NFL Network's Charles Davis: "Pass Rushers are at a premium in this year's Draft"

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Wednesday, March 21st

NFL Network's Charles Davis joins the Mac Attack to discuss this year's NFL Draft. 


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Good talk ball. You're talking drafts. There's nobody better than our next guest. Charles Davis fox and the NFL network we watched him as part of a great come on coverage and he joins us here. As we start getting ready for draft 36 days away and we're fired up about it Charles how you doing man what's going wrong. Well a very good man we're always appreciable when you come all of us no doubt about it always excited Saudia. Eyes who were sitting here. Watch the dancers all season unfolded and you know were root for the Phillies needs in free agency. But some inevitably there's going to be needs when he entered the drafts and I want to talk about some of these positions that were Jones in the senior players that when you look at the running back market. And I kind of feel like the Panthers might go running back second round third rounds. Like does a guy like Sony Michelle make it soon where the Panthers pick a 58 in the second round or. Like who's there it's late second round late third round fruit for the Panthers. Yeah night I don't know that Shelton makes it that all I think he's probably ought to need to. Ron aren't running backs. Start in the second round because right now. Ballpark we prop yet they want more well block running back. In the first round we know that. Could another. Or to walk running backs and decide it out in the first cadet period white. Could be at the shell it could be numb right now you be proper to act sure. DB two bit opted out we start to get the run and I think shelf with. And nick show up at that point it ain't made yet at the at the university of George. Different outlook. Because shell are thinking more Albright hitter. Not quite more the flasher show stronger. In in wave. Apple that the injury really didn't feel well productive that Egypt after yet it irked that the like it ain't so you know guys like yeah will be there you know you can get plenty of running backs crap trap act and not just be. Where you talk about that there are plenty out quite well but Russia or are latch here. But if you you're really a directed hopper and there should have any problems strike is that you accept. Very nice very nice. What do you think OK I'm gonna go to two positions. Of need for the Panthers they're both on defense. And I would wonder if they would consider doing something in the first round one is pass rusher. And you know I think with pat back I think they can you know piece it together this year. But I don't think you may need at pass pressure on the future they already lost Charles Johnson pat this is probably his last year I would think although he is a freak. And then cornerback. But when I look at a lot of these mock drafts that range forward drafting Charles a 24 I don't notice a lot of pass rushers in corners is that like. Is that like a band that like a hole there where there's not good value those positions what do you think about those two positions at 24. Sit Pete did pass rusher and Warner yeah yeah yeah. Pressure's really interpret in this year I really do I don't think that there are out there a date it is going to be Iran not memorably. Obviously it was dark Oprah joked that in your territory artist stated he is the commodity their body on you might not get. Mock drafts you know I got it. There's going to be discussion in New York about taking unit two would jump in because I know I don't you mean you got it no yes yes well look at. Well god for productive. And the giants the whole franchise. Is built but. In what they want their Super Bowl. In defense urged such a European discussion might not go there but he might not get that top rate in out top pot right so he's got to be god. Market debt important at this minute Tony you TSA. I don't nobody thinks that there are four you know don't look at that much about the rocket looked at the yacht. You know is damn hole Ohio State where it or. That could be a question mark for people are Kiet think this too many. Too many off deal to many flags that they committed twenty or. You know so so pass rusher but. I wish you luck out there. Eight even if perhaps rush or back in need to eat at it there and I going to be interesting thing to get to continue to play the way that they are. He hit it and been more the place you want to keep but that's it. He's cornered the same way it at that spot hours or more corner valued at 24. I think I think there's more core value it at the peak out like I hear. Louis built. Really jumped on the scene at the come by. And you know we all know or be cautious about com are well while law. Yep that got there it was her horrible that a lefty after all the that it of people get to see if they've. But what does it count by Nike that top top quarter what you tablet top did she. Player. Let alone dispute want it to orders in the draft. How do you law tightly to totally in championship Peter Garrett that eat pretty. Alexander that's it from Louis though on my cues he's yep we did not run as well we expected it to come by. You run and I beat the 26 that this protest. And he's an idiot that you hate day he comes back and run we expect that bumped him up we get out there on the draft for either got it I think it could be at play there. Josh Jackson Iowa. Great ball you know one year starter grant far. But did not bull like we expected when I watched it bit back pedal and it extra local in doing that you're much more they bail at the guy. Eight interceptions speaks volumes so you'll be employed he made it look a little bit for a Carlton peak that's over I don't know beat the first round yeah. They don't wall strong quarter. He's the guy that can be a consideration but yeah I think they're more quarters or just got her Otto. They're budget there but it is more tightly at the quarter inherited the capture. Okay sounds good Charles Davis break it down as well as anybody when it comes to the NFL draft whistled a Mac attack. Charles. About big time wide receivers catching passes from cam it hasn't been our strongest position. I'm looking into drafts and again I guess some kind of asking the same question like. Is there value in that area for draft late could kid like Ridley dropped to us. Is DJ more worth of tickets were excellent what do you think about the you know wide receivers at that part of the draft. Where ticket that they expect. I don't think it's great Credo why we people group what lashed at bat by any stretch. Ridley if still problem a couple of Kirkland strap or but I beat people came out account you questioned about it. I think they're very Christian Kirk from Texas they inept at attractive but were you play. If it out that receiver Ricky Moore a flock to continue playing them both places. Portland but Sutton protester at duke speaks strong physical receiver. Outlook that you rob good to me which is still needed and it did get Carolina out flat opera. You need it you needed a better case. That makes that yet in Odessa and makes it. Got to continue to open it up it's critical to keep it used to play it eat at you know to have my things he used to play you get continued Oprah speaks for him right. So you don't you don't think the guys. You know it. Did you go through it got a jump off this is the screen for you are these EG HRL Chia. Could make it flat out go get a time to struggle with their hand people bought. But in the post either you've been dynamite. Like most LSU receivers they're going to be better approach and they are count been pro song wanted to go into the guys they have Ehrlich at work very yet. I don't want that it would be like that it that it's us. Acts and yet they need need need LSU quarterback that we could be pro collapse that the. Now it's true is true although I wasn't meant I was a demand and better trained and I don't really want to talk about that right now Charles Howell out it was. Yeah that's just it. Yeah bloody elbow are great truck we played at our outdated talk in. There is turned out to be entirely wrong I peppers. All like you know idea that you you did it just like it you ought. And needed to keep move that would drive me great you are all. Brett. By title only too well on their mistakes along the way Calabar. Which is what art gets in the way that's see join us I don't own right team don't own my mistakes. You don't did not indicate you'd get. You know our life. And I think you might this Beckett ran out or you can got to watch that. Asked security did you eat QG debt kick return ability it's well exam returned BP nicked up in May yet be a victim of the pressure up Leo yeah. Where he'd about daycare we turn back there in noted native maybe it spoke little more brought it back so. Guys like that are out there have been helpful if they're what your players. But back you get a why it is now that I think they're very good lie. But I had not I don't know a lot of which really need bright that he needed yeah just got. And and draw the attention and maybe speak at Notre Dame would immediately brown oh yeah it's quite wary but it is he's moving his way Opel. He's big and he can move man I lest they don't ask Charles there as Charles days it'll keep you all day although I could. Talk to you about football pretty much all day but the last thing is safety you know the Panthers cut Kurt Coleman Mike Adams is 37. I mean you can make it argued this team needs to safety here moving forward. I'll go to like second ran out just so I'll just play the hypothetical the Panthers. To a second or third round safety selection is there's some money. A noted doesn't seem like it's a great safety class but it's there's someone in the second or third round safety they can plug in right away that is is kind of pro ready what do you think. But to talk. Or stop for everybody and you don't you're talking freeagent you know there's one guy and make a lot of noise out there that those mechanical Wear and repair three. And I just so I just I just talked about it except you know it got Utley who knows it now but talk about rookie. Tip from Virginia Tech terror or it meant to be a strong bass player. You know he'll be available that time. If Quinn landing from Virginia your labor. This problem happened back to watch these kids that tape look at a lot of the political spectrum. They see it coming out of date give play which is where the college game it's pretty got a lot of doubt they both want this to be a way. But it yet there are wonderful football candidate played I think he can't nickel back here co op ash covered candidate they though sort of play. That's what you're looking for a struggle a little bit more apparent bureau why did you really read it. Why should that seem to all I'd give it up play. I continue to watch keep track are and that they get imparting get much more closer to learn a scrimmage and try to connect. To cook could roam the orient. It will open at supper supper task I think if we watch. We can't get a lot but it's that we're all watching keep that date rent or three or four guys Dion guy Charles. Rick death this year but what we're watching it began it was dark flat like. That where well why. And it was that kind of speed you would say what you got the rain what do you keep. That good EPA dot yielded up whether that. Employ you me and it's a go go we appreciate you Wear a cleanup step in the back. There now to deploy a tell you this though I know what at Torrey at he's gone through in my days as an athlete people always were shocked. On you know he's demand how athletic guy was being a white dude you know so I can relate Giles was. I. Can't cast that is. They are guilty as it was applied it really was last thing though odds Justin reed you mentioned there agreed to we've talked about here in Charlotte. Justin Reade secure that we have already lined up to visit whereas on the Panthers. Tom what do you think about him coming out of Stanford legacy a first round safety does he make it's a late second like what what's the deal then. I think he'd go I think he's going to be discussions and our routes they beat. And here's where the despite its and a look at. It's going to be it about eight top story that stopped it because its stature with Alabama. Tart start what are it would change orders state. And to meet which are labor between the two players people think that's factored into a little bit more in game. I don't know the there which are BJ just that let our tech stocks. I like games that are I think late June quarter you want to that just blow off could get. Wright air development that would be bad to. Read in the at a course he can't force jet debate. He's getting on a bit and where he did that discussion board to be read it they Italy warrant early to. So opt out to you that it 24. I think you might have to take it one for you beauty flat out want it at that date. Good I don't know when it comes back around. It'll be here for the second there's a possibility. But I think he'd have be highly be dark it's not that you might be that. Now our great stuff as always Charles you're the best. Thanks for coming on your twit live I know your Twitter and where to find you just army year. Job yet he 22 died today your brother thank you so much mail we always appreciated Charles. Are right take care look at.