Nick Willson & Josh Parcell: Cam VS KB, Norv Turner, Luke Kuechly, & Radio Tinder

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Friday, August 10th
The guys continue to discuss the Cam Newton Kelvin Benjamin beef. They also engage in Radio Tinder where Nick & Josh share their thoughts on current topics & storylines. 

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At least he's WM being seen. Here's mr. Wilson and Josh ourselves. We just borrow a situation where him. And I think they did a great job all we just have to walk all game have a plan would with the being G. Then it just made in an unbelievable player knows extremely tough and I'm pretty sure he probably wanted to show us you serve it. Does extremely tough for him right now according to a Thursday story you know it's first time with a plan of Florida. Filled with a loss of his mom made out prayer for mark gained just thirty keep everything in her role as a person that's. Ovals teammate you know it comes to work each and every day. You know he may not be a talkative person all the time but I guarantee you when you won't people in the fox hole killed a business person that you won't. Mick Wilson judge for ourselves that is Cam Newton last year. On on and on Kelvin Benjamin a bowed to yet as a man who won a foxhole I think about the scene from the office when Michael goes. Well well well. How old the turn tables. Mean you mean tell the tables and yes I know it takes and uses this tells us. My my my how the tables have turned it asks always so interesting about it as you mentioned the authors I was thinking god father. Ultimatum was there that I'm just thinking yeah. I'm Kelvin Benjamin is Prado. I just have I guess I just feel like and now that we've seen that was the moment where cam says a new wish you afraid though. We see the whole time. I would I didn't do it was an incredible he'll turn from gallon Benjamin sticking to that he'll turn got a lot to get to radioed Tinder in about forty some minutes here in the debut of that here we've got to Eugene Robinson former panther former falcons former NFL safety now a to BC and C and can't there's radio network to be joining us at 1230. And you know Panthers left guard kind of a big deal Brandon man to be joining us at 130 in the meantime. We are reacting. To Kelvin Benjamin and and cam Newton's piece. I I am ready for this to die. I'm ready to be over there is. But I understand that is much you know we actually in the building senate tax I'd say well you know I'd. A man next week this is a get a matter. I don't know we can say that. But I don't know that of these December early squash and it just runs out honestly. You know like if I that's one of the things that I've learned from watching these happen whether it's on the national stage or whether to local staged. But I also think that it could've been put to bed by both parties had Kelvin Benjamin bin ready to it did hit analysts. Yeah I think he'll be less of a lightning rod and a topic today had they handled it a yen I think going back to canned talking about a post game I think they probably could have handled this in a way that would create a less drama and and that's why they like I'm happy that there's all this drama to talk about don't get me wrong I think it's interesting it's exciting but they had heard it in a way that enabled us to talk about this for as long as we have. Have it could have been squashed more. More easily are more more quickly and I don't know of my review I think it'll be over by Nancy Johnson will be talking about the possible. Past but what I mean is it now it becomes a point of this is anybody else dumb enough to say some things. You know is there's well there's going to come out of this would only help but I don't know I mean now you've got a point where cam does talk it's the dumbest thing in the world. Now we're past the point that now it now cam is radioactive. Now now you don't wanna have them talk for five to seven days maybe till before or after the Miami game does give him some time. I guess I'll ask. Asked listeners do you wanna hear more from Camden on this are you OK with it being over like she can say one more thing to put this to bad or do you think that we should move on from this altogether. Audiences inquest actually fair chiefs while the shelf. Our audio out yet but it it well back well. That was curious to. I was simply on the building senator Tex lines. OK art so it would show can you wanted to talk I agree are open at what the data into their lack of power audit whatever. If you what you what you got your child and up in a tree top it has copper. I don't want him at all majority while like epic church edit. If you shred credit of people don't like an article of other. Actually we have strict and here is that a beta I got my ball Internet in playbook OK have a common and expect it our bank. Leave what they don't it's crap I have but he can't you can't. Talk up or put off. Don't want to amount like Obama gave yeah quite a which they were in. He's. It's is not running your mouth. It is and is speaking it is being the face of a football team. I didn't like this situation here is the anomaly. Yeah. Taken a hot. An apartment just a golf article that secretary you've got to go back. It's not high road or the low road it is being the face of a franchise. That is a third actress delegates. And and I understand that's the fear you don't want amount they're throwing daggers. But the reality is it doesn't matter what he says what is important is that he says some thing. And I understand that may be the I guarantee you back in the day Jake DelHomme. I bet you you heard two to three times a week from Jake DelHomme show talking about note I'm not even referring to this specific situation. I'm not like gas this specific situation. Could have been put to bed by a text between Kelvin Benjamin and Cam Newton. Mean leading into the situation not silly they can could have done better like hey man you know and and by the way Kim could actually answer this question. Hey Tim did you try to communicate with Kelvin Benjamin before you want down on the field rise every says yes in his text wasn't responded Joseph. Okay. Then cam looks more in the right. But just because cam use these words are parsed apart by the national media I think we think that's exclusive to camp like I don't think can gets. More criticism because more members of the media don't understand. A a singular quarterback or a new age you know nontraditional quarterback I think I think he does get more criticism from that. Because he doesn't fit the conventional mold. We've talked about completion percentage and is it is it dead horse at this point but the idea that she gets more coverage from what he says because he's that because of the criticism. No no he does that because he is a rare superstar in the NFL. OK so you just made me think of something do you think that this is kind of a instances scarcity where because he talks a little. That when he does talk it's even more impact full more investigated more dissected it yet and somebody who would speak to deter it two to three times a week yes and I also think you would be less misunderstood. Often. I think I think it would be easier. For the local media to cover him. If they heard from him more. Just listening I know that they have all the record conversations I'm sure with cam I I'm sure that day you know. But I sure they see him more than then the fans see him. Boy I'm saying is. You cam is it. Tim is not. The emotional Ken doll like some quarterbacks in the NFL he does where's emotions on his sleeve he does. Have. He does have things to say. And the reason why I think that's important. To get out there in front of the media and for us to understand. Is so we can understand his lexicon. We can understand intend. Because if we don't understand the intent because you hear from him once every blue moan of then then even locally it's going to be tough to understand what he means. Anything about some of the other quarterbacks who have. Had certain situations they've had to handle them publicly in the Russell Wilson's and a good job in the past of handling tough situations deck press got more recently has done in his books and unafraid to speak to the media win in these situations arise and cam in the past has shied away from a lot of those cases even if you think about. The jordin Rodrigue situation last year his response was any prerecorded edited video that was released on social media it wasn't in front of the meeting did not go back out in front of reporters when he was face of the tough situation when the when adversity has struck was and sometimes he has not necessarily gone out and faced questions. And it would have been easy for him if this was this was a layup for him but this was -- mean there's been other times where it's been tough this was a letter he was the winner here and he could have taken that final step like I said to deliver the knock -- blow to tell men who comes out looking like the absolute loser in this and always I just thought it would have been one chance for candidate this was a layup pretend to have a win in the media and -- -- miss that final market would have sealed the deal. And I do think it it is a damn shame that the PR us occasion of sports which is happened the last ten years where we don't want who sees we don't know anything real just give us what you know is just an honor to be here I really love football and gone bless America in the sky is blue and American by his great like that. Doesn't mean anything American pie is great and now it's great not by the way the high and the movies alike at all and saw and you know like that Lowell. Out it's an insult. Heard it is a good study implies a best songs ever men. In it's also it is OK so you don't Murphy Brown is but you know what American clients that ever you are maddeningly inconsistent is also the bathroom breaks on you can literally go in and like go get lunch and take a bathroom break with during the whole song on the radio dot com map is the new official home of WS frenzied downloaded today and listen to us any time anywhere real quick here is we've got some calls on it John while on the shelf. But John there. Yeah yeah test. Yet problem to have you can't formal Bynum and you know they were Kelton an amendment you know our. Our campus director and he. It's basically went out pregame charter and recommend low income you know say now you know what open. I'm not the number of days been and did what he did that when I checked it and can't humanity not perfect up and as a underground menu. You now you recruit to trigger a joke your stadium field. I'm kind of just. Reiterate that happen and we probably monitored after Bo Bo Derek and these pick reported there and they did pretty quiet about offering an Oregon to comment about it. He provoked what. But they still talk. They they still are there. Pretty quiet and therefore not well but does he still talk DJ is he still Adam is he still in front of the microphone. Getting out there even if it's dismissing him you're right he doesn't say anything Tom Brady Ivan heard Tom Brady say anything injures staying. I can remember last time I was at all Tom Brady has a personality. But but yet he's still there. That is that is the act of the face of the franchise. Well I'm not. Everywhere we can't Miami nice eight you know he is the face the French there's no doubt about it. Iron curtain goes about it a little bit differently and oddly not oracle portable way camera and old especially this situation. Are you adapting what the more. Excellent stuff John thanks so called it a bug can't handle that pretty well and I thought there was just a little bit more could have done it not to be someone asking from orbit another sizzle of the electricity and again I think this sounds like Cam Newton criticism it's not necessarily just to Camden criticism. And yes it's it is again I think he handled the situation if this week perfectly I think the only thing he could done a could have done more is better and more available in the media but what I wish that camp criticism is not about this situation. It is eight and by the way again not exclusively at camp saying it is a cam thing as a panther thing and as an NFL thing. But I do think it's a responsibility. To the fans into the media addicted to see that person especially on such a big story we're gonna can Wear it again have come back to additional little bit I know we we talked about it quite a bit to get back to this probably in the 12 o'clock hour but. It is we're getting there we're going to. It is something that I think is. Does that criticism. You watch the top five you're looking for reasons to wonder if they're the real deal will look at those reasons next nick Wilson and Josh Parse Al. American as apple pie and the media frenzy. That's why Mick Wilson and Josh Parcells. Want to get to thirty minutes out from radio Tim dirt in the meantime. Are you are you mention fur for college football yet Josh I know you have the color. Football podcast is greatest that is would cheap plug of the eligible country podcast and our first episode. On Wednesday where ranks the top ten quarterbacks and cultural welcome back to Syria is a good episode I this is not a Brad this is not a demeaning thing I will be listening to that this weekend I've told myself I would like to be. A cheerleader I might scream a Jew from ten to two. But all's fair look I will probably tweet out your podcast at least once a year. Wow now thank you Selma. At least I said at least. Like I'll do it at least once and then if I remember dueled to a more times promise kept hash tag you're welcome while thank you ice. Do IID here I didn't say thank you. Your demeanor was there's don't have to bill the way that you approach may didn't say thank you know. I was expect even a delta waited out at least once a week and then I got once a year. Okay miss direct my bad. But now we are working to go but you you brought up something are are an idea about. Looking around the college landscape here specifically the top five. And and really. Trying to examine. The chance he's did the the pre season rankings here for the coach's poll. On the likelihood that any of those guys are going to be in the top five when we get to play off time and I wanna start at the backs elite team. The top five. Starting rather at the bottom there Oklahoma's five Georgia is four Ohio State history Clemson has two in Alabama. Unsurprisingly. Is number one I wanna start with a Oklahoma because. I really think the one thing nobody's talked about at least not yet were so short of Kyle armor because he's such a spectacular athlete who. The the baker made field impact is not something were really calculating. I didn't think last year's Oklahoma team was a playoff team. I didn't think they were close to a playoff team. But I thought the baker mayfield. The the detour to force the police freak of nature of the force of nature that is bigger mayfield I thought she made them that good. And I think if you look across the line now. I see a four loss team. I see a ten win team right now going from baker mayfield Tyler Murray. On the higher on Tyler Murray I get that we haven't seen much of them I am very high around comer I think he's in his spectacular but I agree with you that the thing that could derail Oklahoma is that posed baker hangover in the couple layers to that one the guy kind of for 5000 yards and almost fifty touchdowns like carrier not replacing that as an. I then he had its funny that it is okay it's it's funny that most people dole. Consider bigger I think one of the all time greats in college hoop already. But looking at. What he did last season that there are not very many players who had better years in him in the history of the sport meantime hello Tim Tebow and Cam Newton are probably the only two in the last twenty years who can compare. The most people would consider baker to have had a that's had an impact would fascinating. He dead and to replace that type of impact is to us this is also going to be Lincoln Riley's first go around without bigger may feel them and if you remember. A guy up in the northwest a few years ago named mark health threat to took over as an offensive coordinator from Chip Kelly he had Marcus Mary showed up. Marietta gets into the national championship game win. Eyes men and then everything falls apart as soon as Mary Joseph believes in LL for his left holding the bag so to speak. And then a few years later he's fired. I'm not saying Lincoln rallies much help for its I think Riley is much more proven that on his own it is and what helpers was when he took the head job in Oregon and new but this is gonna be the first true test for Lincoln Riley with Al baker mayfield what can he deal. And icing going away from baker mayfield it's any program in America lost this. I think it would be understandable to step is to say did that it is potential dad programs to take a step back and by the way. You know that the one difference between Norman and up there in Eugene this is simple. Patients I think they will have long term patients a Lincoln Riley I think it might require not necessarily patients with them but the understanding that if Bob Stoops competed for national championship every seven years. If if she did that is great to see wise it might be fair Kimberly only symptom of a Lincoln Riley kind of the same light as you know what else I died so. I think the best thing you can say about. The Oklahoma is their task is their schedule. Because. Who is the next rated. Big twelve team I think it's Texas at 21. West Virginians Al West Virginia right I was for you know West Virginia because you know they're not where everybody else is good and silly me useful defense. But there's there's not yet there's not a no other team in the big twelve that's a worthy challenger at this point out West Virginia has a lot of optimism mowing and this year I'd. It could be very good thing had a lot of optimism going and every year but the thing about it but it's the big twelve that's different than any other league is. There's usually a lot of pretty good teams and there's rarely an elite or multiple elite team until and they haven't had that ever since Texas fell off the map. So moving did to Georgie here I look at days and I know they've got Jake from who's trying to hold off Trevor fields. I'm not too worried about Bradley job and replacing those guys because they have three or four dead dynamo actually really reboot could very well there. Offensively I'm not too worried. You can ditch back to the defense there there's six key starters a graduate of rogue cop robust web top ten pick in the NFL one of them kept and then they even had a few key reserves from that defense go away. I think they might be re loading we hear talk in my youth and you're also talking about we don't we always focus on the superstars. In college football especially in the SEC. What gets it team over the hump it's a lot about those reserves and guys who can step up and make those plays. That it's a lot to count on early. Is the thing that I have is the most likely. Derailment of Georgia season is the quarterback battle team. Because you have a guy and Jake from last year Wally Pitts Jacob he's an in week winding up. And then goes on to just lead them to the national championship game he went on the broad in his first start against Notre Dame and won that game he made it obviously later in the season took on Auburn in the SEC championship game had that excellent performance against Oklahoma. But now he doesn't have. And have that job he doesn't have sunny Michelle. But he does have a DO Andres west India under his list is a man among boys I actually thought. Watching them last year is crazy George it was so stinking loaded last year where you watched Kevin Michelle run roughshod through three quarters and then by the time Georgia throughout the game up in the fourth this is this guy comes at you like this. Better than the to some new guys is left is going to be outstanding this year what could derail them is this just infield guy at the backup to from his more talented and Jake from. We're going to carry this forward begun the first two teams there are number five Oklahoma number four Georgia we're gonna spend as foreign Ohio State Clemson and Alabama looking at the top five what do you think are things that can derail these teams will get to that and more nick Wilson Josh ourself and we have frenzy. Nick Wilson Josh fire shall. Now fifteen minutes away from radio tender hit a shop. On the building senator tax line. 7045709. 610 or at nick Wilson will be a frenzied or at Josh Marcel that's one Al. Only know two wells to tell your address your one night males. War and tell him how he is and I'm so glad to yeah Angela and again the point is an idea a topic. Hyperbole a haiku a statement. And we will slide laughter swipe right by the way the radio dot com how is the official new home. A W a frenzied downloaded today and listen to waste any time anywhere. On the killings and attacks on we did he called it that the mid day host. And I we were just one amalgam that human being. Someone that's what's inside this but then it turns out I was always surprised as usual and as a mid day host I was thinking they were an insult you they insulted me. Really that was about because I talked to them about cam not talk in the media enough. Let go forming. Seattle it's the CI. Odd years it I've gotten under the skin of their decisions for four straight days it was only a matter of time before I pass the buck off to you for at least a Day-Lewis and I've I've taken that Tom I'll be handing it back to you shortly at 12 o'clock it's okay. Assists were lets Howard go on the sides of the 12 o'clock hour to get back into the Kelvin bench and so we might even revisit our three deceased and all we are going to be three to see him. Right then right there are now getting back to the top five here we've party broken down Georgia in Oklahoma getting the number three. I know they're show much going on with Ohio State I'm sure they're gonna be people saying that Urban Meyer saying it is the big thing the big to do the big watch. You know gets back like I really they get all his back to quarterback for May. It really gets back to Dwyane has tens of first is take Martell. And it. Because I think that's the thing that has held back Ohio symbolized for years. I know how I know how prolific JT Barrett was I know how good yeah the stats accumulated look but the reality is. If you watch him day one as a quarterback more time just as quarterback not as good not as a running quarterback not anything else if you watch him day one. As a past sure. To his final day as a passer. There is some development but not what to expect for a guy who started parts of four seasons at Ohio State. And I think the way they tried to handle him. Ended up making the and it really aggravating the issue more than anything I didn't see the handling of all a quarterback at Ohio State lost them multiple opportunities. At a national championship. Showed to me it's got to be a clean break and they better get the most at a Dwyane Haskins who has an electrical arc. Doing ask concealing as a heck of a lot higher then. JT there's there's no question about that. And I go to the quarterback position two for Ohio State. Obviously there in my situation has something to keep an eye on that's the number one obvious answer but today a little deeper would give quarterback because they have so many weapons around doing asking you saw flashes of that. How can I Syrian Michigan replay well and that wind coming in when bear was knocked out. Look at the guys around Haskins JK dobbins Michael Weber a great tremendous backfield KJ hill Terry Maclaurin a terrorist Campbell and careless and actually veteran stars if he doesn't. Have a thousand yards this year or or 15100 yards combined I know that's a high mud benchmark for him he should be a superstar in this offense. He's giant and Ohio State has the weapons to dominate the Big Ten and that is. The thing I guess the other thing I would go back to wood Ohio State is the Big Ten and that division because we talked about it a little bit on and I believe Wednesday about just how. Tossed the big Denise has with the SEC gets all the credit in the world. The big east is he'd. Most unforgiving gauntlet of any division in college football today. Well what it what do we see. You know they they go out last year they beat Michigan State and then they turn around and fall r.s are the week before they they go out and beat Michigan State they fell down to a side. One button to Iowa another was on the road which is Iowa on the road is a little bit different especially Ohio State ever once a while her parents can surprise people like 31 but not by thirty right and and I I think that is to me the most interesting thing is. It's not just the big names in the Big Ten. You do have teams that maybe you shouldn't be Zhu did because of the way the schedule always sets up. Well you split up Michigan State in Michigan and even Penn State there's usually a gap between Madson. There's a lot of time for team that isn't mentally tough to sit comics and they have done that often on the passing year and they have Penn State. On the road September 29 they have Michigan State also on the road in November and they do give missy and home but. The pressure that's gonna be on Jim Harbaugh and Michigan to win that game. Is going to be Americans missing in that again does. That they didn't need any more motivation in the housing easy game that game is always a great one always close but also don't forget two years ago Michigan went into the horseshoe and came within inches literally a knocking off the Buckeyes so that was one that will be a fight has its schedule out of it I. Absolutely but by. Like if if they can get through this 'cause they've I don't think they've been a mentally tough team the past few years and that's been something. For Urban Meyer teams to to fall short mentally I think it's a real problem for Maine that is something you shot towards the end in Florida where they just they didn't have the mental endurance necessary to play in the SEC from. It's a launching point going in this year now getting to clumsy and Clinton I think is interesting because they've they've passed every home of a team trying to transgender into a national program. But I think you would want mental endurance is a big thing I thought last year there were mentally tough team though not just found it easier before. I love their defensive line. A west I mean how can they not mean just of inside outside. The got a little but the depth some interest to young players coming up but. You look at Wilkins look at Lawrence on the inside they should be a defensive line that terrorize you is the ACC. I am I'm not trying to be I know a party said this in Ohio State I'm not trying to double up here. Clemson and Kelly Bryant verses Trevor Lawrence. Really matters to me. Because Kelly Bryant might be that JJ Barrett. He might be a really nice college quarterback who ceiling. Is something that he hits very early on. And show the discussion is easy enough to believe her where she is leadership is going to help fuel. And take steps for word where that that is worth the trade off physically. Or is it time turner Trevor Lawrence who might in two or three years. Be the number one pick of the NFL draft pick it's conceivable that could happen. Clinton went through this a few years ago when they had calls out a quarterback veteran and Shawn Watson was clearly the better of the 20 and they did not start to show on against Florida State. And then put in men halfway through the first quarter and it was already too late clubs and end up losing that game in overtime and do they learned from history and not make that mistake again and say all right we're just gonna go with the guy who's way more talented. Obviously has no experience in Trevor Lawrence I ultimately think it does in Dublin Lawrence I think he's gonna be the guy but this is some really tedious situation for glimpse. I think the only thing that I would say about that he said learn from that mistake I. A all the mistakes college coaches can make. The one that I find to be most forgiving is simple. If a guy is too loyal to someone else if a guy is too loyal to experience. If that is doubt bush when he's greatest sin this year they'll be back in the playoffs to make. But they need to be careful because the schedule does have a couple spots or hiccups and that was what I had written down as the thing that could derail them is an upset in hand seems very vague but does the team that has been upset each of the last two years they've just been able to survive that they lost to Pittsburgh as a three touchdown favorite at home they lost to Syracuse as a three touchdown favorite on the road they've lost a bad football teams each of the last two years and they've been lucky enough for it not to a matter they still been able to make the playoffs and they rely on that for a third straight year they play NC state. In mid October at home than they go to Florida State the next week who is. Top ten talent in the country can we just don't know what they're gonna look like on the field this is there are land mines for clemson's schedule. And as talented as they are. It could catch up to them at some point. Getting to BMI and I I'm over telling people owe a debt and visiting your Tamil false and here's a reason I thought last year could have been here. And they are insanely talented but there were some moments last year during games where you thought. All they're not the same machine. At the same damn machine. That just rolls over you. Qaeda and I'm come out in specific games and trying to save them off Saddam I had to say did have notes going into this course a cannot find them Mississippi State won by seven on the road absolutely like they're gorgeous moments where. You were expecting something greater for them. Analysts in the bottom line is they got the job done but this is why I'm done saying the ban on machine is is getting ready to run out. Here's the thing skill positions. Replacing Calvin Ridley last year nobody was within I think the closures was who has roughly 700 yards while he was he was a guy. Ridley was the guys know all the young guys that they have. Have some semblance of talent and I think should be able to put into gatherer isn't but I think it's going to take a group effort and then the secondary. I know they're gonna reload on the defensive line we've seen them do it again and again and again it does not matter who plays on the defensive line now we on how old they just fine guys. I know they've done a good job of the secondary this seems like a more comprehensive secondary make over. You're right. But I also look at the schedule. Who's gonna test them did did diskette does might be the easiest schedule Alabama has had its. In the Nick Saban era and it really as they did play a little bull who's nowhere close to what they've been in recent years they're replacing so many guys obviously Lamar Jackson and we quine Arkansas State Ole miss is mean a complete train wreck right now Texas a and M as a rebuilding that's at home the really the toughest games on Alabama's schedule is a Missouri home game in mid October because Missouri does have a very prolific offense. And like you said with questions in the secondary maybe that's something that put some stress on Alabama they play LSU on the road LSU's gonna have issues and maybe that's in contact is Indonesia Iran yes and then they. And they get Auburn at home but I think Alabama if you're fighting anything it's complacency. That's what could derail them complacency slash any sort of Jalen herds to attack to below us controversy but they're going to be blowing teams out so badly I don't think that controversy ever relief comes to fruition. On I think that's what separates Nixon David from Urban Meyer we talk about the coaching tears. Urban Meyer's teams. I don't wanna say that you talk to shoot Dodgers build build build. But if Florida and Ohio State they're there there's been an entitlement. Ed both places where that caught up Tim eventually he still compete you are national level he's still one of the playoffs more often than not or justice Austin is not bide. I don't ever see that complacency set in and gamma I thought we saw last year and want to help and they were too big to fail its kind of happens until you clear that good by the mid October you board that's available as their board. Yes absolutely so those are the the top five schools and want to look for as we go forward if we've we've we've argued we've bad old Wii's granted we've rave now it's time for a little bit of fun radio tender you give us a name an idea a topic for instance. Cam Newton is MVP and we will swipe left or swipe right nick Wilson Josh Barr shell on the BS NC. It's been a long weekend char. Arlington and that means it's time go blow off some steam. You export term pop culture. Give nick and Josh just statements by name an ideal or a topic and they'll decide whether guess wipe bright. Or swipe glad it's radio tender. It's Friday nick Wilson Josh Marcel it's time to just have a little fun loosen up a little bit. Maybe get a match Friday mindset get those ships are moving to be you know what I mean and discard. This the idea is a name and idea a topic. And we will swipe left or swipe right. We're gonna get started unnamed 704 I'm just gonna say everybody says unnamed and is gonna calm unnamed Simoneau four. Luke. Weekly gives the defensive player of the year award of cannot slip right because they don't believe anybody on the Panthers can do is Lou late. I am gonna swipe left Scranton I think it's gonna I think it's going to be a what would you like we do I thought maybe Marchand Lattimore or maybe I was gonna say the one of the top defensive ends if comes back inside and let. New Orleans or Tampa Bay may be now now now I think it's going to be just had this vision of what I see China took the bear I've go to the mayor just a little bed I'll play. And the bear jail clouded our course to the yeah I did not I still they tell one I don't jittery. I'm always. Ellis had just now because I'd the more I thought lodge dating clowning him like I want Jim play in their moments where he's electric and and there are other moments where I say oh well I Kennedy wants this guy play football I would if I'm saying outside of Carolina. I'm I'm I'm gonna go with colonial Mack a miracle Mike has called a mag is the most fun most dominating play wherever that they know he's gonna play this year. That was a swipe left for me is why bright from you. Also different unnamed 704. Christian McCaffrey has more receiving yards and rushing yards that's not a tough one that's a slight bright. And let's I want to George first and doubled to engage on a it's. Swipe right the barely. It's more carries this year than it a year ago. Yeah idling norms can not use him CJ Anderson not appearing in so when he did yesterday wasn't a great sign for how they feel about him and we'll see what happens the rest of the pre season but can't tell you for your money that I can't take too much here's the thing north he's going to wanna do the power rushing game I think Christie can do some of that I can't I don't think you can do all the heavy lifting plus be utilized in the the passing game the way you want until I see Christie getting fifteen carries a game and eight or nine catches a game. I think he does most of his damage in space that to me says receiving. I would like bright I think he'll I think going to be fairly even. Cecil Wright Curtiss Samuel has a breakout year. This first half ice. OK I get it I did grow up in Ohio State fan I like courtesy Daniel as a player it feels a little bit late in the game to have this all swipe last. That's why blessed from now who have worked. Clearly people are doing. I do think his skill set jives with you know what what Campbell wanna do what can can can really utilized. Not just getting him in space but. Did you send a dude on a streak junior five to there's a change you can have a couple fifty yard plays this year. Show it to me on the field the guy's got all the potential award he showed in college was skeptical person Harding comparisons when he was at Ohio State's would love to see that from him I think Panthers fans are eager for the courtesy and he'll break out and it happened this year may be boo. And we need to see mostly old adage about health. Absolutely reassure Ryan what else do you have for us money. I had some consummate this one Cam Newton wins another MVP with Norv Turner. We're seeing. Bombs. Meg does that makes it sound like a causal saying like Cam Newton wins another MVP. Because it is there is there all are actually swipe left the because the north term part of those who. So blessed. And you know now give your. You can't just play left you have to give a reasoning for I was letting the audio play my soul to collect my thoughts. And giving you a moment that. Jim is that one NDP season and it's it was spectacular if you look at the rest of his career he's been have. Eight to twelve best quarterback in the NFL on the news at seven yesterday not your lying bastard on how dare you. Can messy really were some good. We're we're we're gonna number they used to well do you well he is a above average quarterback any NFL over the course of his career and do it again though does he have the ceiling to do what he does have the ceiling to do it okay guys like dried I heard a swipe right of their -- British around did you hear that. All right well looks like we got that out. I am ourself and Cam Newton apologize Josh Bard's Ellen's studio with us right now also. I'm named 70 for Mac will gain more power. Covering sees an even when you're married is the toughest season though fall season for firfer man who enjoyed their food. I mean this is the time where we really get to hunkered down on some ribs we had to hunker down on some chicken wings are getting ready for hibernation season Carolina barbecue I am getting ready to hibernate for the there's there's deep Kimberly hibernate in the end Charlotte. If it's still gonna be like you know forty degrees fifty degrees. All I'm actually gonna swipe left I think I will gain more weight and act logo. Head this is Matt and I was like Brad on this for sure. Is Mac has sold more. Left in the tank Sarasota speak he's got more and level what is the hot you're. Florida he is out need to grow. A bunch of trust police phrase on that and as well. I'm named saying up there there's receiver and has it all coming on the building shattered text line up together receiver will have a thousand yard season and the I like this alike disallowed because I think the weapons here are held a lot better and I loved what I saw from DJ Moore even if its appreciation game but here's the thing though there's a lot of weapons though so the all my kids run around yeah I don't that is one thing to have people talked about. The distribution with cam. I think that was one of the reasons that person with Calvin I think he was trying to get Calvin the ball and trying to make Calvin what he thought Calvin could be. I think if I dig one of the things cam does I think cam. I think he goes with who trusts. Also that there will be a swipe right to appear. She will have a house energy and this year I am gonna swipe left but that's because I think there's so many well. I was saying if you look at. Greg Olsen has had three straight 1000 receiving seasons Intel last year when he was injured but even then he barely eclipsed the 1000 yard mark and and that was when he was like don't go to guy now you have DJ Moore now you have DeVon fun just smile. Last year because Olson was Alfonse just became the primary target and got a lot of balls thrown his way and even needing to close to a thousand yards and so I think that because of the all of the guys like me McCaffery we talked about. About his wealth there's too many options for Tim that's a good thing for cantor asked okay if you don't have a thousand orders favor as long as everybody's making an impact. You can swipe right do there's nothing stopping you from slightly right on us as ever no no no I'm just saying like his in this game it is swipe last. Or swipe bright you can do both for a lot of laughs here just let me know I made I. There's sagging gas that's clearly what it is you work with me after all we keep the saints three times this year Imus went left on that from that's not a realistic expectation. To me come on I you I want them here's a thing if you shagged if we go or above 500 in the division of maybe that's something I get tossed around I still going to be far slashed I I had a best in this division you wanna split if you split meaning. You maybe go one I what does that one and three against Atlanta in Carolina are Atlanta New Orleans. We pick up a couple extra winds up against. Tampa Bay I think I'd still feel pretty darn good about that. So I've left on that it's just can't can't get behind that real. Happy New Orleans three times is not happenings like last maybe it happens well. For the rest of his career that is radio tender keep them coming on the hot level answer some of those just on the hotline of the building senator untaxed line rather as we go forward if we're going to give back to what we saw yesterday in the panthers' pre season match up it is pre season I've got my disclaimer and that's the question is what did you see last night did you like and what did you see last night did you did life will answer that nick Wilson and Josh ourself coming up next on the media frenzy.