthem. Don't we were talking about it what brought you back in a national consciousness. It was simple decision said these dealers say is hey guys we've six this. Nobody said it was broken. Literally no one was talk about it nobody was talking about it because it was the offseason like this would have been a conversation again right about now. Well I mean August and September it would have been a conversation so and it and it could've been a conversation that we had to pay less it. Owners Matt well players. We've we've we're trying to understand each other we met with players shares or gonna do but pass this we're not gonna have any more comment on that. You know what's crazy and people ignore this. The NBA has always had a role for years and years and years that players are required to stand on the court along the foul line for the national had done. And it. Win everything happened with the NFL last year Adam silver sent a memo to everybody in the league and said we're going to continue to have this rolled just say you know you are required to stand the anthems but here are other ways in which you can impact your community and other ways to push the narrative the you know too I've. You know support your cause whatever it is that you want to support here are ways for you to do that and we are willing to help you and and it pretty much went quietly nobody and any NBA has as many vocal talent is openly progressive. There will only liberals absolutely but at the same time. Believe requires use into the National Anthem which is what the NFL's essentially trying to deal and the NFL the one who has all this blowback. Well I think part of it is what you just said there the idea that they got out in front of it I think that was very Smart DS the FDA's been very Smart and how they've handled their political things even as it has impacted Charlotte here with a losing. Would be losing an all star game over although I know we're getting it back but. I think that. What you just said there in the beginning part. Of the the NBA talking about other ways that you can impact your community the other ways you can enhance this discussion and a I did Josh Norman hits on simply the end of this piece. Yeah where she was talking about how she's really been he's visible he's been all about all the field causes. That players are passionate about. And how you know he would he was down in San Antonio. It was part of something that bought toys for children who were recently let out of immigration detention centers. And she implied are the important. The legal office came and this is what I'm doing. The league office didn't respond in the league office didn't help out. I feel like it's the NFL head take in that hat would take more of a financial investment. More of a open minded situation and about helping players on off the field causes. Instead of and by the way they do a great job of letting you know. When they built a house that led to the animal does a great job of letting you know all the cylinder that Philanthropic efforts. But if they really heard these guys can help them. I think that would go a long way we always can slate in the NBA the reason why the NBA so great are less are the reason why the NBA is always so smoothly everything as the players have the power that is partly equation. The other party is the NBA does a really good job of understanding the mission of their players. And supporting it and pushing yet and finding ways to help them I think of the NFL took more of a proactive role in that relationship. I think you would see some of the of the issues between the friction and the dissipate just a little. A wonder how you can give the power back to the players in the NFL because they seem so at odds with the owners right now I'm Worley wonder where is the end for this mean that do the players are so upset so fresher with the way the league has it'll ever like the NBA there's too many players in too many power figures guys like LeBron James fifteen years didn't happen. Yeah and obviously MBA players get paid a lot heck of a lot more than NFL players on the whole. On the NFL I think is headed for a labor dispute here a few years oblivious to one point two when their eyes CA is up. There's going to be some serious issues then. And and that's gonna be it's gonna be interesting to see how the NFL handles this is going to be troubled waters for Goodell. To navigate going forward is going to be anywhere in the NFL one day and this is only the beginning of that. Garage door guru Kyle Bailey and frank Garcia join us next nick Wilson Josh far sell on the media frenzy. Wilson just Marcel moments away. Moments away from the handoff was Kyle Bailey in frank Garcia the garage door guru handoff with those two gentlemen. We haven't done this Jon storm that we still have not gotten to the one thing we wanted to get to witness. Which is and I. I understand he's biased I understand dad. Most people are gonna see right through this he does say that he wishes if he was he if he was the NFL commissioner former Panthers quarter cornerback Josh Norman. Would find a way to make sure quarterbacks don't get paid so much. Naturally. Every you know what all convenient. OK I he does have a point. Now now now know on one hand I said there's no such thing as an overpaid quarterback if he is a competent quarterback to people complaining about Kirk cousins it is. Asinine. You know those the one thing that held back the Minnesota Vikings last year was a cap a quarterback the caliber of Kirk cousins and he'll say well case keep them at a really nice year last year we know who taste keen amidst. I don't care how close the numbers could be case kingdom is not the quarterback that Kirk cousins did this so I wanna save that I have that philosophy yep. That being said. Eight kindness of slap bass quarterbacks get paid on time. Of money brought DOS Weiler given 72 million dollars in his career is one of them the great. Idiot moments in NFL history. I had and by the white that is the tip of the iceberg there is a drop DOS Waller contract handed out damn near every year. That just speaks to the value how important it is. To try and land that quarterback even when you're not a 100% certain and and and teams have been burned on this. The 49ers could be burned on this this year I'm so ready for that I have heard Jimmy go rob a little hyped first five games has come a little salty about it it's like a guy he is beautiful place six the only zealots and no I'm more jealous about the porn star thing than anything else. The star. And about that here's a thing you saw her Easter Graham post you know exactly what dated means. I'm not I'm not getting an amnesty is okay I'm not getting into the your two striker I think he's actually a fan in the violent diarrhea but not points stars all right. Yep that's redrawn TV commercials I've tried to hit it ED awareness week unless you bring Tony aid to go to a nineteen. I'll get there. Good luck. There's a reason why he went a quarterback is out for a week due to injury. The Vegas line moves three to 45 points and M when a quarterback is out the book blind doesn't move at all. I mean does the value the quarterbacks provide to. Did margins of wins and losses in the NFL. Is so much more important than any other player on the field left tackle quarterback running back water Sudan matter I understand just almost light I understand that. But the point that I do agree where I think it a little bit is. He's upset that players on defense are more likely to be find out because of all these new hit rules and they're also getting paid last I feel that I get we've come a pro but I think. I think the greater point is in 2011 they collectively bargained. Taking money not necessarily away from rookies but they were redistribute all the money they used to give to rookies. Where you have a quarterback like Sam Bradford get drafted one can walk into a seventy million dollar contract seven million dollar guarantee that was a mistake so they need to re distributing that money to veterans. And instead of being spread a cross even he. Even to scale. Even to scale being evenly distributed. It still heavily going to quarterbacks and the problem is it's not just going to good quarterbacks down there went Erin Rogers in Drew Brees and Tom Brady and the and and guys of that ilk. Cam Newton skidded just wanted them. I don't think Josh dormant have a leg to stand on. But when you're talking about idiot quarterbacks getting paid fifty million dollars a year in seventeen career starts there he is there's an argument he had about how how fiscally response. Police his client the man man. Supply and demand when rock costs while it was a free agent and wouldn't he looked competent in Denver he dead. Then again I company quarterback is worth 72 million dollars that's insane. No it's not a supply and demand if that's the money is available and that's how valuable a commodity of quarterback is and the scarcity of of talented quarterbacks in NFL is what it is just Norman as crazy as. Is a heck of a lot more flexible than any quarterback why do you think no quarterback worth his salt ever gets traded Bono but Josh Norman. At the top and his game got traded I agree with you to a point brought costs why mark is the line in the same. That's hindsight that's hindsight that nobody at the moment and we don't I think I've watched you could watch brought brought gosh Wyler and say what he was. I think people for a little bit taken back by the money that our plug I'll give you got bit but it was not nobody expected him to be the abomination that he turned out to be in Houston he. What they'd get a talented quarterback talented enough to Warren being the biggest prize free agent on the market now. Is that we loved him and frank are seeing Kyle Bailey in the garage door guru can also somebody who are now a panel. Not not a whole lot done an interesting conversation Darren Darren with Josh norm I think Joan storms an idiot because there's atlas and I tried didn't quite understand you know what. Get him paid right and it's not always about me in the past it's about the right time. Right and he he could fall into that category as well I mean. But what some point you know somebody just say are coming off into climbed just DBs get paid way too much and they shouldn't you don't get paid this much. And it comes down to your. You always the best player coming out as Josh is porn out sometimes it's just about timing he might be embarrassed with a small market. Markets Dick's case that that's what you this this league is about I think Josh should know that they understand that well but by and large would you agree on you we we talk about office there and I don't get too much money if that's the case on the button but. But if we put if we look at the scarcity of money. Do do do average quarterbacks not get paid more than maybe an average offensive lineman who's likely to get on the offense I. And the cold and a two year absolutely because that is the most impact full position you're gonna have on a football field. I have how does for a guy does not understand that and you know you and I talked about this yesterday I know Johnstone is otherwise it seemed pretty Smart guy how is that not that obvious to him because he once again. Eight the army he's lucky he's lobbying for himself to get more money and really what he's doing. Is making a case against himself because rest. Yeah it's a free market you're gonna be able to go out there and innovation and open market and get what you get. Azteca America Azteca America I mean how much that any horse I don't know. I mean how much you pay for ten bucks on my pay twenty William I paid thirty also led campaign for the 100000 dollars is it really worth a 100000 dollars its its its oil. And Candace I just wanna stop Brock costs while they're from getting 72 million dollars every other quarterback you pitch your paper boy's shirt but I got to see another slap me like Brock DOS well in December 2 million dollars in my life I will fight against led to my death yet but there's always going to be examples of guys who get overpaid and don't live up to the production. Happens all the time it guide it just because the spotlight is on the quarterbacks and they get a bigger slice of the pie and everybody else brought Oslo was a mistake but you're using the out liar to try to prove the rule. And I'll think that's true okay are there but again like Jimmy trouble oh. Could be a bust. Hello Matt Cassel and others examined right I mean there's there's there's examples of bias but there's examples of busted every position right I think the NFL has done it more right with he were to sit in our salary that was always joke that was huge because of protected the teams from going out there and having to gamble and risk. On these one hit wonders and now because of that you're seeing a lot more value. Or a lot more emphasis placed on the quarterback because you can mess you're not gonna get killed for for five years and you can take those chances on that position because it's the most. Coveted position well -- guys like us Wyler and Matt Flynn on there than new rookie quarterbacks that are unproven commodity bigger throwing a lot of money a potential before it was rookies or you're throwing all this money in the first round because you could now it's like what we see a couple games of rocker Matt Flynn had a huge gaming Green Bay it's a big deal Seattle never sort of game over again that favors the quarterback position like -- -- and a top ten pick any 2009 and you can make the same argument for our young guys who are Super Bowl MVP he's the guy that won the Super Bowl MVP for the Dallas Cowboys because the quarterback threw him to interception right you can look at it for the quarterback against the Oakland Raiders is they threw the Dexter Jackson three interceptions or the two interception noticeably eagle gets he did he goes and gets paid to us it's you know I. You can't dictate what some idiot wants to overpay. Right how dare you talk about Rich Gannon like that Kyle what we have coming up buddy. May we got to go when did you barber run off the bat is gonna join us at 215 in no rule talks in Minnesota with him actually get a Stotts on what happened yesterday between Atlanta and Miami nick and Josh I was listening to you this morning obviously with the time difference that was up from around and getting packed and ready to head back to Charlotte and nick eligibility which are dead wrong about this issue I mean that that was. I I I love baseball more than anything else on earth but what would you rate did yesterday was was bush league it was wrong there. I'll tell us all witnesses. There were also. You did tell you that's right and I pretty it was also the world is united so that's that's not what myself or the show. I don't think they always say is Armando has done one on three Kyle excellent stuff Kyle well and Kyle frank have a great show. We we I feel like we've done our job that'd aid we've we've got some my strong opinions out there by the likes it will not be the last time I'm wrong on something could happen. Obviously important ED week to when he nineteen Dallas and again if there's paper and it you know the sweatpants easily the awareness. I'm all about it what does your ED's therefore you'll find out you know he's gonna go. I'll I'll I'll tell you when I'm older car that day big thanks to you. Dave Lawson to Kevin Carter and George Gurley for joining us big thanks to Ryan channel. To how John held him wherever he is in the cable wonder also Billy the marlin. Josh excellent stuff body I do appreciate it. Love that jealousy as well don't be different yeah delta I'll be on WC NC tonight 10 PM previewing the Panthers who were you of the US nick carbonite and you Gene Robinson are. All right guys on the new walking around Charlotte with Joseph Montana. And died in Sylvester Stallone is a just look out for a big guy next to a couple of smaller guys up front but I'm off tomorrow Josh is going to be going to split it hit my attempt at. For prayer Chris Berman but I will be back on Monday guys until then as always stays in my Good Charlotte.