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Thursday, May 17th

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Log onto the technical gas line at WC NCA Internet carbon get body in my what's up next a man who's never had. Women's underwear attached to his breakaway pants and I don't do. What they're coming up on the puts you on the spot before even the real talked and you have to have an embarrassing sports moments in in your lifetime something that. You never really wanted to bring up until somebody ashes online radio. How long do we I mean he's notorious and I pull up little bit. All from the athletic trainer tonight out I mean I crashed through what Walt trying to dive about the all. Outlaw my own base to who really difficult to do this and the worst one was probably. I was playing better the opening game and mid inning during a pitching change my coach movement a third day. And out playing center field. What I'm wearing a certain piece of equipment between April 3 base. And pay or. Mandate other there's a one mile trip there no no pun intended. Or worst foul ball off the face or foul ball off the face. Slow. Are we talking about paying her pride because I don't know where the crime or Kosher up. You know they were culprit that they don't sound equally painful I didn't expect to be part of that that might be an emotional bank now I'm not a talk about the and a Orleans could be quit but you appreciate you coming up with a snake. Thanks. We're listening tell us how you really feel neck. Are men so let's look at this a national sports sought care. The Panthers selling the franchise to Dave tapper this week and next week is a big day the NFL league meetings I mean how this though gold to vote go down is there any kind of hold up on this sailor we pretty much on all systems go. I'll devoted going to be cool and breezy for the league and in the league data that we've that the other owners wanted. The entire dynamic guy with a catch a guy with the league connections. And it I wish there and and and how it critical that the big ripper or Greer how about the belt and a point out that the data that. They're really get a lot of their table. When the media come up again so that the Baghdad we want at all on. Is that the number Jerry wanted all along no but this you need to act independently minded and really probably Jerry mine. By next week and that's exactly what can happen only hold up at this point not really all up but it. There's that Adam I met the man in the heart rodino act the data. Nature of the transaction and it did with the government in that bit about thirty days. After the vote to explain what we're told it on Tuesday that by the deal quote a lot. Nick from what you guys have gathered there there it's Cianci what do you. What kind of reaction have you guys found locally to David tepper from either the local government or local business leaders odd to be getting a guy who is a bit of an unknown commodity here in Charlotte until the last couple weeks or month. And and you guys have lived in the area walk I think people in that area lot. Outsider that come in and kind of temporary. The Charlotte area be a part of it mean especially an outsider that buying yet they'll be for two billion dollars. And a and a candidate that is ready to complete back all but locked in. Of locally and typically it embrace them and and spend a lot of time here whether he moved here permanently or not we know he's gonna get. And night out all the somewhere that you lived here more than it was in Miami now what. They wanna hear that he's got to keep that theme here is that that always the the pride in being the media that people are bill. Worried about that. But I get that sentiment. I think it's just a little bit of an insecurity and I'm Charlotte part may be that that he would move but and we've heard from all the right people B side David pepper that. And then the city of you know. They're they're the caveat and the dot to a about week we want to welcome him. I think there a while but yet it but we also are looking forward to speaking with him about putrid it ain't so I think they wanna see him. Put that eat a little bit but first Miami Heat take a Mike on which may be neck and they may be a little bit. It and by the way nick welcome to Charlotte you've tapped into our civic in security. Which as much as craft beer green trees. And traffic on I 77 is part of our our coal trying to land a little worried out animate all of our. But there are. Boy that's classic that that is textbook Charlotte right there's a nick. Nick our body the BC and C sports figure joining us on the Pentagon gas line just parcel here Darin gantt and but we keep hearing about his ties to the sealer to seal on 5% of the Steelers the obviously part of the NFL's Stanley already. And everyone says all is gonna bring the steeler mentality. To Carolina and I wanna dates supermodels I mean it's it's just we everybody wants to be the Steelers when it comes to being that consistent winner in the NFL. But it's how realistic is it that he's going to be able to bring any sort of what happened in pits or what he saw in Pittsburgh into Carolina. You with a five per cent owner rights experts dealers that I wouldn't run and show out there. He was friendly with the Rooney is probably gave Ben Roethlisberger a couple pat on the back before game. But I don't get it you know that that I've got to own way of doing things got a whole lot is. I think yet maybe he'd he'd take them though from what he thought Pittsburgh. But in terms of football operations you've got. In play here right now. For him either. Runway it grew out. Product on the field that can. He can sit and right now it never happened then we all know they haven't had back to back winning these and put it on the field football product that he walked in new. It's ideal for somebody that purchase and rent that is not. Went that is in disarray on the football field at the moment so. You know I think you expressed some of the lot deeper than some reporter that you know and report but I mean. I'm attempt to create in the end and contact bill I don't know how but if that really was beat by. I think you can put it on standby. Are it's a negative job but the ball on the Panthers talk for now let's shift over to the hornets who in June the eleventh take in the NBA lottery just the other day. Where do you think the hornets go dad picked you did they ultimately stay at eleven as their chance that they make a move prior to the draft where they move around that pick or maybe acquire any others. Well it is then you know. Obviously not read anything that Mitch Kupchak. At that at this point in terms of what they're going to do I actually and I don't know the guys who watched hitter or with them to a back up but in for it go but. The ticket I've heard an incoming code to be about. Exactly what you want the Buick that the note why didn't fail Eller. The guys we have here and and data yeah he really told how do you want the play out he want the plane now. And that it might not be spurs basketball right up the bat but it and try to make it pretty darn well. He has been at the peak of the dude that I'm not sure that's true. That part I gotta been as honest as the rest of the cut the rest of the press conference race. You know Kupchak basically when app buyer reporter at. Separate bill press conference are you going to blow up. Basically gave up the entire rundown of the calendar and be beaten. And in other Tom my under the tweet and under threat and then there's created in that went to where we electric where we make trait that not many that. We don't have any immediate plans to blow anything up. So I think it's pretty going to be pretty hard for the team going forward to bowl. Keep the players that they would love to keep. But all though the but you may get but the play out in the simply have a chance to win period and quite out well. I don't know what they're going to be able that if they wanna do it they would battle and I would think if you want to. Dark to be a franchise and have a culture. That get their year after year in the Eastern Conference you gotta make some major loops. And you've got to do what he can get them back where it. Sounds like yours and move on from kemba. I don't and I don't want there I mean I I guess I'm. The end it's your fairly now I welcome to edit. Well I I you know all the order from medic it on the wartime national champs. And Campbell what part of my might they were running at him. And I that back this Charlotte just because it it kind of indicative of the player and guy he is. And that like at that. Has embraced Charlotte Charlotte embrace them but. He spent his formative and be eight years I'm very bad team. And now that he's blossomed and it's rated ago and it's chock full value they're kind of at this crossroad. What the franchise. They keep him around here and hopeful re sign. And hope that he'll beat value in signing here through his crime when the team hasn't shown consistently and Nicaragua. And it's it's going to be a tough but there's been a well built up and make sooner rather than later. What about Dwight Howard what do where do what you think he fits ended James ray goes plans didn't sound like yeah he was very ambitious about Howard's future in the press conference. Game between garrido was very talkative Barry Zito buried there and that crap out of the upper. About one topic. Don't like Albert didn't talk a whole lot about how the white might it and it to a map it and say oh edit at a weird not gonna pay that. And he didn't say that you know he he couldn't make them use them I made quite an incredibly productive here and a cooler and but it didn't affect the bottom line I mean. The bottom line was pretty darn good last year and they got a lot out of them. Derby fit into what ago all that we want you on the order though. But can name impairment is one you're point five million dollar contract. For something that page. Value I'm not sure so he might be an X here but there certainly epic debate and move him. And get rid of that contract and kind of open up or a little bit that they ought to. Technically pretty well I was I was actually impressed when he surprised by the numbers that he put out. And you know if you know what you'd pick it would be like in a second even we haven't seen that meant a wild by. You know what they it's a contract that is not ideal but it that way one year left without it. The senate colleague a lot more questions than there are answers when it comes to the hornets going forward as far as different. It really is and I don't I don't envy anybody over there trying to figure out how to try to they edit it. But also you know think not just for next here but tree or years in the. Nick carbonite WC and C sports anchor you catch him all all the time in a failure on TV every time I turn around you and Chelsea. Yeah we're we're all over the place that you bring you know October is the owner and it looked so. We got ever. We'll see you we can do right now are out X tech Kroger that we can happen if you've ever heard Wally Pip. If you're a great out man now that's gonna happen a lot bill and and the beach a little odd I appreciate him in electing acting accidentally is gonna give it together the leaders Rick thanks man appreciate had to go and.