NFL Insider Jason La Canfora: "Unless Something Bizarre Happens, David Tepper Will Be The Next Panthers Owner" 

NFL Insider Jason La Canfora joins the Mac Attack to discuss the Panthers Ownership situation. 


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It's good to be task at hand man there were a whirlwind reports it got going on Friday about David tempered demand that had these first report. About how close stamper is divine the Panthers. Army and something could be done here this week in and end you know confirmed and voted on the owners' meeting Amanda had that first was Jason locker for a who joins us here on a Mac it's actually CBS sports dot com Jason thanks for coming on and you don't. I'm doing well a door outside about Forward Air brushed photo shoot well my thoughts wars are still L'Oreal sing and I told the guys I think he partied on about the Orioles five of six wins a decent hard last night adds I don't rideau. I. I would much much quote my daughter's soccer game so I can do hi I. I've not the states over particular Rihanna or. Should we really good week. Well yeah every leg out all right out there aren't there and they're not gonna let me they're not gonna pull me back in and they're not gonna do is I'm all right let's talk. About to temper saying it come by to talk to us now about where this situation is I mean is there. How how close to being a done deal is this what David separatists. How strict fact if we had done and he'll barring something just completely on for seen bits are apathy with which really. In this case it is. Did they know that anything can happen because I can literally they were. He shelter clothing and audit now with Jack stroke that check and not have a defective liquidity. That not that cancer or other partners you don't about the call six people at a story on the site. Okay the fact is that the Packers they're out of your military your it would you'll. You know your great mortars at an aren't respected there are literally don't want men and none of these other groups. Are they don't anything close to the barrier of rock. Tend. He'd already vetted and the other order book so what you don't know him. Already know up and they know what he brings to the table and eat that preferred choice and debate squeeze more out of that oh thank. No they tried like heck but not at a pretty well and you know fairly broad that it brought up our report. Are caught the ball prop that you know there was respect that you're reputed think well for you and it hey what are other repair act to fire there. You should think they're mark it I don't. With the franchise is worth and I think this stadium. Is it not so much an asset to some degree financial actually overtime at such an extent that appreciate it not going to be on the all more or. And here's my money and I Italian acts and in close tomorrow or close but we are very or whatever. But this should be deal and as much as they try to. Find another group of individuals who could serve taps were he to bring to the table they ultimately is either. That now you know we weren't really it's it's resolved here everyone out on either the every water and other you're smooth prop that's where we know the other owners bring your rubber stamp. It may be we get a couple hundred million lab. Moreover and if I don't with the franchise what we think he'd do it gets credit he accidentally there are intact and that's where experience I hear them but they're eating. Any spirit what you reports out there like I reporter. And each three days later and I've yet to get a call our. You know. And either and people anywhere in the leadoff anyone with a pair their. Or anyone quote the rapper was told me a remote be wrong here anyway are all recovered big pharma or everybody help yeah reports of air out. They're good for the country. Yeah no you're right multiple reports confirming what you put out there on Friday morning Jason not good for windows. CBS saying this temper thing is facing a done deal so weird then you know following this all along and heard of Navarro was bid being higher like you spoke of there. Then tempers I mean was this case some Navarro and seems likely we did this Peyton Manning report come out locally like he was asked containment. It seems like was he still scrambling to get the investors. An and they basically said okay enough with this like. Because his dad was was a good bit higher what what what was going on there was no borrows it. Yeah I mean without paying tribute to all and who wants to it and it's one thing if you could cobble together a way to get pitchers should expect but it's another you know. How realistic it is an element he keeps it it is applied on. And how many of you know people behind you do we need describe how many. Other investors aren't bought and how much are urged that it go into figuring out. You know if they're all legitimate or not do it but only take one minority Parker and not being representing himself the way. He or she appears to be just throw the whole thing golf and so. You know. I don't know how to respect. And never did anyone tell me that there there was no real hard instead to five there could get approved. And become a very political way and I actually get there quick get their air I did not that it even going to be. Something territory farther order bigger figure that we are big and so. Swear to meet Robert never hit the road if they at. Being close to being clot at that number. It would have been over a that we read correctly being because it was pretty clear I'm not going it's got back. That's not me I'm here are true or through restricted due to every order like Herbert imported from. Up there they're like oh predicted to oddity of being there. It bought pure because there he got there. Thank you gotta say that pit stop. Great technical play that game in the end that's required by but I'd be shocked if the real number over to do it and people were out so. So it's quite like people I know who worked for and it popped into work or other professional sports we. Who study this up for a living only way back where would this of course without Eric Peterson. There's dirt you know real spot that person doesn't expect they all look alike clipper. And Ballmer etc. that's gonna happen are good it's not what that the market. And that was freaks say. Everybody told me to fill it should be their reps all it's more there are a solid number it could be the reality of it being. It is market with its stadium. And it they get a little more from an from a guy who truly don't be doing or or. You know our lady through a door. Bit and that's going to be Albert played out there and all their tactic whether to order 215. Everett then he got number turned out that big I think if people floating too aren't going to be getting their reporting with all LT expect agent. To what degree that that we're not reasonable people actually in the industry of all voting in the running. Sports. Our sports retarded or. Red army you you kind of touched you touched on you know when they attach something where there's you know kind of like a now see if he would move his team. But I would have read from folks that not only does the NFL won the franchise here. But I'm ready people in Britain and you try touched on this David tempered by all accounts once a franchise here if you heard those same things. Yes he's not expect a lot of people are starting lineup for the several large so somebody go teams that make it get. You know come to the market the next couple years he wants to stay in the East Coast that Jiaka if this makes sense. That this city EEE he pitched well that's CNET. Was very much on their radar for a specific reason he's not one of these guys I just have to put it had a well you know I don't care where your credit. The beer or airports are very different sort of it's got to be there right in the right by the out of expansion right right. And this was ordered but a very very short clip and as you know being out at the perk it's kinda we get there if the court flight. Told you you got a lot of work well party hurt on Rivera's nose dive. He's repeatedly talked this it was people deliberately. I its ranking people were still sort of the great about or not he's received sterling. Sterling feedback on all that he's not coming in the attic racked Ed's right away but anything like that out of the thing you like about this for a target that it that it went right now. With a lot of those particular already like now. He's perhaps PR but he's got to figure out the actual. You know what are you going at the scene right there at port to communicate Iguodala up about it it's a lot there. Will put all the various you know the ball out. So he'd go out there to air that not like you know it is an epic trek that red alert yeah put the football side of it let up really well and now he's not looking. I made. Bullet be issued what the state Robert I'm sure. I don't think the franchise is going anywhere you not buying evident in the move them anywhere well I'd like you know what happened at Saint Louis where. You know their ownership that. In the moved Alex. This is not that at all so yeah I don't think they're going anywhere and and you're not I think doctor Marty attorney Robert there. Are gonna have every opportunity to continue to show what they can do are they about it got a great. There are great stars Jason large aboard Jason your demand Jason is at CBS sports dot com we appreciate your brother takes a coming on a great job report. Thank you go.