Nick Wilson & Josh Parcell: Panthers Bills Preseason Game 1 With Eugene Robinson

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Friday, August 10th
The guys start to really dissect lsat night's preseason game during hour 3. Eugene Robinson stops by to share his takeaways from the game as well. 

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These these WM being seen. Here's mr. Wilson and Josh ourselves. O o'clock hour nick Wilson Josh Parcells with you until 2 PM he's always we've got a lot to get to thirty minutes away from Eugene Robinson former falcons former panther. Currently of the Tampa radio network joining us. To talk about the pre season opener we'll get his reaction on cam and JB. And there are I continued futile revulsion dubbed from a man the Panthers. Left guard who played with a thirteen last night Ali and his thoughts on the precision over his performance what he's working on the rundown of wine and and I excited to get to that as well looking back it's about things you talked about on the show from my pieces sound also piece of sound from the rest of the sporting world is well look in the meantime. It was time pre season football. Starting last night. Are you Joost are you excited. I was like Ohio decided if not necessarily for the Panthers game as a football fan and I thought it was exciting Eminem album of all sling means you know you go out to a bar you see all the different TV is good up without actual real football that's exciting plus you got deceased now just didn't Carolina but. All around the NFL these. Young players these stars of college football the rookies I think her to me the most exciting part of the pre season leaving even the other story lines guys fighting for positions. And I didn't go across the league get that's fine that's all well and good but to me I'd just like seeing bigamy field and sick one Barkley who lit it up. The way. Those guys that that's most excited about it that's fun to me. Yeah and I thought you know I flip back and forth between Mitt baker vs say Kwan and cam verse is a bunch of slap he's from buffalo I strive flip back and forth between each game they are careless sloppy is just sliced and diced the Carolina defense right down the field doesn't doesn't mean that they're not slap east well that's sloppy when Nathan Peterman went seven for seven on that vaunted Carolina defense. A pre season game I'm not every stand us anyway seven for seven and lower right down. Those 7% and a pre season games largely Easter probably had some pretty good seven on seven. Terrorists to say in the name of partially serves to my face he has already defamed it himself sir maybe sell however. Getting back to the initial warning this how much stock do you put it what you saw last night not a lot yeah. Not a lot anyway it was fun it's good context I think. In the context of pre season and especially if you keep on Seymour. If he continues to get toasted the way that he wise which by the way against a bigger wide receiver he played soft coverage got burned. Came up tried to play press got burnt. There was nothing he did against Kelvin Benjamin that work last night so much show that we saw him enter the game was at the fourth quarter as a fourth quarter and and they got and a bio real slap me by like this fifteen to wide receiver. That they have in ball below the bad guy abused him that tells me and by the way the performance wise is this not skill wise. That tells me a lot of what's going on engineers don't. In south yet there's no way you do not have that kind of night is a professional cornerback. And less somebody chronically overdraft did you. Or you're battling some demons there and I saw some real confidence issues that's why I mean. A dad to be also suggest like the way that he played differently but we don't like this said that the coverages last night where. Then they're not there's nothing intricate they're they're trying to confusion. So really does come down to man a model Mon oh man on man let's see what you can do or zone on man what have you wanna call it. But it was really comes down the responsibility in the mindset of each of the individuals Collin Benjamin looked like he was determined Duchamp things. You have Seymour looked like he was determined to get off the field as quickly as he could not obviously did not work. You're right and we have attacks in the buildings that are tax on saying I don't think you put much into pre season games I mean the pitchers were shut out seventeen to nothing. At one point last night called they weren't set out because they came back and won but. Bosnia they were shut out at one point though set out means it happens in the whole game the other interesting verbiage there were being shut out yet they were being exactly the man in the act but they did when just FYI good patriot like I and so I. We did take so I don't know where he said in one I wanna go too much in this but so they in the idea here of how much stock do you put into it. I think if you if you if we can extrapolate too much were overdoing it I still when it's okay to be a little bit excited. Like the DJ our stuff Peter Moore got the ball in space. And it looked like he was gonna get nothing burger remote play and he'd turn that into a real beautiful life and by the way it wasn't just getting the ball in space. Like he had guys on him. And they weren't great tackle attempts the pursuit angles were kind of stupid I don't know what global those guys were they probably shouldn't play in the NFL if that's what they're going to be able to go. Again gross overreaction but I do think they'd. He he's gonna he made more of that play. On this physical strength side of things and the quickness acceleration all that kind of stuff what you. Wanna see in pre season. Whether it's NFL or NBA summer league or any of these times where you're seeing it rookies on that stage for the first time is. Do they live up to the moment do they look like they belong on the field because it's an entirely. Different level of athlete you're going against and guys like DJ Moore or big army field sink on Barkley can look outstanding in the Big Ten where the big twelve what do they look like he gets guys in the NFL because even second stringers in the NFL would blow the pants off of any team in their office in the Big Ten of the big twelve and console by assist them back to the matter. So to see DJ Moore get out against guys who were NFL caliber players men and do what he did is encouraging. Now I have heard any I don't call it conspiracy theory but I heard it a narrative floating around their dead then there is trying to be it would I heard it on Mac show. The idea that it's no big deal that we didn't see Christian McCaffrey and CJ Anderson together the idea being that you didn't see CJ Anderson to a later in the game. Not because he's in anybody's dog house but because while they don't want showcase anything specifically. I understand that but I also think I'd be in the Spartanburg twice I've only seen CJ Anderson and swats. I've are now the first opportunity we need to see him he actually looks good bunch and I against a bunch of scrubs. But it's against a bunch of scrubs annually just for Kerry's yeah. Where because I really think if you're gonna win this year if you're going to do things in surpass expectations. CJ Anderson or one weather's camera artist pain or ally showed one of the other backs. Has to step up indeed. The initial plunge that run CMC can be the counterpunch to. I think they need that. And we talked in the last segment about with our radio tender about whether coach McCaffery is gonna get more rushing yards receiving yards. The idea would be I think you would want him to be more a factor in the passing game because you have somebody who can weather the storm. In between the tackles and CJ Anderson and what's your level of concern nickel with. CJ Anderson asked her last night. I see what do I have my level of concern that yesterday just overall I think we simply on the offensive line it was a six. If you if we put so now I'm gonna I'm gonna pull this up to a more macro level concern in the running game. I will also match that it is sex because that's one thing the running game play you pre season and Vanilla looks. The running game did look unspectacular. Outside of maybe one or two place overall it looked. Relatively garbage and I know there was they Elijah Wood saying I know you Chris McCaffery running touchdown I know there are those were anomalies though. I didn't really like what I shot from the offensive line and then you add CJ Anderson on the fact we just. I just don't how I haven't personally seen enough of him to feel great about it and I it's a Jewish Echelon of a lot of power to what he can do for this team. Yes it's about a six. But it's it's it's getting close to a seven also that he has been given a couple more weeks and then we'll know for sure here's the thing about CJ Anderson in the panthers' running game you always have him. I mean if nothing else you have kin that happened a year ago running game sorts of all there whether it's because of the backs or whether it's because the line. You got the best running quarterback in history NFL. So if CJ Anderson really isn't the answer. And I'm not saying he's not we just don't know right now last night was an encouraging me Acxiom. Now mean that that. The Panthers have the best rushing threat in the NFL quarterback depth and that some who feel great about. The thing that would make me services is can still able to take to type of now visible hole out of there you're just guy. 150 pounds sir OK I don't want to have to tan my guess is it caught everybody fought. Blue bronze comment father time catches above everyone knows hit helped but they really side on the side of father time they built. I think in a scaled concern about a six I would never go higher than six honestly for just about anything after the first presented to even come on Seymour analyze its injuries. Shark yeah his first performance on the field down into unseen or had any horrible night I'll know more after the Miami game. Where c'mon Seymour stacks up in the secondary hopefully Dante Jackson on day one Donte' now and from what I've seen from that just hot. Highlights from camp what I've read about coming out of camp it Dante Jackson seemed like the real deal. You saw last year in New Orleans a Marshall a lot of Martina and had one of the best seasons in the NFL history for rookie quarterback can be done you can immediately translate to the next level and corner Dante Jackson's teams are ready he seems eager for that spotlight and get on Seymour is not careful dodge Ajax don't take his place we also need to see James Brad very he was held up for precautionary reasons I think he's a guy who needs to step up from last season. So there are big questions in the secondary as we talked about all summer and it's gone Seymour is not the answer hopefully Dante Jackson it's. It is overreaction Monday because we are talking pre season football here show we are. Will listen if you wanna call in 7045709610. If you wanna call in the with either overreaction or under reaction we will absolutely listen to view and then we will determine whether we think you are overreacting or under reacting. Joey can absolutely do that I already have one piece of overreacting that I think is very important. And I think the context does it matter. Our friend from six or nine saying JP I wanna apologize for calling you'll Panthers later this Kansas team in Camden doesn't look good at all for now on I will keep my mouth shut and let you do your job. He also gives you thanks bro. I don't think you should accept us. I don't hole I. I was gonna say I want to you about these overall this was a week or of the NFL season I think you should accept it you should Wear that even if it's only a momentary overreaction that's allowable in the pre season. Bonnie six or nine. Stay with us I got to help. Appreciate it but. Give me a few weeks into the regular season before you start realizing the wisdom that I've been giving you for the entire hour or a major injury. Right I'm a major injury or a small injury in one of the other point 5% just real formal wanna know your thoughts on last night what did you see the July 2 what did you see that you didn't like with the reminder. It is pre season and everything's going to be OK we also got him used to reaction last night on something that we had been burning on for a minute. I don't know what he could've done better. I don't think she should of had to do anything else would add to that. And more meg Wilson Josh sparse on the media frenzy. Meg will send her. I'm just Marcel with huge guy Eugene Robinson going to be joining us longtime NFL safety now to BC NC and the Panthers radio network here in town in about fifteen minutes we'll get to his staunch on the pre season opener. We'll also. Did his thoughts on the KB in Camby we finally have another leg of this thank god. I mean this story was almost done we were finally almost done with this insidious story that is big John to your problem with this story because. That is there no because people have the dumbest takes from us a Smart guy. 01 K now you actually won me over thinking anything that now you if you just bring him back to me and my ego and know whenever I thing how to push your buttons right. Believe my bugs alone you cannot push them Serra. Beginning this last night we show on. Our video that came out from. We're from the vantage point of one of the reporters on site there and Cam Newton. Walked into a conversation by Kelvin Benjamin and it's. By by Thomas Davis. And get. Initially the way I interpreted it was he got a walked up to them kinda get a well you'll give Michael serious thing and then the second Kelvin Benjamin looks at him. Cam Newton smiles. Puts his hand up like to say hey are we good. And Kelvin Benjamin. Basically shots and ride down at which point. Cam kind of looks for some space from TV. Puts his hand behind his back and then it got to be anymore. Are serious conversation and it. To be tried to walk away. Kim followed him and finally got to a point where the two parties partied with Cam Newton is showing a little bit of frustration between the 20. And then after the game had Kelvin Benjamin coming out saying he's tried he's just he's moving on as yes he has some power on this. I thought this made it Kelvin Benjamin look like a damned fool and I thought it was embarrassing. And I thought for a grown man act that played another grown man somebody who he thought was a friend. I thought was a disgraceful thing I think he. I will not say what I think he acted like but I'd there's a term that I would news. Also there in my personal life I thought it was childish I thought it was a shattering. If it talks like a punch and it walks like a bunk you can call it a punk and what Kelvin Benjamin showed last night is he's a part he did not. Do anything last night. To prove he has matured at all since he left Carolina to prove that he's given any thought to his comments since last Saturday. And Cam Newton. To his credit. Tried to confront Kelvin Benjamin face to face and I give him all the credit in the world for trying to settle this out. Like men in front of one another. And Kelvin wanna know part of it now the problem that I have which came on caring is I thought that his body language could have been better in trying to welcome the more. A short conversation now because he walked up to Calvin bosses shoulder looks at him with a hole cut and a fake tough guy ape. Go ahead going. Number you and I did talk about this yes this is some limit to. I think that it was a playful manner bright eyed view somebody you know who this is exactly the same way the way did that happen not. Not for any other reason that's exact same way I would play it with a friend is in my friends work toward a crossroads where we needed a hash some the mount. Eight cam is a playful guy out. Yes I'm a playful guy. These guys work or to the point where KB last year we are right around the time he got traded Jim Jones said that's him and you want your foxhole. Soul. I feel like. What we've seen from KB is the team massively. Misrepresented every saying of his time here and in in the his relationship with Cam Newton. I thought it was a playful way of going up to some do you consider a friend trying to break the ice and I think KB. Played that much that punk. Car the whole way he did I mean again comes out of this is the winner between two of the no doubt about it but don't you find it just a little bit of the whole fake tough guy out. Act wing cam is. Bumping his shoulder are eyeing him down on TV TD is kind of encircling him like. How he that's Julio persistent jaw is the answer and Annabel trio look at it. The pictures from last night composite rightwing can indeed here still sitting around or standing around. Kelvin Benjamin an unlikely when you. You guys gonna do is westside story like we miss her snap our fingers and walking up to one another it was overly dramatic it was a more theatrical than it needed to did you would. Did you look like him germanic mood like did you put the jaws soundtrack behind. Unlike any sort of like like instead make music behind ended on would heighten the actors and now we are going to. I'm done done done that's what it likes it felt he didn't. Felt like that do you do and I think it's compliment you biased. So I just think this is my microphone that I I when you didn't buy that it is demographer MIT I tonight. I did give me my tickets at night. Being here again. Out of this so proud of that. Well I do I felt like. It was it was handled in such a public fashion that I'm OK with the cam looks. Much bigger in this situation candidate I tell Linux it's getting Jimmy tell them it's hard to pretty constant sometimes killed it was the one who shot away he was immature guy in the situation by it. Tail them knew all the eyes were on him. So after the show on the Debbie just Lindsay instead Graham who might even put it on social media and the other forms as well we're going to have Josh Parcells dumbest demonstrate. How she would have done this if he was Camden I'll be Calvin Benjamin will find a third party to believe Thomas Davis. However in the mean time. As we have a women young and working on the show today that I think we just we had a moment of discovery. We're sitting here trying to determine what to go up online we've got a group Jad. They eighteen group chat here and with that we well commandment. The young man meant that some of you will not hear me affectionately call hacksaw that but I'm running I I show clearly. You know here to tell I don't know very scary there is a genuine fear in this guy and is scared to death. I think the problem is off they are I cut him down to the court pretty easily yeah show. He's I think he's ready for sure lagging now Johnson like you'd take because you shot first I would like you described him why he's here. So hacksaw last hour we played a game called radio tender and I. And your job for those of you listening who don't know actual job is to take the best parts of the show what few there are and put them on the interwebs for you to consume if you weren't listening at the time. You're great job this by the way great job you know dead fantastic job keep doing that it. If any in the group chat. Where you're letting us know hey I just put this on this went up this went up you say guys' radio tender is I am all analogy of radio tender GAAP. I saw. So there you have the post right in front of the united it's not that that's typical radio radioed to hinder. Are you hungry right now. All I was in I. So. Why should we don't. Not chicken tenders for. October oh no I did but what I've ever been on blenders so I don't know you've got to. Do you think that is a magic happen where somebody pays money to do it that's actually prostitution hole. You're describing is actually not a only allowed to the United States except Nevada. If I I seriously did you know I thought it was tender within a bite of a wise to have. Powell once this. How freely 28 year old man who doesn't know what Tinder and and how would tell him never bit on tender before that whole life ahead. French Fries yeah but I've just never like I visually CNET reference to death with the word and I just can't get any days. Friends that's the last thing you should instead literally telling you should've endeavor here. I can't. It's a zero so much its muscles here you wanna. You may be a millionaire it's going into that called tender where people just ordered their chickens and I. Or maybe made into dating app where we match people up there by their love of what hazard dipping sauce you out. Brian I'll do so like in the dividend rancher whatever like these you're. Also he got straight to hell because ranch which are contenders I'm sorry this is America Polynesian sauce or Donna barbecue sauce so good all all you blue cheese people literally die off because you'll be ultimately create that. I think that we're talking about boneless wings their costs were not immature contenders know it doesn't matter and other absolutely you know bridges and wings on the is paralyzed and it will be the end of our friendship and working relationships are you apologize to boneless wings right now I regret nothing. This might be the only debate today better than our children to term new in debate now giving back to the initiative that the radio and ten here OK that I. I got it I please don't close on our way. Maybe just maybe just give tenders off the brain for an. And I haven't eaten today said that items had a little bit today and that's not radio Salam yeah. He does Gatti. Oh this morning what are. Route and he did I give away the slot. The deal I would have just next time just around the ears and then leads the news feeds from a while back cash. That is hacksaw held vegan or whatever the hell he does insist the world I don't even know. I've never met somebody who is this the Donny from big about ski in the way he can keep that hacksaw how. Big is coming up next. Former NFL safety Eugene Robinson is gonna bring some sanity to these fairways we'll talk about the that cam and KB situation walls get his thoughts on the pre season opener it's near Wilson and Josh ourselves here under the SNC. Your size ahead of big. Fifteen glory ahead in the the end zone touchdown Tampa should. Mick Wilson. Josh par shell with you here that was a touchdown by Crist McCaffery last night the Panthers bills opener. It's a pre season opener but it's still an opener that play by play courtesy of Jim so deep in Panthers radio network to talk about. What we've been able to see what we saw last night and also. Gas cam and JB we have out to detect become gas line if you know him as a former NFL player I'm not just in Carolina also an Atlanta and some other spots you also. Know him from NBC NC in town of the painters radio network he is Eugene Robinson he's joining us now BJ while Michelle. Great guy. Let there. Well like we wanted to start with this because we know we have to start with this thing I'm sure you've seen Kelvin Benjamin cam Newton's the video that went viral last night what was your take on what you shot from these two individuals. I would hope yet Eric it was going to be advocates squashed all. No I don't got really good friends back where in tribute to appear within. All it's awful there were. Got to get caught by it so but the look. Didn't cover it up like that what retreat and then a year ago. I can't. Take out the work well they are also what are what are desperate I think the ghetto. They had Olympic squats. Between. Gaza with friends so why that pick a sport that maybe it or they're gonna grow and adapt Whipple what it all. Oh I want you realize that well bode well that is super duper important prince of our but it didn't think so because the result to a. Eugene did it surprise you to hear Calvin say what he said last week I mean these are guys who we've talked about you mentioned yourself they were friends when they were in Carolina camp defended him pretty much up until Coleman's final days is at hand Derrick how surprised were you that this ever became a story in the first place. Well. A lot of pride restored because I. But I can go to market backed by Obama very well well what do I got traded from. Out through through our group right there there could always go. They are or they know well they are things that. But it got to reckon and it worked for public does not edit. It kind of what Jude is still only fair and it would play. You know what to do extremely well that they don't under I understand that right there. Other cabinet but therefore pop up surprise. Probably. OK yeah culpability. And particularly that gets in their responsibility of what well. Eugene looking into this 11 of maybe the things anomalous frustrated that is I've heard a lot of people say but it cams role in this. I don't know what can could have done differently do you think that he could've done something differently to make this seem code differently. OK up you know trip Jim Furyk or start the of the boat. Vote no because well. Bechtel Ottawa that the place for a took you know like maybe. Go well agreement about the Packers feel OK and been very receptive. Talk talk about a couple of other quarterback. No you're right I like reading this article about it but Roethlisberger. But there of course is important trip. Papacy so can't put that particular board Forestar start there. But what you are doing what. We were caused a bit. But during that time we are just sit there. I thought it would go to Garnett is squad that look what happens if they are both make good. Critical look at the ball. They do have a earlier in the Republican vote. Critic are quick vote developer there caucus say so that they can put them to tell you what happened critic of the strip off. Totally Eugene Robinson into the gun gas line Eugene what did you see from camp last night so we talked about it earlier on our show and we said there wasn't a whole lot to take away it seemed like. The same old camp where your thoughts and impressions of those two series. Well I expect that it will become effective there we go oh what we're gonna it would trap. Follow up on the table but it didn't work out but expect different there's the other good duck that it completed and it took third trip. But what I thought is that can object the corner well. Any bit. Any candidate race. It would you know what out of pocket they edit or that they're open to happen now like that don't go quicker but we didn't think it. Her number. All that. The play of Beckett had a deck of the quarterback Kerry or what they're the devastated that it would go ahead and commit quarterback. There's so terrible quote book keep it different well this sort traditional. What are they were Cordoba. Got the ball better quarterback when he got in trouble. But if you got trouble they wrote it incredible that try to get out of trouble. Can't spoke about how little corporate. I don't work audit by Michael Turner and I also affordable which saw last year what code show look. Orchard at what beer in the big guy look at what the left but it it's up to that report. At first but it ought. Cornerback Eric. I heard it. Eugene looking just to the game in general I'm curious to manager perspective as a former player. Is you know firms for me and Josh we both kind of scoffed at some of the other points and even made it not a show about cam but just everybody in general though that people are viewing too much in all of this because today's pre season game number one and that's and it's tough to take too much of this seriously. As a former player watching a game. What do you look for what what do you see as the real thing to watch in in games like pre season game number one or precision and number 20. What are appreciate it very typical what took a look at that as what backup are going to be. Thought Obama quote for your program is what got a kind of refer to cure and it bit better than that order so great. This could be bearing. And then all of which are there other guys that third guy that it would it would. Thought oh god eliminate the well. That the I don't stop it expelled but OPEC got a good and it picabo and Victor Burk remember that. If all of the acute. Got pretty sought to prop up yet in order or it. But that what are they are well can with a debit card. Well what about perk up it up perk up we're what do we put our rebel but we're still don't look at our order is that the logo. Although I. About well there are brought it up to put the court simply pick up. I always look at the pieces. But aren't paid the and that's why. First district about present to get open it up by. Big sky effective in Burke got a little bit part UG. You gene Howard are you about cuts come on Seymour. We'll. They don't want accurate quote so what. Would that subject up like all right what can it be. What are you what pressed the dark out there maybe perk out of four look well well well well well well because of so. Can you don't bet Democrats that would be put spurs river. What are separate box and start expected and what but what. It got up there. Spec the receiver would keep the occurred they aren't aren't. What. A part of peeled out but oh well I don't know what can. They're proud spell or put off Cutler does well at that battle appropriate dot dull it is that that's. Apple are. What are appropriate that we couple. Like I can about the book. What are. Why is it. But if you know what I like look at LYO. Plan that clicked at that protect. Or play a little bit sort of and you don't go to well how to play. Double play at bat but it was area. Eugene Robinson joining us in the tech become guest line former panther former falcon a longtime NFL safety now to BC and C as well as a print or radio network. I know we just talk about Seymour there but. As a whole what are your thoughts on this secondary. For the Panthers in what may be they can do this year. Well what are they have bulk of them put out that's why this. He'll opt except nobody hurt at all. I would orchard arbitrage here but it is just to put the temple oracle. Well Cosgrove. Like what color purple. I think that's what the secretary of injury. Well cup grow. Up better. Poker early but I don't well there were a development that's the fact that. General well all day at a critical but it. That it it'll have the go to work up the right corner of Africa there rapper what are guys Bennett will struggle without. Go back the well is there about they put guys what about people well get out of there. All of it black and that got cup as they go to and I got but don't get that bit about the caught the advocate ever we have spoke well. What law. Comical as secondary. But we get out. Couple of front bumper. Of a big deal but step but back a bit. But do happen out recorder. The fact that they don't expect that particular about what Welker to develop or do they create del potro put Gerald. Your development work by boat at the boat because they caught you maybe it. Maybe a player or sometimes such. Eugene medicine phenomenal. Analysis there on the defensive secondary and intense performance last night we really do appreciate it's very excited to catch up with you throughout football season. What are out quicker take a look at the blood of the gift to open the clutter there. It looked a little bit so. It got but if there are aware of but don't look at what they were deployed up. But volatile. What got the ball so well when it left and it got hurt but the core of good bye as well look but that often applied to really cut the government itself. If we could pick yourself up for the blood up explosive expose that broke protocol. Excellent excellent stuff sure we will people look at on the very much. We Eugene Robinson there on the tag come gas line excellent stuff out of there I do want to react to one or two things. As we come back we're gonna continue on with a shawl that more Mick Wilson and Josh partial to be a sin city. 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To register visit ortho Carolina classic dot com and do the promo code classic for ten dollars off your entry for additional details on the event on FaceBook under ortho Carolina classic ortho Carolina you improved. So he's coming your way. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Nick Wilson and Josh Marcel twenty minutes after the rundown we're gonna listen to some sound from the show earlier today and also true John from around the sporting world. But as you go we just had music Eugene Robinson on the show really good stuff with him I know we're gonna hit listened to some of that back in the run down but. I was so tragic issue and I know that you might see more stuff I just I can't. I can't defend it by right it's a pre season game but. When you talk about the different ways he got feet you know he talked about the bump and run stuff we did talk about him playing in. In Estonia. Lineup against a receiver who's got the forty time of Maine. Like there's so much dead that disturbs me about how are they not they were disturbed annoyed me. His play annoy me last night I know what they were without Brad Derrick I know that you've you've got a lot to get to their young he's young. I just expected to see a little bit more confidence from him. Going into that in and that was. That was antithetical to confidence. Am bump and run and hidden Ryan bump and grind got a really care what coverage airplane last night neither Peerman went seven for seven and march right down the field and a defense and it's not an over reaction it's a fact he went seven for seven and slice the defense of our. It's not a good sign if you're Carolina it's also not indication that the defense is going to be one of the worst in the NFL down. Is is not the way you wanted to get me started. In your first pre season game and give on Seymour was enemy number one line where do you think he is right down the depth chart now well okay we know where he is technically and adopt China but and knowing that you love Dante Jackson. I mean I think Dante Jackson he. We didn't hear a lot of Jackson's name called last night and might not be a bad thing out so. To me and it just is gonna be given every opportunity to win that job and that's a critical position for Carolina this season because when you start to spin it forward and you look at what Carolina needs I. Out of their defense they how. Asked to have reliable. Defensive backs it up you taste to many talented receivers in this division and across the entire schedule can mean for you to be that week in the backside we've seen that against Atlanta in years past were Julio Jones has absolutely torn the secondary apart you just can't afford that anymore I mean this is. Carolina and you lot you talk to most people around the league writers broadcasters and media experts most people think of Carolina as the third best team in the division now the margins are slim. But they think of them as that third best team using the mutual over the top of these improvements from your secondary exactly and for the first things. Carolina to see in their first game is one of the guys you're counting on this season getting absolutely tourist. By an above average at best receiver is not a bus that we talked about earlier he's an but he's an above average receiver not a these I don't know back on not Jerry Rice. Okay Kelvin Benjamin. Looks like out Goodell about the last night against Iran Seymour doesn't worry some. Well and I think it's worrisome because right now I would consider him the third cornerback. And I know we don't yet about the I know there's a nickel bags there's the Diamondbacks and I'm I'm I'm really weren't producing this to a point but I think of him is that guy did you do the third most trust bowl cornerback. That's not a good thing because before there's a gap between Seymour. And and once you get past Seymour on the depth charge. I think if you or the Carolina Panthers you were looking at not just replacing. Hopefully Seymour he continues this. But also the guys behind him so he has somebody to push him we know how important job to lose in the NFL we've talked about the analog with the offensive line so we'll get back to Eugene staunch on where the Panthers were from last night probably in the run down there but as we move forward. I brilliant I really have enjoyed my my short time here just to start in in Charlotte I'm I'm rarely. I'm a dive headfirst in kinda guy Cho you know whether it's the cuisine around town whether or Chang and now the guys in the show. Before my girls get down here in in that kind of takes my primary focus away I'm really enjoying. Getting in on Charlotte and just getting to know Charlotte Moore. And I I'm excited once they get down here to see another angle with my kids in parts of all the other great stuff that there is here there's one thing no if I haven't complained. I I'm I'm staying in a short term Rotella technically it's an extended stay type of place where you stay longer than a day or two but it's it's you know I'm I've got we just signed a lease yesterday I should have five days left in this this place. And it was not perfect are right it's not for everyone I have my qualms by and large though. It could've been worse. But yesterday. Not have the best day it was one of those days where. I I just had consumed myself into work I it may be upset my wife by doing show and not engaging in her enough so all I'm Marty kind of running on a deficit by about 11 o'clock when I get back to my hotel room and then I and I knew she ignored a call because she was trying to make a point that I accidentally ignore whatever calls earlier so I'm I'm just I'm not I'm not a great mental state last night. And but is it not been a problem in my state but I sheer. This last coming from one of the other rooms. I can't quite pin pointed but it's the last JC email blast that sounds like a hi Nina. I cannot replicate this I tried this morning thinking maybe I could do yeah. Very much like that the glass like that the clown from that the clouds from the golf receives for Billy Madison. But it was. It as but I would at first there's like OK well that's kind of funny or just turn on some music and everything's gonna be fine. It was about two minutes into this I realized that what I was listening to was not just Alaska's people were having a fun conversation. I was I was listening to what would've amounted to foreplay conversation. There are reproducing they were getting ready they were they work they were thinking about they were mulling the idea. Of of getting conjugal with one another they were in the pregame and they were pregame meeting and show. I it was when I realized dynamite man please let something happen. Because because I cannot turn anything I don't mean for that. Yeah I'm not a rental and Alamo I'm rooting for them of course you always root for somebody else is love life. Well done sir but. I I didn't give wind from one of those things where I was I was like go annoyed by allows. Then I. It's like you're anticipating what's about to happen and you're just praying life. Please don't let this would be the next the soundtrack to be trying to fall asleep thinking and unfortunately. That's exactly. Why and how. And so did you got several courses of action here. I know no sir the way they had several courses of action. I just had to sit there and instill and at the UK you getting to put through her. Ignore it nova goes away. You could have knocked on the on the wall Ted. There while British kids praising. Atypical over there. He had that you can't be that person by the way it's so so what was it what's the course and I continued to Baghdad because I feel like if you're listening you probably had this happen you whether it was in college does god knows that was every Friday night and Colin do you remain era. How much pride agenda. I'm in my room it's a dragon for them to now to see exactly and yeah I mean I do what what was your what was your course of action as you realize what was taking place. There are still wouldn't. I'm the only differences on the and it's listen but he I would if I was in the act of love. And I broke I've somebody trying to break it up for me there's no response to the rage. Right like we've heard of Breaux Bridge we've not heard of of of love rage yet. I don't and by the way I don't know what's Israel say somebody's gonna answer that door and I don't know. I'm an encounter. Or will dub but if I go over and I say hey. I've done there what they come to my door in a state of what ever since they might be in a I'm not ready fuel that I estimate I just imagine you is as David Murphy from the NFL hall of fame knocking on the on the radio. The hotel door oh my god yeah. Until they got the gold jacket so so so I I had to sit there and I was I was worried. I will say though. The escapade ended it. Within five minutes. And on and tell you his own and not whole parties crossed the finish line. And that the party did did not meet their rival who. Zacks. And then so I thought when everything was was said and done I thought all right now you go to sleep the next thirty minutes of my night. One of party yelling at another party about their performance. Thanks so anybody wants to just I just a hotel about guys. The slide by Gregg Williams might just raids in the locker room after words like just letting him have it for thirty minutes yes yes and the alternate. It's an assistant to the first party let the other party habit for thirty minutes first again you know. You know what you can't be though nick once out he can't be leave a note on the door guy now because we get their people that do that the readily take some people are trying to sleep would you please have a little bit of courtesy don't be that guy. Knocking on the door knocking on the though the hall are the the on the wall calling the front desk. You cannot be that person you dissented just have to sit there in Stewart Atlanta for the west PO window when neighbors and hotel or in an apartment. When Barack expressing their love for each other what is the right exact way to deal was dead. The cookie data is coming up we listen back to sound from the shelf and sound from around the sporting world. All that morning Wilson Josh Parse Allen to be a frenzy.